Vaat Kapha Pitta in Ayurved and Astrology

Ayurved is the knowledge of vitality, movement, vigour, divinity, life and living beings. Indians have used Ayurvedic principles to remain healthy in mind and spirit since time immemorial. The tri-dosh, Vaat, Kapha Pitta is a basic concept in Ayurved. ‘Dosh’ means defect, disorder, error, inconvenience, disease etc. If these Vaat, Kapha and Pitta remain in equilibrium, the body remains healthy. But generally these are out of balance because your chart and it’s planets interfere. Each planet is Vata, Kapha or Pitta by nature. So depending on their relative strengths in your chart, one of these dosh will dominate your body and mind.ayurved.jpgVaat

Vaat is ‘movement’ (Vaat means wind, wish etc). All the things that move in the body are intelligently managed by this energy ‘Vaat’. The movement of your thoughts to the movement of food within your intestines. Movement of blood, urine, hormones, muscles, impulses in the nerves, all that moves in the body. The movement of mind leads to emotions, creativity, speech etc. Vaat is responsible for movement of the vital energy/pran in the body. (So if you are doing Dhyan you have to be aware of how much Vaat inducing activities you are doing, this will adversely affect your Dhyan.)

If there is imbalance in Vaat, you will feel the effects first in the digestive system, nervous system, ears (equilibrium of the body is affected), especially the joints of the skeletal system and the skin (you may not realise it, but your skin moves the maximum). Planets contributing to the Vaat tendency are Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Moon. If these or their signs are strongly placed in your chart, they will unbalance the Vaat, Pitta Kapha equilibrium, to create a more ‘airy’ personality with the following keywords,

  1. Dry – dry skin and hair, constipation, rough gravelly voice, hiccups
  2. Light– thin body frame, light sleep, under weight, needs to rest more
  3. Cold– hates cold and loves warm, stiffness in muscles and joints
  4. Rough– cracked heels, brittle nails, uneven teeth
  5. Nervous– easily excited, imaginative, anxious, muscle tremors, delicate health, less children
  6. Fast– alert, speech, gait, restless, mood swings, travels, too many thoughts in mind, active, cannot save money.
  7. Alone– experiences loneliness, doesn’t have faith in a higher intelligence.

If these keywords have resonated with you then here are some simple tips which you can incorporate in your daily life.

  • Warmth – dress warmly, spicy, hot, slightly oily food (no cold foods)
  • Keep calm – massages, spa, saunas, stick to a comfortable routine, do not travel too much. Spend some quiet and quality time with your close family and loved ones.
  • Rest – You require more sleep, so aim for 8+ hrs. Try to keep away from loud sounds, bright lights, addictions and over-stimulation.


Now Pitta is the ‘conversion process’. (Pitta means bile.) Everything that the mind/body ‘converts’ and makes ‘suitable for itself’ is through the energy of Pitta. So this covers the process of digestion and all the enzymes in the body are ‘converters’. Then on the mental level the process of converting sensory inputs to intelligence, then the ‘thinking process’ converts the ideas to understanding. This ‘conversion process’ also creates ‘heat’, so makes one sparkle with health, vitality, intelligence and wisdom. The planets contributing to the pitta in your life would be Sun, Mars and Mercury. If these are strong, or their signs are strongly placed in your chart you might be a pitta dominant personality.

So for our pitta personality our keywords would be related to ‘fire’,

  1. Hot– good digestive system, strong appetite, higher than average body temperature, dislikes more heat or bright light, receding hairline or baldness
  2. Sharp– sharp and bright features and face, sharp memory and understanding, probing mind,
  3. Oily– oily soft skin and hair, deep-fried food causes headaches
  4. Fluid– tendency to loose motions, excessive sweating, needs to drink lots of water, rashes on skin, hot skin, desires name and fame
  5. Reds /Yellows– tends to have flushed skin, often overproduction of bile
  6. Fire– acidity, excess salivation, bitter taste, nausea, burning sensations, cynical by nature, strong feelings of anger/ hate.
  7. Intelligence – excellent abilities for learning, understanding and concentrating, highly disciplined, make large amounts of money, spends on luxurious items.

To keep your ‘hot’ planets and signs ‘cool’, here are a few tips.

  • Cooling – Eat non-spicy, non-salty, non-oily foods especially in summer. Avoid going out in the summer sun. Aggression will aggravate pitta, so if you see a discussion turning into an argument use your intelligence and defuse the situation in a healthier manner.
  • Exercise in moderation and during the coolest part of the day and opt for the swimming pool. Your temper runs short, so try some some calming breathing exercises too.


Kapha is ‘fluidity which creates structure’. It is simultaneously ‘earthy’ and ‘watery’. All the cells, tissues and organs of the body and the ‘fluidity’ which links them together is Kapha. Lubrication of joints and organs, strong muscles and bones, cellular secretions, and memory retention. Planets with kapha tendency are Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. If these and their signs are strongly placed in your chart your mind/body may lean towards imbalance in the kapha.

  1. Heavy, slow and steady – movement, appetite, thirst, metabolism and digestion. A large body frame, possibly overweight but compact. A lubricated smooth movement of the joints. A heavy deep but sweet voice. Likes sitting and sleeping, can get lazy. A sense of density, ‘thickness’. Mind is contemplative, peaceful, slow to react. Often slow to start, is dull in the mornings. Has good knowledge, memory and also a strong constitution.
  2. Fluids – cold and congestion, clammy skin, water retention, over-production of saliva and mucus. Oily skin and hair. Diseases related to the ‘water’, sinus, sluggishness, excess weight, diabetes, water retention, headaches, especially on full moon days and when the weather is overcast and gloomy.
  3. Smooth and soft – skin, calm nature, gentle mind, pleasing look, compassionate, caring, kind, sometimes gullible.
  4. Cohesive – Firm body, joints, muscles. Likes physical contact, hugging cuddling. Mind is deeply attached in love and relationships. Saves money. Has a deep faith in the higher intelligence. Can get greedy and emotionally needy if unbalanced.
  5. Sweet and salty – is quite sensual in nature, craves sweet and salty food but digestion being slow puts on weight which is then difficult to shed as dislikes vigorous exercise.

Here are some small things which will help you balance your kapha tendencies.

  • Move – Exercise, walk, be a bit more active, read new things, learn new things. Vary your routine, do something exciting at least one day a week, e.g. go to a museum, go for a day-tour, visit your family/friends, go for a movie. Move!
  • Diet – Eat warm, light, moderately spicy, easy to digest foods. Avoid heavy, fatty and overly sugary-salty foods. Reduce the intake of milk/milk products and avoid cold drinks/food.
  • Sleep – Try to reduce your sleep time, stick to 8hrs no more, and no daytime naps!

So this was a very basic and simple to understand/ use post on Ayurved. If you are getting a bit interested in astrology by now and know how to read your chart, then you can also try balancing the planetary energies with the activitiesfragrances, colors and tastes associated with them. This will balance the subtle energies which are the seeds of Vaat, Pitta and Kapha and thus help you be healthier from the deepest levels. And finally, a regular spiritual practice, even for 5 mins a day, will go a long way in keeping you happy and healthy!aurved



Planets energies and food you love

Today a fun post on the food you eat and how it is linked to your planets. I had written about fragrances associated with planets in an earlier post here. Your food choices are also linked to the planets in your chart. See if you can spot your favourite and maybe not so favourite food and thus your planetary influences. The food and taste that a planet likes is linked to its basic nature.https://psychologicallyastrology.comSun – Sun the Ruler likes refined stimulation, he is linked to a pungent sort of taste. A Sun-dominant person prefers a combination of pungent/bitter/astringent tastes. You can increase the energies of your Sun by eating hot spices, pungent vegetables, ginger, cinnamon, peppers, mustard seeds and chillies. Sour fruits like oranges, peaches, plums, grapes etc are also liked by the ‘Sun’s’. Fasting regularly, perhaps once a week /fortnight is also beneficial for you. You like the flavour and smells of volatile essential aromatic oils. You also like stimulants and diaphoretics (foods which make you sweat!).

Moon – This planet is partial to salty tastes, but also loves the heavy rich sweet taste of dairy products. Moon dominant persons are attracted to wholesome nutritive foods, which are a mix of sweet/salty/sour. Comfort foods, soothing foods and soups which remind you of maternal love and provide support to the mind and emotions. Soft foods where you don’t need to chew much. You can increase your lunar energies by consuming dairy products, milk and cream. Starchy foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes are also a favourite here. If you eat non-vegetarian stuff, Moon likes all sorts of seafood, seaweeds, fish, crab and lobster. In fruits you will prefer sweet, watery and juicy fruit like melons.

Mars – If you are a Mars dominant person you will prefer sour, acrid and a combination of bitter/pungent tastes. Mars the warrior like the tastes of fermented foods, alkaloids, poisons, stimulants and narcotics. By this I don’t mean that they eat such substances directly. Plants naturally produce such chemicals in minute quantities which are liked by Mars. Foods which are hot, spicy and pungent add to his energy. Onions, garlic, mustard, pickles, peppers and chillies are a favourite here. Alcohol and red meat also increase the energies of Mars, but these 2 are highly tamasic (heavy energies can lead to a ‘dulling’ of the spiritual self) and should be ideally avoided. Small amounts can be had at intervals but please remain in control of yourself.

Mercury – This planet favours astringent tastes. He is the thinking process, so maybe these foods help keeping his computer cool! If you are a Mercury dominant you will prefer a combination of cooling/pungent tastes. Vegetables like celery, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, green leafy vegetables, sprouts, green beans, peas, salads may be your favourites. Astringent fruits like pomegranates, bananas, cranberries and apples. Mercury likes the taste of tanins (eg tamarind) and volatile oils of a calming nature like mint and fennels.

Jupiter – The planet of expansion naturally loves oily/sweet tastes. If you are a Jupiter dominant you might like the combination of oily/sweet/pungent tastes. You might be drawn to foods like butter, ghee, sesame oil, nuts and seeds. Grains like wheat, oats and rice cooked with a bit of oil would also be a favourite. You might like tonic foods and herbs which help in building the body and the blood.

Venus – If you are Venus dominant you will prefer sweet tasting food, and the most preferred combination is sweet/bitter/astringent. Obviously the foods under this category will be sugar, honey, jaggery, sweet potatoes, mung beans, barley, candy chocolates, etc. You will like sweet fruits like dates figs, grapes, bananas, mangos, prunes etc. Venus likes the taste and flavour of fragrant essential oils and spices like basil, fennel, mint, nutmeg, saffron, vanilla etc. It is very easy to overindulge in these forms of food so be careful (Venus’s trademark – activities leading to addictions)

Saturn  – Saturn is inclined to bitter tastes, and prefers a combination of astringent/bitter. If you are a Saturn dominant person you might eat light and less. You might fast more often and prefer a diet composed of detoxifying foods, blood purifiers and raw foods. Salads, sesame seeds, sesame oil, coffee, dark chocolates, bitter gourd, greens, vegetables belonging to the cabbage family attract you. Also ‘drying grains’ like barley, millets, rye and corn. Among fruits you will prefer the astringent pomegranates and apples. You really like cooling foods.

Now in Ayurved there are 6 primary types of tastes/Rasa/essence, and for a balanced meal you should have a bit of all 6 in on your plate.

  1. Sweet – is a combination of Earth+Water. Very familiar taste in our diet. Eg sugar.
  2. Sour – is a combination of Earth+Fire. This is also a very familiar taste, it immediately increases the flow of saliva. Eg lemons
  3. Salt – is a combination of Water+Fire. We all know the taste of salt. Eg table salt.
  4. Pungent – is a combination of Fire+Air. The pungent taste is a dry heat that stimulates the tongue. Eg chillies
  5. Bitter – is a combination of Air+Ether. We tend to avoid this taste, but it is deeply cleansing and removes toxins and bad fats from the body. Eg coffee
  6. Astringent – is a combination of Air+Earth. This is a taste of dryess produced in the mouth by tannins in the bark, leaves and outer rinds of fruits and trees. Eg pomegranate

We are all quite health conscious these days and quite familiar with a healthy balanced diet and we all do strive for a healthy life style. But if you look into your food choices closely and try to match them with your horoscope and planetary energies you will find patterns. Our food and water does affect our mood. And if you so desire you can change your dietary pattern using your horoscope. So your newest astrological remedy for boosting weaker planets or balancing the energies of the horoscope is now at your dinner table!

Paraffin wax or beeswax candles?

My friend with her camphor air freshener! Now this post is on the other part of the pollution that she was creating in her house. Paraffin wax tea light candles!

camphor room freshner

Its very fashionable these days to have tea light candles in pretty candle holders in your house. They create a cozy feeling with the pretty golden light and also can be used for making your room smell and feel fresh with essential oils, camphor etc.

But 99% of these candles are made of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a by product of petroleum and certainly is not what you should be burning inside of your house so frequently. It is extremely harmful and causes several problems and allergies of the respiratory system.

  1. Paraffin wax was at one time forbidden to be burnt as it is in itself toxic. It is the sludge that remains after everything including tar/asphalt is removed from crude petroleum.
  2. Then scientists discovered bleaching agents. So chemicals like acrolyn are added to it, which release carcinogenic toxins such as benzene and toluene on burning.
  3. Some more additions to improve its look ans shelf life – Acetone, Trichlorofluoromethane, Carbon Disulfide, 2-Butanone, Trichloroethane, Carbon Tetrachloride, Tetrachloroethene, Chlorobenzene, Ethylbenzene, Styrene, Xylene, Phenol, Cresol and Cyclopentene … I think if you cannot pronounce it better not burn it in your house!
  4. Finally the candle maker companies add various other chemicals to improve texture and burning properties. Also add artificial dyes for color and synthetic fragrances to create the mood scents. Even more chemicals to be burnt then.
  5. Finally the soot produced by paraffin wax remains inside your house, your AC filter and your lungs, permanently.
Photo by Rafael Guajardo on

So what do you do now? There is realistically only one option left, Beeswax. Do buy 100% pure beeswax from a local beekeeper or reputed sellers and make your own candles at home. Making candles is quite easy. There are several websites to help you out. You get the candle forms pre-wicked and you just need to carefully melt and pour the beeswax in them and let cool. Or buy 100% pure beeswax candles from a reputed seller. I make my own beeswax candles and here are the benefits.

  1. A totally awesome fragrance of honey when you burn it. It is obviously natural and not chemical based. It even feels so pure, like I could eat it!
  2. Burning beeswax releases negative ions. This is so ultra important that there are negative ion generators sold in the market these days. See, all pollutants and allergens are positively charged particles. When these positively charged particles enter our bodies they cause harm. So what do your beeswax negative ions do? They stick to these positively charged bad stuff and neutralises it. You get cleaner and safer air around you.

Bees are such wonderful insects, beeswax, honey, pollination for fruits and food, everything is thanks to these little industrious workers. Really our civilisation rests on their tiny wings!

close up of bee on yellow flower
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Natural Camphor and its energy..

Yesterday I went to one of my friend’s house and found that she was poisoning herself and her family with her new camphor air freshener. These air fresheners are really good, the tea-light candle heats the camphor crystals and the crystals slowly sublime releasing the aromatic molecules found in the camphor creating a freshness in the environment. But my friend was not burning real camphor, she was burning an artificial substitute of camphor and with a paraffin wax tea light. Both pollutants of the worst degree. This post will be on camphor and the next on wax. It was such a facepalm moment, a well-educated person doing this extreme silliness!


Pure camphor costs about Rs 1500-2000 /kg and synthetic camphor substitutes sold as “camphor” cost about Rs 100/kg.

So about camphor, karpur. In most Indian households who perform daily puja, we burn a piece of camphor with a “Karpur Arti”. This burning camphor piece is waved over the Gods and taken around the house and everyone bows to it. I think now most households are using this same artificial substitute of camphor in their daily Artis. Its horrifying.

camphor srti
Karpur Arti

Camphor is the resin of the camphor laurel, Cinnamomum camphora. It is a natural product of a tree. When you burn it, it burns cleanly and has a very distinctive fresh smell. It is highly medicinal and is edible. Some south Indian dishes have a tiny bit of camphor put in it for the taste, delicious! Now whenever you buy camphor it should be clearly marked, “edible camphor”. It can be further marked as bhimseni camphor,  baras camphor, Patri camphor, Nagi camphor, Malay camphor, Sumatran camphor, Borneo camphor, etc but it should be “edible” written on the pack. That will ensure that you are buying the real natural camphor. It is available as irregular crystals which are flat and somewhat transparent.

camphor bhimseni
Natural edible camphor

Now to why burn it in front of your puja ghar. Camphor when burns emits quite a huge chunk of energy. This energy is absorbed by your palm chakras when you wave your hands over the arti and it helps speed up your chakra system. Natural camphor pieces have a white gold aura. Then again genuine natural camphor has really a lot of medicinal properties, listed below are a just few of them.

  1. purifies the surrounding air by destroying harmful bacteria and viruses and improves the air quality.
  2. keeps insects and mosquitoes away
  3. has a medicinal effect on the respiratory system and is good for the lungs.
  4. has a medicinal effect on the skin too, stops skin from itching.
  5. added to massage oils to release pain from arthritis and muscle aches etc.
  6. added to hair oils to get rid of dandruff etc.

So as you can see our ancestors were quite smart when they added “karpur arti” in our daily routine. This ensured that we got our daily dose of camphor goodness and lived a better quality of life in a better quality of environment.

But now we have those businessmen who have developed artificial camphor. The raw material is oleo pine resin, extracted from pine trees. From this comes turpentine, and from this comes alpha pinene which is used to make synthetic camphor. This product has no place in our daily lives. This product is opaque and you will get it in the markets in neatly packed and embossed cubes like the photo below. Burning this will not give you the benefits but just add problems. When you burn this you get a liquid residue which further burns. Now our businessmen went one step ahead and added the following and more to this synthetic camphor chemical.

  1. Hexamine – is a carcinogen and releases formaldehyde on burning, is a skin irritant causes dermatitis. Leaves no residue on burning.
  2. Hexamethylenetetramine – can cause nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal disturbances and even kidney damage in the long run.
  3. Wax – it is a petroleum product, and that says it all.
campohor artificail
synthetic chemical

So finally, if you do want to use camphor for your artis or as a room freshener, spend a more money and buy it from a reliable supplier to get a guaranteed natural product. The artificial substitute will just damage your bodies and poison your home’s environment.


Use the healing energies of Sound..

Sounds have power, cutest example is, a tiny baby gives one tiny gurgle and its mom is instantly alert. That tiny gurgle carried volumes of information which the mom subconsciously understood and responded too.adorable baby basket childThe basis of creation is our first pranavmantra, Om, vibrations at the frequency of 7.83 Hz is the basis of the Sanatan dharma. To harness the power of this Om, you just need to say it out aloud, and what can be more easier than that! Try this on a holiday first, every hour you are awake, take 1 minute for yourself, close your eyes, fold your palms in the namaskar position, keep your back straight and speak Om. Feel the sound come through your belly and feel your body resonate, drag out the last mmmm sound and enjoy the silence as it ends. Do this thrice and feel your day improve.


Next in importance is the maheshwar sutra, a sequence of 14 sutras, which are said to have emanated from Shivshankar’s damru. It is a highly complex mathematical thing, and if you dont believe me google for the number of PhDs done on this topic. This is such an important sequence that during yadnyopavit/upnayan, this is the akshar sequence taught to the young children. Our Varnamala derives from this. But coming back to the energy point of view saying this sequence once a day does activate the body nadis.

१. अ इ उ ण्।
२. ऋ ऌ क्।
३. ए ओ ङ्।
४. ऐ औ च्।
५. ह य व र ट्।
६. ल ण्।
७. ञ म ङ ण न म्।
८. झ भ ञ्।
९. घ ढ ध ष्।
१०. ज ब ग ड द श्।
११. ख फ छ ठ थ च ट त व्।
१२. क प य्।
१३. श ष स र्।
१४. ह ल्।


Then we come to the mantras in Sanskrit. From the gayatri to the mahamrutunjai to the beej mantras, It is the magic of the sounds recited with a clear heart full of gratitude and mindful intention. You do not need to know the meanings of the mantras for them to work. Sanskrit is linked to our very souls, it works right there. Our souls deeply understand it, our conscious mind does not. So if you read somewhere that this is the meaning of the mantra, its just silly because Sanskrit is like a palimpsest or an onion with several layers of meanings hidden within each other. For utilising the full energy of the mantras they should be repeated for 108 times. This repetition causes resonance of the mantra to its highest possible energy value.

Then we come to the music which everyone can enjoy. Listen to, dance to and watch performances of. We Indians have experimented with sounds since time immemorial and thus we have our music as Raga today. It is even documented which raga is most appropriate for what time.


And Raga can be used to heal illnesses too. The music arranged in specific rhythms has the ability to put things right.

raga diseases

To try this sometime, listen to the instrumental versions of the raga rather than the versions with vocals.

This music has the ability to shut down the conscious mind and trigger the subconscious into healing your own self deeply from within. This is the best possible healing as you yourself are doing it and also enjoying the process.

You have read so much, you are now reading this blog, but now is the time to stop reading and trying out. Look at your watch, check out the time and from the table above check out the Raga for this time. Search on youtube “Raga, the name, instrumental” and close your eyes and just listen. Let the music enter your soul and heal you deeply from within.


close up fashion female girl

Amavasya, use the energies

The no moon day, supposed to be full of dark and dangerous energies is called Amavasya in Sanskrit and most Indian languages. When I was a child my mom would always be hyper alert on this day and would not allow me to go out in the evenings to play with my friends. That day I had to be satisfied with playing indoor board or card games.https://psychologicallyastrology.comBut growing up and as my understanding developed, I now look upon the Amavasya as an opportunity to clean up. During this day and night and most importantly during the evening twilight and midnight the atmosphere is very heavy with tamasic energies. Tamasic energies are not negative energies.

Energies as per our Sanatan dharm/Hinduism are basically of three types

  1. Satvic – energies related to our true consciousness or energies which help us move towards our true self
  2. Rajasic – energies related to objects of this universe or energies which bind or attract towards an object of this manifested universe (not our true self)
  3. Tamasic – energies which are still, which do not move and represent a mental darkness, energies which are at rest, unmoving.

Energy should always be in motion, only then does something happen. Tamasic energies of the no moon night a a bit special as they are still unmoving. On amavasya days/nights the tamasic energies predominate and the movement of energies is stilled. During such times if an individual works with energy it is easier as the interference from the environment is less. So this time is a gift and should be used for our own personal spiritual development.

So on Amavasyas try to do the following as possible.

  1. Avoid eating heavy or spiced food, the energies of the body should not be wasted on digestion. In fact keeping a light fast would be even better.
  2. Cleanse your physical aura using salt or peacock feathers or lemons. Do the same for your loved ones and your house too.
  3. Sitting on your asan, do a jaap 108 times of the mantra of your choice. Remember mantras are only from the Sanskrit language, no other eg Gayatri mantra, Mahamrutunjai mantra etc.
  4. Remember the Intention for the day is to progress in Spirituality and to live a happy healthy life, thus to let go of whatever is hampering your progress in this gently.

Just do these simple things with gratitude and calmness, it will be of immense help and you yourself will notice the positive difference in yourself. These few minutes, maybe 15 minutes are your own minutes where you are putting something by for your own internal stability and happiness. Do it.

And remember that the energies of the Amavasya can also be used for creating trouble, black magic, for causing pain to others. So when you go out in the evening or night be alert. Most commonly in India there are lemons /rice /etc dropped at places where 3 roads cross.

Any action can be done for good or for evil, the action itself is not good or bad, the intention of the doer turns the fruit of the action to good or bad. And also good/bad is a matter of perspective, any action for the good of one may be bad for the other.

You be the best you can be and see how the Universe responds by being the best possible it can for you.

Lemons, the best tool for energy work

Lemons, so what all can I write about Lemons? Not about the taste and Vitamin C content obviously.https://psychologicallyastrology.comLemons are one of the most common items used in energy manipulation. If you have lived in India, especially on Saturday and Tuesday nights or on Amavasya/no moon nights and on places where 3 roads cross you might see a ‘tantric” ritual involving lemons sprinkled with kumkum, rice, turmeric and stuff kept at the crossing point. Best keep away from such lemons.

Lemons for some reason can be loaded with extra energy. And am sure that you will find this statement quite silly.

But then try this, if you are generally feeling low or oppressed or under a load of negativity. On a Saturday or Tuesday night, take one lemon in your hand and request it, put your intention very clearly to it that it takes on whatever is oppressing you and the negativity around you. Hold it in your hand for a minute or so and then keep it under your pillow and sleep. And then the first thing in the morning take it keep it on a paper/plastic, carefully cut it without spilling the liquid everywhere and throw the entire thing outside your house in the trash. And see the difference. Do it once a month or so for regular cleaning up of your aura’s energy.

If you feel your entire house is suffering under the evil eye or general negativity, you can remove the oppression by using 4 lemons, putting one lemon in each corner of the house for the night. Or keep just one single lemon at the main entry door inside your house. Dispose it the same way as above the next morning.

This is the same reason why shops and cars in India have lemons and chillis with a bit of charcoal tied to them and this “charm” is replaced every week.

Evil eye or “nazar” does happen. It is nothing but a burst of negative energy from anyone, even someone you see on the street who for an instant gets jealous or envious of something about you. On an astrological perspective evil eye seems to affect persons whose birth moon is placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th house in the birth horoscope more intensely. Or if Ketu is associated with the ascendant sign or the ascendant lord.

So do clean up your aura and your house of negativity once in a while. Lemons to the rescue!