Use the healing energies of Sound

Sounds have power, cutest example is, a tiny baby gives one tiny gurgle and its mom is instantly alert. That tiny gurgle carried volumes of information which the mom subconsciously understood and responded too.

The basis of creation is our first pranavmantra, Om, vibrations at the frequency of 7.83 Hz is the basis of the Sanatan dharma. To harness the power of this Om, you just need to say it out aloud, and what can be more easier than that! Try this on a holiday first, every hour you are awake, take 1 minute for yourself, close your eyes, fold your palms in the namaskar position, keep your back straight and speak Om. Feel the sound come through your belly and feel your body resonate, drag out the last mmmm sound and enjoy the silence as it ends. Do this thrice and feel your day improve.


Next in importance is the maheshwar sutra, a sequence of 14 sutras, which are said to have emanated from Shivshankar’s damru. It is a highly complex mathematical thing, and if you dont believe me google for the number of PhDs done on this topic. This is such an important sequence that during yadnyopavit/upnayan, this is the akshar sequence taught to the young children. Our Varnamala derives from this. But coming back to the energy point of view saying this sequence once a day does activate the body nadis.

१. अ इ उ ण्।
२. ऋ ऌ क्।
३. ए ओ ङ्।
४. ऐ औ च्।
५. ह य व र ट्।
६. ल ण्।
७. ञ म ङ ण न म्।
८. झ भ ञ्।
९. घ ढ ध ष्।
१०. ज ब ग ड द श्।
११. ख फ छ ठ थ च ट त व्।
१२. क प य्।
१३. श ष स र्।
१४. ह ल्।


Then we come to the mantras in Sanskrit. From the gayatri to the mahamrutunjai to the beej mantras, It is the magic of the sounds recited with a clear heart full of gratitude and mindful intention. You do not need to know the meanings of the mantras for them to work. Sanskrit is linked to our very souls, it works right there. Our souls deeply understand it, our conscious mind does not. So if you read somewhere that this is the meaning of the mantra, its just silly because Sanskrit is like a palimpsest or an onion with several layers of meanings hidden within each other. For utilising the full energy of the mantras they should be repeated for 108 times. This repetition causes resonance of the mantra to its highest possible energy value.

Then we come to the music which everyone can enjoy. Listen to, dance to and watch performances of. We Indians have experimented with sounds since time immemorial and thus we have our music as Raga today. It is even documented which raga is most appropriate for what time.


And Raga can be used to heal illnesses too. The music arranged in specific rhythms has the ability to put things right.


To try this sometime, listen to the instrumental versions of the raga rather than the versions with vocals.

This music has the ability to shut down the conscious mind and trigger the subconscious into healing your own self deeply from within. This is the best possible healing as you yourself are doing it and also enjoying the process.

You have read so much, you are now reading this blog, but now is the time to stop reading and trying out. Look at your watch, check out the time and from the table above check out the Raga for this time. Search on youtube “Raga, the name, instrumental” and close your eyes and just listen. Let the music enter your soul and heal you deeply from within.


Use the healing energies of Sound

Fatalistic astrology? Not really!

One of my acquaintances, who is on her 50’s and is an astrologer and tarot teacher herself, recently fell severely ill and strangely became quite careless about taking her medication on time and taking care of herself. When asked why, she quite calmly replied that she knows that she will die in the next 5 years and her body is breaking down in preparation and what is the point of medication. Not depressed in any way but in calm acceptance of the reality.

I felt quite bad hearing this. Not for the impending death of course, but for the mindset. Astrology or divination does not mean fatalism. Yes, all have to die and bad things happen which can be seen from the charts but this sort of mindset was for me was unbelievable.

Life for me, till the very last second is an opportunity. An opportunity to do good, to set things right, to repay my debts and then to progress on the spiritual path. Only while you have a body can you act. Of course in the pretatma/spirit phase too, the jivatma/soul is in motion and involved in several things, but this is more of enjoying the fruits of the actions you did when you were alive. You can perform action/karma only when you are alive in a human body. The human life is immensely valuable, in several mantras and shastras too, its quite clearly mentioned that humans have advantages which even the devatas (gods) do not have. And who knows if at the last second something happens that gives me a tremendous spiritual jump? Life is Hope. And the deepest meaning of Hope for the spiritual seeker is this, “I will be free, I will see my true face, will know my true name and experience my own self fully!”.

Similar is a situation where a client comes in and in whose horoscope I can clearly see  a very negligible chance to conceive and have children. But I know the remedy to this, daily one repetition of Srisukta followed by the specific chant for Santaanlaxmi. अहिखग वाहिनि मोहिनि चक्रिणि रागविवर्धिनि ज्ञानमये । गुणगणवारिधि लोकहितैषिणि स्वरसप्त भूषित गाननुते ॥ सकल सुरासुर देवमुनीश्वर मानववन्दित पादयुते । जयजय हे मधुसूदन कामिनि सन्तानलक्ष्मि त्वं पालय माम् । If the client says these mantras with a positive intention she will definitely have one natural biological child. She may not have lots of children, but one child will definitely come. But it is the choice of the client whether to do it sincerely or not.

And of course ignoring medication or remedies prescribed in time may or not change the broad events outlined in the chart. But they will definitely change the intensity of the event and also shorten the recovery time after. But you will be living a more comfortable and well adjusted life till then, being more happy and able to do your actions.

So does knowing astrology making you fatalistic? Calmly accepting the future as inevitable? No, a big No.

There is this Sanskrit shloka, from a text on astrology, Phaladeepika which says, फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः । को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना ॥. It means, “the movement of grahas can only give indications of events to the ones who desire information. Who can speak with exactness on events except the one and only Creator?”

And then there is “free-will”. We humans do have a small but significant scope for free will. If we accept your future is set in stone, then free will does not exist. But we know free will exists. Sri Krishn has himself said to Arjun after telling him the entire Bhagwat Gita, 18 chapter, 63 verse, the last words so as to say, “iti te jñānam ākhyātaḿ guhyād guhya-taraḿ mayā vimṛśyaitad aśeṣeṇa yathecchasi tathā kuru”. It means “So I have explained to you very secret knowledge. Deliberate on this completely, and then do what you wish to do”. Thus Yogeshwar Krishn himself tells his disciple and cousin Arjun to think over what has been told to him and do whatever he wants!

Thus do remember Free will does exist, destinies are not set in stone, your efforts are recognised and Use every minute of your life.

Astrology is not fatalistic.

Fatalistic astrology? Not really!

Pendulums as energy tools. Dowsing!

A pendulum is an essential component of your energy healing kit. So what all can you can do with your pendulum. Read on.I use a purple amethyst or a rose quartz crystal pendulum for my work. I prefer using living crystals and not metal. And I have on occasion used a rudraksh seed which I wear on a chain around my neck or in a pinch used a ruby pendant which I use as a jewellery at times.

A effective pendulum  should be

  1. Your own. How to do this? Hold the crystal/rudraksh/gemstone in your palm and with all possible pure intention and gratitude tell it that it is yours and that you want its help. Keep it in your pocket and take it about with you for some time or alternatively keep it under your pillow once in a while as you sleep.
  2. High on life energy (prana) – A perfectly cut crystal with no cracks and no obvious discolouration. Or a really pretty one which appeals to you. You hold it in your hand close your eyes and it feels just right.

What can you use this pendulum for?

  1. Some use it for answering questions. Somehow this really did not work so well for me may be it will work for you, do try it.
  2. I always use pendulums to create protective shields around myself, around my loved ones, my house and even my car. I always combine a mantra which I play on the speaker and keep my mind on my intention of protection. I have observed that the pendulum swings in different ways for different mantras. The most spectacular swinging was when I played the Devi Khadgamala stotra. The pendulum actually described the SriYantra. I do this regularly and every time the power of the mantra and the geometry that the pendulum swings in amazes me.
  3. To locate grey spots in your house. The space that we live in, our house, is also dynamic and over time energy changes may take place creating patches of negative energy inside your house. In presence of positive energy if the pendulum swings clockwise, it will swing anticlockwise in presence of negative energies. Use the pendulum to locate and cleanse such grey spots in your house.
  4. To release negative energy trapped in your body. Pain can be relieved by pendulums very easily and if you use a mantra in the background the healing will be faster. I have found Dhanvantari mantras linked to pendulums to give the best results for healing.

So experiment with your pendulums and mantras and heal yourself.

If you are not well, you are the best judge of what is happening to you because you are going through it, experiencing it.

Your higher self knows what is required to heal you and a pendulum, a mantra and your subconscious is most likely the best possible healing available to you.

Pendulums as energy tools. Dowsing