Jupiter combust April 2023 predictions

As per Drikpanchang, Jupiter will be combust from 1st Apr to 3rd May 2023 for 32 days. This means that he will be within 11deg of the Sun and his power to give results will be compromised. He will be completely burnt to ashes on 11th Apr when he is exactly conjunct the Sun in Pisces. During this time frame, he will be moving into Aries on 22nd Apr and become conjunct Rahu. This transit will formally start the Guru chandal yog 2023 and also bring Jupiter into Saturn’s intense 3rd aspect. Already Rahu aspected by Saturn is a Shapit dosh. Generally Jupiter is capable of giving good results in both Pisces and Aries but this time he will not be able to do anything much.

Combustion of Jupiter is one thing, but we should not forget the overarching energy of the current time is the paap kartari of Rahu and Shani which will be affecting all planets who transit into Aquarius, Pisces and Aries. Currently they are holding Venus, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in their grip. The Moon is briefly being drawn into this every month as per his 28day transit cycle. Venus will move out of this cruel energy on 6th Apr as he enters Taurus.

During this time frame, we will witness the first eclipse of the Vedic year Shri Shobhakruti. On 20th Apr, a total solar eclipse will be visible in Australia, SE Asia, Indian and Pacific oceans. It will occur in the Aries – Libra axis involving Sun, Moon, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. Jupiter too will be affected by these eclipse energies as he is on the verge of entering Aries and is within 15deg of Rahu. 

Additionally, Saturn Mars and Ketu are in Aquarius, Gemini and Libra respectively, in trines from each other. Planets in the 9/5 axis, ie trikon, enter a mutually supportive energy system and this time this trikon is composed of three cruel planets. As per your birth chart whichever trikon, (Dharma, Arth, Kama or Moksh) is being occupied by these three at this point of time will be a source of escalating disruption, stress and problems in your life. But rarely, if they are all auspicious for your individual birth chart then this time may have given you some gains too.

Right now and till 31st Mar, Mercury is debilitated in Pisces. He will be going combust from 24th Apr to 23rd May. And also retrograde from 21st Apr to 15th May 2023 adding to the confusion. 

Rahu is in Ashwini and Ketu in Svati, ie in nakshatra linked to each other are bringing karmic events to a high pitch. This is a subtle energy and most of us will not be aware of their impact on us. But if you are a student of Jyotish, you will be able to notice that everyone is under some sort of depression, lonely, afraid, insecure etc but still trying to cover their mental stress by overwork, over-partying and a general pretence that all is well.


With this background energy, Jupiter has absolutely no power to deliver any sort of result in the period of his combustion. In a cruel scissor of Saturn and Rahu, with an enemy Mercury (Jupiter looks on Mercury as an enemy) and now being burnt to ashes, and all this in his own house, Jupiter cuts a sorry figure at this point of time. Any decisions you take now or have taken in the recent past under the influence of Jupiter are bound to fail and cause you harm in the future. When naturally gentle forces are unable to support the naturally cruel planets take over.

During the combustion of Jupiter, no auspicious functions are performed. No Vedic Sanskar, no house pujas, no purchase or sale of significant things, no new projects etc are initiated during this time frame when the Dev Guru is unable to give his auspicious blessings. In this time, children, spouse, teachers and elders will either be under stress or cause stress. Focus on spiritual matters will be disturbed. Investments will not be successful or expected returns may be delayed. Rest may be disturbed and you may feel isolated and alone.

Also whatever is signified by Pisces and then Aries signs in your birth chart has the potential to cause confusion in your life. eg if you are Scorpio ascendant, ie Pisces in the 5th house, your children may misbehave, fail in exams etc. Later when the combust Jupiter moves into Aries stress due to family issues may suddenly increase.

Especially for Pisces, Sagittarius ascendants and birth Moons, this combust Jupiter will hit on the overall material comforts, emotional support and spiritual support. The worst affected are the Pisces who have been silently suffering ever since Jupiter entered this sign in Apr 2022. These Pisces will get some relief as he moves into Aries on 22nd Apr. Sagittarius has some support from the current Saturn in Aquarius and thus is more able to deal with the oncoming challenges, their major issue is the Rahu in their 5th house – Aries, as Rahu in 5th generally makes you take wrong life decisions.

Jupiter is a malefic for the ascendants Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. ie, he is in charge of the Dushamshtans, 6th 8th and 12th. (also to some extent the 3rd). In this case you should take additional care during this time. As the Sun taints the malefic Jupiter with his typical ego and selfishness, you may take decisions linked to Jupiter and the dushamsthan which may cause harm later. But this is also a good time to get rid of certain problems connected to the 6th 8th or 12th which have been troubling you for long. So think and work intelligently with the energy of this time.

On a larger perspective, something which will suddenly hit the economy and cause temporary destabilisation. Misinformation, rumours, scams, etc are all possible now which will cause problems to the financial institutions. Gold prices will fluctuate causing worry. Loss of food crops in the agriculture sector is possible. Logical thinking and hope both will be affected and this will have effects on all those who are planning to give exams, appear for interviews or take lifetime decisions in this time. 

The cruel planets have all of us firmly in their grip for the ongoing and foreseeable times at least. So do your daily puja routine, your Daana and Mantras, try to modulate your behaviour intelligently so that you do not get swept away by these forces.



Predictions 2022 – 23 Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra

The Chhaya graha are presently in the Taurus Scorpio axis. Taurus is one of the most conducive environments for Rahu and similarly Scorpio is one of Ketu’s favoured haunts, they are practically exalted here. They transit in the retrograde motion so true Rahu and true Ketu will be transiting through Aries and Libra respectively from 17th Mar 2022 to 29th Nov 2023. This is a significant transit of about 20.5 months, which is longer than their average transit of about 18months. (For the mean nodal positions, the tranit is from 12th Apr 2022 to 29th Nov 2023.) If you observe their effects in their recent transits, they have been raining pain on the world ever since their Gemini Sagittarius transit. And this has continued strongly during their Taurus Scorpio phase too.

To make sense of what their current transit, first try to think back on what happened in the world and in your personal life during their last sojourn here, ie from Apr 2003 to Mar 2005.

  • At the global levels we saw the launch of Facebook, NASA reached Mars, private players reached space, Macedonia, Haiti, Ukraine, Spain, USA, India, etc went through political upheavals for several reasons, NATO expanded, European Union expanded, Hurricane Catrina took her toll, the Indian ocean earthquake/tsunami caused tragedy etc.
  • For our Bharat, it was all topsy turvy. Our national election yielded a surprise PM with tainted politicians brazenly in power. Veerappan was killed, Kanchi Shankaracharya was in jail, violence in JK and NE, achievements in sports, the Best Bakery case and the Tsunami disaster. And we had the best President ever and our market was bullish throughout this time.

If you analyse these past events carefully, you can pick up the underlying themes. Expansions of political and government structures by whatever means possible. A dramatic change in the leadership, unexpected people rising to power. A positive change in the economy as Rahu’s exit from Taurus allowed the markets to regain common sense. Significant confusion in the legal system as Ketu went to Libra. And several natural disasters as the very elements, air, water, earth were against us.


As always, transits of Rahu and Ketu bring up dramatic changes in life, ie new opportunities open up as some fruits of past karma come up for resolution. During their stay in Aries Libra 2022-23, the lunar nodes will be influenced by the signs, their component nakshatra and the intermittent conjunctions/ aspects of the other planets.

Rahu in Aries. the natural 1st house of the zodiac. Let’s add the keywords here, a pioneering mindset, physical ability, confidence, movement, invasions, explorations, etc now enhanced by Rahu’s endless desire to experience it all. Aries is composed of the Ashvini, Bharani and Krutika nakshatra.

  • Rahu will be aspected by Saturn from 29th Apr to 12th Jul 2022 and will again come under Saturn’s aspect from 17th Jan to Nov 2023. This will be an especially traumatic time, this combination is also called a Shapit dosh with its typical results.
  • Rahu will be conjunct Jupiter from 22nd Apr to 29th Nov 2023. This is a Guru chandal yog operating with its own typical results.
  • Mars will be aspecting True Rahu from 12th Mar to 7th Apr. They will be conjunct from 27th Jun to 10th Aug. And Mars will aspect him again from 3rd Oct to 16th Nov 2023. This will again be an exceptionally dangerous time.

Ketu in Libra, the natural 7th house which represents balance, equitable relationships, marriages, law and legal issues, bargains, partnerships, gains through business etc now affected by Ketu’s apathy, disinterest and yet his typical deep philosophical tilt. Libra is composed of the Chitra, Svati and Vishakha nakshatras.

  • Jupiter will aspect Ketu from 22nd Apr – 29th Nov 2023. This will be a favourable time for spiritual aspirants but will give pain on the material level.
  • Mars will be aspecting Ketu with his 4th aspect during 17th May – 27th Jun. And he continue doing so, when conjunct Rahu ie from 27th Jun – 10th Aug. Mars will again aspect Ketu from 10th May – 1st Jul 2023 and then they will be be together from 3rd Oct – 16th Nov 2023. These times will be very dangerous on several levels as aggression is enhanced.

In all this, we will experience the eclipses where Sun or Moon will be together with Rahu or Ketu. The nodes move in the forward direction and also remainstationary during eclipses. The eclipse energies will be active during Apr – May and Oct – Nov 2022. Also again during Apr – May and Oct 2023 again triggering pending karma on several levels.

The time when Rahu will be in Ashvini and Ketu in Svati nakshatra will be exceptional in some way. If Rahu and Ketu are favourable for your chart, they will grant some very significant progress, but if they are poised for negative results then they will ensure karma is balanced in whatever way possible.


A general interpretation for this transit would be something like this. Selfishness, aggressiveness will increase, there will be furious fights over trivial issues. Religious fanaticism and racism will increase. Breakdown of relationships, loss of pleasure in interpersonal relationships. This is not a good time to create new relationships and carelessness and stupid behaviour can break existing relations for ever. Increase in deviant sexual activities, misuse of drugs and hallucinogens. Corruption and crime will increase, especially the crimes against women. Genuine spirituality will increase for some of us but the path will be difficult, through material pain.

Expect forest fires, followed by cyclones, excessive rain and a very cold winter as all the seasons are going to be extreme. So drought and flooding both are expected. Earthquakes and volcanic disasters are also possible in this time. For our nation, cyclones are imminent on all the coasts, especially the east coast should be prepared.

War situations will be active, internal civil wars are possible, borders will be breached. Every nation will think only for itself and try to damage other nations who affect their national interests. Civil tensions will increase so expect acts of terrorism from fanatics, ie bombings etc. Those nations who have misused the global financial network will face repercussions as their economy will slow down eg USA. Generally the world to the west of Bharat will suffer more than the nations to our east. The west is on a slippery slope and should be careful.

Whenever Saturn or Mars aspect Rahu or Ketu in transit, there will be an exponential increase in the turmoil at the global and local levels, expect bombings, attacks, terrorism, fire related accidents etc. These times will be very dangerous as world leaders will actively use underhand means to destabilise others and the fall out on the global level will be high. Rahu Ketu are subjective energies and Saturn Mars are their objective counterparts so if they get together in some way they are capable of causing havoc on both physical and astral levels. Overall ‘separation’ on several levels is expected.

Whenever Jupiter will be influencing Rahu and Ketu, expect a positive increase in the economy, especially cryptocurrency and gold trading will see a rise. Spirituality will see an increase as people will try to make sense of what is happening around them.


Briefly the predictions for the signs.

These are based on your birth Moon sign, as the Moon determines the timing and fructification of karma. But if your Ascendant sign is strong, then you can blend the results to gain a better picture of what is expected. These results are only those which can be ascertained from the position of Rahu and Ketu. (I have written a separate post combining the results of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Jupiter.)

Aries – Finances will be affected, budgeting is necessary. Not a good time to invest in long term assets. Personal health will be a concern, so do not delay in consulting medical professionals. Occult, astral and issues from the ancestors will erupt. Health of the parents will be a concern. There will be some estrangement from the spouse. Avoid short term flings. Try to find happiness in your children/ students.

Taurus – You will be required to relocate in some way, either a new job, residence or transfer to foreign locations is indicated. There will be mental and physical stresses. Managing resources properly is necessary, do not lend money to others in this time. If your Ketu is stronger than Rahu then this time can be average to good as your enemies will be scattered, your debts will be non existent and your health will remain good. You might suffer due to the nebulous occult but you will be able to manage it well.
Doing pujas of your adored deity can greatly alleviate things.

Gemini – Rahu has the capacity to give good results with respect to gains, friends and social visibility. You may be required to relocate to foreign or strange places during this time. Loss of ancestral properties and heavy loans is possible. Ketu can grant intelligence and ability to think clearly. This can help if you are in working in such professions. Expect stress from children. Take care of your diet.

Cancer – If your birth chart is strong enough you can expect some positivity in your profession, however the overall period will be tedious. Unexpected transfers are possible which will force you to go to foreign environments. Physical deaths of elders especially on the paternal side are possible. Make sure to decide on matters only after you think things through. Do not gamble or invest in risky prospects. If Ketu is favourable then spiritual inclinations will increase.

Leo – Financial problems will exist but you will be able to tackle them fearlessly. You might feel inclined to practice occult or convert into another religion or change your thought processes. Timely luck and overall support in life will reduce. But still you will manage to pull through by harnessing your personal courage and logical mind.

Virgo – There will be problems and losses from several fronts in life. Mainly the physical and emotional heath will suffer. People whom you trust will betray you. There may be physical deaths of close relatives during this time. Diseases of the mouth, difficultly in speaking coherently, stammering, etc are possible. There will be a scarcity of essential stuff in your life, home life is afflicted.

Libra – Avoid getting into situations where you have to compromise with your position. Your self-confidence will be low and there will be a tendency to argue for no reason, you will be irritable. Break up with the marriage or business partner is likely. Avoid flings as they will cause more trouble. Skin disease, discolouration and scarring is possible. Injuries due to accidents, fire and surgeries are likely. You will become more spiritual during this time. Those in professions/ business connected to heavy metals can see some gains during this time.

Scorpio – Rahu is generally favourable for you, more than Ketu. Your enemies will be decimated, money issues will be sorted out and there will be relief from disease. There is a possibility of gain from foreign sources. However you may be accused for things which you have not done, so ensure that you behave in an ethical manner always. If Ketu is stronger in your chart then he can grant intense spiritual experiences.

Sagittarius – Money flow will be adequate but there will be a tendency to spend on unnecessary items, so budgeting is necessary. Important decisions should be taken only after thinking over issues dispassionately. Health of the children and the older sibling can be an issue. If your Ketu is stronger than Rahu then this time can be good for you. Perform pujas of your adored deity and try to cooperate with the female members of your family.

Capricorn – Health will be an issue as overwork and lack of rest take their toll. You may face some problems from your landed property and house. Separation from the mother or some close maternal relative is possible or you may be forced to leave your native lands. Be careful while travelling, avoid rash behaviour on the roads. For students this is not a good time as you might fail to concentrate on you studies. There is a possibility of going for pilgrimages and performing religious activities.

Aquarius – Rahu will grant a good time, there are opportunities coming up but evaluate everything before taking the plunge. Money should be adequate, friends will be around and family life will be happy. However try stick to your ethics and morals to avoid issues later. There may be some trouble from the in-laws. Also avoid travelling without a purpose. The difficulties faced by you during this time will help you gain a new perspective on the spiritual and philosophical levels.

Pisces – Expenditure will increase, think twice before you spend your money on unnecessary things. Self esteem and confidence might take a hit as you might feel afraid for no good reason. Health will be affected, fever, food poisoning etc can occur. There will be quarrels in your family but your spouse will be generally supportive. You can try to learn music, singing and doing pujas at temples to channelise the energies.


These general readings will be modified as per the individual chart and the ongoing Dasha periods. If you have your birth Rahu Ketu in Aries/Libra then the effects will be more intense. Or if you are undergoing a Dasha period of Rahu or Ketu.

Remedies are as always Dana and Mantra. Also behavioural changes as you intelligently try to use the energies of the time coming up. If you are doing some regular spiritual practice then the remedies will work more effectively.

(I have taken these dates from the Drik panchang)