Predictions over longer time periods part 2

The first part is here and this one is a continuation. I will highlight the relevant combination, you will have to come to your own conclusion about it.

Revising a few basic concepts, 

  • Conjunctions of several planets, ie popularly called stelliums are a serious energy imbalance. So 3 or more planets together at a time is not good.
  • Eclipses in critical points of the zodiac where several planets, ie more than 6 are involved, invariably create extreme turmoil.
  • Generally eclipses have at least 4 graha together/opposite, ie Rahu Ketu Sun Moon. 
  • Solar eclipses cause changes over longer time than lunar eclipses. Solar eclipse – effects last for as many years as many hours. Lunar eclipse – effects for as many weeks as many hours.
  • There is a fundamental difference in eclipses caused by Rahu and Ketu. In eclipses by Rahu, the events are triggered by the action of humans. And in Ketu’s eclipses, the events are triggered by nature or forces beyond human comprehension.

I had covered the basic trends till 2027 or so in my earlier post. Continuing in very brief,

We generally miss the exalted Jupiter in Cancer opportunity as he changes his signs often, goes back and forth staying for only 3-4 months in Cancer at a stretch. If a planet changes his sign in retrograde motion, he revises things so much that is unable to give deep or long lasting results. But depending on the individual charts some of us will definitely use of these brief windows of opportunity. 

Saturn will go debilitated in Aries in Feb 2028 – Mar 2030, this will hurt the world economy, the damage will become evident from the later half of 2027.  (Remember the 1998 financial crisis?) Saturn protects the profession, society, social structure, markets and the overall economy. So gains will be affected, common interest groups will give in to extreme selfishness and common goals of humanity will be affected. The 1st house is his Maran karak sthan, and Aries is the natural first house.

During this period Jupiter will traverse progressively through, Leo, Virgo and Libra, going forwards, retrograde etc doing, revising, redoing things. Jupiter in Leo and also in Libra has the potential to give reasonably good results, but Saturn, ie karmic enforcer, is not capable of auspicious results, so Jupiter is unable to offer much support in this time. But again depending on individual charts some of us will benefit from this Jupiter.

Then we come to the most dramatic event. After a really long time, Apr 2030 will see Jupiter Rahu in Scorpio and Saturn Ketu in Taurus. This combination will continue till Jun 2031. 

  • Jupiter Rahu, Guru Chandal yog, presents a superficially rosy picture which turns into betrayal.
  • Saturn Ketu is a weird mix of limitless expansion v/s restriction, nebulous instinct vs solid grounded reality etc. Their natures are strongly opposite but both have this common point, they give malefic results, kroor graha. So Ketu will limitlessly magnify Saturn’s Karmic agenda. Saturn works on the objective level and Ketu on the subjective. Ketu is something similar to a subjective Mars energy, so you can use this post to get more idea on their behaviour together. 

In this time frame, 7 eclipses will occur. The most intense one will be the total solar eclipse on 25th Nov 2030 involving 8 planets. Sun Mercury Moon Venus Jupiter Saturn Rahu Ketu in the Taurus Scorpio axis. Nakshatra involved are Rohini and Anuradha/Jeyshtha. It will be for 5 hours and totality will last for 3hrs.

  • Rahu Sun Moon Mercury Venus Jupiter in Scorpio
  • Ketu Saturn in Taurus.

A dangerous time will be triggered as it will influence the world strongly for the next 3yrs, gradually fading in 5yrs. (Scorpio is the 12th counted from Sagittarius, the natural house of foundations). I anticipate a complete change in the world order as we see it now. This will be a primarily destructive energy, caused by the actions of humans. I anticipate human deaths in unthinkable numbers and subsequent drastic depopulation. Recovery from this event will be slow, protracted and heavily dependant on the transits which will occur after this eclipse event. (eg Jupiter in Sagittarius will help in restoring Dharmic foundations. Saturn in Gemini will help local trade where real tangible skills and genuine work is involved etc.)


Some points around the eclipse event for you to base your analysis on.

  • Taurus with Saturn Ketu means a severe restriction on and dissociation from wealth, food, family, good times, stored resources etc. (Use the keywords of Rohini nakshatra to get a clearer picture.)
  • Scorpio is the main stage, its group of attributes influencing so many planets. Six planet energies sucked into the never ending bottomless desire that Rahu in Scorpio signifies. The turbulent catastrophic environment of Vrushick will force a change in identity for several in several ways. Scorpio is the home of dangers, catastrophes, mysterious deaths and unexpected events.
  • Rahu is doing the eclipse in Scorpio. So he is going to use the energies of Scorpio, Sun, Mercury Moon, Venus, Saturn to drive his desires, overreach and fail in so many ways spectacularly. All that these planets and sign signify will not be available to us in a positive sense for the time the eclipse energy remains active. (Add the keywords of Anuradha and Jeyshtha to get more information.)

So this much is all that I will write on this topic. Students of Jyotish should try to work out things for themselves using the transits of the period immediately before and after this critical eclipse. For destinies of the individual nations, most have a ‘birth date/time’ associated with some historical fact. Try to see how this eclipse plays out for your chosen nation. For individual charts, determine the longevity first, as this eclipse is a good 10yrs away. Jyotish is an enabling tool, so it must be used in this sense. Again, all this is quite a few years in the future. So rather than overthinking about it, do the best you can in this present time. The present moment is all that you have. Use it.

This reminds of me of a beautiful song from the movie ‘Waqt’. One line especially elevates the emotion expressed. ‘Kal kisne dekha hai, kal kisne jana hai, Is pal se paega, jo tujhko pana hai’. ie ‘Who has seen the future? Who has understood the past? You achieve what you want, only in the present moment.’

(I was very reluctant to write this, but there were several questions.)


Rahu Ketu and existential sorrow..

Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the Moon are very powerful forces in your chart. These two are life, the experience of living. These astral planets are linked to the karma you have to balance so that you can transcend creation. Forces generated by this axis, affect you at your deepest core. If you go with their flow and allow them to transform you, you will with time gain your own Self. These are not very prominent in souls who have just started their evolution in the human form. For those souls who are nearing their goal in the soul’s evolution their role is crucial. (I assume that my readers are either students of Jyotish or spiritual aspirants, given the content of my blog!)

Suppose you are put in jail and given good food, nice rooms and other comforts etc, will you be happy? You might feel good about the comforts for some time, you might watch the TV provided, play some games etc to distract your mind/ soul. But deep down you know you are in jail, you cannot go out. The very act of being in jail is enough to make you internally unhappy. This is Rahu-Ketu, they are the jail. The comforts etc provided in the jail are the 5 tara-graha connected to the 5 lower chakras. The Sun and the Moon are the tiny twinges which you feel from time to time which make you desire freedom from this jail. Rahu affects the material, Ketu the spiritual. They churn the very soul. Thus Rahu and Ketu are the existential sorrow caused by the very act of your individual soul being bound inside this jail called creation.

Rahu and Ketu represent the karmic forces created by your own actions from your past incarnations. And you cannot escape them. They are always 180deg away, one below the horizon and one above the horizon. One Node below the horizon will represent the past ‘fruits’ which you have no option but to enjoy/endure. This is the sub-conscious side, the choice made by your higher self at birth. The other node above the horizon, this indicates the scope of conscious choice, the actions that you can perform and the options that you will have in this respect.


Rahu/Ketu are said to be more powerful than the luminaries, Sun/Moon as they have the power to obscure them from time to time. They are the Kings of Karma. Results linked to Rahu/Ketu cannot be predicted with accuracy. The material results can obviously be predicted to some extent. But their real effect is on the astral and causal body, the mind and soul levels. This effect is very intense and cannot be predicted unless you are able to read the Sudarshan chakra chart. They indicate how you convert your life experiences into your mind/soul learning. This is actually a part of the soul’s evolution.

Eg. You marry well, a nice spouse, good children etc and your material life changes for the better after marriage. This is under the influence of the 5 Tara graha. But how does this experience affect your mind/ soul is your soul evolution. This impression is what you carry on with you in your next lives not the material life part. If Rahu is connected in any way to your 5th/ 7th houses, he will cause disenchantment with child/spouse. Depending on his power this may be more intense or less. Eg a single powerful Rahu will de-link your mind/soul more sharply and give more intense sorrow from these things on the subjective level.


Some authors say that Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like Mars. But do not take this literally! The nature of Rahu and Ketu is always subjective never objective.

Saturn is discipline, working out your karma systematically, restrictions, fear etc. eg If in the 5th house, Saturn can cause issues with your children. You know the specific reason for your unhappiness and you endure it as a continuous unhappiness. It is rather objective. But if Rahu is in the 5th house, the experience is very different. He will grant disillusionment with all the things connected with the 5th house on it is on the subjective level, ie he hits on the astral, psychic, soul level. First he will make you try and try for all the stuff related to the 5th house. Each time it will seem like you are going to succeed, you can taste the victory but at the very last minute it slips out of your hand. Or you over-reach and fall flat. Or you get the thing but it feels hollow. He shatters the material hopes very thoroughly. He will cause this high-low, hope-disappointment cycle again and again, grinding into your soul that this is ultimately an illusion. The deepest lesson taught very minutely. Both Saturn and Rahu ultimately will detach you from the material but they way they work is very different. Rahu, just like Ketu, operates under authority of the highest Eternal. Rahu will cause eventual dissatisfaction with the material things, shatter the illusion. Ketu will cause eventual dissatisfaction with your spiritual things! If anything shatters it gives pain, but once you look up beyond this shattered barrier, because these things were a barrier, you see your Own Self.

Mars is an explosion of raw energy, challenging, pioneering, likes explorations, is very active. Ketu also does the same thing but on the mental and soul levels. Ketu has a rare incisive intelligence which can cut through the bindings on the mind/ soul. Unafraid, actually emotionless, he uses his intelligence to rip open all illusions. This is the most cryptic and difficult to understand thing about Ketu. Your spiritual concepts, philosophy, practice, mantra etc are your life-line to the spiritual realm. Ketu will cause systematic detachment from these. (You might wonder at this statement, it sounds so crazy.) Ultimately to realise your real self, you have to leave your material desires and also your spiritual desires. ‘Spiritual desires’ again sounds like a paradox, but people feed their ego with their spiritual activity, eg you can get proud that you did some complicated puja, or learnt some cryptic ritual, or learnt by rote so many stotras or did so much pilgrimage, bought a rare 1 mukhi-rudraksh etc. These things very subtly bind you to the illusion of creation. You ‘practice’ spirituality, it is something you do for some time every day. Ketu cuts this ego created by outer spiritual practice. He forces you to search for the core, the easiest, most natural spontaneous continuous state. From ‘regular spiritual practice’ you move towards ‘continuous awareness of self’. For this to happen an apocalyptic breakdown occurs sometime in life, a sense of sheer helplessness is induced, you feel small, humiliated, you are knead to dust. Ketu thoroughly annihilates the sense of individual self-ego with his incisive sharp intelligence. After this life changing event shatters all the limits on the thinking process, the mind and the soul both are set free. He forces you to think, to contemplate, the mind is forced to enlighten itself, the soul is made to realise itself.

This existential sorrow is more intensely felt for those who have chosen to test themselves with combinations connected to Rahu/ Ketu. The Kaal-sarpa, the partial Kaal-sarpa, the Guru-chandal, or a single powerful Rahu or a single powerful Ketu in pivotal houses. If you have such powerful Rahu/ Ketu know that this life is an exam-time for you. Eg. In school there are 15days of exams in a year. For these 15days, you don’t watch TV, don’t go out with friends, you sit at home, stay up late, revise your syllabus, focus, ketugive your exams. If you are firm with yourself for these 15days, you do well in your exams, you get promoted to the next grade. The prize is worth those 15days of hard work and tests. For you similarly, this life is an exam, you have chosen it yourself. You have been preparing for so many lives now. In this life you are ready, the syllabus is all revised, now you need give your exam. Rahu and Ketu is an axis, they work together. They enforce the eternal law of Karma. To make sense of the most hard hitting life experiences which you will go through, analyse your Rahu/Ketu. Once you do this, you will come to terms with what you have chosen at birth. Because even if the tests are rather typical, the prize is well worth it.


The sorrow created by Rahu/Ketu makes one ultimately desire for Realization. The depth of emotion is so weird, so subtle, so elusive, so radical and so beyond all other remedial measures. The mind/ soul gets so disillusioned with all these material stuff and their deep impacts that it finally accepts that the only way out of its jail is self-realization.

There will be periods of periodic despair triggered by the transits/dashas. So you must find some real solid support for your mind/ soul, ie reading philosophy eg Bhagvat Gita, or Gayatri mantra jaap, or practicing Dhyan using Soham etc. These typical periods are very critical as the mind can choose to take up short term fixes like addictions, or you might take emotionally charged inappropriate decisions which will cause life-time repercussions. You might realise later that your action was ill-considered, against logic, against common sense but by then it might be too late. You will fail your life-test, thus wasting all the preparation you had done for so many lives. And you will be required to repeat the same thing, re-take the same test again a few lives later. If you have Rahu/ Ketu in power but the rest of the horoscope is unable to support their power or if you consciously choose the wrong direction in a fit of temporary passion, the effects are often dismal and can carry over life-times. Also there can be psychological or mental imbalances or addictions or immoral and perverse behaviour triggered by this.

Anything to do with Rahu/ Ketu forces you to find the strength within your own self. Go through the experience, endure and grow. It is like being initiated into the highest mystery. You are in confusion for some time, your past experiences are meaningless now, the new knowledge before you requires some time before it can be assimilated. For this small period you are vulnerable. Persevere. It is like an eclipse on the soul. During this eclipse period you have to be very careful. As soon as the eclipse opens up you are New.

The Rahu mahadasha and the Ketu mahadasha can be quite happening. Keep track of Rahu/ Ketu’s transits and the patterns that they will make with the slowest ones Saturn and Jupiter. These periods will be fairly long as Rahu/Ketu transit a sign in 1.5yrs, Jupiter in 1yr and Saturn in 2.5yrs. The faster planets will also naturally interact with them in transit, but their results will be for lesser lengths of time, ie a few month or lesser. However the intensity of the effect can vary as slower planets give rather subdued results spread over a longer time. And faster planets give intense results concentrated over a short period of time.



Guru Chandal yog, Jupiter conjunct Rahu

This is traditionally the combination of Guru + Rahu together in one house. It is said to destroy Jupiter and kicks one outside the accepted society. But it is not as simple as that. For astrological analysis, patterns need to be studied.

First let’s go through the graha involved,

Jupiter – Dev Guru Bruhaspati. He is the spiritual preceptor of the demi-gods. The planetary force responsible for kindness, benevolence, wisdom , religiousness, peers, patrons, ancestors, good fortune from past lives, education, long journeys, spiritual growth, rest and rejuvenation, dream and other states, Moksh etc. A Guru is someone who guides you to your own internal reality, ie guides you onwards to your path to Moksh. A well placed Jupiter offers you hope, support from your internal philosophy, blessings of seniors and ancestors and overall makes you lucky. The positive potential of your own good deed from your past lives is Jupiter.

Rahu – the direction of your desire for experience. He represents all the stuff which you have ignored to such an extent in your past lives that now they have become quite urgent. Rahu is the engine which takes along the energies of your horoscope in his direction. In the present times, Rahu is essential for material successes, so do not think him to be all bad. Chandal is someone who is required by karma to get into energies of the distressing and traumatic types. Either his personal life/nature will be linked with such energies or his environment will be distressful. Eg The people who work in smashans, Hindu cremation sites are called ‘chandal’. They are required by karma to work at such sites of terrifying transformations and energies. Rahu is said to be a chandal because his energies are often distressing, problematic and he often behaves badly. In the story/allegory of Samudra Manthan, he tries to cheat rather than waiting for his turn.

Ketu – Why Ketu? Guru-Chandal is about Jupiter-Rahu? But in such a situation the Ketu placed 180 deg away ie opposite will have the full aspect of such a Jupiter. So we must also consider Ketu. Ketu is all the stuff you have saturated yourself with. You have transcended these experiences, had your fill in the past lives and now you have their deepest learnings with you.

Guru Chandal yog, Jupiter conjunct Rahu

Conditions where Guru-Chandal yog/ combination is considered more potent and capable of giving disagreeable results,

  • Obviously Jupiter conjoint with Rahu.
  • Then Jupiter conjoint Ketu and aspecting Rahu 180deg away also gives similar results. Especially if such a Jupiter is afflicted.
  • Another combination which gives similar results is if the 9th house or the 9th house’s lord is afflicted (In some cases a severely afflicted 5th lord and 5th house can give similar results) And Jupiter is also afflicted ie unable to give auspicious results.

Now here ‘afflicted’ will mean the following. Retrograde, debilitated, combust, in maran-karak sthan or in the signs of his enemy planets. Or placed in the 6th house, 8th house or 12th houses. Or influenced by the lords of these houses. ie influenced by the functional malefics. These are too many possibilities for ‘affliction’, so if the planet concerned suffers from at least 3 of these things at a time, his ability to give agreeable results is significantly compromised.

What does this combination do?

Jupiter + Rahu is very typical. It gives knowledge and intelligence, but it can make one selfish, a cheat, self-centered, vindictive, willing to break all rules, twist meanings around so that he benefits. Can show ingratitude in its worst form. He can ‘use and throw’ others. May have a lot of wealth and assets but often little or no respect in society. There is an inherent cruel streak. This behaviour will be maximum in the Jupiter-Rahu antardsha and the Rahu-Jupiter antardasha (Vimshottari Dasha system) whichever happen in the lifetime of the individual. Rahu + Jupiter gives a highly materialistic nature, one wants to acquire stuff. Check which house Jupiter is placed in. The people associated with this house can show materialistic behaviour. In addition, the luck associated with the house is enhanced. eg such a Jupiter in the 11th house will rarely give real friends, mostly you will have ‘friends’ who will be ‘friendly’ only till they have some work with you. But you will be lucky in life, you will gain from a lot of sources. Or if this Jupiter is in the 4th house, the mother will be materially inclined and you will be lucky in matters of buying house/ car/ property etc.

One positive point I have observed in these horoscopes is this, if Jupiter and Ketu are both placed well and capable of giving good results. For this you have to analyse their positions from the birth Moon and refer to their power in the Navamsha too. This will give an extremely wise, intelligent, philosophical etc person of Jupiter-ian qualities but who has no place in the accepted society, ie a saint, a seer. The past life learnings related to spiritual life are available. And if in addition, Venus and the ascendant lord are also auspicious then this is someone who will get Moksh in this lifetime. This is the promise of the horoscope. Such a person should take advantage of the Jupiter-Ketu antardasha period in the Jupiter Mahadasha and the Ketu-Jupiter sub-period in the Ketu Mahadasha whichever comes in his life (Vimshottari Dasha system).

What can reduce the negative effects of the Guru-Chandal Yog?

Strangely Saturn can. Now Saturn is a malefic, so if he is conjoint or aspecting Jupiter (esp with his 3rd or 10th aspect), he will add to the damage. But the other side of Saturn is to maintain the society, social image, social prestige, fame, profession, physical father, discipline, rules, gains, luck, money, salary, etc. He has the power to control Rahu’s obnoxious behaviour. If your Saturn is well-placed or a Yogkarak or able to give auspicious results, or your 10th and 11th houses are powerful, the negative parts of this Guru Chandal yog combination are reduced.

The intensity of the mean behaviour will depend on the rest of the planets of the horoscope. If Jupiter gets associated with even more benefics, conjoint or aspecting the negative qualities of the Guru Chandal yog are nullified.  A strong ascendant lord and a strong Moon can create more options for the individual. They can give the person a sense of right/ wrong and also the ability to choose the correct path as per the internal conscience, ie free will. Then a strongly placed 5th house and its lord. Or a 9th house and its lord capable of giving auspicious results. ie if the Dharm trikon is auspicious the quality of the horoscope is improved, the personality is less attracted to Rahu’s temporary glamorous charms. Rahu and Ketu have significant spiritual and technology related indications which are positive in life.

If the person does not go through the Jupiter-Rahu antardasha or the Rahu-Jupiter antardasha. Or if these sub-periods occur when the person is too young or too old to actively do anything. Or if these two sub-periods/ Antar-Dashas coincide with an over-arching transit of Saturn over significant houses of the horoscope.

Guru Chandal yog, Jupiter conjunct Rahu

In the current times, Jupiter is with Ketu and Saturn in Sagittarius. Soon Sun will join them for a month. This satisfies one of the conditions for a Guru chandal yog in the current times. These days till 22nd Jan 2020 are very interesting, in several ways.

The ‘yog’ or defined combinations in the birth horoscope have their typical effect on the person’s psychological make up. The Guru Chandal yog can confer a lot of positivity, both spiritual and material successes if used in the proper direction. The name ‘Chandal’ does not mean that it is an all bad combination. But if you allow your Rahu/ Ketu to overpower your Guru, it can destroy all auspiciousness in the chart.