Defence against Dark Arts, perhaps

Psychic-attack is quite common. A psychic attack first attacks your mind, your astral body, then it percolates into your physical body. It is basically a negative thought powered by invoked energies. All of us will go through such an experience in our life-time. It may be fleeting or sustained, unintentional or malevolent and with lesser or deeper impacts, but it will be. Most of us are quite ignorant of the invisible energies around us so might not register this event as a ‘psychic attack’. But it will happen to all of us at some point of time. If you are aware of it you can act and reduce your exposure and contain damage.

There are basically two ways of doing this. One is the passive way and the other active method of protection.

Passive methods are broadly the spiritual practices you perform regularly. Here you strengthen your mind. You are only as strong as your mind is. So if you practice regularly you will gain as follows,

  • You still your mind. The loss of energy due to the non-stop chattering mind reduces.
  • You gain control over your actions and reactions. Even if someone psychic-attacks you, you are more able to remain composed and work out a plan to get yourself out of trouble. You are able to concentrate and intend more clearly/ strongly.
  • You become fearless. You stop your mind’s wild imagining. As your faith in your Higher self deepens you lose fear of the unknown. 99% of our agitation is caused by fear of the unknown triggered by the mind going wild, imagining.
  • As you meditate on the abstract qualities of peace, harmony, higher self, self-love, protection from the Universe etc, you are building yourself up. This is like a gym for the spirit. You get stronger. You get emotionally stable and solid. Very few things will have the ability to shake you. The influence of external forces will diminish in both strength and duration.
  • You elevate your own energies to such levels that the energy of the psychic attack becomes irrelevant.
  • This passive method is a daily practice and without its support you cannot hope to do anything more.


Now the active methods also can be broadly of two types, generic and specific.

First is the generic. Here you are not responding to an attack, you are just doing regular ‘house-keeping’. You are required to cleanse, shield and ground yourself regularly. Once in a week or in a fortnight is good enough. I have written posts on this earlier. Use the energy tool of your choice ie lemons, sea salt, peacock feathers, vibhuti etc, on yourself, your loved ones and your residence. This will ensure that the regular ‘evil eye’ negative energy, which all of us are exposed to, is removed periodically. Just like you sweep your house, you also are sweeping out the negative energies from around you.

Second is the specific. This can be as simple as a prayer to your source of faith or as complicated as a full-fledged ritual. There is infinite energy around you which you can use. It is outside of you, it is other than your personal energy, so first you have to invoke it. You focus on one aspect of this universal energy which will help you resist and overcome the psychic-attack. Once you have invoked it, you concentrate the invoked force using a symbol, an object, a talisman, a gesture, a mental effort, etc. While using these symbols and talismans you should never forget that it is ultimately your own intention which powers everything you do. The more clear and focussed your intention is, the more powerful your defence will be. Then after concentrating this energy, you release this ball of energy with the intention of countering the psychic-attack.

If you think you are under active psychic attack, here is a step-wise to-do. First create a proper shield. This will take max 2 mins.

  1. Stand or sit facing east. Keep your hands in the namaskar position. Relax. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply a few times, think of your source of faith, favourite deity, universe, etc whom you are going to invoke. Feel its presence within you and visualise it looking at you with love and attention. Say your favourite prayer in your language or a mantra, request help.
  2. Visualise the golden-silvery energy from your deity entering you. You and your aura are now covered in golden-silver energy.
  3. Visualise a Bindu, a dot at your third eye chakra, between your eyebrows. The Bindu is the origin of creation. All the energy of the Universe is concentrated in this dot. You are going to use its energy.
  4. Now visualise a flaming gold sword in your hands.
  5. Next visualise your energy multiplying. If it helps, you can see yourself increasing in size, as big as the universe perhaps. You with the golden-silver aura, holding the fiery sword ready in your hands, your deity giving you his power. You are ready to defend yourself now.
  6. Now visualise a tight circle around you, keep it as tight as you can. You visualise yourself using the the tip of your sword and draw it clockwise. (This is all the power of your visualisation. Your physical hands are still in the Namaskar position). The circle should be just big enough to contain your body. Visualise tiny golden flames coming out of the circle, going outwards. Visualise this circle a few times to make it stronger and brighter. These flames will burn whatever is being sent against you.
  7. Now pray to your deity and request him/her to protect you from danger coming from all 10 directions. East, west, north, south, NE, NW, SE, SW, up and down. Your intention should be clear and focussed. The more clearer you ‘see’ the sword and the circle of fire the more powerful it will be.
  8. Clear your mind, slowly, breathe deeply, relax, open your eyes, put your hands down from the namaskar position. And you are done.

Now you know how to make your defence, let’s see where all can you use this flaming circle shield.

You can visualise such a flaming shield around yourself or your loved ones. It will protect. You should refresh it once or twice a day if you feel.

Use this circle to seal your aura. After you finish step (6), visualise two knots in your aura at your right and left foot. The aura will remain sealed.

You are going to meet someone you dislike, someone who tries to overwhelm you, it is an unintentional psychic attack. So you have already made this flaming circle in the morning. Now when you actually meet him, visualise a sheet of transparent glass between you and him. If he is exceptionally dominating, visualise a brick wall between you two. This will stop the psychic attack. Another way of avoiding psychic attacks from over-bearing people is closing yourself. Use this posture. Cross your fingers or cross your arms across your stomach. Keep your elbows close to your sides, there should be no space between your arms and your sides. Keep your feet side by side but not crossing. You thus seal yourself off to this person.

Often some people try to psychic-dominate others by staring intently into the other’s eyes. If you ever face this problem, do not stare back. It will exhaust you. Rather look at the tip of the nose or on the points above or below the the other’s eyes. Avoid looking into other person’s third eye chakra or any other chakra for that matter. Remember chakras are energy vortexes they tend to pull in the energy coming from anywhere. In this case it is wise to avoid direct contact with the other’s chakras, which can result in over-depletion of one’s precious psychic energy. (No genuine sadhak/ spiritual aspirant will gaze intently into other’s eyes. It causes hypnosis to the other. Also loss of power of the aspirant. I avoid looking directly into other’s eyes.)

Defence against Dark Arts, perhaps

Now the final is to counter-attack. At step (4) you have visualised a weapon, a fiery sword. If you get into the habit of refreshing your energy defence circle everyday you will naturally refresh this energy weapon too. With every visualisation, this weapon will gain power and be more easily accessible. You can then use this flaming sword to cut cords or stop negative entities actively. But I would advise to wait for some time. Make yourself more powerful by practising the passive methods first. Second get into the habit of cleansing your self/ surroundings. Third, learn to make a very strong shield, the ring of flames. And then attempt direct counter-attacks with your energy weapon.

This visualisation is a very basic step. Later you won’t need to spend even these 2 mins. All this becomes instinctive, just like breathing.

It is important to increase pran levels flowing in your body. I have written about this earlier also. Sit in the morning sunlight, eat healthy food, plenty of water, avoid heavy meats but fish is ok, avoid alcohol and drugs, keep your mind fresh. This much is enough to counter-act the regular psychic attacks that one faces in life. Even if you are facing someone quite malevolent, this much will help you gain time till you can consult a professional practitioner. This is an exciting world of energy where you gain and suffer in terms of the astral-self first. Your mind is your most important tool, keep it in your control always.


Defence against Dark Arts, perhaps

(A recent episode.

My husband, son and Dad were out and I was home alone for quite a few days. It gets quite cold here and there is complete silence at night, utterly still. So I was half-sleep and heard some spirits wandering about. Quite dirty things, irritating. So in my half-sleep I shut down the house, astrally, completely. Now the next day they were still wandering about the house. I threw them out, went to the office, came back quite late, went to bed. Now they were trying to talk to me! This was a surprise as once I throw something out, they stay out. These were trying to catch my attention and one of them touched me, which made me cross. I threw them out again and went to do Dhyan. 

The next morning the spirits were still there, still trying to talk to me. Now I was confused, so phoned my brother. His response was laughter! Apparently I had, in my half-sleep, shut the house down so tightly that now the spirits could not exit. They were desperate to go but were trapped. eg If they exited from the bedroom they would appear in the kitchen. When I threw them out they simply reappeared in some other room. They wanted me to set them free! Then there was one more surprise and my brother couldn’t stop laughing. I had written a post on ‘haunted houses’ and it was a personal experience so I had sort of radiated energy while writing it. So these spirits were curious and wanted to see the source of this energy. Such a face-palm moment and it was quite funny too. 

So the moral of the story is before shielding the house ensure that you have first cleansed it. Do not manipulate the astral when half-asleep. And it is quite easy to trap spirits but they are quite unhygienic so it is better not to.)

Psychic attacks, how do they happen?

This is rather serious topic as psychic attacks are a criminal act. They may be malevolent or unintentional, slow draining or fast acting or whatever but they damage the victim. They drain the vitality of the victim, make him ill, either physically or mentally, hurt him emotionally, subdue his spirit, cause him losses, control his will and in some cases can even kill.

We actually live in a maelstrom of invisible forces. We do not perceive these forces but they affect us deeply. Most of us are thankfully unaware of this aspect of our life. Our limited senses are incapable of registering these forces. And strangely our ignorance actually protects us. But sometimes these forces rise up and swamp us. These forces link up on the astral levels first and then percolate into the physical body. The victim is is hurt from the inside out! This takes several months to heal completely depending on the intensity of the hurt.

Psychic attacks, how do they happen?

Here are a few scenarios where psychic attack is possible,

You might go to a place where such invisible forces are concentrated. This happens very commonly, eg haunted houses or cemeteries especially where bodies are buried. Or houses built on sites which have seen traumatic events in the past. Or even sites of our ancient temples which were desecrated and destroyed by the invaders. Here the astral dimensions are especially strong, dense, concentrated. Susceptible people should stay away from such places, the interference from the astral planes can hurt. I use the word ‘interference’. Mostly these incidents are not deliberate with malevolent intentions. The spirit forces may be curious or in panic themselves. (My son was about 8yrs old when he first saw a tree being cut. It was an old massive tree over 150yrs old. We had to wait for some 10mins as a branch had fallen across and blocked the road. Every tree has spirits living on it. This old giant was being killed systematically and was radiating its pain. Its resident spirits were upset. Death is quite interesting so other entities had come to watch. The disturbance on the astral levels was unbelievable. My son started crying uncontrollably, affected by all this. My husband later cleaned/shielded him as a few curious spirits had followed him home…)

Generally children are susceptible as they are more aware of these invisible forces. Babies are most sensitive. Then in some families these abilities are ‘inherited’. These families are also more linked to the astral forces thus can sense them. e.g. I have seen that in such families, Rahu/ Ketu are significantly placed and control a major part of the personality and environment. However even if someone can sense them, they may not have the mental strength or skill to manage them. One of my aunts can ‘see’ a lot of stuff but it scares her badly.

Then another scenario. You might meet people who are linked to such forces, and this affects you on the internal levels, upsetting you. People who actively perform rituals linked to the astral dimensions have a very strong dense overpowering aura. If the energies being invoked are positive you feel relaxed with such people. But if the person is doing energy work with negative intentions or doing the rituals wrong, or has spirits bound to him as his slaves, etc his aura feels suffocative and pulls at your energy. (Once my brother took me to meet one of his Tarot teachers. A good-natured woman, she surprise-hugged me as we left. In this 2-sec hug she stripped my aura off. As we got in the car, I started uncontrollably crying/shivering, body went cold. My brother saw what had happened and set me right, but in these few minutes I experienced what a psychic attack can really mean! She was doing some strange mantra jaap, was recently divorced, stressed out. Her own energy was depleted and she unconsciously pulled out mine to replenish hers.)

Psychic attacks, how do they happen?

Another possibility is that you meet someone suffering because of psychic attacks and this suffering links with you. This can drain you too. Often you will get clients with this sort of pain. Be very careful about your interactions with them. Remember to cut cords and do a complete cleansing and protection of yourself and your office. Never allow clients at your actual residence with their problems.

People often get interested in these invisible forces and perform minor cleansing or protecting rituals. Mostly they are quite unskilled and unaware, so cannot call on the really big energies. So they remain safe by their own lack of skill. But it is possible that someone, by ill-luck or wrong guidance, gets into more than he can handle. This is then serious trouble. This danger is also quite common among the serious practitioners. So even if you have books like ‘Goetic spirits‘ do be very careful in doing any of the rituals described in it.

Then another way you get involved in the invisible world is this. You buy something, a curio or pre-owned book or object of ‘magic’ and it turns out to be actually charged with negative energy. Antiques or objects used by people in the past or symbols linked to other faiths of which one does not have sufficient information etc carry psychic traces from their previous owners and faith-associations. Better avoid bringing such objects/images into your house.

Some attacks may be slow and subtle. These can go on for quite some time making you miserable, upset, physically ill and no definitive diagnosis. And some attacks may be quick and fast acting. Either way it is a terrible experience.

If you are under a psychic attack some of the effects that you might experience are,

A heavy weight pressing you as you sleep. Nervous exhaustion and deep fear. Cannot sleep, physical exhaustion, unknown reason for ‘wasting’ away, mental breakdown. As you are denied deep sleep your body/ mind/ soul suffers. Sleep paralysis is common, as you dream and suddenly are jerked awake. Frequent dreams of being buried, tied up, snakes, ghosts, cemeteries, nightmares etc. There might be bruises on the body or seizures/ fits in rare extreme cases. Seeing a darkness from the corners of your eyes. Cold drafts in the house, your hair standing on end. Filthy smells from certain locations in the house. Hearing random thuds and sounds. (Just a couple of weeks ago. I live in a large bungalow with sloping tin roofs. It was raining heavily and around midnight, there were heavy thuds on the roof, as if an elephant was walking on it. My house is well-shielded so jumping on the roofs was all that it could do!). Manipulating elements like this can get dangerous as things may set on fire, electrical equipment may short, etc. Now there could be a perfectly material explanation for some of these things, and sometimes there is too. But the possibility of the occult should not be ignored especially if you are seeing multiple symptoms together.

Psychic attack can be of two types, intentional and unintentional.

One in which the perpetrator is unaware of what he is doing. Someone may be so emotionally hurt that he lashes out with pain. The intention to hurt gets powered by the pain and actually causes harm. (I had one client who married against his mother’s wishes, the mother was emotionally hurt. Her emotions against her son, turned into actual astral black ‘arrows’. I saw them embedded in his back, he was severely ill but the doctors could not find the reason. The reason was the ‘arrows’. It was an intense psychic attack and both were unaware of what had really happened.)

Another case, here the perpetrator is personally under the influence of negative energy and literally begs a higher energy individual for help. My brothers and I have suffered this several times. (One of my brothers travels by train everyday, so is in physical contact with several random people. He does his own pujas and has a very high level of energy but is always drained. He gives it away to all these depleted people who brush against him as his travels! )

For these type of unintentional astral attacks the only solution is to shield yourself, cleanse yourself and ground yourself regularly. Do your spiritual practice regularly to keep yourself charged up. Also minimise physical contact with random people.

Psychic attacks, how do they happen?

The second type of psychic attack is actually criminal. It is intentional and designed to harm the victim. Also called ‘black magic’. There are several rituals used for creating such attack energies. Commonly a blood sacrifice is performed by the practitioner, black goats and black cockerels are the favoured sacrifices. Location can be cemeteries, boundaries of towns, isolated places, river-banks etc. And during the no-moon nights or twilight. The energy of death is linked to the negative intentions and sent to the target victim. The first thing that happens is that the victim is unable to understand what is happening to him. He is ‘blindfolded’, so that the negativity does not register. Then he argues with all those people who might help him recover. He is isolated and then the second part where he is actually hurt plays out. (Once I  was caught in a mental fog, body broke down, was unable to meet with my brothers who could have helped me, my husband got too busy with his work not-at-home types. It took a full 2 months to really understand what was happening and to clean it out.)

I and my family members have suffered through such attacks several times. So when I write these posts, it is from personal experience. Sometimes I do think twice about writing these off-beat things. But then there are two ways of looking at it, someone may be inspired to attack and someone might learn how to protect himself from such attacks. It is my karma to write all that I know. So what you make of these posts, Dear Reader, it is between you and your conscience.

(In my next post will write about few easy ways of protecting yourself from such attacks.)