Do astrological remedies work?

Back to Jyotish! Astrologers get cynics and pessimists quite often. ‘It is my fate to suffer, nothing I can do can change it’. And then more commonly, ‘Astrological remedies are just hogwash, if they worked all the astrologers would be millionaires!’.

Horoscope is basically your energy chart. There are always some balanced and some unbalanced areas in this chart. It is an overall chart and your overall life is actually just an average. Some experiences dip below into negativity and some soar above the mean-line into ecstasy. Life is a series of curves, where we experience positive and negative energies as we go along time. But if you observe carefully, both the positive and negative energies are perfectly cancelled out. There is no excess positivity or excess negativity it is all a perfect balance oscillating around a straight line. E.g. The 6th8th, 12th  houses will be the source of all your unbalances. The 1st and 11th in all situations will support. Then there are the planetary forces, malefics are going to dis-balance the chart and benefics will provide stability and balance wherever possible. Finally energy is energy, you can manipulate it or redirect it with your Intention and Will but you cannot destroy it.

So stripped of the mumbo-jumbo, remedies are ways in which you can take control of your own energies. And they will work to the extent you want them to work. Always remember you are in control of yourself. Do not give your power in someone else’s hands ever (that is being a slave to someone).

A favourite example, one young woman wanted to get married, a good horoscope and family background, but there were no real proposals. She had in the latest fashion been wearing her hair in a short crop. The easiest remedy was advising her to grow out her hair and expressing her feminine self. She got married by the time her hair grew out to below her shoulders! Attract the energies you want to manifest. Don’t get overwhelmed and feel scared to work with energy. Manifestation is not difficult at all, it is the simplest thing possible.

Most astrologers will recommend expensive pujas or gemstones or something which will require money. They are useful of course. But getting the correct stuff you need to perform the pujas is now quite impossible. Gemstones are excellent energy-batteries but first you need to find the stones of the required energy levels, then you need to know how to use them.

(Gemstones can be very sweet if you can use them. And know when to charge them and then remove them. Over the years, I have experimented with the stones I knew would work for me. I first wore a cats-eye when I was 16yrs old. Then a Ruby, drained the ruby completely, one day it just went ‘dead’ so removed it. Wore just the Cats-eye, then wore a new Ruby removed it too. Used this Ruby and Catseye combination for 20yrs. But after I turned 36yrs of age, wore a Blue Sapphire with an emerald. The emerald could not cope so drained and ‘died’ eventually. Paired the blue sapphire with a moonstone. Used up the moon-stone. Finally wore the cats-eye with the blue sapphire. Also wore a navratna pendant. Each gemstone works during the time/Dasha of the planet associated with it. I love doing pujas and mantras for charging the stones. My mini-batteries stones, gemstones and crystals are very useful but they are quite expensive. If you want to work with stones, start with crystals like in this post. I also wear Rudrakshs when performing my puja/dhyan.)

Do astrological remedies work?

But on the whole, I prefer to address the energy issues themselves. If the client can work on himself it is the best option!

  1. Reciting the beej mantras of the unbalanced planets, posted it here.
  2. Doing charity thus reducing the impact of their unbalance
  3. Attracting what you want, thus boosting your energies.

If you believe in Sanskrit and Mantras, the best remedy by far is the beej mantra of the planet which has erratic energies in your horoscope. The planets represent your own energies so when you recite the mantra you are using the energies of sound, intention and willingly changing yourself. It is the best option because you are working for your own self. It is empowering you, you are not depending on a gemstone, a pujari, an astrologer or anyone. Reciting the beej mantras also improves your concentration and silences your mind. Later this will help you in case you start a spiritual practice. And it will energise that part of your horoscope which needs the energy boost, a very targeted approach.

Doing charity or helping others who genuinely need is a perfect option for those who are not so much into Tantra/Mantra/Yantra! This does not mean giving money to beggars. The intention is important. Giving millions of money away or starting a charitable foundation does not really work. Actual involvement on an internal level is necessary. You are giving away, so cannot expect something in return. It is a gift from the heart, a sort of forgiveness. When you see others in the process of re-balancing their karmic load you appreciate your own situation better. I always recommend helping out at old-age homes as a remedy for Saturn, it is the kindest way you can heal your own personal Saturn’s unbalanced energies. Be kind to yourself and help those around you who are in genuine need. It sounds strange but it works. You get kindness in return.

Be compassionate, do not empathise or sympathise these emotions might trap you. You should desire that the other person be free from his painful situation and find happiness for himself. Recognising that the person you are helping is also a spark of the divine and appreciating his efforts in resolving his karma is all that you need to do. e.g if you go and distribute sweets/fruits at an orphanage wait in the background while their caretakers distribute the sweets/fruits. Observe the happiness in the tiny faces, feel their happiness and warmth. Appreciate their innocence, that despite being in such a situation they are enjoying themselves. Put in a thought of gratitude to the Universe that their capacity to find joy remains intact. Intend happiness to all, bless the children mentally and quietly come away. You have done a selfless charity of compassion. You do not have to take on these painful emotions of others. Do not become an empath and create actual cords of energy between yourself and the persons you are helping.

Charity is also re-directing energy with kindness. I have seen this several times. If a family cannot get a good match for their daughter/son and if they can afford it, I recommend that they contribute to the marriage expenses of any poor young woman they know of. Maybe their maid-servant’s daughter. And soon their own problem gets resolved.

Finally the question, if astrologers can predict the future why are they not millionaires themselves! A sensible astrologer knows the deeper realities of life, the after-life and so many things which cannot be put in words. We get to see so many examples/clients where the laws of karma operate. Us astrologers know that in our charts the 6th 10th and 12th houses indicate that we are required by karma to use our energies to serve the society! We repay our karmic debts by talking, counselling and listening. This is our form of charity and service. Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of Karma being balanced beautifully! 

No one escapes the need to Serve, the domain of the 6th house. But there are several ways where you can choose to be happy even in the most difficult of circumstances. Choose to be happy and the rest will fall in place automatically. Remedies work as a channel for your mind to focus on and Heal yourself.


Do astrological remedies work?

Keep your Energy work simple!

I wrote a bit about the commercial energy supplies market in a previous post on Astrology and Reiki.So have continued on the theme in this one, trying to keep Runes, Tarot, Crystals and Gems simple. Our lives, destiny and the future is so complex, that seers from several cultures developed easy to use divination tools for us common persons to use. Divination tools, by definition, are simple to use and understand, these are the distilled wisdom of great minds who lived before us. And these tools have worked perfectly over thousands of years. But now, we have the Internet generation in the past 10-15yrs complicating stuff. And businessmen wanting us to spend money on buying more. With very few genuine teachers left who can actually make us understand. Let’s un-complicate our energy-work now!

Keep your Energy work simple!


I use Elder Futhark runes sometimes, it gives me pleasure to handle these smooth stones marked with the symbols of ancient Norse shamans. Maybe I was one of them in some past life! And then these are also so accurate. It is a clean and beautiful system. Feels like we children are playing with the energies of the Universe. I have used these quite often to read for me and my clients. Am primarily an astrologer but sometimes the client wants just a focussed answer to a focussed question. So I don’t need to dive into their entire lives and their horoscope charts. In these cases, I use runes or tarot as a tool for divination. Sometimes iChing too, but somehow I think iChing is a bit fiddly, I need a pencil-paper and to refer to the reference book all the time. Runes and Tarot or Cartomancy with the Lenormand somehow appeals to me more. These give to the point precise answers.

But the new spiritual consumerism trend is not willing to let even these simple but powerful rune stones alone. A new blank rune named Wyrd  has been introduced in these past few years which means ‘nothing’! It actually means ‘Nothing can be seen from the runes, it is in the hands of the gods!’. A system of divination, a tool which has worked perfectly for thousands of years rendered useless by some immature person. Divination tools exist because they read the mind of the gods! I cannot tell my client that the reading means ‘nothing or everything’ because the Wyrd came up!

Then again if you want to use runes, collect a few nice feeling rounded stones from a river or forest or some natural place. Draw these symbols on them with a marker or etch them with a knife. They will work so beautifully because you have made them for yourself. They will resonate with your energies completely. But then we have in the market, runes made of exotic crystals, wood, bones and stuff. There is no need to spend money on runes drawn on amethyst, tiger-eyes and bloodstones to being with. Rather spend time practicing with them. Once you have learnt and experienced them, obviously you can buy whichever crystal rune set you like, they are quite beautiful!

So if you read runes, or intend to learn, stick to the basics and learn them thoroughly, leave the Wryd aside. Odin’s philosophy is quite robust and capable of answering everything! Runes are quite powerful, will post next on how I have used them practically.


I love my Thoth Tarot deck. It is the only one I have. I tried reading with the Rider-Waite deck but it didn’t resonate, even felt distasteful in my hands. But now there are more decks than genuine Readers in the market! There are even blogs that tell you what your next deck should be, and what are the 50 essential decks that you absolutely must have. They all are very very beautiful, with fabulous artwork but what is the point of just buying them. Tarot is based on something called the ‘Tree of Life’. It is quite a deep philosophy and every one who is really interested in learning Tarot should compulsorily know it.

There are just 3 tarot decks which resonate and facilitate the understanding of the Tree of Life, 1) The Thoth Tarot, by Aleister Crowley & Frieda Harris. 2) The Tarot de Marseille by  Jodorovsky and Camoin, A version of the Conver (1760) deck with clean lines and colours, and 3) The Hermatic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson. Excluding these 3, every deck you see in the market is just pretty artwork, good for casual readings. If you want to really understand or use the Tarot for spiritual growth, stick to these 3.

A small note about the Rider-Waite deck, it is a tool for divination and if your objective is just knowing the answers to the questions it is quite good. But this deck in a very strange way shuts down your sub-conscious, limits it to the images drawn on the cards. You cannot use this deck for delving into the esoteric and the esoteric is the real soul of Tarot.

So for the student of Tarot, do not get caught in this loop of endlessly buying decks. Stay away from sheer consumerism. Stick to one of the 3 real decks and delve deep, study them, contemplate them and even meditate with them! Only then will real understanding dawn. After that you can definitely go and buy whichever deck’s artwork you like. But first understand the basics. And practice!thoth-tarot-e1540821081984-minCrystals

Crystals are a very common item in energy-work. They are just like tiny batteries and can be used to store energy in a variety of ways like energy grids. They are very useful and everyone should learn more about them. But here too commercial ventures have taken over and there are hundreds of obscure crystals labelled with tiny meaning being peddled in shops. It is very easy profit you see. A kilo of tumbled clear quartz stones takes maybe Rs 10/- to manufacture, but it is sold at retail at over Rs 500/-. And more obscure the stone, more the price. And frankly it is not needed in your work. You can do everything you want with the clear quartz / ‘Sphatik’. I have found a few more crystals work for me but even that is optional, I could do the same work with clear quartz. So when you start working with crystals, stick to the bare essentials, try out the clear quartz in every which way, then explore more if you feel like it. I have found these five types to be more than enough for my work.

  1. clear quartz – your work-horse, can be used for anything and everything
  2. purple amethyst – helps in clarity stability grounding
  3. rose quartz – pinkish – balances the emotions related stuff
  4. tiger eye – gets rid of unnecessary baggage you are holding on to
  5. citrine – removes negative influences from aura and sub-conscious

Stay away from cancrinite, tugtupite, vorobyevites, trolleites, vayrynenites and other made up names. Stick to the basics. Energy work is basically your mind, focus and intention.

And at the last Gemstones

Gemstones are really expensive crystals, which are used as planetary remedies, Ruby-Sun, Emerald-Mercury, Diamond-Venus, Hessonite- North Node/Rahu, Chrysoberyl-Ketu, Red Coral-Mars, Yellow Sapphire-Jupiter, Blue-Sapphire- Saturn. These are the stones which really work if you can get your hands on them and know how to work with them. But these planetary remedy gemstones are quite expensive, an average person cannot really afford them. So to make even more money, a few greedy astrologers hit upon the idea of ‘upa-ratna’/ substitute gems. There are no ‘substitute gems’ in astrology. Either you wear a Rs 4 lakh blue sapphire or if you cannot afford it, recite the beej mantra of Saturn, you have just these 2 options. And both options work equally well. But now the substitute gems market is flourishing and both the astrologer and the jeweller are minting money. They dont really care what havoc they are causing in the life of their client. They can always prescribe more ‘remedies’.

So if you get caught with an astrologer who prescribes ‘citrine/sunhela’ instead of yellow sapphire as a remedy for Jupiter, please ignore such advise. You would be better off reciting the beej mantra of Jupiter 108 times every Thurdsay.

This was just a quick heads-up for all the students of divination. Always remember it is you the Reader who is reading the tools. The answers come from your sub-conscious, not the tools. To be a good Reader, please learn, study and practice. And always remember that someone, sometime in the future, is going to make a life changing decision because of what you will tell him.

Use your crystals, easy healing grids and more