Arth Trikon of the horoscope

The 12 houses of the horoscope are divided into the Dharma Trikon, houses 1, 5 and 9. The Arth Trikon houses 2, 6 and 10. The Kama Trikon houses 3, 7 and 11 and the Moksh Trikon houses 4, 8 and 12.

The finances of a chart can be accurately predicted using the Arth Trikon, the Triangle of Finances. These are the houses number 2, 6 and 10 counted from the ascendant. These houses will give the physical environments and tangible effects related to making money and earning your income. If you count these same 2, 6, and 10 from your birth moon sign they will provide an indicator on how you feel about your finances, your perceptions about money and the means of earning wealth. And your divisional chart 9/Navamsha will indicate the potential and the astral expectations regarding finance.

Arth is a Sanskrit word thus has several meanings including – true sense, objects of desire, concerns and senses. So though we consider the Arth trikon in the narrow sense of finances it includes all your significant possessions.

At the deepest levels these 3 houses are the places where you search for the real meaning of your existence.

The Second House

The 2rd house from the ascendant is the house of family resources. Kutumbh/family and Dhana/wealth is the 2nd house. The natural ruler of this house is Venus, as Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. Venus is the Lord of Treasuries and Sensual Pleasures here. Food, drink, speech, beauty, songs and stories are in his domain. Time spent with your family and friends. Your memory, knowledge and flair for business is seen from here.

You search for the meaning of your life in the treasures you collect, the fun times you spend.

This is the first interaction that you have with wealth and its role. Do you have access to your family’s treasury, its assets and warehouses? Your position in your extended family and neighbourhoods is naturally dependent on your family’s financial status. Here you are taught how to make money, conserve it, multiply it and also to spend it. Accounting, balance sheets, banking and inventories. All sorts of moveable assets, monies and material, are governed by this house. Often this is the seed capital on which you start your own local small business.

An analysis of this house tells a lot. Several families contribute their assets and resources to create a common land of comfort and security. Local trades and interactions of brotherhood create an emotional bonding. These then in turn contribute to even more increase in the wealth of the family treasuries. If this house is strong, you are very comfortable exhibiting your assets, intelligence, genius, creativity and luck. However there is a very real possibility that the wealth and beauty of the 2nd can create a sense of servitude, and you may get trapped in these external objects. These also have the potential to create debts and enemies.

Equitable partnerships are not considered very highly by this house because you are the hoarder, the collector here. Here the desired partner is the one who can increase and transform your treasures dramatically, often in secret. The theories and philosophies of humanities and your peer groups and patrons have the potential to transform you, but you are wary of them. Rather you look on your father figures as persons who make you work. A strong 2nd grants a deep understanding of the social hierarchies and organisational theories with the core professional competence being in trade and acquisitions. You befriends those who are outside the mainstream, travellers, ascetics and energy-workers who can be of benefit.

And the strangest, the personality itself consumes the resources of the 2nd house. You use the hoarded treasuries indicated by the 2nd house to boost yourself in your society.ground group growth handsThe Sixth house 

This is the house of turmoil, dushamsthana. Some consider the 8th or 12th houses to be the worst, my opinion is the 6th is the house where you have the worst experiences of slavery, servitude, debts, diseases and enemies. So how does this relates to your ‘significant possessions’? Simple, this house is where you add to them or even lose them! But the problem is that you may be the doctor or the patient, still you have to be in the depressing environment of the hospital. Serve or suffer.

You search for the meaning of your life in being of service to others. Mercury the natural ruler of the 6th house of the zodiac, Virgo, exerts his influence.

So this house is where you can use the assets given to you in the 2nd creatively and generate wealth for yourself. The environment where you do this may not be very lively but if your 2nd and 6th are both strong you will focus on the wealth generation aspect exclusively. This house profits when there are losses in partnerships and balance in environments of secrecy, catastrophic changes and unforeseeable changes. However here stability is provided in philosophy and in the company of peers, patrons and father figures.

Choose the profession where you can use the energies of this house creatively and gainfully. A overly strong 6th however will reduce your friends and like minded groups. Working too hard I guess, gives no time for speculation and also you wont be able to explore multiple sources for income. You partner best with those who are facing losses on their personality and physical existence. Naturally if you are a doctor your partner from who you gain is the patient! The energies of this house reduce the personality and often you are a faceless cog in the scheme of things. Or on the other hand if your 1st house is also strong enough you can be well-known as a prominent lawyer, doctor or a human rights activist.

The Tenth house

The natural 10th house is Capricorn ruled by Saturn. Here you use the energies of your 6th house creatively to create for yourself social position, social mobility, a profession and a regular income too.

You try to find the real meaning of your life in image you create for yourself in the society and the work you do for the public.

This hard work you put in this house is amply rewarded and you gain financially, materially, spiritually, socially etc, as your interactions with wider groups increase. Your interest in trade/speculation, business-like activities, interactions with your extended family will reduce. The hard work you put in will give comforts and security for your own self. Your personal family will also enjoy the fruits of your labour. As you grow older, you will be more able to balance your professional life and home life.

However working in the defined environment of your profession with an eye out for social acceptability will adversely affect your link to your internal higher self and sources of divine intelligence. Doing good work in the 10th, you will be able to provide support and stability to people who are suffering. A strong 10th house increases reliance on rules, hard work and slow/steady

The trikons are the 5-9 linkages of each other. They represent the creative expressions and deepest philosophies of each other.

  • The 6th is the creative expression of the 2nd, the 10th is the creative expression of the 6th and the 2nd is again the creative expression of the 10th.
  • The 10th is counted 9th from the 2st, the 6th is counted 9th from the 10th and the 2nd is counted 9th from the 6th. Thus they are the foundations of each other.

In horoscope analysis this 5-9 axis is very important. For analysing every house do take into account the placement 5th and 9th from it. This will tell you how the potential assets of that house are converted into visible creative expressions. These visible actions are then again analysed with newer ways of thinking and converted to deep philosophies. i.e. The foundations of the visible existence. This 5-9 cycle is the cycle of evolution of the chart.


What is gain?

Astrologically gain is the 11th house, we all know that! But then just one 11th house is not a complete analysis of gain in your chart. 11th house is just the gains associated with the 1st house of the chart, so is naturally the most significant. It is the 11th from the Ascendant Sign. But every house in your chart gives you gains. pexels-photo-226621.jpegIf some house is exceptionally powerful then the gains from this house can be more than the gains of the usual 11th from ascendant too! So how does a house become powerful? Lots of ways,

  1. If it has an exalted planet.
  2. Or a planet in its mooltrikona or own sign.
  3. If there are benefics placed here.
  4. If the sign placed here adds to its power
  5. Special planets like the ascendant lord or the Moon placed here
  6. Yogkarak grahas for that ascendant placed here
  7. Or simply 2-3 planets in a friendly sign placed here etc.

Once you have an idea of the power of the house to give results, you should find out the quantum of gains available from that house. This is a part of complete analysis of a house continued from here and here. See the following from each of the houses to understand more about your gains!

11th from First house/Ascendent – To see gains from the Personal self, status in society, the ‘regular’ 11th house of the chart.

11th from the Second house– To check out the the family assets available to you, the resources of your lineage, the use you can get from your family history, etc.

11th from the Third house – The luck from your neighbourhood, extended family and brothers/siblings, local trading, communication skills, skills you put to practical use. Most importantly the gains you can achieve from your ‘boldness’ and confidence!

11th from the Fourth House – The ways you can benefit from your mother and maternal family, landed property, even from traditions/culture, houses, vehicles etc.

11th from the Fifth house – All the ways you can benefit from your higher education, your ability to remain in center stage, your expressions of creativity and the children.

11th from the Sixth house – You can benefit from the dushamsthanas too! Disease, debts, enemies, arguments, servitude can unexpectedly be of use. So analyse the chart to see how.

11th from the Seventh house – This is predictable now, you know the keywords, partnerships, wife/husband, agreements, legal issues and how you can gain from them.

11th from the Eighth house – Gains from death is rather final for the present incarnation, but while you are still inhabiting this current physical self this can be used to see gains from manipulating secret stuff, from moving into the unknown subconsciousness, manipulating pran/vital energy etc too.

11th from the Ninth house – Benefits that you can accrue from your external religious behaviour, from you peers, patrons and paternal figures!

11th from the Tenth house – Gains from the actual father, the profession, social position and power.

11th from the Eleventh house – The house of the house Bhavat Bhavam analysis which I have covered in an earlier post.

11th from the Twelfth house – These are the gains from the the deep subconscious, the internal spirituality, and the losses of the manifested. Even ‘bad houses’ can have good results sometimes!pexels-photo-1097946-e1550077612803.jpegNow ‘gain’ is also a matter of perception. For example, someone may prefer a short-term gain someone might take a longer view of things. A gain in one aspect of life can be perceived as a loss in another part of life. As an astrologer I might see a combination which I might analyse as gain, but perhaps the client will not see it like that.

And then again there are just so many ways of pulling information from your chart, I love it, thinking in terms of patterns. Here is another way of looking at gains. Gains from planets! Count the 11th house from every planet to get an idea of the gains you can expect from it.

11th house from the Sun will indicate the gains from the father, the self-ego, self-confidence, center-stage, creativity, children, political activities, speculation, from personal intelligence etc.

11th house counted from the birth Moon will give an idea as to the gains from maternal activities, providing security/shelter/care, from the mother, from land/property/houses/vehicles, from traditions/culture, from cyclic/routine activities etc.

11th house from Mercury to be seen for gains from skills in analysis, database management, communication skills, trading, from arguments and service related topics, from being articulate, from siblings and extended family etc.

11th from the Venus will indicate the overall gains from all sorts of partnerships possible from personal to professional, legal issues, contracts, from relations, from treasures and hoarding activities and from activities linked to beauty and balance.

Similarly check out the 11th from Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu to see what kind of benefits you can gain from these planets. Am not writing as you already know the keywords, do a bit of matching and analyse.