Forms of the planets, gold silver copper iron

This was a question and thus this quick post on the Moorti nirnaya or forms of the planets. The planets have four possible forms, gold-svarna, silver-rajat, copper-tamra and iron-loha forms or Moorti-s. This is one of the ways of checking if the transit of a planet in a particular Rashi is going to be generally favourable or not. 

You will need to know the exact time that the planet enters a Rashi. This time should be as per the place you are living in. So let’s do this with an example.

  • Sun entered Aries sign on 14th April at 02:50 am for India. (Took this from the drikpanchang)
  • Now we have to locate the Moon in transit at this time. The Moon at this time was at 19deg Aries
  • Next you have to find your birth Moon sign in your birth chart. This is also called the ‘janma rashi’, birth sign. 
  • Now you have to count this transiting Moon sign, Aries from our example, from your birth Moon sign.
  • The forms are,
    • If count 1, 6, 11 – Golden form
    • If count 2, 5, 9 – Silver form
    • If count 3, 7, 10 – Copper form
    • If count 4, 8, 12 – Iron form 
  • So in our example, the Sun entered into Aries on 14th Apr 2021, 
  • If your birth Moon is Aries, Scorpio or Gemini then the form of the Sun was gold-suvarna. 
    • Whatever the Sun signified for you in your chart, you must have got beneficial results. Even if he is not originally favourable, he would have still found some way to grant at least some pleasing results. Increase in confidence, radiance, improvement in health, some typical opportunities, etc must have happened.
  • If your birth Moon is in Pisces, Sagittarius or Leo then the Sun’s form was in the silver-rajat for for you. 
    • He would have given mixed or average results but still tending towards the positive. No overtly negative things must have happened in the aspects of life controlled by the Sun in your birth chart.
  • If your birth Moon is in Aquarius, Libra or Cancer then the Sun was in the copper-tamra form for you during his transit in Aries. 
    • He would have given mixed results but now tending more towards the negative. Things would have been average to bad.
  • If your birth Moon is in Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus then the Sun was in his iron-loha form. 
    • In this case, the Sun would have been incapable of giving favourable results and caused stress, reduction in vitality, illness, irritation, loss of confidence, depression, being ignored by others, your opinions not be valued etc type of results in the aspects of life controlled by the Sun in your chart.

You can now check back and see what happened to you during this Sun’s transit which was from 14th Apr 2021 to 14th May 2021. Especially if you are a Leo ascendant or Leo is your birth Moon sign, you must have been more aware of these sort of trends in your life this past month.


We can extract more information from this Moorti nirnay system. And remember that all transits are seen primarily from the birth Moon sign. 

For the Sun we know from the texts that he gives favourable results when transiting in the 3rd 4th 5th 11th counted from the birth Moon sign. This is the rule. So when Sun was transiting through Aries from 14th Apr to 14th May, he was being favourable for Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Gemini. And generally unfavourable for the rest of the signs. This for the results he was to give as per the birth chart. So briefly,

Aries janma Rashi, Sun was Svarna Moorti, gold form, so 100% positive results from the Moorti nirnaya. Here he was transiting over the birth Moon sign which is considered to be an unfavourable transit. But because of the gold form, the usual unfavourable results would have been significantly reduced and things would have moved on average or slightly positive levels.

Birth Moon sign Taurus people had the Sun transiting in Aries in the iron form, very unfavourable. Plus his transit in itself was unfavourable. Thus Taurus moon signs must have gone through very critical situations in the past month. Loss of vitality, low confidence, ill-health, stress etc and in addition this critical situation would have also been connected to the Sun’s position in your birth chart and the houses and keyword he represents. Eg if Sun in the 4th house then stress from the mother etc. Eg if Sun in the ascendant sign then severe physical illness etc.

Gemini birth Moon people had him in the gold form and his transit as per the count was also favourable. So the Gemini birth Moon’s must have a very good time in this past month in matters connected to the Sun’s innate nature and also his role in the individual birth chart. Overall good heath, confidence, vitality, sucesses, gains etc and eg if Sun in 10th house, some good opportunity on the professional front etc.

Cancer birth Moon people had him in the copper form, so tending towards the negative. And as per the count too he was negative. So again these people would have had a bad to worse time during this Sun in Aries.

Leo birth Moon people had him in the silver form. And as per the count too, he was unfavourable. So overall results would have been average to bad. 

Virgo birth Moons had him in the iron form and as per the count too he was unfavourable in transit. These people too must have had a very critical time in this past month. Overall tiredness, loss of vitality etc linked to the aspects of life that the Sun controls in the individual birth chart.


Birth Moon Libra people had him in the copper form. And the count wise results too were not favourable. So must have experienced overall bad results. Ill-health etc and the stresses from the Sun’s position in the individual birth chart.

Birth Moon Scorpio people had him in the gold form and the count wise transit was unfavourable. So reduction in positivity, and must have experienced average to somewhat positive results during the Sun in Aries transit last month.

Birth Moon Sagittarius had the silver form of the Sun this past month. But his transit as per the count was not favourable so there must have been a reduction in positivity. And results connected to the Sun would have been average to bad. 

Birth Moon Capricorn had the iron form but the count was favourable. Thus the negative results connected to your Sun would have been reduced and bad to slightly negative results would have been seen in life.

Birth Moon Aquarius had the copper form and the count was favourable. So things related to the Sun would have been average to positive this past month.

Birth Moon Pisces had the silver form and the count was not favourable. So a reduction in positivity and the things controlled by the Sun in your life would have given you only average or even bad results this past month.

I have purposely chosen the Sun in Aries as an example so that you can try and tally what happened to you in the recent past from 14th Apr to 14th May. So in this last solar month from 14th Apr to 14th May, Gemini birth Moon signs had the best time considering the results attributable to the Sun. And Taurus and Virgo birth Moon sign people must have had the worst time in the things connected to the Sun.


So one tip is to always be aware of the  Moorti of at least these following planets to know how he will overall be for you as he transits into a new sign. If you can keep track of all 8 of them its even better, but this is the bare minimum.

  • Your ascendant lord, he shapes your entire personality and the environment around you.
  • The ruler of your birth Moon sign. This planet is responsible for shaping your mind and emotions, so keep track of him.
  • And the slower moving planets, ie Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. They occupy a Rashi for a longer time so have more impact on you.

The concept of Moorti or the gold, silver, copper and iron forms of the planets will help you get a snapshot of the overall results the planet will give during a particular transit. This is called Moorti Nirnaya, the “deciding of the form”. The Moorti nirnaya is one of the ways to evaluate transits of planets. It is useful and easy to calculate. Use it in your studies in astrology and analyse how it works in real life.