Lunar eclipse 8 Nov 2022 astrological predictions 

We recently witnessed a solar eclipse on 25th Nov (post here). It was for about 4 hrs, so its global effects will fade over the next 4yrs. A total lunar eclipse is now coming up on 8th Nov 2022.

eclispe 1

The entire eclipse, ie from the start of the partial phase to the end of the partial phase is about 3hrs 20mins. So the direct effect of this eclipse on the overall Earth will fade in about 3-4 weeks. (For lunar eclipse, number of hours = approx number of weeks). More than half of the Earth’s geographic area will experience the partial/ total phases. Only those regions who experience the total and partial eclipse will be affected. The penumbral part of the lunar eclipse does not have much of an astrological significance. This lunar eclipse will be visible in the land/sea areas on Earth as per this map (from

The entire Pacific ocean and the North sea areas above the Pacific will experience totality. Some parts of the Atlantic, Indian and Southern oceans will also experience the total and partial eclipse phases. Huge water bodies spanning both the hemispheres will be absorbing the energies of the eclipsed Moon. Among the nations, notably Japan, New Zealand, China, Australia, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada and USA will experience totality. The central and eastern part of Russia, eastern parts of Kazakasthan and other central Asian nations too will witness totality. Partial eclipse will be visible in both North and South Americas, Australia, the entire landmass of Asia, a small part of Antarctica etc. For Bharat / India, the eastern part will witness totality and the rest will see a partial lunar eclipse phase briefly from after sunset till 06:19pm. (New Delhi will witness a partial eclipse). 

In the recent Solar eclipse of 25th Oct 2022, the Sun was very deeply debilitated, Mercury was not combust and had power from being in his own Virgo, Venus was completely combust, Moon had zero paksha bala, Saturn was retrograde and Mars was moving forward. Now these planets have dramatically changed energies and will give somewhat different results in this lunar eclipse.

The configuration of the planets in the skies during the eclipse is as follows,

  • Aries – Bharani nakshatra with Rahu (post here) and Moon.
  • Gemini – retrograde Mars in Mruga nakshatra (post here). The eclipse is occurring in his Aries.
  • Libra – Svati nakshatra with Ketu. Vishakha nakshatra with the debilitated Sun (Libra is his sign of debilitation), completely combust Mercury (within 1deg) and combust Venus (5 deg away).
  • Capricorn – Dhanishta nakshatra with Saturn (post here). 
  • Pisces – Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra with retrograde Jupiter (post here) He is not directly involved in the eclipse.

The nakshatra involved in the eclipse are – Rahu and Moon in Bharani, Ketu in Svati and the Sun in Vishakha. And the signs are Aries and Libra.

  • The Bharani, Poorvaphalguni and Poorvaashadha nakshatra borns should be especially careful for 3-4 weeks after the eclipse, ie those with their birth Moon, birth Sun or ascendant signs in these nakshatras should avoid unnecessary risks. If you have any birth planets in these nakshatras in your personal horoscope, then whatever areas these are supposed to signify in your life will experience a burst of karmic energy.
  • Also if your ascendant sign or birth Moon sign falls in Aries/ Libra, it is advisable to be careful. In fact any birth planet in 15-25 deg in these two in your personal horoscope will trigger karma.

The eclipse will involve 6 graha. Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are the usual four. Mercury and Venus are the two additional ones. Whatever these six planets signify in your chart, you will see a sudden release of karma in these areas of your life. 

  • Venus is strongly aspecting Moon. Even if he is combust but 5deg away now and he is still a Guru thus has some potential to support the Moon. (I am counting on this one position to grant auspiciousness for some of us at least.) 
  • Mercury is completely combust so for all practical purposes he does not exist. Sun has absorbed him completely and become a composite Sun+Mercury energy system. So when interpreting results for the Sun, do add the keywords of Mercury to him.
  • Saturn is aspecting Libra and the 4 planets in it. He is quite powerful in Capricorn/ Dhanishta nakshatra. This is an uncomfortable aspect and he will trigger delays, restrictions, karmic retributions and suffering in the matters connected to this sign and these planets in your chart. Also the natural significations of these graha/sign will show obstructions. Eg Libra is the natural intellectual processes, balance, equitable trade, fair deals, relationships based on legal procedures, your relationship with your self etc, all this will suffer. 
  • And retrograde Mars (post here) is aspecting this Saturn in Capricorn with his 8th aspect. Mars has gained power by virtue of his retrograde. This is not a good aspect (post here). Mars will force his impatience, aggression and temper on Saturn/ Capricorn. So whatever Saturn/ Capricorn indicates in your life, be ready for premature actions and unwonted aggression here. You will be goaded into action without due preparation. Also the natural things linked to Capricorn and Saturn, eg Capricorn is the natural governments, social structure, professional status etc will be subjected to Mars’s typical nature of aggression etc. He is retrograde so indirect, stealthy, under the surface actions will dominate the mindset/ behaviour.

Briefly for the signs of the zodiac.

  • Aries borns will remain under stress and need to be careful in all aspects of life.
  • Taurus borns will be able to manage but personal health will be affected, unexpected losses are possible, unknown fears will trouble the mind.
  • Gemini can make some gains if they control their ego and behaviour.
  • Cancer borns may feel the pressure at their jobs but overall this time is average for them.
  • Leo borns will be unable to meet expectations, overwork is expected, but some opportunities can pop up. Act only if you are convinced about these projects.
  • Virgo borns should avoid trusting others unnecessarily. Family pressures and personal health issues can disrupt your mind/body. 
  • Libra borns are under severe karmic pressure, pay attention to your self first. Stress is expected from all aspects of life. 
  • Scorpio may have physical losses, unknown fears and diseases which cannot be easily diagnosed.
  • Sagittarius should not allow their self ego/ personal opinions to spoil their relationships.
  • For Capricorn, home repairs, property disputes and mother’s health can be a stress point.
  • Aquarius will have some unexpected opportunities which can be utilized with due care.
  • Pisces have scope for monetary gains but overall tiredness will make you irritable.

To determine the specific results expected for you, open your individual horoscope.

  • Evaluate the power of your birth Moon, ascendant sign/ lord. If these are strong then there is a good possibility of favourable results. (Especially Aries, Cancer, Leo and Libra signs should make an extra effort to utilise the eclipse energies.) 
  • If your birth Venus is strong then he will help you better channelise the eclipse.
  • If you have a strong birth Sun (and/or Mercury), then this possibility becomes even stronger.
  • Finally if your birth Rahu or Ketu are yogkarak for your personal chart (post here) then some positive results are definite in the next 3-4 weeks.
  • Note where Aries falls in your personal birth Moon chart. For the next 1month or so, whatever this house signifies, you will experience unexpected events which will leave deep impressions in your life. Eg if your birth Moon is in Pisces then Aries is the second sign counted from him and this eclipse will influence resources, money, investments, family members, your family properties etc. 
  • But if your birth chart is not strong enough, or if your birth Moon is weak, or if you are undergoing an adverse dasha/ transit then you should take adequate precautions for the next 3-4 weeks at least as the eclipse energies will cast a destabilising effect on you. 

Avoid taking risks, especially near water. Avoiding adventure sports like rafting, swimming in natural water bodies, water sports etc. Travel and tourism in natural areas like forests, seashores etc is not advisable for at least 1 month. Games of chance eg gambling, and processes which are based on unpredictability eg stock market will be even more unpredictable than usual. Mental turbulence will be quite high for sometime so be careful if you have to take major decisions now.

For the global level predictions, 

  • This lunar eclipse is going to be visible over very huge expanses of water. A dramatic change in the weather patterns which originate in these oceans will have global long term indirect impacts. The coasts and in the water/air routes will remain vulnerable. 
  • Mars is retrograde, so we can expect an overall ‘cooling down’. However this will also lead to simmering tensions, sheath attacks, sabotage, accidents, blasts, terrorist attacks, unexpected disasters, underwater explosions, volcanic activity etc. Human actions will provoke, instigate, invade etc typical Mars’s keywords amplified by Rahu and powered by the Moon. And natural processes will be unpredictable, dangerous and generate imbalance, scattered by Ketu.
  • All the nations who will experience the eclipse and especially those whose national capital will absorb the total eclipse will face economic issues, civil unrest and political instability.
  • If you have the precise birth details of national leaders then note their birth Moon sign/ ascendant sign. If their time is favourable then they may be able to support their nations also. 
  • I have mentioned this eclipse in the list of major eclipses which will cause significant change (post here). The deeper ongoing conflict between the East and the West will continue for several years (post here). A overt war is already on in West Asia. Russia and its allies are fighting the West through Ukraine by proxy. This eclipse is not visible in Moscow nor in Kiev but the graha combination is an indication of escalation. If you look at the charts, ie it is only Russia and Ukraine for now, Russia has the advantage as its foundation birth chart is better. 
  • This eclipse will trigger a significant destabilisation in the Central/ Eastern Asian region. Totality will cover the points China/Taiwan, N/S Korea etc. The central Asian nations will also be pressurised about choosing a side. The failed and the already in-trouble nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan will become even more unstable, all of which will threaten the overall region. 
  •  There is a real danger to/from the trigger happy leaders of the ‘collective west’. Canada, USA (both – current lunar eclipse’s effects) and Europe (past solar eclipse’s effect) will continue their downward trajectory. 
  • The eclipse is affecting more than half the world directly and the rest of the world indirectly. There is a possibility of change in leadership after the eclipse for several nations. Maximum destabilisation is expected during the 1month post-eclipse.

For Bharat, some losses are inevitable. Economic gains will fluctuate in the short term. Our prominent leaders, army officers and people critical in maintaining our nation’s security must take due care. Our leaders are trying their best, however these oncoming challenges are going to be severe. Everyone must do whatever they can to support our nation. 

If this eclipse is visible where you live, it is advisable to some spiritual activity during the eclipse. There are only two ways of addressing karmic imbalances, Daana and Mantra. As always use your common sense. Do only that much as advisable and as per your level to absorb.