How to analyse the Divisional chart 10 Dashaamsha

Divisional / Varga charts analysis is for the advanced students of Jyotish.

I have written a lot on the D 9 navamsha chart analysis (index page).  The next varga chart which you will use a lot in your practice is the D 10. Questions on profession or success in life or the purpose of life are common and a complete answer to such questions will require a study the basic birth chart D 1, the Navamsha chart D 9 and the Dashamasha chart D 10. You can either calculate the D10 by hand or on your software of choice. And you will need the exact time of birth else the divisional charts will mislead.

The DC 10 is the snapshot of the power to act, ie the Kriya shakti of the personality. The responsibilities which will be placed on your shoulders and your capacity to fulfil them. Use the DC 10 to analyse your intentions, determine your purpose in life, to fulfil your duty and perform the actions necessary for your life. Every action has a motive, and this D10 can help you understand the motives underlying your actions. And every action has a visible and as well as an invisible result, which again the D10 can help decipher. The D10 is basically an expansion of the power of the birth chart’s 10th house. 

If you want to use the D10 for predicting events then this is how you should go about it. Eg for the question ‘Will the client get a good job in the near future?’

  • First is the basic birth chart, check if this chart promises a good job in the first place. For a material result to actually manifest a strong D1 is essential.
  • Then the birth D 9 the Navamsha chart to see if the potential exists and the subconscious is supportive of the ‘good job’ in question. This will tell you what kind of power does the personality hold on the inside. And if the personality is able to draw on the power of the D9, then the D10 will be boosted automatically. If the Dharma is strong then the Karma too will be strengthened. Specifically look for the 10th house, lord sign and owner planet of the D1 and check if these have power and auspiciousness in the D9.
  • Then open the D 10 to see how this person will go about performing the actions required for securing such a ‘good job’.
  • Finally would be to check if the trigger Dasha has arrived and if the current transits in the skies support this ‘good job’. (You can use the birth D1 D9 and D 10 for an in-depth analysis of the transit influences if you are an advanced student, else stick to only D1. Do not confuse yourself)

This analysis will give you the complete answer.


This post is a guideline on how to go about the analysis of the D10.

First analyse the D 10 just as you would analyse the D1 for checking professional success.The position of the 1st (personality) 2nd (wealth accumulation) 7th (partnerships and gain)10th  (aim in life and its achievement) and 11th (overall gain) and their lords is especially relevant. Also Saturn (natural 10th and 11th lord) and Venus (natural 2nd and 7th lord).

Next is to use the trikon concept to understand how the energies of the D10 actually work on the subtle levels. This is the real use of this divisional chart. Check the signs and planets placed in the trikons, if they are auspicious or malefic etc.. 

Dharma trikon – it indicates all that stuff that you can ‘produce’ by your actions. 

  • The 1st house indicates how you will be performing the activity, this may be the activities related to your profession or in your social life. How you will be using the power of your personality and the forces available in your environment to accomplish the desired activity. How you look at your profession/ social standing, your perception about the actions that you are required to perform in this life. Basically, if you are an enterprising sort or laid back or willing to lead or content to be lead etc. This house has to have power in order to succeed in a good profession and to achieve good social status.
  • The 5th is the force with which you pursue the activity in question. This will tell you if you able to understand the job at hand. If you are given a project in your office are you able to comprehend what is expected of you? And sometimes there are invisible forces pushing you to perform some job, this too can be seen from the 5th house.
  • And the 9th is the actual results which you gain from the activity, position, promotion, money. Often some results will be on the invisible, imperceptible, eg respect, recognition, goodwill that you earn by your actions. And sometimes this intangible result might be more useful than the tangible results that you accomplish. These actions/results are exclusive to you, they will benefit only you and not the larger collective. 

Arth trikon – Generally the interplay of the 2-6-10 axis is not very obvious. Try to analyse it in depth because is the ‘meaning’ of all these actions that you perform. This trikon also indicates all the things which you can get through trade or exchange. 

  • The 2nd house indicates your aptitude. Do you have the necessary resources to perform your actions? The physical capacity, mental frame, disposition, tendencies etc required to perform this action. And if you will accumulate the gains you receive or will you squander them all.
  • The 6th house is the karmic ties which bind. This house indicates if your actions have the capacity to bind you further. Creating new karma or resolving pending karma can be seen from here. Also on the practical level, it determines if you will be content to work as an employee. 
  • The 10th house is the main house under consideration in the D10. It represents the actions that you have to perform, this house is your purpose in life. You will be using the energies linked to this house in order to perform your actions. The 10th house is critical as it indicates the basic flow of actions that you are inclined to perform in this life. A strong 10th in the D 10 will ensure that your actions will be strong and more visible in in the social arena, you will be known by your actions.

Kaam trikon – This indicates all the places where you can extend your sphere of action, expand or otherwise influence. 

  • The 3rd house represents the intention behind your actions. Is your heart in the right place? Do your actions help resolve previous issues or are you performing actions which will create future problems for your this current life? The 3rd house represents motion, so analyse this house to know if you are performing your actions in the correct way. Actions under the influence of this house also have the potential to benefit the entire collective. The 3rd house is specifically analysed for actions leading to Moksh.
  • The 7th house represents the actions which require help from someone else or some sort of a group action or a collective karma. In normal D1 it represents business partners so here it indicates the support you will need from someone else. It is important to have auspicious planets in this house. Malefic planets here can spoil the promise of the entire chart. 
  • The 11th house represents the final fruit of the karma you perform, karmasiddhi. Will you ultimately get what you have acted for?

Moksh trikon – This part of the chart indicate change and if the actions you perform will result in some sort of transformation. 

  • The 4th house represents the knowledge that you need to have in order to act in the first place. Having auspicious planets in this house ensures that you have the right knowledge for the right actions that you are to perform.
  • The 8th house represents all the actions done in secret. Also the secret potential of the actions that you perform. This potential can be painful or pleasing to the mind depending on the planets involved here. 
  • The 12th house is the end of one’s karmic cycle for this lifetime at least. It is the release from the requirement to perform actions. 

This would be a basic stand alone analysis of the D10. The D10 is the subtle stuff associated with the 10th house, so you should read it only after you have some understanding of Jyotish and human nature.

Then you overlay this D10 on your D1. 

  • Check where the houses 6 8 12 of the D1, the signs, planets and owner planets here. These are responsible for the turmoil in your life. Locate these planets and signs in the D10 houses. These D10 houses can be a source of problems in your path.
  • Also check the houses, 1 5 9 and 4 7 10 in the D1 and the planets, planetary owners and signs. Locate these in the D10 houses. These D10 houses are will be more supportive and help you perform your actions in life. 


Finally pay special attention to the following in the D10.

  • Saturn indicates the sacrifices that you are willing to make in order to perform these actions. His position in the D10 can give a lot of pointers on the overall ‘karma’ factor of your life. Analysing the house/ signs he occupies, the planets/ signs he aspects will add to your understanding of the chart/ personality. 
  • The 10th house lord of the D10, his position and the houses/ planets he influences. Eg if you have Mars as the DC 10th house lord then he will aspect houses as per his 4th 7th 8th aspects from wherever he is placed and their interpretations too as given above will be amplified. 
  • Position of the Capricorn sign in the D10 and the planets which influence it. This is the natural 10th house of the chart and it should be capable of giving good results in the D10. 

(The Dash amshas are ruled by the deities and if you wish to delve deeper you can note the deities which rule over the Dash amsha occupied by the ascendant lord of the D1 and the 10th house lord of the D1 and try to analyse their influences on the actions that you perform in life.)

This is a basic analysis of the birth D10 will give you a snapshot of all that different implications of the ‘actions’ that you are required to perform in this life.

Analysing harsh combinations in Navamsha

I have written a few posts on planetary combinations which cause turmoil in life. If two planets interact in the horoscope, they enhance each other’s similar qualities and create harshness where they differ from each other. Some of these typical combinations are,

If you have these combinations in your birth chart then you will clearly see these results on the material plane in your physical life and the environment around you. You can easily identify the problem, so can also act to resolve it. But if you get these uncomfortable combinations in your D9 chart, ie the Navamsha chart then you may remain unaware of the situation which will continue as you generally are unaware of the subtle things of the Navamsha chart.

The Navamsha D9 chart is considered to be the expansion of the 9th house, ie your foundations in all ways. It is where you analyse your potential, your expectations and your ability to feel satisfied about something in life. If something is uncomfortable here then it subtly affects your life in every way. The Navamsha chart is next in importance to the birth chart. you draw from its potential energy to actualise your material life. There are three ways to analyse the Navamsha (post here). The third way listed here is the Navamsha tulya Rashi, ie the navamsha chart is interpreted in the same way as the birth chart.

So open your birth and navamsha chart together.

1. If you have a harsh planetary combination conjoint in your birth chart and this conjunction repeats in your Navamsha chart.

This means that the energy springs from deep within the psyche, strongly pervades into your material life and exponentially increases the effect of the combination. You will express its full energy and also feel internally comfortable when you do so. Rectifying these negative traits will not be easy as you do not feel them to be negative as per your perception.

Analyse the two signs and the Nakshatra pad/quarter involved to get more information.

Eg Suppose you have your Jupiter at 7deg Leo and Rahu at 8deg Leo. Both are in the Magha nakshatra 3rd quarter. It is a very close Guru Chandal yog in the birth chart. In the Navamsha chart too, both are allocated to the same Gemini Navamsha. The Guru Chandal is present in both the potential D9 and the manifested D1. The environment of Gemini will be in the background and will be expressed though the lens of Leo. ie you will be very logical, intelligent, able to think quickly through options, choose the right one and act very boldly and confidently. You can get more information when you add the qualities of Magha 3rd pad, ie highly individualistic, capable, fiery, ambitious, rebellious, intelligent, always wanting to learn new things etc to your analysis. But the typical nature of the Guru chandal will exist, the foundation of the personality is linked to its energy and at some point of time you will betray those people who have supported you and also feel satisfied about this act of yours.

Navamsha analysis for beginners

2. The planets are not together in the birth chart but are allocated to Navamshas ruled by the same sign.

Eg suppose you have your Saturn at 8deg Cancer and Mars at 28deg Taurus. As per the navamsha allocation table above, both are located in a navamsha ruled by Virgo. Suppose Virgo sign falls in the 4th house of your Navamsha chart. So you will analyse the effect of the Saturn Mars conjunction in Virgo sign and 4th house as per this post. These two together will have their typical combined effect on the keywords of the 4th and the opposite 10th house, creating an undercurrent of frustration and dissatisfaction. You will not be able to create or stick to schedules. You will have several genius level ideas, but you will not be able to structure them in a practical manner. Strangely this will not cause you much stress as you have so very many ideas that just thinking about them or briefly following them satisfies you. You will not be acknowledged for any specific thing but will be respected as a useful and powerful person to have around. The underlying energy of the personality in the home and office will be Saturn + Mars. Even if the 4th and 10th houses in the birth chart are exceptionally powerful, aspected by benefics etc, still this background Navamsha energy will affect these parts of your personality till you finally become aware of your inner discomfort and take active steps to address it. The trigger dasha when you will understand this, will be a combination of Saturn Mars and Mercury. And the trigger transit will be most likely a Mars or Saturn transit in Virgo. After this realization you might be able to take corrective action if the rest of the chart allows this.

3. The planets are not conjunct in the birth chart but are aspecting in the Navamsha chart.

Eg You have your Saturn in 5deg Aquarius, allotted to Scorpio navamsha. Your Moon is in 23deg Virgo allocated to Leo navamsha. So Saturn will aspect Moon with his 10th aspect in the Navamsha chart. (I wrote a post here on Saturn and Moon.) This position means that the mother, people from your maternal side etc 4th house things will subconsciously be a source of betrayal, you will feel emotionally disconnected from your traditions, feel anxious if you are required to look after your home, landed property or even drive a car. These are subconscious expectations so even if your birth chart’s Moon is strong etc these Navamsha influences will always be at the back of your mind creating discomfort.

4. The harsh combination present in the the birth chart does not exist in the navamsha chart.

Eg suppose you have your Mars aspecting Saturn in the birth chart but there is no connection between the two in the D9. This means that the uncomfortable energy very much exists in your material life, you will feel all the frustrations that this will give in the life that you are living. But on the inner levels you will perceive differently,

  • If the D9 offers a better position for both of them eg Saturn moves to a Capricorn navamsha and Mars to an Aries navamsha then both are separated in the D9. Each is in its own sign’s Navamsha so more comfortable and potentially capable of better results. If you are aware of their more balanced potential from the D9, you can actively use their energies from here to reduce your stress in the physical life.
  • But pay attention if the same harshness repeats in the D9 but in a different ‘flavour’. Eg if Saturn is allocated to Scorpio navamsha. Here Mars will continue to subtly affect the potential power of Saturn in your life from your D9 too, giving you no respite.

Let’s take a look at our standard example chart, Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. A reasonably accurately recorded life, happening events and dead, so a good case study.

Birth chart Aleister Crowley

Navamsha Aleister Crowley
Navamsha Aleister Crowley

This birth chart has several harsh combinations. If you analyse this person, his material life had several typical characteristics of these dissonant combinations.

  • Venus Jupiter are within 15deg, influencing 4th 10th.
  • Rahu Moon conjunct but just about 15deg apart, both influence the 9th house.
  • Mars Saturn are not typically conjunct but both influence 7th and 1st house.

In the Navamsha chart, it is incredible that all these 3 typical pairs, Venus – Jupiter, Mars – Saturn, Moon – Rahu get positioned in the 5/9 axis. ie In the mutually cooperative 5/9 axis of genius and creativity feeding each other as an evolving energy spiral. Planets in the 5/9 axis are very comfortable as each uses the power of the other in his own way to give his typical gains. These navamsha positions have removed much of the negativity of these combinations of the birth chart. On the inner levels, Crowley was not very concerned with the havoc these planets were playing in his material life, he was evolving with their support on the inside. However Rahu Moon continue in the Shakti yog in the navamsha too, affecting its Dharma trikon, so he was quite satisfied with his actions of attacking the dogma of the religion that he was born in and in developing the Thoth tarot etc.

Other Divisional Charts. The Navamsha chart is critical, do analyse it for all questions that you get, just ensure that you have the correct birth time. The other divisional charts are used depending on the question that you ask. The logic of analysing these harsh combinations will remain the same in the divisional charts too.

  • Eg if you have been asked a question on professional success, you will open the D10. If you see a Mars Saturn combination in the 1st house of this divisional chart, Dashamsha, then you cannot predict a very successful professional life for this person. If you can, counsel him about the effects of this combination and if he addresses the issue he may improve to some extent.

Finally, I often get this question often on how to find out if the remedies will work or not? Here are a few tips for you to evaluate this.

  1. Prashna – if the client has come to you at an auspicious time then the remedies you prescribe will work well. Use Prashna techniques liberally at every reading, even if your client does not ask you a specific ‘Prashna’ in the astrological sense of this word. This means to always be aware of the current position of the planets in the skies, the current ascendant sign etc. To note the movement of your own nadi, ie Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, your own state of mind is connected to this. And finally to remain aware of the surroundings ie Shakun /omens, all this will help you give more accurate predictions.
  2. The client’s Dharma trikon – it has to be strong in the birth chart or at least in transit when he has come to consult you. Especially his 9th house has to be strong.
  3. Your own Dharma trikon – A person becomes an astrologer or has the ability to divine only if he has a strong Dharma trikon, especially the 5th house has to have power. You can analyse this for yourself, whenever your 5th house gets strength in transit your readings will be more accurate.
  4. The D 60 of the client is used to get a summary of the planet in life. The Shashtyamsha is the final say on the auspiciousness of the planet. If you have the precisely accurate birth time, then you can check the D60, you will need to do a seconds level birth time rectification for this. Any remedy done for a planet auspicious in the D 60 will 100% work. For the other planets placed in the malefic/ inauspicious Shashtyamsha, you will have to predict average results even after doing the remedies. But as remedies reduce the intensity of the negativity, it is always advisable to do them, ie do Daan and Mantra as per Rishi Parashar.

(I was getting too many questions of this sort, so use this post to analyse your birth and navamsha chart for yourself.)