Cancer disease astrologically

Cancer is a disease of the entire body in a way. It is linked to dietary imbalances, acidic conditions in the body, weakened immune system, perhaps a bacterial or fungal infection which acts as a trigger, change in the normal growth behaviour of the body cells, exposure to mutagenic agents, then possibly genetically mutated cells, which then rapidly grow and consume the energy of the body weakening it dramatically often causing death of the body.

Generally it is observed that once cancer disease hits the body, life expectancy is drastically reduced and perhaps more importantly, quality of life deteriorates. From an astrological point of view, here are some of the things which are involved. (I have written a detailed post on overall medical diagnosis using astrology here.)

Cancer disease astrologically

Rahu’s nature is malefic, foreign, camouflage, unregulated, uncontrolled, breaking the rules, to reach his goal by any means possible. Ketu is a malefic too and represents dissociation, cut-off, and ‘wandering’, smoking habit in particular is linked to him. They both have a role in addictions and habits which are difficult to break. So both will be linked to cancer. In medical cases, Rahu/Ketu represent misdiagnosis and the disease conditions which are detected in the advanced stage, perhaps beyond treatment.

The Moon represents liquids and nutrition. It is said that mucus in the body is necessary for growth of these cells. These cells use up the nutrition meant for the overall body. Sugary foods and milk products add to the problem. In most cases mental strength of the person is decisive in pulling him out of medical problems, the energy of thought and positive thinking can work. Thus the role of Moon is important. A well placed Mercury too will help boost the mental morale and also help in faster and correct diagnosis. Getting the appropriate medical treatment at the appropriate time is essential.

Mars represents blood, thus red blood cells and bone marrow. Surgeries and invasive and painful operative procedures are his. Acidity in the body can be created by Mars and also increased by a malefic SunSaturn is another malefic who governs the ‘endurance’ and ‘ageing’ of the physical body, thus will be involved in all prolonged diseases including cancer.

Jupiter, is a benefic but represents expansion in every way possible. If he by chance indicates ‘expansion of disease’ he can indicate cancer. Also if he becomes a functional malefic in the chart, his role should be examined in detail. Venus too is a benefic, but can contribute to this by his connection to sugary foods and his role in creating addictions which can further lead to disease. eg chewing tobacco can cause cancer.

And the sensitive points in the chart are,

  1. The ascendant sign, the ascendant lord, these represent your physical body, the environment and the interaction between the two. A strong ascendent sign and its lord indicates the overall well being, vitality and the ability to bounce back after problems.
  2. Then the birth Moon sign, represents the emotional, astral, subconscious etc. A well placed moon is a big asset. The lens of perception he will decide how you perceive events around you.
  3. The 6th house is obviously the house of diseases thus the most  important. If its ruler is malefic, under malefic aspects, retrograde, combust, debilitated or in the sign (or even in the lunar mansion) of its enemy planets, he will give bad results.
  4. The 8th is the house of surgeries and death. Take note of the planets placed here and the ruler planet of this sign which can link to the type of disease and organ involved.
  5. The 12th is the house which indicates loss of the manifested/’wasting away’. Again the ruler planet and the planets placed here can indicate the organ and the type of disease.

Look for patterns involving these houses, signs and their lords and occupant planets. Pay special attention to retrograde planets, diseases indicated by such planets take longer periods to cure.

For Cancer there will always be Saturn and Rahu/Ketu together in some way or the other influencing/ afflicting the Moon and/or the ascendant lord/sign, in addition to other planets contributions. 

Cancer disease astrologically

Malefic influences in the house/sign and the body part which will be targeted, a very general list.
1st House/Aries – Brain, Head
2nd House/Taurus – Mouth
3rd House/Gemini – Throat, Neck, upper part of respiratory system.
4th House/Cancer – Chest, Breasts, lower part of respiratory system
5th House/Leo – Stomach, Blood, Bone Marrow
6th House/Virgo – Liver, Kidneys, Pancreas
7th House/Libra – Spine, back
8th House/Scorpio – organs in the lower parts of the abdomen, reproductive organs.
9th House/Sagittarius- Thighs
10th House/Capricorn – Knees
11th House/Aquarius – Calves, ankles
12th House/Pisces – Feet

The timing of the disease will be during the Vimshottari dasha main-period and/or sub-periods of the rulers and/or planets placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses. If death is to occur because of this cancer, then the periods of the Marak planets and/or Venus the natural marak must coincide with the disease causing periods.

Positive influences which can help recovery will be the planetary owners or planets placed in the, 3rd and 11th houses i.e. the bhavat bhavam of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses. Argala on these houses will also help health and recovery.

The physical manifested will be seen from the birth chart and the subconscious potential from the Navamsha D-9. When analysing for such a tragic disease, you should make use of the D-9 at least. Check if the ascendant lord gains power in the D-9, if the benefics and functional benefics/yogkarak gain power to give good results in the D-9.  And the planets involved in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses of the birth chart? How do they get placed in the D-9? Do they get aspected by benefics so that their potential to cause disease is reduced or do they get under more malefic aspects?

Predicting something like cancer, which is being recognised more as a lifestyle disease caused by faulty behaviour, environmental pollutants or cryptic genetic factors will be difficult as it is quite vague in its nature and style of attack. If the exact time of birth os available then you can use the specific detailed divisional chart for the answer. The same logic as above will be used in analysing the detailed divisional charts. But if you need to know and it is just one question you can use prashna kundali, it will give a precise answer.

Cancer disease astrologically


This post was in part response to this question I received in the contact form. I recently discovered your blog and enjoy reading it. Infact i read it almost everyday …..
………. there is a cancer patient in almost every houshold irrespective of lifestyle. Can you write something on the disease of cancer and the auras surrounding the person or the astrological combinations that point to this disease as most people realise that they have cancer only during the advanced stage….) 

Mantra – An astrological remedy

Medical conditions are an imbalance in your energies. If your divisional chart D-9 has the potential for a medical condition, it will manifest if your birth chart (D-1), the planetary times and the transits allow it the scope to manifest. It will be first expressed in your astral body, will be seen in your aura upto 6 months in advance of its physical expression in the body.

Mantra - An astrological remedy

So if you get a medical case, do an analysis as per this post and then also check if it is the time for physical death by using this post.

Then if the client is willing and desires to augment his medical treatment using mantras it will help in faster recovery. Mantras are Sanskrit and directly link with your chakras within your energy body. By adding specific energies to the chakras themselves you are directly addressing the root of the problem. This will give permanent relief from the dissonant energies.

You can use the mantras in these following ways,

  1. listening to them.
  2. reciting them yourself, once, thrice or 108 times, best time is sunrise/sunset/midday.
  3. Using water to channelise their energies. Take water in a copper silver or glass cup. Sit in front of your altar/puja ghar recite the mantra. Then blow thrice on the cup of water, intend that the energy of the mantra enters the water. You can give this water to the patient to drink. You can sprinkle the water in your house/office, clothes, bedding, food, whatever you feel like doing with the energy of the mantra.
  4. Play them in the background as you cook food. Their energy enters the food. This can be given to the patient to eat.
  5. You can charge your gold jewellery with your chosen mantra. I do this regularly, as gold (or silver or copper) has immense capacity to absorb energy.
  6. Or if you want to make vibhuti/ash then you will have to do a homa of the mantra you have chosen. Vibhui works like an energy battery, you can use it for about 15 days. You can put it on your forehead, on the top of your head, use it for cleansing, put it in your bathwater, in the 4 corners of your house/office, under your bed, chair etc. Any place you want to fortify with energy, you can put vibhuti on it.
    • But a very important point here, if you are unable to recite the beej mantras properly, do not do homa.
    • Stick to any of the other methods, all are equally effective.

Option 1 – This works for everyone for everything going wrong on all levels, spiritual, emotional, physical whatever. Vishnu sahastranam. I must have listened/recited this version of the Sahastranam performed by Uma Mohan more than a thousand times. It is a good 22 mins long recitation and it has the capacity to balance every aspect of your life. You can recite it or listen to it (performed by your favourite artist), it works. Just be sure that the singer has recited the mantras properly. (In fact I have a collection of Mantras performed by renown artists, Uma Mohan, Ravindra Sathye, Vijay Prakash, Kedar Pandit, Devaki Pandit etc. and play it in my car everyday when I travel.)

Now you can do Homa too. For doing the Vishnu sahastranama homa you will have to follow the basic steps given in this post. The preparatory phase and the concluding phases remain the same for every homa you perform. For the actual mantra phase your mantras will change as per your requirement. For Vishnu Sahastranam Homa you will have to recite every name of Vishnu from the Sahastranam in this format, ‘Om Vishwaya Swaha” the first name to the last “Om Sarvapraharanayudhaya Swaha”. It can get too tedious for someone new to all this, so best listen to Uma Mohan or your favourite singer reciting it!

Option 2 – The Gayatri mantra. (Post here) It is the source of all knowledge, which includes the knowledge on healing your own body/self/emotions/etc. Ideally everyone should recite it 108 times everyday (ideally 3 sets a day at the sunrise, midday, sunset – Sandhya).

Gayatrai Homa is very easy and very beneficial. The preparatory and concluding phases of the Homa will remain the same as I have written in my earlier post, the actual Mantra phase will have this mantra, “Om bhur bhuvah swah, Om tat savitur varenyam, bhargo devasya dhimahi, dheeyo yonah prachodayat Om swaha”. At swaha you will put a drop of ghee in the fire. This will be done 108 times. Then you will conclude the homa in same way as I have written in my previous post linked above.

Option 3 – The Mahamryutyunjai mantra – “Om tryambakam yajamahe sungandhim pushti vardhanam uruvarukamiva bandhanat mryutur mukshiya maam amrutat Om”. This will also work for all medical problems. It is very powerful. The homa for this mantra uses this version. I have done this homa also innumerable times, it energies are so utterly beautiful.

“Om trayambakam yajamahe, sugandhim pushtivardhanam, Om haung, joong sah, maam mrytyur palaya palaya, rogan mochaya mochaya, ayur vardhaya vardhaya, Sah joong haung Om, ururvarukamiva bandhanat, mryutyur mukshiya maam amrutat, Mryutyunjayaya rudraya, neelkanthaya shambhave, amruteshaya sharvaya, mahdevaya taenamah swaha”

The preparatory and concluding phases of all homa will remain the same, the actual mantra which will be recited 108 times will be this variation. At ‘swaha’, you will drop a drop of ghee into the fire.

(Or if you feel this variant to be quite complicated you can use this simple version too “Om tryambakam yajamahe sungandhim pushti vardhanam uruvarukamiva bandhanat mryutur mukshiya maam amrutat Om Swaha” for the mantra phase)

Option 4 – Using the Mantras from the Devi mahatmya/Durga Saptashati. (detailed post here). The link to the pdf of the book published by Gita Press is linked here. The step wise method quite simple and like this. This always works.

  1. Recite the siddha kunjika stotra once.
  2. Then recite the navavarna mantra, (Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche) once thrice or 108 times.
  3. Then recite your chosen Mantra, once, thrice or 108 times. There is a ready list of 30 useful mantras on page 263 of the pdf version of the Gita press book linked above. Choose what you want to do from the list of mantras.
  4. Then the Navavarna mantra once to make your chosen mantra ‘samputit’.

For doing the homa of this mantra, follow this procedure,

  • again the preparatory phase remain the same.
  • Then, you will recite the mantras as per the points, 1, 2 as given above.
  • Then at point 3. when you recite your chosen mantra you will end it with ‘swaha’ and drop ghee into the fire. This you will repeat 108 times.
  • Then the rest is continuing with point 4.
  • Followed by the concluding phase of the homa.

Option 5 – If you have analysed your horoscope for medical problems/tendencies, you can take preventive care by fortifying the planet concerned. You can use beej mantra for homa for planets. If you do not wish to do the fire homa, then even reciting the beej mantra will be equally beneficial.

  • E.g. you know your Sun is having issues so you might get eyesight issues, so you can recite his beej mantra, ‘Om hrang hring hroung sah suryaya namah’, once thrice or 108 times every Sunday.
  • In pregnancy there is a different time schedule for mantra recitation that is followed, written about it here.

So here are the very basic options for using mantras to keep yourself healthy and as a preventive action. Or to help accelerate recovery. I have kept it very simple so that everyone can use them. Sometimes the most simple things are the most powerful, so its with these mantras. Use them with your complete intention and focus. Intend the change you desire visualise it and use your mantra like a tool to get your work done!


Mantra - An astrological remedy

(There was a question in the contact form, on using mantras for healing and recovery.

You can do anything with mantras, it depends on your intention and force of will. There are other rituals and stuff which are used to literally work miracles but we do not have that level of ingredients and neither that level of spiritually pure pandits now who can perform those rituals. Like we need pure desi cows milk/ghee/curds and cowdung, it has become impossible these days, or pure desi honey which does not exist now. So as we do not have the supporting framework, we need to intensify our intention and the energy of the mind. If you do some regular spiritual practice, you will fall ill lesser and also mantras/charged water made by you for your family members will be more potent.

So I hope this post has been of use to you.)

Medical diagnosis in astrology

Just the very basics, to understand what can be wrong with a chart on the medical front. First of all you need to know a bit about the parts/organs etc of the human body and then the house/planetary link with it. If you can learn this connections by heart, 80% of your work is done (they are given in any standard reference book, Books by B.V Raman are the best for beginners). For example, 1st house – head, 2nd house – face, right eye, 12th house – feet and left eye etc. In addition the houses 1st to 7th represent the right side of the body/face and the houses 8th to 12th the left side of the body/face.

Medical diagnosis in astrology

Step 1 – When a you fall ill the first logical thing is that the ‘body’ has been afflicted with negative energy. So first check out the ascendant sign and its ascendant planetary lord. Have covered this analysis in previous posts but again the main points, (Please read this post on how to analyse empty houses to get the full picture.)

  1. Combust, debilitated, retrograde planets, conjoint or aspecting.
  2. Natural malefics or temporary malefics involved.
  3. Ruler of the houses of turmoil, 6th, 8th, 12th getting involved.
  4. The ascendant lord himself being combust, retrograde, debilitated and in company of the negative influences etc.

Step 2 – The the 6th house, the house of diseases and its bhavat bhavam, the 11th. The 6th will give you a sense of what kind of diseases are to be expected. And the ‘house of the house’ the 11th will give you a sense of the ‘loss of the disease’. i.e. how likely it is that the diseases indicated by the 6th will actually manifest. If there are planets placed here they are to be specifically analysed as they will indicate the type of diseases. And remember that the diseases indicated by the 6th house are diseases which are linked to some action of yours. i.e. being negligent about check-ups, not taking medicines on time, not consulting a proper specialist, bad habits leading to diseases, etc.

Step 3 – Then the 8th house and its Bhavat bhavam the 3rd house. The 8th house indicates the diseases which are linked to karma. You cannot avoid these, maybe reduce the extent of damage if the 3rd house supports. The 3rd house is the ‘death of death’ so before interpreting anything about the 8th house the neutralising capacity of the 3rd house should be examined.

Step 4 – Now the planetary influences, if there are any planets in or aspecting the 6th or the 8th you will need to check up what all they can do wrong. And if there are no planets placed here, the planetary owners of these signs of the 6th and 8th will give clues on the diseases indicated.

  1. Sun – pitta/heat type of diseases, acidity to sudden diseases, pain, heat, eyesight, heart, stomach.
  2. Moon – vata/gas and kapha/phlegm diseases, eyesight, psychological problems, gas-related, arthritis, diseases triggered by cold, connected to all the liquid stuff in the body, salt imbalances, diseases of childhood, long lasting diseases.
  3. Mars – pitta/heat diseases, bone marrow, blood related problems, ovaries, sudden onset diseases, pain, skin boils, cuts and scars, accidents
  4. Mercury – all three types of kapha, pitta, vata diseases. long continuing diseases, incurable and chronic diseases, nerves, skin rashes, psychological issues.
  5. Jupiter – Kapha diseases, expansion/growths/enlargement types of diseases, all glands, fat and sugar related problems.
  6. Venus – Kapha and Vata problems, eyesight, sex organ related problems, Ojas in the body.
  7. Saturn – Vata problems, frame of the body including tendons ligaments etc. breath in every way, asthama, connected to the impurities in the body so organs connected to removal of impurities, lungs, kidneys etc. persistently low grade pain, do not have a sudden onset, start imperceptibly/gradually.
  8. Rahu/Ketu – are astral planetary forces, give results of the planet they are influenced by, they tend to hide diseases, can give non-diagnosable diseases.
    • Rahu is more connected to poisonings/misuse of steroids/medicines/chemicals etc. His diseases often create skin-related problems, causing mottling/discoloration of skin etc.
    • Ketu indicates cyclical patterns in diseases and sudden/violent onsets, like ecliptic fits etc.


Step 5 – If you want to extract more information look into the divisional charts. At least look into the D-9 navamsha for the following information,

  1. The lords of the 6th and 8th in the D-1 (birth chart) – Their positions in the D-9.
  2. And the lords of the 6th and 8th of the D-9.
  3. This analysis will give you the ‘disease potential’ of the chart.

Step 6 – If you want to know how the disease affects the person on the emotional level you will have to see the Moon chart. This is the normal birth chart re-drawn with the moon sign as the 1st house. Do the same analysis of the 6th and 8th houses from here too.

Finally the conclusion – So now you can arrive at a conclusion as to which body part is weak, what kind of disease can be expected by looking at the planets and signs concerned.

Now for the timing. Look at mainly the owners of the 6th and the 8th, and/or planets placed/aspecting the 6th or 8th and check if their planetary periods are on.

  1. Which planets mahadasha going on, is the overall theme of the period negative?
  2. The transits at the present moment of time, are they going negative too?

Medical astrology is a full-fledged topic by itself and as you read more charts and come across different combinations you will learn more! This was a post to get you interested in it. This might seem like a complicated analysis but if you follow it step-wise you can easily pinpoint the possible medical conditions in the chart.


Medical diagnosis in astrology


Results of planets placed in the 6th house

I wrote on the 6th house in the previous post. Now am continuing on the results with the planets in or aspecting the 6th. Planets posted anywhere in the horoscope have karmic lessons that they teach. In the 6th, the planets engage in logical analysis, litigation, accusations, anxiety, tend to get into details so much that they lose the big picture and want problems of which there are no possible solutions. A loop!

Sun in 6th 

The Father figure in the house of arguments. The Sun stands for the father, the government agents, politicians, bosses, senior males etc. In the 6th their behaviour becomes a source of misery. They tend to be toxic, adversarial, criminal, unbalanced, exploitative, abusive, dominating and conflicted. They are supposed to be glorious, radiant and noble but here they betray trust. The actual father may be ill, poor, weak, unfair or even have addictions. This has a deep impact on the psyche of the individual.

This Sun has two options here, he can offer his service and his divine confidence to help those victim-others indicated by the 6th. Or he himself can use his sense of entitlement and arrogance to exploit and create victims. Such a Sun may indicate a doctor, an army-man, a lawyer, in social service etc and may spend his time and energy tending to others. But Sun is always self-referential, selfish, he cannot sympathise with others, and in due course may become immune or even resent the persistent ‘victimhood’ of those whom he serves. Can turn cold and even cruel. If there are other aspects to tone down this typical nature of the Sun, or if Leo sign is well placed in the chart, this 6th Sun can actually play out quite well in life.

Moon in 6th 

The Mother figure in the house of imbalance. Protective figures, caretakers, school-teachers and sheltering figures tend to be exploitative, accusatory, dominating, devious, criticising. Persons who are supposed to shelter, nurture and protect betray trust and create emotional guilt. Advise taken from these figures will always create problems. Relationship with the mother will always be toxic irrespective of other aspects. The mother may be working for the lower classes or may be from the servant class herself. Such a mother is often ill herself. She may be a doctor, nurse, social worker, criminal lawyer etc.This Moon makes the person and his maternal figures work, work and work, either because of some physical, financial or emotional need. Childhood is traumatic and a lifetime of unexpressed and un-understood sorrow is the result. This person is often rootless and hyper-sensitive to the undercurrents of emotions in the relations around him. Is always emotionally upset, unwanted and alone. And the worst, this Moon causes attachment/emotional comfort, to the objects/agents/circumstances of imbalance.

Results of planets placed in the 6th house

Mars in 6th

Brother-figures become adversaries and agents of conflict. These include challenging, competitive and champion males. These males will either be the victims of the factors of the 6th or will try to make you their victim. Conflicts with military men, criminals, comrades, men in peer roles, and brothers, aggressive servants, sexual violence, heat and metals. However Mars himself is full of vital energies and crushing force so will ensure that you win your wars in the 6th. He provides enough energy for you conquer both, your internal and external enemies. The conflict is continuous and challenges relentless but Mars gives success in this placement. You can be an excellent in arenas which require continuous actions against injustice, arguments, litigations, diseases, war etc. This is a good placement for Mars.

Mercury in 6th

Communications of conflict. Conflicts and betrayal from siblings and team-mates. Here the scene is set for anxiety, stealing, petty crimes, financial crimes, criminal scheming, mis-understandings, crimes in the administration, dealing with criminal paper work and communications. Medical papers, pharmacies, over-medication, addiction, juvenile crime and accusations. Mercury himself in his own natural house confers certain advantages. He can logically argue, analyse, and come to a conclusion based on data in the legal, medical, military strategy, financial fields. So he can be the criminal himself or the agency who sets right these criminal situations. He can track with his methodical mind and deduce, a Sherlock Holmes perhaps! He is the Messenger himself and thus can speak. He articulately explains details of the un-balance, un-justice, diseases, debts, hurts, accusations, exploitations of the 6th. A successful doctor, lawyer, researcher and a strategist.

It can be a good and highly fruitful placement if the energies of Mercury are better channelised and given focus by aspects from other planets.

Venus in 6th

The force of balance in the house of un-balance. Venus utterly fails to resolve the karma of the 6th. He is the force of fairness and cannot function in this toxic 6th. He just tries to superficially cover up the problems. These problems are often cheating, breaking promises, marital, sexual, spiritual, legal, divorces, addictions, drugs, alcoholism or psychological in nature, often involving women. But he cannot find the solutions to them, he just tries temporary fixes, cosmetic make-up! He is pleasant and diplomatic and may temporarily smoothen out the situations, but in this ‘serve or suffer’ house he generally tends to suffer.

Such a personality also tends to suffer in his legal partnerships, marriage and business contacts. He cannot save much and tends to spend more. He often engages with those who cannot be trusted and with those who should never be trusted. He can form close associations with servant classes, criminals and may derive pleasure from serving and working for those who suffer including animals. He is well received by the victims and those who are working to help the victims. Thus Venus superficially performs well in this house but creates several hidden problems for the individual.

Jupiter in 6th

This is sort of an existential conflict. These people are conflicted by the philosophies that they live their lives by. There is rarely a spiritual base to their lives and it leads to deep internal issues. These persons are in perpetual conflict with his teachers, patrons, priests and guides. And these also are unbalanced and betray his trust. Jupiter here gives abundant diseases, enemies, debts and litigations. The root cause of this is that the eternally over-optimistic Jupiter over-estimates his abilities. He feels that he can resolve all these toxic issues so takes on even more till the physical tension reaches breaking point.

If there are supporting aspects in the 10th house, this person can take up professions which can help the victims of 6th by philosophical teachings or taking up the crusade for them. If done properly this can help the victims by making the rest of the world more aware of their sufferings and generate empathy for them. But even here, he needs to understand that there are limits. Mercury the natural lord of 6th does not like the force of expansion residing in his house. This eventually has its repercussions and the sufferings start.

In a woman’s horoscope the Jupiter also represents the first husband. Thus she may be married to a sick person or her husband might be working in any of the professions indicated by the 6th.

Saturn in 6th

The representative of social service and social equality in the 6th creates issues with the elders, service-class, bureaucrats, law and judges. If aspects permit he can be a bureaucrat or a judge himself. This position can get toxic when law-givers and those who are supposed to be impartial figures betray trust. This has its effects on the entire society. However as Shani is quite comfortable here so he can sustain and endure. Saturn is a malefic in a toxic 6th so he also helps by offering resistance to its problems and constraining them. He also constraints the problems arising from the other dusham-sthana 8th and 12th (3rd, 7th aspects). May reduce the neighbourhood related issues too (10th aspect on 3rd house).

Saturn is all about karma, so he ensures that the karma of litigation, disease etc is slowly completed in a scheduled step-wise manner. However here things are dragged out eg long-term illnesses and very slow recovery times.


Rahu in 6th

Rahu enjoys himself in the unstable and unlawful environment of the 6th. This house of betrayal allows the trickster Rahu to indulge in activities which are not allowed in lawful society. Here Rahu takes his risks in all illicit-enslavement and unfair activities like, war, crime, litigation, drug trafficking etc. He makes his profits from activities which are generally terrifying for the common human. His preferred partners here are the ambitious criminals and rouges who operate on the outskirts of human society. Rahu in the 6th may be someone who disrupts and takes advantage of the system sucessfully.

And following Rahu’s typical pattern, these risky activities always give profits but then he dramatically over-reaches and falls.

The 6th is a successful and effective position for Rahu. However as we all including Rahu are enslaved to some force, so the usual victim narrative of the 6th should be seen from the owner of the sign in the 6th.

Ketu in 6th

Malefics are comfortable in the 6th, two negatives make a positive perhaps. When Ketu occupies the 6th, all those agents and experiences of dissociation, apathy, disinterest and release are at a loss! When these agents represented by Ketu operate from the accusatory and unbalanced environment of the 6th they fail to have any significant effect on the person as they are diffused by their ketu-nature. There may be some interference from disembodied energies like ghosts or spirits at the maximum but it will be of no physical effect.

The 6th is a harmless position for Ketu. However as we all enslaved to some force, so the usual victim narrative of the 6th should be seen from the owner of the sign in the 6th. But again Ketu to the rescue. He is by nature incoherent, thus ensures that the toxicity and negative energies originating from the 6th do not link on to the person.

This placement is of exceptional advantage as Ketu disperses all enemies, all debts, all diseases, all litigations and accusations in all aspects of life.

And finally whoever is active in this house of unbalance, will be affected by its negativity. Thus doctors, nurses, lawyers, attorneys, and social service workers who are required by karma to live and earn their livelihood from here need to be extra-careful. An intellectual appreciation of the toxic environment in which they earn their income along with regular grounding and cleansing will help them live a better balanced life.