Black magic and compelling love marriages

We generally marry for positive emotions, love, for social or financial security, for companionship with expectation of happiness. But sometimes marriages are also solemnised because one of the two has malicious intentions ie intends to oppress, hurt, cheat or otherwise use the spouse in some way.

‘Black magics’ or more correctly psychic attacks of negative intentions with the desire to harm, manipulate, cheat, torture etc have always existed. These can be used to compel the victim to behave in a way completely opposite to his/her basic nature. And this happens.

As per the law, you can marry as per your choice after the age of 18/21yrs. But despite this complete freedom, it is better to think seriously on the social, professional, educational, financial etc angles before taking this lifetime decision. After marriage, despite whatever anyone says, the woman is more vulnerable, so she should decide on emotional as well as practical grounds. She should marry only if she is convinced that her husband is capable and willing to support her and their future children in every way possible for a lifetime. (In my experience with the marital dispute cases I have seen, the wife was at the receiving end about 75% of the time.)

But today if you look around, you will see several examples of beautiful women or from wealthy families, or professionals working in good positions, highly educated etc marrying barely literate drivers, vegetable vendors, out of work etc highly unsuitable men from completely alien backgrounds. You would never expect such women to take this sort of decision in the normal course of life. They completely change, ie their personality, thinking patterns, likes/ dislikes completely change overnight. eg someone who lives in a bungalow now thinks that living in a slum is acceptable. Whatever one says about the power of ‘love’, is not normal that a good looking woman, well educated, articulate, professionally well placed, etc, would marry an unemployed man who lives in a slum. I do believe in love as an enabling emotion, but I certainly do not believe that it can change someone to this extreme extent. Marrying for love is a good thing as long as it is backed by intelligence, common sense and practicality.

So in such cases, there must be some other reason why these women take this illogical decision. Most often this is a result of a malicious psychic attack, popularly called ‘black magic’. 

There are two easily available substances which ‘hold’ intention and remain ‘charged’ for a longer time. We regularly use them for their this ability very often in a positive sense.

  • Water ‘holds’ on to energy very strongly. This is the reason why in temples, the Tirtham is offered to devotees. This water is charged with the mantra of the deity and often camphor, saffron strands, tulsi leaves etc are added to enhance its auspiciousness. The pujari Brahmin will use a special spoon to put this Tirtham in your right palm and you will drink it from here adding a highly positive energy to your self. This is why we revere the waters of the Devi Ganga, its loaded with auspiciousness and drinking it brings this same power into ourself.
  • Food, specifically sugar is the second substance which ‘holds’ the energy of intentions very strongly. This is the reason why we offer sweet food or even plain sugar crystals to the deities as Naivedyam. The sugar absorbs the mantra of the pujas and later when you eat this as a Prasadam, the mantra energy is absorbed into you. In temples this type of sugar candy is given as Prasadam, this is a positive use of this substance.

(There are several substances with this typical property eg spices, but they are a bit expensive)

But for those who have malicious intentions, it is easy to get these two items, water and sugar, charged with negativity. And there are several unscrupulous occult practitioners who do this for a fee. There was a reason why our parents would tell us to not eat sweets offered by strangers. Just because we are grown up now does not mean that we forget this basic concept.

The easiest way to perform ‘black magic’ ie a penetrating psychic attack on someone, is to offer him /her negatively charged water to drink or some food containing charged sugar to eat. Generally we do not think much when others offer us water or food. We are not used to thinking that people around us can be so actively malicious. So we eat this stuff and fall into their trap. Obviously the best way of protecting yourself from such black magic attacks is to never eat water/ food offered to you by others, even if they say that it is some Prasadam or some rare sweet or something very tasty or something which you feel that you have to taste.

Now for the solution to this.

Someone you know suddenly expresses her wish to marry someone very unsuitable, unemployed etc and literally wants to move into the slums with him, ie this person starts behaving completely differently from what he/she is generally. (I have seen this happen several times with my and my parent’s clients. Women targeted more often than the men.)

The first thing that you should do is to check the aura.

Being under a psychic attack of this intensity is very painful for the person. He/she is very tired internally and the damage to the aura is clearly visible.

  • The aura will have streaks of blackness, greyness, a dirty brown brown color etc, especially more around the shoulders, head, chest.
  • The entire aura seems to be enveloped in a black film
  • There will be indications of severe strain, ie a painful red orange etc colors in the aura
  • There will be dirty looking cords or inserts like hooks etc in the substance of the aura.
  • Small babies will refuse to be held by such persons. Small babies can sense the auras of people quite clearly so this is one of the definitive tests of negativity in a person.
  • If the aura shows damage then it is 100% a negative binding. This person is a victim of an insidious and malicious attack on his/her very self.

Next would be to remove this psychic binding.

The best way to do this is to seek the protection of Devi Varahi देवी वाराही. This form of the Devi removes the bindings caused by negative energy and ‘grounds’ the energy of a person very firmly. You can think of this as an ‘earthing’ process where the negativity is ‘earthed’ by her power.

Devi Varahi is very Ugra intelligence, a very ferocious deity. I found some images from the internet. Note the typical Shrungar with bhasma on her forehead and malas made of red hibiscus flowers and lemons which indicates her fierce Ugra nature. I cannot recommend any of her stotra or mantra randomly for my readers, she is too intense an intelligence. eg She is the Kshetra palika of Kashi and also Uttarkashi, you can imagine her intensity just with this one sentence.

Regular people can simple do a namaskar to her with a simple ॐ श्री वाराहीदेवै नमः And as she is a Devi, the Shri sukta can be recited in front of her. At max regular people can recite the Tantrokta Ratri Sukta from the Devi Mahatmya for her.

So this is what you can do for your loved family member.

  • Take the person to a Devi Varahi temple. Ask the temple pujari Brahmin to give this person Tirtham or Prasadam infused with her power. You can ask for a flower from the deity’s moorti which he/she can always keep for protection. Ask the temple Brahmin to remove the evil eye using vibhuti of the Devi or any other way as per the local temple practices. In most Devi temples there is a Bhairav moorti where this is done using a mixture of raw unbroken black gram and unbroken rice. Devi Varahi is worshipped all over Bharat with equal devotion. The older the temple, the more powerful is the Moorti there.
  • If there is a reliable practitioner, Jyotishi, Brahmin etc whom you trust, approach him and suggest that he invokes Devi Varahi for removal of this specific negative influence. These pujas need not be too complicated, eg doing a Homa for invoking her or making a typical amulet for the victim to wear is generally effective.
  • (This can also be as simple as touching the person with the tusk of a boar after invoking the Devi Varahi. This may sound weird but amazingly it works. The black film over the aura pops like you would pop a balloon with a needle.) If you can do this with a clear intention in your mind that the Devi Varahi helps the person as a loving yet fiercely protective Mother, she will remove the negative compulsions and neutralise the malicious attack.
  • Keep an image of the Devi Varahi in this person’s room or encourage him/ her to use it as the phone/laptop wallpaper.

Finally after all this is done, hold some puja in your home. eg Satyanarayan puja or Mahamrutyunjai Homa or a Graha Shanti puja or your Kuldevata puja etc whatever you like. This will ensure that any negativity from the malicious intention if tied to the house itself is destroyed.

And if this was actually a psychic attack on your family member to force him/ her to marry an unsuitable person against the will then try to be kind to the victim. He/she has been attacked in a deeply invasive way which we others cannot understand, ie do not further scold or traumatise your loved family member.

Briefly the allegory/ story of the Devi Varahi.

In Satya yug, Devi Bhumi is imprisoned by the Asur Hiranyaksh in the Patal, the lowermost lok/ dimension. So Bhagwan Vishnu takes the form of Shri Varah to rescue her, his third Avtar. He fights and kills the Asur, then carefully holds Devi Bhumi between his tusks and carries her upwards. Thus he crosses the lower 7 lok/ dimensions carrying her (Patal, Rasatal, Mahatal, Talatal, Sutal, Vital and Atal). He stabilises Devi Bhumi again in the Bhu Lok, her own dimension. Bhu Devi expresses her thanks and says that now she is his wife. The logic being that Shri Varah has crossed the seven dimensions carrying her, ie he has performed the Saptapadi, the seven steps of the Vivah sanskar with her. (In the Vivah Sanskar, the husband and wife take seven steps together, Sapta-padi, after which they are considered married.) Here one dimension/ lok is equivalent to one step of the Vivah Sanskar. This is acceptable to him, but the wife of Bhagwan Vishnu is always Devi Laxmi, none else. So a part each of the energies of Devi Bhumi and Devi Laxmi is merged to create a specific wife for Shri Varaha, ie the Devi Varahi.

Varah वराह is a sanskrit word which has several meanings like a bull, wild boar, dolphin, a cloud, etc. वाराही Varahi is the energy which causes motion in the substance of the Varah.

There was a question on this topic with some very personal details. And I felt that real reason on the energy level and the simplest yet most effective solution had to be made known so that it remains here and anyone who needs it can use it.

I feel that these solutions should have been transmitted from one generation to the next in the family itself. But our parents/ we have failed to treasure our knowledge, thus today find ourselves in trouble.

Today it is a genuine problem where women are targeted with malicious intentions and compelled to marry men whom they wouldn’t even look at twice in the normal course of life.You must also be reading about such incidents and their increase in recent times in the news and in your neighbourhood.

Marriage is a life long commitment. Sanatan Dharma does not have a concept of ‘divorce’, simply because everyone is supposed to get married after using Jyotish and after application of basic common sense. In our Devbhasha Samskrutam there is no word for ‘divorce’. ie remember that once you marry someone, the energy of the Vivah Sanskar will be broken only with the physical exit of one of the two. Marriage is a life changing decision and if you get it wrong, you will face immense pain and sorrow. So even if there is no psychic attack visible, it is always advisable to think 10 times before deciding to marry someone with a different social, educational, financial etc background. Be very careful.

On the safe side at least do a darshan of the Devi Varahi before taking this drastic step.