Rahu and Ketu in the 6th 12th house axis

Both Rahu and Ketu represent extremes of material prosperity/adversity and the corresponding extremes of spiritually nil/evolved persons. Both are capable of giving spiritual and material results. The 12th house is the house of mysteries and losses and its mirror is the 6th house of imbalance. Both are dusham-sthan, houses of turmoil. But the 6th is also a upchaya house, meaning that it’s results improve with age.

Rahu in the 12th house and Ketu in the 6th house

Rahu here desires to experience the strangeness of the 12th to the maximum. This Rahu in the 12th teeters on the edge. He is on the bridge of the conscious and the sub-conscious, the astral and the physical, the spiritual and the material. This can get quite strange and quite fast. Rahu here will want to experience foreign, strange, new, past lives, other dimensions, isolation in different ways, fantasy, sorrows, luxury, deprivations, dreams, visions, imprisonment and also liberation. Information from visions and past lives might be available. He wants to experience both sides of the coin and also the edge between. He wants to experience the privilege of privacy.

The house occupied by Rahu becomes the focus house. The personality desires its experiences, this house becomes the engine which pulls your entire chart behind it. Rahu in the 12th house is a placement difficult to judge. If he is aspected by even more malefics it can indicate imprisonment, confinement, addictions, drugs, to create fantasies and the desire to get lost in them. There can be a strangely fatalist mind-set, morbid even. There might be some irregularity in the marriage. The 18yrs of Rahu mahadasha can give extreme results of the 12th house keywords. During this period the Rahu-things become irresistible and fascinating. If you have a strong 5th house too, use your energy sensibly.

But if he is directed properly, he can generate interest in meditation and spiritual growth. A 12th house Rahu is subtly influenced by Pisces sign and Jupiter in your chart. Guru-s and spiritual teachers often show this placement. The desire then turns to coming out of this Maya enveloping the Inner Reality. So if you have this placement, keep away from drugs, alcohol etc. Avoid following an established religion without thinking about it. Such people can become fanatics! Personal prayer is always a better option. If you can discipline your mind in this aspect, 75% of your problems will be done with.

The positive aspects of this placement are relocation to a foreign land, or earnings from foreign lands. The profession might be away from the public eye, researchers, scientists are very much possible as Rahu here gives a piercing intuitive intelligence. New discoveries or more effective ways of doing work, automation etc. Healers, doctors, nurses, tantriks and occultists can also be successful with this Rahu. There is at least one dramatic rise in life. You might get opportunities for behind the scene deals and secret gains, use them only if your conscience approves.

A Rahu in the 12th house is complemented by Ketu in the 6th house. This Ketu if aspected by benefics can give very good results. However he finds it difficult to take orders from his seniors and cannot give orders to his juniors. Can work better in a self-employed or an independent business environment. However beware about over-extending yourself. Think logically about how much you can do often alone. You might find your workers quitting, so try to automate your business. You have very clear ideas on how you want to work and will not deviate from your personal work ethic. You have a very strict sense of moral behaviour and expect everyone around you to follow the same. Even if there are conflicts with your co-workers and boss you will stick to what you think is right. You are not diplomatic in the least and have quite a temper if roused. Enemies will be around you, ghosts and astral problems often exist. Ketu will grants unawareness and a strange immunity to these issues. But being too unaware can result in them exploding in typical dasha periods or transits.

However if this Ketu is incapable of auspicious results then this will result in irregular jobs, diseases of unknown nature, afflictions from ghosts, past life karmas will make their presence felt, there will be opposition in the lifepath, enemies and debts can overpower the personality. Overwork can lead to health issues. Medical help may not be available, or diagnosis may not be correct. One cannot mentally reconcile to failures in this Ketu position, hence depression type of issues can result.

One thing you should guard against is being too trusting. As Rahu ‘the trickster’ is in the 12th house, your own awareness of cheating and being cheated is rather less. You are incapable of cheating others. But you might get moved by someone’s sob-story and get into a mess yourself. Do strike a balance between the 12th house Rahu and 6th house Ketu energies. Rahu and Ketu are natural malefics, so can function well in the dushamsthan combo of 6th and 12th houses but it is better to be consciously aware of what they are upto.

Rahu and Ketu in the 6th 12th house axis

Rahu in the 6th house and Ketu in the 12th house

This is considered to be a good placement. Rahu is a natural malefic so works well in the 6th house. Rahu and Ketu mature late, so their effects are more understandable only after the late 40’s. Ketu is the agent of dissociation so has a natural affinity to the 12th house of secrets and losses. But if there are more malefic influences on them, with no supportive benefics, this can give perhaps the worst results.

Rahu directs the energy of the chart where he is placed. So the choice of service or suffering is brought strongly to the forefront. Work, health, enemies, debts, karma, imbalances, medical issues, etc are more in focus, a career-conscious mind-set. The 6th is the maha-dusham, the highest turbulence in life comes from here. It is a very sensitive house. Rahu here can indulge in activities which can have life time repercussions, so benefic aspects on him are necessary.

Be very careful about selecting your profession, if you are still in your school/college do think carefully on what you would like to do in life. You are ambitious, capable of hard work, quite fearless and can take risks. There are always inimical energies in this position. Enemies will always pop up. So you should be alert, also develop some philosophical background which will help you come to terms with this aspect. Be calculative and do not over-reach.

You can gain from foreign sources, import/export, shipping, long journeys etc. Quite analytical and methodical, if you can take up professions where you help others, doctors, healers, astrologers, etc you will also help yourself. Political career is also possible as you are quite capable of dealing with unsavoury and behind the scene things. A spy or a clever criminal is also possible here. You can exploit loop-holes or anything/anyone else too. Working with drugs, poisons, chemist type of professions. There will be challenges in your life, profession and karmic debts too, but Rahu does not run from them, but faces them head-on. This often gives very good material results. You can use Rahu intelligently to significantly reduce your karmic burden to meet with and work with a lot of people. Such a big chunk of desire-energy in the house of karmic payback can work both ways.

Rahu in the 6th is complemented by Ketu in the 12th. But this Ketu often works by neutralising Rahu’s over-arching behaviour. So you might ignore important things in your work which might cause trouble. There will be some strangeness in the marriage, divorce or affairs outside marriage. Ketu here desires privacy which he does not get. A sense of dissatisfaction may prevail over all relationships. There will be psychic experiences, dreams, visions, meditative states etc which may cause restless sleep. But again these experiences also do not satisfy. There is an underlying sense of grief.

Health remains good overall but death by mysterious or by unknown causes or suddenly without any illness etc is possible. The feet, skin and nerves can cause medical problems. This Ketu can give a spiritual outlook only if the rest of the horoscope allows it. In the 7yrs of Ketu Mahadasha there can be a possibility of a spiritual retreat or a stay in an ashram etc. But in your daily life, try to get some time alone, meditate or something for just 15mins. This will give your Ketu and your past life karma a safe channel. Rather than organised religion, personal approach to faith will be better.

Rahu and Ketu in the 6th 12th house axis

This Rahu-Ketu axis in the 6th – 12th houses requires a lot of balancing between the demands for service and material prosperity and the inner desire for solitude and spiritual growth. Too much of Rahu’s materialism will suppress Ketu’s asceticism which will in some transit/Dasha period burst up and over-whelm the personality. Or the other way around depending on the rest of the chart. This tilt towards the extremes will happen at least once, after which there is a back-lash from the other ignored energy. After this the personality balances better between Rahu and Ketu.

The 6th and 12th axis is, in my opinion, the most sensitive axis as it involves two houses of turmoil. Of these one is the maha-dusham and the other is the house of the unknown. So be very careful in analysing Rahu – Ketu placed here. Extreme or unexpected results are more likely than not.

So before interpreting Rahu’s or Ketu’s position, first check the ascendant sign, the ascendant sign lord and the power of the birth Moon. These three indicate your personality, your surrounding environment and your ability to coordinate between these two. The Moon is your mental strength and the power of your astral self. If these are capable of giving auspicious results, you are consciously more aware and confident about dealing with life and its challenges. Rahu/Ketu here need to be guided by other planets if placed here, if they are let loose they can be quite problematic. So also analyse the signs, the sign lords, other planets if conjunct or aspecting this Rahu/Ketu. Look into Rahu/Ketu’s Nakshatra characteristics for more cues on how they are going to manifest their energies. If you are confident about the Navamsha, do go through it to analyse your planet’s inner potentials.

If your chart as a whole is able to give positive results then this positioning of ‘desire and apathy’ in the most sensitive axis of your chart can be quite good.


Rahu and Ketu in the 6th 12th house axis

The Rahu Ketu axis

Most astrologers call Rahu /Ketu as ‘imaginary planets’, or ‘mathematical points’, which is doing them a great injustice. You can never understand your chart if you do not analyse Rahu /Ketu. In Jyotish the correct term is ‘graha’ .(Graha means, force, giving, holding, seizing, seizer, holder, giver, taker, etc).

You live your life on several levels. How do you look like? The human body which you see in the mirror is not even 1% of how you really look. And we are obsessed about the physical body that we see. (Sometimes I see beautifully made-up and dressed up people, expensive clothes and accessories with such filthy auras and energies, can’t bear sitting next to them. We Indians have this habit of doing namsakar when we meet others, that way we don’t need to touch them.) 

Your energy, your naadi network, your chakras, even each organ looks different, the aura, your higher, sub-conscious and astral selves, everything, is so much much more. You live and work for a very tiny part of your life in the physically perceived universe and significantly more in the astrally perceived realmsSo every graha has its other astral/ indescribable components. Rahu and Ketu are completely ‘other’ graha, they do not have any part of themselves visible in the conscious/subconscious dimensions. They exist at levels much more deeper than that.

The Rahu Ketu axis


All of us live out our lives in the occult dimensions as well as the physical realm. There is nothing called as a ‘past’, ‘present’, ‘future’, ‘parallel’ life. Everything is occurring in this single moment simultaneously. All of us are aware of our this multi-dimensional self, all of us. But it is so staggering that most of us shut it out, perhaps for fear that our minds will crack or that we need to resolve a few karma. Some of us keep all this open, how ‘open‘ depends on the planetary positions and the chart as a whole. If your karmic balance is more to do with these dimensions, your perceptions will be more ‘open’.

Some use sun-signs, some moon-signs, some focus on the ascendant lord but it is illogical to say which one graha is more important than the other. This ‘importance’ depends on the question that one seeks to answer. Most modern astrologers do not find Rahu/Ketu to be important and relegate them to the shadows. This is the result of our times, we are more interested in shallow materialistic things and refuse to appreciate the subtlety of our existence (nothing wrong about it, each one has his own priorities).

But on the deeper levels, the Rahu/Ketu axis is what drives you, all your aspirations, desires, ambitions are Rahu, the karmic ties which you still have to unwind. And all those detachments, apathies, disinterests are Ketu, you have saturated yourself with these objects so are now completely indifferent to them. In very simple language they represent the effect of the Earth (Bhu the first vhyarhuti) on your soul. The reason you manifest on the Earth is Rahu/Ketu.

You are the Ultimate, so what are you doing on the lowest energy level/Bhu? The answer is Rahu/Ketu. The energies of the entire chart are channelised by the Rahu/Ketu axis. You have a train full of valuables, and its engine is Rahu! It is very important to have support from the all the planets in the chart, e.g. ascendant lord – overall ‘fitting in’, Moon -stability, Sun -self-confidence, Mercury -thinking, Mars-fearlessness, Saturn-pragmatic work, Venus-esoteric knowledge, Jupiter-conventional knowledge, etc to navigate the realms of Rahu/Ketu.

Rahu/Ketu mature very late in life at 48yrs years of age, so by then you have more or less finished your material duties and can now start on your spiritual agenda. They make you work at the deepest levels beyond the conscious and the sub-conscious both.

Energy-wise Rahu is more airy/Vata and Ketu more fiery/Pitta. Both are considered to be the enemies of the luminaries, Sun and Moon. Now Sun represents your consciousness/jivatma/soul/ego also your Pingala nadi and Moon represents you at the subconscious/emotional/astral levels and your Ida nadi. Rahu/Ketu thus have the ability to occult the You in several dimensions. And from the energy point of view only when Ida and Pingala are occulted i.e. shut, can pran flow through the central Sushumna nadi complex. So now can you appreciate the vital importance of Rahu/Ketu! When Rahu/Ketu occult the Sun/Moon, wonder what shows through? Energy cannot be destroyed only transmuted. When the lenses of Rahu/Ketu eclipse the oh-so-shiny luminaries, wonder what they allow us a glimpse of?

These are considered to be Serpents. Serpents actually mean karmic bindings. If you have read this post, kundalini is also considered to be a serpent as it binds. To free yourself from the limited sense of self-identification as Priya, Amit and Manish you have to break free of the kundalini and Rahu/Ketu energy too. Serpents guard treasure, here the /Rahu-Ketu Serpents guard your karmic balance. What binds you is also what makes you free. If Rahu/Ketu have bound you, then they have the capacity to set you free too. If Devi Mahamaya has bound you through her Serpent-Kundalini then She has the power to set you free too, thus spiritual aspirants do Devi mantra/yagnya etc aradhana and Ketu is considered to be the real moksh karak.

Rahu/Ketu are the equal and opposite counter-forces of attachment and apathy. These energies are used to churn the Mahameru within you. The story of Samudra Manthan has 54 dev and 54 danav churning the Meru in the Ksheer-Samudra. The rope used for churning is again the Serpent Vasuki. So many karmic events push and pull us constantly till the infinite Samudra gives up his treasure of immortality/self-knowledge. These karmic events on the deepest spiritual levels occurring in your life are linked to Rahu/Ketu placements, dashas and transits. If truly analysed, you can see that they are indeed pulling and pushing you towards your real self-identification.

This is the real use of Jyotish the science of illumination. Of course you can answer mundane questions like, ‘when will I get married’ or ‘when will I get a job’, you will get your answers. But sometimes do analyse your chart in the spiritual context to delve deeply into your real self.


The Rahu Ketu axis