Judging the underlying energy of a Mahadasha

There were several questions going ‘How will my —— Mahadasha be like’. And there is no answer possible for such a generic question. Do not do this with your regular astrologer. Better would be to ask specific questions, eg will I get married or will I get a new job, etc. If you ask generic questions to an astrologer, he will mainly focus on health, relationships and money/ profession, wrap up your session and present you with his bill for the consultation.

However you can get a sense of the underlying theme of the Mahadasha with some basic analysis. This is a short post which will help you determine the effects are expected in the Mahadasha you are interested in. 

As you know, the birth chart is the potential, everything that will happen from birth to physical death can be seen from here. (Also some indications regarding the immediate past life and the immediate future life can be gleaned from the basic birth chart.) But to know when these events will happen, to fine tune the predictions, you have to combine the dasha and the transits. 

The Vimshottari dasha system has the human life span of 120 yrs and a specific Mahadasha sequence. The starting point of the Dasha sequence is determined by the position of your birth Moon, so the precise birth time is essential..

  • Ketu Mahadasha – 7 yrs
  • Venus Mahadasha – 20 yrs
  • Sun Mahadasha – 6 yrs
  • Moon Mahadasha – 10 yrs
  • Mars Mahadasha – 7 yrs
  • Rahu Mahadasha – 18 yrs
  • Jupiter Mahadasha – 16 yrs
  • Saturn Mahadasha – 19 yrs
  • Mercury Mahadasha – 17 yrs

Here is our sample chart, Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. He is dead and his life is quite well documented so is an ideal subject. Suppose we are analysing the Mahadasha of Mars in his life. 

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

1. Mars is a benefic, in fact the most auspicious benefic, a yogkarak for the chart. So his Mahadasha will also be quite beneficial. He has a typical nature, ie his natural tendency is Kroor, cruel but for the Cancer ascendant he is a yogkarak, the ruler of a kendra 10th house and a kona 5th house, capable of exceptional results. He will use all his power to help Crowley in several ways during his Mahadasha.

2. Mars is the ruler of the 5th and 10th house, so the keywords of these important Kona and Kendra houses will be in focus. All people indicated by these houses, students, children, lovers, bosses, social superiors etc will help Crowley. The 5th and 10th houses will be benefited too, ie all these people in Crowley’s life will gain because of his activities. Also the actions indicated by these two houses will be amplified. Crowley will find himself more in lead roles, he will be able to display his genius more confidently, be lucky, find himself being more recognised, he will produce more ‘offsprings’ from his creativity and connect to the divine etc.

3. Mars is placed in the 7th house Capricorn, ie is exalted, this will add more power to his results. He is happy and comfortable in Capricorn. His host Saturn is there with him, far enough to not directly affect him, but in the same sign, so the environment of the Capricorn sign is benefited by the presence of its own ruler. In any case, Mars will also add his positive power to the things represented by Saturn.

4. Mars will give the results of the 7th house and the Capricorn sign. Matters related to partnership, money from equitable partnerships, new partners on several levels will be more prominent in life. A Kendra house, the 7th is one of the most important houses of the chart as it the only Bhavat Bhavam for the 1st house. So this period will use up resources to create something tangible and useful for Crowley. Mars will actualise the potential of his personality and his environment both. Plus these results will be connected subtly to the background of profession, work, social mobility, social status and fame helping deeply Crowley on all these levels.

4. Mars’ innate nature and natural significations have to be considered to judge the quality of the results. Every planet is in control of certain parts of your life. Mars is the natural incharge of the 3rd house, courage, boldness, also the siblings, brothers, etc. so expect these themes to be more predominant in his Mahadasha. Mars is the challenger, pioneer, the risk-taker etc, in charge of explorations, danger, catastrophic changes to the identity etc, so Crowley’s these abilities will be enhanced and used consciously to create something auspicious for him.

5. You will have to see if Mars is involved in any Yog-s, so refer to the standard books. There is an obvious Ruchak yog seen here, it is a panch purush yog connected to Mars. Exalted Yogkarak Mars in the 7th house. Even if he is conjunct the class one malefic for Cancer ascendant Saturn, he is placed very far away from him. So we can say that the Ruchak yog exists and is capable of giving positive results. So all the positive benefits that this yog confers will be especially active during the Mars Mahadasha. 

6. His strength. For evaluating the strength of a planet this there are several options, from the Vimshopaka, Avastha, Shad bala, Ashtakvarga, Janma navtara chakra, Ashtapadmadala chakra, etc. You can choose the ones you are more confident about interpreting. 

  • Samudayak Ashtakvarga table. Here Mars has 4 points in Capricorn sign, so the other planets will neither help nor hinder him in giving his results. He will be able to perform reasonably well in his Mahadasha

crowley ashtakvarga

  • Shad bala table.

This table gives a lot of information but briefly, Mars has an exceptionally high Ishta phala. His results will be very highly auspicious, long lasting, intense and pleasing for Crowley. His Sthan bala is also quite high, so once Crowley is determined about some action or decision related to the Mars things, he will follow it through powerfully and achieve it. His Dig-bala is reasonably ok, so Crowley will feel reasonably comfortable going in the direction indicated by his Mars. His Drig bala is very highly positive so this means that the agents of the other planets will actively help Crowley. The Cheshtha bala is high which indicates that results indicated by Mars will be achieved faster and with minimum fuss. Overall this indicates that the Mahadasha of Mars will be a fruitful period and grant Crowley a lot of achievements with relatively lesser problems.

crowley shadbala

7. Analysis of the ruler of the sign Mars is placed in is necessary. Here it is Saturn the ruler of Capricorn. He is placed in the same sign, his own sign and is generally in a good place so will more help than hinder Mars in giving good results in his Mahadasha. You can further analyse his strength using the tables etc.

8. Analysis of the Nakshatra that Mars in placed in. Here Mars is in Uttarashadha nakshatra giving Crowley the ability to massively affect others around him with his Martian qualities. He will be able to sacrifice his self-ego for the greater good. There will be a touch of idealism, philosophy, pragmatism and hard work in all that this Mars does in Crowley’s life. 

9. Mars is aspecting the 10th 1st and 2nd house. So he will give positive results related to the keywords of these houses too during his Mahadasha. This will give desirable effects in social life, social recognition, profession, personality development, creation of conducive environment around Crowley, good times with close friends and family, increase in tangible resources, money etc. 

10. Position of Mars from the birth Moon will give you a hint on the emotional impacts of this Mahadasha. For Crowley, Mars is placed 11th from the birth Moon, a very favourable position. Whatever results he gives will be pleasing and acceptable on the emotional and mental levels. There will be gain on the astral levels. Especially so if this Mars has matured. 

11. The Navamsha and Mars’ power in it is an insight into the potential and subconscious expectations related to him. Mars is vargottam, so gains a lot of power. The Lagna/ ascendant degree falls in Scorpio navamsha, ie Mars controls the overall potential of the subconscious. Also another major planet Mercury falls in Aries navamsha, ie Mars has a subtle say in matters connected to Mercury. No doubt Mars is a very important planet in Crowley’s life, so his Mahadasha will be touching so many aspects of his life in a positive manner.

Navamsha Aleister Crowley

12. Finally the timing of the Mahadasha – you need to see the age of the person and the socio-cultural context of the results. Eg if this powerful Mahadasha comes at the age of 2yrs what is the baby going to do about it? The parents will get some benefits as the child’s horoscope’s energy is then transferred to them to some extent. But the child himself is not going to use the energy generated. Powerful Mahadasha’s should ideally come at the age of about 15 yrs to 55 yrs to be of real use. 

And the mandatory rider. The effects of any dasha/ transit will be dependant on the power of the ascendant lord / sign and the birth Moon. If these are strong then the personality can make use of the events to trigger favourable things even in seemingly unfavourable times.

There are so may ways you can use the different techniques of Jyotish in analysing a planet in your life. This will help you gain more insights into how his Mahadasha is going to work out. What aspects of your life are going to be positively supported, where you can expect help from, which parts of life are going to give you gain. There is never a yes/ no answer to anything and no clear answer can be given to generic questions. But do perform this sort of analysis for your planets as it is always interesting to see how patterns are created in the chart and how different aspects of life are in fact deeply interconnected.