Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius

Saturn Jupiter conjunction is a relatively rare phenomenon which occurs once every 20yrs or so. The last time it occurred was in 2001.

  • In the current time, this conjunction has begun since Jupiter entered Sagittarius in Nov 2019 and will continue till Saturn leaves Sagittarius on 22nd Jan 2020.
  • Then Jupiter will move extremely fast and enter Capricorn on 30th Mar 2020 to again be with Saturn this time in Capricorn.
  • Then he will leave Capricorn on 30th June 2020 to return to Sagittarius, breaking the conjunction.
  • Jupiter will re-enter Capricorn on 20th Nov 2020 to be conjunct with Saturn again.

The interesting point is that this time, Jupiter-Saturn is occurring in signs owned by them. First in Jupiter/ Sagittarius and then Saturn/ Capricorn, so overall, the results are generally on the positive side, even though Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn.

Recovering from psychic attacks, healing

Now in this post let’s see this present time, from Nov 2019 to Jan 2020. This analysis is further complicated by the fact that Ketu, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon all will be influencing Saturn+Jupiter entering Sagittarius with them. Rahu is placed in the opposite sign Gemini so he too is being aspected by all these planets in turn. Jupiter and Saturn are also going to get combust in this. The true nodes are in forward motion, almost stationary, and two eclipses are in the offing. All this is occurring in Sagittarius, a fiery sign owned by Jupiter so things are marginally better.

Those who have Gemini or Sagittarius as their ascendant sign or birth Moon sign should take adequate precautions. Think and analyse the situation before acting. Whatever you do now will have far-reaching implications.

To analyse this Jupiter+Saturn conjunction you will first need to find out what these two signify in your chart. The routine analysis (this post).

Now check out where Sagittarius lies in your chart. Everything will depend on this, the birth placement and the transit placement of Jupiter and Saturn and how they react with each other.

Among the signs, Aries, Libra, Aquarius are better off, but do be careful about your actions now. Taurus is right now in an awkward place, but things will be better after Jan 2020 end. Gemini and Sagittarius are bearing the brunt of all this energy so need to look after themselves. Cancer is just making do, there is limited happiness and disappointments are possible. Cancer and Leo should take special care around the eclipses both solar and lunar are coming up. Leo otherwise is generally average. Virgo is in a tight place, do be careful, you might be blamed for something that you didn’t do. Scorpio might have to give time to their family, medical issues may crop up, pay attention to your income/expenses, but things will improve after Saturn enters Capricorn. Pisces is not bad but for things will be much better after Saturn enters Capricorn, best keep a low profile for now. This was a brief snap-shot as per the birth Moon signs.

Both Saturn and Jupiter are slow planets, so their combined effect is to delay things. There will be no wild rush in these 2 months, but systematic and steady work. The pattern is, there seem to be a lot of problems, but if you keep your senses and work in a disciplined manner, you wil achieve your goals no matter how difficult it may seem now. So overall this placement will give its benefic results, but the process will be tedious.

If both planets have matured in your chart you will be more able to work with them, else they will seem needlessly slow and difficult.

They are with Ketu till 22nd Jan 2020. Ketu adds his touch of smoke and illusions to everything. Things are not what they seem, there are layers within. Self-confidence will be affected overall. Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius born should take care especially around the eclipse. Karmic lessons from the past lives will pop up and cause turmoil.  Everything depends on your birth position and the transit in relation to this. If your birth Ketu is in the 5/11 axis make use of this Ketu it is an opportunity!

Venus is with them till 15th Dec 2019. You might feel it is time to find a partner, get married or to find love or have an affair during this period. But the longevity of this relationship will be less. Creative arts will be pronounced and a desire to interfere in other’s lives will also exist. There is a possibility of medical conditions of the reproductive organs. If you are planning to conceive a baby, best wait for sometime.

Sun joins them on 16th Dec 2019 and leaves on 15th Jan 2020. During this period both Saturn and Jupiter will also go combust. This is not a good period as Ketu is also here with them. There will be opportunities for growth but selfish behaviour or short-sighted view can be a problem. Home-life may be affected, spouse, parents and children will also add to your stress. Enemies, conflicts may occur and health issues related to the eyes, pitta and ’heat’. Then the eclipse too will release its energies. But if the placement is favourable in your chart, you can gain. It grants intelligence, fearlessness and decisive action. This combination is a very great opportunity for most of us. This is sometimes called a ‘great conjunction’.

Mercury will also be joining them from 25th Dec 2019 to 13th Jan 2020. During this period you will feel motivated but there will be delayed success. Do not take unnecessary risks or experiment it will create long-term problems. During this period watch out for the Moon transit for your chart. It can cause emotional turmoil and physical illness related to ‘cold’.

Saturn moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn breaking the conjunction on 22nd Jan 2020.

Quality of Life

Jupiter is philosophy, higher knowledge, wisdom, guidance from ancestors, dreams, sleep, mediative states, losses of the material, gain of the spiritual, even Moksh (both the Moksh-karak planets Venus and Ketu are with this transiting Jupiter a rare opportunity!). On the material plane, Jupiter is wealth, gold, auspicious events, harmony, higher education, spouse, children, happiness, fortune, religious activities etc. Jupiter is expansion, benevolence, humanitarian beliefs, peers and patrons in society and the spiritual Guru. These things are expanding as Jupiter is in his own house, Sagittarius.

Saturn is the embodiment of Dharma and Karma. He expects us to perform our duties and right action as per our conscience. Dharma is always Swa-dharma, the right action expected of oneself. If we fail in this, if we act against our conscience, this action is registered as a karmic imbalance. Then Saturn’s job is to help us rebalance this. A rather typical job which requires strictness, discipline and work. Saturn represents law, age, maturity, illness, endurance, fear, guilt, grief, repression, constriction, delay, insecurity, etc. Material successes, social reputation, social activities, profession, work, material things. Saturn is in Jupiter’s house so he will want to rebalance things related to Jupiter’s keywords and make you work with a  philosophical touch. Its a rare combination that we are seeing.

A fine understanding of what our own conscience is trying to say and then actually following it always helps. Life plays out its drama and often without warning we get hit, fail, are disturbed, hurt. As sometimes we rise spectacularly there are times when we also fall deeply. Life is about balancing everything and is actually an average straight line!

Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius. Its the first time in our lives that the three slowest graha, Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter are together. The other part of the Rahu/Ketu axis, Rahu is placed in the opposite house being aspected by them. This will give extraordinary results for any spiritual activity you take up. For materialistic activities too this period can give quite good results, if you work sincerely and leave the rest to the Divine!

This period is chock full of energies which are moving very fast on the still foundation of Rahu/ Ketu. The best way you can make use of this, is to divert their energies into the sub-conscious and the inner self, where they will be proactively used in balancing karma. Be aware of them, try to be the still center around which the energy whirls. Do not get caught unawares lest you land in a mess with long-term implications.


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Planetary war, Graha Yuddha

Planetary war is a peculiar astronomical condition where several planets are together in one sign at once. In terms of speed, the Moon is the fastest graha, next is Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Rahu/Ketu and then Saturn which is the slowest. And then the fast-moving ones catch up to the slower planets and the distance between the two becomes less than one degree, this is Graha Yuddha. This peculiar conjunction affects the powers of the planet who has the lesser degrees, it is considered to have lost the war! The Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu do not involve themselves in such fights. Only the five, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are involved in Graha Yuddha.

The logic behind this is quite simple. A planet is considered to give more results, the deeper he advances into a sign. e.g. A Jupiter which is placed at 4 deg in Leo and a Mercury placed at 5 deg Leo. In this case, Mercury is more capable of giving results related to Leo than Jupiter based on their degree placement in the sign. And in terms of war, Mercury is the the victor.

Planetary war, Graha Yuddha

This ‘planetary war’ concept is not very important in analysing birth horoscopes but is applicable in Prasna, in analysing the effects of transiting planets and in mundane astrology. There are four types of planetary war,

  1. Occultation – In this case the two planets have the same direction of movement and the lie on the same degree. And the planet nearer to the earth completely obstructs the one who is farther away. (Chhadan or Bhaed)
    • can cause failure of rains, discord among prominent people, clashes between nations,
  2. Apasavya – This is occultation but when one of the planets is moving in a forward motion and the other in a retrograde motion.
    • Internal flights among the ruling class
  3. Obstruction – In this case the planetary spheres touch each other but do not overlap. Just their edges touch. (Ullekh or Rodh)
    • can cause confusions in government, internal unrest, civil war, famines,
  4. Anshu-mardana – This is when the planets are 1-5 deg from each other and their energies/rays clash with each other.
    • disease and poverty can spread among the populations.

In the present time, in June/July, a planetary war will occur in Gemini and then in Cancer as Mars, Mercury and Venus are going to move together, in forward and also retrograde motions. During this period they will also be with Rahu while in Gemini. They will also accompany the Sun and occasionally go combust. The present times are highly confused with retrograde Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius and a retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio.

This confusion in the Gemini – Sagittarius axis will create war like situations in the world, with religion – fueled aggression. When it hits the Cancer – Capricorn axis it will cause problems for homeland security and social issues which will affect large sections of the society.

In analysing transits, also remember that the planet which has advanced more into the sign dominates, so in June you have Mars in Gemini leading the Sun, Mercury and Rahu. Two fiery planets, Sun, Mars and one airy, Rahu with the impressionable adolescent Mercury. As Mars dominates all these, summers have been intense, forests have been on fire, people have been very passionate about causes (Indian elections!), rains are late, people will have been suffering heat-related health issues etc. The situation will marginally improve as Mercury overtakes Mars and till he exits Gemini. And this is all happening with Rahu, the agent of desire, in Gemini aspected by the agent of constriction, i.e Saturn from Sagittarius.

People with ascendants or birth moon sign, Gemini, Sagittarius and to some extent Virgo are badly affected, ‘heat’ in all its possible forms will be after them. Aries and Scorpio are better off as Mars is the winner of the Graha yuddha. Taurus should take care especially, of the health and avoid accidents while driving, might be required to live away from home for some time. Cancer is not in a very favourable position either. Pisces will feel the heat and body/mind fatigue. For the rest of the signs it is average.

To get more personal, look into your birth-chart and check out what the Gemini-Sagittarius means to you, which houses it falls in. Expect problems from this axis and its keywords.

The present times till September 2019, when Saturn will turn forward again, are very happening, with events moving very fast. Do keep notes and keep track of what is happening, it is going to be quite educational. But in your personal lives try to keep calm and work through situations as they present themselves. It is the ideal time to study the effects of transits, retrogrades, planetary war, combustion etc as so many planets are involved.


Planetary war, Graha Yuddha