Gemini Sagittarius axis, Events in motion, part 1

The effectiveness of signs to give results in a chart depends on several things. Sagittarius is the most active of all the signs closely followed by Leo and Gemini. Thus the Sagittarius-Gemini axis is the most dynamic one in your chart. Events represented by this axis and their agents come into your life fast, cause high voltage changes and exit equally fast. Here your life is in fast forward. If you have Sagittarius or Gemini as your birth Moon sign or ascendant sign, or if too many planets occupy them, you live life on the fast track, ‘work hard and play hard’ applies to you!

Gemini Sagittarius axis, Events in motion, part 1

The most sensitive axis in your chart is the Virgo-Pisces, ruled by the MercuryJupiter combo. And the most dynamic aspect is now again ruled by Mercury-Jupiter, i.e. Gemini-Sagittarius. This post is on how things are on internally, what you would feel on the subconscious and spiritual levels. This is using Jyotish to illuminate your spiritual growth not for predictions as such. If you understand the deeper nature of the signs you can know yourself and your clients better.

Gemini/Mithun is where you choose to act. In two minds, often evaluating between two options. You continuously think and choose, you have twice the brain power as this is a dual natured sign represented by 2 human figures. Mithun is a Sanskrit word meaning several things, duality, pairing, twins, mating, union, couple etc. Gemini ruled by Mercury is the sign of conscious choice. You use what is given to you and create options, evaluate them, choose and act. You have all the databases, data analysis, mental agility, brain power and thinking capacity. You are full of courage, boldness, risk-taking abilities and also its associated conflicts and instabilities. You cannot sit still. This is the sign where karma is created, karma is ‘action with intention’, you choose and act.

You are so involved in analysing situations and creating options that others might think of you being self-centred. You are absorbed in the intellectual appreciation of choice. And when you come to a conclusion you want to tell it to all, the mental processes are so fast, this makes you seem spontaneous, outgoing and eloquent. You are always excited about finding more things to choose from, you are quick and sharp. More thrills and exciting experiences, this in the physical life can get you in risky actions, dares and juvenile challenges. You are duality in all its possible forms. Exchanging ideas, discussions, later arguments, communication, trade. Being versatile, adaptable is natural to you. Though changing directions in a moment will make you seem fickle-minded and irresponsible.

Gemini always thinks that there is a better option, he just has to work it out. His brain is always working and he is restless, pining for this often non-existent option which will be glorious. Too much of this can lead to conflicts and instability. His thought processes can make him suspicious. e.g. he won’t trust his friends to be friendly but will trust his enemies to be antagonistic, which is a bit weird. Choosing between ideologies, loyalties, loves, demands, memories, desires, aspiration, actions often conflicting, can be exhausting. But still he is full of wild energy and likes communicating with gestures and movements.

A Gemini likes to think, it is his passion, thinking in various possible ways. This can lead to brooding, melancholy or depression too. But then if a Gemini goes deeper, contemplates, he also has the skill of synthesis. He can combine two opposite seeming things. He knows that every good thing is also connected to bad stuff. And bad stuff will also eventually be linked to something good. He instinctively knows the other face of the coin and also accepts it. Ultimately he wishes to solve the mystery of birth-death-rebirth v/s Realisation/Moksh.twinsIf you are a Gemini, your allies are the agents represented by Libra (5th from) and Aquarius (9th from). Each of these acts as the foundation and creative expression of the other in a cyclic manner. Libra comes to being when the duality of Gemini is infused with creativity, divine intelligence and the strange selfishness of the ego. As you mature and the exuberance tones down, you are more able to appreciate the beauty of fairness, balance and one-one bargains. You partner with like minded individuals and your exchange becomes more satisfying. Aquarius is located 9th from Gemini. This is the marketplace of Gemini’s dreams. Under the discipline of Saturn but with a bit of Rahu’s foreign-ness and rule-breaking allowed, you gain patrons and paternal figures who guide you in making stable gains and profits. But Saturn is the ruler here and it is the 9th house, so the karmic constraints from the ancestors and past lives require the Gemini to work hard here.

You reach the culmination of this cycle in Aries the 11th house where you gain ‘individuality’. Thus journey for Gemini, is sort of a cycle from duality to the individual-ness represented by Aries.

Challenges will be presented by the agents of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn. Taurus is located 12th from Gemini. Thus you tend to use up the family, family resources, family traditions in your quest for more and wider interactions. Then Leo is highly individual and you are duality itself. If you remain selfish, promoting your own creativity without regard for others you might be in trouble. But then understand the lesson that Leo is out to teach you. You should use divine intelligence and inspiration available to you when you choose and act. You cannot remain caught in the plethora of options which you endlessly create for yourself. You need to recognise that one option where you have the blessings of the higher self within you and pursue it.

Scorpio is about relentlessly delving within your self, accepting changes in emotions within the depth of the self. As a Gemini may not be interested in getting deeply with single focus into anything. You think in several ways before you act. You are duality. You wish to get out of the situation you are in as quickly and painlessly as possible. And Scorpio is pain. You have a lot of mates, but perhaps no real friends, thus you do not share your emotions. You avoid confrontations, i.e. you can argue but you avoid expressing your feelings. A trader out for profit, always has to smile. Excessive self-control, suppressed anger and frustration cause the rather mysterious/Scorpio health problems which a Gemini suffers. Sometimes instinct needs to be followed, mysteries are there for a reason, so just some times trust your intuition. Gemini is a trader/vaisya sign, it can think of spiritual and the occult but then remains in the material. Scorpio warns against this.

Capricorn requires you to work for the betterment of the society, for social recognition, for the stability and security of the society, without regard for remuneration. And you are exuberant, wild and stormy at times. Saturn demands discipline and the irrepressible Mercury is not bothered. Then come the periods governed by Saturn where he will relentlessly make Gemini change himself, sober him down force him to grow up. These will be the periods when the understanding of karma and its repercussions will really hit the Gemini personality.

So, Gemini is always polarity and generally conflicted because of this. Too many planets in Gemini or Gemini ascendant/birth Moon sign creates a typical personality who needs support from its mirror Sagittarius to really bring out his potential and rise to great spiritual/material height.

(Here was a bit about Gemini/Mithun rashi. Have continued with Sagittarius the other half of this axis in my next post here.)


Gemini Sagittarius axis, Events in motion, part 1

Plan your baby’s horoscope

In these days of Caesarean sections at the drop of hat and designer babies the astrologer finds a niche. To predict the perfect time of birth for the perfectly perfect baby!

Astrology has become just like the medical profession, there is a cut-practice and you need to go for a second opinion. Also have a basic understanding of the subject, enough to know if your astrologer is scamming you. Am penning this post because I recently came across a caesarean baby whose parents had gone for a ‘timed delivery’, after consulting a locally well-known astrologer but the child had developed some issues coz the Moon was in the 12thhouse. (How could this astrologer give these parents a time where the Moon was in the 12thhouse is beyond me.)

Plan your baby's horoscope

So if you find yourself in a position where you have to have a caesarean delivery and want the best possible combination for your child, read this through. Most caesarean operations are rather in the nature of emergencies, generally your doctor will give you just a day or two to decide. So assuming you have just a couple of days to decide, you will not have much of a say over the moon sign or the signs the other planets occupy, however you can choose which houses they occupy. In short, you can choose the ascendant sign. This is how you do it. It is very simple and even beginners can do it. You will just need to know how to count the houses.

Get a software or app for Vedic astrology. For android I have found “Hindu calendar” by developer “Alok Mandavgane” and for iphones “Drik panchang” by developer “Adarsh apps” to be quite accurate and user friendly. In the settings, put in your location and the Lahiri ayanamsha (in Indian software/apps it will be Lahiri/Chitrapaksha by default).

Then go over to the day you have the delivery scheduled. The ascendant sign changes approx. every 2 hours. So you have to set the time to every 2 hours in that day and copy out the charts as you see them. You will get 12 horoscope chart options.

Now check out which one horoscope fits in the following.

  1. The moon should be in a good house, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th. You will have these many options. Mark these charts on your paper for easy reference.
  2. Then next, the Jupiter should occupy a good house, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th. Check out from above (1) which horoscopes match this requirement. Mark these and discard the others, you will have maybe 4-5 charts marked with you now.
  3. Now you will choose the location of the Ascendant lord/the owner of the first house. Each of your selected horoscopes from (2) will have a different ascendant sign and ruler. Go through each of the charts and locate the house where its ascendant sign ruler is placed. The ascendant sign ruler should be located in a good house, preferably 1st, 5th, 9th, 11th. This will further fine-tune your options and you may have 2-3 probable charts left.
  4. Now for Mars, he should ideally be in the 3rd, 9th, 10th 11th house. Mark the suitable charts again.
  5. Now if you still have options, choose a chart which has NIL or the minimum number of planets in the houses of turmoil ie the 6th, 8th, 12th.
  6. Planets which perform quite well in the 6thare Mars, Saturn, Rahu/Ketu. Saturn can be good in the 8th. Planets good for the 12thare Rahu/Ketu. These are the best possibilities for the ‘unpleasant’ planets, these are optional if you can fit these it is good else ok.
  7. Now these conditions will have reduced the list of the likely horoscopes to the one which is the best possible under the circumstances.
  8. Now you have your time frame of 2 hours. If it is possible choose a time mid way between these 2 hours, if not that is alright too.

Even if you have the time to go and consult an astrologer, do cross check the time he has given you using this list.

Plan your baby's horoscope

Will explain a bit about this list, the basic minimum.

  1. Moon is the most important planet of them all as it is the mind and your emotions. The lens of perceptions and how you experience life. If these are ok then a lot of your life problems seem manageable.
  2. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, the heavy weight of the horoscope. He has the ability to set right a lot of things and balance out the problems. Gives a solid foundation to your life and acts as your conscience too. If he is an a favourable position you will know what is right in life, less likely to go astray.
  3. Now the ruler of the ascendant sign, the lord of the first house. He represents your purpose in life and how well adjusted you are to your environment. It is highly important to have him in a good placement.
  4. Mars is very important, he can be cruel and malefic too but he represents your expression of will, the competitive edge the ability to fight. Having him in certain houses is a advantage.
  5. 6th, 8thand 12thare collectively called the houses of turmoil, dushamsthana. They represent the diseases, debts, enemies, accidents, surgeries, death, exile, loss of vitality, dreams and insanity. Ideal is having no planets here, but that may not be possible so try to have the minimum possible number of planets here. If possible no benefics in these 3 houses.
  6. Malefics are great in dushamstanas. Remove a thorn with a thorn works here. So if there are malefics here, they might create enemies but they will also give the energy to fight and vanquish them.

So here was a quick post on how to choose a time for a caesarean delivery so that your child gets the best possible option in life. But still, there will be some problems and hardships as life is for re-balancing karma. No chart is perfect. You are doing the best you can to ensure the best possible birth chart D-1 under the circumstance. But remember, the detailed divisional charts like D-9, D-60 etc are not in your hands. That is fate and the destiny your child has chosen for him/her-self.

So ultimately, the best you can do after this exercise is, when the operation begins intend the best, focus your intention and will, request the Universe/favourite deity/Parmeshwar so that your child gets the best possible start in life.


Plan your baby's horoscope