Penumbral lunar eclipse May 2023 astrological predictions

Today night, ie the night of 5th / 6th May there is a penumbral lunar eclipse in the skies. In a ‘penumbral lunar’ eclipse, the penumbral portion of the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon’s disc. And this ‘penumbral lunar eclipse’ has nil astrological significance. For lunar eclipses, only the umbral variety have astrological significance.

We all are still experiencing the effects of the major solar eclipse which occurred 2 weeks ago in Apr 2023. On the national and global levels, after the major Apr 2023 solar eclipse the weather is still being unpredictable. Erratic rain, storms, etc are making their presence felt which will have its impact on agriculture. There will be a few accidents/ deaths in water related disasters in the next 1 month or so. Most significantly, the global economy has started collapsing at an accelerated rate. The collective West will suffer more during this impending economic disaster.

But today we have a rather exceptional planetary line up. All the planets are inter connected, making the current time quite intense.

  • Aries – with Rahu and Jupiter who are in Ashvini nakshatra connected to Ketu. Combust Mercury and Sun are in Bharani nakshatra.
  • Gemini – with Venus who is the owner of Libra and Mars who owns Aries.
  • Libra – with Ketu and the Moon. Both are in Svati nakshatra which is connected to Rahu.
  • Aquarius – with Saturn who is aspecting Aries and the planets in it with his 3rd aspect. He is in Shatataraka/Shatabhisha nakshatra which is connected to Rahu.

If you observe closely, the transiting Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Moon, Jupiter, are in nakshatra connected to either Rahu or Ketu.  And the current Sun and Mercury are actually conjunct Rahu. Mars and Venus own the signs in which Rahu and Ketu placed in at present. Thus at present, Rahu and Ketu are subtly dominating everyone and everything.

Thankfully the lunar eclipse today is just the penumbral variety so there are no true eclipse energies adding to this mix. But this influence of Rahu and Ketu on all the other graha is significant in itself. Students of astrology should observe their sample charts/ people in this time. I have written several posts on this sort of energy (index page).

The prediction for the coming 2 months or so is quite simple – you will get whatever your Rahu and Ketu have promised you in your chart, birth /transit. You will have no option to enjoy/ endure these results as right now Rahu and Ketu are influencing every other planet in the skies. You will not be able to draw on the energies of the other planets in channelising the effects of Rahu/Ketu.

Rahu and Ketu are generally malefic for all ascendants (post here). So for most of us this time will lead to stress.

In rare charts, they can function as Yogkaraks (post here). So for some of us, this period is going to give extraordinary advantages.

If you are undergoing a Dasha period of Rahu or Ketu you will see major changes in your life. And depending on their birth position these changes may be desirable/ undesirable. If you are undergoing a Dasha period of Moon, then too you should be careful for the next 1/2 months as unexpected events might pop up.

First analyse your birth chart in depth before scaring yourself with negative readings.


In brief for the Moon signs, currently,

The most affected is Libra, Tula rashi. You will face stress from multiple levels and with restlessness, lack of sleep, quarrels with the spouse and at home, things can get uncontrollable. Avoid reacting emotionally to the situations around you. Try to think logically and act practically as much as you can. Next affected is Aries, Mesh rashi. In addition to the general turmoil, you will feel restricted and in a sudden resource crunch due to Saturn’s 3rd aspect.

Kanya rashi, Virgo must be alert. You were enjoying the best time in the past few months, (Dec 2022 to Apr 2023) and now suddenly everything will go in the 180deg opposite direction. Everything that you felt hopeful about in the past few months will start going wrong. Projects will be delayed and plans will not materialise. Stress will be high in all aspects of life. Do not trust others unless you are very sure.

Scorpio, Vrushchik rashi will face secret enemies, malicious gossip and ill health. Your subordinates will cause trouble. Losses and thefts are possible. Spouse will be in stress or give you stress, in either case, need your attention. Home life will be disturbed. Overall a lack of energy and self doubts as you cannot think clearly.

Next are Karka rashi, Cancer and Makar rashi, Capricorn. Both will face ill health and the overall hopelessness when nothing seems to go right. Situations at home and in the office will be uncertain and you will feel unprepared for the situations which will suddenly pop up. Parents and boss will give you stress. Avoid following the advice given by the parents as they might misguide. Your boss too may try to get you into trouble.

Aquarius, Kumbh rashi, is going through the main Sade sati period but Rahu will grant courage to get through things. However behaviour of neighbours, cousins, teammates in office will be less than ideal and a source of stress. Unnecessary travelling is possible. Not a time for stock investments even if these options look attractive.

Taurus, Vrushabh rashi,  will face ill health and lack of rest. Negative thoughts, nightmares and hauntings as possible. Budgeting is necessary, spend your money only on the essential things. Expected returns/ gains will be delayed and you might face a few typical moments due to a resource crunch.

Sagittarius, Dhanu rashi will face a few sleepless nights caused by their children misbehaving or getting into trouble. Relationships breaking up can cause heartbreak. Investments will not give expected results and this is not a time for speculation. Do not expect much support from your friends in this time.

For Leo, Simha rashi, for some time at least, luck is on your side. Important people, seniors or lost contacts may suddenly turn up in your life to provide timely help. New job opportunities can open up. Avoid over confidence in this phase and do only that much as is reasonable.

Pisces, Meen rashi, went through the worst period in these past few months. Now you will see some positive changes in the near future especially so if the birth chart is strong. Your past investments may suddenly give unexpected gains or some new source of income may open up, blocked resources will open up.

Gemini, Mithun rashi, is poised to make some significant gains in this period. In case you have a favourable birth Rahu or Ketu then a once in a life time opportunity can open up in the next 1/2  months. But as always think twice before acting.

Remedies, as per Rishi Parashar, as always are only the two, Mantra and Daan. And if you have a strong chart and are aware of yourself then acting intelligently and modulating your behaviour is the third ‘remedy’ option. (Ref the index page for posts on these topics)

(I had received several requests that I write on the penumbral lunar eclipse today thus this post.)

Pujas during an eclipse

Eclipses are caused when Chandra, Surya and Pruthvi are aligned on a Purnima or an Amavasya. There can be a maximum of 7 eclipses during a year.

  • A Lunar eclipse is possible when the distance between Chandra and Rahu/ Ketu is less than 18.5 arc degrees and it is certain when the distance is less than 15 arc degrees on a full moon day.
  • A Solar eclipse is possible when the distance between Rahu/ Ketu and the Surya is less than 12 arc degrees and is certain if the distance is less than 9 arc degrees.

All eclipses continue to indirectly influence global affairs for weeks/ years. In case of a solar eclipse the results last for as many years as many hours. And for a Lunar eclipse, the direct results last for as many weeks as many hours the eclipse was visible. For the people, the land and the seas witnessing the eclipse, direct effects will last for weeks/ years depending on the type of the eclipse and the duration for which it was visible at that particular place. People living here should ideally do some pujas to manage the eclipse energies. If the eclipse is not visible at the place where you live then it will not have any direct effects on you and no pujas or remedial measures are necessary. Obviously the indirect effects affect the population of the entire Earth.

A ‘total’ eclipse is where the entire disc of the Sun or the Moon is completely obscured. ‘Partial’ is when the shadow partially obscures their disc. And there is a ‘penumbral lunar’ eclipse, where the penumbral portion of the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon’s disc. Areas witnessing totality will obviously face stronger effects than the areas where partial eclipse is visible. And the ‘penumbral lunar eclipse’ has nil astrological significance.

Eclipses release pending karma in a burst and this energy is often overwhelming. There are only two ways of addressing this karma burst, ie Daana and Mantra (index page). You can do any of the following, depending on what sort of mantra you practice, or what sort of deity (Kuldevata/Ishtadevata) you adore. Remember that all mantra jaap should be ideally mental, ie do not move your tongue while you recite them. As always use your common sense and do only that much which is advisable and as per your level to absorb the energy.

The a period before the actual eclipse is called the ‘Sutak’. This is generally 12+ hours in duration and we ideally should not eat or drink anything during this period. But in modern times this is not possible, we all have our daily work to do, so you can eat minimal food or fasting type of food so that you do not get tired as you go about your day.


Before the eclipse becomes visible in your town, you should get ready. Have a bath or at least freshen up and wear clean clothes and sit on your Asan. As the eclipse starts you should do at least one of the following.

1. If you wear the Yajnopavit sutra then the Jaap of the Gayatri mantra is yours by Anushthan /right / Sanskar. And you should make use of the energies of the eclipse and the power of your this mantra.

2. Any mantra you wish to make siddh, eg Soham, Gayatri mantra, Mahamrutyunjai mantra, mantra of the grahas, mantra of your Kuldevata/ Ishtadevata etc. Just be sure that the mantra you choose is a proper Vedic mantra, ie should have a proper reference from the Ved. Do not get caught in fancy mantras propagated by ‘new age gurus’. Recite the mantra 1, 3, 27, 54, 108 times or in multiples of 108 as possible.

3. Recite stotras of the Bhagwans – Vishnu, Shankar, Ganapati, Skandh, etc or the Devis – Laxmi, Parvati, Sarasvati etc or any Sukta, Kavach or any stotra of your adored deity. Again these should be recited 1, 3, 27, 54, 108 times or multiples of 108 as possible. If you do not have learnt the stotra by rote then you can read it from a book. Again, worship only those deities who are mentioned in our Shastra Granths (Ved/ Itihas/ Puran).

4. Read any book, eg the Bhagwat Gita or the Upanishads or the Devi Mahatmya etc during the eclipse. Or any book written by an Atmajnyani Mahapurush / Jivan Mukt Guru, in your favourite language is also a good option.

5. Dhyan with the Ajapa mantra ‘Soham’ is the easiest and the most natural practice (post here).

6. If you have a Guru available then ask him in advance for any personalised practice for you during this time and then do it as per his directions.

After the eclipse gets over, get up from your Asan, have a bath, wear fresh clothes etc. Do a basic puja in your household puja ghar/ altar. In case of a solar eclipse, offer Arghya to the Sun. Go to a nearby temple and offer Daan to the deity there. If you live near a river or the sea then you can also offer the daana into the waters.

In case you at work and unable to do all this as above, then at least avoid eating/ drinking anything during the actual eclipse time as much as possible. During the eclipse try to mentally visualise your adored deity, recite your mantra in your mind etc. ‘Soham’ is the easiest, it is as easy as breathing.

And if you are travelling or driving then pay attention to your safety first. You can listen to audios of stotras, Bhagwat Gita, Devi Mahatmya, Upanishads etc as the safest option. Or recite Soham with your breath as the easiest practice. Only do that much as you are easily and safely able to do.

This was the bare minimum that you should do during an eclipse in order to harness its energies.

Total lunar eclipse 16 May 2022 astrological results

The first lunar eclipse of this year is a total lunar eclipse on 16th May 2022. It is the second eclipse of this 2022, following the partial solar eclipse of 30th Apr 2022 (post here). The results will also be somewhat on the same lines, but now hitting on the keywords of the Moon. This map below from shows the areas which will experience the eclipse. The event will last for an approx 5hrs so its effects will fade in about 5 weeks.

First, the astrological configuration of the graha in the skies.

During this eclipse, all the nations in South America will witness totality and it will have a significant effect on them. Also some parts of Antarctica, Mexico, USA and Canada will experience totality. All those nations whose national capital will experience the totality will be more affected by the eclipse energies. It is advisable that people living here perform some mantra etc to channelise the energy, else it will swamp them.

Nations experiencing the some part of the total and the partial Umbral eclipse phases will also be affected by the energies. The intensity of disruption will depend on if their ‘birth charts’ are weak at this point of time. This includes western part of the African continent and the western tip of Asia which includes the European nations. The people living in these areas should try to channelise the energy of the eclipse so that it helps them in some way.

The eclipse is occurring above the oceans. Practically the whole of Atlantic ocean, the eastern half of the Pacific and a huge chunk of the South Ocean will be affected. A lunar eclipse and affecting such huge tracts of water is bound to cause significant disruption. The global weather patterns which originate from these oceans will be affected and this will have long term repercussions all over the globe.

For the other nations/ people who are going to experience just the penumbral eclipse or will not experience the eclipse at all, its effect will be negligible.

The eclipse is occurring in Krutika nakshatra. Even if Rahu and Sun are in different signs they are in the same lunar mansion. Mercury is retrograde and combust too. He is in Krutika thus closely involved with the eclipse energies. Ketu and Moon, though in different signs, are still in the same Vishakha nakshatra. 

Saturn and Mars in the same sign but thankfully now they are so far apart, one at the very start of Aquarius and one on the verge of leaving it. They have minimal influence on each other per se. But Saturn will continue to feel the effect losing the graha yuddha to Mars. Saturn continues to aspect Aries with his 3rd aspect thus also influencing Rahu in it. Mars is aspecting Sun and Mercury with his 4th aspect.

Jupiter and Venus are not directly connected to the eclipse, but Jupiter is aspecting Moon with his 9th aspect which is good. But they have their own war going on the sidelines, with its own repercussions. They are close enough to influence each other. Exalted Venus has won the graha yuddha and Jupiter will have to follow his lead for the time being.

The eclipse is releasing its energies in the Krutika-Vishakha axis so let’s briefly analyse these two lunar mansions to gain some insight into the subtle aspects of this eclipse. 

  • Krutika is connected to the Sun, ruled by Agni and is very fiery by nature. Expect increase in harshness and a ruthless desire to conquer everything. Arguments, conflicts, wars etc at different levels will continue tinged by ego, ambition, pride, politics etc. Actions requiring courage, ability, initiative etc will be taken but at their core will be a knot of selfishness. Military activity will increase, police and other enforcement agencies will also remain on high alert.
  • Vishakha is connected to Jupiter and ruled by Agni and Indra. Personal goals will become all important as everyone is willing to go to any extent to achieve their desires, selfishness increases. Peace of mind, pleasantness and relaxation will reduce as negative emotions, internal emptiness, restlessness and frustration increases. Immoral and unethical behaviour increases. Challenges will also increase. However most of us will have sufficient resources to tide over. Agriculture will be affected by untimely rain and violent winds. Expect an increase in consumption of intoxicating substances. Troublemakers will try to disrupt the society. Secret dangerous activities will cause problems.  

I have already written detailed posts on the results expected in this Vedic year, Shri Shubhakruti. Result of Saturn’s transit in Aquarius. Saturn’s transit in Dhanishtha nakshatra. Rahu Ketu transit into Aries/Libra. Jupiter’s transit into Pisces. A post on Apr-Jul 2022 and several on the past eclipses etc. (do use the index page.) This year 2022-23 is a very happening one with lots of activities and changes expected during this time. Eclipses act as trigger points for events which have personal and global implications.

Some general predictions. As with every eclipse, first and foremost there will be disruptions in the weather. Heavy winds, rain, cyclones, flooding and turbulence especially for the nations who will witness totality (map above). Weather will be affected on a global level. On the political front, Canada and USA (capital cities of both nations will see the total eclipse) will face political/ economic crises. All the South American nations are also going to feel the energy hit, their governments should be ready for turmoil. African nations, especially those on the west coast will see tension, local skirmishes, civil unrest and terrorist activity. European nations will continue to feel unsafe. The lack of food, energy etc will now start showing its impact, the local population here will get restless and civil disruptions are expected. The Ukraine Russia war continues and it will trigger several critical events in this decade. Russia has a better birth chart and a current transit chart, so will have the upper hand. Overall, secretive actions and clandestine activities will increase everywhere. We might see deaths of a few prominent national leaders/ famous individuals during this time. Few unsavoury secrets of celebrities will be out in the open. Industrial, mining and agriculture related mishaps are possible. In our homes, electrical equipment can malfunction. Karma will come calling for some at the individual levels too. Deaths are possible by drowning or by blood related diseases, sharp wounds and connected to the fluids in the body. Emotionally charged but essentially hollow rhetoric will cause more damage to everyone at some level or the other. 

For Bharat, both coasts will see cyclones, the east coast will suffer more. Central areas will be hot and windy. Monsoon will arrive earlier than expected. The rain will be overall sufficient but will be accompanied by high winds, thus cause damage to agriculture. Landslides and flooding is possible. Civil disturbances, internal traitors etc will continue their anti national activities. But overall, despite everything, the nation will progress. 

On personal levels, if you are born with Cancer, Leo, Aries, Libra, Taurus or Scorpio Moon signs or even as ascendant signs then you will be more influenced by the eclipse. In case you are undergoing a Vimshottari Mahadasha or Antardasha of the planets involved, ie Moon, Sun, Rahu, Ketu or even Mercury you will see more eclipse triggered action in your life. In case your birth Moon nakshatra is Punarvasu, Vishakha or Poorvabhadrapada then too you can expect some significant change in your life during these coming 5 weeks. 

Eclipses give spiritual gains and can also be channelised to give material stuff. They are energy released by a combination of Rahu Ketu and Sun Moon. Sun and Moon are the energies of the Sahasrara and Ajnya chakras while Rahu and Ketu are the energies of desire/ non desire which push your perfect energy geometry out of shape. So if you perform some spiritual activity during eclipses, you can create or trigger events connected to the houses of your individual charts where the eclipse is occurring. ie for the present eclipse, it would be Taurus – Scorpio axis and the Krutika – Vishakha nakshatra axis. Whatever these signs/ nakshatra indicate in your life will see some significant change.

Positive effects are more likely if your own horoscope is powerful enough to absorb this energy burst. In any case, it is advisable to perform some sort of puja, mantra jaap, daan, spiritual practice etc during the duration of the eclipse so that negative effects are reduced and positivity is generated in life.

The Rahu Ketu axis