Remedies for Gandant nakshatra births

I had written about the Gandant or Gandamool gap of the zodiac in a past post. There is a question on this, thus writing some more. Gandant affects the Moon or the ascendant degree. The closer to the gap the more severe the effects are.

Remedies for Gandant nakshatra births

In India, the new baby’s horoscope is formally drawn after the 12th day, but with the Jyotish apps being so easily available, this is not really relevant anymore. On the 12th day the Namakaran sanskar / naming ceremony is performed. Also, till this new living being is not named, a period called “naatak’ is observed. During this period, no puja/ rituals can be performed in the family in which the birth has occurred.

If there is a Gandant nakshatra seen in the child’s chart, a Nakshatra shanti puja should be performed at the earliest, within a month of the birth if possible. If the parents are unable for some reason (maybe the baby is not well and the parents are busy), the baby’s paternal grandparents or paternal uncle can be entrusted by the parents to perform it at the earliest possible auspicious timing/ muhurt after the birth. Shanti puja is a ritual to calm down the agitation caused by the severe energies of the lunar mansion, a pandit/ priest helps perform it.

It is also possible that the chart was never seen and the child grew up with whatever problems and later the parents came to know of the Gandant energy. Even then, do the Nakshatra Shanti puja on the next convenient muhurt, do not think the time is lost. The energies of the puja will help the child now onwards at least. This puja can be repeated on every (vedic calendar) birth day.

Now it is possible that the chart was never seen, these pujas were never done and the child grew up, became an adult etc and then came a sub-period of Mercury or Ketu or Moon or the ascendant lord where the person started facing severe problems. One young man I know, has a severe Moon in Revati Nakshatra Gandant. He went to an astrologer and the person scared him by telling him that he will die in a few years. This is what I dislike about modern astrologers. Death may or not come, that is the future. Let’s focus on what can be done at the present moment. The correct advice in this case would be this,

  1. Do the nakshatra shanti puja at the earliest possible auspicious timing, it will help balance something at least.
  2. On every birth day (as per vedic calendar), do the same Nakshatra Shanti puja with the pandit/ priest. Or do any of these pujas for longevity, good health and auspiciousness – Ayushya homa, Mahamrutyunjai homa, Navagraha Shanti puja,
  3. Or if cannot afford a priest do a Mahamryutunjai Homa by himself. It is a very simple fire ritual/homa, takes one hour to perform.
  4. Or cannot do this at all, cannot afford it or cannot find the resources, then recite the Mahamrutyunjai mantra 108 times at least one Monday every month.
  5. Or if has access to a vedic panchangam, and knows the Nakshatra which is Gandant, he can recite this Mahamrutyunjai mantra 108 times on that day of the month in which the transit moon occupies that same nakshatra in transit.

Remedies for Gandant nakshatra births

In fact I would suggest for everyone to do this Mahamryutunjai Homa on auspicious days, birthdays, etc, whenever you feel like doing it. I had written about it earlier in some post, it will work for all health and longevity related issues. The homa basic post is linked here. The preparatory and concluding phases remain the same, for the mantra-phase use this mantra, at every ‘ swaha’ a drop of ghee is to be put in the fire.

“Om trayambakam yajamahe, sugandhim pushtivardhanam, Om haung, joong sah, maam mrutyur palaya palaya, rogan mochaya mochaya, ayur vardhaya vardhaya, Sah joong haung Om, ururvarukamiva bandhanat, mrutyur mukshiya maam amrutat, Mrutyunjayaya rudraya, neelkanthaya shambhave, amruteshaya sharvaya, mahadevaya taenamah Swaha”

Or if you feel this variant to be quite complicated you can use this simple version

“Om tryambakam yajamahe sungandhim pushti vardhanam uruvarukamiva bandhanat mrutyur mukshiya maam amrutat, Om Swaha” for the mantra phase.

Birthdays are very important. On these 2 days every year you should really do something to recharge your energies. 2 days? yes, your birthday as per the solar calendar will be the same as your birthdate as per the English calendar (maybe one day before or after), on this day your sun will be in the same degree as it was the day you were born. And the second as per the lunar day, the exact degree in which your moon was in and the same sign your sun was in when you were born. These are the 2 days when your personal energies are resonating with the energies of the time you were born. So if you do some personal intense energy practice on this day, it will deeply repair and heal.

In the days before your Birth day

If you have observed yourself for a few days before your birthday every year, am sure you must have noticed that you get cranky, or fall ill or something displeasing happens which puts you under emotional and/or physical stress. Have you ever thought why?In the days before your Birth dayThere are 2 sorts of birthdays, one is the solar and the lunar! Cultures who follow the solar calendar celebrate the solar birthdate as a birthday, i.e. western cultures which follow the 365 days a year calendar. In India however we follow the panchang, where phases of the Moon are coupled with solar movements, and the birthdates are traditionally known by their Lunar phase day.

  • The solar calendar birthdate gives the solar return to the exact degree the Sun was in when you were born. Your solar birthday which is popularly celebrated.
  • And the Lunar phase/Chandra Tithi birthday is the day when your Sun is in the same sign as it was in when you were born and the Moon is on the exact degree as it was when you were born. Your more appropriate birthday!

The one month before your birthday, the transit Sun will be transiting the 12th sign from your birth Sun. So during this period there will be naturally issues related to confidence, vitality, education, creativity, divine intelligence, speculation, play and recreation, romance and good times, etc. Depending on the placement and strength of your birth Sun, these effects may be significant or less, but they will be there. And in your birth month obviously your transit Sun will be passing over your birth Sun so this month generally will give good results.

Similarly for the 2.25 days before your Moon birthday, the transit moon will be in the 12th sign from your original birth moon. So these days before your birthday will cause emotional upsets. Loneliness, feeling left out and neglected, hiding your personal feelings, you may even actually fall ill. And on your birthday, naturally the transiting moon will be travelling over your birth moon thus you will feel happy, excited, willing to enjoy with your friends/family, etc. But there is an exception here, if your birth Moon occupies a dushamsthana 6th, 8th or 12th or is otherwise afflicted in the chart your birthday will leave you in tears with emotional disturbance and no mental peace.

There is a chart in my family whose birth moon is in the 6th house, this person’s every (lunar) birthday causes him and his family endless stress. Then the very high expectations of ‘birthday parties’ and ‘celebrations’ cause even more problems. His birth Sun is also placed rather uncomfortably so for the 1 month before his birthday arrives he is ill, physical vitality is sapped and he is very upset on all levels, professional to personal! Birthday is a trauma for him, this happens every year. Now he is in his 50’s so the effects are not so severe but they still manifest hurt and pain for him around this time.

Everything has a reason, if you can analyse you can find out the patterns in your chart which influence your behaviour and moods. If you can understand these and then use them intelligently you can save yourself a lot of trouble.


In the days before your Birth day