Kantak Shani, Saturn in transit

I have written a post on the transit of Saturn over the 12 houses in a previous post, but there was a question on ‘Kantak Shani’, the Saturn who puts thorns in your life. When Saturn is transiting 4th, 7th, 8th or 10th from your birth Moon sign he is called a Kantak Shani. At present Saturn is in Capricorn, so if your birth Moon sign is Libra, Cancer, Gemini or Aries, Saturn is a thorny proposition for you. He and his agents can take away the peace of your mind, cause restlessness and emotional pain

Saturn is fear personified. You have done something in the past and you are going to have to rebalance it now. But you do not remember what it was and you do not know what you have to do to balance it. This ‘ignorance’ is the fear that Saturn represents. Saturn’s transits through your horoscope takes out one aspect of your life with unvarying regularity. He goes through your chart like a wrecking ball, completing one cycle in 30yrs. Saturn in every placement in transit causes stress to the house he occupies. When counted from the ascendant, it is the physical events which cause stress. And when counted from the Moon sign, stress on the emotional/psychic/astral levels is indicated. You can call it Kantak Shani or Dhahiyya or Sade-Sati but Shani will act as a wrecking ball, cause disillusionment and thus help you work off your karma.

Saturn’s transit in 4th house from the birth Moon – 

When Saturn transits the 4th from the birth Moon, he aspects the birth Moon itself, the 6th and 10th houses from the birth Moon. So he may cause a change in residence, maybe linked to a job transfer? But this change will not be smooth, it will cause hassles. In any case issues related to the house will occur, maybe major repairs, loan repayments something which causes you stress. Mother’s health may suffer, she may die if her horoscope indicates. Overall family will not be happy. There may be medical issues with your heart and circulatory system, if it is indicated in your birth chart. The profession will also give stress, restrictions, obstacles and mental overload. And Saturn’s aspect on the birth Moon causes mental fear, dejection, disappointment and loneliness. Even if the physical things are ok in life these results will be seen on the emotional/psychological levels.

Kantak Shani, Saturn in transit

Saturn’s transit in 7th house from the birth Moon – 

When Saturn transits the 7th house counted from the birth Moon he aspects the birth Moon and the 4th and 9th houses counted from the birth Moon. The spouse suffers, either it is fully an emotional suffering or a minor medical issue which causes disproportionate mental suffering to both of you. The 9th house is restricted so luck, divine blessings, support from society/elders is reduced. You will feel no connection with your life’s foundations, either physical or spiritual. Work and business can suffer. The family life is disturbed again as above, you may have to travel a lot, stay away from home for long periods of time, home comforts and peace of mind is denied.

Saturn’s transit in 8th house from the birth Moon –     

When Saturn transits the 8th house from the Moon, he will aspect 2nd 5th and 10th house from the birth Moon sign. Long term medical issues may be trigged, the recovery will be long drawn, accidents are possible, if the time of death has arrived as per the birth horoscope then this too can happen. Relations in the birth family will be affected and there may be demands on your time/resources by your close relatives. You will face problems because of them. Children during this time will be a source of worry and you may also be separated from them. The reason may be good in a way, eg they might go to study in a hostel for an expensive higher education. The birth father may be ill or might die if his horoscope indicates this. Profession will give mental stress, workload might increase or salary might decrease.

Saturn’s transit in 10th house from the birth Moon

When Saturn transits the tenth house from the Moon sign, he also aspects the 4th 7th 12th houses counted from the Moon. So again the 4th house things as above will be a source of emotional stress. The 7th house, spouse, business partnerships, income, legal issues, litigations, contacts and one-one relationships will be a cause of tension. You will not be happy with these aspects of your life. The profession, salary, office-work and boss will give you stress. You might face emotional disappointments in practically every area of life.

When you see things from the birth Moon sign remember that it is an emotional hit. The actual physical event may be auspicious/unfavourable as per the strength of the ascendant lord, that house/sign’s lord and other aspects on it. But because this is Saturn operating from the birth Moon he will not allow happiness from this event, instead he will grant fear, dejection, restriction and pain on the emotional levels.

If the birth Moon is powerful enough then this effect will be less intense. In addition if there are other favourable transits operating eg Jupiter in transit at that same time is putting his favourable aspect on the birth Moon or the houses in question then the negative  effects will be felt less intensely. But if during this Saturn’s transit there are additional influences of malefics, Mars, Sun, Rahu/Ketu then the negative effects will be worse, in this case the client should take more care of himself.


Kantak Shani, Saturn in transit


Moon in Cancer, power to your emotions

Moon-Chandra in the owner of Cancer-Karka, it is his swa-kshetra. Cancer is a watery sign, a moveable sign, a sign with the Satvik gun dominant. Satva gun means you are basically neutral. The actions of others evoke a reaction in you. The birth Moon placed here is very comfortable unless influenced by malefics or placed in the dusham-sthan, the houses of turmoil, the 6th, the 8th or the 12th (to some extent in the 3rd too).

Moon in Cancer, power to your emotions

Intense yearnings. You give power to your emotions. You are motivated by emotional needs. Your actions are based on the emotional context always and perhaps habit. You are kind, possessive, sensitive, sympathetic. You are possessive of your loved ones and can be jealous at times. You love deeply as your watery depths. But you expect gratitude in return of your love. If you do not receive this you can get bitter.

Sustained energies. You are quite receptive to new ideas and like interactions with others. Social standing and family history, traditions and home culture is important to you. As a child, you expect love from your parents and also love your children later. You can get over-protective, which can cause suffocation to your loved ones. You are quite stoic and can face problems with courage. You can sacrifice yourself for your loved ones. You get along well with the earthy types.

You like smoothness. To relax you can take up activities which are linked to water, to flowing, feelings and emotions. You need emotional involvement in whatever you are doing. You need the feelings, so choose some activities which allow you to experience.

You are receptive. This can easily be converted to sensitivity, later over-sensitivity. You are highly vulnerable to hurt, as your conscious as well as sub-conscious self absorbs the energy of the hurt. So think, take a few deep breaths before you let your emotions dominate you.

Social interactions are desirable. The spouse has Saturnine qualities, more into work, profession, social mobility, earning money etc. This is in a way good as he/she does not feel and express emotionally as you do. This might seem like a mis-match in the initial stages of marriage, but works out for the best with time. You are more into conservation of the traditions and security of the home life. If you both understand how beautifully you make a unified whole the marriage will be successful. In a marriage both need to be compatible not similar.

Medical problems. Typically connected to the cold and the fluids of the body.  Organs which can be affected are the lungs, digestion, rheumatism (fluid between the joints). Diseases are of the ‘clinging’ type, it takes time to heal completely.

Considered to be self-repressive. But it means that you are contained more within. You do not allow yourself to project your essential energy outwards. If you do you do this only after precautions and forethought. You are silent about your own self. The instinct for self-protection, self-defence is so strong that you rarely let let down your guard. Only the rare few whom you trust will see your real emotions. The need for privacy is extremely strong. You rarely trust. You are instinctive and you can gauge a person based on his astral and sub-conscious self. You pick up subtle nuances about the person before you which others wont even notice. ‘Feeling’ is not a completely rational act, there is a sub-conscious component to emotions always. You are intensive, retrospective and have the enormous energy of the astral at your disposal. Your need for emotional safety is never fulfilled.

Moon in Cancer, power to your emotions

Linked to the past. Moon represents the sum of all your incarnations, past, present, future, parallel. You are intensely involved in your this astral sum. Cancer is a fixed sign, so though seen as passive, you are quite capable of concentrated action. However your action is always based on the basis of your past experiences.

Exceptionally impressionable, you can deeply absorb outside influences. Often you are unaware of the depths of your own emotions. You may seem calm on the surface but there can be a storm secretly brewing inside. You rarely lose your temper, but when you do, you are spectacular in your rage!

Moon is a reflection of the Sun. Here the reflection is linked to your personal soul, everything is personal is this sign. You take things personally, which adds to your sensitivity. If such a Moon gives inauspicious results, several things can go wrong. Eg excessive jealousy of spouse’s interaction with his parents, will make you separate him from his parents!

The Vimshottari Moon Mahadasha period will naturally bring your focus to your home, maternal figures, culture, nutrition, etc. But it is often damaging to the health unless the Moon is supported by benefic influence.

Spiritual practice is a must for the watery Moon signs. This brings awareness. Part of yourself is submerged in the sub-conscious, you are unaware of this aspect of yourself. If you a regular practice where you focus at your third eye chakra and breath, you will be more aware of this inner hidden aspect of your personality. You can use your own resources better. Your over-sensitivity, compulsive behaviours, baseless-fears and sometimes confusing emotional responses will be more understandable. Water has no shape, it flows. Water cannot be stopped, it yields and in it, is its strength. Firmness is necessary to channelise it. If you can shape the direction of your flow and sustain it, you can make the most of your essential nature!

A soul’s deepest yearning is ultimately Moksh, realisation of the Ultimate. You know that you have to protect yourself from the external interference and influences. You know that the inner calm is necessary. You are capable of subtle reflection. You instinctively move in the right direction. You can focus and sustain your efforts despite hurdles and delays. You subconsciously know that even if the process is painful, the end result if worth it.

Cancer is composed of the three Nakshatra, lunar mansions named Punarvasu, Pushya and Asleysha. The nakshatras of all the three watery signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are owned by the same three planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

  1. Punarvasu – influenced by Jupiter. Can be a high achiever in the material sense, but often there exists a conflict between practice and philosophy. If your Moon is in Punarvasu, you are more into learning, understanding and assimilating.
  2. Pushya – influenced by Saturn. Can be a highly esoteric placement with significant occult abilities. There are secrets known to you and you are quite secretive yourself. You may be a doctor, astrologer, tantrik etc where you are required to work with other’s secrets. In Pushya you are more into getting things regulated, getting them to work with serious discipline.
  3. Asleysha – influenced by Mercury. Struggles with internal conflicts. In Ashleysha, it can be a difficult placement as the analytical mind wars with the emotional mind. Then at the last few degrees of Asleysha the Gandant operates. A Moon in the Gandant at birth gives typical problems which need to be addressed as soon as such a baby is born.

The natural Moksh trikonis the energies of watery signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These three signs are the most mysterious of the twelve. Moon in Cancer is about delving deep into your own subconscious to understand your own secrets.


Moon in Cancer, power to your emotions

Cancer Ascendent, an analysis

Over the years of counselling clients, I have seen their various types of horoscopes and followed their lives. The most complicated ascendent is Cancer or “karka lagna”. Cancer is the 4th sign of the Zodiac ruled by Moon/Chandra.

Cancer Ascendent, an analysis

Our lives are most defined by our personality, this is the realm of the first house. This first house also defines the status in society, vitality, the personal ego, sense of self, the face and the physical structure too.

For the Cancer ascendent person the personality has the following challenges. These challenges are felt even more acutely by males than females. I am describing the worst case scenario below. The situation may be better if there are stabilizing aspects from benefic planets like Jupiter.

  1. Moon in the sky changes its sign every 2.25 days. So the lord of the ascendent in transit changes its aspect on the native every 2.25 days. Also as the moon completes one round of the zodiac in 28 days the person has his ascendent lord return every month! This makes the personality very fluid. These persons may seem actually fatter or thinner or visibly weak/stronger every 2.25 days. They are “new” every 2.25 days and completely different every 28 days.
  2. The personality is very changeable. The emotional nature is highly unpredictable. Whenever the transit moon is 6th, 8th and 12th from the ascendent sign or the birth moon sign these persons will have something going wrong on an emotional level which then spills over on their physical bodies too. So approx 13 days out of 28 days they will be emotional or physical wrecks for no good reason.
  3. These individuals are highly passionate, attracted to the opposite sex from a young age and have a good number of pre marital and extra marital affairs or follow a cycle of marriage divorce remarriage. The reason is that they are highly attractive themselves, beautiful even. And they also get attracted very easily to romance, beauty and multiple partners. As per the stories the Moon has 27 wives, the 27 constellations/nakshatras and spends 1 day of the month with each of his wives. So a Cancer ascendant person can never be satisfied with material pleasures, needs constant change.
  4. They are never satisfied with their wife/husband. This is because the 7th house from Cancer is Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. The partners of Cancer are highly stable individuals, resistant to change, hard working, restrictive, strict, unromantic, Saturnine. They are highly conscious of their work and role in society. Cancer ascendants will always be attracted to and marry but soon get bored with their destined Saturn partners. Thus the huge number of affairs.

By now you might think that I am taking pot shots at the Cancer personalities. No, I want to make them aware that, ‘you have chosen a hard path and you need to listen from someone how hard it is’. And also to tell them, how can they make the most of the unique opportunities that Cancer ascendent has to offer.

  1. Accept the fact that the Moon is going to make or break you and request for his help. Every Monday think of the Moon with gratitude. You can recite the beej mantra of the moon, “Om shrang shring shroung sah chandraya namah, om”, once, thrice, 108 times as you wish.
  2. Calculate the the days when you are possibly going to trip emotionally from this post. Count the transit moon signs 6th, 8th and 12th from your ascendent and birth moon sign both. About 13 days out of 28. On those days eat one spoon of curd and sugar first thing in the morning.
  3. Avoid alcoholic drinks. This is one risk you simply cannot afford to take. Substitute with a lemon soda or grape juice or something, but avoid alcohol.
  4. If you are unmarried as yet, get married only after matching the horoscopes. The Indian method of horoscope matching ensures that you get the best possible option. Remember that you will be most stable with a Saturn oriented wife/husband. The Saturn partner ultimately is the best choice for them as only a Saturn can patiently tolerate and live with this Cancer personality.
  5. Remember you are more than your emotions and your lovers. Look inside you, you are a natural philosopher as you are aware of philosophical internal conflicts and humanities deepest natures. Write about it! You have the creative seeds of a significant writer or artist. This will help you in bringing out your deepest emotions and framing it in words or art will help you understand yourself better.
  6. And the best for the last. The cancer ascendent has the best built in option for spirituality. If you can get that moon driven Mind under the control of your Consciousness, that is it! A cancer ascendent is a level up in the game of spiritual development. You can be great in the spiritual arena. The energies of the subconscious and unconscious states will always be very easily accessible to you. Learn to manipulate energy, learn reiki, learn to see auras, learn tarot/cartomancy, runes, iChing. Learn to control your mind. Meditate, do Dhyan. In my blog there are lots of easy 5 minute a day baby practices which may appeal to you. Be aware of yourself and Practice!

Cancer ascendants need to follow established rules and pathways. They follow their parents, teachers, and their traditional culture/customs. They have a very deeply emotional inner self which is accessible and guides them. As Moon’s major character is to reflect and absorb, also take not of the planet who is conjunct/aspecting this Moon, the Ascendant Lord.

So Cancer Ascendent, the most unique of the ascendants, 1/12th of the population will have it. You are humans with such great potentials but always challenged by your Minds. Rise up the challenge and may your Consciousness win!


Cancer Ascendent, an analysis