Retrograde planets and past lives..

Can planets really move backwards? Not really, if we could stand at the centre of the solar system, on the sun, we would see them moving regularly in their forward motions in their orbits. But then when we stand on the earth, which itself is moving around the sun, and then we look at these planets which are also moving around the sun, we sometimes get to see a planets moving apparently in reverse. Perspective is everything!

Generally everyone on earth has 2-3 retrograde planets. Very rarely none or all of them are retrograde in a particular chart. Sun and Moon are never retrograde. If you can check your horoscope, the retrograde planets will be specifically marked or mentioned as they have quite a bit of astrological significance. There are a lot of free websites for calculating your horoscope . Or if you want a handy app to calculate your horoscope, download any of the phone apps for vedic astrology. For android I have found “Hindu calendar” by developer “Alok Mandavgane” and for iphones “Drik panchang” by developer “Adarsh apps” to be quite accurate and user friendly.

The Lunar Nodes Rahu/Ketu always are retrograde. But if you calculate the their true motion, ‘true nodes’ occasionally around eclipses they move in a forward motion. Some astrologers do not consider this significant, but I have seen that direct nodes indicate a tremendous potential blocked by heavy karmic factors. These resolve by the age of 49yrs when Rahu/Ketu mature.

(A bit of statistics, Mercury will be retrograde in approx 8% of the charts you will get,  Venus 5%, Mars 7%, Jupiter 22% and Saturn 26%. In the charts you will get, at least one planet will be retrograde at 52%. So in plain english, half of the charts you will get to see will have at least one planet retrograde, with the likelihood being Saturn> Jupiter> Mars> Mercury> Venus being retrograde.)

Retrograde planets and past lives

So what do these planets in reverse do? Retrograde planets are energies which are directed inwards. Rather than going out from you to others, these energies enter your inner self, your past lives and traumas, replaying them again and again. It is like you replay an event in your mind again and again to analyse it again and learn more from it. Retrograde planets are linked to specific traumas or learning events from your past lives which have made such an impact that you want to review them again and extract the maximum learning possible from them. So let’s see what can be expected from the retrograde planets in your horoscope.

Retrograde Mercury

  • You are afraid to speak or express yourself creatively, you are scared of saying the wrong thing. If asked to speak in public you may actually feel ill. You are not sure about your intelligence and perhaps you stammer or have some speech impediment.
  • Perhaps in your past lives you misused your power of cutting, logical analysis and communication to cause harm to a large group of individuals.
  • In this life you have learn to believe in your intelligence and communication skills. Practice speaking in front of a mirror, try to start a blog, or vlog, draw/paint, sing. Do anything that gives you a creative outlet.
  • You have to power this intention daily, “I will speak out and express myself”

Retrograde Venus

  • You find relationships very unfulfilling and may have a string of girlfriends/boyfriends or divorce/remarriage patterns. You seek fulfilment from your partner but may have issues with intimacy and give up quite easily. You are searching for the love of your life but no clue on what it is that you really want.
  • Possibly in your past, you and your soulmate have been separated by forces beyond your control and you never learned to have a mature relationship. If you have never learnt what self love is, loving the other is also not possible.
  • Now, sit down, think deeply  and write down what you want in a relationship and what you want in your soulmate. Review this list after a week. Then try to look within you and think of what you can give back to such a partner, write it down. Later share these lists with your loved one.
  • Intend very strongly, “I know how to Love and I Love my own self”

Retrograde Mars

  • You feel guilty and shy for no reason. And you are unable to regulate your anger, you lose your temper spectacularly and may get violent, but then you feel extremely ashamed and guilty. You know a lot but cannot express yourself in competitions. Maybe you are a good sportsperson but for some reason prevented from actually playing.
  • Perhaps in your past life you were a thug, soldier, slave, goon, someone of significant physical power who served a master/king. And your master made you perform atrocities on a large number of people against your will. You followed your master’s cruel orders but your internal conscience accuses you.
  • You need to learn to relax and forgive yourself. May be do actual some physical charity work helping other people, not just giving donations. Maybe a simple 5 min daily routine where you can listen to your subconscious self.
  • A suitable daily intention for you is, “I forgive myself”.

Retrograde Jupiter

  • You do not feel comfortable with ‘religion’ and ‘show of religion’. You have never thought your teachers to be good enough to teach you and were never really comfortable in school. You follow non conventional religious and spiritual beliefs. You know a lot of unconventional knowledge but are not sure about teaching it to others. You feel that your students may not be well received in the society.
  • In your past lives you have left the society, either by force or choice, for following unconventional spiritual beliefs. Maybe you were a sadhu/tantrik/wise woman witch etc. Thus you have learnt to keep your spiritual beliefs inside you for fear of persecution/alienation. This is bad as the cycle has to be complete, if you learnt something from someone you are supposed to pass it on to others so that your internal balance is achieved.
  • Accept that what you know is valuable and deserves to be passed on. However weird your spiritual teachings may be, your students are waiting to learn from you. Write a blog on what you have learnt in this life and want to pass on. Even if no one reads that blog at least you have sent the energies out from you.
  • A daily affirmation with intention, “My knowledge is valuable and and I will teach”.
  • (Detailed post here)

Retrograde Saturn

  • You have issues with authority, boss and father figures. You work and work without support or recognition. You deeply resent it from the inside but these authority figures can make you do what they want. You cannot resist a direct order from your boss.
  • Retrograde Saturn means, in your past lives you were perhaps enslaved, tortured and abused by your masters. You never learnt to speak up to injustice being done on you. You worked and worked as a slave, dominated, bullied and without an identity. You are caught in this viscous cycle and now you need to learn to come out of a servile mindset.
  • You will have to learn being assertive and to work not just for the boss but also for the greater good.  You have to recognise that your hard work is a thing to be proud of. If you have such an opportunity, stand up for someone who is being abused or in a position of a servant. Help someone as act of charity, it will help you with your retrograde Saturn.
  • Affirm this with intention, “I have an Identity, I am (your name)”. Your name is your personal mantra, repeat it so that your sense of identity wakes up.
  • (Detailed post here and here)

Retrograde Uranus – 

  • You rebel against established norms. You were a student leader and won college elections. You like to fight the intellectual battle and you do it just because it is against the establishment. You are high strung and this lifestyle has destroyed the other facets of your life.
  • In past lives you have caused havoc in the lives of a large group of people by leading rebellions just for the sake of it. Your led revolts have succeeded and then the loss of establishment ruined the lives of several. This is the trauma that you are carrying around. You cannot continue experimenting with revolutions.
  • You must learn to compromise, win some lose some. Make out list on why establishment and structure is important.
  • Affirmation should be, “I am a part of Society”.


Retrograde Neptune

  • You incessantly daydream. You have a history of alcohol or drug abuse. You are always trying to escape reality. You are extremely creative and extremely intelligent in your own way. You are eccentric and cannot stand the humdrum of routine society.
  • You, in your past lives have run away from responsibility. You are still avoiding this lesson of living and functioning in the real world.
  • Now utilise the full potential of your tremendous creativity. Choose a creative outlet to stabilise yourself.
  • Remember that, “I am intelligent and I will create”.

Retrograde Pluto

  • You do not trust the world. You do not even trust yourself fully. You think you are unique in your own bubble and do not really care about the others around you. You are internally alienated from even your close family and friends.
  • In your past lives, there is a trauma where you were blamed, made a scapegoat and punished for something you perhaps did not do. You were alone at the receiving end and the entire community went against you.
  • Now, feel the universal love and connections between every little particle in the universe. You have to learn to trust yourself then your immediate family.
  • Intend, “I trust the Universe and the Universe trusts me back”

These were how the impressions and events from our past lives still influence us. Life is a series of teachings and we a bundle of the series of lives that we have lived. Retrograde planets are very useful markers in horoscope analysis. Use these markers and interpret them to add more joy and peace to your lives.

So you are a Manglik?

I have seen so many young men and women traumatized by the bogey of this “Mangal dosha” so I had to put this post. If your Mars at birth is the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses counted from your ascendent or even your birth lunar horoscope the “astrologer next door” will declare you to be Manglik.  And once labeled, getting a good arranged match will be so utterly difficult. So just see this, in your horoscope, birth Mars in 5 out of 12 houses is considered Manglik and if you escape this then the astrologers will count these 5 houses from your birth moon sign also. If still your Mars is clear he may even open your 9th divisional chart/ navamsha chart to further check. So now everyone will turn out to be a Manglik!

So you are a Manglik?

At the outset, the Manglik tag for a woman is more severe than for a man. For a man, Mangal Dosha is not really a dosha. It in fact is an advantage if you can direct the energies. But there are some important things which must be highlighted. If you are such a “Manglik” man remember,

  1. You are a highly masculine man, and your energies of high competitiveness, vitality and drive should be directed away from your marriage and house. Go to the gym, train for marathons, learn physical contact games, football, boxing/karate etc. On your spare evenings go driving or any other physical activity to take the edge off your aggression. Create opportunities in your life outside the house where you can be aggressive and channelize your competitive spirit responsibly not rashly.
  2. Take vacations like trekking and camping outdoorsy vigorous things.
  3. Marry a feminine woman. You wont think of her as a competitor rather you will want to protect her. Preferably one who is a homemaker, likes dressing up and girly things and would prefer having lots children and take care of them too. Give her total freedom in the house and let her be creative about it. Let her make your house beautiful and harmonious. The house is her domain, do not compete with her here.
  4. Or if you marry the same Manglik type of woman then both of you should remember that you are not competitors against each other, but are a united One against everyone else. Your aggressive energies will at least be directed outside your home and your marriage.
  5. You cannot take out your aggression on your wife/children or family members.
  6. Avoid alcohol. Substitute for lemon sodas and grape juice but avoid alcohol and other addictions.
  7. Take up some spiritual practice or meditative exercise for just 5 mins a day.

Mars, the Red Planet, is the Expression of your Ego. How you express your internal energies, your boldness, dynamism, competitiveness, vitality is the domain of Mars. He grants us the energy, independence, will and self-confidence to carry out our endeavours. He is the active brave warrior who can be noble and dynamic but also rash and ruthless. A low Mars energy will mean a droopy frail person with little energy, no real interest, passion or motivation. If unchecked, a wild Mars can lead to accidents, aggression, domination, violence, injury, unnecessary risky behaviour and untimely death. As too much or too less of anything causes problems, similarly too much or too little Mars energy will be a problem. A correct balance of Mars is quite rare. Mars does not share, he competes and wins. In a partnership his ideal partner is Venus whose karmic responsibility is to teach him to harmony, beauty and to share fairly. I have written a post on the deep motivations and inner psychology of Mars and the signs he rules, Aries and Scorpio here.

Mars influences 4 aspects of your life, 4 houses of the horosope directly. The house he is in, the house 4th from it, the house 7th from it and the house 8th from it. Eg, If your Mars is in Aries, it will influence Aries, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio directly.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Saturn teaches Mars discipline and restricts his energies to just the what is required and useable. He also provides him a goal of working for the general welfare and society. And Mars is debilitated in Cancer. Moon drowns the vitality and fire of Mars in dreaminess, vagueness, emotions and confusion.

The traditional mind-set in India is still that the bride must not be aggressive, not work professionally, stay at home, not break up the house etc. A manglik woman finds it more difficult in the marriage arena rather than a manglik man. But in today’s life the man himself wants a wife who works outside and the houses are so small that the parents themselves buy a separate flat for their son after his marriage. So while checking out the horoscope matching do keep the realities of today’s lifestyle in perspective.

So you are a Manglik?

If you are such a Manglik woman remember the following.

  1. Work professionally in a regular job, or start a home business or try to find a job where some physical activity is indicated. Or a job like a lawyer maybe where you can be aggressive. You need to find a channel for your aggression. Go to a gym if you have the time.
  2. Take vacations like trekking and camping outdoorsy vigorous things.
  3. Try to get on with your father/mother or mother/father-in-law. Request them to live near you, maybe a flat in the same building and help look after the children. This is something you have to do, no options.
  4. In India at least your marriage options will be limited to similar Manglik men. Then both of you should remember that you are not competitors against each other, but are a united One against everyone else. Your aggressive energies will at least be directed outside your home and your marriage.
  5. Do not take your aggression out on your family members, husband and children.
  6. Take up some spiritual practice or meditative exercise for just 5 mins a day.

Lets briefly see how Mars’s Mangal dosha in the 5 houses will perform in real life. These descriptions are the extreme cases, the aspects of benefic planets will make it better and the aspects of malefic planets will make it worse. So if you or your prospective partner has such combinations take remedial action.

1st house/Ascendent – Mars will influence, 1st, 4th, 7th and 8th houses. Mars is the natural owner of the first house as his rashi Mesha is the natural 1st sign. If Mars himself occupies the first house, you are highly active, energetic, super-competitive individual and your anger is of a typical animal nature. You must always be on the move and need targets to achieve, cant sit still. You might expect friction and competition with your maternal relatives, mother, concerning landed properties, partnerships, wife/husband and occasional accidents.

4th house – Mars will influence 4th, 7th, 10th, 11th houses. You might expect friction and competition with your maternal relatives, mother, father, profession, concerning landed properties, partnerships, wife/husband, in social situations and sources of income. Mars aspects the 10th house, thus you might be better off directing your energies in your career.

7th house – Mars will influence the 7th, 10th, 1st, and 2nd houses. You might expect friction and competition with your partnerships, husband/wife, father, profession, family assets, lineage, concerning personal ego and role in society. Mars aspects the 10th house, thus you might be better off directing your energies in your career.

8th house – Mars influences the 8th, 11th, 2nd and 3rd houses. Mars is the natural owner of the 8th house. His scorpio is the natural 8th rashi. If in the 8th house himself, he may be an agent of major surgery, deep therapeutic healing, emergence from catastrophic change, tantrik magic, accidents and death too. You might expect friction and competition in social situations, networks, sources of income, family assets, lineage, extended family, brothers/cousins, neighbours. Reproductive organs may be weak or the diseases you may suffer will have hidden beginnings and then suddenly flare up.

12th house – He will influence 12th, 3rd, 6th and 7th houses. His energies will be directed to the subconscious, astral, spirit worlds. Essentially drowned fire. May manifest as over-stimulation of imagination, disturbance to emotions and intuition and even insanity in presence of malefic aspects. You might expect friction and competition in family assets, lineage, extended family, brothers/cousins, neighbours, your partnerships, husband/wife, may suffer from poisoning type of diseases eg food poisoning, septicemia. Overly anxious personality may develop and express as verbal criticism and resentment.

And most importantly do not marry unless you have matched the horoscope properly. Matching horoscopes is a rather longish process (post here). If you marry someone with matching energies both of you will live a happier life together. Manglik is considered a serious impediment to marriage, so I have seen people hiding their charts or giving wrong birth data to the prospective match. This is sheer cheating and is bad karma.

And at the last the remedy,  to keep your Mars energies positive, every Tuesday morning, light a small copper lamp with sesame oil and cotton wick with this mantra, “Om kraang kreeng kraung sah mangalaya namah, om”, repeat it once, thrice or 108 times as you wish. Request for help from your Mars and intend that you will live a happy healthy life with your wife/husband, children and family.



So you are a Manglik?

Marriage is Karma

What attracts us and what makes us attractive? Make-up, nice clothes, shoes, a good job, skin color, hairstyle? As per astrology, attraction is definitely not skin deep, it is the sum total of all your past lives, the impressions, like and dislikes that you have picked up throughout and the karmic balance goals that you are out to achieve in this life.

If you analyse your choice of partner, you will see that the ideal partner is the one who fills in your blanks. It is more like opposites attract. You subconsciously search for the missing bits in your personality. And the one who makes you feel complete is the one you love. The other is your mirror, the other half of yourself and together you both feel whole. Together you are One!

In your horoscope the 1st house, ascendent represents you in every way, physical nature, your vitality, sense of self, position in society, self esteem, ego etc. And the house opposite this, the 7th represents your life partner in every way, the nature, physical structure, role in society etc.

But a life partnership is an emotional game too. So also check out the sign occupied by your moon at birth. This will represent your emotional build and state of mind. How you respond emotionally and how you will be comforted emotionally. And your best possible emotional match will be at the sign 7th from your birth moon.

You are not just supposed to be comfortable with your partner. Remember nothing is comfortable in life. Life is a school, where you do get an occasional class off, but by and large you are expected to learn through experience. You are supposed to learn from your partner and also teach him/her.

Marriage is Karma

In the zodiac of 360degrees, there are 12 signs of 30degrees each, owned by the 7 grahas. The nodes rahu and ketu do not own any of these signs. The following analysis includes by and large both physical and emotional aspects.

Aries and its best possible partner Libra

  1. Aries is the expression of the individual, the newly born, the first, the warrior, the competitor. He always has to be the first. Active and ambitious he is impulsive and bold. Charming and attractive he has to conquer and dominate. His energies are directed outwards. Has a sense of superior ego. He is the newly born Mars.
  2. Libra is balance and partnership, fairness, grace, negotiation and fair play, he can even sacrifice himself for others he loves and his ideals. He is intellectual and will seek contracts and law and will seldom lose his temper. Needs social contact and will provide support to others. He is the highly balanced Venus.

Taurus and its mirror Scorpio

  1. Taurus is an earthly soul with an open nature. He will work like a bullock if needed. Physically strong and may be massively built and attractive. He likes beauty. He likes to save and create visible enduring assets. He likes food and drink and society, and is expansive. Slow to anger but will respond with a crushing force if provoked. He is the Venus who has been grounded and bound to physical and material things.
  2. Scorpio has depths which are deep and dark. Physically he has an eerie beauty and an air of the mysterious about him. His energies are directed inwards in search of inner treasures which are invisible to the eye. Emotional and intuitive, he has the sting of a scorpion if angered. Vindictive and vengeful with a sharp tongue. The domestic life of such person can be happy only and only if every member of the family is submissive to him. He is the Mars at war with himself in the deep dark levels.

Gemini finds its soul mate in Sagittarius

  1. Gemini is a chatty, conversational person. Likes to communicate but may be in two minds often. Unable to take quick decisions as he likes to explore options. Mind is highly explorative and child-like. Needs company, friends. He is restless and likes change, sometimes juvenile in nature. Versatile, curious, intellectual but sometimes hide themselves and their things like a child. A Mercury who is playful and immature.
  2. Sagittarius is pompous maturity and preaching, can be a teacher or a priest. He has lofty ideals and goals which encompass the entire humanity. Likes the outward show of spirituality. He is full of big plans and energy. He is serious and pedantic and not chatty like his favoured partner Gemini. He is the Jupiter, expansive and filled with notions of self importance.

Cancer is deeply attracted to Capricorn and like wise

  1. Cancer is a highly emotional, highly changeable person. Delicately beautiful and attractive and also attracted to change and beauty. An artist aware of the subconscious energies. These persons can consider remaining unmarried if they have realised the highly spiritual side of their personalities. Can shine solitary. Does not need a reference point of a group then. The Moon is the Mind conquering the Consciousness.
  2. Capricorn is a highly regulated person, saturnine in nature. Aware of the society and a social climber, calculative and business-like. Aware of money and his position in the society. Hardworking and strict with little imagination and little interest in the spiritual. Will believe what he can see nothing imaginary. Not very much into the marriage as their first love is the social status and money. They want to be a part of the group and yet stand first in context of the group. The Saturn who rises from the servant classes as their leader.

Leo and Aquarius are made for each other, though their married life is not very happy.

  1. Leo makes for a highly individual person with a big ego. He has to be in the center of the stage always, wants to shine personally. Does not bother with the group. He is intelligent and radiant. He is the King, head of organisations. He shines alone. Cannot save and will spend money without thought. Leos can remain unmarried through out their lives if they have a stage where they are in the spotlight. He is the Sun, the center of everything.
  2. Aquarius is a person of the networks, of the markets, generally one of the crowd, a leader too, but a leader of the masses. He wants to take the group along. He too is more wrapped up in his group rather than his marriage. Will work and work for the common assests of the group. Hardworking, restrictive personality, orderly, he may be miserly, dour and gloomy like a servant. May not be beautiful, is saturnine. The Saturn who works and slaves away for the subjects.

Virgo and Pisces fill each others blanks.

  1. Virgo is argumentative and logical, orderly and methodical. Highly nervous and high strung, hard working service oriented persons. Has little faith in divine and high expectation in human intelligence. Likes talking and communication but is distrustful and plagued by self doubts. Interested in superficial details and commercial communication. He will be very active and practical but physically weak. He has a tendency to self medicate or addictions. In a marriage, a Virgo will always play the complaining victim , accusatory and will argue on depressing reasons “why the marriage is unbalanced, unfair, exploitative, unsatisfactory etc”. Mercury at his sharp critical best.
  2. Pisces is more expansive and intuitive with access to ancestral memory. Live a life in the subconscious realm of which they are not aware. He can be a good astrologer, card reader and help humanity. He is humane and over-generous, over-liberal. Has depths of which he himself is unaware. In a marriage he are jealous by nature and may patronise his partner. He generally floats through marriage and has romantic expectations. His energies are directed inwards in the subconscious realm and outwards in the conscious realm, clueless. He is the Jupiter who has expanded in the realms of dreams and fantasy.

Marriage is Karma

So if you look at the rashi pairs above, the following graha pairs are the “fill in the blanks” for each other. These are the mirror images of each others. In matching a horoscope, even if the above sign pairs do not tally, check out the strengths of the grahas. A dominant Mars personality will always seek out a dominant Venus personality and like wise.

  1. Mars and Venus – Mars will teach Venus competition and boldness. Venus will teach him negotiation and beauty.
  2. Mercury and Jupiter – Mercury will criticise Jupiter to puncture his pedantic and pontificating style. Jupiter will teach Mercury to expand and get to the depths rather than arguing on the surface.
  3. Moon and Saturn – Moon will teach Saturn emotion and imagination, living life easy. Saturn will restrict and teach Moon on how to complete his commitments.
  4. Sun and Saturn – Sun will teach the Saturn to be a leader who stands out and is acknowledged. Saturn will teach the Sun the problems of the masses and that the king has to ultimately serve his subjects.

These are the hardest lessons of them all, when you have to understand something that is exactly opposite to your own nature. And these are the karmic lessons most necessary of all too. So the ones who teach them are the ones we love the most. It is for this love that we endure hardships and understand contrary mental processes. Partnership in marriage is the most difficult, but the most rewarding. The one person you are closest to, the one you have promised vows in front of the scared fire, you learn the hardest lessons from him/her.

And you allow it because you love.


Make your very own amulet

Objects of power have always been around from Alladin’s magic lamp with a genie to Harry potter’s wand with a phoenix feather. Black magic practitioners use mirrors in which hapless pretatmas are trapped. And the really mean ones actively contract with higher level negative entities who can be linked by gold/gems/bones and other stuff. And if you know how, even tattoos can be charged with mantras and using special inks inked on your body to make your body an object of power.

Our Indian sages preferred using water charged with mantras for doing”magic” and you can use Vibhuti to make your personal object of power for protection. In my past posts, I have described how to perform a homam (sacred fire ritual) as a astrological planetary remedy. The homam yields highly charged Vibhuti/ash which can be stuffed inside an amulet and worn as a protective jewellery.

Make your very own amulet

Make your very own amulet

You can buy such amulets in your local Indian jewellery shop. When you bring it home, wash it in clean water and keep it beside you as you do your homam. You will set up the amulet after you have done the homam, do not speak anything else as after you finish your recitation, sit in a contemplative pose and after the ash has cooled sufficiently, stuff sufficient quantity of the vibhuti/ash inside a silver amulet (pictures above). Use a bit of melted wax to seal the amulet watertight. You can wear such an amulet around your neck in a pretty chain or around your bicep. This was your basic planetary remedy Vibhuti talisman.

An added extra would be if you can lay your hands on birchwood bark (bhojpatra), twigs of the pomogranate tree, saffron(kesar) and a small silver plate. These things are generally available in puja material stores in India.

Make your very own amulet Make your very own amulet

Before the homam, sharpen the end of the twig, dissolve the kesar strands in a drop of water and cut out a tiny piece of the bhojpatra which can be rolled and fit into your amulet. Keep these ready in front of you while you perform the homam. Then when you finish reciting all the mantras, dip the twig point in kesar and using it as an ink write just the mantra which you have chanted 108 times in Sanskrit script on the bhojpatra carefully. Just one change would be to replace the “swaha” at the end with “namah”.

When you finish writing, blow thrice on the bhojpatra and fold it without tearing and stuff it inside the amulet. Fill the remaining space in the amulet with the Vibhuti and seal the amulet shut. See, its so easy, you just made for yourself your own personal talisman and as you have made it for yourself it will be much more effective that what an professional astrologer would have made. When you wear it you will always be carrying around, and being recharged by the energies that you have invoked during the homam.

If you want to use more powerful mantras for protection in your amulet, This is what you do. Follow the homam preparatory phase as per my earlier post on how to perform a homam (sacred fire ritual) Then for the second phase use a the Chamunda mantra. This is how to invoke it.

  1. After the preparatory phase mantras are done, recite the Devi Gayatri, “Om devyyai Brahmandaiyyi vidhmahe, Mahatshaktaiyyi cha dhimahi tanno devi prachodayat Om”
  2. Then recite the siddhakunjika stotra from Devi Mahatmya (Durga Saptashati) once. Whenever you say “swaha” drop a few drops of ghee into the agni/fire.
  3. Then say the navavarana mantra, “ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चे स्वाहा” 108 times. With each swaha drop a drop of ghee in the fire.
  4. After you finish the 108 repetitions, recite “Om” once.
  5. Finish by reciting “Om Shri Paradevata arpanmastu”

Make the amulet with the vibhuti and the bhojpatra (write “ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चे” on the bhojpatra) as above and you have made yourself a very very powerful amulet which you can use for ever if you seal it tightly and properly.

Amulets generally do not exhaust their store of energy, but in case you are faced with severe negativity the amulet may get exhausted and break open on its own. In such a case discard the entire thing in running water/stream/sea or if that is not possible bury it in some isolated place.

If you have learnt how to see auras, the aura of the amulets you have just made will be white-gold and when you wear it, this white-gold mixes with your body’s overall aura increasing its overall positivity and adding protection. It is really beautiful like watercolours merging. In fact everyone should really learn to see auras, it is quite useful.


Make your very own amulet


Evil fathers, astrologically

Just like the mother, the father is equally a very important source of stability for the child. If the mother confers emotional stability the father grants physical stability. Mothers can be negligent, and fathers can be indifferent.

In a horoscope, the 9th house determines the parental figures, the fathers brothers, the grandfathers, the males in the fathers family, the ancestors as a group. But the actual physical father is defined by the 10th house. There are differing opinions on this distinction but this is what I have actually seen in my practice. Also it is logical as the 4th house is the mother’s and the house opposite that the 10th is the father’s.

In addition to the 10th house lord, planets placed in the the 10th house, the Sun is the natural pitrukaraka, significator of the father. As the moon/mother provides up with emotional stability the sun/father provides us with a physical stability, place in the society, and is linked with our ego.

Fathers are meant to be strict and to discipline, (this function is linked with Saturn in the horoscope). Most fathers do it and with pride in their children. They work hard so as to provide for the child and do love in there own rather distant way. Being a father is an enormous responsibility and most of us do it willingly as we are caring for our own blood, our genetic link to the next generation.

Evil fathers, astrologically

But there are fathers who really dont care and may even be abusive to their children. One of my clients is such an example. His birth horoscope is quite good to look at. Sun in Aries in the 10th house with the lord of the 10th, Mars in the Ascendent Cancer (Sun in Aries is exalted, highest energy state and Mars in Cancer is debilitated, lowest energy state). The father is immensely rich with several businesses, a big house and even takes time to look after the son, buy him the necessities of life. But has never given the son money, never even as a gift. Offers money often but never gives. Likes keeping the sons dependent on his largesse like a cat and mouse game. In the Indian context his behaviour is out of character as Indian parents generally fulfil the children’s demands of laptops and clothes, shoes and stuff. There is no concept of children working during the holidays or in part time jobs like in the western countries. But I was curious as the basic horoscope did show an exalted Sun to offset the debilitated Mars. So I checked the 9th divisional chart/Navamsha. The Navamsha chart is a one step deeper into your birth horoscope and can be used to map out the inner energies of the graha. In this Navamsha chart, the exalted Sun of Aries actually shifted to Libra thus was debilitated. Thus this father was superficially good but had a negative core of energy and liked hurting his son on the psychological (Mars in Cancer) level.

The 6th house is the house of debts, disease, arguments, enemies and so if the pitrukaraka (determinant of the father), the 10th house lord or the Sun or even Saturn is placed here in the birth horoscope, you can work out which way this relationship is going to go.

The 8th house is the house of death, benefits from other’s death, medical operations, accidents, secrets and routes. If the pitrukarak graha are located here the child may be denied a fathers love either by death or absence of the father. The reason for the absence may be anything, the father may actually be working double shifts to support the family so not available to the child. He may love his child but the child can never experience it because there is no opportunity, no time. So from the perception of the child the father never loved him.

The 12th house is the house of the unknowns, of losses, of the subconscious and the unconscious. Somethings which we never know in our waking state. If the pitrukaraka/agents representing the father, end up in this house again the “father experience” is something the child will never know in his conscious life, though in his dreams in his subconscious states he may receive guidance from paternal figures.It is very traumatising for young children to cope with neglect and abuse from the father, affecting his very personality, his courage and confidence and the way he handles people and situations. One wishes for fatherly love but time cannot come back. And even when one grows up, still there in a tiny corner of the heart where lies a neglected child. And you can never tell this out aloud as no one would understand and may even say that you are ungrateful thus deepening the initial hurt.

But you can heal yourself. If you ever feel in your inner most heart that you have never received your fathers love, do this one thing, write out a list of all the things you imagine a fathers love would mean. Maybe eating an icecream together? Maybe your dad teaching you to ride a bicycle? Dad helping you with your homework? Cuddling you as you go to sleep? Maybe just hugging you hard and saying “I love you my precious child!”. Keep this list and then when you become a father yourself do this all as a father with your child. And when you see your young child laugh, laugh with him both as a father and that long-ago child that was you.

Or is you have been initiated to Reiki, you can this sequence of hon sha zhe so nen, dai ko mu, cho ku re, sei hei ki, hon sha zhe sho nen to heal your heart of the past trauma. Do it regularly for 21 days for at least 5 minutes everyday to feel the difference.

Doing these healings may or may not repair your relationship with your own father, the source of your childhood hurt. But it will definitely free you from the excess baggage and allow you to be more hopeful and enjoy your relationship with your own child.

Your challenge for this life is, you were never shown an example of what a loving father is like, but you have to learn from your experience, to learn from the negative example, to ace your personal test.

To accept and learn from your experiences is the whole purpose of this life. That and ensuring that the hurts you received from others are never handed out by your own heart to others.


Evil fathers, astrologically