Makar Sankranti 2022 predictions

Sankranti means the transit of Surya into the next Rashi. There are 12 Sankrantis in one solar year. Makar Sankranti, ie Sun’s entry into Capricorn is possibly the most important Sankranti of the lot.

In each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the Sun appears in different forms, the twelve Aditya. The form of the Sun in Capricorn sign is called Bhaga Aditya. He is the giver luck, fortune, prosperity etc. In this solar month we are expected to work hard for what we want and not give up. We have to earn the comforts we desire. To be reliable, responsible, use our intelligence and be honest with ourselves. There may be legacies, inheritances, windfalls etc during this time, some unexpected opportunities. We have to use our intelligence get into the details. If any problems arise we should break them down and deal with them. If this Sankranti is good for you then you will enjoy the above advantages for the coming new Samvatsar, if not then you will be mean, stingy and unyielding thus cause problems for yourself and others.

This year Makar Sankranti occurs on 14:43 IST 14th Jan 2022 afternoon. The best time to do pujas is from 14:43 to 16:34 IST, this is the Maha punya kaal. But the time till sunset is generally auspicious, this is the Punya kaal. Make use of this time to perform some auspicious actions. Whatever you do in this time will help you in the oncoming new year, ie in the Shri Shubhakruti naam samvatsar. 

As the actual Sankranti is on the afternoon of 14th, you will have to do some pujas on 14th from 14:43 to sunset. And also give Arghya etc to the rising Sun on 15th Jan.

What to do on Makar Sankranti is a common question so I am listing out the easiest possible options. You can add more as per your culture and family traditions.

  • Wake up before sunrise and get ready etc, as usual. 
  • Make sure to put sesame oil on the body before bathing and put some sesame seeds, white Til seeds, in your bath water. 
  • Wear fresh clothes, Tilak on your forehead etc. Do your morning Agnihotra at the exact sunrise minute/second. Give Arghya to the risen Sun at the eastern horizon. Recite the Aditya Hrudaya stotra. Do puja of your household deities/ Kuldevata. (This is a daily thing for followers of Sanatan Dharma)
  • The special naivedya for this day is sweets made of white sesame seeds and jaggery (Til-gul) and sugar candy.
  • Do your morning Gayatri puja, ie the complete Sandhyavandanam or at least recite the Gayatri mantra 108 times. (Again this is a daily schedule)
  • Next do some puja of the Sun ie make a Surya yantra and do its puja, or in any way as per your family traditions. 
  • Go to a nearby temple during the Punya kaal. If possible go to a Navagraha temple, but if there isn’t one nearby you can go to any temple. Take your family, children etc also with you. Offer sweets made of white Sesame seeds and jaggery to the deity. 
  • Give Daana as per your capacity to any worthy Brahmin or to the deity or the running water/sea. This can be as simple as pouring a bottle of sesame seed oil into the Deepak lamps around the temple. Daan and Mantra are the sure shot remedies for all astrological problems.
  • If you live near auspicious rivers and water bodies, ie Ganga, Narmada, Yamuna, Kavery, Sindhu, Godavari etc then you can take a snan in these rivers and give Arghya to the Sun with their waters.
  • As per local culture and traditions do participate in whatever activities are prescribed for this day. Eg flying kites, lighting up a Fire and worshipping it, doing puja of the cow, having fun-fairs Mela, etc. We are one Bharatvarsha and we celebrate the Makar Sankranti together, Suggi Habba, Lohori, Pongal, Uttarayani, Magh Bihu, Maghi, Khichadi, Shishur Sankrant, etc, it all a celebration of the same energy of the Sun entering the Capricorn sign.
  • All followers of Sanatan Dharma intend happiness and positivity on this important day.

Now the phal, ie the fruit of this Makar Sankranti. If you open any standard printed Panchangam, you will see a description of the Sankranti purush. For this Makar Sankranti 2022 it is as follows. 

  • Naam Mishra – Name – Mixed 
  • Drushti Nairrutya – Looking at the South west.
  • Gamana Purva – Traveling towards the East
  • Vahana Bagha – Main vehicle Tiger
  • Upa Vahana Ghoda – second vehicle Horse 
  • Vastra Peeta – Robes Yellow
  • Ayudha Gada – Weapon Mace
  • Bhakshya Padartha Payasa – Eating a sweet dish made of rice, sugar and milk 
  • Gandha Dravya Kumkuma – fragrance applied is saffron
  • Varna Bhuta – color is pale 
  • Pushpa Jati – wearing jasmine flowers 
  • Vaya Kumar – age teenager 
  • Avastha Bhoga – desirous of enjoyment 
  • Karana Mukha Dakshina – thought process towards the south
  • Sthiti Baithi – posture sitting 
  • Bhojana Patra Chandi – Silver vessel for eating food
  • Abhushana Kankana – wearing a bracelet as a jewellery
  • Kanchuki Hari – upper body cloth of green color. 

Interpreting all this, overall there will be an environment of fear and uncertainty. Advisers, philosophers, scholars etc will not be able to give very sensible or practical advice. People will feel afraid for no real reasons, imaginary troubles will disturb the mind. War like situations are possible. Fast moving and unexpected events will occur. People will not be able to act in time as required by the circumstances. There will be a tendency to get things by illicit or illegal means. in the age groups, teenagers may face typical issues. Silver, jewellery, water, white colored items, sugar, rice, milk, green colored items, perfumes, flowers, saffron, essential commodities, yellow colored items will increase in price. South western and Eastern parts of Bharat will face troubling times. The south will face more challenge times compared to the north. The indications are overall mixed for our nation for this month of Jan-Feb and this will carry on subtly in the incoming new Samvatsar.

This time a lot is happening around this Sankranti. Let’s also take a look at the planet positions. 

  • Partial Kaal sarpa, the Moon is outside the hemming. 
  • Conjunction of Sun Saturn Mercury in Capricorn.
  • Mercury retrograde in Capricorn.
  • Venus retrograde in Sagittarius.
  • Moon exalted in Taurus at this time is helpful. Will ensure health on the physical and emotional levels at least.
  • Mars in swa-kshetra, Scorpio adds to his power to be auspicious.
  • Ketu and Rahu are very powerfully placed in Taurus and Scorpio, their potential can be harnessed.
  • Saturn is powerful in his own sign, so can be used intelligently.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius though average can still be used to create good in your life.

So though the Sankranti Purush is not very favourable, if you perform some pujas for the Sun or Graha shanti etc you will be able to make the most of the power of these graha. Will highlight the possible positives for the birth Moon signs,

  • Aries – must try to make the most of the Dharma Karma yog operating. Profession and gains are favourable if you make the efforts.
  • Taurus – Jupiter is favourable for you so try to create opportunities for gains in your life. Profession may feel a bit dull, but you are building a base for your future so persevere here. Travel may create opportunities.
  • Gemini – if you are in business, this Jupiter can give you good results. In your personal life too, partnerships can act as a foundation for something bigger in the future. You have to work but also be patient.
  • Cancer – for you hold on to your personal spiritual practice as this will give you the necessary strength to carry on in life. There can be some scope for those in business but only if you have done your ground work systematically earlier. 
  • Leo – This is one of the very best times, enemies are ineffective. Jupiter is bringing you close to important people and to your spouse, money from business too should be coming in. Make the most of it.
  • Virgo – there is a limited scope for calculated risks, if you have done your homework well. But do not break rules and think everything through before taking any step. Do your spiritual practice as this will help you generate positive energy during this time.
  • Libra – You will feel very creative but will not have the time to take up these things. But note down your ideas, they are all good and their time too will come. Your children will be a source of happiness to you in this time.
  • Scorpio – For you this is a very good time. You have the necessary opportunity, courage, intelligence and resources to take up any of the things you want to. Make the most of it, all life aspects are generally favourable. 
  • Sagittarius – Money flow can increase so you can take up investments after thinking them through. Your extended family and teammates may unexpectedly come to your assistance.
  • Capricorn – Focus on your spiritual practice to generate positivity during this time. Be patient. 
  • Aquarius – Traveling can generate opportunities. There is good scope for expansion but remember to keep your health first in all cases.
  • Pisces – You continue to get positive results, with several opportunities for gains of different types. But focus on getting yourself fit on the physical, emotional, financial etc aspects as your Sade sati will be starting soon.

(I am using data from Drikpanchangam for place Ujjain.)