Mars 2022 retrograde analysis and predictions 

Mars will be going retrograde in the signs of Taurus and Gemini soon. The time line of the planet’s movements are as follows,

  • Mars entered Taurus on 10th Aug and has entered Gemini on 16th Oct.
  • He will be almost stationary on 29th – 31st Oct as he apparently reverses his direction. This stationary phase is called stambhan and the planet is said to be a stambhit graha. 
  • Mars will be going retrograde on 30th Oct in Gemini.
  • He re-enters Taurus retrograde on 13th Nov.
  • And starts his forward motion on 13th Jan 2023 in Taurus. (He retraces his position to about 13deg Taurus. He was here last on 3rd Sept 2022 in his forward motion.)
  • Mars reenters Gemini on 11th Mar 2023 and will reach the same degree on which he had started his retrograde on 30th Oct 2022.

This means that the effects of this retrograde will applicable broadly from 3th Sept 2022 till 15th Mar 2023. And strongly applicable from 30th Oct 2022 to 13th Jan 2023.

During this time he will be going through all the eight types of movements. Ie is going to be going forward, then moving very slowly, then stationary, then retrograde then again slow down, then stationary then slowly forwards and finally forwards. During this time, about 7-8months, he will be visiting and revisiting very intensely a very small, about 18deg, arc length of the zodiac. (Normally Mars travels 5-6 signs in 7-8 months in his usual forward motion.) 

Planets become stronger when retrograde so during this time the martian influence over each one of us will increase. But during this time, the energy will directed inwards or towards the past. ie you may be able to recognise certain tendencies within you to be problematic and thus use the energy generated during this time to address them. Or you may be able to identify certain issues in the past which have caused problems for you and now the energy of this time can help you address these.

For predicting events during this time frame we need to look at the other events in the skies during this time too. There are two eclipses coming up, one solar and one lunar and the solar eclipse on Divali amavasya will be especially strong. Saturn is retrograde, karma are building up and that too in Dhanishta nakshatra. Venus is combust and Jupiter retrograde, thus both Gurus unable to function normally. During this time Mars will be in Taurus and Gemini signs and in the Rohini and Mruga nakshatras. The broad predictions during this time are as follows,

  • Agriculture will be affected on a global scale, in fact all production related activities will show losses. Nature will become ‘unproductive’ and every activity based on the creative power of nature will suffer. This includes all primary goods and raw materials that we harvest directly from nature which will now be in scarce supply.
  • Economy will slow down drastically, as all financial and commercial activities will be affected. Stored resources will literally burn up during this time. Those nations who have managed to stockpile essential resources, ie power, water, food, medicine etc will be able to come out of this time safely, others will be in serious trouble. Basic requirements for living a normal life will be denied to several.
  • Global economy will be shaky and this is not a time for risky investments. Prices will increase for precious metals and raw materials. Export import and all such activities where transport and communications are involved will also grind to a halt.
  • Software will be used as a weapon. Nations will try to attack the data, software etc of their enemies. Propaganda and misinformation will be used as a tool to control narratives and people.
  • Physical activity will go down as everyone becomes just a little lazy. Motivation to move around, work and actually do stuff may go down. There will be low physical drive and activity levels.
  • Mental activity however will remain high and this time is conducive for planning and strategising. Everyone will express their aggression in an unpredictable manner and show changes in their behaviour during this time.
  • Possibility of short lived romantic affairs, as people search desperately for love. Marital disputes will show an increase. Everyone will be driven to chase money and resources by any means possible. 
  • Natural calamities are expected. Winter will be colder than average. Heavy rains with strong winds in the hill/ coastal states are possible. In the hills, expect snow, cloudbursts and associated landslides etc. One severe earthquake is possible. Electricity/ power generation will be affected.
  • Accidents, road rage, electrical accidents, home invasions and robberies etc are also going to increase. 

The Ukraine Russia war will continue and even intensify. Russia will always have the upper hand in this war as it has a better chart. (I have written two posts on long term predictions here and here)

For Bharat, in addition to the general predictions above, times are going to be tough and our government will take the necessary tough decisions from time to time. These decisions will trigger protests from anti national groups which will cause violent disruptions in public life from time to time. Death of at least one major public figure is expected during this retrograde. We will endure as we always have, but a few years of significant disruptions and an existential struggle are in the offing. (Each one of us has to contribute in some way. The least you can do is to pray for our Bharat’s welfare in your daily routine.)

A very drastic change is in the air, those who adapt to the inevitable will be more successful after March 2023. But post 2023, all this confusion created by Mars can again erupt in a violent manner, so it is best to be careful for a couple of months afterwards.

In a broader way, our entire human civilisation will be affected. A very dramatic change is coming up which will affect the current human civilisation, stability and order in a very turbulent way. Those who will not be able to adjust and adapt to this change will physically leave. Mars is going retrograde in Rohini after a very long period. 

This Mars is unfavourable for all the signs as he is going retrograde in a very sensitive portion of the zodiac, ie in the Rohini nakshatra. However here are some sign-wise pointers,

  • Mars owns Aries and Scorpio. Aries will face non stop issues which will cause stress. Especially family problems, financial and legal issues. Scorpio will face the highest turbulence and severe hurdles in every aspect of life so be very careful.
  • Mars is linked to the nakshatra Mruga, Chitra, Dhanishta. So if you have your birth Moon in any of these you will face confusion, will be unable to take appropriate decisions, will be unable to adapt to the changes coming up and suffer losses. 
  • Also this time is unfavourable for the signs Taurus Gemini Libra and Aquarius. Taurus will have enough financial resources but there will be uncertainty and lack of direction. If you can control your ego then you can remain balanced in this time. Gemini will face exhaustion and all the relationships in your life will cause stress. Be patient and use your spare time to rest. Libra has to be careful about its physical health and its erratic behaviour will cause short term disputes and also long term problems. Aquarius will be financially stable but legal issues will pop up and the spouse will cause stress. 
  • This Mars is somewhat favourable for the rest of the signs. Briefly. Cancer will be able to reap the benefits of all the work that they have put in in the past few months. So be decisive and implement your plans confidently. Leo has to be alert, there are some opportunities coming up but you have to act quickly in order to make the most of these. Beware of gossip and backstabbing in office. Virgo will have to struggle in your professional/personal life and things will seem hopeless from time to time, but Jupiter is favourable for you and will save you from the worst. Sagittarius will recover from past problems but slowly. Keep going steadily, do not take risks. However there can be stress from the children. Capricorn will face isolation and loneliness, as separation from children and spouse is possible. Be clear about your purpose, evaluate why are you doing what you are doing. Pisces will see some positive changes in life, new opportunities in work, improvement in health and finances is possible, short journeys for work/ pleasure will be fruitful. 


Finally you need to analyse your birth chart and check if Mars is favourable or unfavourable for you at birth. This is something which even beginners can find out. In case he he unfavourable for your chart then he will cause turmoil in your life during this period. If he is favourable then you will be offered some opportunities which you must be intelligent enough to recognise and boldly act upon. 

For more advanced students there are several tools, from the Janma nav tara chakra, Kota chakra, Ashtakvarga scores etc which can be used to gain more information on how this retrograde will be affecting your life.

Remedies are as always Daana and Mantra. Or if you can, then intelligently modulating the behaviour to make the most of the prevailing energies.