Solar Eclipse 10 June 2021

A solar eclipse is coming up on 10th Jun 2021. Its going to be an annular solar eclipse so it will be quite a powerful event. 

The timings are

  • Partial eclipse begins – 8:12 UTC
  • Full eclipse begins 9:49 UTC
  • Maximum eclipse 10:41 UTC
  • Full eclipse ends 11:33 UTC
  • Partial eclipse ends 13:11 UTC

If you count the partial and total eclipse phases it lasts for about 5 hours. If you count only the total phase, it will last for about 1 hr 54 mins. Thus the effect of this eclipse on global affairs will be for about 2-5years.

Planetary configuration

  • Sun, Moon and Mercury (he is fully combust+retrograde) all in Mruga nakshatra on this Amavasya, no-Moon day. All three are practically within a degree of each other, very intensely bound together. Rahu in Rohini nakshatra. These four are in the Taurus sign.
  • Ketu is in Anuradha, Scorpio sign. 
  • Venus in Gemini.
  • Mars debilitated in Cancer
  • Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius.


(This a good site for actual astronomical details.)

India – This eclipse is not visible in any part of India, so people living here do not have to do any pujas for this nor will there be any effect of the eclipse energies on India. But as it is a solar eclipse, ie the conjunction of Rahu Ketu with Sun Moon, it will have some effect on everyone for some time. On personal levels it is best to be careful as long as Sun transits through Taurus and Gemini signs.

On the global scale, the following areas will see a partial eclipse. Northern areas of the Pacific Ocean and all the way till the north pole ie North Sea, Baltic Sea, Arctic Ocean etc. Practically all of Europe, Russia, Kazakhastan, Iceland, Greenland, Mongolia, China, Canada, Alaska, East USA etc. Totality will be visible in some parts of Russia, Canada, Iceland and Greenland (the dark orange colored areas in the map). We have to consider the lunar eclipse on 26th May 2021 (post here) while interpreting this solar eclipse as some of the areas affected are same. The effects start about a week before the eclipse event but as we just had a lunar eclipse, the effects are in continuation. The Pacific Ocean’s northern part is affected again, so weather patterns emerging from this area of the ocean will remain severely disrupted. China, Russia, Canada, USA, Mongolia etc which saw the lunar eclipse will again experience this solar eclipse energy, adding to the disturbance.

Eclipses in the horoscope, birth and transit analysis

The main eclipse is occurring in Mruga nakshatra and Rahu in Rohini will give his effect too.

Mruga is also called Mrugashira, it is linked to Mars and ruled by the deity Soma. Its main theme is ‘searching for secrets’. The eclipse is going to act mainly though the filters of this nakshatra. So there will be an increase in misunderstandings, suspicious behaviour, insensitivity and mistrust. If you are planning any life-time decision during this time, recheck everything before you finally decide. Do not leave things incomplete even if you do not feel like finishing them. Pay attention to your health and needs and also of those people dependant on you. If you are suffering anything related to the ‘liquids of the body’, ie blood etc, then do not ignore any symptoms. The digestive system may be affected, fevers are possible for a variety of reasons. You might feel lonely, drained and tired. Emotional upsets are possible. Avoid short-term flings as they will cause sorrow later. Creativity will be affected. People in creative fields might cause trouble for the society as their genius gets misdirected. Some unpalatable secrets will be out in the open. Farmers, animal husbandry and people who do physical work will be affected more. Soldiers and police will have to work more. Overall people will work hard but results will not be as desired.

Rohini has Rahu in it during the eclipse, so we have to add these energies too. The theme here is ‘to create’. This lunar mansion is ruled by the deity, Prajapati/ Brahma-dev and linked to the Moon. This Rahu has caused havoc regarding the COVID 19 ever since he has entered Rohini. Now with this eclipse, he can aggravate the after-effects of the infection. Also people will chase money and fame trying to achieve their goals by any means possible. Often these goals will be materialistic and not very ethical in nature, eg. look at the way pharma companies are behaving. People will desperately want attention. Be careful about trusting people as opportunistic and manipulative behaviour is on an increase. Productivity of proper, natural and positive things will reduce. Chemicals, synthetic and artificial products will be more in demand. The environment might suffer as imbalances will increase.

In this mix, we have Mercury who is fully combust and retrograde (post here). This will cause selfishness, illogical behaviour, arguments etc. There may more psychological issues, mental exhaustion, addictions etc during this time-frame as people will want more ‘experiences’. Creative aspect of things will be used in an irrational manner. Fake news being peddled with the intention to discredit others. Everyone will have very fixed opinions and will be vocal about them. Traitors will try to whip up passions by instigating mass movements and violence. Border disputes with neighbouring nations can flare up. Economy, personal finances will be affected. Misunderstandings with partners, close family and friends. Achieving goals during this time will be difficult. Avoid all major decisions till he gets into his forward motion again.

If you live in a area where this eclipse is visible then apply this above on the personal levels. The intensity of the effects will depend on the power of your birth chart and any mantra you do to direct the eclipse energy washing over you. (I have written a few posts on eclipses, do use the index page or search bar). On the national levels, where the eclipse is visible, there may be an increase in border disputes and posturing. However instead of direct confrontations, the insidious type of war-fare will be used. Political instability, over-reach and confusion may occur.

For the lands and seas being affected, Scorpio, the 8th sign of the natural zodiac is a watery sign so ‘water’ will cause some disturbance. ie, the weather patterns emerging from these areas will cause unseasonal rains, water related tragedies, flooding etc. And Taurus, the second sign is an earthy sign so disasters related to the earth, eg earthquakes are also possible.

Eclipses and their energy

The following people will be more affected by the energy of this eclipse. 

  • If undergoing the Mahadasha of Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or undergoing their Antardasha in the Mahadasha of other planets.
  • You have your Rahu or Ketu conjunct other planets in your birth horoscope.
  • If your birth Moon sign or the ascendant sign is Taurus or Scorpio
  • People with birth Moon or ascendant signs, Cancer, Leo, Gemini and Virgo should also take precautions.

As its a solar eclipse, it will have effects on everyone to some extent. So here is briefly for each birth Moon sign. Pay special attention to where Taurus and Scorpio fall in your chart, as these would be the potential sources of illusions, unexpected happenings and disappointments. Or on the other hand, if you have channelised the eclipse energy, can also be sources of unexpected opportunities and gain.

Aries – if your birth Moon is in Aries then take care of your health and diet. Mars is currently debilitated in Cancer. Expect stress and arguments from your family members, especially your mother and children. Try to control your temper and avoid rash actions. There will be some unforeseen losses and expenditures caused by family issues. Investments may not show desired returns.

Taurus – if your birth Moon is in Taurus then the eclipse energies will interfere significantly unless you do some mantra to channelise the energies. Focus on your health and emotional stability, pay attention to your diet and take adequate rest. Stress from the siblings, partner, business associates, team-members is possible. 

Gemini – if your birth Moon is in Gemini then then Mercury being combust, retrograde and very much a part of the eclipse may have a negative effect on you. Pay attention to your health, loss in vitality is possible. The people around may try to deceive you. Do some mantra during the duration of the eclipse, as Venus in Gemini during the eclipse will help you channelise the energy in a useful manner.

Cancer – if your birth Moon is in Cancer, you are required to be patient and persevere. Expected gains may be delayed, financial issues may crop up. You might feel a loss of confidence, mental blocks etc. Family and partnerships might create stress. Your friends, children will cause stress. If you are a student, you might have trouble in upcoming exams etc. 

Leo – if your birth Moon is in Leo, then health can be a issue as the Sun himself is going to be eclipsed. Sudden changes in health are possible. There will be issues with your boss, father or teacher. Keep your temper under control, there will be excessive heat in the body. Focus on what you want and work in that direction. Saturn in transit is favourable for you so will not let things go out of hand. But he is retrograde so taking due care is advisable.

Virgo – if your birth Moon is in Virgo, then Mercury being combust, retrograde and very much a part of the eclipse will have a negative effect on you. It is advisable to do mantra jaap during the eclipse to utilise the energies. Stress, frustrations, loneliness, feeling a lack of support in life, isolated, etc is possible. Not a good time to take financial decisions. 


Libra – if your birth Moon is in Libra, then keep a look out on your diet. Avoid speaking harsh words, relations broken now will not be repaired. Family and finances might cause stress. You might feel that no one is supporting you., especially in the profession. Avoid risks, there is a possibility of accidents or emergency surgeries. Venus in Gemini can support and reduce the negative effects significantly if you do some mantra jaap during the eclipse.

Scorpio – if your birth Moon is in Scorpio, then the transiting Saturn though retrograde will help you to some extent. But Mars is debilitated. So you have to look out for your health. Be careful about your partnerships, spouse, business etc and about trusting others. If you intend to start some new venture, sign contracts or legal documents etc then this is not the correct time. You may have to work harder in your job and be overworked.

Sagittarius– if your birth Moon is in Sagittarius, then  over-work is a possibility. Avoid taking risks and rash actions. Your partner, spouse, and family will fail to support you. Take care of your diet and pay attention to your needs. Budgeting may be necessary. 

Capricorn- if your birth Moon is in Capricorn, you will feel dispirited and lonely. There will be a loss of confidence as you are unable to use your intelligence. You might feel blocked, unbalanced and may lose opportunities. Children can give stress during this time.

Aquarius – if your birth Moon is in Aquarius, you have a favourable Venus at this point of time so if you can channelise the eclipse energy you can gain on several fronts. If you do not then, there will be heath problems, issues with spouse, financial constraints and over-work. In fact this one of the few signs who can significantly reduce the impact by the power of their Yogkarak Venus now in Gemini so do some mantra during the eclipse time. 

Pisces – if your birth Moon is in Pisces, you are on a much better footing than the other signs. Saturn in transit is favourable for you so will mitigate extreme issues. However he is retrograde so may not give instant relief, so best take reasonable precautions. If you utilise the eclipse energy, you will gain from your profession, lands and maintain your social image. there will be opportunities. However expect sporadic disagreements with your seniors, parents, teammates and siblings. 


As always there are only two ways for mitigating adverse effects caused by the eclipse energy. One is mantra jaap during the eclipse and Daan after the eclipse opens.

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