Newborns with a loaded 11th or 12th house

I am penning this one quick post after one incident with someone I know. Not giving out the details, but their genuine fear made me realise that ‘professional-astrologers’ do sometimes scare innocent people for creating dependency. If you have a newborn in your family, even you can observe what I have written in this post for yourself. Check the birth horoscope of the baby. Note which planets are placed in the 11th or 12th houses. Now the planets placed in the 11th house will, with time, move into the 12th house as per their transit speeds. And naturally the 12th house planets will move into the 1st house as per their natural speeds.

Let’s see what happens, first for the planets in the 11th house who will move into the 12th house and what effects will be seen on the baby. This is on the tiniest levels because from a baby’s view point everything around him is really very big, time passes very slowly for him. The perspective of the baby is very different.We might think that so much is happening so fast in the tiny baby’s life, but for a baby time passes very slowly. One day is like a life time for him.  (post here).

If there is a Moon here, the baby will fall slightly ill on the 2-5th day of its birth. Naturally the Moon will transit to the 12th house in 2.5days so the baby might suffer a sudden weight loss because of loss of water, or refuse to feed properly, or there might be shivering or spasms because of electrolyte imbalance. The mother will feel more weak during these few days and the baby might get a bit neglected, there would be some confusion about how to care for it.

Next, if the Sun in the 11th house, he will shift to the 12th house of the baby, in transit, within one month and stay there for 1 month. In this one month, when the Sun transits his 12th house, the baby may suffer from heat related issues, boils etc and he might lose weight too. Indigestion and vomiting or unusual motions are possible. Feeding him properly is necessary during this time. Also internal heat will be a bit variable, so skin rashes, pitta etc can be possible.

If Mercury is in the 11th house at birth. He will shift to the 12th house within the next about 25days and stay there for another approx 25days. So during this time, Mercury will ensure that there is some misdiagnosis of some sort. Eg the parents/doctors might think that something is happening, but  in reality something altogether different would be happening to him. eg you might think he has colic but maybe he as an ear infection. If you are giving him some vaccines or medicines during this period then its possible that they may give some adverse reaction. Or the dose may not be correct or something.

Venus in the 11th and then moving onto the 12th. He stays in one sign for about 28days. But I have not observed any typical issue here, possibly because Venus in exalted in the natural 12th house of the chart?

Mars in the 11th house can shift into the 12th within 2 months of birth. Baby can get non-cooperative, cry, can over-heat internally, so boils etc can pop up. Fevers and other heat related ailments are possible, somewhat similar to the Sun above.

Then if Jupiter is in the 11th house at birth and next transits to the 12th. Jupiter is the jeev-karak, the agent of life. A strong Jupiter gives a healthy body. He generally stays in a sign for about a year, but does his forward/retrograde/forward dance in between, so he might do this in the 11th-12th houses of the baby’s chart. When he goes into the 12th house a few months after birth he gives some health problems. The usual illnesses of babies may happen during this period from cold, fever to whatever they get in their first year of life. The health will go down slightly in some way.

Saturn in the 11th house and going to the 12th house can happen upto 2.5yrs of life. If the child is older then he will get cranky and you might scold/ discipline him. But if this happens when he is a baby, then he might just cry for no apparent reason. But the problem will be in the astral dimensions as he will be facing some karma from the other worlds. In this case the evil eye tips (post here) should be used to help him.

If Rahu and Ketu occupy the 1st house, they will have their typical effect on the personality. They will shift into the 12th house within the next 1.5yrs as they move retrograde. Again Rahu/ Ketu in the 12th house means astral connect. So use the evil eye prevention tips while Rahu/ Ketu are in the 1st and 12th houses.

Naming your baby, the astrologic twists and turns..

Then if any graha is in the 12th house, he will next transit to the 1st house as per its movement. This almost always causes some trouble. During such transits especially of the slower planets adequate care should be taken. Whenever a planet connected to the 12th house, either the owner of the 12th or placed in the 12th, occupies the 1st house in transit, he causes some reduction in the physical body and the environment around. This is more important if the baby has planets in the 12th house at birth as they will immediately transit the 1st house and if the baby/child is very small, naturally he will not be able to communicate regarding his problems.

This was a generic post, as the actual results will depend on the individual baby’s chart. If the planet is moving into his own sign or sign of exaltation or a friend’s sign the results may not be so perceptible, only minor things can occur. But if there are additional malefic influences then they will be quite evident.

So there is no need to get scared if your otherwise normal and happy, newborn baby, suddenly gets all worked up. Use your common sense and consult a sensible doctor first.

We Jyotishi-s are primarily Observers, the more dispassionate we are, the better we get. If you see something happening or a certain situation unfolding, you have to be able to pick up the keywords of the situation. Train your mind to see patterns in everything around you. Prakruti follows the laws of nature, ie Jyotish. Everything in this created world, emotions, logic, people, interactions, every single thing can be reduced to Jyotish. (But you cannot analyse the Soul with Jyotish, as the Soul is not a part of this created universes.)


Trigger and use your Dreams and Nightmares

A step-wise small practical on how to trigger dreams. Try to use the energies of the swapna-avastha/ dreams for resolving your karmic bonds. We are as active in our dream states as we are in our waking states. We complete our karmic debts in our dream states too. Generally we do not need to remember what we did in our dreams as the actions are one-off rebalancing events. The sub-conscious is hard at work as you exist in the swapna-avastha and does its own thing independent of the conscious mind. But if you have recurring dreams, or disturbed sleep, recurring nightmares, similar themes, specific people, typical things, you wake up in fear etc, do try to analyse them. Here your subconscious mind is trying to bring something to your conscious notice. This thing will have some bearing on your awake life too. So try to channelise the energies so that they get resolved and not disturb you in your waking state/ Jagrut-avastha.

You can use the dream state for your own benefit. Plan your dreams and keep a dream journal. Things needed are simple, notebook/pen and a small light. Keep all this beside your pillow on your bed-side table. The physical and mental state before you go to bed is quite important so try to sleep in a comfortable position and get rid of mental clutter. Wash/ brush, wear clean pyjamas etc, do a few pranayam or deep breaths etc before you go to bed. Once you are physically and emotionally comfortable, dreams linked to these aspects of your life will reduce. And only then your dreams will be the intense karmic stuff. Now you can make use of your dream life.

Before you go to bed, think a bit, but do not create stress for yourself. Is anything weighing on your mind? Are you in trouble, worried? Do you need specific guidance? Or would you be happy with basic spiritual support? Think about your chosen theme for just a minute or so. Do not get agitated or emotional as you do so. Be dispassionate. You are priming your sub-conscious mind so that these suggestions will be used by it to create dream messages. As you practice this every night, this priming will get more effective and you will be able to direct your dreams clearly.

Now if you wake up in the night and you remember dreaming, be sure to write a few words in your journal, so that you can remember the dream in the morning. In the morning, wake up 5 mins before you really need to. Put a very soothing alarm, so that you wake gradually. A screeching alarm will wake you with an adrenalin rush, an astral shock and you will forget your dreams. As you gradually wake, you remember snippets from your dreams. Never wake with a jerk or move your body too much as you wake. Write a few key words in your journal so that you can remember the dreams. This will take 5 mins at max.

Now you have your keywords, but don’t stress over interpreting them. There are dream meanings websites which you can use to begin with. (eg Later, the interpretations flash automatically. You are the only one who can interpret your own dreams so use the websites as an indicative meaning only.

Try this for 21 days, evaluate for yourself and continue if you feel it is worth doing.

Deaths of loved ones, astrologically

Dreams are caused by several things. Generally you dream about the simple things which register as you go about your daily routine. Things which created an emotional impact are the most common themes for dreams. Or physical discomforts. Karmic things from the past come up for rebalancing only during typical times. Or if you trigger dreams like written above.

Dream state helps you in several ways. You can understand your waking experiences more deeply if you take cues from your dream states and vice versa. You are allowing your sub-conscious mind a more active role in your life. In the dream state, you observe yourself. You are both the actor and the witness. It is  like experiencing a ‘mini-realisation’. This is how you train yourself to understand the underlying non-dual in all duality. Dreams are often an outlet for surpassed emotional stuff. And they are also a way of assimilating external events more deeply into the sub-conscious. Even if they cause you anxiety or fear they are helping.

Dreams are not useless, they are full of energy, try to direct them. Even if they are nightmares and you wake up terrified you they are important as they have communicated something which has caused problems on the sub-conscious levels. Somethings like negative energy, ill-wishing and ‘black-magic’ can be better diagnosed through the dreams/nightmares. And if you are so inclined, you can complete a significant chunk of karma rebalance here. Once you are firmly on your spiritual path, dreams related to the outer external world and emotional context stop. Then the only dreams you will get will be the karma related ones. Then they too will get less frequent. Even for a normal householder, he dreams of something because he wants to achieve it. Eg if he wants to buy a new car he might dream of it and this will add to his will and confidence. So dreams are useful and can be used actively.

Dreams help, eg if you are facing some problems in life because of some issues/ hurts from your childhood, you might dream of small, children, your house where you lived as a child, your mother as she was younger, your own child etc. We are unable to face up to the problem as our adult self does not understand the inner child, but the dream offers us a clue. Often helping other children in need eg orphanages is a good way to resolve the energies of such types of dreams.

If you start remembering your dreams try to write as many keywords as you can. Or things and events which seemed significant to you. eg My Dad once had this sort of dream, he dreamed that he and his brother went into some jungle. Only he came out of it. His brother died within a month.

Then try to think about what were your emotions during the dream, happy sad, terrified, curious etc. Someone I know always dreams of getting caught in floods, fires, earthquakes being attacked by dacoits. He certainly has a very happening professional life, with emergencies popping up practically every month, which he very systematically and coolly confronts and wins every time. Dreams help separate from parts of your personality which have served the purpose and are of no use to you anymore. These constant emergencies in the dreams allow his sub-conscious to help him get rid of the more naive parts of his personality and bring the more pragmatic and practical parts of his personality to the surface.

Dreams are linked to personal growth. If you observe your dreams over a longer period, you will notice cyclic recurring themes. Presumably you first identify blockages then work on opening up these blocks. Then accept the new energies, assimilate them and grow. These cycles are evident in the dream themes. If you have maintained a dream journal, do flip back the pages when you have time, you might get new meanings for the old dream’s keywords.


The 12th house is your sleep states, dream states, nightmares, occult dreams, guidance in dreams, karma rebalanced in dreams, prophetic dreams, astral travel and all the stuff that you do when you ‘sleep’. As you know there are two states of existence which we experience as we sleep, one is deep sleep, ‘sushupti-avastha’ and the second is the dreaming state called ‘swapna-avastha’. So if you want to analyse the mental disturbances, sleep disorders, dreams, restful sleep etc check out the 12th house from the ascendant sign and also the 12th house from the Moon sign. (If you are aware of your exact birth time, check out of any planet is occupying the navamsha owned by the signs occupying these 12th positions from your ascendant sign and birth Moon sign.) If you have significant planets in the 12th house, there is lot expected from you in your dream states. (One family I know, mom/dad/2 kids, all have their birth Saturn in the 12th house!)

These days till 22nd Jan 2020 when Saturn will leave Sagittarius are strange. The planets are moving very fast over the Nodes. And the nodes are practically stationary in a very slight forward motion. The past few nights around the full Moon Dec 2019 have been particularly happening. There were dreams where direction is being given and also nightmares of the more terrible variety. The sub-conscious mind is taking full advantage of the swirling energies and doing its own thing. So wrote a bit about dreams and nightmares today. Most of us are not interested in delving into the sub-conscious because we are scared of what we might find there. But if you are a spiritual aspirant you should actively engage with your dream states as deep repressed stuff in the sub-conscious is a barrier to spiritual growth.


12th house the Dushamsthan of Loss

The 12th is the house of loss of the manifested (Vyay-sthan), it undos the physical and the material. It is a part of the Dushamsthan triad, the 6th, 8th and 12th houses which bring in turmoil in your life. (The 3rd house too if given a free reign, can cause havoc.) The 6th house is the most turbulent as it is linked to awareness and resolution of Karma. Also of diseases, arguments, debts, service, enemies earlier. The 8th house is catastrophic transformations of identity where the physical, emotional or spiritual identity undergoes a rapid, forceful and often a traumatic change. ie accidents, death, surgeries, hidden diseases etc. And the 12th house is Losses of the conscious, but is the least harmful of the three. Losses of the physical body, sub-conscious, hauntings, insanity, prisons, hospitals, unknowns. Irrespective of planets and placements, these 3 houses together have the potential to create chaos in your physical life.

Jupiter, a natural benefic, an expansive graha is the natural ruler of this 12th house of Loss. He rules the 12th house of the zodiac Pisces. And the sign Pisces, wherever it may be placed in the horoscope will subtly influence the matters of the 12th house too. The 12th house counted from the ascendant sign represents astral worlds, dreaming, bed, sleep, dreams, astral travel, sexual activity, enclosures, jails, secluded places, forests, solitude, living at places away from the homeland, privacy, secrets, mediation, things which are not visible, ancestral spirits.

Navamsha, 9th divisional chart

In my opinion it is better if the dushamsthan, 6th, 8th and 12th remain empty. This helps a material life of ease. There is less turbulence in life and as there are no planets placed here to bring their energies in focus. eg if you have Saturn in your 12th house, your entire agenda of karmic work is linked to the environments and people of the 12th house. A Moon placed here often indicates issues of neglect during early childhood etc. If the ascendant lord or the Moon or the Sun is placed here, you should pay attention to your physical body/mind.

Environments linked to the 12th house are those of ‘isolation’, away from the public eye and away from familiar environments. If your 12th house linked in some way to the wealth/ profession houses, e.g. their owners are aspecting each other you might find yourself working in such environments. e.g. in jails, forests and wilderness areas, foreign locations, foreign trade, hospitals, research labs, occult and divination. Here you lose your identity, e.g an anonymous soldier. Or you travel so much that you are not linked to a particular place, travelling salesmen, merchant navy, refugees, pilgrims, astral travel etc. Or you may be engaged in hazardous occupations where you might lose your life/energy, e.g at ports, firefighting, emergency services etc.

People represented by the 12th house can be those people who are required to enforce or required to suffer the environments indicated here. e.g. you may be the jailer or the prisoner, but both are required to remain in the jail premises! Actions indicated by the 12th are the things which occur behind closed doors. You are required to still your personality or this stillness will be forced on you in these environments.

There is an understanding that the 12th house is the house of sexual activity, but this is not the whole story. When you engage in sexual activity, you lose your energy. There is the aspect of sharing energy with your partner but you are also using your physical vitality. The female and male organs of reproduction use the subtlest Shukra-dhatu to create the ova/sperms and the associated energies. The remaining Shukra-dhatu is converted to Ojas, the vitality of the body. If you engage excessively in physical relations, Shukra-dhatu is used up at this level and production of Ojas and the vitality of the body suffers.

This is an important house for spiritual aspirants, who desire Liberation/ Moksh. This is the path from the manifested to the astral. There is intuitive guidance, extra sensory perceptions, help from spirit guides, resources of the past lives, and also the ability to use them. e.g. Saturn placed here will restrict all this, and not allow spiritual progress until he matures!

Navamsha, 9th divisional chart

The 12th house counted from every house will indicate the potential for losses related to the keywords of that house. e.g. Losses to the personality and the physical environment is the 12th house, this is counted twelfth from the ascendant sign. eg if you are looking at the marriage aspects of a chart, also analyse the 6th house (counted twelfth from the 7th house), this house will indicate the losses related to the married state. No wonder the worst house for Venus (natural ruler of the 7th) to be in, is the 6th house.

Now look at the house counted twelfth from your birth Moon. This is a valuable indicator of all those things you are detached from emotionally. e.g if your Moon is placed in the 3th house then you would emotionally be detached from things of the 2nd house, ie your family, family time, family history, you might not be mentally involved in wealth generation, the family tradition holds no emotional connection for you, going out with the family or close friends would hold no charm for you. This does not mean that you will not do all these things. (This will depend on the power of the 2nd house itself.) It just means that these things will not give you a deep emotional connect. When you count the 6th, 8th and 12th from the ascendant you get the physical environments and agents. But for also understanding the emotional context and impacts you should count from the birth moon sign. The house 12th from each house indicates the loss of things represented by that house. Even in transit, the transit Moon when occupies the sign twelfth from the birth Moon, those 2.25days will be quite troublesome and you will be in a tension.

The 8th, 12th and 4th houses are the Moksh trikon. These houses facilitate ‘release’. So unless you focus on them and their agents specifically, you will remain unaware of their potential. All these are watery signs and are linked to the subconscious, the astral and the depths of the psyche! If you are feeling relaxed and are alone you can try this sort of self-analysis. What do you feel when you are alone, in solitude? Sun can indicate a deep confidence in oneself, you wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for yourself and others whom you love despite overpowering odds. A Moon might indicate a sensitivity to emotions which you do not understand logically, you might also be prone to allergies. Mercury gives a nervous excitement which bubbles beneath the surface, you should write to get it out in the open! Venus might attract you to love and wealth, but do remember that self-love and an understanding of the inner self is the real gift of Venus. Mars here can indicate repressed sexual desires, inner conflicted feelings, resentments and passions which need to be channelised outwards not kept bottled inside. Jupiter here is a good placement for spiritual growth however impacts the health of the body, the children and the married state. Saturn here gives a sense of loneliness, fear, guilt and a negative mindset, but you can work intensely, you are determined and concentrate on tasks/work allotted to you. I have written a separate post on Rahu and Ketu in the 6/12 axis here. If you have a heavy 12th house, its agents and energies will be more in focus.

You, in the first house are exclusive, a clearly defined person living in a clearly defined environment. By the time you reach the 12th house, you realise the inherent unity in everything and understand the inclusive spiritual self. The 12th is the house of loss, all activities indicated here will lead to a loss of the manifested vitality, of the personality or of the environment. And a gain of the subconscious and the spiritual.


Navamsha, 9th divisional chart

The 12th house, support or sabotage

The 12th house and its energies are often glossed over in readings. It can be an uncomfortable house and needs to be understood in the right perspective. The sign/ planets connected to it secretly and unconsciously support or sabotage your mind/ body. The energies move inwards, so if there are several planets or major planets here or the house is as a whole incapable of giving good results then selfish behaviour and unhealthy self-obsession can result. If this sign/ planets is unable to give good results, then there may be depraved behaviour, unnatural or self-destructive patterns, disturbed spiritual energy, restlessness, inability to rest or insidious damage to the self/environment. If you can consciously work through these and come to terms with their expression, you can achieve a lot in in the inner worlds.

The 12th house is the karmic imprint of your immediate past life. These are your strength/ weakness from that life which you used as your current life’s base. Inauspiciously placed sign/ planets here indicate that you have decided to repay the negative karmic debts from your past lives. The 1st house is derived from the 12th house, so you are compulsorily required to rebalance them now. One way you can make sense of a painful 12th house is, to understand that you are repaying negative debts owed from past several lives to a large number of people. It will ultimately be for the good.

The 12th house, support or sabotage

Isolation is a very common motif of the 12th house. Banishment from the home-town even under the guise of better prospects elsewhere is still an internal problem. Your work may require isolation, you work in a research laboratory but you are still isolated from your society. Or punitive, you might be confined in prison or places apart from society because of your own actions. Prisons are meant for those who misuse their physical abilities and engage in criminal actions. This is the retribution in this life administered by the legal system of the society. The mentally challenged are those who misused their intellect in their past lives and in this life are denied access to their mental processes. These are also isolated from the society and/ or confined in mental asylums. This is karmic retribution administered by their own conscience at the moment of death of their past life. Similarly for physically handicapped people who do not have or cannot use their limbs. Here presumably the individual is required to reflect and regain their perspective and rebalance themselves.

The experiences of your mother as you were being created in her womb and your early childhood upto 7yrs are also linked to the 12th house things. If you have major planets in your 12th house try to think back on what your parents told you to not do, ‘don’t cry, don’t be late, don’t be a baby, don’t.. ‘. This is an expression of your 12th house energy. This ‘don’t..’ has shaped your life in a very deep way and even as an adult trying to do those forbidden things can cause internal stress and discomfort. But you are an adult now and these things need to be resolved else you might carry them onwards to your next life. So try to bear through the sub-consciously felt terror and let these 12th house impressions systematically out in the open. If you try to deny them and push them again beneath the surface they will continue creating problems.

If you were told ‘don’t be a crybaby’, you might have problems expressing your genuine emotional hurts. It is a deep automatic compulsion which you cannot overcome. If you even think that you will tell your friend that you are feeling hurt, your BP will shoot up, fingers go cold, heartbeat accelerates, it is a in-built compulsion to stay silent, there is fear. This is an extreme example, but people do feel like this about their 12th house things. Eg Saturn in 12th house, you will never be late, if you even think of being late, you will get an anxiety attack. Try to consciously examine this in-built behaviour and gradually reduce its hold over you. If you think about these things, analyse them and gradually understand them, your fear of them will reduce.

The 12th house is energies which are not allowed expression in your conscious life. So these churn and accumulate below the surface and at the critical point explode spectacularly.  The more something is denied expression, the more severely it bursts out. This can manifest as a disease which is detected at the very terminal stages. Or can be an emotional breakdown. Or a break in whatever keywords of the sign/planets associated. Over-reactions. So do pay attention to the transits and the Dasha periods. Also give yourself an outlet once in a while.

Eg a Mars in the 12th house won’t let you lose your temper much. This is called a Manglik placement. So give him an outlet, go to the gym and bring out all your inner aggression there, learn a martial art perhaps. Regulate these energies before they erupt in disorganised dangerous and damaging forms. Now what happens when you do explode. Eg you have 12th Mars and your husband is at the receiving end. He has forgotten your birthday and the last time you raged was a more than a year ago. So now in an instant, you will remember every tiny thing your husband did to irritate you in the past year. Everything which you didn’t react to in that long time will come to the surface in one red flash. That entire anger will be like lava pouring out. Your husband is in shock because he thinks you have perfect temper, you do not rage like this. And you feel your every word to be justified. You rage till you are drained, now you might cry as this is a form of release. Result, possibly an irrevocable break in the relationship. Your 12th house has sabotaged you. This can happen triggered by typical transits/ Dasha periods.

Now the 12th house is the resource from which your persona/ environment has been sourced. So even if you are not aware of its energies you radiate them! Eg Saturn here will make you appear very strict and disciplined. As a senior you will be feared by your subordinates. You will come across as a fair but rigid boss. And all the while you might have a very different idea of what image you are projecting as you are unaware of this Saturnine aspect of yourself! Now what you project, you will attract too. So here, you will attract even more Saturnine energies which do not support but will suppress you even more, a vicious cycle will start. If you ever become aware of the Saturn in you and balance it, you will find life becomes subtly less restrictive.

The 12th house, support or sabotage

Now a damaged 12th house will spill over most on the 4th and 8th houses, the Moksh trikon. The 12th and 8th houses are the dushamsthan, houses of turmoil and the biggest dushamsthan, the 6th house, is the mirror of the 12th house! So you can rebalance your 12th house by directly working on it or indirectly through these other houses.

The 4th is the astral depths, comfort, safety, emotions, residence, vehicles, lands, mother, nutrition, traditions, home-culture etc. If you actively increase these energies in your life either by experiencing them yourself or giving them to others as charity you support your 12th house too. Heavy energies in the 12th house often deny or restrict nurture, and the person often repeats the same with his child. but if he can become aware and change, get involved and nurture his child, this helps him balance his own energies too.

Most effective remedies are helping out at orphanages and old-age homes (it is a second childhood in a way). We help the most vulnerable in the society thus address the deepest vulnerability within our own selves.

The 6th is karmic service, debts, diseases, enemies etc basically serve or suffer. Your understanding of karmic debts and your ways of repaying them is all here. There are two options, either fall ill yourself or help those who are ill. This is free will, you choose. So if you choose to proactively study your 6th house and work on ways to repay the energy debt this will help channelising your 12th house energies too. Eg you see people with Rahu in the 12th house often settling in foreign lands. These people choose to get disconnected from the land and everything of their forefathers and go serve in a strange land. From the energy point of view leaving the homeland is always a problem. (A friend lives in the USA, has non-stop dreams of her ancestors. The easiest solution is to feed a cow, give her a chapati and a lump of jaggery. In India, desi humped cows are all around. There in the USA there are no desi humped cows and she says if she feeds an animal like this she might get put in jail! But her ancestors want the energy so the dreams continue.)

The 8th house can also be used to link to the energies of the 12th house. This can range from occult practices, tantra, private meditation, manipulation of pran/ vital energies or the other extreme being several sexual affairs.

Then the planets connected to the 12th house can naturally be used to channelise their energies in a proper way. Eg If you have Mercury there, write as much as you can! Another very effective way of rebalancing the 12th house energies is to use your dreams. I have written about using a dream journal, this can be a very good way of channelising your dreams or doing targeted dreaming which helps rebalancing the energies of the sub-conscious states. So the 12th house is a very important house and you should be consciously aware of it. Being aware of your own vulnerability is a big thing. Do not shy away from it, analyse it and the planets placed in it carefully. Too many planets in the 12th house or the ascendant lord or the Moon or the Sun in the 12th house always indicate physical and mental weakness. Be careful of the health of your body and mind. Always remember to put yourself, your concerns and your interests first. This is important. If you feel exhausted or drained, take care of yourself first. How much ever, difficult it is to communicate, seek professional help too.


The 12th house, support or sabotage