The story of Hreeng, Durga Saptashati

Another of my favourites, Devi Mahatmya or Durga Saptashati. This is collection of about 700 mantras each one of them very powerful, very cleverly disguised as a story on how Devi Mahamaya kills negative entities/Asurs. It is just like the terribly beautiful Devi wearing her hair in 2 plaits and going to kindergarten wearing a pretty polka dotted frock. This book is more appropriately translated as “The story of Hreeng”, the beej mantra of the Devi, very terrible and utterly beautiful. In north India, people are scared to even keep a copy of this in their houses which is beyond my understanding. (I keep a copy at my bed-side).

So most would know that this book is read like a story during the Navratris and there are pujas involving mantras from this book which can be very beneficial. But for normal people who do not have so much time here are a few quick ways in which you can make use of these mantras most effectively.

The story of Hreeng, Durga Saptashati

First and foremost before you use any mantra from this collection, read the Siddhakunjika stotra once, and then recite the navavarna mantra, ‘Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche’ 108 times. Use your fingers to count the 108. Now this mantra is so utterly powerful that you can use it to create trouble for your enemies or gain Moksh for  yourself or anything else you desire. So treat it with proper respect, pay attention to the pronunciation. Do this on a Friday evening in the bright half/Shukla paksha of the month if possible when you do it for the first time. Any  mantra to be used from Devi Mahatmya should be sandwiched between ‘Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche’, for it to be of any use.

Now here is the pdf of the Durga Saptashati of the book with the translations in Hindi, turn to page 263 in this book. This is a list of some of the mantras which you can use in your daily life listed with what they can be used for. This is how you should be using them. Eg, For removal of enemies and troubles it is simply given as, “Sharanagata deenarta paritrana parayane sarvasyarti hare devi narayani namostute”. This is to be recited like this, “Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche” once, then “Sharanagata deenarta paritrana parayane sarvasyarti hare devi narayani namostute” recited 108 times, followed by “Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche” once. This sandwich pattern is called, “samputit”.

I have used small sections of this book to do Homa. I love Tantrokta Ratri Sukta it resonates very deeply with me. I have done Homa using this mantra several times. For doing homam/yadnya you should add “swaha” to the end of every couplet/shlok/mantra and drop a drop of ghee in the sacred fire/Agni. (My son loves eating the vibhutis from my homa. He is like an indicator, if I have done the homa with single minded attention and love for Devi Mahamaya it tastes wonderful if not then it tastes bad!)

Tantrokta Ratri Sukta

Then a rather secret way of using the mantras from the book. But gives an unbelievable boost of energy and a life time of asset. You start with the Siddhakunjika as usual. Then choose your intention mantra. Eg. For removal of enemies as above, it is, ‘Sharanagata deenarta paritrana parayane sarvasyarti hare devi narayani namostute’. So you will alternate this intention mantra and the mantra in sequence from the book. Be ready to speak continuously for over 4 hours, cannot stop, cannot drink water and cannot get up. But you will have no enemies for a life time. If you do not have any specific problem that you want the Devi to address, you should recite, “Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche” as your intention mantra alternating it with each mantra from the book.

Our ancient seers have left us with such an awesome legacy! The understanding that everything is energy. If you can manipulate your energy you can be always happy and healthy. One of my cousins is a homeopathic doctor, if he falls ill, rather than taking his medicines, he just visualises himself taking the medicine and is back to his healthy self in the morning.

You have everything within you, all the 108 elements, and your body knows what it needs and also can make it for itself. Your body mind and soul can repair yourself in all possible ways. It just needs energy and intention. Use the mantras from this book and don’t be scared of the Devi. She is your Mother, ask anything of Her, pester Her, demand to be picked up in Her arms. She loves you, Love Her in return!

The story of Hreeng, Durga Saptashati

Counting on your fingertips

Your hands are very important, you use them to touch, feel, express, work, write, pray and for everything. You also sense the energy of your food, people your touch, stuff you pick up with your hands. The energy chakras in your palms and fingertips are directly connected to the main energy vertices along your spine at the heart chakra. Be very aware of your hands fingers and palms. Look at your palms, the lines and softness/hardness of your palms, see your fingers, how they taper, your nails and look at them, feel them. Sometime when you are relaxed hold objects in your hands, close your eyes and actively try to sense their energies, You will get a sense of light, dark, slime, clearness, weight or maybe a flash of color from these objects. This is a good way of exercising your energy-sense!

Counting on your fingertips

I had written a post on Dhyan. Here your fingers play a very important role. You need to count 108 repetitions your chosen Mantra during the process of Dhyan. You count these 108 using your fingers and the segments on them. This is how you count on your fingers. Refer to the diagram above.

  • When you do your first mantra count, you will have your left thumb placed on the ‘1’ position and your right thumb placed on the “1-10′ position.
  • When you repeat it the second time, your left thumb will move to ‘2’, right thumb will remain steady on ‘1-10’. Thus you will count to 10.
  • When you have to count 11, your left thumb will touch ‘1’ again and your right thumb will move and touch ’11-20′. So you count the ‘units’ with your left thumb and the ‘tens’ with your right.
  • When you reach 100, your left thumb will be on ’10’ and the right thumb on ’90-100′.
  • Now shift the right thumb to the ‘gnyan mudra’ by touching it to ’70-80′ again. And continue counting 8 more counts of your mantra with your left thumb.
  • You will complete 108 with the left thumb also coming into gnyan mudra at ‘8’ of your left hand. Thus you have counted to 108.

Now your fingertips are very important. Modern science has shown that the fingertips are a huge collection of nerve endings and extra sensitive. But our ancients with infinitely more knowledge and understanding of energy knew that the fingertips and their energy chakras/vertices can be used to balance the vital energy/pran looping throughout the body. The energy diagram of the body is at your fingertips!

There are 5 elements/Tattvas, Prithvi/Earth, Aapa/Water, Tej/Fire, Vayu/Air and Akash/Space. Our body is composed of these in various proportions. If these are balanced then the body is healthy and bright. These can be accessed and regulated most easily through fingers! This is the reason why astrological remedies in terms of gemstones are worn in the specific fingers.

Mudras are used for harnessing the power of the raw Tattvas and are very powerful if used with the right intention and the associated Mantra. These are made by touching your fingertips with each other in specific ways. This in the picture below is the Gnyan Mudra most commonly used during meditation. So here are a few basics.

The thumb/Angushta represents Tej, the conscious energy of fire, the index finger/Tarjani is Vayu the conscious energy of air, the middle finger/Madhyama is Akash the conscious energy of space, the ring finger/Anamika is Prithvi, the conscious energy of earth and the little finger is the Aapah, the conscious energy of water. These are Conscious energies of the 5 elements/Tattva, you can interact with them. (These fingers/segments are also linked to your Antahkaran, the inner self, will write about it in my next post.)

Now the 4 fingers, index, middle, ring and little have 3 segments each. The lowest segment is used to reduce the quantum of its Tattva energy, the middle segment to bring it to an equilibrium with the energies of Tej, and the topmost finger to increase the quantum of its specific tattva energy. To do this you will need to touch your thumb/Tej to the segment you wish to use/regulate. The energy of Tej provides the necessary intention which activates these other 4 conscious Tattva energies.

So when you count 108 using the fingertips, you touch your thumb to all the segments of your fingers (except 2 segments, middle and lower, on the middle finger). And this is not just touching them randomly. You are on your Asan, focussing at your third eye, breathing deeply, in a yogic posture/Yogasan and reciting a mantra with your breath, and consciously touching the fingers together several times. The pattern that your thumb traces counting every 10 units is the spiral in the shape of the ‘golden mean’. This has a very powerful effect on the energies of your body and balances you on the deepest level. During Dhyan there are only 3 mantras possible, So-hum, Ham-sa and pure Om which flow and merge with your breathing. The power of the mantra merges with the conscious energies of the Tattva and increases the quality of the its energy. Ultimately the body becomes ‘lighter’. (No other word can describe it, the body feels like its lighter than light!))

One thing to remember. The lower and middle segments of the Middle/Akash finger are not touched/linked/charged with the thumb/Tej. This middle finger/Madhyama is very important. It is linked to Akash, the source of all the 5 tattvas. You increase its quantum by touching the top segment with your thumb but you should not attempt to balance/reduce it by touching the thumb to the middle/lower segments. It can cause problems.

So learn the counting system and use your fingers to count. If doing full-fledged Dhyan is not possible for you. Then at least do a regular mantra-jaap, choose a mantra of your choice, Gayatri or Mahamrutyunjai or Navavarna, or even a single OM is an extremely powerful Mantra. Mantras are Sanskrit no other language. Do a regular mantra-jaap counting on your fingers. You will see a difference in your own self, (physical, emotional, spiritual) within 21 days.


Counting on your fingertips