Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog way..

Our ancient Rishis were supermen, they investigated into every aspect of existence. From birth, death, rebirth and beyond till Moksh! The science of breathing and intake of vital energy is called Swar Yog, you being aware of the way pran enters your body. The Ida, Pingala and Sushumna naadi are the three possible options, so practically Swar Yog is,

  1. knowing which Naadi, Ida, Pingala is active,
  2. knowing how to shift them,
  3. knowing the best possible naadi for the work you intend to do.

So here is how you can choose the gender of your child at the moment of conception, using Swar Yog. Some tips on conceiving a baby and further choosing the gender of the baby at conception. This assumes that you have analysed your horoscopes and there are no problems associated with naturally conceiving a baby. Your horoscope has to have the basic energy to produce children naturally. At the very basic, for both parents analyse,

  1. the 5th house from the ascendant, the sign, the ruler planet and the planets placed in it. These should have power to give good results. This indicates the available creative energy.
  2. the 8th house from the ascendant, the sign, the ruler planet and the planets placed in it. This indicates the health of the reproductive organs.

Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog wayNow the days from the 7th day to 16th day (counted from the start of the menstruation) are favourable for conception (there have been exceptions but this is the average time limit). Successively later days in this time frame are considered more favourable for the child’s physical health. No one knows the exact minute of natural conception, it is not possible. So from as astrological point of view the physical act, specifically the release of the sperms is considered to be the moment of ‘conception’.

As per the ancient Rishis, if conception occurs on the 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 days from the start of menstruation, generally the child will be a happy and healthy boy. Conception on the 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 days would generally give a happy and healthy girl child. This was considering the days, odd and even. If in this time frame, as per the Vedic Panchang, if the lunar days/tithi, of Ashtami, Ekadashi, Trayodashi, Amavasya or Pournima fall, these are to be avoided as conception during these lunar days (of both dark and bright fortnight), generally does not give a healthy child.

Now using Swar Yog principles. If during the physical activity/conception, the husbands’s Pingala is active and wife’s Ida is active, it will be a boy. If the opposite happens, i.e. Ida active in the man and Pingala active in the woman, the child will be a girl. If in both, the same naadi is active, the embryo will not form. If in either or both the Sushumna gets active, the embryo is not viable, there will be chances of miscarriage. The energy of the breathing patterns i.e. the movement of vital energy/praan in Ida/Pingala, in the parents-to-be provide the energy for the creation of the enbryo, a safe pregnancy and a happy baby. If the naadi changes mid-activity then one must pay attention and bring it back to the desired naadi else the outcome will not be as desired.

If the parents are a bit more spiritually inclined they can reinforce the Swar and the generative cells by using the energy of the Panch-tattva. The panch-tattvas are linked to the five lower energy chakras of the body. Mooladhar chakra is linked to the Pruthvi tattva/solidity, beej mantra is ‘Lang’, Swadhisthana chakra is linked to the Jal tattva/fluidity, beej mantra is ‘Vang’. Doing jaap of the beej mantras of the Panch-tattvas will increase the ‘taking-in tendency’ of the mother and ‘giving away energy’ of the father. The creation of the embryo and its subsequent growth in the womb will be easier. The child will be healthy. Here also you can reinforce the sex that you have chosen for your baby. Increasing Prithvi tattva will support a boy and increase of Jal tattva during the act will support the formation of a girl-baby. If these two tattvas are lacking and the other three predomiante, the embryo may not survive pregnancy or result in a sickly short-lived child. If akash-tattva is active during the act, the embryo will not form at all.

So if before the physical act, doing the jaap will help as follows,

  • First combination is the mother with Ida naadi and Pruthvi tattva, and the father with Pingala naadi and Jal tattva. A healthy boy would be born with desirable qualities, intelligence and a balanced personality.
  • Second combination would be, mother with Pingala naadi and Pruthvi tattva and the father with Ida naadi and Jala tattva, this would give a girl who would be intelligent, balanced, happy and healthy

Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog wayA couple of stories on babies and mantras, from ancient India,

In the Mahabharat, there a story that the Queens Ambika and Ambalika after the death of their husband Vichitravirya had sons. These boys were considered the sons of Vichitravirya but they had no physical father. They were born by the mantras of Maha-Rishi Vyas. The kids were not born of Rishi Vyas as modern ‘scholars’ seem to think! The Rishi manipulated the generative cells of the Queens with mantras to create boy DNA and then further to get the cells to become embryos, thus the queens became pregnant. And because he was a Maha-Rishi he could code in them traits which were necessary for them to become Kings, which they did. (recent research is now realising that you can change DNA by mantra/Sanskrit).

One more interesting story of Seer/Maha-rishi Ruchik. His wife was a Princess and she wanted an illustrious son who would be a Maha-rishi himself. His mother-in-law at the same time requested him to bless her, as she wanted an illustrious son to be the future King (she had no sons). He agreed and created two ‘charu’/food infused with energy. One for his wife, a designer Rishi-son, and one for his mother-in-law, a customised King-son. Unfortunately the ‘charu’ got exchanged, the women ate the ‘charu’ meant for the other. In due course, Maha-Rishi Ruchik’s wife gave birth to Vishvamitra who though a Maha-Rishi (the son of a Maha-Rishi and a Rishi-Patni), had a temper and behaviour which suited kings and warriors. And the Queen gave birth to Jamadagni, who though a King (the son of a King and Queen) was known by his temperament and behaviour to be a Maha-Rishi.

There are several stories of this type, where Mantra were used to produce children. In fact in the Mahabharat, a story of five generations of the Kuru family, I think the only child born normally was Abhimanyu!

In Sanatan Dharm/Hinduism, there is a Garbhdharan Sanskar, where the newly married couple are fortified with energy to have babies. This Sanskar/energy-ritual, is to be done on the 6th day of the monthly cycle, after which the two are supposed to get physical and conceive immediately. But we modern Indians club it with the marriage ritual or the first cycle after marriage then practice birth control for 2yrs and then worry that they are not being able to conceive.

So the thing is, having children is a big responsibility and if you can give them a good start right from conception it would make a very big difference in their lives. So if you intend to start a baby, maybe you can make use of Swar Yog and mantra to boost your and your future baby’s energies.


Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog way


Panchkosh, the five energy layers of the Soul

The human body is made of five energy enclosures called the Panch-Kosh. These are the Anna-mai-kosh, Praan-mai-kosh, Mano-mai-kosh, Vidnyan-mai-kosh and the Anand-mai-kosh. These 5 sheaths create Conscious Intelligence, humans are the most conscious of the living forms on earth because all five of these sheaths are complete and present enclosing the jivatma/individual soul. Only when you are aware of these sheaths can you consciously and intelligently dissolve them and re-experience your Reality/Parabrahma.

Everything on earth is alive, from the mountains, rivers, plants, animals and of course us humans, but the degree of life consciousness in each of these forms is different and the difference lies in these Kosh/sheaths.Panch-kosh the five energy layers of the SoulAnna-mai-kosh – The sheath of ‘Matter. This is the sheath of the lowest possible consciousness. It is also called the Sthool Sharir. Sthool means physical, dense, dull, dim etc. Sharir means body or manifestation. Energy slowed down to such an extent that it becomes ‘matter’. The rocks, soil, metals, mountains are just matter, they are alive but the intelligence is extremely dim. These forms of life have just this one layer thus appear to be ‘non-living’ and ‘non-conscious’. They do not have ‘karma‘ operating at this lowest level of intelligence. You can ‘wake’ stones using your own energy, programme them and use them.

Sthool sharir is the function of the Ascendant lord. This planet primarily decides how your physical material body is going to be like.

Praan-mai-kosh – The dimension of ‘vital energy‘. This is the next higher level of intelligence and consciousness. Vital energy/pran is active in this layer. Plants and the ‘mindless’ animals like worms etc have 2 conscious layers, the Anna-mai and the Praan-mai. They are alive and grow and do some activities related to ‘movements‘ of the material body. They have no mind. Karma starts operating from this layer, but this is a life form where the soul endures (bhog yoni). No new karma is created but the karma created earlier is rebalanced here. You keep a garden and take care of your plants, here too karma is operating!

Mano-mai-kosh – The dimension of the ‘Mind’. In the next stage of evolution this third layer of the mental processes adds to the material and vital bodies. Animals. Conscious animals which reproduce by producing shukla/sperm and shonita/ova have a ‘mind’/Mann. The praan/vital energy from the universe is used to animate and move the material body, the vital body and the processes of the mind. This mind is however at the very basic stages of evolution and works at the survival levels. In this layer too, the soul endures under situations which rebalance the karma and cannot actively work to create new karma. Nature/Prakruti’s laws operate. You love your pet, that is also a karma which is being resolved.

Vidnyan-mai-kosh – The dimension of ‘Discrimination’. The fourth stage of evolution is the addition of the power of discrimination/Vidnyan. The power to differentiate between two things, between desirable/non-desirable, good/bad, (Yukta aayukta vishishtha gnyan) is called Vidnyan. Normal humans have this power of mental discrimination and have reached the 4th stage of intelligence. They have access to the 4 layers/ kosh of consciousness. Here self-ego makes its first appearance. The human soul thinks that it is different from other persons, and also different from the Parabrahma. Here now with this intelligence of discrimination, the jivatma can create new karma if it acts with a sense of self.

These three layers, Praan-mai-kosh, Mano-mai-kosh and Vidnyan-mai-kosh together form the ‘subtle body’/Sookshma Sharir. Organisms like plants, animals and common humans are bound by the rules of karma, but they do not have an understanding of it. They are bound to rebalance karma by actively going through the associated experience. When the soul leaves the body it takes with it this Sookshma sharir, the baggage of Karma. When you travel astrally in your dream/swapna states you are travelling in your sookshma sharir. Sookshma means intangible, precise, accurate, subtle, strict, acute which it has to be as it maintains a record of karma among other things.

Sookshma sharir is the domain of the Moon. The power and position of your birth Moon, the sign he occupies and the results he is capable of giving. This ‘astral body’ is your Moon. In Indian /Vedic Jyotish the Moon is given importance just for this reason.Panch-kosh the five energy layers of the SouljpgAnand-mai-kosh – The dimension of ‘Happiness when the knowledge of the End of the Drama is known’. Now this is the final layer which tightly wraps the individual soul. The consciousness of this layer is available to those humans who begin enquiring into the spiritual. If you start reading about the inner self, thinking about Divinity, contemplating about Reality, practicing Dhyan etc. you will be granted access to this highest possible intelligence. This is the subtlest consciousness called the Kaaran Sharir. Kaaran in a Sanskrit word which means the ‘reasoning’ or ’cause’. Once you are conscious of this inner most layer you understand the workings of Karma. You can actively ‘burn’ your unresolved karma in the internal fires of your spiritual practice. This complete rebalancing of karma requires time, dedication and regular practice. Soon a time will come when you will gain a complete understanding of this final Kosh and be granted access to your Jivatma. But by now as you have completed your karmic debts, your Jivatma/individual soul is not longer an ‘individual’. It has experienced and thus become the Paramatma/the Ultimate Reality i.e. Moksh.

This tightest dimension, the karan sharir is a function of your birth Sun. His position in your horoscope will determine if you will be able to access its Intelligence or not. As most humans are not concerned with spiritual growth the Sun need not be analysed on priority. But if in the off-chance you get a spiritually oriented client, do analyse his birth Sun and the results he is capable of giving. For realisation of Moksh, the ascendant lord, Moon and the Sun are required to work together so that all the enclosing dimensions are successfully unlocked.

And then there is a class of beings who do not have the material body layer. Their bodies are composed of the non-material higher layers. You must have seen them sometime or the other. Astral beings or the beings whom you meet when you travel astrally or the individual souls who have left their physical body or ghosts or the departed loved ones who reside in Pitrulok but come to this Martyalok occasionally or the residents of the other dimensions (Yaksha, Gandharva, Pishachya, Vetal etc). These beings do not have the material dimension i.e. the Anna-mai-kosh thus are residents of the ‘astral realms’.

So the Panch-kosh is how your consciousness has evolved over countless births. Your soul has gone through this process too! You have been a mountain, a tree, a crab, a dolphin, an elephant and now you are a human. If you do your spiritual practice you will further evolve. The Panch-Kosh, the five Conscious dimensions are created and then they ultimately dissolve into the Ultimate Intelligence. The final step is thus Self-realization/Moksh.


Panch-kosh the five energy layers of the Soul

Panch Pran, vital energies and your Health

Ayurved is the intelligent energy of vitality. The concept of Panch-praan, the five types of vital energy, is one of the fundamental principles of Ayurved. The other being the Tri-dosh (Vaat, Kapha, Pitta) balance. The five important movements in the body are called the Panch-praan. These movements are called Praan, Apaan, Samaan, Vyaan and Udaan. These are intelligent energies of movement which run the body/mind. Here is how these work, logically.pancha prana the five vital energies.pngPraan – You take in food, water, breathe-in, sensory inputs from your sense organs etc. Anything that you take in is with the intelligence of Praan. ‘Intake’ is Pran. It moves inwards and downwards from the top of the head till the navel. Praan protects the mind/body in all ways, it is a smooth flowing vayu, no turbulence. The deity ruling over Praan is called Vishishtha. Praan is linked to the Aakash tattva (ether).

If praan gets imbalanced, you will suffer from unexplained anxiety, worry, anger, shortness of breath, breathing related illnesses like asthama, heart and lung related problems, fears, a general dullness of the mind/body. You can try doing some of these things to help balance Praan vayu.

  • Mindful breathing exercises, pranayam
  • Retain the breath (kumbhak) for a few seconds mindfully after you inhale.
  • Visualise golden/silvery energy entering your body as you inhale
  • Take a vacation in high pran areas like hills, seashore, forests especially pine forests, wide open spaces with less human habitations, be with nature away from the pran depleted cities.
  • Keep an open mind and accept new impressions, learn new skills, read a new book!
  • Spiritual practice

Samaan – You then convert these things, you digest the food, you process the sensory inputs to gain information. These actions of ‘conversion’ are carried out by the intelligence called Samaan. This is concentrated around your navel area and moves in a continuous powerful turbulent spiral. Samaan brings things together, it is in a way, contraction, focus and interconnection. It creates new cells and tissues to replace the ones which have been damaged or dead. Its ruling intelligence/deity is called Jaya. Pruthvi tattva (solidity) is linked to Samaan.

If Samaan is out of balance, you will suffer from digestion related problems, metabolism will be affected, bloating, appetite related issues. Mind will be unable to think clearly, foggy mental processes, lack of concentration etc. To get it back into balance you can try,

  • Perform the Kumbhak after you exhale, i.e. maintain the lungs in their empty position for a few seconds before inhaling again.
  • Exercises which strengthen the abdominal muscles, simple exercises.
  • ‘Energy goes where the attention goes’, so focus on your navel and the abdomen, doing a self-massage on your stomach is also a good option.
  • Putting coconut oil in your navel, just a few drops as you go to bed at night.
  • Eat nutritious food, avoid junk food and practice fasting, maybe once a week/fortnight?
  • Spiritual practice, especially something as simple as Tratak which is simply focussing.
  • Breathing exercises, pranayam.

Vyaan – After this you absorb the nutrition, you understand the information, this ‘absorption’ is the work of the Vyaan vayu. This is mainly concentrated in the upper chest areas but moves throughout the body/mind for its ‘distributing’ function. It moves outwards from the chest area in pulsating movements. This is in a way ‘expansion’, moving outwards. Vyaan keeps the naadi system functional and governs the movement of vital energy in all these energy channels. The intelligence called Vishvayoni rules over Vyaan. Agni tattva (heat) is linked to Vyaan.

Imbalance of Vyaan will cause ‘blockages’, so medical conditions like, poor circulation, varicose veins, cardiac arrest, blocked arteries, water retention, blood pressure, nervous complaints, anaemia, etc. Some of the things you can do to balance the Vyaan vayu are

  • Doing Suryanamaskar is the best option, do one set a day to being with, increase one set every week if you can (maximum is 108 sets) or any of the more vigorous yogasan/yogic postures. This will help circulation of the blood, lymph and the vital energy in their respective channels in the body.
  • If your health does not permit you to do these yogasan do simple warm-up type of exercises at least.
  • Do things which give you joy, you ‘open up’ in your happiness.
  • Breathing exercises, pranayam.
  • Spiritual practice

Apaan – You then give out undigested food, urine, breathe-out, remove the things that you dont need. This ‘elimination’ is through the intelligent energy called Apaan. This energy moves downwards from your navel and out and is concentrated in your lower abdominal area. It is responsible for removal of toxins, cancerous cells, negative energies and influences on the body/mind and all possible wastes created in the body/mind. Its ruling intelligence/deity is called Vishvakarma. Apaan is linked to the Vayu tattva (movement).

If Apaan gets out of balance, the reproductive health, kidney and excretory system, intestinal health and functions of these lower pelvic area organs will be affected. Apaan is related to disease, ageing and its imbalance tends to lower the level of consciousness, it is a turbulent vayu. A simple example, too much Apaan will result in dysentry and too little Apaan will cause constipation!

  • Perform the Kumbhak after you exhale, i.e. maintain the lungs in their empty position for a few seconds before inhaling again.
  • Do pranayam, breathing exercises.
  • Eat nourishing and proper food, avoid junk and processed food.
  • Do the Moola bandha, i.e. the Kegel exercise, where you exercise the muscles of the lower pelvic region.
  • Mentally release whatever has been holding you back, mindsets, emotions, thoughts, anything, in a gentle way.
  • Do not over-indulge in sexual activity. Too frequent and it will cause imbalances as it tends to drain the vital energy downwards and outwards.
  • Spiritual practice

Udaan – And finally you grow both in mind and body as you assimilate the information and the nutrition. This is the function of the Udaan vayu, this moves upwards throughout your body/mind. It regulates growth in all possible ways. e.g your body should grow as much it is supposed not keep on growing1 This is the intelligence of Udaan.

If the other four vayus are functioning properly Udaan automatically works as it is supposed to. However if there are imbalances here they will result in retarded or too much growth, dull mind, lack of creativity, no focus, no desire, no goals in life etc. Pranayam and spiritual practice, Dhyan, Mantra, Yantra, Tantra, Jaap, Tratak or any of the simpler regular mindfulness exercises and the re-balancing techniques of the other Vayus will help in re-balancing Udaan. Its ruling intelligence/deity is called Aja. Udaan is linked to the Jal tattva (fluidity). pancha prana the five vital energies.jpgNow these 5 types of praan are derived from the Mukhya-praan/main vital energy of Om. The Hindu/Sanatan dharm deity named ‘Maruti’ is a representation of these Panch-pran. He is often depicted with one single peaceful face but then often with 5 faces, each of a different color. The central face is peaceful and the remaining 4 are terrible, with fierce expressions. The central face represents Praan, the peaceful smooth flowing Vayu and the other four Vayu are really very turbulent, fierce and can be quite scary to look at/experience individually.

If you really wish to ‘see’ these vayu within you, here is a rather simple way, on any Saturday evening, recite any Maruti stotra/mantra of your choice in any language you want. Face east or north and sit on your asan. If it a Sanskrit mantra it needs to be recited 108 times and if it a longer stotra you should recite it 27 times at least, to entrain the mind. As always focus in your third eye, You will see the Panch-Praan roaring through your mind/body in their full majesty.

In addition to this classification of the vital energies there is another classification of sub-energies/Marut/upa-vayu. These are 7 types of 7 vital sub-energies thus a total of 49 classes. These sub-energies are linked to the tiniest of movements of your body from sneezing, to blinking, yawning etc.

For a spiritual aspirant, the equilibrium between the Praan and Apaan is vital. Praan is the upward moving energy which increases consciousness and dissociates from the bindings of the mortal shell. Apaan is the downward moving energy which binds more strongly to the body/mind and lowers the consciousness. If there is a perfect balance of these two you will realize the Ultimate, experience Moksh. So all the spiritual exercises finally culminate in Dhyan where we mindfully use the power of Om (mukhya-praan, the Ultimate vital energy) to balance these two, Praan and Apaan, within our Brahmanadi, the thinnest and subtlest energy channel of our energy body.



Coconuts in energy work..

Coconut in sanskrit is called the “Shriphal”, the ‘fruit dear to Shri’. It has several uses in Sanatan Dharma/Hinduism. It is used in pujas, in black magic, as a blessing, to curse, as a store of energy, to remove negative energy, as offerings, as an energy sacrifice, to amplify intention etc. And of course the culinary uses, from making prasadams, to chutneys, to adding flavour to your prawns and fish curry! It has diverse medicinal uses too. The water from a tender green coconut is a very healthy electrolyte drink. And coconut oil is the tastiest, you can cook your food in it or apply it to your skin/hair. Such a wonderfully perfect all rounder fruit. The coconut.

coconut for energy work

Coconut have the ability to absorb energy. So you can charge a coconut with your intentions or energies from mantras and pujas. Such a coconut should be brown colored and have water inside, you can shake it to confirm, the water will slosh inside it. And should have a tuft of brown fibres at the point where it has its three ‘eyes’.

  1. If you do a puja or express an intention for something in the future, e.g birth of a child, then such a coconut is kept in the puja room/near your altar in your house, until the wish is fulfilled. After after which it can be is deposited in running water or the sea.
  2. If the intention is for something continuing, e.g. profits from your factory, it is kept at your puja ghar/altar in your office in the factory for ever.
  3. If the intention is for general welfare and happiness, often during a puja, then it is broken after the puja and its water and white is distributed as prasadam to all the members of the family.
  4. If the intention is for removal of negative energies from your aura then the coconut waved 3 times clockwise around your head, then taken outside the house, broken in one dash and put in running water/ sea/ under a tree somewhere.
  5. If the intention is for causing pain from someone, commonly known as “black magic” then you hold the coconut in your hands, think of the person with the negative intention energy, then simply dash it to the ground and break it. The broken pieces are either put in the running water/sea/under a tree. Or even worse given to him to eat. So beware of eating coconut pieces from random people even if it is offered in the guise of ‘prasadam’.
  6. But most commonly a coconut is used in temples, where devotees charge a coconut with their wish and dashed to pieces in front of the deity. Most temples have a specific area with a stone placed where devotees can dash and break their coconuts. This is very auspicious and if done with sufficient energy actually manifests the desire.

Puja of a kalash kumbh above is carried out during auspicious days where the Devi is worshipped. Most commonly during Durga puja/Navratri this set up is made and the energies of the Devi are invoked inside this. After the puja is complete the energies are ritually requested to leave the set-up too. The water from the pot/kalash is sprinkled around the house and the remaining put under a tree. And the coconut is then given to the priest/pujari who has performed it, along with the rest of the accessory stuff, he disposes of it in running water etc, depending on the pujas that has been performed.


Coconut is extraordinary because its liquid ‘coconut water’ is similar to the water inside your body’s cells. When you intend, every cell of your body participates in creating this intention. So in rather cryptic way, the energy of your thought resonates with the water inside your cells and also in the water of the coconut you hold in your hands. If you are required to keep it in your altar, it acts as an energy battery, an object of positive auspicious energies.

But sometimes you have to break open the coconut. The energy released and the water split has the power to amplify the intention and carry it to the Lok/ dimensions of creation (Bhuh, Bhuvah, Swah, Mahah, Janah, Tapah and Satyam. The energies of these dimensions are linked to the chakras with your energy body). Depending on the power of your intention, the breaking of the coconut can carry it to the highest possible energy levels and manifest your wish from the highest energy planes.

In the Hindu/Sanatan Dharm the last Sanskar is Anteyshti where the physical body is offered to the conscious energies of fire/ Agni. During this, as the body is consumed, the skull cracks open. The energy of the Anteyshti is released at this moment and it propels the soul to the energy dimension where it will reside till it is time for its next birth. The cracking of the coconut releases the same sort of energy, here it propels your intention up the energy dimensions.

Coconut is a very cryptic and very auspicious fruit which you can programme and use as a tool in your energy work in several ways.


 coconut in energy work(There was a question on disposal of coconuts which have been used in rituals, hope this post has been of use!)

Spare the rod and spoil the child? Really?

I really wish everyone learns to see auras, its easier than learning to analyse horoscopes.

A small (perhaps) incident. A few years ago.

One of my clients had a small 3yr old son, cute, behaviour was as per his age, no big problems, no tantrums. My client had married against the wishes of his mother. Naturally she disliked his wife. And whenever she would come over to stay at his house, his son would misbehave, screaming, crying, out of control behaviour, very agitated. Then the MIL would scold her DIL saying ‘you are not a good mother’!

I had gone to meet up with his mother, a social call. The child was misbehaving terribly, screaming at his mother, and rather than coming to meet me as ‘Auntie!’, he came and spat on me. His dad was furious and was going to beat him.

But the reality was something very very different. The child was not being rude, he just was agitated beyond control. See, the child would play with his grandmom, she would give him his food, take care of him, sleep next to him in the afternoon etc while his parents went to work. A doting grandmom, no issues at all, she actually loved him. But her aura was still so full of anger at her son and her DIL for getting married against her wishes. The auras of the three were actually fighting. The client and the DIL were not aware of this, were just generally uneasy around her. Whenever they got within 2 feet of each other, the auras would send out flares of rage and all sorts of negative stuff! (sometimes auras are really not pleasant to see).

The MIL’s illogical rage and frustration had spoilt the energy of the house. And the poor child was caught in this wild storm of negative auras! The MIL was being with him, taking care of him but unconsciously passing on her feelings through auras! And children are most sensitive to the astral, subconscious etc! No wonder he was misbehaving, he had gone mad with all the aura-conflicts around him.childJust look at the kind of energies we are exposing our children to! The television is garbage, movies are full of negative stuff. We give them mobiles and the internet which spoils their eyes and expose them to age-inappropriate ideas and behaviour. The schools they go to, what kind of education do they get there? Overstressed with school-work and home-work! And the quality of education has also dropped. The food we give them is full of pesticides. The houses we keep them in are cramped, we cut them off from nature. Our cities are full of sound, which tears into their auras. There are just so many things going wrong.

And then us. We are exposing our children to our energies. I wish everyone looks into their own aura sometime. Frustration, tiredness, fear, negativity in our auras, our children are drinking it all in! We don’t give them time. We don’t enjoy their company! Most children are living a life of trauma caused by the intense negativity around them. Hitting them would be the worst thing that anyone can do!

A lot of these problems with children can be resolved if we add pran/vital energy to their energy-starved lives. Sitting in the early morning sunlight, massage by ayurvedic oils, fresh fruits/salads in the diet, listening to Sanskrit high energy mantra. Going for day visits or vacations in places of natural energy, seaside, forests etc where the air is rich in pran (Pine forests have the highest pran levels). Performing the Agnihotra is compulsory for all Hindus, its vibhuti is very high energy. (My son eats it all the instant the homa cools down, but if I have been distracted during the homa, he also points out that the vibhuti’s energy was low).

And the most important, if it is a boy-child, Upanayan/Yadnopavit must be performed at the age of 6yrs. And he should be encouraged to do regular Gayatri mantra puja. For a girl child, she does not need to wear the yadnopavit sutra, on her 6th birthday she should be taught the Gayatri and she should also do Gayatri puja, at least recite it (27 or 54 or 108 times) every day in the morning and evening. Gayatri is the right of every human. It increases the mental stability and intelligence and is the most valuable gift you can give him/her, the foundation of his/her life-time’s spiritual practice. And the parents too, recite the Gayatri along with the child, give yourself these 10 mins in the morning and the evening, your own personal energy quality will improve. (When the age of 7yrs is complete, the chakras of the child stop being so receptive to external influences.)

Why would a child misbehave? It is not normal behaviour, it is a response to something going wrong with him. Find out what is going wrong and change it for the better, this is the parent’s responsibility. Children represent the ‘creativity’ and divine intelligence of the parents in every way possible.

I can never condone hitting a child. Scolding is one thing, but physically hitting or verbally abusing cannot be justified. Maybe I am too idealistic, but we are adults, so should be wiser, more analytical and more understanding? Children copy us. And because we are human too, if we do lash out in anger, we should be sensible enough to make up and reassure the child before it causes a permanent negative impact on his psyche. (I have seen several of my grown-up clients carrying childhood scars of negligent parents, it is very difficult to resolve them later in life.)

childAnd yes, there are children who are neglected by their parents, perhaps beaten up or abandoned or put in hostels and orphanages. There are several combinations which show neglect by the father and by the mother. The astrological combinations would be related to the 4th house/ruler or 10th house/ruler or the Sun or the Moon being damaged by malefics in the child’s chart. If it is physical hurt then the birth chart D-1 will show the damage and if the torture is more emotional, the chart seen from the birth moon’s sign will have the indications.

If small children are misbehaving, first analyse the behaviour of the parents and the child’s environment. From the astrological point of view the Dasha of the child and the parents should also be analysed. (Gandant nakshatra births often go through a difficult childhood.)

If grown ups abuse and neglect their parents, then such parents would have a damaged 5th house/ruler and from what examples I have seen, their own Sun /Moon and 9th house/ruler would be afflicted too. And their own charts would show combinations of parental neglect during childhood.

But all things considered, a child is precious. We all may not be able to afford a lot of things for our children but two things we can do. One is to hug the child, tell him/her that he is the most loved one in the Universe, really mean it (remember he can see auras better than you). And the second is to gift him with ‘faith’ (spiritual practice, Gayatri), let him know that someone is always there, looking out for him. This brings in Hope, the ability to withstand the challenges that life is going to throw at him.

And my client’s child? He went back to his usual sweet self after his grandmom went back to her own house after staying for 1 month. The next time I saw him, he sat on my lap and showed me a drawing he had made.


child(This post was in response to this comment I received in the comments form. “I have seen small children in my area hitting their parents with lot of angst and the parents stand helplessly. Are there any combinations of children physically abusing parents no matter what their age. I happened to read an article by E Sreedharan -“Metro Man” talking about parenting. He mentioned that children from the age of 4 should be disciplined with corporal punishment. He believes in “Spare the rod and spoil the child”. What is your take on this…..”)

Birth – Death – Rebirth

The combinations related to physical death occur 2/3 times in a lifetime. If the soul is unhappy about the direction its life has taken, it can exit at these points. If the chart points to death at childhood or middle age, then there are mantra/pujas etc done to reduce the possibility of this happening. But when this combination occurs at old age then the soul will want to leave the aged and failing body. By this time, if it has chosen some disease to go through, this also will occur. birth death rebirthNow a seriously ill person, whether its symptoms are visible or not, will have an overall greyish and very thin aura. He might feel tired and easily exhausted in this stage. Especially so if it is within 6 months of the death. If he sits close but not touching, you won’t ‘feel’ his presence, he will ‘feel’ insubstantial, there will be no ‘heat‘ radiating from him. The organs which are being damaged will be an angry red color or grey or brown/black depending on how far they are damaged. But I would not advise you to ‘see’ so deeply into an ill person. Energy links and cords are created in an instant and they will be dangerous for you.

This ill person needs more pran/vital energy to improve the quality of his life. He will benefit by sitting in the early morning sunlight, massage by ayurvedic oils, fresh fruits (not contaminated by pesticides) etc can be added to the diet, listening, reading and reciting Sanskrit high energy mantra like Gayatri mantra or Mahamryutunjai mantra or Vishnusahastranam, would be good. Performing yadnyas/homa intended to help him and using the vibhuti will also add pran to him. Healing methods like self-reiki, using crystal grids etc will also help. If possible he can shift to a place with natural energy, seaside forests etc where the air is rich in pran. If he can do some spiritual practice too on his own it will magnify all the healing being done on him. (This would be in addition to the medical advice.) This may or may not change the time of death but will improve the quality of life till then. The more pran you flood your body with the more healthy you will be.

The current age we live in is extremely polluted in several ways. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe in our cities has very little amount of pran/vital energy. Even the clothes we wear are not natural, but  made of artificial fibres of non-compatible energy. We have stopped wearing leather shoes, we don’t go about barefoot, we do not ‘ground‘ ourselves. We don’t give time to ourselves, we don’t relax our brains, we don’t still our thoughts. Our temples are in ruins (successive invaders destroyed them and remaining ones are still being desecrated), there are no public yadnyas to purify the atmosphere around us. We don’t even have a small puja ghar in our modern houses and neither do we light a daily lamp/aarti in gratitude. We are insatiable in our pursuit of material fulfilment. (Perhaps, this same uncontrolled unregulated headlong rush, without a thought to consequences, is reflected in the behaviour of the cells causing cancer.)birth death rebirthIt is a fact of life that birth, death and rebirth will occur. We are all here to enjoy the entertainments created by Devi for us. In this we forget our real nature. But deep inside we know that we are missing something essential, we search for it. Some start their spiritual practices, think of balancing karma, and then achieve realisation/Moksh. Others search for satisfaction in the external material and repeat birth-death-rebirth.

When you arrive on this Martyalok, you choose the time, place and conditions of exit at that same instant. So to worry about parents, husband/wife, children, close relatives or even your personal exit is really not very productive. When you worry, you direct the energy of your thought in a negative direction. Instead try to reinforce positive thoughts and affirmations for yourself and your loved ones. Focus on what you decided on, do the best actions you can as per your conscience.

Birth and death are the two important moments in a person’s life. That is why we have a period called naatak (12 days after birth of new baby) and sutak (13 days after physical death of a close relative). In these periods, the boundaries of the two dimensions (Martyalok and Pitrulok) merge. The soul is transitioning and thus has access to energies from both these dimensions and other souls from the Pitrulok are also there to help it. You will also be helping by doing the pujas/mantra etc. This period belongs to the soul who is transitioning. I have closely seen several births and physical deaths in my family. If the family is composed and performs the rituals/mantra etc, it is easier for the soul. Unnecessarily mourning and creating tensions at this delicate period disturbs the soul which later will create problems.

I had written about a young woman’s death, she left behind a baby and a husband. The soul was promised by the family that the baby would be cared for and it left completely. And the baby is really being looked after very well. But her husband refuses to give away her clothes, keeps her photograph, thinks of her, grieves. And the emotional cord became so intense that the soul has been forced to come back. It is there in the house, quite cross about being called back. It tells my brother, who can see it, to convince the husband and that it is already looking forward to its next life. But her husband won’t listen and thus both her and his evolution has been blocked. And this is the real tragedy.birth death rebirthBut then Jyotish is so beautiful, so balanced. Combinations indicating exit from the physical body occur with time in planetary transist/ dashas and your chart prepares you for the break. If your close relatives are to exit, the combinations in your chart prepare your mindset subconsciously for separation with them. If you yourself are to exit, even then the chart prepares you internally for your break with the material. If you let ‘time’ guide you and not get emotional about it, you can actually appreciate the power that time/’Kaal’ has. The power of separation created by your own self is so powerful. So worrying about future separations from your loved ones or your physical self is not necessary.

The present life we live is just one stage in several many stages. The soul who is your mother may have been your neighbour, or your tailor could have been your daughter in some past life! We are all so busy being a father/mother, husband/wife, son/daughter that we never think of who we really are. So many thoughts in our minds, our minds working frantically every instant! Extended worry or grief or depression is not a normal human emotion. We are all made for happiness. Feel the happiness in everything you do. Those moments which you spend with your loved ones, cherish them, enjoy the present happiness that you have. Go for vacations in nature. If possible, develop a relationship with yourself, do some small regular spiritual practice.

And always remember your real nature is happiness. Be happy!


birth death rebirth

Spirits and hauntings..

When someone dies, i.e. leaves the physical body, his soul/Jivatma exists in the Pirtulok/spirit world, till it is time for the next birth. But in case the soul is still deeply attached to things related to that life, environment, relations, deep and especially negative emotions, or even its physical body (if it is buried, and not given in the fire then water properly);  then it becomes difficult for it to progress into its new existence. It cannot ‘sleep’. The first step into the pitrulok, is a period of rest. The soul is extremely tired with the efforts of the life it has lived, and recovers as it ‘sleeps’. During this ‘sleep’, its attractions to its previous life are dissolved as far as possible. After some time it wakes up, gets used to its astral existence, takes stock of its karmic balance and chooses its new place of birth.ghostBut if it is still deeply attached to its previous life’s stuff, highly materialistic, emotionally attached, has deep cravings, addictions, etc, it refuses to enter the pitrulok and remains attached to some physical object in the Martyalok/physical world, a house, a tree, a person anything. It then becomes a ghost/pretatma. This is very inauspicious phase (paap yoni) and a step backwards as the soul tries to return to the environment of its previous life rather than moving onwards. Thus is gets stuck. It is already very tired after its ‘living’ phase, so its higher self tries to get it to move forward into the Pitrulok, but its misplaced desires is a barrier. It is quite confused, oppressed, frustrated, angry and sad.

These ghost souls are very rare but they are. An example, saw this on one of my clients. e.g. assume that someone was addicted to gambling and frequents a specific place where gamblers meet. After the soul left the body, it cannot not shake off its desire to gamble thus gets attached to this gambling place. Now it cannot participate in the gambling, so it watches the other living people and gets even more frustrated. So it then temporarily possess the bodies of the living and gets its thrills. The living person is not aware of this temporary possession, but he does realise that whenever he enters the gambling place now, he suddenly feels more excited and his desire to gamble is heightened, etc this is the effect of the ghost’s temporary possession. So places of low level desires, e.g. gambling, bars, red-light areas etc, have these ghosts mingling among the living.

When someone is possessed, however temporarily, the ghost uses his pran/vital energy. Thus you will see that such people lose weight, fall sick, become listless physically, emotionally unresponsive, skin becomes cold/clammy etc. The person’s electrical body goes into a shock and the burden of the parasite/ghost drains it. This drain is dangerous. I have written about haunted houses earlier, where my body’s interaction with a house at the electromagnetic levels told me that something was wrong. All our interactions are electromagnetic in nature.

This above phenomenon is thankfully quite rare. But living people often say they are being ‘haunted’ or ‘possessed’. There are a few other reasons for this. Most commonly, someone who is afraid, with a weak mind or with a hyper-active imagination, can imagine a ghost in every shadow. This imagination can get quite vivid and he is quite convinced. This is a sort of a self-hypnosis where the person for whatever reason projects ‘ghosts’ around him! The power of thought. To ‘cure’ this faulty thought process, there will have to be a equally vivid counter-idea put to him. Generally educated/rational people do not suffer like this, but this is quite common in backward areas. Now what to do if you think someone is ‘possessed’ or thinks he is possessed. If the person has created an auto-suggestion of being possessed, asking him what he wants, is a useful counter-suggestion. Most of the times it is as simple as alcohol or a cigarette or some food item. It is given with the strong instruction that he stops being possessed. And the person stops the self-hypnosis of his ‘possession’. Ensure that he gets a good diet, head/body massage with ayurvedic oils, plenty of sunlight and if possible a small vacation to refresh his mind. (Cleaning out the house and environment of negative energies also helps immensely.)

As always, small children must be protected from interactions with negative energies, thus they are not taken to places of where there is trauma, or morally wrong things happening, or graveyards/cemeteries, never take them at twilight or in the dark under trees or near water or near ruins etc. Children can see too much and also have limited strength of mind and body thus can be affected quite easily by ghosts draining their pran.ghostIf the person has actually been possessed, (most likely temporarily possessed) by low level ghosts. he too will ask for something small related to the senses which can be given to him with the strict instructions that it will leave now. Generally these are souls of people who had a death-bed wish of eating something, travelling somewhere or meeting someone. Not actively malignant, just dejected and frustrated.

Then there are the benevolent ghosts, aged people from the family who are stuck because of their tremendous love for someone in the family. In such cases they may help by providing guidance in danger etc. It would be ideal if you can show them the way onward and push them on it, by performing a Tarpan/energy ritual for the deceased. Then there are the malevolent ghosts, people who died young, young mothers/expecting women, people addicted to bad habits etc. These have very strong and selfish desires and may want to drag their favourite person/person with similar tastes down with them to the pret yoni/ghost phase. Possession by these can be actually dangerous. Best engage a shaman/tantrik to deal with them.

Writing a bit on how tantriks work. The easiest is to catch a ghost soul, turn it into a slave which will do whatever is being asked. These are always unwilling and always ready to turn against their captor. Most tantriks, as their powers of control fail, come to a bad end as their slaves turn against them.

The second type of tantrik uses his own powers to create a ‘shadow’/chhaya from his own energy which goes away from him and does his work. This is like a robot, no separate consciousness of its own, but if the tantrik dies before he can dissolve his shadow, this shadow can continue existing especially in uninhabited places and seem to be ghost. This ‘ghost’ is something like a bio-particle. In my earlier post on haunted houses, I have written on the bio-particles of deceased persons adhering to stuff in empty houses, which when occupied by living persons again, become reanimated and appear as hauntings. It is easy to remove such residual bio-electricity. In these cases, a ghost soul is not involved.

The rarest things are when the person is possessed by a higher level entity (pishachya, vetal etc). This almost never happens, but then a tantrik/shaman will be needed if you ever come across this.

So the gist is, if you ever feel that you are being haunted or your client is being possessed, 90% of the time it will not be because of a real ghost soul. Of the remaining 10%, also 9% will be the low level spirits whom you can easily deal with either by giving it the small thing it desires and/or family doing the tarpan ritual. Strength physical, mental and emotional is essential if you are to resist these forces and help them move out into the Pitrulok where they now belong.