Vastu your home, the simplest and prettiest remedies

Our houses are our shelters, our homes, we live, eat, sleep and rest here. It is very important that we take care of our home so it can, in turn, take care of us. ‘Vastu’ means not just the physical house, but conscious energy and it’s flow in your house. The house takes on the energy of the place that it is in, and also the energy of the people living in it. I have written about houses in some of my earlier posts. Ley lines, one about haunted houses and how to interact with your house etc.

Vastu-shastra is the science of ‘living houses’, the energy of the house should be conducive to the people living in it, Houses built as per vastu-shastra are more full of positive energies. But today getting a house with perfect Vastu is quite impossible. I have lived in several houses in my life and every one of these had some issues. e.g one had a toilet in the north direction, had to demolish it; one had the kitchen in the north, we couldn’t eat anything prepared in this kitchen, had to demolish it and construct a new one in the south-east. But luckily I always lived in houses not apartments so could do the re-alignments. But if you live in apartments you cannot realign the rooms, you have turn to Vastu remedies.

Keeping your home neat and clean is one thing, am sure all of us do the dusting, brushing and washing up quite regularly. But there is more. Here are the simplest remedies, which you can use in your house. These are beautiful things which will be ornamental as well as help you rebalance the energy of your house.


These are the most popular ways to rebalance the energies of your house. I keep a small clear quartz pyramid in every room of my house, on the north or east side is best. It works by balancing the energies of the room and also amplifying them, two-in-one. I recharge them once a month, by washing them in salt water and recite the Shri sukta over them. But then I love the Shri Sukta, so use it for everything, I recite it even when I cook food. You can use any Vastu mantra or even a simple ‘Om Vastupurushaya namah’ or even play this by Uma mohan in the background in your house. Or you can use any Vedic mantra including the Gayatri mantra to recharge these pyramids. Or if you cannot for any reason recite these, make a chi-ball, think of your source of faith, express your intention for a happy and energy-filled house in your words and visualise the chi-ball being absorbed in the pyramids. This always works.

When you go to buy the pyramids, hold them in your hands for a bit, some will feel ‘right’ to you, buy those. There are various sorts of ‘energised’ pyramids available in the market, you can use these too, but they will be a bit more expensive than this single pyramid method above.



Mirrors are a variant of the pyramids. The sides of the pyramids reflect energy in four directions, mirrors also reflect energy but in one single direction. Hang your mirrors on the east and north walls as possible. Just remember they should not reflect your bed as you sleep in it.


Wipe your house with water in which a fistful of sea-salt has been dissolved, it will remove the negativity. Cleansing your house regularly will address a lot of problems associated with misaligned energies too. And if there is any specific corner of your house which feels especially misaligned, keep a glass bowl full of sea-salt crystals in that part of the house, these crystals will absorb the negativity. You can dispose them in running water and replace them once a month.

Tumbled clear quartz

I love clear quartz. It is useful for everything. If you want, you can buy a bag-full of tumbled clear quartz, will be cheaper than the pyramids. Then charge them. Make a chi-ball, focus on your intention for a happy house and visualise the chi-ball being absorbed in the crystals. Keep them in a pretty bowl in your rooms, in the north and east sides. Recharge them once a month. If you feel like you can also use pink quartz. Tumbled crystals can be used for several things so if you buy a bag-full you can use them in several ways.

vastu remedies

Peacock feathers –

These work beautifully. Have written about them in my post on ley lines. Put a bunch of these in your rooms preferably on the north and east sides if possible. Peacock feathers will get rid of evil eyes, negativity and enhance the positive flow of energy in your house.

Shri-yantra or Meru

This is the ultimate geometry and if you are doing a puja of this geometry or using it for your spiritual practice e.g. tratak, the energies of your house will be already in a very good shape. The highly positive energy of the geometry expands out. If you do puja over it sincerely, these energies are amplified even more. I have observed that the energies of my house are so relaxing that guests start feeling sleepy!

And puja of the Meru /Shri Yantra is very simple, recite the Shri-sukta once, or recite ‘Om Shridevyai namah once/thrice/108 times, and apply one tilak of red Kesar/saffron or red vermillion at its center dot/bindu. If you can blow the conch during this puja, it will be even better. I light camphor arti after the pujas and also keep a sesame oil lamp lit in front of my Meru 24×7.



Indians, Hindus are required to keep a Tulasi plant in the center of the house. You can keep it in the east or north direction as an alternative. This plant is linked to Shri Vishnu, the energy which protects and maintains prosperity. It is satvic in nature and generates a very bright silvery/gold aura around it. The woman of the house takes care of it. i.e. waters it in the morning and lights a small lamp in front of it in the evening. If she does it with love and positive intentions the plant also responds by increasing its energy, thus the whole house benefits. It is another way of harnessing your intentions. As the plant grows so does prosperity. The plant is highly medicinal, especially for cough/cold, drinking a tea made of its leaves is very helpful. You can drink a spoonful of the juice of the leaves. I never give my son cough syrups, as tulasi leaves are the best and safest cure.

Fresh cut flowers are also a good way to increase the energy of your house if you can afford them.

In India, we tie a garland made of fresh mango leaves and marigold flowers on the entrance door of the house. Both these are high energy items and they stop the negative energies from entering your house in the first place. This arrangement is called a ‘toran’.


Rudraksh beads

This is something which you can consider if you are suffering from negative energy as well as evil eye from others. Hang a single rudraksh bead at your front door, it will stop negative influences from entering your house. (I hang an entire rudraksh mala at my front door.)


These are a very easy way to add cheer and positivity to your house. Natural sceneries, waterfalls, flowers, bright images, colorful pictures, geometric patterns, can be hung on your north or east walls.  You can use pictures of solid things like mountains, e.g. Kailash, on your south or west walls. Do not use depressing and dark images which represent struggle, disaster and pain. Also avoid pictures of animals. If you want, you can keep pictures of departed parents/loved ones, but only on the south walls.

To keep the Vastu of your house is good shape requires not only physical alignment with the Vastu shastra, but also requires that you consciously interact with your abode. The process of of building the house and the alignment of the rooms is not in our hands, as most of us live in apartments now! But this second part where you consciously increase the energy of your house is definitely something you can do!

So here were a few easy and inexpensive ways in which you can add energy to your home.



Navel displacement and setting it right

The human body is a perfectly engineered machine. It is much more than what we see with our physical eyes. Every part is perfectly in place, only if we knew how to use it! There was a question on navel displacement so writing this post. This is something which modern medicine has not been able to understand as yet, but has been addressed by Ayurved, the science of life and the living body and Yog shastra.

When you lift heavy things or twist your body suddenly or unnaturally or when you walk on uneven ground or climb stairs with jerks etc the alignment of the navel in relation to the body twists. This happens more commonly in small children, I remember my brother when he was a small boy always messing up his navel and my aunt setting it right several times. This can happen in adults too and can be seen as problems with digestion, cramps in the abdomen, bloating, acidity, heavy menstrual bleeding, uterus is affected, semen production reduces, impotency can result if this continues for long.Navel displacement and setting it rightThe navel called Nabhi in Sanskrit is a very important energy point of your body. It has a huge bunch of naadis clustered around it. If someone kicks you right on the navel you might even die. The Nabhi is also called the centre of creation. On the physical plane, you were formed around your navel. Your link to your mother in the womb was this Nabhi, and your body was formed around it. The centre of gravity of the human body is always his navel. If this shifts, i.e. navel displaces, the internal balance of the body is affected. The navel corresponds to the Manipur chakra where the ‘fire’ of your life exists. ‘Agni’, the conscious energy responsible for all sorts of conversions is located in your navel.  The panch-pran, the five vital energies are linked here, their movement in your body is with reference to the position of the navel. The navel is thus the point where the five main types of pran in your body remain in equilibrium. Thus its paramount importance.

In the galactic context, the central ‘black hole’, source of energy, around which our galaxy revolves is called the Vishnu-nabhi. (There is a lot more to the Vishnu-nabhi, will write a full post on this later). This portion of the sky seen from the earth lies in the Moola nakshatra, Sagittarius sign. Moola means root, origin, foundation, edge, firmness, temporary owner, start etc in Sanskrit. If you were born with your birth Moon in this Nakshatra you are different. This Nakshatra is ruled by Niriti निरीति, (the one who is free from all bindings) also the deity of annihilation. As per the Vimshottari system, the planetary ruler of Moola lunar mansion is Ketu, the agent of separation, the Moksh-karak. You are highly intuitive with a sense of ‘other’ about you. You have a sense of personal power and leadership qualities, but this does not translate into material benefits. It feels that you are between 2 worlds always. Material life can seem strange and you long for something undefinable. Past life memories can mix with the present as you have an easier connect with the energy of involution etc.Navel displacement and setting it rightThe navel is a delicate energy structure and is always protected. Energy moves out from the navel, which is not good. Wearing clothes where the navel is visible to others is not good for the energy body, you lose energy. In the traditional Indian dress, the dhoti for men and sari for women, a length of fabric is pleated and this thick pad of fabric is positioned exactly over the navel. If you can afford it, buy a gold chain and wear it on your waist, exactly on your navel and see how your energy gets balanced. Gold is not to be worn below the navel. (some women like wearing gold anklets, this will create problems for the reproductive system and blood pressure in the future.) Putting coconut oil in the navel is the best way to remain healthy. Always use ‘edible’ Coconut oil, whatever brand you use, it should be marked ‘edible’ clearly on the bottle. Put a few drops of coconut oil in your navel when you go to sleep at night. You can use other ‘edible’ oils, like apricot, almond, ‘roghan badam shirin’ is a good option. But coconut oil is the best. You will look younger, fresher and a lot of diseases will be nipped in the bud.

With this brief introduction, on to the practical. Navel displacement. Lie down on a flat surface, feet together straight out, toes pointing up. First find out where exactly is the navel? Is it in the center of the navel hollow or is pulled away from this exact center.  For this check your heartbeat in your navel. Put your index finger into the hollow of the navel and check where you feel your heartbeat. In a normal body the heartbeat is felt in the exact center of the navel, i.e. your finger will feel your heartbeat equally from all sides in the hollow of your navel. But if the navel is displaced, you will feel the thud of the heartbeat only on one side of the navel. This is navel displacement and is extremely bad for your health. The first symptom is always stomach upset, constipation (if heartbeat is felt on the upper side only, pran is more than apan), or loose motions (if heartbeat is felt on the lower side of the navel, apan is more powerful than pran) etc. This is basically because the panch-pran, the five types of pran, going out of balance and the naadis of your body are now carrying this pran in jerky motions. If this state continues for longer, you will fall seriously ill.

So how to set this ‘displaced’ navel back to its correct energy position? It is very easy! This is very commonly done in India, especially when small children get stomach upsets. The patient lies down on his back on a flat surface, e.g. on a carpet on the floor. Feet together, toes straight pointed upwards. The stomach is exposed and a metal coin or a small metal bowl is placed on the navel. Position this carefully so that it covers the navel. A small camphor piece is put on the coin and set on fire. This entire thing is now covered with a larger bowl in such a way that as the camphor burns and uses up the oxygen, a small vacuum is formed. The larger bowl now ’sticks’ to the tummy because of the suction created. This arrangement left undisturbed for some 10mins after which the larger bowl comes free of its own. After this the patient turns around on his side and slowly gets up, no jerks. He can have eat a small snack or a fruit now.

This simple method does two important things, first it pulls all the pran towards the navel because of the uniform suction. Then as the suction is uniformly around the navel, the excess pran is pulled out through the navel and the rest is all balanced evenly.

There are other ways of setting the navel right using Yog-asan, yogic postures, eg, Salabhasan, Dhanurasan, Tadasan, Matsyasan, Uttanpadasan etc. If you do the Uttanpadasan yogic posture you will never suffer navel displacement, it is basically lying on your back and raising your legs, do it only if you are physically fit. Or the navel can be brought to its normal position by pressing certain points on the legs, and there are certain points on the forearms/elbows. But it may be a bit technical to explain/do.

This vacuum bowl thingie, however, is the best and the simplest way of setting your navel back to its correct position.

Astrologically people who are Virgo-dominant are more prone to navel displacement. If you have your birth moon in Virgo, or ascendant Virgo or a bunch of planets in Virgo, or your 6th house is occupied by several planets, be aware of your digestion, abdomen and the energy flows around your navel. Take care of your navel and be aware of the heart beat in this very important organ of your body, this will help you remain healthier.


Navel displacement and setting it right

Seeing Energy, Learn to see your Aura

Most people are sceptical about humans having auras, especially doctors by profession shrug it off as being an auto-suggestion, ‘You see it because you want to see it, you have self-hypnotised yourself into seeing it’ was one of my medico friends laughing at me. So I told him that he was having a weak liver and would fall ill soon, (the energy of the liver had gone grey) unless he took some liver tonic. Naturally he laughed at me again and then fell ill couple of weeks later.Seeing Energy Learn to see your AuraI have written about learning to see auras in my past posts, but it seems that I will have to write it down step-wise. Learning to see auras is vital and very easy. This is how you learn, stepwise,

  1. Practice during natural daylight, in a silent well lit room. Artificial lighting can affect the color of the aura you see by putting its own shade of yellow/white over everything.
  2. Take a piece of white paper for using as a background.
  3. You are going to try to first sense and then see the aura of your fingers and hands. Relax your mind and your body, deep breathe a few times.
  4. Now extend your both forefingers out, point them at each other and slowly bring them closer, till they are about 1/2 cm away from each other.
  5. First try to feel the sensations at both the fingertips. You will feel repulsion. Both the fingertips will feel like magnets which are repelling each other. Take them away about 2 cm from each other and bring them again 1/2cm apart, try to feel the energy of the fingertips as they interact with each other. As you bring them closer the feeling of repulsion will be stronger.
  6. Now the next part, you will try to see the aura with your open eyes with your peripheral vision. Keep your fingers in the same position as (3), with the white paper as a background. Unfocus your eyes and with your peripheral vision look at the fingers and their tips where they are almost touching. Initially you will see nothing different, just your fingers and the skin color. Within a few seconds you will see a white or colorless outline around your fingers. This is not an afterimage, it is an outline around your fingers. This white outline will be about a few millimetres in width. This is the aura or the energy of your fingertips.
  7. Now move your fingertips apart (same as 4). The outline will move with the fingers, it is clearly defined. It will be rounded at your fingertip as per the tip’s shape. When you bring your tips closer again, you will notice that when these fingertip outlines start touching, you start feeling ‘repulsion’. This is the energy of the fingertips interacting with each other.
  8. Practice this a few times. Let your eyes rest in between, it is easy, especially if you are relaxed. You could see auras as a child and you are just revising, so don’t get stressed while doing this.
  9. Then suddenly you will see that this white outline suddenly expands to a few centimeters depending on your personal energy levels. As it expands it gets filled with color. This color may be blue, green, pink whatever (very very rarely silver, gold or rainbow colored). The aura color is densest near the skin and gets fainter as it extends out fading to colorless. The first time this happens will be like a burst of watercolor. It will look just like how a drop of blue water-color spreads in a drop of water.
  10. And you have learnt to see auras. It is easy, most people I know managed to see their colored aura of the fingertips in maximum 4-5 attempts.
  11. Now you can practice seeing the auras of people around you, animals, food, objects, sounds, thoughts. Aura is basically your astral body (sookshma sharir), you have started seeing energy again and new dimensions have opened for you.

Seeing Energy Learn to see your AuraSometimes the energy of a person/place can be registered through the other senses too, you might get a metallic taste or an unpleasant smell or feel the hair on your skin standing up when near negative energy sources.

Another thing is that the aura is not oval as its shown in pictures, it moves. e.g. when someone walks by you you will see the aura trailing behind him. A simple experiment which you can try, in a day-lit room, in front of a white background, keep your eyes unfocussed and slowly wave your arm in front of you. You will see the aura of your hand trailing as you move your hand. Practice seeing the movements of the aura too.

At night, if you sleep in a pitch dark room, the human energy is awesomely beautiful. Something like the videos of the aurora borealis! It is incredible that we are so utterly beautiful. But being so obsessed with the physical we don’t even know how utterly captivating our energy bodies are. And as there is no material sensory input to the eyes, in the dark, you can see this energy with your eyes open or closed. Ultimately the real seat of sense is in the third eye, physical eyes are just an excuse! With age we forget to use the third eye chakra directly. Try to see your energies in pitch black, it is mesmerising.

If your energy is being sucked by others or you are under psychic attack or in a place with conscious negative energies who are draining you, you will feel cold, start shivering, feel a windy movement around you, feel like crying, actually you might start weeping, extreme sadness, despair, may wash over you. (I suffered through a psychic attack once.) And if this is severe enough you might black out. There are some stories that people went to haunted houses and went to depression or committed suicide, this is the extreme effect of psychic attacks.

You can increase the strength of your aura field by powering with mantra, wearing amulets, focussed intention etc.  And then there are the energy techniques like Reiki etc which add power to your intentions and actions. Keeping your aura clean requires a regular (weekly) grounding and cleansing routine.

Once a month or whenever you have 15 mins free and you are relaxed, scan your own body. Lie down, relax, do some deep breathing, the room should be pitch dark or use an eye mask. You will use the focussed energy of your mind/third eye to scan your self. Whatever you do, you are actually doing it with your ajnya/third eye chakra, this is the seat of the soul /Jivatma. So it works best if scan your body using the third eye directly.

  • Start with the left leg, ‘look’ at the big toe, feel its energy, let your sub-conscious mind work. Examine every portion of your leg, the energy, the aura of every internal muscle and bone.
  • You might see lines of gold-silver running along your body parts, the naadi/vital energy channels carrying pran. You might sense the flow of pran too, it should be smooth. A jerky flow of pran means that the organ it is supplying is suffering. If you can intend the flow to be smoother it will become smooth, so exercise your Will.
  • Then your right leg, the pelvic region, your torso, abdomen, chest, every internal organ, its aura. Every organ will have a different color depending on its health. If any organ seems brown, grey, black streaks or angry red colored they are over-tired and under stress. In such cases, visualise the organ/body part in an envelope of shimmery silver/gold energy/pran.
  • Then the left hand from the fingertips to the shoulder, then the right hand, the neck, the head and all the structures in the head till the tips of your hair. Your hair are very important energy sensors and the longer they are the better they work.
  • After you finish your full body scan you will now energise yourself. Remain lying and create your pearly shimmery silvery/gold shield again over yourself. If you have a favourite deity/ source of faith/ mantra/ Universe/ whatever, visualise this deity blessing you and recharging you. Hold this visualisation for as long as you can.

If you can do this once a month at least you will be disease free, mind will be stable and you will remain shielded perfectly.

  • In case you are new to all this and cannot work directly through your ajnya chakra, you can use your hands a tools to help direct your energy and sight. (But always use an eye mask)
  • Keep your hands relaxed palms open, no gaps between the fingers, relaxed and the palms slightly curved inwards.
  • eg, for scanning your leg, run your palms in this position along your leg slowly. Do not touch the leg, keep your palm a few centimetres away. You are sensing the aura so do not touch the skin. Focus intently on the sensations you receive from your palms.

And finally, strange as it seems, aura leaks! There are several reasons for this, and it happens often. The effect is that you get tired and mentally exhausted out of proportion to what you were doing. So the easiest way to stop aura leakage is to ‘tie it up’. No one will tell you this, this comes from experience. First make your pearly shield in the morning, just 5 seconds of visualisation is good enough. Then visualise two knots in the aura near your both legs. These knots will be with the intention to tie your aura to your own self very strongly. It works and you feel ‘warmer’ immediately.

So this is all from my personal experience and over so many years of seeing and working with energy. A quick re-cap post on on how to see aura, to keep it clean, energized and to use it to diagnose your personal energy levels. Do try it, it is very easy, you could do it as a child, it is just like learning to ride a bicycle again.


Seeing Energy Learn to see your Aura

Ayurved – Sapt Dhatu 7 elements

Ayurved is the science of life and the living body. As per Ayurved, the human body is composed of the Sapt Dhatu. These are the seven primary ingredients, roots, subtle essences, causes, constituents etc which create the human body, ie. the visible Anna-mai-kosh or the sthool sharir, the visible material physical body and its functions.

These seven constituents, Sapt Dhatu are created from the energy of the food you eat. You take in the food with the energies of Praan Vayu. Then the ‘fires’ of digestion/Jathar-agni in your body convert the food into the following three parts first,

  1. The solid /Sthool part – the dull, material part with very dim energy, this will be converted to feces and urine and removed from the body. The Apaan vayu will be responsible for this elimination.
  2. The liquid part which will be converted to ‘Rasa’ – This is the essence of nutrition, the actual liquid absorbed by the intestines and also its vital energies. This is that part of your food which will be actually converted to the Sapt Dhatu which make up your body.
  3. And finally the ‘airy’ and ‘fiery’ part of the food you eat will be converted into the mind. These include the sub-conscious impressions that the food has absorbed. Now these impressions will create your mind.

Ayurved Sapt Dhatu the 7 elements of your bodyFor creating the physical body, the energies of Rasa will be used to create the seven primary ingredients in sequence as follows,

  1. Rasa –
    • There is ‘Rasa-agni’, the intelligent ‘fire’ which converts the nutrition supplied by it to the various parts of the body. Rasa-agni is also responsible for the transformation of the ‘essence of food’ to Rasa. Food takes 6 hours to be converted to Rasa in the stomach/ intestine.
    • This is all the liquids in your body, intracellular fluids, the fluid the intestines absorb, the plasma in your blood, the mother’s milk, lymph, tears, saliva etc.
    • Rasa is responsible for providing nutrition and taking away the wastes produced in every cell of your body. It is the major primary component of the body, i.e. a significant percentage of your body is water! It is connected with immunity. It also your capacity for affection.
    • It is connected to the Kapha dosh of the tri-dosh of Ayurved.
    • Some foods which help Rasa formation are Tulsi, Ginger, Milk (from a Indian desi cow which has a prominent hump).
  2. Rakta –
    • This is all the solid components of blood (except the liquid plasma which is Rasa). Rakta is the blood components, red blood cells, white blood cells, the platelets, and the molecules and enymes which are carried in the blood and circulated in the body.
    • This is the function of life! Oxygenation to enthusiasm in living.
    • It takes Rasa, 15 days to be converted to Rakta. That means that the food you eat should have enough ‘essential energy’ first create and work as Rasa for 15 days and if there is any left over, then it gets transformed into Rakta.
    • Transformations related to Rakta dhatu are mediated by the Rakta-agni.
    • Rakta is connected to the Pitta dosh.
    • Some foods which help Rakta formation are Pomegranates, Ghee.
  3. Mansa –
    • This is all the muscle, the flesh and skin. This includes the organs and the tubes that are the soft tissues of the body. The plastering and the gap-filling stuff! It grants form, strength, movement and protection.
    • Converting the essences of Rasa and Rakta into Mansa/flesh takes a further 27 days. So you need to eat nutritious food for at least 2 months to see a visible difference in the ‘fleshy’ components of your body.
    • This is the structure of the body thus linked to the kapha dosh. The intelligent energy of conversion associated with it is called Mansa-agni.
    • Ghee and Honey help in formation of Mansa.
  4. Medha –
    • This is the fatty tissues of the body, the ligaments, tendons and includes the lubricants in the joints.
    • It has an important role in brain function and normal intelligence and is used to build the brain, spinal cord and the insulating fats on the nerves.
    • It is responsible for lubrication, bulk, personal love and beauty
    • As per modern dietary standards, body fat is viewed as dangerous. In my opinion, one should be at the higher side of the recommended weight range. Medha is also the stored nutrients which are utilised in cases of emergencies e.g. falling ill.
    • Converting the essences of Rasa, Rakta, Mansa to Medha will take a further 41days. And the ‘fire’ of conversion here is called ‘Medha-agni’.
    • Medha is linked to the Kapha dosh.
    • Honey and drinking warm water helps in formation of Medha.
  5. Asti – .
    • Asti is the skeletal frame of the body – the bones, the cartilages and includes the teeth, nails and hair.
    • This supports and protects the vital organs.
    • Converting the essences of Rasa, Rakta, Mansa and Medha to Asti takes 52 days. The intelligent energy related to conversions of Asti is called Asti-agni
    • Asti is linked to the Vaat dosh of Ayurved.
    • Milk (desi cow) helps in Asti formation.
  6. Majja –
    • Majja is the marrow inside the bones and the innermost red/yellow cells of the nervous tissues, brain and spinal cord in the body. It ‘fills the spaces, and is responsible for sensations, memory and communication.
    • The processes linked to these are mediated by the “Majja-agni’.
    • 64 days required to convert the other essences to Majja. If you look at the time-frame, the cumulative days required to convert the energy of food into bone marrow is over 200 days!
    • Majja is linked to Kapha dosh
    • Ghee and honey are easily available foods which help Majja formation.
  7. Shukra –
    • And then finally, an additional 96 days are required to convert the essences of these six Dhatu into your reproductive cells, the seventh Shukra dhatu.
    • So this means that, first you have to eat food with sufficient ‘essential nutrition’.
      Then Rasa, Rakta, Mansa, Medha Asti and Majja are created in sequence, used in life, plus the daily wear, tear and repair. Then the remaining if sufficient in quantity will be used to create Shukra dhatu. No wonder problems related to reproduction are on the rise these days!
    • The bulk of this energy is used in creating the reproductive cells, the sperm/Shukra and ovum/Shonita. And a very minor portion used in creating the stem cells in small children. After adolescence, stem cells production drastically reduces as the sperm/ova/reproductive cell production starts in real ernest.
    • Shukra is linked to Kapha dosh and is responsible for reproduction, production of Ojas and emotional contentment.
    • Shukra-agni mediates the conversion processes associated with the Shukra-dhatu.
    • Milk (desi cow) and almonds help in formation of Shukra dhatu.

Ayurved Sapt Dhatu the 7 elements of your bodyNow for the spiritually inclined, Ojas. Ojas is created when Shukra is converted further. Shukra is the subtlest and most ‘refined’ dhatu of the body. If it is not utilized by the person it converts to Ojas, this takes 108 days. Ojas is the conscious essence of Kapha dosha. Nutrition and the ‘fires/Agni’  both need to be perfect to form Ojas. Ojas is the divine vitality, the ‘shine’ that you see on the faces of persons who follow a highly spiritual life-style. This process is faster when you exercise control over your senses and eat nutritious, vegetarian, simple food which you have cooked with your own hands. This is the real reason why over-indulgence in sexual activity ‘drains’ the body. You are using up the Shukra dhatu and very little remains for conversion into Ojas.

  • In men, if sufficient Shukra is created in the first place and no or reasonably limited sexual activity occurs, then significant amount of Shukra converts into Ojas.
  • In women, while she is in the reproductive age-group, a significant proportion of Shukra dhatu is lost every month with the monthly cycle. After menopause however, the essences of Shukra dhatu are not lost like this. So if she refrains/limits sexual activity similarly larger quantities of Ojas will be created from Shukra dhatu.

Ayurved is not just ‘Indian medical science’. It is a science of consciousness first taught by Bhagwan Dhanvantri. It discusses not only the physical body, but also the conscious layers of the body, the mind, the vital energy/pran flowing through the energy channels of the body and the soul. The body and its structure is linked to Astrology and also to Ayurved. Medical conditions can be diagnosed using the chart. And if you have ever seen a Nadi Vaidya (a doctor of Ayurved is called a Vaidya, ‘the one who knows’) in action, he can tell you the precise haemoglobin levels in your blood by reading your nadi/vital energy channel at your wrist. Sapt-dhatu, Panch-kosh and Panch-pran are how your body and mind works with your consciousness at the deepest levels. And so Ayurvedic treatments though slower than allopathic ones cure on the very deepest levels.Ayurved Sapt Dhatu the 7 elements of your body



Vaat dosha can lead to addictions

As per Ayurved, there are three types of tendencies/ Tridosh of the body called Vaat, Kapha and Pitta. As long as these are in equilibrium, the body and mind remains healthy. You fall ill when these go out of balance with each other. These are also ultimately linked to the horoscope and planetary positions.

Addictive behaviour is quite common, most of us are addicted to something or the other, maybe as innocuous as cup of coffee, or a beer in the evening, an occasional cigarette, or then perhaps a bottle of alcohol. Depending on your chart again, these addictions can potentially result in severe problems. Compulsive behaviour is linked to the Mercury (mental processes and thinking patterns), Venus (desire and validation) and Moon (needy emotional behaviour requiring comforting, cyclic behaviour). If these are adversely placed or under malefic influences, they can lead to self damaging addictions.addiction and ayurvedaOf the tri-dosh of Ayurved, Vaat dosh in this context is more important than Pitta or Kapha. ‘Impulsive cyclic behaviour’ is the domain of Vaat. Vaat is a Sanskrit word which means movement in every way, it also means wind, the vital energy /pran, movements of the mind/wishes and desires. The planets contributing to Vaat in the body and mind are Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. The main 3 planets leading to addictive behaviour with the disciplinary constraints of Saturn. People are quite scared of Saturn, but we need to appreciate his discipline. Saturn grants ‘control’. If you observe people with a strong Saturn in their charts, they might come across as dour, not fun, boring to be with, etc but they seem to always be in control of their body and emotions. A Saturn dominant person rarely gets into addictions.

Now back to the body/mind, if the Vaat dosh is severely unbalanced, the mind will generate impulses to drink or to smoke or do drugs etc and the body will have to obey it. The intelligence loses is control over the impulses of the body/mind and starts moving down a slippery slope. Along with this, the symptoms of Vaat imbalance start manifesting, ‘nervous, fast, alone, rough, dry, light’ will be the descriptions of the body, mind, behaviour, emotions, e.g. from a loss in body weight to loneliness. If corrective actions to stabilise Vaat are not taken in this stage then it will deteriorate further and be more difficult to cure.

  • Vaat, if just out of balance, will result in restlessness, scattered and looping thoughts, anxiety, inability to concentrate, memory loss, dullness etc.
  • Moderately imbalanced Vaat will lead to sleeplessness, tremors and tics, nervousness; loss of appetite, loneliness, physical weakness, little or no desire to look presentable, wears shabby clothes, opinions of loved ones stop mattering, does not clean the room etc.
  • Seriously affected Vaat will cause chronic insomnia, problems in perception, apathy to self, loved ones and the surroundings, delusions, hallucinations, simultaneous deterioration of the physical body, there are no positive desires in the mind. This often happens at the the very end of the substance addictions. This is either an alcoholic in delirium tremens or schizophrenic, the root cause is the same, the wildly out of balance Vaat.

Of the three tendencies, the first to go out of balance is Vaat, the next to follow is Pitta. The ‘conversion power’ of the body/mind which creates ‘heat’ and vitality is Pitta. Thus you can see the typical irrational moods, violence, flushed skin, abnormal sweating, thirst, digestive disorders, etc of the typical addict. Finally the Kapha is pushed out of balance, thus the structure of the body/mind and the fluidity which keeps them functioning is damaged. At this stage regaining equilibrium can be next to impossible.

When one crosses the milder levels of addiction, it can be difficult to stop because the habit and its withdrawal both start giving the same problem. Also guilt comes in. The person is aware that something is wrong, but does not know that it is Vaat out of balance. He does initially try to ditch the habit, maybe behaviour changes, chemical medicines perhaps, but Vaat cannot be balanced by these. So he gets caught in the cycle of guilt, he feels that he has failed to control himself, which aggravates the addictive behaviour.

Vaat is all the tens of hundreds of cycles and rhythms of the body which need to be coordinated. This is Intelligent Energy. If Vata loses its rhythm, no chemical medicine can stabilise it, Ayurvedic principles have to be applied. Ayruvedic cures are based on the living energy/pran of the plant kingdom. Concentrated vital energy from plants/Vanaspati is refined with other materials and turned into a complete medicine/Oushad. Medicinal plants are very potent and specific in their action and work on the deepest levels. And then if some simple spiritual practice can be introduced at this stage it will give faster results.

Thus additions need to be recognised primarily as a Vaat disorder and appropriate measures need to be taken on the astrological and ayurvedic fronts to enable the sufferer to come out of this imbalance. There is nothing called as a disease, it is all a reflection of the imbalance of the internal energies, which can be intelligently rebalanced to give perfect health again.


addictions and astrology

Vaat Kapha Pitta in Ayurved and Astrology

Ayurved is the knowledge of vitality, movement, vigour, divinity, life and living beings. Indians have used Ayurvedic principles to remain healthy in mind and spirit since time immemorial. The tri-dosh, Vaat, Kapha Pitta is a basic concept in Ayurved. ‘Dosh’ means defect, disorder, error, inconvenience, disease etc. If these Vaat, Kapha and Pitta remain in equilibrium, the body remains healthy. But generally these are out of balance because your chart and it’s planets interfere. Each planet is Vata, Kapha or Pitta by nature. So depending on their relative strengths in your chart, one of these dosh will dominate your body and mind.ayurved.jpgVaat

Vaat is ‘movement’ (Vaat means wind, wish etc). All the things that move in the body are intelligently managed by this energy ‘Vaat’. The movement of your thoughts to the movement of food within your intestines. Movement of blood, urine, hormones, muscles, impulses in the nerves, all that moves in the body. The movement of mind leads to emotions, creativity, speech etc. Vaat is responsible for movement of the vital energy/pran in the body. (So if you are doing Dhyan you have to be aware of how much Vaat inducing activities you are doing, this will adversely affect your Dhyan.)

If there is imbalance in Vaat, you will feel the effects first in the digestive system, nervous system, ears (equilibrium of the body is affected), especially the joints of the skeletal system and the skin (you may not realise it, but your skin moves the maximum). Planets contributing to the Vaat tendency are Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Moon. If these or their signs are strongly placed in your chart, they will unbalance the Vaat, Pitta Kapha equilibrium, to create a more ‘airy’ personality with the following keywords,

  1. Dry – dry skin and hair, constipation, rough gravelly voice, hiccups
  2. Light– thin body frame, light sleep, under weight, needs to rest more
  3. Cold– hates cold and loves warm, stiffness in muscles and joints
  4. Rough– cracked heels, brittle nails, uneven teeth
  5. Nervous– easily excited, imaginative, anxious, muscle tremors, delicate health, less children
  6. Fast– alert, speech, gait, restless, mood swings, travels, too many thoughts in mind, active, cannot save money.
  7. Alone– experiences loneliness, doesn’t have faith in a higher intelligence.

If these keywords have resonated with you then here are some simple tips which you can incorporate in your daily life.

  • Warmth – dress warmly, spicy, hot, slightly oily food (no cold foods)
  • Keep calm – massages, spa, saunas, stick to a comfortable routine, do not travel too much. Spend some quiet and quality time with your close family and loved ones.
  • Rest – You require more sleep, so aim for 8+ hrs. Try to keep away from loud sounds, bright lights, addictions and over-stimulation.


Now Pitta is the ‘conversion process’. (Pitta means bile.) Everything that the mind/body ‘converts’ and makes ‘suitable for itself’ is through the energy of Pitta. So this covers the process of digestion and all the enzymes in the body are ‘converters’. Then on the mental level the process of converting sensory inputs to intelligence, then the ‘thinking process’ converts the ideas to understanding. This ‘conversion process’ also creates ‘heat’, so makes one sparkle with health, vitality, intelligence and wisdom. The planets contributing to the pitta in your life would be Sun, Mars and Mercury. If these are strong, or their signs are strongly placed in your chart you might be a pitta dominant personality.

So for our pitta personality our keywords would be related to ‘fire’,

  1. Hot– good digestive system, strong appetite, higher than average body temperature, dislikes more heat or bright light, receding hairline or baldness
  2. Sharp– sharp and bright features and face, sharp memory and understanding, probing mind,
  3. Oily– oily soft skin and hair, deep-fried food causes headaches
  4. Fluid– tendency to loose motions, excessive sweating, needs to drink lots of water, rashes on skin, hot skin, desires name and fame
  5. Reds /Yellows– tends to have flushed skin, often overproduction of bile
  6. Fire– acidity, excess salivation, bitter taste, nausea, burning sensations, cynical by nature, strong feelings of anger/ hate.
  7. Intelligence – excellent abilities for learning, understanding and concentrating, highly disciplined, make large amounts of money, spends on luxurious items.

To keep your ‘hot’ planets and signs ‘cool’, here are a few tips.

  • Cooling – Eat non-spicy, non-salty, non-oily foods especially in summer. Avoid going out in the summer sun. Aggression will aggravate pitta, so if you see a discussion turning into an argument use your intelligence and defuse the situation in a healthier manner.
  • Exercise in moderation and during the coolest part of the day and opt for the swimming pool. Your temper runs short, so try some some calming breathing exercises too.


Kapha is ‘fluidity which creates structure’. It is simultaneously ‘earthy’ and ‘watery’. All the cells, tissues and organs of the body and the ‘fluidity’ which links them together is Kapha. Lubrication of joints and organs, strong muscles and bones, cellular secretions, and memory retention. Planets with kapha tendency are Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. If these and their signs are strongly placed in your chart your mind/body may lean towards imbalance in the kapha.

  1. Heavy, slow and steady – movement, appetite, thirst, metabolism and digestion. A large body frame, possibly overweight but compact. A lubricated smooth movement of the joints. A heavy deep but sweet voice. Likes sitting and sleeping, can get lazy. A sense of density, ‘thickness’. Mind is contemplative, peaceful, slow to react. Often slow to start, is dull in the mornings. Has good knowledge, memory and also a strong constitution.
  2. Fluids – cold and congestion, clammy skin, water retention, over-production of saliva and mucus. Oily skin and hair. Diseases related to the ‘water’, sinus, sluggishness, excess weight, diabetes, water retention, headaches, especially on full moon days and when the weather is overcast and gloomy.
  3. Smooth and soft – skin, calm nature, gentle mind, pleasing look, compassionate, caring, kind, sometimes gullible.
  4. Cohesive – Firm body, joints, muscles. Likes physical contact, hugging cuddling. Mind is deeply attached in love and relationships. Saves money. Has a deep faith in the higher intelligence. Can get greedy and emotionally needy if unbalanced.
  5. Sweet and salty – is quite sensual in nature, craves sweet and salty food but digestion being slow puts on weight which is then difficult to shed as dislikes vigorous exercise.

Here are some small things which will help you balance your kapha tendencies.

  • Move – Exercise, walk, be a bit more active, read new things, learn new things. Vary your routine, do something exciting at least one day a week, e.g. go to a museum, go for a day-tour, visit your family/friends, go for a movie. Move!
  • Diet – Eat warm, light, moderately spicy, easy to digest foods. Avoid heavy, fatty and overly sugary-salty foods. Reduce the intake of milk/milk products and avoid cold drinks/food.
  • Sleep – Try to reduce your sleep time, stick to 8hrs no more, and no daytime naps!

So this was a very basic and simple to understand/ use post on Ayurved. If you are getting a bit interested in astrology by now and know how to read your chart, then you can also try balancing the planetary energies with the activitiesfragrances, colors and tastes associated with them. This will balance the subtle energies which are the seeds of Vaat, Pitta and Kapha and thus help you be healthier from the deepest levels. And finally, a regular spiritual practice, even for 5 mins a day, will go a long way in keeping you happy and healthy!aurved



Yadnopavit sutra, ‘Sacred thread’

As per Sanatan Dharm, young boys at the age of 6 yrs are initiated into the Gayatri Mantra and its jaap. The boy is taught the mantra in the Yadnopavit Sanskar and he then wears the ‘sacred thread’/ Yadnopavit sutra. Girls are not required to wear the sutra, but are taught the Mantra on their 6th birthday and are required to do do its Jaap. Gayatri mantra is the right of every human being and is the foundation of spiritual practice.

Gayatri is the Guru-mantra, it pulls you towards your Reality.

Om, Bhuh Bhuvah Swah, Om Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi, Dheeyo Yo nah Prachodayat, Om.

ॐ भूः भुवः स्वः । ॐ तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम । भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि। धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात॥ ॐ


Now this sutra is not a ‘thread’! It is made with specific mantras and intentions. Calling it a ‘thread’, is like calling a nuclear warhead a firecracker. It is that potent!

Making it is quite typical. First using raw cotton, a thin strand of thread is made by hand, (everyone is supposed to make it for himself but initially the older men in the house help out the younger boys). The length of the thread is 96 times the breadth of four fingers so is equal to the height of the man making it. The Gayatri mantra has 24 Akshar and there are 4 states of existence, so 24X4 = 96. Also 96 represents the units of time, specific mantras are recited while making it. The four fingers represent the four states of existence, Jagruti/ awake, Swapna/ dreams,  Sushupti/ deep sleep and Turiya/ the realisation of the Ultimate. 

The thin handmade thread is wrapped 9 times, and the energies of Om, Vishvadev, Agni, Vayu, Naag, Soma, Pitr, Prajapati and Yam are installed in each of these strands. More mantras. (Then there is the Gayatri Gita for more information.)

Then these 9 strands are twisted so that they are converted to 3 thicker strands each tied with one small typical knot. (After marriage the strands increase, become 6 because now he is responsible for his wife also.)

  • These 3 strands represent the Rg-ved/ Yajur-ved/ Sam-ved. Their knowledge is required on the way to the Moksh.
  • The 3 stages of the Gayatri mantra itself. 1st stage is ‘tat savitur varenyam’, 2nd is ‘bhargo devasya dheemahi’ and the last is ‘dheeyo yo naha prachodayat’.
  • The 3 debts that one owes in life, to the parents, the society and the Guru. Unless you resolve them you cannot reach the realisation. You repay the debt to the ancestors/parents when you have children of your own and you give them good values. The debt to the society is also repaid when your children become good citizens and you do charity etc and contribute in maintaining the society. And debt to the Guru is paid when you practice what you have learnt from him.
  • Then the 3 tyes of gun/attributes (satva, raja and tama). Satva pulls you towards reality, raja pulls you towards the objects of the manifested universe, and tamas is still unmoving energies which are most often directed towards negative thought patterns and then become discordant. One has to cross these to reach the Ultimate, which is Nirgun/without attributes.
  • The 3 naadis, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. The movement of pran in these three need to be controlled by conscious effort before you can progress.
  • The 3 knots are the 3 granthis of the Brahmanadi, which have to be unlocked so that the Kundalini can reach the top of the head.
  • The three ashram/stages of life. Brahmacharya/childhood, Gruhastashram/active life and Vanaprasthashram/retired life. The responsibilities associated with these 3 have to be completed. The real sense of the fourth stage/ashram, Sanyashram/ renunciation, is gained only with Moksh.

Now these 3 strands are knotted together in a very typical, difficult to make, knot called the Brahmagranthi. This knot represents OM the absolute.

This is now the Yadnopavit sutra or Brahma-sutra.

When it is worn normally, it is on the left shoulder and across the body. It will hang down till the top of the right thigh. It is a physical reminder that all these things, these are burdens which have to be carried and that the goal of life is realisation of OM. And then on the energy levels it is totally awesome. I saw it when I and my husband performed the Yadnopavit sanskar for our son. The sutra balances all the lower chakras perfectly, from the Muladhar to the Vishuddhi, as it encircles them. My son who till then had refused to wear even a gold chain in his neck, happily wore the sutra without any fuss. Its energy is just so awesome and it stabilises the energy of the person wearing it. So when the boy does his personal practice, he just has to work on his Ajnya chakra. It is a very big boost. The sutra ‘holds’ the practice. The sutra and the Gayatri mantra sadhana (for boys) are practically one unit.

There are a few rules about wearing and changing it periodically but they are all very simple. So wearing it should not be a problem!

Now am sure that you must be wondering why just boys? Why don’t women wear the yadnopavit sutra? The simplest answer is that they dont need to. There is one very big advantage that women have. They do not have a Y chromosome. Science has also acknowledged that men are more delicate than women, the survivorship ratios of male/female at different age groups prove this. Men need to actively protect themselves and keep themselves healthy at all levels, so Gayatri sadhana wearing the Yadnopavit sutra is compulsory for all men.

Our ancients knew of the inherent weakness of the  Y-chromosome so had several ways to actively protect it, by ensuring that marriages are conducted according to astrological principles and according to the family dynasty/’Gotra’, by ensuring that the males perform the anteyshti/tarpan rituals of the departed etc. For women the challenge comes with menopause. If women can consciously transition when at menopause, they will realise how easy spirituality is for them. Till then even a simple basic 27 /54 /108 times jaap of Gayatri is enough to sustain them.

And this is the link to the most complete form of Gayatri, the Ghanapath and the full form of the Mantra. Do listen and enjoy it’s power.