Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is common phrase where we Bharatiya people are encouraged to think of the entire Earth as our family. This line is repeated everywhere without understanding its origin, its reference, its usage and always to the detriment of our nation and our people.

Right now the average Hindu/ follower of Sanatan Dharma is highly confused, mainly due to a lack of genuine teachers, Gurus, Acharyas, Brahmins etc. The invaders killed our teachers and thus our entire Dharmic, ethical/moral and sensible way of life is fading. And also due to a proliferation of ‘masters’ or foreign agents who ‘re-interpret’ our spiritual concepts in ‘modern terms’ and try to brainwash us. These are also agents of the invaders who work with a fixed agenda of subversion and destruction.

So let’s try and understand ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ in the correct perspective.


Our Bharatiya society has 4 distinct layers /ashram to it. Balyashram is all the children, they are naturally dependant on their parents and are expected to study. Then comes the Gruhastashram which is the life of a householder. He/she performs karma as per the Vedpurva, works, earns money etc to support the family and the entire society. Then comes Vanprasthashram, the life of a retired person, here he/she starts reading the Vedant and starts doing Upasana. And finally comes Sanyasashram when the person completely dedicates the remaining life to the Vedant and understanding the Self, doing Shravan, Manan and Nididhyasan.

The Gruhast is the most important practical stage of life as the entire society rests on the householder’s shoulders (This is us. All of us who are reading this blog are Gruhast, householders.) The other 3 ashrams/ stages are dependant on this one Gruhast. The Gruhast has to follow the Vedpurva and to live his practical life he has take help from the practical stories of Panchatantra and Hitopadesha. He cannot and must not try to apply the ideas of the Vedant in his practical life. If he does so the entire Hindu society will come crashing down. And this is exactly what is happening with ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

This phrase ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is originally from the Maha Upanishad and the context is the mindset and behaviour of the Atmajnyani Mahapurush who has reached the Brahmi sthiti. This Brahmi sthiti is also described in depth in the Bhagwat Gita (detailed discussion starts from 2.54 and culminates in 2.72.). There are 5 stages to realization of the Self and the Brahmi sthiti is the 4th one in sequence (beyond the Brahmi sthiti is the 5th stage of the pure Advaita). It is only a extremely highly elevated Mahapurush who sees the entire Earth as his own family.

This line ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is applicable only and only to the highest level of Mahapurush, the Sanyasi of the highest level. It is a philosophy from the Vedant and only applicable for the genuine Sanyasi. It is not applicable to even those who are starting their journey and absolutely not applicable to us, householders. ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is not an ideal for householders to aim for. It is the inherent nature of the highest Mahapurush and they are naturally or inherently in this state because of their complete identification with the Brahmi sthiti. We must not confuse the householder with this level of Mahapurush.

Now let’s analyse what our Acharyas have said about ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ in the context of the householder. Let’s refer to the ‘standard manual’ for behaviour for the Gruhast, ie the basic Panchatantra and the later Hitopadesh, both of which are based on Acharya Chanakya’s Arthshastra. This quote ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is mentioned in a few stories here. Briefly, a couple of the stories,

  • The quote is recited by a knowledgeable but stupid Brahmin man for getting the support of his two equally knowledgeable and stupid friends for resurrecting a dead lion in a forest. Their fourth friend who is also a Brahmin but has common sense tries to stop them. But the 3 stupid Brahmins speak with idealism and preach the romance of universal brotherhood to their 4th sensible friend. They quote‘ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ and carry on. The fourth Brahmin then climbs a tree for safety. The 3 Brahmins soon bring the lion’s carcass back to life and as expected, after the lion becomes alive, it kills and eats all three of them.
  • In another story, a jackal wants to eat a deer. He recites this line to convince the deer to become his friend. He also talks about universal brotherhood etc in persuasive language. The deer is swayed by these beautiful words and agrees to the friendship. The deer’s true friends try to get the deer to see sense. But the jackal’s logic is sounds so elevated, spiritual and enticing that the deer sticks with the jackal. Soon the jackal lures the deer into a trap, then kills and eats him.

The point made in these stories is that one must know where and when to apply philosophy. Also one must never befriend or trust someone just because he quotes the Vedant shloks. Common sense is always better than impracticality and illogically applied vedantic concepts. One should be careful of people who preach ‘universal brotherhood’ or speak sweetly as spiritual concepts are often used as a means of subversion by enemies. Finally, those people who do not understand ‘context’ are always destroyed.

The Panchatantra and its variant the Hitopadesh must be read by children and their parents too. These stories are composed by the Acharyas, Vishnusharma and Narayanpandit who understood ‘context’. Hitopadesh is based on the Panchatantra. And Acharya Vishnusharma has acknowledged that he wrote the Panchatantra only after studying Acharya Chanakya’s Arthashastra. And in turn Acharya Chanakya has written the Arthashastra only after studying ancient Acharyas before him, including Pitamah Bhisma’s teachings in the Mahabharat, the customs of both Uttar and Dakshin Bharat, the books available, the politics around him, the mindsets, the motives etc of people against a very practical backdrop. These works are by Acharyas who had studied human nature in depth, had the complete understanding of Dharma and the intelligence to practice it in real life.

True intelligence is knowing what should be applied, when, how, and in which situation. Eg if someone is entering your house to loot your money or to steal your wife/children, you cannot welcome them reciting ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ or ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. In this situation you must follow the practical concepts of the Arthashastra, Panchatantra or Hitopadesh. No Acharya has ever recommended this quote ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ for householders and in fact they have consistently expressed their contempt for using spiritual concepts in practical life.

Every household must have a full set of these books on practical life and every parent must make sure that the kids read and understand these stories. And as householders if you want to read the Vedant, then as long as you are in the Gruhast state, keep these spiritual concepts limited only to your internal mind. And when you come across phrases, quotes or shlokas which encourage you to behave in impractical, illogical ways, you must think twice. ‘Context’ is all important.

Finally try to learn Sanskrit. Unless we are able to read and write in our own mother tongue, read our own books in the original, we will be taken for a ride by enemies and people who want to subvert our society. We should be proud of our own Devbhasha Samskrutam, understand the books by our Acharyas and practice their practical advice so that our nation, Bharat can progress in the real sense.

(This is again in response to a question and I felt that I had to answer it in detail.)

Predictions for Vedic New Year Shri Shobhakruti naam Samvatsar 2023 24

The Vedic year Shubhakruti (post here) ends on Phalgun Amvasya ie 21st Mar 2023. Both Sun and the Moon are together in Pisces on this day and it marks the end of one zodiac cycle. The Vedic new year, Shri Shobhakruti naam Samvatsar starts with the sunrise of the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada which falls on 22nd March 2023. This day is called the Yugadi युगादि.

The word Shobhakruti is a Sanskrit compound word composed of Shobha and Akruti. Shobha शोभा means, grace, good, light, beauty, wish, yellow, merit, desire, elegance etc. Akruti आकृति means shape, form, appearance, 22, specimen, aspect, etc.

For predicting the possible events in this new year, the Nutan Varsha Phala, ie the fruits of the new year, we use a combination of,

  • The chart of the first Sunrise of the new year
  • The Nav Nayak system (post here)

This is the basic D1 chart of the new sunrise and its Navamsha D9. If you are an advanced student of Jyotish you can use the other charts, Ashtakvarga, other chakras etc as per your level of competence.

As usual, the lagna/ ascendant degree is in Pisces with the rising Sun. Moon and Mercury are ultra close, they are on the exact same degree. Mercury is completely combust. Venus and Rahu are perfectly conjunct, both are on the same degree in Taurus. Mars is in Gemini. Ketu is in Libra. Saturn in Aquarius is aspecting Venus (this is uncomfortable for Venus) and also Rahu (this is a intense Shapit dosh). Saturn and Rahu are holding Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Lagna of the new year day in the cruel paap kartari scissor, which is not good.

In the Navamsha, the Sun and Lagna are on the same degree, allotted to Virgo navamsha. Moon and Mercury on the same degree and in Libra navamsha. Saturn is in Sagittarius navmsha. Jupiter and Ketu are both allotted to Capricorn navamsha. Rahu and Venus are on the same degree and together in the Cancer navamsha.

The actual rising degree /Lagna is heavily influenced by Sun, Moon and Mercury, who are practically on top of it. Sun and Moon in the 1st house are well placed and also have enough power in the navamsha. Significant potential energy is available but a combust Mercury exactly with the Moon will vitiate the thinking process and disturb the emotions. The ascendant lord, Jupiter is placed in the Lagna itself which is good. But he is afflicted by the paap kartari, so this year everything will suffer from a curious mix of expansion with restraint coupled with a desire to overreach. Further he is debilitated in the D9. The environment will be restrictive, risky and future uncertain. Everyone will want to focus on his own self, might want to take up new creative ideas or fall in love or or start new projects or express the personality in some way, but this will be difficult. Ideas which seem promising may not be practical or useful in the long run. Jupiter does not have much say in the D1 nor much power in the D9. So this basic energy will reflect on all of our personalities, environments and our interactions with our surroundings.

All the planets except Mars are on one side of the Rahu Ketu axis. Rahu and Venus are in Aries on the same exact degree. So everyone will intensely desire all the stuff that Aries sign and Mars and Rahu graha indicate in their personal charts.

As per the Nav Nayak scheme of things, the ‘planetary government’ for Shri Shobhakruti is as follows.

  • Raja – Mercury
  • Mantri – Venus
  • Arghyadhipati –  Jupiter
  • Sasyadhipati – Moon
  • Senadhipati – Venus
  • Rasadhipati – Mercury
  • Dhanyadhipati –  Saturn
  • Nirasadhipati – Moon
  • Meghadhipati – Jupiter

This year we have 5 planets directly involved in the rulership scheme. Mercury the King holds an additional post of Rasadhipati. Jupiter holds 3 posts. Moon holds two posts while Venus and Saturn each hold one position this year. Sun, the natural ruler of the zodiac and Mars do not hold any ministry in Shri Shobhakruti.

Technically 4 of the 5 governing planets are considered to be natural benefics but, Moon does not have strength as he is very close to the Sun. Mercury is fully combust so not auspicious, in fact the natural malefic Sun is acting through him. Jupiter is a shubh graha but caught in a paap kartari so unable to do much. And Venus who is also a naturally auspicious force is exactly with Rahu hence cannot be expected to give favourable results. And Saturn is a naturally cruel force. 

The natural ruler of the zodiac being absent from the planetary government means that there will be lack of direction in everything. He is acting indirectly through a combust Mercury and has spoilt him. Mars being absent means that people will lack that competitive spirit, confidence and boldness that he represents. And there will be underhand behaviour, pettiness, twisted logic and selfishness in everything. So there will be proxy wars, cyber attacks, financial meltdowns, crimes linked to money, economic crises etc and outright aggression will be the last resort.

Some general trends for this year are as follows.

Everyone is going to be more selfish and think only of themselves. Diplomacy will exist but there will be an undercurrent of discord running through. Things may be presented in a convincing manner but motives will be questionable. Disagreements will be frequent, at the personal, local or national levels. The elected governments will find it difficult to govern properly this year. There will be severe interference from anti-national elements in practically every nation. Dictatorships will be comparatively stronger.

New practical ideas, inventions, systems etc will be put in place. Our ancient Indian sciences, Ved, philosophy etc will be re-discovered and will be made popular. Subjects which require logical thinking will be more recognised.

People will try to set up businesses at every level, small scale industry will be more profitable. Small entrepreneurs will take risks and start small units. Everyone will think of novel ways to make money. Social media will boom as content producers try to become influencers. This will lead to a different level of stress and anxiety. People will forget the concept of personal privacy as they try to ‘monetise’ their lives and this will also lead to crimes. Entertainment business will become profitable as new ways of delivering content are explored by everyone and media in regional languages will be more profitable.

New projects should be undertaken only after due risk assessment as there is a high chance of failure. The overall economy on the individual / national /global levels is not supportive and may slide into a depression/ recession.

At the government levels, new industrial policies will be framed to support the economy. New policies, laws, rules etc will be brought in which will be fair but the public lead by anti-national groups will protest against these. New laws will be brought in to help genuine hardworking Indian farmers, labourers and to reduce the dominance of middle men and traders in the agricultural sector. New shipping routes, new ports and new shipping policies will help export / import. 

Women will be more prominent everywhere this year, especially in the government, politics, business, crime, etc. There will be an increase in love affairs and women will be more dominant here too. Divorces, separations, multiple affairs and immorality will increase.

Classical arts, music, dance etc will be more appreciated. People will want quality and variety in everything. Branded perfumes, luxury goods, cosmetics, cosmetic procedures, gourmet food, gifts, flowers, alcohol, drugs, jewellery etc will be expensive but also more in demand. Savings reduce as expenses increase. 

During this year, diseases of the mind, nerves, skin are possible, especially mental breakdowns caused by stress. Psychological issues will increase as emotional needs will not be met, mental illness will be more in the limelight. Addictions, especially alcohol consumption will increase.

This year, farmers will be required to change their crops and cropping patterns. Rain will be untimely, erratic, heavy but of little use for agriculture. Production of the routine food crops, like wheat, rice will be affected. Water scarcity in some areas and excessive rains in other areas will affect food crops, fruits and cash crop production. White coloured crops eg rice, cotton and sugar will be in demand and will also fetch a good price. Sea food and aquaculture will be profitable. Metals will be mined in greater quantities and also be profitable. Silver, gold and pearls will be in high demand.

Water will be recognised as a valuable resource and people /nations will try to get more control over it. Rain and water scarcity or flooding is possible in several places. Drinking water will become more expensive. Coastlines will more suffer from winds, cyclones and natural calamities connected to water. Eclipses will trigger accidental deaths connected to water. 

Demand for minerals, metals, coal, iron, petroleum etc increases and their prices also increase. Dry land crops will be cultivated more and cereals production will decrease. Cash crops, fruits, ‘dry fruits’ will give good profits. However the nourishment provided by such crops will decrease for several reasons including increased pesticide use and adulteration. 

There will be a desire to regain health so vegetarian food, Ayurved and Homeopathy will be will be more popular.

Overall, this year will have unexpected challenges on every level. Practically every nation will suffer as these cruel planetary combinations disturb our overall life and living. The Ukraine war will continue and escalate, it will involve other western nations. The west will continue with its downward spiral. Extreme weather conditions, increase in wars and war like situations, civil unrest, cross border infiltration, terrorist attacks, famines, droughts, floods in various parts of the world. Slowing down of the economy and its entering a recession is a definite possibility. 

Briefly for the Moon signs.

  • Aries will be under stress continuously as Rahu Jupiter in Aries aspected by Saturn take their toll on your mind. Do not let others take advantage of you and your skills. Learn to recognise the hidden intentions of the people you meet.
  • Taurus is going to face one of the most challenging years of their lives. Health and financial stability should be given priority in this year. Past mistakes, regrets and lost opportunities will make you unpleasant.
  • Gemini will feel isolated most of the time. Do not let your ‘friends’ put you in awkward situations. Parents will need your attention.
  • Cancer will go through multiple challenges on the health, business and relationship fronts after Apr 2023. Try to find genuine friends who can help you in this year.
  • Leo should be careful when getting into new relationships. And loneliness can lead to bad habits and addictions. You will regret the opportunities which you lost in the past. 
  • Virgo have to be careful regarding money this year, budgeting is essential. Overconfidence in the past will show its true effects now. Be careful as this is a challenging time.
  • Libra has to keep health as a priority. Loved ones may betray you in this time. Keep a low profile, avoid aggressive behaviour, do not create new enemies.
  • Scorpio – Expected results will be delayed. Always keep a plan B ready in professional life. There will be stress from spouse and children at home.
  • Sagittarius has a relatively better time this year. New opportunities will be available, choose carefully. Past mistakes will haunt you and family members will not be supportive.
  • Capricorn should not trust others more than necessary. Legal issues are possible and you will be blamed for your actions. Family members will disappoint. Do not interfere in other’s affairs.
  • Aquarius will face a monetary crunch. Unexpected trouble, hurdles and dissatisfaction in life. Loneliness will cause mental agony. Trying times ahead.
  • Pisces should be ready for separation from loved ones. Significant changes in profession or residence is possible. Health and finance will be an issue. 

Individual specific results depend on the power of the personal horoscope. A strong birth horoscope, ie a strong ascendant sign/ lord, a strong birth Moon, strong Ashtakvarga table, or if the D1 D9 dynamics is strong or if several of your planets are Vargottam etc then you can better handle the situations which life throws at you. Especially this year, you will be able to get through this Shri Shobhakruti only if you have an auspicious and powerful birth chart. Dasha periods of benefic planets are always helpful. Positive planetary transits over your birth chart positions help create opportunities for growth in life. 

The eclipses occurring in this year are,

  • Solar eclipse – 20 Apr 2023
  • Solar eclipse – 14th Oct 2023
  • Lunar eclipse – 28- 29 Oct 2023
  • Solar eclipse – 8th Apr 2024

Major transits this year are,

  • Jupiter moving into Aries on 22nd Apr 2023 where he will stay for one full year till 1st May 2024.
  • True Rahu moving into Pisces on 29th Nov 2023
  • True Ketu moving into Virgo on 29th Nov 2023

Pujas for welcoming the new Samvatsar are similar all over Bharat. There are local and cultural variations but the basic concept is the same.

Briefly, everyone wakes up before sunrise, gets fresh etc. Rangoli, Kolam etc is drawn outside the front door of the home. Torans, garlands of marigold flowers, ripened wheat stalks, mango leaves etc are tied to the front door. The daily Agnihotra is performed at the exact sunrise time. Arghya is offered to the newly risen Sun. Regular pujas of the household deities are performed. The head of the family reads the Varsha phal from the new year’s Panchangam so that the entire family hears it. A naivedyam is offered to the deity and distributed as prasadam. (A mixture of neem flowers/new neem leaves, coriander seeds, jaggery, tamarind and salt coarsely crushed together is the special naivedyam for this day). Then everyone goes to the temple, does puja, gives Daan and intends for a happy new year.

On the new year day, Yugadi, do take some time to reflect on what has happened to you in this past year Shri Shubhakruti and think on how you will use the opportunities that the new Shri Shobhakruti will bring for you.

The next Vedic Samvatsara (2024- 25) is the Shri Krodhin Naam samvatsara and ‘Krodhin’ क्रोधिन् in Sanskrit means ‘an angry man’.



Gotra the genetic link

Gotra गोत्र is important in families who follow Sanatan Dharma. It is the family lineage, it is the genetic ancestry, the DNA coupled with the consciousness. Every human being has a Gotra, but those who do not follow the Sanatan Dharma have forgotten that it exists.

Go (गो) has several meanings in Sanskrit – cow, 1, 9, billion, stars, sky, Vajra, ray of light, diamond, heavens, earth, arrow, words, Devi Sarasvati, mother, direction, water, eye, hair, sense organs, sun, moon, singer, house, evolution, sacrifice, hill, tree, wave, bird, the abdomen, horn, etc. And त्र here means protection, propagation, help, deliver etc. So the concept of Gotra गोत्र carries a sense of protection of the Go in some way and is also the seed of the Go.

Our DNA makes us unique individuals but this same DNA is also the common human energy which ties us all together. When Sanatan Dharma uses words like Tvashtra, Sarpa, Nag etc they are also indicative of this DNA coupled with Consciousness that each one of us carries within us and which we all carry together as a collective humanity. In Sanatan Dharma we are very particular about our individuality and the health of our DNA + Consciousness. The only way to maintain and repair this is by the use of mantra. We start our day with a mantra eg Kar Darshan Mantra, go to bed with a mantra, eg Ratri Sukta, and recite several more during the course of the day. (‘Modern science’ has now ‘discovered’ that sound modifies the structure of the DNA. They have not yet reached the realm of Consciousness.)

The human male is more vulnerable than the female (‘modern science’ also recognises this fact, the Y chromosome is more vulnerable) and our ancestor Rishis had addressed this by giving more Mantra pujas for the male to perform. Men and women are different on several levels. The human race can exist only as long as the human Y chromosome remains in good health, and the men have no option but to bear this additional responsibility.

  • The Anteyshthi sanskar and tarpan related activities and their mantra are the exclusive domain of the men. It helps them maintain and repair their male specific DNA material. Today perhaps only 5% men are making use of this sure shot way of DNA repair.
  • With the deteriorating Yug, the Yajnopavit Sanskar has become exclusive to the men. Maybe only 0.1% of men alive today are maintaining themselves with the power of the Gayatri mantra.

Gotra are genetic clans. Today even ‘modern science’ recognises that within the general human species, there are regional differences in the genetic makeup. This genetic diversity keeps us humans healthy, provides immunity etc to the next generations. However the gotra are even more subtle than the physical DNA clans of humans. We, followers of Sanatan Dharma, know that everything is conscious. Even these DNA molecules within our bodies are conscious. These Gotra are not just our physical DNA but also incorporate this Chaitanya, ie Awareness component too. Gotra combines the physical and the conscious inheritance that we get from our ancestors right from the beginning of this Era.

According to Vishnu Puran, the seven Gotra progenitor Rishi, ie the Brahma Rishis or Sapta Rishi of the current Manvantar, ‘era’ are the Maha Rishis – Vashishtha, Kashyap, Atri, Jamadagni, Gautam, Vishwamitra and Bharadwaj. Maha Rishi Kashyap is also considered to be the original creator of the entire human race. These are the seven original Gotra for this era. Today you will see several more Gotra which were created by several more progenitor Maha Rishis – Shandilya, Agasti, Kaushik, Parashar, etc. These are all Maha Rishi, ie realised souls who lived on Earth for specific purposes. They knew the essence of the Ved, ie Atma jnyan and the complete use of mantra, tantra, yantra. These Maha Rishis used the energy of the Universe to further create diverse groups of humans, ie additional Gotra, who subtly differ from each other. If there is more variation in the human population, it will be more vibrant, healthy etc.

Gotra is by birth, it cannot change. It is the DNA that flows in your body and is necessary to ensure the fitness of the progeny. Gotra is an essential information, everyone must know their gotra. It is essential  for two major activities,

  1. For performing any puja, Sanskar etc of Sanatan Dharma, you formally take the Sankalp, the intention of the Puja. At this time you have to identify yourself by your Gotra call on your ancestral Maha Rishi and request his help in performing this auspicious activity.
  2. And when you want to get married, you cannot marry someone who is from the same gotra as your father or your mother. This helps in maintaining the health of the population on several levels.

Some women think that after getting married their gotra changes and their Gotra is now the same as their husbands. But Gotra is by birth. If someone has the same Gotra as you, then he/ she can only be your sibling not a spouse. Husband and wife by definition have to belong to different Gotra. And ideally you should not be getting married to a person from the same Gotra as your father / mother. For practicality’s sake however married women continue refer to themselves by their husband’s gotra.

The progenitor Rishis are the foremost Pitru/ ancestors for the Gotra they have generated. And they are also given tarpan as their blessings are required to continue the lineage. If you know their names you can draw energy from that source and these are Maharishis capable of giving you so very much.

A short story/ allegory of the Matsya Avtar. Not going into the esoteric.

King Vaivasvat Manu was giving Argya to the Suryadev and in his cupped palms he found a tiny fish. The fish requested help as it was afraid that the bigger fish might eat it. So Vaivasvat Manu took it to his palace and kept it in a jar. The next day the fish grew as big as the jar, so and was transferred to a bigger tank. Again fish grew and asked to be released into the river. It wanted go to the ocean and grow as large as the ocean itself. It told Vaivasvat Manu that it is the Matsya Avtar of Bhagvan Vishnu and that the Pralay is due. Shri Matsya then asked him build a ship and get his wife Devi Shraddha and the Sapta Rishi/ Brahma Rishis – Vashishtha, Kashyap, Atri, Jamadagni, Gautam, Vishwamitra and Bharadwaj ready for this event.

Soon torrential rains started, Pralay was on its way. Shri Matsya came back, unimaginably large in size. He kept the ship with its precious cargo afloat during the Pralay as the entire creation was washed off. The ship took refuge on the Himalay, the mountain tips were just above the waters. And after it was over, Shri Matsya landed the ship, blessed Vaivasvat Manu, Shraddha, the Sapta Rishis and vanished. The new Manvantar had started. Vaivasvat Manu was the first man and Shraddha was the first woman of this new era. The Sapta Rishi of this new Manvantar performed Yajnya to create all the living beings required to populate the Bhu lok, ie the dimension of the Earth. The Maha Rishis had complete knowledge and understanding of the Ved and knew how to use the Mantra to create all the creatures.

Vaivasvat Manu and his wife Shraddha performed a Yajnya and became the common ancestors of all the humans on Earth today. The Sapta Rishi used their mantra to vary the humans beings created and the first Gotra lineages were created. Later, other Maha Rishi who had the necessary mandate and the knowledge of the use of the requisite mantra were the progenitors of additional Gotra lineages.

In case you do not know your Gotra, and want to follow Sanatan Dharma then you need to get ‘adopted’ into one. Here you have three options,

  1. First is to adopt the Kashyap gotra as Rishi Kashyap is the ultimate progenitor Maharishi of all humanity.
  2. A second option is to adopt the Gotra of your birth Moon lunar mansion, as every Nakshatra has an associated Maha Rishi.
    • Rishi Marichi – Ashvini Pushya Svati Abhijit
    • Rishi Vashishta – Bharani Ashleysha Vishakha Shravan
    • Rishi Angiras – Krutika Magha Anuradha Dhanishtha
    • Rishi Atri – Rohini Poorvaphalguni Jyeshtha Shatataraka
    • Rishi Pulastya – Mruga Uttaraphalguni Moola Poorvabhadrapada
    • Rishi Pulaha – Aradra Hasta Poorvashadha Uttarabhadrapada
    • Rishi Kratu – Punarvasu Chitra Uttarashadha Revati
  3. Third option is to adopt the Gotra of your family Brahmin Purohit.

Gotra is being grateful to your progenitor Maharishi and the ancestors whose inheritance you carry within you. When you say this name while doing your pujas you are also offering energy to all your ancestors and everyone living who carries this same Gotra. You will alawys get your individual merit from the pujas but in this way the entire humanity benefits. Sanatan Dharma is based on gratitude. And you owe the max to the first ancestor whose DNA consciousness you carry within you. So recognise this energy and use it to enrich your existence on this earth.


How to analyse the Divisional chart 10 Dashaamsha

Divisional / Varga charts analysis is for the advanced students of Jyotish.

I have written a lot on the D 9 navamsha chart analysis (index page).  The next varga chart which you will use a lot in your practice is the D 10. Questions on profession or success in life or the purpose of life are common and a complete answer to such questions will require a study the basic birth chart D 1, the Navamsha chart D 9 and the Dashamasha chart D 10. You can either calculate the D10 by hand or on your software of choice. And you will need the exact time of birth else the divisional charts will mislead.

The DC 10 is the snapshot of the power to act, ie the Kriya shakti of the personality. The responsibilities which will be placed on your shoulders and your capacity to fulfil them. Use the DC 10 to analyse your intentions, determine your purpose in life, to fulfil your duty and perform the actions necessary for your life. Every action has a motive, and this D10 can help you understand the motives underlying your actions. And every action has a visible and as well as an invisible result, which again the D10 can help decipher. The D10 is basically an expansion of the power of the birth chart’s 10th house. 

If you want to use the D10 for predicting events then this is how you should go about it. Eg for the question ‘Will the client get a good job in the near future?’

  • First is the basic birth chart, check if this chart promises a good job in the first place. For a material result to actually manifest a strong D1 is essential.
  • Then the birth D 9 the Navamsha chart to see if the potential exists and the subconscious is supportive of the ‘good job’ in question. This will tell you what kind of power does the personality hold on the inside. And if the personality is able to draw on the power of the D9, then the D10 will be boosted automatically. If the Dharma is strong then the Karma too will be strengthened. Specifically look for the 10th house, lord sign and owner planet of the D1 and check if these have power and auspiciousness in the D9.
  • Then open the D 10 to see how this person will go about performing the actions required for securing such a ‘good job’.
  • Finally would be to check if the trigger Dasha has arrived and if the current transits in the skies support this ‘good job’. (You can use the birth D1 D9 and D 10 for an in-depth analysis of the transit influences if you are an advanced student, else stick to only D1. Do not confuse yourself)

This analysis will give you the complete answer.


This post is a guideline on how to go about the analysis of the D10.

First analyse the D 10 just as you would analyse the D1 for checking professional success.The position of the 1st (personality) 2nd (wealth accumulation) 7th (partnerships and gain)10th  (aim in life and its achievement) and 11th (overall gain) and their lords is especially relevant. Also Saturn (natural 10th and 11th lord) and Venus (natural 2nd and 7th lord).

Next is to use the trikon concept to understand how the energies of the D10 actually work on the subtle levels. This is the real use of this divisional chart. Check the signs and planets placed in the trikons, if they are auspicious or malefic etc.. 

Dharma trikon – it indicates all that stuff that you can ‘produce’ by your actions. 

  • The 1st house indicates how you will be performing the activity, this may be the activities related to your profession or in your social life. How you will be using the power of your personality and the forces available in your environment to accomplish the desired activity. How you look at your profession/ social standing, your perception about the actions that you are required to perform in this life. Basically, if you are an enterprising sort or laid back or willing to lead or content to be lead etc. This house has to have power in order to succeed in a good profession and to achieve good social status.
  • The 5th is the force with which you pursue the activity in question. This will tell you if you able to understand the job at hand. If you are given a project in your office are you able to comprehend what is expected of you? And sometimes there are invisible forces pushing you to perform some job, this too can be seen from the 5th house.
  • And the 9th is the actual results which you gain from the activity, position, promotion, money. Often some results will be on the invisible, imperceptible, eg respect, recognition, goodwill that you earn by your actions. And sometimes this intangible result might be more useful than the tangible results that you accomplish. These actions/results are exclusive to you, they will benefit only you and not the larger collective. 

Arth trikon – Generally the interplay of the 2-6-10 axis is not very obvious. Try to analyse it in depth because is the ‘meaning’ of all these actions that you perform. This trikon also indicates all the things which you can get through trade or exchange. 

  • The 2nd house indicates your aptitude. Do you have the necessary resources to perform your actions? The physical capacity, mental frame, disposition, tendencies etc required to perform this action. And if you will accumulate the gains you receive or will you squander them all.
  • The 6th house is the karmic ties which bind. This house indicates if your actions have the capacity to bind you further. Creating new karma or resolving pending karma can be seen from here. Also on the practical level, it determines if you will be content to work as an employee. 
  • The 10th house is the main house under consideration in the D10. It represents the actions that you have to perform, this house is your purpose in life. You will be using the energies linked to this house in order to perform your actions. The 10th house is critical as it indicates the basic flow of actions that you are inclined to perform in this life. A strong 10th in the D 10 will ensure that your actions will be strong and more visible in in the social arena, you will be known by your actions.

Kaam trikon – This indicates all the places where you can extend your sphere of action, expand or otherwise influence. 

  • The 3rd house represents the intention behind your actions. Is your heart in the right place? Do your actions help resolve previous issues or are you performing actions which will create future problems for your this current life? The 3rd house represents motion, so analyse this house to know if you are performing your actions in the correct way. Actions under the influence of this house also have the potential to benefit the entire collective. The 3rd house is specifically analysed for actions leading to Moksh.
  • The 7th house represents the actions which require help from someone else or some sort of a group action or a collective karma. In normal D1 it represents business partners so here it indicates the support you will need from someone else. It is important to have auspicious planets in this house. Malefic planets here can spoil the promise of the entire chart. 
  • The 11th house represents the final fruit of the karma you perform, karmasiddhi. Will you ultimately get what you have acted for?

Moksh trikon – This part of the chart indicate change and if the actions you perform will result in some sort of transformation. 

  • The 4th house represents the knowledge that you need to have in order to act in the first place. Having auspicious planets in this house ensures that you have the right knowledge for the right actions that you are to perform.
  • The 8th house represents all the actions done in secret. Also the secret potential of the actions that you perform. This potential can be painful or pleasing to the mind depending on the planets involved here. 
  • The 12th house is the end of one’s karmic cycle for this lifetime at least. It is the release from the requirement to perform actions. 

This would be a basic stand alone analysis of the D10. The D10 is the subtle stuff associated with the 10th house, so you should read it only after you have some understanding of Jyotish and human nature.

Then you overlay this D10 on your D1. 

  • Check where the houses 6 8 12 of the D1, the signs, planets and owner planets here. These are responsible for the turmoil in your life. Locate these planets and signs in the D10 houses. These D10 houses can be a source of problems in your path.
  • Also check the houses, 1 5 9 and 4 7 10 in the D1 and the planets, planetary owners and signs. Locate these in the D10 houses. These D10 houses are will be more supportive and help you perform your actions in life. 


Finally pay special attention to the following in the D10.

  • Saturn indicates the sacrifices that you are willing to make in order to perform these actions. His position in the D10 can give a lot of pointers on the overall ‘karma’ factor of your life. Analysing the house/ signs he occupies, the planets/ signs he aspects will add to your understanding of the chart/ personality. 
  • The 10th house lord of the D10, his position and the houses/ planets he influences. Eg if you have Mars as the DC 10th house lord then he will aspect houses as per his 4th 7th 8th aspects from wherever he is placed and their interpretations too as given above will be amplified. 
  • Position of the Capricorn sign in the D10 and the planets which influence it. This is the natural 10th house of the chart and it should be capable of giving good results in the D10. 

(The Dash amshas are ruled by the deities and if you wish to delve deeper you can note the deities which rule over the Dash amsha occupied by the ascendant lord of the D1 and the 10th house lord of the D1 and try to analyse their influences on the actions that you perform in life.)

This is a basic analysis of the birth D10 will give you a snapshot of all that different implications of the ‘actions’ that you are required to perform in this life.

Atithi Devo bhavah

This one line, ‘Atithi Devo bhava’ अतिथि देवो भव: is repeated so very often in India /Bharat that that we Indians /Bharatiya feel obligated to consider every guest as the Divine Light and treat them as if they were the divine deities themselves. Misunderstanding this one line has caused caused us untold damage as we welcomed invaders and colonisers into our Bharat by erroneously thinking that they were ‘Atithi’.

We have forgotten what an Atithi अतिथि really means. An Atithi is not a ‘guest’ as is commonly understood. There are these three words in our mother tongue, Devbhasha Samskrutam

  • Abhyaagata अभ्यागत
  • Nimantrita निमन्त्रित
  • Atithi अतिथि. 

All these words are translated into ‘guest’ in English and this is the root of our confusion. English is a limited language and that is why we must learn Sanskrit, be able to read and understand our texts in Sanskrit itself. Only then can we really understand our mindset, behaviour society and the Self. 

These three types of ‘guests’ are very different from each other.

Most people who come to your house are the Abhyaagat अभ्यागत, literally ‘those who have come or arrived’. They are not invited nor are divine, they are general people who pop in without invitation. As per Dharma you need to offer only a seat for such visitors. You are not required to bring refreshments etc for the abhyaagaat, the basic civility of offering a seat is enough. 

Nimantrita निमन्त्रित are those who have been invited by you into your house. These may be your relatives and friends whom you have invited to your house for some auspicious function etc. Or people from other towns with whom you have some mutually agreed upon business. You are required to offer additional hospitality to these invited guests depending on the terms of the initial invitation that you had sent to them. Eg if you have invited your family members for a puja then you are required to offer a seat, water to wash hands/feet, prasadam, food etc and if required a one night stay at your home. 

Atithi अतिथि, on the other hand, is literally is the ‘one who deserves hospitality’. In the past this was limited to genuine Brahmins who were travelling etc and who needed food or a place to stay overnight. Rarely a Guru, Rishi, Sanyasi, Muni, Sadhu or a Yogi could arrive as an Atithi. These elevated souls coming to your house as Atithis is a fortunate event, the karmic fruit of some auspicious activity that you had performed. These Atithi are the Divinities themselves and accordingly offered hospitality. Very rarely, and if you have performed some rigorous anushthan then an actual divinity/a deity may also appear as an Atithi. If you do your spiritual practice with sincerity, you will be blessed with the deity arriving in your home in some form or the other. This is the real Atithi. You are now required to offer water to wash the hands/feet (arghya/padya), a seat for sitting (Asan) etc. But even in this this case, the due hospitality is limited to one meal and maximum one overnight stay.

This is a strict rule that an Abhyaagat cannot be offered the respect that is due to a Atithi.  If you do so, it will be a moral wrong with the eventual negative repercussions. And this is exactly what has happened to our nation, we forgot the difference between Abhyaagat and Athiti and have been paying the price ever since.

(This minipost is in a response to a question)