How to cast your iChing hexagram

I am reading a book on Ramal-shastra, it is in Sanskrit. This is the basis of the Arabic and the European ‘Geomancy’. Ramal is a Sanskrit word which means ‘telling the future with dice’. It is a very precise method, you use a special dice to get the images, these are made of 4 lines which are then interpreted. Ramal travelled from India to Arabia to Europe and in this journey it became ‘geomancy’ and lost its precision.

So, iChing! Ramal reminded me of iChing. I use iChing sometimes when I feel lazy and have one single precise question. You use coins to get an image, made of 6 lines, called a hexagram. It is extraordinarily accurate and extremely easy. Everyone can use this system without too much trouble. This post is on getting you started on iChing! It is very easy and won’t cost you anything either.

To start, you need 3 small coins. Any 3 coins will do, just that they should be small and have a properly defined head/tail design. You will need to buy the original book ‘IChing, the Book of Changes’ translated from the original Chinese by Richard Wilhelm. This is the classic authoritative book. The style of writing is a bit different as it is translated from the original Chinese. (If you cannot afford to buy it right now or you want to try it out before you buy, here is a link where the entire text of this book is available.) And you will need a paper and a pencil.


You basically create this figure of 6 lines called a hexagram. The coins help you get the line pattern. Then you match this pattern from the book and simply read. It is so easy.

Now face east or north, sit, take a few deep breaths or bring your pran to the Ida naadi if you know how to. Relax. Take your three coins, hold them in your hands for a bit, make a chi-ball, recite a mantra, think of your favourite deity or whatever you want. Your energy should get into the coins. Now deeply think of your question, feel the question entering the coins. Suppose it is, ‘will my new project be successful?’. Shake the three coins in your hands and throw them down. Check if they have fallen heads or tails up. The heads are worth 3 points and the tails are worth 2 points. Add. Eg if you get two heads and one tail up, it is 3+3+2=8 an even total. Now draw a single broken line like this —- —- on your paper. This is the lowermost line of your hexagram pattern.

Then shuffle your three coins again and throw them down together. Suppose you get two tails and one head. So the addition is 2+2+3=7 An odd number. Draw a solid line ‘———’ like this above your first line. So your diagram has 2 lines now, the lowermost is the broken line ‘— —’ and above this is your second line ‘———’ a solid line.

Now shuffle and throw your coins again to get your 3rd line. Suppose this is all heads. 3+3+3=9. An odd number, so it is a solid line. But all the coins were all head up so this makes this line a bit special, so we call it a ‘changing solid line’ and we put a dot against it, like this ‘——- .’ this is your third line which you draw above your second line.

These three lines are the first set of the hexagram. This is called the lower trigram.

You shuffle your coins again and throw them down. Suppose you get all tails this time. So you add, 2+2+2=6 . An even number so you draw a broken line, but as all the coins are same, tails up, you call this line a ‘changing broken line’, and you draw a dot against it like this ‘— — .’ you draw this fourth line above the third line.

  • So one heads = 3 points
  • One tails = 2 points
  • odd total = solid line
  • even total = broken line
  • all 3 heads = changing solid line
  • all 3 tails = changing broken line


You continue tossing the coins to complete your hexagram. Suppose your fifth line is two heads and one tail. 3+3+2=8. Even number, a broken line, you draw it above the fourth line. And finally you toss the coins a sixth time to get your last line, suppose its is one head and two tails, 3+2+2=7 an odd number so a solid line at the very top. These three lines 4th, 5th, 6th are together called the upper trigram.

So your complete hexagram looks like this,


— —

— — .

——- .


—- —

Now to interpret your hexagram. To look up the hexagram in the book or the website, on the first page you have a table. Your hexagram is made of two trigrams. Look up the lower trigram from the left column and the upper trigram from the top row of this table. Now in this specific example, the hexagram has the Chinese name ‘Ku’ and is placed at serial number 18. It briefly means that you should ‘Work on what has been spoiled’. Read the text carefully for the interpretation and see how you can apply it to your question. Your question was about your project. With this hexagram, iChing says that you will need to evaluate what could have gone wrong and re-think. Then put in more work/energy. Pay attention to the project as you start it, be decisive but cautious.

What I like about iChing is that it not only describes your current situation but also tells you what to do very clearly. There is also a very succinct philosophy in it but its eminently practical. IChing was used by Kings, politicians and army generals to plan their actions so has that sense of purpose built in. A tool that has been used for generations over thousands of years gains enormous potency. So it is with iChing, the distillate of the applied wisdom of generations. And it is all in a book, so you don’t need to learn anything by rote.

So back to the interpretations. You get the interpretation of the entire hexagram as a whole first.

Now in our hexagram we had those two special lines where the coins had fallen all heads up or all tails up. We have marked these lines as a ‘changing solid line’ and ‘changing broken line’ and drew them with a dot at the end. These lines and their meanings are especially important. So read these explanations extra-carefully and analyse them in context to your situation. While you are interpreting your changing lines, remember that you have drawn the hexagram from the bottom to the top. The first line is at the bottom and the sixth line is at the top. So the third and fourth lines are the changing lines. Their interpretations are also given in the text, I have just applied them to our question about the project.

  • The interpretation of the 3rd ‘changing solid line’ tells us that the project could have failed because of over-energetically compensating for the errors of the past.
  • The interpretation of the 4th ‘changing broken line’, says that the client was too weak to take prompt and appropriate measures for problems which were created in the initial inception of the project. And these problems have just started to come out in the open.

Now to the second part of the reading. The ‘changing’ lines. We will change these lines and draw one new hexagram. The broken line becomes a solid line. And the solid line becomes a broken line. They change. The rate of change of the factors represented by these two changing lines is very high so the new hexagram adds more meaning to your reading.


— —


—- —


—- —

Now this hexagram is our changed new one. If you look up the table in the book or the website, you will see this one at serial number 64, its Chinese name is ‘Wei Chi’ and it briefly means, ‘Before Completion’. Here too, you should read the text and apply it to your question like this. The project is going to go through a difficult phase and the client will have to take up quite a bit of responsibility. But there is a promise of success as everyone involved makes a joint effort.. and so on. You will read the meanings of the changing lines at position 3 and 4 to add more to your reading. These lines have changed from the earlier hexagram and are important. Thus you have your complete reading.

IChing is a very easy system of divination. If you can pick up the sense of the book and its writing style, you will be able to give truly extraordinary readings.

If, in your reading, there are no changing lines it means that your situation is quite solid right now and changes if any are less significant. You have only one hexagram to read from. If you get one or more than one changing lines, you have to draw your second hexagram. More lines changing means the rate of change in your situation is quite high.

There are 64 hexagrams possible. It always seems strange to me that all of life and its experiences can be reduced to such small numbers.




Runes for divination a gift from Odin

Runes for divination a gift from Odin

Runes are another interesting tool you can use to trigger your subconscious. Runes, cards, astrology etc all have 2 basic uses, you can use them to predict the future, i.e. divination and you can use them to access your inner energies for your own spiritual development. Astrology is a long term affair, requires studying and a lot of work interpreting the aspects and planetary strengths and stuff. Cartomancy and runes are more to the point. Cartomancy is more suited for day to day practical questions and Tarot has the ability to decipher the deep as well as the superficial questions but Tarot requires more study.

Now about Runes. I use the Elder Futhark rune set. The ancient Norsemen used bits of bones to draw these runes on but today you can get pretty crystals or wood engraved with the rune symbols online. (Odin is the King of the Norse gods, but I think he is another form of Daityaguru Shukracharya, he too has one eye and had hung up-side down from a tree in deep meditation to achieve Transcendence.) I like Runes.

Runes for divination a gift from Odin

There are just these 24 rune symbols. It is so strange that the entire gamut of human life, society, relations and all can be expressed with a set of just 24 symbols. Some modern sets add a blank stone to the set making it 25, but I have never seen much use for the blank rune. All the questions are completely answered by the set of 24, it depends on how you use them.

runes correct

A list of quick divinatory meanings, the basic keywords on which you can expand as you learn and practice more.

  1. Fehu – Good Fortune
    • “Cattle”
    • Moveable property, power in action, livestock, liquid assets, luck, control over wealth, actions that create more wealth, wisdom to use power to increase assets.
    • “You have earned it, enjoy it now.”
  2. Uruz – Strength
    • “Male Bullock”
    • Vitality, determination, perseverance, rain, healing, personal success, wisdom as a resource.
    • “A period of unpredictable power and a test coming up.”
  3. Thurisaz – Security
    • “Thorn”
    • Protection, warning, barrier, power to defend, power to destroy, power to resist unwanted conflicts.
    • “Learn from the events in your past and present.”
  4. Ansuz – Blessing
    • “Breath”
    • Odin’s personal rune. Words, communication, expression, intellect, sound as power, words of power, spells and mantras.
    • “Help yourself before you help others.”
  5. Raido – Travel
    • “Movement”
    • direction, ritual, rhythm, justice, goals in harmony with the natural order.
    • “Focus and choose your direction of travel.”
  6. Kenaz – Clarity
    • “Torch”
    • Illumination, creation, understanding, learning, teaching, perception, health issues.
    • “There is a beacon of hope guiding you.”
  7. Gebo – Generosity
    • “Gift”
    • Exchange, relationships, uniting, connections, mutual honor, balance of energy and exchange, connection between 2 persons.
    • “Give and receive in fair exchange.”
  8. Wunjo – Gain
    • “Joy”
    • Perfection, shared goals, unified force, wishes, happiness, harmony from achieving goals, fellowship.
    • “You will gain through diligence.”
  9. Haglaz –  Destruction
    • “Hail”
    • general bad luck, enduring and overcoming temporary hardships, transformation caused by destruction, illness.
    • “Events not in your control, be careful.”
  10. Nauthiz – Limitation
    • “Need”
    • Distress, necessary actions, problems created by one’s own self, karma, unnecessarily in tension, limited options.
    • “Give a serious thought to your pending commitments.”
  11. Isa – Barrier
    • “Ice”
    • Contraction, stillness, suspension, introspection, restraint, slowed growth, stop and think.
    • “Coldness will create conflict, so act positively to melt the ice.”
  12. Jera – Success
    • “Harvest”
    • Cycles, seasons, time, completion, gains, growing crops, health.
    • “You will reap what you have sown, be patient.”
  13. Eihwaz – Death
    • “Yew tree”
    • Endings and beginnings, transformations, new opportunities, passages and routes, give something away so that new may come in.
    • “Old ways will pass, so that the new can rise.”
  14. Perthro – Revelation
    • “Dice cup”
    • Solutions, bit of luck, using what destiny has given you, independence.
    • “You are lucky, be happy.”
  15. Algiz – Shelter
    • “Elk”
    • Protection, defence, support, luck, sanctuary, resist temptations and move forward.
    • “You have all the protection you require.”
  16. Sowulo – Energy
    • “Sun”
    • Will, strength, victory, vitality, healing, directing power, clarity
    • “You have the magic, so use it.”
  17. Teiwaz – Bravery
    • “Creator”
    • Justice, responsibility, steadfastness, guided to success, victory, nobility.
    • “You are brave enough to face any adversity.”
  18. Berkana – Start
    • “Birch tree”
    • Trees, growth, mother, new beginnings, intuition, Earth Mother, feminine energy.
    • “You will receive what you need to start something new.”
  19. Ehwaz – Change
    • “Horse”,
    • spiritual journey, faith in God, help from elders and seniors.
    • “Be carefree and trust your destiny.”
  20. Mannaz – Inclusion
    • “Human qualities”
    • common sense, understand the human influence in every situation.
    • “Follow the middle path, take everyone along.”
  21. Laguz – Mystery
    • Intuition
    • “Water”
    • Flowing, emotions, psyche, revealing what is hidden.
    • “Have the courage to trust your sub-conscious.”
  22. Inguz – Prosperity
    • “Fertility”,
    • opportunity, resolving problems, masculine energy.
    • “Everything will reach its full potential”
  23. Othila – Inheritance
    • “Home”,
    • Ancestral land, family power and resources, kinships and friendships as treasure, fundamental spiritual values
    • “Use your resources wisely.”
  24. Dagaz – Yin-Yang
    • “Day”,
    • Satisfactory conclusion, final release, two sides of the same coin, balance between light and dark.
    • “Start your new projects but with due caution.”

You can make your own rune set. If you live near a park or a stream or a natural area, pick up 24 small rounded stones/pebbles which feel good in your hands. Wash them with sea salt water, clean them and draw these runes on them with a marker. You have your first rune set, and because you made it yourself it will respond to you beautifully. You can also buy the sets. If you buy a set, wash it first in salt-water, rinse them and tell them with all your intention that they are your tools and request their help. Sleep with them next to your pillow for one night and they are ready for use!

There are several ways of using them. The easiest way to start with is this. Take a small bag made of fabric. Put all the rune stones in it. Think of Odin/the universe/your favourite deity/anything that inspires your faith and request for guidance. Now think of your question and shake the bag in your both hands for a bit. When you feel like it, put your non-dominant hand in the bag and pull out 3 runestones. Lay them in the order you pulled them out. Now use the keywords above to interpret them. You will get better with practice. The best way to practice is to ask ‘How is my day doing to be?’, note the runes you pull out and tally them with how your day turns out. Keeping a journal is helpful.

These are all exercises; runes, cards, tarot, astrology etc. The real magic is your own sub-conscious. You are training your mind to look at patterns. Your sub-conscious knows everything, so by providing it these divinatory tools you are giving it an outlet. You are disciplining it, providing it an orderly means of communication. When you ask questions from your runes you are basically asking the question to your own self. With time and practice you will communicate with yourself better, thats when your readings will become intuitive and accurate.


Runes for divination a gift from Odin




Keep your Energy work simple!

I wrote a bit about the commercial energy supplies market in a previous post on Astrology and Reiki.So have continued on the theme in this one, trying to keep Runes, Tarot, Crystals and Gems simple. Our lives, destiny and the future is so complex, that seers from several cultures developed easy to use divination tools for us common persons to use. Divination tools, by definition, are simple to use and understand, these are the distilled wisdom of great minds who lived before us. And these tools have worked perfectly over thousands of years. But now, we have the Internet generation in the past 10-15yrs complicating stuff. And businessmen wanting us to spend money on buying more. With very few genuine teachers left who can actually make us understand. Let’s un-complicate our energy-work now!

Keep your Energy work simple!


I use Elder Futhark runes sometimes, it gives me pleasure to handle these smooth stones marked with the symbols of ancient Norse shamans. Maybe I was one of them in some past life! And then these are also so accurate. It is a clean and beautiful system. Feels like we children are playing with the energies of the Universe. I have used these quite often to read for me and my clients. Am primarily an astrologer but sometimes the client wants just a focussed answer to a focussed question. So I don’t need to dive into their entire lives and their horoscope charts. In these cases, I use runes or tarot as a tool for divination. Sometimes iChing too, but somehow I think iChing is a bit fiddly, I need a pencil-paper and to refer to the reference book all the time. Runes and Tarot or Cartomancy with the Lenormand somehow appeals to me more. These give to the point precise answers.

But the new spiritual consumerism trend is not willing to let even these simple but powerful rune stones alone. A new blank rune named Wyrd  has been introduced in these past few years which means ‘nothing’! It actually means ‘Nothing can be seen from the runes, it is in the hands of the gods!’. A system of divination, a tool which has worked perfectly for thousands of years rendered useless by some immature person. Divination tools exist because they read the mind of the gods! I cannot tell my client that the reading means ‘nothing or everything’ because the Wyrd came up!

Then again if you want to use runes, collect a few nice feeling rounded stones from a river or forest or some natural place. Draw these symbols on them with a marker or etch them with a knife. They will work so beautifully because you have made them for yourself. They will resonate with your energies completely. But then we have in the market, runes made of exotic crystals, wood, bones and stuff. There is no need to spend money on runes drawn on amethyst, tiger-eyes and bloodstones to being with. Rather spend time practicing with them. Once you have learnt and experienced them, obviously you can buy whichever crystal rune set you like, they are quite beautiful!

So if you read runes, or intend to learn, stick to the basics and learn them thoroughly, leave the Wryd aside. Odin’s philosophy is quite robust and capable of answering everything! Runes are quite powerful, will post next on how I have used them practically.


I love my Thoth Tarot deck. It is the only one I have. I tried reading with the Rider-Waite deck but it didn’t resonate, even felt distasteful in my hands. But now there are more decks than genuine Readers in the market! There are even blogs that tell you what your next deck should be, and what are the 50 essential decks that you absolutely must have. They all are very very beautiful, with fabulous artwork but what is the point of just buying them. Tarot is based on something called the ‘Tree of Life’. It is quite a deep philosophy and every one who is really interested in learning Tarot should compulsorily know it.

There are just 3 tarot decks which resonate and facilitate the understanding of the Tree of Life, 1) The Thoth Tarot, by Aleister Crowley & Frieda Harris. 2) The Tarot de Marseille by  Jodorovsky and Camoin, A version of the Conver (1760) deck with clean lines and colours, and 3) The Hermatic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson. Excluding these 3, every deck you see in the market is just pretty artwork, good for casual readings. If you want to really understand or use the Tarot for spiritual growth, stick to these 3.

A small note about the Rider-Waite deck, it is a tool for divination and if your objective is just knowing the answers to the questions it is quite good. But this deck in a very strange way shuts down your sub-conscious, limits it to the images drawn on the cards. You cannot use this deck for delving into the esoteric and the esoteric is the real soul of Tarot.

Now how do I know so much despite owning and using just this one Thoth deck. My brother! He buys decks because he loves the artwork of the newer decks. But he has been reading cards for over 20yrs now, since he was 7-8yrs old, so his basics and practice are quite clear with the Thoth. He reads all decks as if they were Thoth!

So for the student of Tarot, do not get caught in this loop of endlessly buying decks. Stay away from sheer consumerism. Stick to one of the 3 real decks and delve deep, study them, contemplate them and even meditate with them! Only then will real understanding dawn. After that you can definitely go and buy whichever deck’s artwork you like. But first understand the basics. And practice!thoth-tarot-e1540821081984-minCrystals

Crystals are a very common item in energy-work. They are just like tiny batteries and can be used to store energy in a variety of ways like energy grids. They are very useful and everyone should learn more about them. But here too commercial ventures have taken over and there are hundreds of obscure crystals labelled with tiny meaning being peddled in shops. It is very easy profit you see. A kilo of tumbled clear quartz stones takes maybe Rs 10/- to manufacture, but it is sold at retail at over Rs 500/-. And more obscure the stone, more the price. And frankly it is not needed in your work. You can do everything you want with the clear quartz / ‘Sphatik’. I have found a few more crystals work for me but even that is optional, I could do the same work with clear quartz. So when you start working with crystals, stick to the bare essentials, try out the clear quartz in every which way, then explore more if you feel like it. I have found these five types to be more than enough for my work.

  1. clear quartz – your work-horse, can be used for anything and everything
  2. purple amethyst – helps in clarity stability grounding
  3. rose quartz – pinkish – balances the emotions related stuff
  4. tiger eye – gets rid of unnecessary baggage you are holding on to
  5. citrine – removes negative influences from aura and sub-conscious

Stay away from cancrinite, tugtupite, vorobyevites, trolleites, vayrynenites and other made up names. Stick to the basics. Energy work is basically your mind, focus and intention.

And at the last Gemstones

Gemstones are really expensive crystals, which are used as planetary remedies, Ruby-Sun, Emerald-Mercury, Diamond-Venus, Hessonite- North Node/Rahu, Chrysoberyl-Ketu, Red Coral-Mars, Yellow Sapphire-Jupiter, Blue-Sapphire- Saturn. These are the stones which really work if you can get your hands on them and know how to work with them. But these planetary remedy gemstones are quite expensive, an average person cannot really afford them. So to make even more money, a few greedy astrologers hit upon the idea of ‘upa-ratna’/ substitute gems. There are no ‘substitute gems’ in astrology. Either you wear a Rs 4 lakh blue sapphire or if you cannot afford it, recite the beej mantra of Saturn, you have just these 2 options. And both options work equally well. But now the substitute gems market is flourishing and both the astrologer and the jeweller are minting money. They dont really care what havoc they are causing in the life of their client. They can always prescribe more ‘remedies’.

So if you get caught with an astrologer who prescribes ‘citrine/sunhela’ instead of yellow sapphire as a remedy for Jupiter, please ignore such advise. You would be better off reciting the beej mantra of Jupiter 108 times every Thurdsay.

This was just a quick heads-up for all the students of divination. Always remember it is you the Reader who is reading the tools. The answers come from your sub-conscious, not the tools. To be a good Reader, please learn, study and practice. And always remember that someone, sometime in the future, is going to make a life changing decision because of what you will tell him.


Use your crystals, easy healing grids and more

Of the Dead

In India, this Krishnapaksh/dark fortnight of Bhadrapad month is the Pitru paksh or the Mahalaya paksh. In these 15 days we remember our dead ancestors with gratitude and offer them energy in the form of water and food energised with mantras. This is a duty for every household and exclusive to the males. The women help by preparing the food but the actual exercise with the mantras and tarpan is done by the males.

Tarpan is the ritual performed to gain access to the dead ancestors/Pitru. A Puja is the ritual for accessing the Gods/Devata and the Dhyan is the practice done to access One’s own self.

During these 15 days the energies are such that the Pitrus who generally inhabit the “Pitru Lok” can enter and move quite freely in our “Martya Lok”. The Pitrus exist in the Pitru Lok until such a time that they have to come for another birth. If you can see auras or are sensitive to energies, for these 15 days evening twilight time can be quite heavy and oppressive. Avoid taking very young children out of the house during these few hours as they can sense energies and may get scared by what they may see.

Of the Dead

There is a tradition of calling the 7 generations of ancestors on the father’s side by name and the rest as “everyone else”. The Y chromosome is all important and this process of Tarpan is somehow linked to maleness. The Tarpan has 2 benefits, the male who is offering the energies benefits if his intention is clear and of course the ancestors benefit and take the tarpan energies if given with gratitude.

We are our ancestors. I am 50% my mom and 50% my dad, 25% of each of my 4 grandparents and so on. At the 7th ancestor level the contribution of each individual ancestor goes below 1%.

I have seen modern feminist women trying to show off by doing the rituals related to funeral rites and dead ancestors but there is no energy generated around them. It may be a plus to feminism but of no use to the dead for which it is being done and may actually harm the women who are doing it and their children.

If you wish to offer gratitude to your dead ancestors during this period, the easiest way is through a coconut. On Sarvapitri Amavasya, in the morning, in your puja room or outside or terrace, if you prefer, facing the south, take a coconut, shake it to feel the water sloshing inside, it should have water in it. Remove the fibrous material around it leaving only a tuft at the side of the 3 “eyes”. Hold it on your hands, offer some kumkum, turmeric, unbroken raw rice, flowers, etc on it. If you are married, ask your wife to also pray with intention touching the coconut. Intend that you are grateful to your dead ancestors and pray for their wellbeing. Keep it simple. And in one sharp movement dash the coconut on the ground and ensure that it breaks. Fold your hands and again repeat your intention. That is it! The broken pieces of coconut etc can be put in running water, or sea or if not possible under a tree somewhere. If you are a woman and want to show gratitude to your dead ancestors, do everything as above but ask your husband to dash the coconut on the ground to break it.

Ignored ancestors cause problems too, as during these 15days they have access to this world. Most commonly pitru related problems manifest as delays in marraige and delay or denial of progeny. In the horoscopes placement of Rahu/Ketu in the 9th house, or connected to the 9th house lord indicate pitru related problems. For these there are specific mantras and tarpans for which your pujari/pandit will scare you then charge you. But as I have always said Intention is everything and a coconut broken with intention also works fine.

Show gratitude, it will make you feel lighter. Our ancestors are linked to us by our blood and our DNA. They are us and we are them.

Everything and everyone resonates.


Of the Dead

Mirror mirror, use it for Scrying

Reflections are energies. Most commonly we see our reflections in the mirror, in water, or in someone’s eyes.gray bridge and treesYou can use mirrors or the surface of water for divination. For this you need to prepare your scrying bowl. Buy a earthen bowl like in this picture below. Paint the inner surface evenly black with oil paint. Let it dry out completely. Then on a full-moon, Purnima night, take clean water and keep it in a copper kumbh/pot for an hour or so (If you really do not have this kumbh then you can skip this step, but most Indian houses will have this copper pot). Then fill your scrying bowl with water and pour this copper pot water too in it. Keep it in a place where it will be exposed to the moon and the night sky. Put your hands around it, close your eyes, focus on the bowl and intend strongly that it will be used as a tool for energy work and scrying. Leave it overnight under the moon and the sky. In the morning you can pour off the water under a tree or somewhere. Store the the bowl after covering it with a cloth.

Then 15days later on the next no moon night, Amavasya repeat this process so that the bowl absorbs the energies of the dark night too. The next morning onwards you can use your scrying bowl. Whenever you want to scry, carefully take your bowl out, remove the covering, fill it with clean water (with copper kumbh/pot water too if you can), and in a room which has very low lighting or at night, scry. Place your both hands around the outside of the bowl, do not shake it. Think of the person or whatever question that you want to know about, relax your mind, keep just that one question in your mind. You will see the images on the water. When you are done you should dispose the water under a tree and cover the bowl again and store it. You can recharge it on Amayasya and Pournima nights again as above if you want to.

People whose ketu and moon are conjunct or opposite or any of them in 12th, 8th, 6th, houses, or the Ascendent sign or lord conjunct or opposite ketu are rather good at divination. Have a go at it!

Mirror mirror, use it for Scrying

And though looking directly into someones eyes is considered to be a honest and confident thing to do it may also be dangerous. Like if you are doing your spiritual practice regularly, you will have definitely gained positive energies. If you stare too long into the eyes of someone on lower energy levels than you, you may end up hypnotising him or sharing a part of your energy with him without even realising it.

So with my family members I still look into their eyes, but with others I have trained myself to look at the mouth of the person whom I am talking to rather than look into his eyes. And if looking into the eyes is unavoidable I try to break eye contact every few seconds rather than stare continuously.

There are so many stories where “godmen” sort of hypnotize women into leaving everything and going to live with them. This is a perfect example of unwilling hypnosis. However you women can protect yourself by wearing a diamond nose pin in your right nostril. It looks really pretty winking away and distracting whoever is looking into your eyes trying to get their hooks into you.

My brother was quite into experimenting when he was younger, once he requested a simple spirit to help him and kept it trapped in a mirror. He would get it to do small-small energy works, but in return it would demand a tiny drop of his blood. It was a short phase he had, playing mirrors and spirits. Later he had enough and broke the mirror to release the spirit. But even though brief, this energy exchange had to be purged from his system which he promptly did by immediately falling ill.

There are unscrupulous persons, “tantriks”, practitioners of “black magic” who on purpose trap spirits in mirrors or even better keep them in gemstones. Everything pretty has a pretty black side too!

Remember anything you do in terms of energy is an exchange. If you try to become aware of something, remember that thing is also becoming aware of you!

So if you are on the road to spirituality, try to see the Ultimate in your ajnya chakra, so that the Ultimate also looks back at you, in a flash of silver/gold lightening!


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Cards anyone? Cartomancy and Tarot

Lets learn something fun today. Cartomancy! Specifically how to set up your very own Lenormand card set and use it. Of all the card sets and Tarot sets that I have worked with, Lenormand is a practical and a fun way of divination. No kaballah, no esoteric stuff, no high level words, just plain simple questions and answers. And it is a way of accessing the information hidden inside your own subconscious, a good way of listening to your own self.

Now straight on to the practical stuff.

You can make this card set at home. I think for most of you this will be your first card deck. It is just so exciting to make your own stuff because they then pick up your energy and really become your own.

Cards anyone? Cartomancy and Tarot

Buy a deck of normal playing cards and separate the following 36 cards, write their card names on the playing card using a permanent marker. I have also mentioned a few important keywords for each card. The keywords are quite logical too, eg “child” may actually mean a child, innocence, inexperience, trusting person, small issue, playful person, all the things that we actually associate with a child. So remembering the keywords should not be very difficult.

  1. 9 of hearts is “Rider” – short journey, young energetic man, speed, messages
  2. 6 of diamonds is “Clover” – tiny bit of luck, gamble, small joy, spark
  3. 10 of spades is is “Ship” – long journey, vehicle, departing, adventure,
  4. King of hearts is “House” – family, home, physical building of the home, establishment, privacy, safety, takin care, at home
  5. 7 of hearts is “Tree” – family tree, dynasty, health, spirituality, roots
  6. King of clubs is “Clouds” – difficulties, problems, smoke, misunderstanding, doubt, hidden
  7. Queen of clubs is “Snake” – karma, clever woman, desire, intestines, tubes, lies, knowledge
  8. 9 of diamonds is “Coffin” – ending, death, sadness, sleep, rest, exhaution
  9. Queen of spades of “Bouquet” – happiness, flattery, social interactions, politeness, flowers
  10. Jack of diamonds is “Scythe” – accidents, cuts, danger, sharp weapon, warning, speed
  11. Jack of clubs is “Whip” – exercise, sex, conflict, repetitive activity, arguments, pain, beating, action
  12. 7 of diamonds is “Birds” – conversations, nervousness, gossip, excitement, lots of messages.
  13. Jack of spades is “Child” – child, inexperience, innocent, playful, new starts
  14. 7 of clubs is “Fox” – man of the world, just business, crafty, cunning, be cautious, not trustworthy, tricks
  15. 10 of clubs is “Bear”- power, strength, food, leader, anger, influence
  16. 6 of hearts is “Star” – hope, spirituality, dreams, inspiration
  17. Queen of hearts is “Stork” – possibilities, changes, new beginnings, out of the box,
  18. 10 of hearts is “Dog” – best friends, loyalty, followers, devotion, support
  19. 6 of spades is “Tower” – institutions, big buildings, authority, being alone, ego, arrogance
  20. 8 of spades is “Garden” – social networks, a function, get-together, open areas, fame, happiness,
  21. 8 of clubs is “Mountain” – obstacle, heights,
  22. Queen of diamonds is “Crossroads” – options, opportunities, choice, travel, confusion
  23. 7 of clubs is “Mice” – theft, reducing, disease, filth, rubbish, infestation, flawed, parasites, stealing under your nose.
  24. Jack of hearts is “Heart” – love, forgiveness, romance
  25. Ace of clubs is “Ring” – commitment, marriage, completion, cyclic
  26. 10 of diamonds is “Book” – secrets, education, information available but not yet accessed, research, prescriptions
  27. 7 of spades is “Letter” – documents, communications, information
  28. Ace of hearts is “Man” – any male associated with the question asked, family member, husband etc
  29. Ace of spades is “Woman” – any female associated with the question asked, family member, wife etc
  30. King of spades is “Lily” – maturity, sensuality, wisdom, sex, morals, older woman, serenity
  31. Ace of diamonds is “Sun” – happiness, success, pride, power, heat, truth
  32. 8 of Hearts is “Moon” – night, subconscious, emotions, desires, intuition
  33. 8 of diamonds is “Key” – solutions, achievements, freedom, openness
  34. King of diamonds is “Fish” – finances, plenty, gains, treasures,
  35. 9 of spades is “Anchor” – stability, restrain, foundations, enduring
  36. 6 of clubs is “Cross” – suffering, burden, religious, principles, harsh, duty, bound


In the Lenormand system, the name of the card is everything, the pictures of the cards have no divinatory meanings as such. The cards are read in pairs and sequences like a sentence. The cards have the same meaning upright or reversed. If you would like a short cut and not learn the above keywords then use the card combination meanings from this site.

Now to to play with your subconscious and your first card deck. Shuffle the cards and focus on a question, eg, “How is my day going to be today”. When you feel like it, stop shuffling and spread the cards out in a fan, with your non-dominant hand pull out 5 cards, lay them face down in a line as you pull them out and then turn them together.

Suppose you get this sequence “clouds scythe rider bear birds”. One interpretation of this could be “cloudy day” “cut sharply” “young man” “food” “conversations”, and it gets fulfilled as your day does not look so promising, confused, then suddenly the doubts get resolved, your boyfriend suddenly turns up and you eat food and talk together. The central card is the focus card around which the interpretation revolves.

Another example, “How is this new guy I met today for me?”, and you get “fox, tower, clover, man, mountain”, so one interpretation can be, “career/business” “office building” “small luck/gamble” “the young man in the question himself” “obstacle”. So you may think he would be a little bit lucky for your business establishment but in the end he will be a obstacle.

So you see for your first deck the Lenormand is perfect. Practical questions with practical answers. Right now you are on baby steps, trying to work around with cards. But Lenormand is definitely not a baby system, there are other spreads and ways to work with it, it is quite powerful and sometimes its answers will amaze you. As you learn the to interpret and learn to put meanings together you can use this system to its full potential.

Even later when you wish to experiment with self discovery, you should really try out Tarot, i.e. Thoth, Raider-Waite or Marseillus decks.


raider waite


I do consider cartomancy as one of the easiest and safest means to start accessing you subconscious. The answers do not come by “magic” but from your internal higher self, the cards are the tools, the medium, the “magic” is you, your own self.

So as a to-do.

Ask the cards this one question everyday, “How is my day going to be”.  Note the combinations in your diary and tally at the end of the day, how accurate they were and how good was your interpretation. Do this for 21 days at least before trying out the other spreads and stuff.

And all the best for your first step into divination.