Guru chandal yog aspected by Saturn 2023

Jupiter is currently in Pisces (post here) and he will enter Aries on 22nd Apr 2023. With Rahu already sitting here, this will trigger a Guru chandal combination (post here) which will last until Rahu exits Aries (True Rahu – 29th Nov, Mean Rahu on 30th Oct) and moves 15 deg away from Jupiter (29th Dec 2023). Ketu in Libra will be fully aspected by Jupiter during this time. Jupiter has already entered within 30 deg of Rahu so some basic effect of the Guru Chandal has already started. And on 5th Apr, Jupiter and Rahu will be 15deg apart. This will trigger the full effects of the combination. (Eclipses occurring during this time will act as triggers for global events).

The paap kartari of Saturn and Rahu is affecting the auspiciousness of both Venus and Jupiter. And currently Venus conjoint Jupiter in Pisces (Venus exalted in Pisces and Jupiter owns Pisces) is also causing confusion. Venus will be able to give his regular auspicious blessings after 6th Apr when he exits Aries. Also the transits of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus through Pisces and Aries during Feb Mar 2023 (also in Feb Mar 2024) are going to aggravate these problems. Jupiter will be combust, in the entire Apr 2023 intensifying the negative results.

Guru chandal yog 2023 will be fully aspected by a powerful Saturn from Aquarius. Aquarius is his mooltrikon rashi. And he will be using his intense 3rd aspect on the Guru chandal – Jupiter Rahu. Saturn aspecting Rahu is called Shapit yog /dosh, ie a cursed combination (post here). Saturn aspecting Jupiter is also an intensely karmic combination (post here). One is the lord of expansion the other is the lord of contraction. When equal and opposite forces are forced to work together in one time period there is going to be intense confusion. This aspect will continue till Jupiter leaves Aries on 1st May 2024. This year, both Saturn and Jupiter are not changing signs during their annual retrograde motion, Saturn continues in Aquarius throughout and Jupiter continues in Aries throughout without a change.

Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu – Ketu are the slow moving forces and whenever they mutually interact, conjunct, aspect etc they trigger severe karmic events. If you have any of these combinations in your birth chart, ie Jupiter – Saturn, Jupiter – Rahu, Jupiter – Ketu, Saturn – Rahu, Saturn – Ketu, then be prepared for a karmic rollercoaster in the near future. Even otherwise, everyone will see the effects of this transit combination in their lives. New babies born during this time will have this combination in their birth charts as a life time energy.

For individual charts, whichever house Aries falls in will see the full effect of the Guru chandal aspected by Saturn. You will take wrong decisions with respect to the keywords of this house, act in Adharmic ways, be cheated, or cheat others, over reach and fall flat on your face, feel hopeful but then lose it all. However if the birth chart is strong enough then you will be able to create some long term material asset using their energy. But then be careful about creating even more karmic entanglements during this time.

Jupiter is the jiv karak, ie he is responsible for maintaining life on this earth. This means that he is responsible for, peace, food, health, marriage, children, dharma etc. He is now associated closely with the Chandal Rahu. Chandal means someone who has terrifying and intense energies or has to work in places with such strange and dangerous energies. Rahu is definitely a strange and terrifying force and is very powerful in Aries. Aries is a generally good environment for Jupiter but this time with Rahu and aspected by Saturn things are not going to be peaceful, safe or conducive for life and easy living.

So during this time, expect dramatic changes in the finance systems, food production and supply systems, gold price, religious activities, spiritual practices, relationships etc. Use of drugs, intoxicants, hallucinogenic agents, addictions will increase. People will be more than ever hooked to the virtual worlds and this will have a negative impact on general mental health. Unhealthy food, fast food will be consumed in more quantities causing increased health issues. There will be a lack of jobs, lack of opportunities and overall depression as Rahu will negatively affect all the keywords of Jupiter. Something like fate itself turning against the human race.

Everyone’s analytical power, intuition, wisdom, common sense will be fascinated by Rahu and fail. Misunderstandings, mistrust, disputes, lack of coordination, loss of cooperation in expected and mistakes made in the past will haunt everyone. Even if you gain something that sense of satisfaction will be denied. And most of the gains that you get during this period will be temporary, unstable and illusory.

Saturn’s aspect will bring on the negative karmic fruits or curses which will cause more problems. Students and education will also suffer in some way. During this time religious heads might misguide or create negative emotions in their followers. Riots, civil disruptions, terrorist attacks etc can increase. Enemy nations will use covert ways of attacking. Eg using foreign funded NGOs who pretend to be helpful. Several nations will go bankrupt, including some of our neighbours.

This combination is not auspicious for Bharat. We are due for our national election in 2024 and this makes us a target. Hopefully our security systems will be ready for this. And when you vote, look at the past actions, Dharmic/Adharmic, of the candidates and ignore the promises that they make for the  future.

The  Guru chandal yog will give the following results as per the birth Moon sign.


Aries borns will be facing the brunt of the Guru chandal. Everything that you think is your ‘personal thing’ can cause problems for you. ie your personal health, personal environment, your personal relationships, personal finances etc. You might be shown several opportunities in this time frame, but most will be hollow on the inside. Choose intelligently. Changes on several levels are possible, eg job, business, residence, relationships etc. Income may go down or you may be unable to save money, budgeting will be necessary.

Taurus borns will face mental stress. Your elders, relatives and friends might misguide you, so do think for yourself before taking advice from others. Rest will be affected, you might feel lonely during this time and emotional health might suffer. Death/ permanent separation of at least one close relation can occur during this time frame. You might face constraints in your profession and expenses might increase. On the positive side, your enemies will be powerless and you will remain in general good health.

Gemini borns will have new people entering their lives in this time frame but not all of them will be trustworthy. Do not take up bad habits or cheat others under the influence of such friends and beware of get rich quick schemes. Temporary separation from close family members is possible. If you are planning to marry during this time, recheck everything before committing to the new alliance.

Cancer borns will suffer especially in their profession / business. Your boss will not support you and change in job is possible. Social image might be tarnished and your relationship with your father might see ups and downs. You might be required to spend time away from your family. Separation from the mother and distress sale of ancestral property and lands is possible.

Leo borns will face disputes with the elders in the family. Do not do anything which damages your reputation. Death or permanent separation of a close family member is possible. You cannot expect much support from your siblings, team-mates or stock market investments. Your wife will disagree with you so learn to be patient. Be careful when driving. Perform all your dharmic duties, eg pujas, ancestor tarpan, kuldevata pujas etc sincerely as any omission now will have far reaching consequences.

Virgo borns will feel generally hopeless. Issues in profession, business, money flow, projects etc will cause stress. Any major decisions under the influence of Jupiter in the period from Nov 2022 – Jan 2023, might be regreted now. You will question your self, your deeply held philosophies /opinions and your actions. You will feel threatened in strange ways. Health, both physical and emotional might be affected. Family life will be disturbed and there will be a distance in relationships. Selfishness/ cheating by your close family members will come to light and deeply disappoint you.


Libra borns will suffer because of the actions of their spouse and business partners. If you are planning on getting married recheck the prospective alliance thoroughly before going ahead. Business, ongoing projects, money flow will be affected. Legal issues may suddenly pop up as people will try to cheat you. You will feel unsure about your actions and self doubts will make you restless. Some negativity from your past or entities may haunt you now. Health should be a priority for you, make sure you consult a qualified medical professional as misdiagnosis is possible.

Scorpio borns will feel bold and capable during this time. And there will also be several opportunities for growth in finances, profession etc. Do not cheat anyone or act against Dharma under the influence of the Guru chandal, remember Saturn is watching. You will feel restless and want to do so much, be careful do not over reach. Rest will be affected, you might get intuitive dreams. There will be a subtle drain on your personality which you will not be aware of now. Later this will cause problems. So be reasonable about things. Your investments and efforts can go waste.

Sagittarius borns will meet many fascinating people and feel attracted to them. Do not fall for the wrong type else you will regret it later. Love matches now should be checked thoroughly to avoid disappointments later. You will feel good about everything, self confidence will be high. There will be several outlets for you to express your creative genius. Avoid risky speculations as saving money might be difficult in this time and control wasteful expenditure.

Capricorn borns will suddenly swamped with work. Especially household issues, land issues, property matters, repairs in the residence etc will occupy your mind. Your mother might demand your attention. However you will not be able to spend much quality time with your family. You might neglect your professional work or you might miss a promotion or a change in job is possible. Make sure that you get enough rest during this time.

Aquarius borns will face issues with the siblings. Resolving these will be difficult as these relatives will try to dominate or otherwise suppress you. Finances, division of ancestral property etc will be an issue. Your office teammates might try to get you in trouble or take credit for your work. Investments should be done only after careful checking and there is a possibility of losses in the stock market.

Pisces borns will again get new opportunities for work and to show their professional skills. But the office environment will be oppressive. Your finances will improve, you will be able to save money. Your family will give you importance and relatives who had broken relations with you may come in contact again. But always think on what motives they may have and do not open yourself emotionally to everyone. Do not give away your money or help your family members at a cost to yourself during this time.


If you are of a spiritual bent of mind then you can find some strength in your internal Self. In any case, daily pujas are a must which every follower of Sanatan Dharma must perform. Give yourself these 5mins daily, make it a habit, learn to invoke the higher divinity with you. This will help you cope with the vagaries of life in a more balanced way.

Remedies for the Guru chandal as aspected by Saturn are as always Mantra and Daana depending on the individual charts and behavioural changes if you are aware of what is happening to you. (index page)

How to analyse the Divisional chart 10 Dashaamsha

Divisional / Varga charts analysis is for the advanced students of Jyotish.

I have written a lot on the D 9 navamsha chart analysis (index page).  The next varga chart which you will use a lot in your practice is the D 10. Questions on profession or success in life or the purpose of life are common and a complete answer to such questions will require a study the basic birth chart D 1, the Navamsha chart D 9 and the Dashamasha chart D 10. You can either calculate the D10 by hand or on your software of choice. And you will need the exact time of birth else the divisional charts will mislead.

The DC 10 is the snapshot of the power to act, ie the Kriya shakti of the personality. The responsibilities which will be placed on your shoulders and your capacity to fulfil them. Use the DC 10 to analyse your intentions, determine your purpose in life, to fulfil your duty and perform the actions necessary for your life. Every action has a motive, and this D10 can help you understand the motives underlying your actions. And every action has a visible and as well as an invisible result, which again the D10 can help decipher. The D10 is basically an expansion of the power of the birth chart’s 10th house. 

If you want to use the D10 for predicting events then this is how you should go about it. Eg for the question ‘Will the client get a good job in the near future?’

  • First is the basic birth chart, check if this chart promises a good job in the first place. For a material result to actually manifest a strong D1 is essential.
  • Then the birth D 9 the Navamsha chart to see if the potential exists and the subconscious is supportive of the ‘good job’ in question. This will tell you what kind of power does the personality hold on the inside. And if the personality is able to draw on the power of the D9, then the D10 will be boosted automatically. If the Dharma is strong then the Karma too will be strengthened. Specifically look for the 10th house, lord sign and owner planet of the D1 and check if these have power and auspiciousness in the D9.
  • Then open the D 10 to see how this person will go about performing the actions required for securing such a ‘good job’.
  • Finally would be to check if the trigger Dasha has arrived and if the current transits in the skies support this ‘good job’. (You can use the birth D1 D9 and D 10 for an in-depth analysis of the transit influences if you are an advanced student, else stick to only D1. Do not confuse yourself)

This analysis will give you the complete answer.


This post is a guideline on how to go about the analysis of the D10.

First analyse the D 10 just as you would analyse the D1 for checking professional success.The position of the 1st (personality) 2nd (wealth accumulation) 7th (partnerships and gain)10th  (aim in life and its achievement) and 11th (overall gain) and their lords is especially relevant. Also Saturn (natural 10th and 11th lord) and Venus (natural 2nd and 7th lord).

Next is to use the trikon concept to understand how the energies of the D10 actually work on the subtle levels. This is the real use of this divisional chart. Check the signs and planets placed in the trikons, if they are auspicious or malefic etc.. 

Dharma trikon – it indicates all that stuff that you can ‘produce’ by your actions. 

  • The 1st house indicates how you will be performing the activity, this may be the activities related to your profession or in your social life. How you will be using the power of your personality and the forces available in your environment to accomplish the desired activity. How you look at your profession/ social standing, your perception about the actions that you are required to perform in this life. Basically, if you are an enterprising sort or laid back or willing to lead or content to be lead etc. This house has to have power in order to succeed in a good profession and to achieve good social status.
  • The 5th is the force with which you pursue the activity in question. This will tell you if you able to understand the job at hand. If you are given a project in your office are you able to comprehend what is expected of you? And sometimes there are invisible forces pushing you to perform some job, this too can be seen from the 5th house.
  • And the 9th is the actual results which you gain from the activity, position, promotion, money. Often some results will be on the invisible, imperceptible, eg respect, recognition, goodwill that you earn by your actions. And sometimes this intangible result might be more useful than the tangible results that you accomplish. These actions/results are exclusive to you, they will benefit only you and not the larger collective. 

Arth trikon – Generally the interplay of the 2-6-10 axis is not very obvious. Try to analyse it in depth because is the ‘meaning’ of all these actions that you perform. This trikon also indicates all the things which you can get through trade or exchange. 

  • The 2nd house indicates your aptitude. Do you have the necessary resources to perform your actions? The physical capacity, mental frame, disposition, tendencies etc required to perform this action. And if you will accumulate the gains you receive or will you squander them all.
  • The 6th house is the karmic ties which bind. This house indicates if your actions have the capacity to bind you further. Creating new karma or resolving pending karma can be seen from here. Also on the practical level, it determines if you will be content to work as an employee. 
  • The 10th house is the main house under consideration in the D10. It represents the actions that you have to perform, this house is your purpose in life. You will be using the energies linked to this house in order to perform your actions. The 10th house is critical as it indicates the basic flow of actions that you are inclined to perform in this life. A strong 10th in the D 10 will ensure that your actions will be strong and more visible in in the social arena, you will be known by your actions.

Kaam trikon – This indicates all the places where you can extend your sphere of action, expand or otherwise influence. 

  • The 3rd house represents the intention behind your actions. Is your heart in the right place? Do your actions help resolve previous issues or are you performing actions which will create future problems for your this current life? The 3rd house represents motion, so analyse this house to know if you are performing your actions in the correct way. Actions under the influence of this house also have the potential to benefit the entire collective. The 3rd house is specifically analysed for actions leading to Moksh.
  • The 7th house represents the actions which require help from someone else or some sort of a group action or a collective karma. In normal D1 it represents business partners so here it indicates the support you will need from someone else. It is important to have auspicious planets in this house. Malefic planets here can spoil the promise of the entire chart. 
  • The 11th house represents the final fruit of the karma you perform, karmasiddhi. Will you ultimately get what you have acted for?

Moksh trikon – This part of the chart indicate change and if the actions you perform will result in some sort of transformation. 

  • The 4th house represents the knowledge that you need to have in order to act in the first place. Having auspicious planets in this house ensures that you have the right knowledge for the right actions that you are to perform.
  • The 8th house represents all the actions done in secret. Also the secret potential of the actions that you perform. This potential can be painful or pleasing to the mind depending on the planets involved here. 
  • The 12th house is the end of one’s karmic cycle for this lifetime at least. It is the release from the requirement to perform actions. 

This would be a basic stand alone analysis of the D10. The D10 is the subtle stuff associated with the 10th house, so you should read it only after you have some understanding of Jyotish and human nature.

Then you overlay this D10 on your D1. 

  • Check where the houses 6 8 12 of the D1, the signs, planets and owner planets here. These are responsible for the turmoil in your life. Locate these planets and signs in the D10 houses. These D10 houses can be a source of problems in your path.
  • Also check the houses, 1 5 9 and 4 7 10 in the D1 and the planets, planetary owners and signs. Locate these in the D10 houses. These D10 houses are will be more supportive and help you perform your actions in life. 


Finally pay special attention to the following in the D10.

  • Saturn indicates the sacrifices that you are willing to make in order to perform these actions. His position in the D10 can give a lot of pointers on the overall ‘karma’ factor of your life. Analysing the house/ signs he occupies, the planets/ signs he aspects will add to your understanding of the chart/ personality. 
  • The 10th house lord of the D10, his position and the houses/ planets he influences. Eg if you have Mars as the DC 10th house lord then he will aspect houses as per his 4th 7th 8th aspects from wherever he is placed and their interpretations too as given above will be amplified. 
  • Position of the Capricorn sign in the D10 and the planets which influence it. This is the natural 10th house of the chart and it should be capable of giving good results in the D10. 

(The Dash amshas are ruled by the deities and if you wish to delve deeper you can note the deities which rule over the Dash amsha occupied by the ascendant lord of the D1 and the 10th house lord of the D1 and try to analyse their influences on the actions that you perform in life.)

This is a basic analysis of the birth D10 will give you a snapshot of all that different implications of the ‘actions’ that you are required to perform in this life.

Birth Moon in the fiery signs Aries Leo or Sagittarius 

The 12 signs of the zodiac are divided into,

Agni अग्नि is a Sanskrit word meaning fire, gold, the fire in the body, the number 3, ability to digest, the akshar ‘Re’ the energy of the third eye etc. The consciousness of fire, ie Agni is one of the prime deities of Sanatan Dharma. He is the witness of everything and knows everything.

Rashi राशि means volume, mass, amount, cluster, collection, quantity, sum, multitude, number, division, etc. A rashi is a collection of attributes and to really understand a sign we have to analyse how these attributes interact with each other in a dynamic pattern. The environment presented by a sign is never static but always dynamic. If you can understand this then you will be able to comprehend how and why a single sign can create a variety of different results. 

The three fiery signs, Aries / Mesh, Leo /Simha and Sagittarius /Dhanu show a few common attributes which can be used in analysing the chart, especially the dynamics of the Trikon they occupy. Or if your birth Moon is in such a fiery sign then you can use these attributes to become more aware of your Mind and how it operates. The ascendant sign or several birth planets in fiery signs will also add these traits to your personality.

A spark puts things into motion. And Agni rashis are pure energy, the active signs of the zodiac, dynamic and passionate. The environments represented by these signs burn, ie convert the stored potential to the kinetic and create a visible force. This energy can burn inwards towards the self or outwards towards the environment. Fire is a fluid energy, so it needs to be consciously directed in order to be useful. The same fire can either warm you or destroy you, it depends on if you manage it or let it run wild.  The force represented by fire can be magnified and very rapidly, just as a single spark can easily turn into a raging inferno in a matter of seconds. This fire is omnipresent, it is there in all things, eg a piece of wood has fire hidden within, it just needs the right conditions to express itself. Similarly the Agni rashis have extraordinary potential which can easily converted into action.

Rulers of the three fire signs are in sequence, Mars, Sun and Jupiter. Mars is the fire which ignites you to explore, move out of your comfort zones, try new things, etc. Aggression, passion, competition, invasion, are his keywords. And Sun is the regal fire where one knows what he is, what he is entitled to and what he ‘rules’ over. Every king in history had the Sun on his emblem to proclaim his sovereignty. Both Mars and Sun are obviously fiery planets, one is blood red in color, the other is burning gold, but how does Jupiter figure in this sequence? Jupiter is not ‘fiery’, or is he? He is the culmination of the fiery energy, the mellow slow burning auspicious yellow saffron which emerges after the Martian passion and the Solar ego have been burnt out. Jupiter is thus the fire of gained knowledge and pure wisdom, the benevolent elder, who wields soft power which is, in a way, more effective than the fire of the other two planets.

Another way of looking at this sequence is that first you explore, discover and use things for yourself without thinking about them too much. You are more into the thrill of the conquest. Next you realise that these things are yours, but if you use them systematically they will continue to be of use. You ‘cultivate’ them in a dispassionate manner. You are confident that you can always conquer more if you run out but now you see the value of a system. And finally you are willing to accept the advise of people wiser than you and use your assets as per their teachings. You learn the philosophical foundations of this cycle of invasion, rule and wisdom. The sequence is a continuous expansion of perspective and increase in maturity. This cycle repeats with every new idea, project or assignment that you take up.

The odd signs are considered male and even ones as female. The 3 fiery signs are all male signs, they are a more solid energy, they are able to consolidate their energy. All three are capable of focussing on a goal and making every effort to achieve it. There is an implacable will and motivation to push forward. They also function as catalysts ie, they can inspire or motivate or even force others to come out of their lethargy and act. Their passion and conviction in themselves makes them leaders whatever be their life situation. And whatever these signs achieve, create or make will be a permanent item which will act as a foundation for others to build upon. (Fiery signs are followed by earthy signs, the builders of the zodiac.) This foundation can be in the form of a conquest, an establishment or more a more intangible philosophical theory. 

The three Agni rashi are in the sequence of moveable / chara, fixed/ sthira and dual/ dvi swabhavi rashi. This indicates that the flow of energy is to first explore, to move, to advance into new territories, new thought processes, new experiences, new people etc. Then the task is to regulate the energy, to control and use these experiences, items etc generated from it in a dispassionate and sustainable way. And then to finally to use them but in a typical manner, part of this energy will serve as the foundation and part will be a spurt of movement emitted out from it. Thus this fiery energy will be completely consumed and a new cycle will begin again. eg the analyse every revolution in history, it has always began with a philosophy. Actions, dominion and words, all three are the same fire. 

All these three signs are of the Kshatriya varna. These rashis have the capacity to absorb immense pain if the objective is worth it. There is an inbuilt sense of responsibility, a desire to protect, to expand and also to control. All three signs are in their own ways, highly disciplined, strict on themselves, capable of training themselves diligently and are ready for every eventuality. They have a very good instinct as their minds are able to pick up the slightest nuances from others and their environment. Active and reactive by nature, the fiery signs are always alert and ready for anything. They are born leaders, able to strategise and take the initiative. Whenever these signs are placed in life they will always rule. Just as Mars rules over his soldiers, Sun over his subjects and Jupiter over his students. They always have some goal in mind and they will not dissipate their fire in vain. Target oriented, they will attain whatever they set their minds to, they are tenacious and are willing to act. 


These three signs make up the fundamental Dharma trikon of the natural zodiac. This trikon is how your own personality, the environment that you have chosen for yourself, the creative energy that you have with you and the way you use it and finally the foundations in every way possible of your life link with each other, generate energy, feed into each other in a endless loop. This trikon is the fire of your personality, the way you initiate things, process them, project them, use them completely to go onwards and then again repeat this cycle again.

According to the bright and dark halves concept, Aries is half and half bright and dark. Sagittarius is in the bright half and Leo in the dark half. This indicates that the fiery signs have an equal potential to project outwards or inwards depending on the rest of the chart. So here you have an opportunity to use this trikon in the way you choose, either for self development in the inner world or in the outer world. 

Each sign consists of 9 nakshatra quarters/ pad, ie quarters from 3 nakshatra make up one rashi. 

  • Aries – Ashwini Bharani and one quarter of Krutika nakshatras
  • Leo – Magha, Poorva phalguni and one quarter of Uttara phalguni nakshatras
  • Sagittarius – Moola, Poorva ashadha and one quarter of Uttara ashadha nakshatras

The planets associated with these three lunar mansions are in sequence Ketu, Venus and Sun. In this sequence too we can see the same concept being subtly repeated. Ketu is the flag which signals the advance, Venus is the process where equitable systems are set up to manage the newly acquired stuff and Sun is then the process where the entitled ruler takes it all in his hands. 

The preferred partner, the mirror, is seen from the signs located 7th from, so here we have Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, the airy signs, the natural Kama trikon. The energy of the being is best used to desire, move and create things. Fire and air make a volatile mix as both are fluid in nature, intense too, but they do support each other. They appreciate each other’s natures and often work well together, there is mutual intelligence, drive, passion and capacity to achieve the highest goals. However in such charts for marriage matching, do check if they have any support from the watery and especially from the earthy signs. Air and fire together lack staying capacity and having some support from these other signs will make up for this. Also both together can literally turn into a fireball so some grounding or emotional elements will help stabilise their life together.

Some negatives for the fiery signs are hyper-activity, uncontrolled energy which can consume you and destroy the people around you. Aggression, rage, violence, selfishness, over-confidence, fanaticism, egoistic and impulsive behaviour is possible. Engaging in risky activities, getting into accidents, jumping to conclusions and giving in to passions without thinking. Starting projects and never finishing them, this is your biggest problem. So try to be practical about stuff, even if you feel that you have unlimited ideas and energy do take up only those projects which you can realistically complete. Or assemble a team which can sincerely continue your projects. Overextending yourself and then burning out is possible. Medical problems related to overheating, head, eyes, blood, etc are possible. Mental and emotional distress is possible as there is no outlet for expressing this energy. Or at the other extreme, if the fire signs are suppressed in some way, eg if ‘cold’ planets like Saturn are placed in them, then you might lack drive, passion, energy, courage, inspiration, enthusiasm, creativity etc. On the medical front, poor digestion, general ill-health and low immunity etc is possible. Emotionally you will suffocate on the inside with limited options for expressing yourself. Malefics in these signs can twist the pure passion and create criminals, despots and zealots. These are the people who deny others the chance to express their individual energy, suppress them or cause others harm in some way.

The Moon is fluid and receptive by nature. He is in charge of the astral self, the sum total of your past present, future and parallel existences. The Moon is primarily a building force, he takes the necessary energies from the Sun, reflects them in typical ways and thus creates, nurtures, nourishes and then even  comforts you. The birth Moon sign is an important significator of your Mind and how it works. If you are able to decipher and direct your Mind, you can control everything within and around you.

If you have your birth Moon in a fiery sign, or even the ascendant sign or have several planets in fiery signs, then you will express the above traits in your life in a significant manner. You have the ability to see opportunities in every aspect of your life. You are inspired and also inspirational. Ideas buzzing in your mind, you are always active. With this fire within you there is a high possibility of tapping into your latent potential and to make your dreams real. So use Jyotish to understand yourself better to live a fuller life.

Venus Saturn and relationships in 2023

As per the Ved there are two major reasons why we are unable to perceive our own Reality. One is the desire which leads to confusion – Moha and the second is fear which leads to restrictions – Bhaya. 

In astrological terms these are the graha, Venus and Saturn. So when you study your sample horoscopes, if you see any connection between Saturn and Venus take a few more minutes to study it. Also if you see an ongoing Saturn/Venus dasha combination, analyse it further. Finally significant Saturn Venus transits and aspects also have the ability to really mess up lives.

A quick post today because of a personal experience yesterday. I went through a very confusing evening before realising why my mind was inexplicably in such turmoil. Venus had entered Aquarius in the afternoon and with Saturn already present there, everything was caught in a strange twist of attraction and repulsion.

Venus and Saturn are conjunct every year for about 28 days. This year Venus will remain in Aquarius till 15th Feb 2023. During this time whatever Venus signifies in your chart will see restrictions, separations, pain and suffering. Eg if he is your Ascendant lord then you may fall ill, feel depressed and unable to think on what you want to do. If he is your 5th lord then your boyfriend/girlfriend might dump you. If he is your 7th lord then your loved one might ignore you or be temporarily separated from you. If he is your 11th lord then your expected gains might be delayed, your friends will cause you pain etc. 

Venus is the natural lord of the 2nd and 7th houses, ie your resources, money flow, spouse, legal agreements, business partnership, meditative practices, marak etc. He is also incharge of all the desirable things in life, the beauty and the joy that comes when you live your life to the fullest. So, with Saturn influencing Venus, all these beautiful aspects of your life will suffer from a strange melancholy. You might feel fearful about losing these things for no real reason, or suddenly stop trusting these loved ones in your life or suffer from a fear of being abandoned by your closest love/ relationship. Separation emotional/ physical from your loved one/ spouse is likely. You might permanently or temporarily lose that one person who loves you the most or the one you love the most. So be careful in the matters of the heart. Avoid arguments with your loved one during this time. Recognise the efforts that your loved one makes for you and try to reciprocate even if you do not feel like it. Satisfaction and genuine emotional support in your love relationships will be missing. Also you may not be able to tell your loved one how much you love him. Avoid brief flings which can spoil things with your true love. There will be an undercurrent of guilt, suffering and internal loneliness. 

Loss of money is possible during this time. So if you are thinking of investments, check everything twice before committing yourself. You will want to hold on to material resources, money and desire physical security during this time. And it is possible that you will neglect your spiritual practice. Your family will cause you pain or loss. Be careful if acting under pressure from your family members.

If you meet new people during this time it will be more for social interactions, through the family connections etc. It would be best to keep these people at this basic social level, do not bring them closer into your life, into your heart. As finding new love interests or genuine friends or people on the same mental frequency as you, during this time, is unlikely. These new people will most likely be your enemies from your past lives here to teach you a deep karmic lesson, hitting you on your relationships, desires, spiritual practice and your desire to be intimate, to love and be loved equally in return.

This year, Saturn had just entered Aquarius so today, in just one day, Venus crossed him, ie won the graha yuddha, planetary war. Technically, now Venus has more power to deliver his results. But Saturn owns Aquarius, is in his own mooltrikon and capable of strong results. He will not yield to Venus so easily and subtly continue to affect his significations. Similarly Venus will also subtly vitiate Saturn’s significations.

We can also use the Nakshatra transits to fine tune their balance of power / results in Aquarius. Saturn is in Dhanishtha till 15th Mar. Venus will be in Dhanishtha till 28th Jan, then in Shatataraka till 7th Feb and in Poorvabhadrapada after that. Their connected planets, Dhanishtha – Mars is in Taurus, Shatataraka – Rahu is in Aries and Poorvabhadrapada – Jupiter is in Pisces. Currently Rahu and Jupiter are under Saturn’s influence. So when Venus enters Shatataraka and Poorvabhadrapada again he will be subtly more under Saturn’s influence. Saturn is the king of this year, controlling everything from his own signs.

Back to Venus. After exiting Aquarius and his close conjunction with Saturn, Venus will enter Pisces and remain here till 12th Mar. He will be exalted and willing to give good results but during this time, he will be conjunct Jupiter, who rules Pisces, and both the Devguru and Daityaguru will now be in an intense Paap kartari of Saturn and Rahu. This too will be a turbulent period where the significations of Venus and Jupiter both will suffer. Jupiter and Venus is also a typical combination which leads to internal stress (post here) and the Saturn – Rahu paapkartari, ‘cruel scissor’ combination, will cause more mental stress during this period. A lack of guidance, misguidance and mental chaos is likely for most of us. You might see situations trying to give you gain, might feel that the fruit of your hard work is finally in your hands but Saturn – Rahu will not let you enjoy this. 

And after all this drama, Venus will enter Aries and remain here till 6th Apr. This time he will be with his disciple Rahu and aspecting his other disciple Ketu. Conflicting desires, illusions, fear and uncertainty as the typical Venus – Rahu conjunction will be aspected by Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn’s extra 3rd 10th aspects are generally more intense. Keep your ambitions on a sensible level, do not cheat, lie, conceal things, hurt others for your own gain. Do not engage in flings and immoral activities. Saturn will not allow this and you will be required to suffer for this later. If you have a spiritual mindset, you will be able to use the energy of Venus – Ketu to tide over else Venus-Rahu will trap your mind in extravagant illusions of desire ultimately causing your fall.


Another point is that Saturn will get combust from 5th Feb to 14th Mar. Generally we do not give much significance to Saturn’s combustion but this time we must factor in this too. Father and son, Sun and Saturn are not on good terms. And Sun will be combusting Saturn in his own mooltrikon, in his own rashi. The contrary natures of Sun and Saturn and being forced to endure each others presence will be too much for both of them. All significations of Sun and Saturn in the charts will suffer. Saturn in his mooltrikon is capable of giving good results but Sun will constrain him from doing so. And an uncomfortable, burnt out Saturn influencing the other planets is going to cause even more discomfort for all of us. 

(I have used the dates from Drikpanchang)

Predictions 2023 Saturn transiting Shatataraka nakshatra

Saturn’s transits at the sign level give an overview of a time frame of 2.5yrs. And Nakshatra level transit are used to analyse things for about 1yr. Navamsha arc or lunar mansion quarter or nakshatra pad level transit analysis narrows down his effects to 2-3month intervals. 

In the past one year from 18th Feb 2022 till 15th Mar 2023, Saturn in Dhanishtha Nakshatra (post here) caused intense events played out on the rhythm of the war drums /bheri. The dance of destruction which began in this period will continue for the next 10yrs or so (posts here and here). 

Now, Saturn will enter Shatataraka aka Shatabhisha nakshatra on 15th Mar 2023 and will remain here till 6th Apr 2024. He will briefly return to Dhanishtha, during 15th Oct – 24th Nov, as a part of his annual retrograde/ forward movement.

For analysing this Saturn in Shatataraka, do consider the broader picture. Saturn is aspecting Rahu with his intense 3rd aspect. And Rahu and Saturn are holding Jupiter in a cruel scissor, Paapkartari yog, in his own watery Pisces. From Apr 2023, Jupiter (in a Guruchandal yog) will be aspected by Saturn. (If you have similar combinations in your birth chart, ie Saturn aspecting Rahu or Jupiter or Guruchandal then you must be especially alert.)

Shatataraka nakshatra lies completely within the Aquarius sign owned by Saturn. This lunar mansion is linked to Rahu and ruled by the devata/ deity Varun. A hundred faint stars make up this lunar mansion, Shata = ‘100’ Taraka = ‘small stars’ and Shata = ‘100’ bhishaka = ‘healers’. It is represented by a circle or an ox cart. This lunar mansion has a Vipra varna (post here). It is a Chara, ie a fast moving nakshatra (post here). It has the Ashva yoni (post here). It is of the Rakshas gan, ie it is prone to violence, confusion, harshness and unfeeling actions. It is an active nakshatra, faces upwards, ie under its influence events move fast with a tendency to ‘expand’. Shatabhisha indicates closely guarded secrets, intense occult, calculated deception, suspicions, coldness, deep healing, rigorous movements, rapid evolution, tight boundaries, strict enclosures, an infinite ability to hold, to protect, contained liquids, potential energy, powerful medicines, complete dissolution etc. 

During this transit, there will be an increase in deception and secrets of all types. Pragmatic decisions will be taken by the elected governments to safeguard the futures of the nations. These will not be pleasant decisions. And sudden, violent and harsh events will also occur. (The time when Saturn retrogrades and re-enters Dhanishtha will also be a trigger point for an escalation in the wars/riots etc.) The media will be active as a major disruptive element. Disinformation will be rampant as people in covert power will try to hold on to their positions by any means available. Do not get swayed by ‘popular opinion’ during this time. Wars will escalate, both the covert and overt ones, more fronts will open, physical, economic, legal etc, as boundaries will be challenged. Things will move very fast on the inside, and we will not be aware. There will be a harshness to things, unexpected twists and turns. Each one of us will face confusion, life/death situations etc and every one of us will be required to take one harsh decision at least to resolve these typical situations. Do take some time to think things over before deciding to act.


A tendency to lie and conceal real motives. Even friends and family members will hide their true intentions. You too will not share your innermost plans with anyone. Lack of trust, increase in suspiciousness and confusion will affect all activities. Disputes in the family and falling out with friends can cause stress. People will hold on to their narrow opinions, preconceptions etc, not wanting to accept other’s opinions so easily. Everyone will put barriers around themselves thus feel lonely, sad on the inside. Trusting anyone or anything at face value during this time is not advisable. Do not interfere with other’s issues or try to solve other’s disputes as this will boomerang on you. Learn to withdraw from things which do not concern you, a strategic retreat sometimes can be a good plan. 

An increase in laziness, absentmindedness, mental diseases, psychiatric problems, diseases of the nerves/brain, incorrect thought processes etc. Fears and unknown terrors will rise from the depths of the mind. Some of us will overcome these tests of the sookshma sharir/ subtle body and gain secret/ occult treasures. And some will succumb to the dangers hidden in the sea of their own subconscious. Keep an eye on your mental and physical health during this nakshatra transit. In the language of Ayurved, Vaat dosh issues are possible. Increase in addictions, self-destructive activities like promiscuity, drugs, hallucinogens, mind altering substances etc is possible. Lifestyle and diet can suffer. Be careful of who or what you accept into your life. People will be deluded, will act without thinking of the possible repercussions and later suffer alone. Finer emotions, eg love, will be put in the background and coldness, calculative behaviour, will dominate. Be careful if initiating new love relations during this time as there is a high possibility of grief later. Promises of contribution and support should also be viewed with due suspicion. A tendency to use brute force, harsh words etc and you might express your ambitions or your secret intentions at an inopportune moment. Or you will not think of the effect of your words/actions on others. Lashing out at unsuitable moments will cause you harm. Think before your speak and try to remain calm even under trying circumstances.

There will be a drop in human fertility, less number of children will be born. Generally children will suffer more in several ways. So pay attention to your children and their emotional, physical etc welfare during this period.

Saturn and Rahu influencing Shatataraka means that there will be several opportunities to break the rules for personal gain. If you cheat, take undue advantage of others etc ie take Rahu’s short cuts there will be immediate gains but in the long term Saturn will ensure a reckoning. Try to remain balanced, avoid extremes. If you have genuine well-wishers in your life then discuss with them before taking life changing decisions. Saturn in 0-20 deg Aquarius is transiting in his mooltrikon zone, powerful and at the core of things. He is neutral here, simply dishing out your fair desserts. Past karmic fruits will suddenly appear before you either to enjoy or to endure. Also remain aware of your decisions now, they will have future far reaching consequences. Karma is on a high. So use your free will. And think before committing yourself to any course of action.

Do try to increase your internal resources and mental strength. (If you are a student of the Vedanta, read the Upanishads, Bhagwat Gita. Try to solve the puzzle of existence.) Use this time to read books, learn new subjects, expand your mind, change your perspectives etc. Learn subjects like Math or Sanskrit, the Vedanga, Jyotish, Gandharvavidya etc. Train your mind to be logical and analytical, use your intelligence in new ways. You will enjoy these intellectual pursuits if you are sincere about them. Take up some spiritual practice, daily pujas etc, a daily routine will help. Otherwise you will feel depressed, pessimistic and lonely. (Especially so if you are in a Sade sati or Kantak Shani transit.) Traveling, especially to water bodies and water sports will be an enjoyable activity. Learning new skills, like driving, mechanical stuff, learning deep healing modalities like Reiki etc will be a good use of this energy. 

On the subtle level a re-set is underway, a deep healing for us and the world. Karmic healing is not a gentle process, a surgery always has pain, cuts, blood and an extended recovery. Saturn will perform a dispassionate surgery with the 100s of surgeons of Shatabhisha. The current economic system based on illusions will collapse, this will lead to pain on several levels for those who were enjoying its benefits at the expense of others. A new system will be gradually brought in place which will be fairer on those nations who actually have the resources. The legal system will also be overhauled, will be made fairer and transparent. Boundaries will be redrawn. The current society as a whole will also be replaced by a more Dharmic one, more aligned to the inherent nature of the human/universal soul. This will not be a peaceful change as the various groups who were enjoying the benefits earlier will protest.

There will be a separation from the safety nets of the family and friends. ‘Security’ will be challenged in so many ways. This Saturn in Shatabhisha is more suitable for activities which ‘end’ rather than the activities which ‘begin’.

As with every transit there is a mix of positives and negatives. 99% of us will move according the winds of time (prarabdha) as indicated by the transit. And 1% of us will have the courage (purushartha) to consciously make use of the energy. 

This transit will be good for people and professions related to electronics, energy, research and other intellectual pursuits, space, chemistry, army, media, literature, medicine, healing and lifestyle improvement professions, drugs (even illegal drugs), poisons, vehicles, travelling, education, philosophy, water, oil, etc. ie people who work alone and in secret, those who undertake personal risks, live in dangerous environments etc and are experts in subjects which require quickness, intelligence, hard work, analytical skills and personal courage. 

During this time try to bring these keywords into your life, ie secrets, focus, strategy, healing etc so that you can make maximum use of the time. eg, think of a personal objective for the next 1yr. Be realistic and true to yourself. What do you really want, what is your heart’s desire? Think. What is this desire based on your life philosophy and requires planning, strategy, thinking, logic and perseverance? Dedicate yourself to this goal. You have the necessary power within and will be able to achieve your desire using the power of Saturn in Shatataraka. The nakshatra devata Varun is the ruler of the subconscious mind. He is depicted riding a crocodile, ie he has the power to tame the dangerous tendencies lurking in the oceans of the subconscious mind and to harness these wild energies in a productive manner. So in your pursuit of your ambitions you have a chance to destroy the hidden inhibitions which have always caused trouble in your life. Resolve these subconscious issues and completely harness the power of your mind. 


To personalise the generic reading above,

Open your birth chart, and check which houses are controlled by Saturn. Whatever Saturn indicates in your life, there will be a material separation of this item or a material loss to your overall personality caused by this item during this Shatataraka transit. Depending on the individual charts, this separation/loss will be temporary or permanent. Whenever we predict a separation from a person, it is better to check the longevities, if the calculated lifespan is at an end then be alert.

  • eg if he rules your 2nd house then you will drain your resources or be separated from your family. Or your family will drain your resources.
  • eg if he rules your 5th house then separation from your children, a lack of creativity, a separation from your love partner etc.Or in some cases, the love of your life will cause you harm etc. He can make that you grow up from the illusion of a love affair and accept that he/she never really cared for your feelings at all.
  • eg if he is connected to your 7th house then he will separate you from your spouse, personal spiritual practice, deity or that one very special ‘mirror’. Or your spouse will separate from your spiritual practice etc. 

If you have any birth planets in Shatataraka nakshatra in your birth chart then this will be a testing time for you in the aspects of life represented by this planet. Saturn’s transit will force you to mature here, to accept reality and to give up all that was holding you back from your real path. You will face a slowing down, delay, frustration, restriction and loss here. You will have to face the reality that this planet represents. This will involve some practice/skill in interpretation so think for a bit before coming to a conclusion. Or during this period if something unexpected occurs in your life then see if you can link it to Shatataraka.

  • Eg if your birth 4th lord is in Shatataraka then you might be forced to grow out of ‘needy love’, take responsibility for your home, or sell your properties, loss of the mother/maternal figure etc. 
  • Eg if your Ascendant lord lies in Shatataraka then there will be a permanent loss to your personality which will hit you deeply, changing you forever. Nature of the loss will depend on the planet in question. eg Mercury – sibling, Venus – loved one, Jupiter – husband/children etc.
  • Eg 10th lord in Shatataraka might indicate issues to/by the father, or challenges in the professional life.

You can also use the Janma navtara nakshatra chakra (refer to this post here) to get an overview of the results expected from Saturn’s transit in Shatataraka. If your birth Moon nakshatra is,

  • Ashwini Magha Mula – Sadhaka
  • Bharani Poorvaphalguni Poorvashadha – Pratyari
  • Krutika Uttaraphalguni Uttarashadha – Kshema
  • Rohini Hasta Shravan – Vipat
  • Mruga Chitra Dhanishtha – Sampat
  • Aradra Swati Shatataraka – Janma
  • Punarvasu Vishakha Poorvabhadrapada – Ati Mitra
  • Pushya Anuradha Uttarabhadrapada – Mitra
  • Ashleysha Jeyshtha Revati – Naidhana 

If you are an advanced student then do use the Kota chakra (post here and here) for a more in-depth analysis of your Saturn in Shatabhisha. 

I wrote a detailed post here on predicting the results of transits of planets over the nakshatra pad/ lunar mansion quarters. Advanced students can try to predict the nakshatra quarter wise results using this.

As usual the remedies are Mantra and Daana. These will be more effective if you do some daily pujas/ spiritual practice. (Ref index page for more posts)

(I have used the dates from Drikpanchang)