Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

Life is Change.

Your birth horoscope remains constant. This is the choice of energies which you chose at the moment of your this birth and is the foundation on which you are going to handle the Changes which this Life is going to bring. You are born at one instant, and the very next instant the change starts. Time and space move on. The planets move on, transiting through the zodiac. The zodiac, the Bha-kaksh itself moves on. These changing energies are basically the Dasha periods and the periodic transits. All these changing energies make patterns with each other and with the birth chart you have chosen. These patterns decide how events unfold in life. And the power of the birth chart decides how you will navigate through these changes. Will you soar or sink?

Your birth chart is the only energy you have and it needs to be studied in depth. I often mention ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ horoscopes in my posts. A strong birth position is very helpful in several ways. Your body/ mind and environment is strong enough to weather the changes which will occur in life. Changes in life are more enabling, you can leap to greater heights using the change events as opportunities. The changes are more auspicious and favourable, and the transitions are easier. You are more confident as your personality and your environment both integrate well and are more complementary. You get support from your inner self and also from the others around you. You are more in control of the situation. You have some say in how it unfolds and you can divert its energy to suit your objectives.

Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

Powerful horoscopes will show the following combinations.

Birth chart, the D1,

  • The Ascendent sign determines your overall personality and your environment. It is best if this sign is occupied or aspected by benefics
  • The ascendant lord, the birth moon and the other benefic planets should be conjunct or aspected by benefics. And preferably placed in a kendra, 1st 4th 7th or 10th or kona 5th or 9th house.
  • Malefics are a source of turmoil in life so it is best if they are either in the upchaya houses, 3rd, 6th 10th or 11th houses. And aspected by benefics, especially Jupiter by his 5th or 9th aspect.
  • If there is a Yogkarak graha for the ascendant sign then this planet should be placed in auspicious house and be capable of giving favourable results. It would be even better if he is aspected or with other benefics.
  • Aspects of benefics on the Ascendant lord, the Birth Moon and the Yogkarak, will naturally increase the power of these planets and also encourage them to behave in an overall auspicious manner. These benefic influences also increase the power of that benefic planet on the overall personality/mind of the person. Eg Jupiter aspecting the Ascendant lord will make this person a genuinely kind and benevolent personality, he will meet others who help him and he too will try to help others in life etc.
  • Conjunctions are important as both planets influence each other and also the sign/house they are placed in. Eg you will see Sun-Mercury conjunctions most commonly in your study charts. If this conjunction is auspicious then it will enhance the powers of the Sun, Mercury, the house/sign they are placed in and also Leo, Gemini, Virgo signs wherever they are placed in the chart.
  • The 6th, 8th, 12th houses are the houses of turmoil, the dusham-sthana (I have written several posts on these houses, do check the index). Planets placed here are in charge of service, servitude, enemies, debts, diseases, traumatic changes, death, losses, dissolution etc. Best is if these three houses are empty. Or occupied by malefics and aspected by benefics so that the turbulence they cause in life is minimised.
  • Kendra and kona houses are the houses which directly link to the main 1st house. Bhavat bhavam principle is an easy way of understanding the importance of these houses. The 1st house is bhavat bhavam for only the 7th house. The 7th house is the bhavat bhavam for both the 4th and 10th houses. So these three houses directly feed into the power of the 1st house. Then the kona houses, 5th and 9th are in the Dharma trikon with the 1st house, are linked in its creative genius /foundation axis. So these two houses also link very deeply into the power of the ascendant sign. Having powerful and beneficial planets in the kendra and kona houses grants the personality more power to navigate life successfully.
  • Exalted planets are an asset in a chart. Also planets placed in their own houses or their mool-trikon signs. These are highly comfortable and willing to give auspicious results. If you have such planets in your chart, they pull up its quality significantly. Especially if the ascendant lord, Moon, Yogkarak or benefics are in such positions they give significant positives in life. Even if the malefics are exalted, they will help you navigate the turmoil they cause or at least you will gain something significant after the troubles are over.

Navamsha chart D9 – Then is using the Navamsha chart to get more insights into your deepest expectations and potential. This analysis is a necessity, but do this only if you have your exact birth time to the minute.

  • Vargottam planets, or the Vargottam ascendant degree indicate that the planet’s outward energy and inward energy is the same, there are no deep-seated conflicts in the personality.
  • Planets placed in the pushkar navamsha generally are auspicious and help in life.
  • If planets shift to their own signs or mool-trikon signs or in their exalted signs etc add more power to face conflicts and rise with every opportunity in life.

Ashtakvarga is another useful tool in astrology. It can be used to gauge the power of a planet or a sign to give auspicious results in life.

  • Planets having more than 4 points in the sign they are placed in at birth are going to be more favourable and auspicious.
  • In case of signs, the signs whose combined score is more than 27 are generally helpful. Those signs which are occupied by benefic planets at birth, or are placed in kendra/ kona, especially the lagna sign should have points more than 27.

Those aspects of life indicated by such planets and signs having such high scores tend to remain stable and non-problematic. Or even if there are problems, their severity is lesser and are more manageable.

Shadbala – in your vedic software, there will be a calculation for the ‘power’ of the planet. These ‘bala’ strength is calculated for the 7 planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The strength of the ascendant lord and the birth Moon should be high for overall favourable and enjoyable results in life.

Nakshatra – The lunar mansions are the framework of Jyotish. If you have your vedic astrology software, open it and check out which nakshatra your 9 graha and the rising degree falls in. These 10 Nakshatra energies are going to be more important in your life. Then calculate your Janma nav-tara chart from this post. Check which Tara categories your identified 10 Nakshatra-s fall in. If these fall in the Janma, Sampat, Kshema, Sadhak, Mitra or Ati-mitra Tara categories, then the planets occupying them will be able to give satisfactory results on the subtle/ inner levels.

Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

Now quickly on horoscopes with lesser power or ‘weaker’ horoscopes.

Birth chart, the D1

  • The Ascendent sign occupied or aspected by malefics.
  • The ascendant lord, birth moon and other benefic planets influenced by malefics. Or placed in the dushamsthan, 6th, 8th 12th houses. Or even if in the 3rd house and influenced by malefics. This will increase the number of inauspicious events in life and also the trauma they cause.
  • Malefics aspecting each other increasing their strength to do mischief.
  • Yogkarak graha incapable of giving favourable results, influenced by malefics or debilitated.
  • Aspects of malefics on the Ascendant lord, the Birth Moon and the Yogkarak, will increase the power of that malefic planet on the overall personality/mind of the person. This can aggravate the negative qualities like cruelty, insensitivity, violence etc both in the personality and the environment.
  • Conjunctions with malefics can spoil several aspects of the life all at once. eg Moon with Saturn can cause trauma to the sign/house they are placed in and also Cancer sign wherever it is placed in the chart.
  • Debilitated planets, planets placed in their enemies houses are highly uncomfortable and pull down the power of the chart. Especially if the ascendant lord, Moon, Yogkarak or benefics are in in such positions.

Navamsha chart

  • If planets shifting to the signs which occupy the 6th, 8th, 12th houses of the birth chart D1 become slightly unfavourable.
  • Planets which shift to their debilitated signs or to signs owned by their enemies lose power to do good.
  • I have written several posts on navamsha analysis, do use the index page to locate them if you wish to read.


  • Planets having less than 4 points in the sign they are placed in at birth generally cause difficult changes in life.
  • The signs whose combined score is less than 27 points can also initiate turmoil when transited by malefics etc in life.

Shadbala for the ascendant lord and the Moon if is very low then you cannot ‘enjoy life’. There may be favourable things around you but you cannot use them or derive happiness from them. So do look up the section on ‘planetary strengths’ in your astrology software.

Nakshatra – In your Janma nav-tara chart, if any of your identified 10 Nakshatra-s fall in the Vipat, Pratyak or Naidhana Tara categories, then the planets occupying these Nakshatra will give subtly inauspicious results which will give you anxiety etc on the subtle/ inner levels.

Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

This is a framework post. One placement does not make a reading. You have to look for patterns always. More patterns means more potential for the prediction to actually happen in real life. More powerful patterns add strength to you. More weaker combinations pull down you down. Every chart will have some auspicious and some inauspicious parts, eg if you have a very strong professional life then it is possible that you will have a less joyful home life. One cannot have everything at once. Try to understand your birth chart, your basic personality, your behaviour, your expectations and potential. Jyotish is Illumination, use it to see yourself first, analyse yourself dispassionately. Find out what aspects of life are going to give you successes, follow these. Try to leverage your strengths to grow, take every change connected to these aspects of life as a challenge and grow with it. Try to fortify those parts of life which are going to bring you turmoil, or try to channelise these turbulent energies into more productive things. Every change is an opportunity if only you know how to use it and you have the will to do so.


The intensely karmic Vimshottari Antardashas

There was a question on which is the worst dasha period in life. I would not use the word ‘worst’. Some events may seem unfavourable on the material planes, but they ultimately do help as they help in rebalancing your pending karma or grant you disillusionment from the Game of Creation or pull your more strongly towards your own Reality/Advaita. Perspectives.

But to answer the question, considering the Vimshottari system. I would choose the following mahadasha (MD) and sub-period antardasha (AD). These six antardasha periods in life have to be navigated carefully.

  • Venus mahadasha Saturn antradasha (written as Venus-Saturn) Or Saturn mahadasha Venus antardasha is the worst possible combination for the antardasha. These two periods will give everyone a karmic kick in the.. .
  • Saturn mahadasha Jupiter antardasha Or Jupiter mahadasha Saturn antardasha. These two are not so bad as the ones above, but yes they represent a very complex mix of karma which has to be endured.
  • And then would be the Venus mahadasha Jupiter antardasha or Jupiter mahadasha Venus antardasha. Both Gurus, one Dev-Guru and the other Daitya-Guru and there are very complex things happening during the periods controlled by them together.

The most intensely karmic Antardasha periods

So first, the Venus-Saturn antardasha and the Saturn-Venus antardasha. You will go through somewhat similar experiences in both of these sub-periods.

If anyone around you is going through these antar-dasha periods do observe them. If you are in these sub-periods, then be aware. These periods can have such terrific negative karma packed in that life turns into one confusing roller-coaster of bewildering issues, which seem to have no head or tail. You are put into fruitless arguments and issues. You know that there is no point, yet you argue, fight and get into conflicts. Intellectually you know that what you are doing or saying or thinking has to real sense, no real relevance but yet you put yourself through the grinder. This is the most intense karmic burst and both these periods are significantly long, go on for years. By the time you come out of these sub-periods, you are a completely different person. If you are lucky then these karma will be on the emotional levels, so you will suffer grief, anxiety, worry etc the astral body will suffer, but the physical situations will remain by and large ok. But if these planets also control important physical houses of your chart then in addition to the mental stress, you will suffer losses and reverses in life, health, wealth, social status, job, relationships are all affected in a very real way. And it can get very intense, there might be strange diseases, loss of job, breaks in education, financial problems, riches to rags type of situations.

Venus is the toughest, the highest Guru with the most cryptic tests, he rules one-one relationships, equitable binding contracts, partnerships, luxuries, wealth, treasuries, love, spiritual practice, refinement, Moksha. The other face of these qualities is degradation, immorality, deviation in the moral compass and entanglement in even more karma. Venus is the natural Marak of the zodiac, he decides when this current life should be terminated. And also when should the illusion of Maya be terminated, ie when should Moksh be granted.

Saturn ensures that you repay your karmic pendency in the most disciplined manner, he is very strict about it. He will not tolerate laziness, cheating, immaturity, non-responsibility. Saturn will rip off the illusions around you, if you feel that your friend is really your friend wait till a Saturn period comes along and see if he sticks with you. Saturn will bring reality before you in the most direct, unemotional manner possible. He makes you ‘grow up’ whether you like it or not.

Venus and Saturn are friends yet they can wreck havoc together. So when a combined period of Saturn-Venus or Venus-Saturn begins know that you are going to be taught the lesson of karma so thoroughly that you will be disillusioned with the material stuff you see around you. If your horoscope is powerful enough you will move strongly towards the inner spiritual but if not then you will suffer.

You will face the most intense karmic rebalancing with the one you love the most. This is the most traumatic aspect of these two sub-periods. The one you love the most, the one whom you know loves you the most, you rely on him/her the most, he/she relies on you the most, but his/her overt love/support can be denied to you, your overt love/support will be denied to him/her in these two sub-periods.

The negative effects are reduced if your ascendant is Taurus or Libra as Venus is the ascendant lord and Saturn is the Yogkarak. Or if your ascendant is Capricorn or Aquarius where Saturn is the ascendant lord. Or if Venus and Saturn both are capable of giving auspicious results together. But this does not mean that you escape the trouble! It simply means that the turmoil you face finally makes sense and you are given some significant gain eventually.

The most intensely karmic Antardasha periods

Now the Jupiter and Saturn periods together. Jupiter-Saturn antardasha or the Saturn-Jupiter antardasha.

Here the logic is quite clear, one is the lord of expansion the other is the lord of contraction! When equal and opposite forces are forced to work together in one time period there is going to be intense confusion.

In this period you will face another burst of karma. Saturn makes you work. Jupiter hopeful and benevolent, expands anything he touches! So you will face strange contradictions as work increases, stress increases, emotions are suppressed etc. All of Saturn’s qualities can be expanded by Jupiter’s influence. And Jupiter’s qualities can be restricted by Saturn’s activities. Some astrologers believe that Jupiter can tone down Saturn’s influence, which is true in some cases, but the other side is that Saturn affects Jupiter’s beneficial influence too! Do analyse what these two planets signify in your chart and how strong your chart is in the first place. There might be problems in the profession and social status. Education and finances can be affected. Litigations and issues with the government machinery can begin. Personal health issues can start. The immediate family is disturbed, relationships with the extended family can be affected. There can be losses, failures and unfavourable events etc depending on which aspects of your life are controlled by Jupiter and Saturn.

If your ascendant is Sagittarius, Pisces, Capricorn or Aquarius then you will have an easier time. Or if Jupiter and Saturn both are capable of giving auspicious results together, then too the negativity can be reduced. Then the turmoil will exist in life, but on manageable levels and it will eventually be for your own good.

The most intensely karmic Antardasha periods

And finally the Jupiter-Venus or the Venus-Jupiter sub-periods.

In both these sub-periods, both Guru’s will try to teach you their lessons together, simultaneously. Do read my this post on Venus-Jupiter energies working together. The logic for Venus-Jupiter interaction remains the same in the Dasha interpretation too. I have written about the Jupiter Mahadasha and Venus Mahadasha in case anyone wants to get into these main-periods in depth.

Jupiter is the Dev-guru. His students are the easier ones, the front-benchers. His teaching method is rather simplistic. He will give you all the expansion you need for a reasonably comfortable life. He hopes that if you are given all these reasonable necessities then you will naturally turn towards the spiritual. But he forgets that human mind always wants more desires. No human is satisfied with the “reasonable comforts”, the mind always wants more and more. Even if it knows that desires is all an illusion still it expects happiness from the material and tries to finds strange justifications in pursuing these desires. So Jupiter’s premise is very gentle, kind, hopeful and is not really suitable for the Kali-yug’s human mind. He is generally kind and benevolent to everyone.

Venus has the worst students, the back-benchers. He knows that given half the chance, his students will indulge in all sorts of inauspicious, immoral, out of control behaviour. So his teaching methods are very practical and very cryptic. He will give you all the luxuries, more than you ever thought you wanted, but poison them subtly so that you are never satisfied with them. He will let you run frantically behind your illusory desires, let your mind exhaust itself. He waits patiently for you to realise that complete satisfaction is not possible in these created worlds, he waits for you to subdue your own mind. Once you realise this fact, understand and experience its truth, he offers you spiritual practice. Then he continually tests you, keeps you on your toes, makes you understand the illusion of the material very thoroughly and only then if you pass, he grants you Moksh. Very very few make pass in his classes.

Now in these two antardashas, you are under the control of these two teachers simultaneously. These periods become highly confusing as your internal self, your mind, your personal spiritual practices, your outer religious observances are all muddled up. This muddle overflows into every part of your life, you are uncomfortable. The actual results will depend on the actual horoscope and the transits but the overall theme of this two antardashas will be a soul-stirring confusion. Something good will come of it, but eventually.

The most intensely karmic Antardasha periods

This was a general discussion on the most karmic antardashas. In these typical periods try to keep your moral compass steady, develop a mature perspective, consider the other party’s views also and do some spiritual practice so that you have reserves of inner strength to deal with the issues which will crop up. I have written on remedies, Homa, mantra jaap, charity, simple remedies and complex ones, do use the Index page to locate those posts in case you wish to read about them.

To evaluate these periods more specifically in your own context, you will have to analyse the power of the Mahadasha-ruler and the Antardasha-ruler in depth from your own birth chart. I have written several posts on Vimshottari dashas, do use the Index page to locate them in case you wish to read them. Then the background energy of the Dasha will be modulated by the current transits. So locate the current position of the MD and AD Ruler planets in the skies and find out which house of your birth chart they are influencing at present. Thus you will get an all-round perspective on what is happening. If your birth horoscope and current transits are powerful and auspicious then you will be able to use these very same situations to your advantage. If not, then the suffering will be as above.

eg, I know someone whose ascendant lord is Venus, Saturn is the Yogkarak. This man is now in the Venus-Saturn antardasha. Despite these two planets being auspicious and strong in his birth chart, he is going through difficult times now exactly as above. Now Venus is going to do his retrograde/combust act in Taurus, so this person is in for some very tumultuous times. The only saving grace is that he will gain something significant after Sept. But till then things have to be endured. (How is sweet perfume made? Delicate flowers are crushed to release their essences. This man is now being crushed by Venus and Saturn, systematically and dispassionately.)

The present times are very upside-down! I have written several posts on the current year 2020-21, Sharvari naam samvatsara, the retrograde Saturn, retrograde Jupiter, retrograde Venus etc in my previous posts do go through them. These will help you understand the energies which are active now. The current year is a very typical environment. Your actions and reactions now will have implications stretching on for several lifetimes. All of us will be facing challenges in several parts of our life, and these challenges will all come at once. Those who have weaker birth horoscopes will suffer more, this would be the majority of us. But those few, who have powerful planetary placements in their birth charts, will use these challenges proactively and rise to even greater heights, emerging even stronger after this turbulence settles down.


Venus retrograde and combust 2020

Venus goes retrograde every 18 months. This time he is going retrograde in Taurus, his own sign from 13th May to 25th Jun. He will also be going combust from 29th May to 9th Jun 2020. (He will continue forward in Taurus till 1st Aug)

During this period, his own signs Taurus and Libra signs will bear the brunt. Taurus more so as he is getting retrograde/combust in Taurus itself. Scorpio will also feel some effects as it is right opposite Taurus. So wherever these signs are placed in your chart, you will feel the pressure. Eg if in your chart, Scorpio represents your father then you will feel a strange disconnect from him, you might argue with him or disrespect him in some way and overt father’s love might go missing.

Venus is the Daityaguru Shukracharya, the Teacher who grants you the one-one relationship with yourself, ie Moksh, this gift is for the highly evolved souls (Jivatma). He first tests you by offering you the pleasures of this illusory creation. If the soul is lower down on the soul maturity level, he signifies material luxuries, sexual relationships etc, pleasures of the mind/body. If he is spoilt in the chart then he grants addictions, casual physical affairs, unstable finances, no sense of the spiritual etc. He is a very cryptic graha, his tests are very strange as they test your powers of single-pointed focus, endurance and intelligence. Do you choose your superficial desires or are aware/courageous enough to understand/choose your deepest Desire?

Analyse your chart, how powerful is it overall? A weak chart suffers more in adverse transits and a stronger chart can convert every adversity to opportunity and leap upwards. A strongly placed ascendant sign, Ascendant lord and birth Moon grant physical and mental strength to come out of any situation with ease. For evolved souls, a strongly placed Sun or strongly placed Ketu can push onward on the path to Moksh. Strong Tara graha, ie Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn will grant material comforts depending on what they signify in general and in specific for your chart.

Next try to find out what Venus signifies in your chart. Which houses does he own, where is he placed, influences on him, exalted or debilitated, ashtakvarga, nakshatra, shad-bala, etc his power to give results should be examined in depth. First know what he signifies in the chart, then analyse his effects in transit.

Venus retrograde and combust 2020

Retrograde Venus. Venus had entered Taurus on 29th Mar 2020. So whatever happened in your life from this date onwards will be reviewed in depth. You might feel things connected to Venus are being rolled back. Eg if you had got into a business partnership during this time you might be required to reconsider some parts of the contracts again. You will be required to restructure the following areas in your life, ie concept of wealth, one-one relationships, personal spiritual practice, esoteric philosophy. You will be required to rethink, reassess on your deepest Desire. If you refuse to understand what is happening and do not cooperate with the energy, there will be blocks and hurdles in life. Thus is the challenge of retrogrades. (Venus, Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde together so this realignment will be an eye-opening one. So many aspects of life connected to these planets are going to being reset at one time together) 

Combust Venus means that the energy of the planet is absorbed by the Sun. ie Venus is closely conjunct the Sun. Venus stops existing in the heavens, ‘Venus eclipse’, so things signified by Venus suffer. There will be a strange vacuum in life for these days, 29th May to 9th Jun. You will feel disconnected from all personal relationships and all things signified by Venus take on a selfish, self-centred self-referential nature dominated by your self-ego. The effect of combustion will depend on the strength of the Sun in your personal birth horoscope. And also what is the relationship of Sun and Venus in your birth chart, what these two planets stand for in your chart. If the Sun is strong then you will feel a very high level of self-confidence which can easily become over-confidence in matters related to Venus. If the Sun and Venus are not powerful then you will suffer from inferiority complex and people can take advantage of you during this period.

When Venus is retrograde or combust his guidance is no longer available to us. The esoteric Guru has vanished. We cannot give or expect validation from others during this period. All will feel a little bit more alone on the inside. People will not be able to judge the true value of things, people, actions, emotions, relationships, thoughts, desires etc. We expect validation from our loved one, but this can vanish in this period. Spiritual practice might suffer. Some might see financial losses, separations from loved ones, partnerships might break, addictions may start. Some people might be called on to settle past-life’s or ancestral debts. For some, health might be affected. Creative arts, eg films music etc might not be able to express themselves for sometime, ‘writer’s block’. Recognition for creativity will reduce, some might not get paid enough for their work. Forgeries, cheating, corruption, immorality etc can increase. Decision making capacity will decrease. Some might find themselves tangled in issues which do not have a life-time or long-term value. If you are pregnant/ expecting then take due care in this period. Avoid giving advise to others, else you will be blamed when things go wrong later. This Venus retrograde/ combust period will be challenging for businessmen, for salaried people holding secure jobs the situation is a bit better. If you are a spiritual aspirant, your ‘exams’ are coming up. Families, be ready for issues popping up.

Venus retrograde and combust 2020

Very briefly on the nakshatra. Jyotish is based on the Nakshatra energies. Venus will be going retrograde in Mruga and Rohini. He will be combust in Rohini.

Rohini is is ruled by Brahma and influenced by the Moon. Its symbol is the Ox-cart. When its energies get disturbed there is increase in unproductive activities. Actions become unbalanced and erratic. Strain increases as people try to do several things at once. Passions and temper increase, materialistic tendencies increase, resources decrease, money etc may be lost. There is an inability to express innermost thoughts/feelings, this causes internal suffocation, heavy-heartedness. Joy reduces. Narrow-mindedness and possessive behaviour can rise. ‘Structures’, emotional, physical, thought-processes, financial, etc can get demolished during this period. Casual affairs, lust, casual attractions, inauspicious behaviour and addictions can increase.

Mruga is also called Mruga-shira. It is influenced by Mars and ruled by the deity, Soma. Soma is another name for the Moon, but has deeper power. Mruga is represented by a deer. When its energies are disturbed, the emotions, instinct, nature, nurture, sensitivity, love etc are affected. Vitality is affected. We search, but we do not know for what? Fruitless, fickle, misguided, ill-judged and ill-executed actions result, often followed by sorrow, as we chase mirages. Nervousness, depression, anxiety, suspicion, arguments with loved ones are possible during this period. People may fail to follow the principles of life as impulsiveness increases and there can be chaos.

If you are in one of the following categories then you will feel more of the effects, more the Venus’s energy active on you, more will be the intensity.

  • If you are going through Vimshottari dasha connected to Venus, ie Venus mahadasha, or any sub-period of Venus in an other planet’s mahadasha you should take more precautions.
  • If you are Taurus rising then taking care of personal health and the issues in your immediate surroundings is necessary, minor illnesses are possible. This is the most determined sign of the zodiac so you might be even more stubborn and headstrong than usual.
  • If you are a Libra ascendant then Venus is your 1st and 8th lord, you might face a sudden catastrophic transformation in your life which will change you completely from the inside/out. The foundations of life will change forever.
  • Note which house Venus is transiting in your chart, expect turbulence from the keywords of this house and the house opposite it.
  • If you are a Taurus, Libra or Scorpio Moon then also you will see confusion in your life as your emotions, intuition and instinct all are influenced.
  • If you have Venus retrograde in your birth chart then you generally feel lonely and unloved. You feel unbalanced in one-one relationships, in personal or business. Cannot enjoy the simple pleasures of life. You are straightforward in your behaviour and often blunt with others. When Venus goes retrograde in transit, you will find even more restrictions in relationships and financial, material or spiritual matters. Do try to focus on what you really want deep inside, rather than what you think you want.
  • For India, the ascendant sign is Taurus, and Venus the ascendant lord is going retrograde/combust here. It is not a good sign for our nation and for us Indians as a collective group. We all will suffer during this period because of wrong decisions by the authorities, the impact our economy, public health etc is not good. Anti-national activities will rise.

Venus retrograde and combust 2020

The energies of this Venus retrogression period are amplified by Saturn and Jupiter both going retrograde at the same time. Both the Dev-Guru, the Daitya-Guru along with Saturn, the enforcer of Karma are retrograde together (do read my posts on these two topics so that you can merge the keywords). Venus is in is own sign. Saturn in his own sign. Jupiter will transit from his sign of debilitation into his own mooltrikon sign. The explosion of energy is going to be stupendous.

In addition a total solar eclipse, a penumbral lunar eclipse, then stationary nodes, a monthly combustion of Mercury, later Mars’s retrogression etc have mixed up energies till Sept 2020. I have written about the karmic events in the year 2020-2021 in this post.

Retrogrades and combust etc are all regular phenomena so you should not be scared of these times. You just need to be careful of that planet’s energies and the aspects of your life which he controls. These things will be in focus and you will be required to review, rearrange, revaluate, reassess, redo, them during this ‘RE’ period. But this time, till Sept, we will see an unique situation where several graha are behaving contrary to their regular energies, going retrograde, eclipsed and combust. Thus several of aspects of life controlled by these many planets are going to feel the effects all at once. Overload.


Retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn Sagittarius 2020

These coming few months from May to September 2020 are going to be quite turbulent with several plants going retrograde, combust, eclipsed etc. I have written about the possible effects during Saturn’s retrograde in this post here, do go through this also as it will link up to what Jupiter will be upto. Jupiter will be retrograde from 14th May to 13th Sep. In this period he will transit backwards through Capricorn and enter Sagittarius on 30th Jun and continue retrograde in Sagittarius. And during this same period, Saturn is also going retrograde in Capricorn and intensely conjunct Jupiter, making for some very interesting results. If you are a student of astrology you must observe yourself and the things unfolding around you during this period.

Jupiter is going to traverse backwards into the Uttarashadha naksahtra (2nd and 1st quarters) and the Poorvashadha Nakshatra (4th quarter) during his retrograde period.


Briefly on the Nakshatra-s. Uttarashadha and Poorvashadha both will be affected by Jupiter retrograde so open your Janma nava-tara table and check out in which Tara these two nakshatras lie for you. Expect issues connected to this Tara during this period.

I have written in depth about the Uttarashadha nakshatra in my previous post, but repeating it again here.

Uttarashadha is ruled by the deity Vishvedev and linked to the Sun. The word means ‘final victory’, or ‘final celebration’. It is represented by an elephant’s tusk. Leadership, aggression, responsibility, law, character, guidance, good, truth, will, skill, time, apex, light, justice, ancestors/past lives, plans, firmness, introspection etc are some of its keywords. Actions taken under Uttarashadha have long lasting effects are more permanent in nature. If you have any planet in Uttarashadha or your ascendant degree is in this then you are a person of good qualities, intelligent, airy, satvik, modest, fortunate, introspective, mature, in touch with your inner divine and with significant leadership qualities. Practical, achieving, creating structures, truthful, clever, courageous, taking on challenges and winning them. You inspire others. On the spiritual levels, you will be determined to attain the highest Moksh in this highly balanced Uttarashadha. Uttarashadha is deeply connected to the Ida, Pingala Sushumna and your Kundalini etc.

Jupiter is retrograde in this Uttarashadha nakshatra. Misplaced trust. Misguidance. Dogmatic mindsets, inability to see the other’s view, religious fervour will rise. Show-off of outer religious rigidness can cause issues. Personal spiritual practice will seem less appealing. Health issues will crop up. This Nakshatra combines the influence of Jupiter, Saturn and Sun, so whatever these planets signify in your life there will be some issues caused by misdirected hope.

Then the Poorvashadha nakshatra is ruled by deity Apah and connected to Venus. It means ‘initial victory’, ‘undefeated’. It is represented by a Fan. It knows it is invincible and it directs its energy and work to get its assured victory. Some of its qualities are aggression, retaliation, ability to get through difficult situations, patience, planning, expansion, benevolence, compassion, caution, optimism, expression, luxury, spiritual practice, concealments, shyness, sensitivity, has lots of hidden qualities, mystery, can identify hidden qualities in others, can get rid of useless things without a second thought. This nakshatra can give wealth or poison depending on the soul’s maturity level. It is a very deep nakshatra, there is a constant movement, churning, beneath its surface. A sense of all inclusive love, Love with the Highest Inner Self. The grand happiness that true love gives, Param-anand. Here energies of Venus, Daityaguru Shukracharya and Jupiter Devguru Bruhaspati exist, which can potentially take you to Moksh in this Nakshatra.

When Jupiter goes retrograde in Poorvashadha there will be an increase in harshness, cruelty, impatience, selfish love, physical casual affairs which have no future. People will get enticed into doing immoral things for self-gratification. Feelings of others will not be important. Ability to think things through will be affected. The life-vision will get narrowed down, go stale, constricted. Some will go over-board with short-cuts and cheap tactics to get what they selfishly desire. Some will forget what they really want to achieve. If you are not aware of your real goal in the first place, what is the point of pouring your energy into imaginary, unrealistic, immoral goals? Others will not learn from their mistakes nor think on why they failed. Destruction, arguments, fights are possible and later their products ie inevitable sorrow, grief and regrets. Adverse circumstances may seem overwhelming, lethargy and apathy may strike. Joy in life will be reduced in this period. This Nakshatra combines the energies of Venus and Jupiter so divine guidance might be missing in your life during this period.

When Jupiter traverses backwards through these Nakshatras he will unwind all the actions connected to him. ie all things which Jupiter was responsible in your life from Jan 2020 will be seem to unravel, reverse. You will be given to review all the things you hoped for, all activities you initiated during this period. You will be granted another perspective on these things/events. This will be a deeply introspective period for those who can perceive it. For those who cannot perceive these energies, for them this period will cause confusion. These are Nakshatra energies, so linked to your astral self, your deepest desires and your inherent potential.


If you are born with Jupiter retrograde in your birth chart then you are introspective by nature. You think deeply about education, religion, spirituality, culture and have a very unique approach in these matters. You are kind hearted, benevolent by nature, like to teach in a typical mystic manner etc. If this planet is well placed then you are an evolved soul. You do not accept ‘modern philosophy’, stick to the proven systems. You are hard-working and can use all possible, but proper means to achieve your goals. You have a very unique perception, foresight, you can see hidden things, subtle cues, predict things correctly etc. One very typical reading is that you can be cheated by gurus who have lesser wisdom, so choose your spiritual guides very carefully. During this retrograde Jupiter period, you will have an unique opportunity to gain significant spiritual goals. Saturn, Venus and Jupiter retrograde together! But for material goals, this time is not suitable, if you attempt to gain the material now, you will get some eye-opening lessons.

Why do planets seem to go retrograde or seem to stop or go faster or slower? There is a very interesting astronomical reason, do read this post to know more.

Back on a general note, when Jupiter transits Capricorn he will be influenced by Saturn who is already here in his own sign. Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, he has also lost the planetary war. And when he enters Sagittarius, he will share space with Ketu. Not a pleasant thing for the Jupiterian energies in either case. Sagittarius is his mool-trikon sign, so when he comes here and is with Ketu, this is going to be uncomfortable for him. Some people say that Jupiter-Ketu together is good, but in my experience it does little good. Imagine a burst of incisive fiery energy in your astral levels being fed the expansive benevolent hopeful energy of Jupiter. It is a very intense energy which if the personality cannot channelise properly does cause imbalances. This means that he will be opposite Rahu so a variant of Guru-chandal yog will also be temporarily in operation.

To see which signs are going to be affected most, you have to count from the ascendant sign for the physical effects. And count from the birth Moon for the effects on the emotions, comforts, security, astral body, intuition, instinct, love, kindness etc.

First would be Capricorn. Jupiter will aspect Taurus, Cancer and Virgo from here till he is here. Then he goes into Sagittarius so he will aspect Aries, Gemini and Leo during this phase. Sagittarius and Pisces are his own signs so both will show the effects of Jupiter going retrograde. Of these two, Pisces is a bit better off than Sagittarius. Wherever these signs fall in your horoscope, whatever they signify for you there will be some typical things going on here. eg if Sagittarius represents your 10th house the you might find yourself redoing your professional work which you had done in the past few months. or see some issues popping about that work.

Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn will also make everyone suddenly lazy! Then Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will increase ego, reckless behaviour and adamant mind-sets. The readings will vary from person to person depending on the power of the birth chart, the on-going Vimshottari dasha and the other transits (depending on your level of experience, study the Nakshatra, Ashtakvarga, Navamsha etc). If you can use this period productively, you can gain later, as he now makes you review your actions/thoughts/desires etc very thoroughly.

On the global scale too, economy will be affected. Jupiter controls the expansion of money and prosperity. Though corona virus and COVID 19 will cease being an issue post-Sept, the economy of several nations around the world will be in ruins. Getting these back in shape is going to be hard work. Gold and precious metal prices will shoot sky-high. Food grain production may be affected. Public health will obviously be affected. Terrorism, religious hate and anti-national activities can increase during this period.


If you are in Jupiter Mahadasha or even Jupiter antradasha in some other planets Mahadasha, the effects will be more evident.

When Jupiter becomes retrograde like this, you can do any Puja, Homa, Mantra jaap, charity, prayers, Dhyan, any Sadhana you are drawn to, simple or complicated remedies as you can afford to do. Just be sincere and regular about it. Intention is everything. Trust your inner self rather than blindly following others advice. (I have written several posts on these remedies, do use the Index page to locate these posts, if you wish to read)

In this Saturn is also retrograde in Uttarashadha. Do read my previous post to understand how Saturn and Jupiter will work together. Try to think on how the Nakshatra analysis for Jupiter and Saturn will merge.

The overall theme of this period from May to September remains the same. Avoid making life time decisions, avoid big investments, avoid getting into attractions, try to follow your real life path in the most auspicious manner you can. You will be required to work. Pain too will exist depending on your personal chart. Jupiter moving into Capricorn in Nov 2020 will give some relief but real gains will come only after Saturn enters Aquarius, so we are all looking at about 2yrs of work and patience.

I have written about the karmic events in the year 2020-2021 in this post and about the current Venus retrograde in this post here.


Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn 2020

The next few months are very typical, just check what the planets are upto, the highlights.

  • Saturn retrograde from 11th May to 29th Sept in Capricorn.
  • Venus retrograde from 13th May to 25th Jun. He is going to be retrograde in Taurus and will remain in Taurus till 1st Aug. In this he will also get combust from 31st May to 8th Jun. Venus stays in one sign for about 29days, now he will be in his own Taurus for 3.5months!
  • Jupiter retrograde from 14th May to 13th Sep. In this period he will transit backwards through Capricorn and enter Sagittarius on 30th Jun and continue retrograde in Sagittarius.
  • Mercury retrograde from 18th Jun to 12th Jul in Gemini. And he will be going get combust practically every month adding his typical confusion to the potent mix brewing.
  • Mars retrograde from 10th Sep to 14th Nov. In this period he will transit Aries and Pisces in the retrograde motion.

The effects of the last year’s eclipse are still on and we are now fast approaching the most confusing period of the year. In these next 5 months several planets are doing their retrograde-forward dance. Venus and Mercury will get combust for a bit. We will see one lunar penumbral eclipse and one more humongous Solar total eclipse in June in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis.

Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn 2020

Saturn retrograde, in Uttarashadha nakshatra, is the over-arching theme for these few months. So let’s first find out which signs are going to be most affected by his reversal.

  • You have to count from the ascendant sign for the physical effects.
  • And count from the birth Moon for the effects on the emotions, comforts, security, astral body, intuition, instinct, love, kindness etc.

The first sign affected is naturally Capricorn. Then Saturn will aspect Pisces, Cancer and Libra from here.

Capricorn is in the 5/9 axis with Virgo and Taurus. ie Capricorn is either the 5th or 9th house counted from these signs. 5th house blocked means that there will restriction in life, the energies of creativity, divine connection, genius, intelligence are blocked. The 9th house restricted causes trauma, especially from the ancestors, the past lives, social patrons/peers can betray, teachers can misguide, higher learning can be affected, conflicts about the philosophical foundation of life, divine blessings are blocked, auspicious benefits from past lives fail to support. If the 5/9 axis is influenced the ability to differentiate between auspicious and non-auspicious stuff is affected. So these two signs, Virgo and Taurus will face typical issues affecting all aspects of life as above.

Uttarashadha Nakshatra falls partly in Sagittarius, ie its 1st quarter lies in Sagittarius, so Sagittarius ascendant sign or birth Moon should also exercise due caution.

Then Aquarius is Saturn’s own sign, so if he is going to reverse his energies then this sign too will face his effect.

So our identified signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Wherever these signs fall in your horoscope, whatever they signify for you, you will face obstacles, restrictions, suppression, problems, karmic issues etc. So analyse your horoscope in depth. The readings will vary from person to person depending on the power of the birth chart, the on-going Vimshottari dasha and the other transits (depending on your level of experience/study go through the Nakshatra, Ashtakvarga, Navamsha etc).

  • Eg for Libra ascendant, the body health will face some breakdown, surrounding environment will be suffocating, siblings will cause issues, loss of money, lesser options in life, will lack courage to choose, family life will cause problems, creativity might be stifled, children may cause problems, hidden enemies will try to hurt but you may be able to tide over this part, also professional/social life will be problematic. This will happen despite Saturn being a yogkarak for you so examine your chart carefully and remain alert during this period.
  • Eg if your birth Moon sign is Libra then these above aspects of life will cause mental stress, emotional trauma. Eg your Mom will cause you some sadness. Or your residence will be briefly haunted, etc. This will again depend on your personal chart so go through it in depth.

Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn 2020

I have written about using the Nav-tara chakra (post here), draw up yours and find out in which Tara, the Uttarashadha Nakshatra falls. You will be required to undergo karmic events connected to that Tara.

Let’s briefly check out the Uttarashadha naksahtra whose energies are going to be used by Saturn to give his effects.

Uttarashadha is ruled by the deity Vishvedev and linked to the Sun. The word means ‘final victory’, or ‘final celebration’. It is represented by an elephant’s tusk. Leadership, aggression, responsibility, law, character, guidance, good, truth, will, skill, time, apex, light, justice, ancestors/past lives, plans, firmness, introspection etc are some of its keywords. Actions taken under Uttarashadha have long lasting effects are more permanent in nature. If you have any planet in Uttarashadha or your ascendant degree is in this then you are a person of good qualities, intelligent, airy, satvik, modest, fortunate, introspective, mature, in touch with your inner divine and with significant leadership qualities. Practical, achieving, creating structures, truthful, clever, courageous, taking on challenges and winning them. You inspire others. On the spiritual levels, you will be determined to attain the highest Moksh in this highly balanced Uttarashadha. Uttarashadha is deeply connected to the Ida, Pingala Sushumna and your Kundalini etc.

Now Saturn is retrograde in this nakshatra. Time and Karma both working backwards into the energy of this very powerful naksahtra, using its potent energy. For these few months things will take on a very traditional tone, harshness, rigidness, intolerance, secretive underhand stuff, imbalances, challenges will over-whelm. Spiritual practice will pall and materialistic tendencies rise up. People may get caught in destructive relationships, leave things incomplete, get stressed, seem active without doing real work etc. Ego and selfishness will rise. People will speak of many grand things but will do nothing in actuality. Lawlessness will increase. The individual’s sense of right/ wrong will be lost. People will be inspired to do inauspicious stuff and not be inclined towards auspicious things.

This Nakshatra combines the influence of Jupiter, Saturn and Sun, so whatever these planets signify in your life you will face issues from these things during Saturn’s retrogression. This will be a critical time for several of us.

If you can work with these energies to Observe dispassionately, you will be able to use this unprecedented opportunity for your spiritual progress. Just as the most ill-adapted chart for the material life becomes the highest genuine Guru so do the toughest times for the material indicate the best times for the spiritual. But yes there is the pain of disillusionment. Saturn brings out the Reality within everything. So be prepared for some hard truths coming your way.

Saturn entered Uttarashadha 1st quarter which lies in Sagittarius in Dec 2019. This quarter is a Pushkar navamsha so all planets here work for the auspicious. Till here Jupiter the owner of Sagittarius also had some say in the matter, so Saturn had not taken on his ‘Lord of Karma whose Time has come’ role. But when he entered the Capricorn portion of Uttarashadha on 23rd Jan 2020, his own sign, his energies changed completely. He will remain in this nakshatra till the end of this year.  So practically this entire year is dominated by Saturn in Uttarashadha, the Capricorn portion.

(The 1st quarter is owned by Sagittarius, Jupiter’s mooltrikon. The 2nd and 3rd quarters of Uttarashadha are owned by Capricorn and Aquarius respectively, Saturn again. The 4th quarters is owned by Pisces, but Jupiter is not so effective in Pisces.)

Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn 2020

When Saturn becomes retrograde like this, the best thing you can do is to discipline your own mind first and foremost. In any way you can. You can do any Puja, Homa, Mantra jaap, charity, prayers, Dhyan, any Sadhana you are drawn to, simple or complicated remedies as you can afford to do. Just be sincere and regular about it. Intention is everything. (I have written several posts on these remedies, do use the Index page to locate these posts, if you wish to read)

Saturn is all about work, he is not emotional about anything. So if you get emotional about things happening, your problems will multiply. Avoid the following stuff during this period, addictions, love-affairs, over-spending, wasting time, wasting resources, risky behaviour, rash driving, speculation, big investments, arguments, buying unnecessary things, confrontations with the boss/ government, litigations, etc. Retrograde Saturn is not a time to start new things in life. (Since Saturn entered Capricorn in Jan 2020, scope for starting new things has reduced. Saturn generally does not allow new things, instead makes you complete your unfinished business. So whatever you have planned when Saturn was in Sagittarius has greater chances of actual growth). There will be reverses in life, disappointments and pain from time to time. Plan your life systematically, look at your long term objectives, your life’s aims, work in a disciplined manner to achieve them. Even if you feel that nothing is moving, persevere, be patient.Temporary attractions are not going to be good for you during this period. Just be honest to yourself about what you really want in life. Saturn is about Reality not imagination. Pragmatic not emotional. Saturn in Capricorn is about sustained work, he will give you all your rewards when he enters Aquarius, but only if you work now. He will actually help you if you decide to work, but if you are lazy, he will ensure punishment too.

These months are full of highly fluctuating energies, things are changing very fast on the energy levels and are not suitable for any major decisions in life. Lie low and let things unfold around you. As it is, all of us are suffering the karmic effects of Ketu in Sagittarius, which include the lock-down, diseases, deaths, economic turmoil, broken relationships, breakdown in some way or the other.

The silver lining is for those who are spiritually inclined, this period can be best used for intense mediations, spiritual activity, jaap, Homa Dhyan etc. This will help recover balance from the confusion around you. Also if you lose focus and get agitated by the chaos on the material levels around you, you will miss this once in a life-time opportunity for Dhyan. So the keyword for this period is to focus on the Self as much as possible and avoid making life-time decisions in haste.

In my personal life, I too am seeing karma on a fast-forward. One blessing is that all this, at least for me, is being resolved in Dhyan or Swapna-awastha. As I had already mentioned in some post, if some prarabdha karma has to be gone through by the body/mind in this life, it can be diverted into the Swapna-awastha. Or with the power of the Dhyan, it automatically shifts to the astral body. (ie If I am supposed to die, I will experience this death in my swapna-awastha or during Dhyan.) The astral body will suffer rather than the physical body. And the astral body recovers faster especially if Dhyan is regular. Personally for me this is the best option. However big the karma is including physical death is complete in the astral, leaving the physical planes free to do even more Dhyan.

Now if you have Saturn retrograde in your birth chart (I have), then the conflicts will be more. You might be more targeted by your boss or you may target your staff. Try to be patient and control your emotional outbursts. Whatever is going to come your way as per your horoscope, try to navigate through it in a pragmatic and dispassionate manner. This will be more intense especially if your birth Saturn is in one of the identified signs above, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Or you are going through a Dasha/Antar-dasha/Pratyantra-dasha of Saturn etc.

So many signs are involved just with Saturn’s retrograde. A significant chunk of people are going to go through life’s issues and this will be modulated even more by the other planets’s retrogrades, transits, combustion, eclipse etc which is coming up. We all must be prepared for what is coming up.

Why do planets seem to go retrograde or seem to stop or go faster or slower? There is a very interesting astronomical reason, do read this post to know more.

I have written on Jupiter going retrograde in this post and about Venus retrograde in this post here.

I have written about the karmic events in the year 2020-2021 in this post. The objective of Jyotish is not to get scared, never, this is the science of Light. Learn to use the energies of the time coming up in the most productive manner. Being aware is the first step. Remedies are the next step. And behavioural changes are the final step in this process.


Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn 2020

Manglik Mars, its power and timing events

This is a continued post from this one. You must have already analysed your Mars in-depth using the points I have listed out there.

Now let’s divide the manglik dosha into a low-power one and a high-powered one.

Low energy Manglik Dosha – If you see patterns like this in the chart, the dosha is of a low intensity and can be managed by performing remedies and changing behaviour. More the patterns, more its intensity reduces in real life.

  • If Mars is the ascendant lord, ie for Aries and Scorpio ascendants, then Manglik dosha does not exist.
  • If Ruchak yog exists, then Manglik dosha does not exist.
  • Mars is a Yogkarak for Cancer and Leo ascendants, but even then these can suffer from this dosha. You have to examine the chart, using the other guidelines from my pervious post to decide the Dosha’s power. Some aspects of the life may actually benefit from Mars’s energies in this case.
  • Mars influenced by benefics, who are themselves powerful. Especially if a powerful Jupiter aspects Mars by his 5th or 9th aspect, ie Mars does not aspect him in return, then this Dosh reaches a low intensity.
  • Mars not aspecting any other planet in the chart, ie not interfering with anyone else reduces his impact on the personality.
  • A strong ascendant lord and a strong Moon in the birth chart, can somewhat direct the energies created by this Mars. Ascendant lord is connected to the physical self, Moon to the astral self. If these two are very powerful, you can navigate most of the life’s problems quite successfully. There will obviously be issues but you will use them as stepping stones to higher things.
  • Powerful benefics placed in the chart which can help tide over the problems generated by Mars’s erratically directed energies.
  • The lords of the 1st 4th 7th 8th 12th houses themselves being very powerful, benefics and capable of giving auspicious results for that house. Then at least this part of the life will be better able to navigate Mars’s aggression.
  • Any other powerful auspicious yog in the horoscope which can help the overall personality direct Mars’s power for doing good.
  • If the navamsha chart is auspicious, then a lot of life’s problems are reduced. Navamsha analysis is necessary for coming to a conclusion about the Manglik tag.

High energy Manglik Dosh – If you see patterns like this in the chart, the dosha is of a higher intensity and cannot be completely managed by performing remedies. More the interconnecting patterns, more intense the dosha’s energies.

  • Mars influenced by malefics in some way or the other.
  • Mars influencing other malefics in some way or the other, aggravating their ability and give worse results.
  • Mars aspecting other benefics and affecting their ability to do good.
  • The ascendant lord and the birth Moon both unable to give good results, ie are afflicted by functional malefics, or placed in the 3rd 6th 8th 12th houses, or eclipsed/ combust etc then the personality, the environment and the mental/ emotional strength are destabilised. Do analyse them carefully before coming to a conclusion about this.
  • The lords of the 1st 4th 7th 8th 12th houses themselves are afflicted so naturally the connected house is going to be problematic.
  • Other combinations/dosha-s increasing the power of the other malefics over the personality.
  • The navamsha chart is not auspicious and unable to support the main physical personality. This increases the intensity of all problems in life including the manglik dosha.

Manglik Mars, its power and timing events

Navamsha analyis in Manglik Dosha, very briefly. (I have written several posts on Navamsha analysis, do go through them.) Check what your inner expectations/potentials are using the 9th divisional chart, D9. In your analysis till now you must have realised which houses and planets are affected by manglik Mars’s energies. So analyse further, some examples. If you see patterns like this with your planets then you should judge accordingly, it is possible that the patterns may help your Mars direct his energy or even aggravate your Martian nature,

  • eg Mars in 4th house is with Rahu in D1. In the D9, Rahu shifts to Aries. So Rahu is influenced by Mars in both charts, causing deeper issues.
  • eg If Mars in the 1st house aspects the 7th house lord. And in the navamsha this other planet shifts to Scorpio, again Mars’s energy influences him.
  • eg If Mars in the 1st house is debilitated, but in the D9 he goes in Capricorn. This can help reduce the problem of his aggression.
  • eg If in an manglik chart, the 7th lord is vargottam, the 7th house matters will be good.

Depending on your levels of expertise/ intuition/ study you can also study the concerned Nakshatra, Ashtakvarga, Shad-bala etc strengths, or other divisional charts for more information.

Vimshottari dasha periods Check if your current Vimshottari period has more positive or more negative patterns and act wisely.

  • In your above analysis, you must have identified the planets whom Mars is influencing/ aspecting. Now in the Vimshottari dasha periods of Mars or these other planets, you will experience an over-load of his energy. eg If Mars is aspecting Ketu in your birth chart then you should be alert during Ketu’s dasha periods also. Your aggression and fiery nature may lead you to fights, arguments, decisions made in passion etc during this time also.
  • navamshaIf you are going through a dasha period of a functional malefic for your chart, then the dosha’s energies can add to the discomfort you are going to face.
  • Dasha periods of strong benefics or benefics who positively influence/ aspect your birth Mars can grant you opportunities to use your manglik energies in a more productive manner. Make use of these times to focus your Mars and gain. Mars if used correctly can work wonders.

Transits. Do take care during the following time periods as your aggression can be aggravated,

  • A significant transit of Mars which aspects his birth position.
  • Mars getting combust, or retrograde, or in a graha yuddha in the skies will cause a fluctuation in your personal energies and also health (personal health can be an issue sometimes as the body ‘heat’, pitta is high, this can vary from boils to indigestion, ulcers etc diseases connected to over-heating).
  • A transit of malefics, Saturn, Rahu/Ketu or Sun which aspect your birth Mars position.

Saturn and the troubles of the early childhood

Remedies. Mantra jaap, homa, pujas, giving away items of that planet etc are all options. Charity to really deserving poor people is also helpful (giving stuff to undeserving people does not work). I have written about remedies in several posts do use the Index to locate them. But with remedies, remember one thing always. No remedy can completely stop the problems caused by your birth chart energies (prarabdha karma). Reduce it yes, completely eliminate, no. You can redirect your energy, that choice is always available to you. Behavioural changes are always a good option if you are intelligent enough to understand your own nature. If you are honest with yourself and comprehend how your mind works, you can divert your Mars into something which genuinely excites you, rather than chasing illusions. Use your energy to do something that genuinely ignites your passion rather than wasting it in needless and endless conflicts with your loved ones. A strong Mars is a very important asset if you can use his energy in a sensible manner.

Apart from the astrological remedies, if you know that you have such a combination in your birth chart and a typical time period is coming up from the transits and Dasha, then you should be prepared for what will come and adjust your behaviour, expectations and actions accordingly. This will save you a lot of trouble and save your loved ones, heart-break.

If the Manglik dosha in your chart is of the low energy type, the remedies will be useful and will significantly reduce the burden of karma.

If the Manglik combination is of the high energy variety then the remedies will not be so efficacious. Some part of it will have to be gone through, despite the remedy being performed. The more intense the combination, the more repetitive and reinforcing the patterns are, the more deeply the karma is ingrained into your present life (especially if the Navamsha also shows the same patterns). I have seen some Internet sites who claim to ‘tie up’ Manglik energies. This is faulty thinking as ‘tying up’ the karma is temporary at best and causes problems on the astral levels. There might also be a severe backlash. Then you will be required to rebalance this manglik energy karma either later in life or in your next lives. If you have opted-out from something at your birth and chosen something else instead then that choice cannot be disregarded.

I have observed that some people with intense Manglik Mars sometimes remain unmarried and it suits them! These people generally have some over-riding passion which drives them, they are so utterly focussed on their passion that family etc is not really relevant to them. Or when these highly Manglik people marry, they are required to live away from their family, eg army men, merchant navy, pilots, corporate high-ups who travel often, brahmins who travel for doing pujas, etc. This is probably for the best, but it leads to separation from the family (perhaps unfair for the spouse/children) If they live with their families, all the time, there is invariably conflict.

Manglik Mars, its power and timing events

With the Manglik combination, you think only from one point of view. You are in a hurry, there is a lot of force within you pushing to get out. The mind can be easily destabilised by this high voltage Mars. You do not stop to think or re-consider. You take everything as a challenge. Thus you engage in risky behaviour often putting your own self in danger. (eg rash driving, silly bets involving life threatening behaviour etc). If you can understand this and give yourself time to cool down before acting, all your Manglik problems will evaporate. But Mars does not allow this to happen so easily, thus the Dosha. After Mars matures, things often become more easier to handle.

Manglik dosha essentially is a burst of energy so intense and focused that it sets those aspects of life on fire where one-one relationships exist or those aspects of life where you have to think before you act. Mars’s nature is antithetical to one-one equitable relationships, he is a burst of passion. One-one relationships are in our personal family, business, job, meditation etc. With manglik Mars’s intensity, there is little peace in any of these things, neither for you nor for the person opposite you (loved one, child, parent, siblings, family member, business-partner etc). For you, perhaps this does not register as you are the fiery Mars yourself, these are your regular energies. (The Sun also burns, but his heat is of an indifferent intensity, he is more self-centred, he cannot focus on anyone else.) Mars, in his intensity, is focussed on the other person/ thing which he wants to dominate, to crush, to conquer. You are born with this intensity. But for the person opposite you, this burst of fire can at times be unbearable. You can hit them physically, astrally, emotionally, financially etc intensely and not feel a thing. Mars does not think before he acts, he is a burst of focussed fire, the energy of life and death.

Mars’s Manglik energy is more a destructive energy. If you are a Manglik Mars, you are the destructive face, Shiva in his Ugra form. You can destroy negativity in your/ others life if you choose, but you can also destroy positive things too. What you destroy is ultimately your choice. Understanding yourself is key.


Soham, Sushumna Yog and the Sat-guru

Manglik, a guide to analysing Mars in depth

(This post is in response to this, ‘What is your experience with charts that have Mars in own sign, exaltation or mooktrikon while in one of the manglik houses? Is Mars always Manglik in 12th? i.e. if it is exalted or in own or mooltrikon? Also, does it suggest the importance of tapasya and homam/yagna in balancing and evolving?)

Manglik is called a dosha as it gives certain results in life which are perceived as negative. (I have written on how to manage the Manglik Mars energies here)

Mars is domination, power, courage, fearlessness, physical strength, rage, violence, passion, war, destruction, competition, first, wins, leadership etc. So not really suited for equitable partnerships or a peaceful family life. Aggression and Martian energy is necessary as it literally is the energy of life and death both, but its use determines if it is positive/ negative in life. Mars energies have to be channelised, this is the crux of the Manglik energy.

  • If you hurt your loved ones out of your temper, or break up with your business partner because of your need to compete, or argue with your family members because of your need to dominate, or ignore your spiritual practice because of your passion for the opposite sex, or beat your children because you are impatient, or engage in risky behaviour because of your desire to be first, or get into alcohol/addictions, etc all this is a bad way of using his energy.
  • If you use your Mars to learn an aggressive sport, or go to the gym, build your body/ mind/ pran+nadi or enrol in the army, learn military strategy, or become a sharp-eyed businessman, or become a surgeon, or a researcher, an explorer, or engage in strenuous yogic practices, use your extraordinary ability to ‘focus’ and ‘achieve’, all this is good use of his energy.

First step is to know what sort of energy Mars indicates in your chart. How this Mars will be channelised will be as per the power of the entire horoscope. Remember Mars’ Manglik energies cannot be reduced, they can only be directed. What aspect of your life you choose to direct them into, is your choice. This choice will again depend on the potential of your birth chart as a whole. (ie what you chose at your birth moment)

Manglik, a guide to analysing Mars in depth

Let’s find out what Mars stands for in your chart and what kind of results he is capable of giving. Should he even be called a ‘Manglik Mars’ or not? How intense will be his effect? In your chart check the following, analyse your Mars in depth and come to your own conclusions.

Mars is ascendant lord. For Aries and Scorpio ascendants, Mars is the ascendant lord so will give auspicious results wherever he is placed. An ascendant lord cannot give overtly malefic results in a chart. So for these two ascendants, the ‘Manglik’ tag does not exist. There will be aggression etc obviously but as he is the ascendant lord himself, he will also grant some ability to channelise these energies in the best possible manner suitable to the personality/environment.

For the remaining ascendants, Mars placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th houses is called a Manglik. If this is counted from the ascendant sign then the effect will be on the entire personality/ environment. If this is counted from the birth Moon then this effect will be on the emotional/ internal levels. (Some people count the 2nd house also but in the current times, the traditional family life indicated by the 2nd house does not exist, the society/ family structure has changed.)

Now read on and see which of the following points are applicable to your Mars’s manglik energies. Add the keywords as applicable. This is a guideline post to help you gain more insight into your Mars’ energies.

Mars is in his own sign, Aries or Scorpio and in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house.

  • Ruchak yogIf Mars is in his own sign (Aries, Scorpio) or his sign of exaltation (Capricorn) and in the 1st, 4th or 7th houses, then this is called the Ruchak yog. One should not call this person a ‘Manglik’. If the rest of the horoscope is supportive then the Ruchak yog can grant happiness, fortune etc as per the capacity of the chart. The aggression of Mars will be utilised productively.
  • If Mars is in his own Aries or Scorpio but in the 8th or 12th houses  then there are some issues created because the body’s vitality is low. He may be more materialistic, vengeful, indifferent to the spouse, affairs etc. A ‘mild Manglik’ type which can be managed by understanding and intelligently directing his energy.

Mars, exalted or debilitated

Manglik and debilitated is a very typical combination. Mars is debilitated in Cancer (post here). The energy of his environment is completely against his fundamental nature. Such persons are jealous, irritable, cannot adjust, cannot settle down, change their minds, unstable jobs, will have affairs, can harm oneself and others, separation and unhappiness from spouse, health of spouse can be a cause for concern, children can give mental stress etc. His actions can cause harm to himself first then to others around him. The changeable, watery nature of the sign, Cancer and the speed of its lord, the Moon, cause fluctuations in aggression, vitality and emotional nature of the person. Physical health and longevity of the person must be checked from the individual chart especially if you get this chart for marriage matching.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, he will give excellent results in most of the cases, irrespective of the Manglik tag.

  • If he is in the 1st, 4th, 7th in Capricorn then this is called Ruchak yog, this is very good. The energy of Mars can be channelised in the best possible manner. Depending on which house Mars occupies, that aspect of his life is more active. Overall this combination should not be labelled as ‘manglik’.
  • For Gemini ascendant, Mars exalted will occupy the 8th house, this will be good for him as his in-laws etc will give him gains etc. Again we need not consider this to be Manglik.
  • Just for Aquarius ascendant, where the exalted Mars will occupy the 12th house, one must pay attention to personal health and the spouse’s health. Rest of the life aspects should be ok, unless the Mars is even more damaged.


Mars and the other planets

If this Manglik Mars is aspected by benefics, this will help direct his aggressive behaviour but again, not reduce it. The sobering, gentle, auspicious influences will ensure that he uses his energy aggressively, but to do good for himself and the people around him. Especially if Jupiter aspects Mars with his extra 5th 9th aspects, it is even more helpful.

In case of mutual aspects with benefics, 7/7, the effect is a bit different as this Manglik Mars will interfere with the other planet’s energy also. This other planet is rather gentle compared to the aggressive Mars, so may not as effective in directing the manglik energy. Do check the power for both, Ashtakvarga, Shadbala etc to know who has more influence over the other in the birth chart.

Who does he aspect? This is a very important consideration which most astrologers miss out. Note which graha Mars aspects especially with his 4th and 8th aspects. In a mutual aspect or conjunction both planets influence each other. But when Manglik Mars influences other planets with his extra aspects he can cause them severe damage. Whatever aspects of life this other planet signifies will be linked to the Manglik aggression. Especially if this planet is connected to the family 4th or 7th houses, or if this a malefic, Saturn, Sun, Rahu or Ketu. If this is the case, the Manglik energies of the entire personality will be aggravated.

In conjunction, especially if Mars is in the 8th or 12th houses. In this case the other planet will also be in these houses of catastrophic changes/losses so its energies are not going to be really positive in the first place!

Manglik Mars aspected by additional malefics, will make him more malevolent and direct his energies in causing damage and pain to the self and to the others around him. So if this Mars is aspected by, or conjunct with Saturn, Sun, Rahu or Ketu then the temper etc will be even more explosive and damaging.

Combust Manglik Mars, means that he is conjunct the Sun, so close that all his energy as been absorbed by the Sun. The Sun is a natural malefic. Then Sun, Leo sign and the planets placed in Leo will also show the effects. It generally gives inauspicious results in personal life. But if this energy can be directed properly, then political, military etc successes are possible.

Yogkarak Mars

Mars is the Yogkarak for Cancer and Leo ascendants so will generally do good for them. Yogkarak planets are functional benefics, ie they own one Kendra and one Kona house in the chart. When malefic planets are Yogkarak, one thing has to be understood that the typical nature of the planet does not go away. It just gets directed in some way which helps the personality as a whole cope with life. ie just because Mars is Yogkarak, does not mean that his influence over the personality will stop being aggressive. It just means that this aggressiveness will be used to protect/help the individual in some significant way.

  • But if he is a Manglik also, ie Mars is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses for these ascendants, then the Martian aggression gets directed to the personality/ health/ surrounding environment/ family/ spouse/ finances/ social status/ profession/ losses etc aspects of life. You have to analyse him in this context. An overdose of extra Mars energy here will cause typical manglik problems.
  • These two ascendants also have the most difficult marriages in the zodiac, as, for both, Saturn owns the 7th house. (Do read my posts on these ascendants for the detailed analysis). Leo is better off than Cancer, as its 7th house is Aquarius (mooltrikon for Saturn), while Cancer has Capricorn in its 7th house. Marriage comforts depend on Saturn. ‘Comforts’ and ‘Saturn’ are rather antithetical, so for the marriage part of the Manglik thingie, Mars and Saturn have to be examined.
  • For other aspects of life affected by the Manglik energy, ie profession etc, Mars can give better results with occasional problems popping up which can be managed by intelligent behaviour. Especially if the rest of the horoscope is supportive, this energy can be used quite productively.
  • So there need not be much of a problem, unless Mars is further damaged by being debilitated/ combust/ under further malefic influences/ inauspicious combinations etc etc. Or the chart as a whole does not have much power. Then there will be problems definitely.
  • For Cancer ascendant, if Mars in Capricorn, 7th house, or the 10th house Aries, this is Ruchak yog so not a Manglik. If he is in Cancer 1st house (he is also debilitated here), or if he is in the 4th 8th or 12th house, then Manglik energies exist and have to be examined further to determine its effect in life.
  • For Leo ascendant, Mars in 4th house, Scorpio is Ruchak yog, so not a manglik. For the other positions 1st, 7th, 8th, 10th, 12th houses, Manglik dosha exists.


Mars retrograde is also a typical thing which can add to the rather intense energies of the Manglik dosha. Retrograde Mars will not allow you to express your aggression, confidence, innovation in a healthy manner. It will bubble inside till it reaches a breaking point where it will burst out with so much force that you won’t be able to use it productively, this triggers some sort of a melt-down, you might cry or rage uncontrollably. This will be a rare event, maybe once or twice a year but others might think you have an unpredictable temper. Retrograde planets weaken the outwardly directed power of the personality as a whole, turn it inwards.

Then if the manglik Mars is also a functional malefic for your ascendant sign, then obviously his energy will be directed to do more harm than good, aggravating the effects.

The houses he owns. Where do Aries and Scorpio lie in this chart and which planet is sitting here? These two signs carry the energy of this aggressive Mars, so planets placed in them show increased aggressiveness too. Again as above, if rulers of the ‘family’ houses or the classic malefics, Saturn, Sun, Rahu or Ketu, are located in these, then you are looking at a very aggressive overall personality, who can damage himself and the others around him. Most astrologers forget to check this part. 

Any other significant patterns you notice in the chart. If there are any auspicious yog which can help the personality direct its Mars. Or if there are significant combinations indicating malefic patterns which make him more malevolent. More the patterns, more intense will be the effect, either way. If you are experienced enough, check his Nakshatra, Ashtakvarga, Navamsha, his strengths etc, for more information.

The one important thing is that Mars’s Manglik energies do not get cancelled. You have chosen these energies at birth, these are your choice of prarabdha karma, you have to go through them in some way or the other. You always have the choice of directing this energy in the best possible manner. How you direct them will depend on the power of the entire horoscope, the Dasha and the transits from time to time.

(Continued in my next post here)




Saturn conjoint or aspecting Rahu, Shapit Dosh

There was a question on Saturn conjoint or aspecting Rahu, commonly called the Shapit (cursed) dosh and its remedies.

Rahu and Saturn are both slow moving planets so once they get conjunct or Saturn aspects Rahu, this event can go upto 1.5yrs. A child born during this time will have this shapit, ‘cursed’ negative combination or dosha in his birth chart, causing typical events in his life. And remember Saturn aspects the 3rd 7th 10th house from his placement. So statistically about 25% people will be born with Saturn with or aspecting Rahu. (This is also a combination for Pitru dosh, ill luck from the ancestors.) 

To analyse them together you have to check out the following about Saturn in the birth chart.

  • Is Saturn a Yogkarak or a functional benefic or functional malefic for your ascendant?
  • Is he aspected by benefics or malefics? Is he being made more malevolent or has some potential to do good?
  • Which house/ sign is he placed in, with whom and who else does he aspect? If he is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th 8th houses, the effects are more inauspicious.
  • Which houses does he own? ie where does Capricorn and Aquarius lie in this chart and which planet is sitting here?
  • Any other significant patterns you notice about him, any auspicious yog or significant combinations or even more malefic patterns.
  • If you are experienced enough check his Nakshatra, Ashtakvarga, Navamsha etc, all sources which can give you more information.
  • Overall, can he be expected to give auspicious results or not? If inauspicious, then which aspects of your life are going to be in trouble?

Then perform a similar exercise for Rahu. Do remember that his physical effects are dependant on the other planet’s keywords, the signs/ planets/ nakshatra he is influenced by. Astral effects are going to be his own, but channeled through these keywords. Any other combination involving Rahu eg Guru-Chandal? Or Shakti yog? Anything like this gives Rahu more power to create illusions and push you away from your karmic path. If you allow Rahu to lead you away from your karmic path, Saturn will not like it and take action to discipline you aggravating the shapit dosha.

Saturn conjoint or aspecting Rahu, Shapit Dosh

So now we know what Rahu and Saturn are independently capable of giving you in your chart. But when Saturn influences Rahu by conjunction or aspect then their intrinsically opposite natures flare up. Saturn works on the material levels and Rahu on the astral levels. Saturn’s nature is constriction, limitation, reductions, rules and regulations, social structure, law and morals, slow to act, karmic payback, reality. If you follow his rules he will give you some gain at the end. If you do not then your karmic load will increase. Rahu is fast acting, quick to seize the opportunity, will break rules, won’t think twice about cheating others etc driven by his intense desire to experience. He is Desire. He creates Illusions and also helps break through them depending on the soul’s maturity. His results are exclusively on the astral realms but he works through the material keywords of the planets who influence him. Do anything under his influence and it gets registered directly in the Sookshma sharir/subtle body, ie deep-set karma. Rahu is an astral graha represented as a head without a torso. (Rahu and his other half Ketu are very fascinating forces in the horoscope, I have written several posts on their nature.)

It is said that Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like Mars. But this is not really correct as they work on the subjective levels. Saturn and Mars are more on the objective planes of existence. If you have any connection, aspect or conjunction between these forces, ie Rahu/Ketu with Mars or Saturn in your chart you are going to face some  typical turmoil in life.

Rahu and Saturn are forces of struggle, pain, sorrow, so when they come together, these negative results are magnified. It is a deep negative karma carried over from several lives, now out for resolution. Rahu in the astral and Saturn at the very physical Mooladhar chakra have the potential to cause rare havoc in the chart. Rahu-Saturn combination will adversely affect other auspicious combinations of the chart so this dosha needs to be analysed carefully. Together they give delayed or denied marriage, no comfort in marriage, falling out with the spouse, divorces, death of spouse, no peace in married life. Then delayed or denied children, miscarriages, abortions, deaths of children, denial of male children, abnormal or unhealthy children ie in some way or the other the next generation will be affected. A vitiated family life, arguments in the house, negative energy, psychic attacks, ghosts in the house, financial troubles, there is no comfort/happiness in the house. Personal health is not good and lingering diseases exist. Education, career, business etc can get affected. Even if there are luxuries available, you will not be allowed to enjoy them. Overall Saturn influencing Rahu affects the overall auspiciousness of life.

If they are capable of giving auspicious results together in some way then Rahu with Saturn may give opportunities especially in foreign lands, import/export, trade, speculation/stocks etc. Successes in social work, technology, electronics etc. But even then, they will give trouble of some sort in your life as above in some way or the other. But for this you have to examine the chart in depth.

Saturn conjoint or aspecting Rahu, Shapit Dosh

As about 25% of the population will show this shapit yog, I will try to divide it into a low energy and a high powered Dosh as follows,

Low energy Shapit Dosh – If you see patters like this in the chart, the dosha is of a low intensity and can be managed by performing remedies. More the patterns the more its intensity reduces in real life.

  • Saturn is a yogkarak for Libra and Taurus ascendants, so these two ascendants do not suffer much from this dosha.
  • Rahu and Saturn aspected by benefics, who are themselves powerful. Especially if a powerful Jupiter aspects Saturn by his 5th or 9th aspect, ie Saturn does not aspect him in return, then this Dosh reaches its lowest intensity.
  • Saturn not aspecting any other planet in the chart.
  • A strong ascendant lord and a strong Moon in the birth chart, can somewhat manage the turmoil created by this Saturn’s influence on Rahu. Ascendant lord is connected to the physical self, Moon to the astral self. If these two are very powerful, most of the life’s problems can melt away.
  • Some other powerful auspicious yog in the horoscope which can help the overall personality cope.
  • If the navamsha chart is auspicious, then a lot of life’s problems are reduced.

High energy Shapit Dosh – If you see patterns like this in the chart, the dosha is of a higher intensity and cannot be completely managed by performing remedies. More the interconnecting patterns, more intense the dosha’s energies.

  • Rahu and Saturn aspected by malefics, especially so if Mars aspects them in some way.
  • Saturn aspecting other planets, influencing their energy.
  • The ascendant lord and the birth Moon being unable to give good results, ie are afflicted by functional malefics, or placed in the 3rd 6th 8th 12th houses, or eclipsed/ combust etc combinations then the personality, the environment and the mental/ emotional strength are compromised, adding to the problem. The coping mechanism is affected.
  • The navamsha chart is not auspicious and unable to support the main physical personality. This increases the intensity of all problems in life including the shapit dosha’s effects. (Do read about Navamsha analysis)

The Vimshottari Dasha. Be alert during these following periods as they will create negative issues as the Dosha gets the energy to manifest its results as above. Mental and physical strain will occur during these periods. Depending on which houses/ signs are involved, you will face stress from those parts of your life.

  • If you are undergoing a Dasha period, mahadasha, or antardasha or the even smaller sub-sub-dashas of Rahu or Saturn then you should be alert as the trouble indicated by the Shapit dosha in your chart is going to 100% surface during this period. Analyse this period carefully. This trouble cannot be avoided, but its intensity can be modulated depending on its power in the birth chart, is it the low/high power variety?
  • If you are going through a dasha period of a functional malefic for your chart, then the dosha’s energies can add to the discomfort you are going to face.
  • If it is a dasha period of a benefic who does not have enough power to grant auspicious results, then too you should be alert as the auspicious energies in life are lesser and might not be able to avert the negative effects of the dosha.
  • Dasha periods of benefics with sufficient power in your birth chart give strength to endure the negativity and also grant the intelligence to convert adversity to gain. So use these periods wisely to consolidate yourself.

Finally Transits. If you have this Shapit combination in your birth chart then you should be aware of the transits too.

  • If you are going through a significant transit of Saturn or Rahu in your chart then expect turbulence. Eg From 2019 Mar to 2020 Jan Rahu and Saturn were opposite each other, ie Saturn was aspecting Rahu with his 7th aspect. If you have charts with Shapit yog in your study bank you must have observed these people going through a bad period in their family life, loved ones, well-wishers, children, finance, business etc. Now these two are in the 6/8 axis, this the axis of karma/trauma cycles. So cannot grant relief till they move out from this 6/8 axis in transit. So whatever aspects of your life are controlled by Saturn and Rahu can remain problematic.
  • Planets aspect in transit also. So if you have your beneficial planets aspecting the birth chart position of Saturn/Rahu, then this transit period can give relief from the dosha for some time.
  • And the other way round, if you have your malefic planets aspecting the birth chart position of Saturn/Rahu, then this transit period will aggravate the dosha for this time.

Finally a bit on Remedies. I have always recommended mantra jaap as a remedy, and it works well.  Homa, pujas, giving away items of that planet etc are all options which you can choose as per what you can do. Some charity, to the really deserving poor people, is also helpful (giving stuff to undeserving people does not work). I have written about remedies in several posts. But with remedies, remember one thing always. No remedy can completely stop the problems caused by your birth chart energies (prarabdha karma). Reduce it yes, completely eliminate, no.

If the Shapit dosha in your chart is of the low energy type, the remedies will be useful and will reduce the burden of karma significantly. You should be able to live a regular life without much disturbance from Saturn/Rahu. Some dreams may be disturbing from time to time, or minor incidents may occur. As the highest reduction in intensity will be when you experience the effects in your dreams. Then the intensity of the problem can be reduced in some way, eg if you were to fracture your leg, you will get away with a sprain etc.

If the Shapit combination is of the high energy variety then the remedies will not be so efficacious. I have seen on the Internet, dubious sites who claim to do a 100% remedy of such karmic combinations but it is not really possible. Some part of it will have to be gone through despite the remedy being performed. The more intense the combination, the more repetitive and reinforcing the patterns are, the more deeply the karma (prarabdha karma) is ingrained into your present life.

Apart from the astrological remedies, if you know that you have such a combination in your birth chart and a typical time period is coming up from the transits and Dasha, then you should be prepared. Saturn is involved so he will want discipline and make you work hard. If you recognise the karmic targets indicated in your chart, be sincere and honest with yourself, discipline yourself and work, he will accept this and actually help you achieve them. But if you get fascinated with Rahu, desire satisfaction in the illusions which Rahu paints before your eyes and get carried away, Saturn will not only register this as a karma to be resolved in your future lives but also discipline you in this current life. Saturn’s job is to remove illusions and he does this with the slow grinding force of Time. He recognises no emotions, no pain, no suffering, he is only about completing the tasks you have set for yourself at your birth moment.

So essentially the shapit dosha is nothing but an internal fight between the power of Illusion created by the manifested worlds around you and the desire of the soul to complete its karmic tasks and get free from this Illusion. You always have a choice in this. If you fall for the Illusion it is nothing but trouble throughout and more entanglements. If you are able to complete your karma then its freedom. Maybe this is why it is called a cursed combination. A lot depends on the power of the ascendant lord and the birth Moon in navigating this.


Saturn conjoint or aspecting Rahu, Shapit Dosh

(There are few pending questions on Saturn and Mars, so will try to write more about these two in my next few posts)


Newborns with a loaded 11th or 12th house

I am penning this one quick post after one incident with someone I know. Not giving out the details, but their genuine fear made me realise that ‘professional-astrologers’ do sometimes scare innocent people for creating dependency. If you have a newborn in your family, even you can observe what I have written in this post for yourself. Check the birth horoscope of the baby. Note which planets are placed in the 11th or 12th houses. Now the planets placed in the 11th house will, with time, move into the 12th house as per their transit speeds. And naturally the 12th house planets will move into the 1st house as per their natural speeds.

Let’s see what happens, first for the planets in the 11th house who will move into the 12th house and what effects will be seen on the baby. This is on the tiniest levels because from a baby’s view point everything around him is really very big, time passes very slowly for him. The perspective of the baby is very different.We might think that so much is happening so fast in the tiny baby’s life, but for a baby time passes very slowly. One day is like a life time for him.  (post here).

If there is a Moon here, the baby will fall slightly ill on the 2-5th day of its birth. Naturally the Moon will transit to the 12th house in 2.5days so the baby might suffer a sudden weight loss because of loss of water, or refuse to feed properly, or there might be shivering or spasms because of electrolyte imbalance. The mother will feel more weak during these few days and the baby might get a bit neglected, there would be some confusion about how to care for it.

Next, if the Sun in the 11th house, he will shift to the 12th house of the baby, in transit, within one month and stay there for 1 month. In this one month, when the Sun transits his 12th house, the baby may suffer from heat related issues, boils etc and he might lose weight too. Indigestion and vomiting or unusual motions are possible. Feeding him properly is necessary during this time. Also internal heat will be a bit variable, so skin rashes, pitta etc can be possible.

If Mercury is in the 11th house at birth. He will shift to the 12th house within the next about 25days and stay there for another approx 25days. So during this time, Mercury will ensure that there is some misdiagnosis of some sort. Eg the parents/doctors might think that something is happening, but  in reality something altogether different would be happening to him. eg you might think he has colic but maybe he as an ear infection. If you are giving him some vaccines or medicines during this period then its possible that they may give some adverse reaction. Or the dose may not be correct or something.

Venus in the 11th and then moving onto the 12th. He stays in one sign for about 28days. But I have not observed any typical issue here, possibly because Venus in exalted in the natural 12th house of the chart?

Mars in the 11th house can shift into the 12th within 2 months of birth. Baby can get non-cooperative, cry, can over-heat internally, so boils etc can pop up. Fevers and other heat related ailments are possible, somewhat similar to the Sun above.

Then if Jupiter is in the 11th house at birth and next transits to the 12th. Jupiter is the jeev-karak, the agent of life. A strong Jupiter gives a healthy body. He generally stays in a sign for about a year, but does his forward/retrograde/forward dance in between, so he might do this in the 11th-12th houses of the baby’s chart. When he goes into the 12th house a few months after birth he gives some health problems. The usual illnesses of babies may happen during this period from cold, fever to whatever they get in their first year of life. The health will go down slightly in some way.

Saturn in the 11th house and going to the 12th house can happen upto 2.5yrs of life. If the child is older then he will get cranky and you might scold/ discipline him. But if this happens when he is a baby, then he might just cry for no apparent reason. But the problem will be in the astral dimensions as he will be facing some karma from the other worlds. In this case the evil eye tips (post here) should be used to help him.

If Rahu and Ketu occupy the 1st house, they will have their typical effect on the personality. They will shift into the 12th house within the next 1.5yrs as they move retrograde. Again Rahu/ Ketu in the 12th house means astral connect. So use the evil eye prevention tips while Rahu/ Ketu are in the 1st and 12th houses.

Naming your baby, the astrologic twists and turns..

Then if any graha is in the 12th house, he will next transit to the 1st house as per its movement. This almost always causes some trouble. During such transits especially of the slower planets adequate care should be taken. Whenever a planet connected to the 12th house, either the owner of the 12th or placed in the 12th, occupies the 1st house in transit, he causes some reduction in the physical body and the environment around. This is more important if the baby has planets in the 12th house at birth as they will immediately transit the 1st house and if the baby/child is very small, naturally he will not be able to communicate regarding his problems.

This was a generic post, as the actual results will depend on the individual baby’s chart. If the planet is moving into his own sign or sign of exaltation or a friend’s sign the results may not be so perceptible, only minor things can occur. But if there are additional malefic influences then they will be quite evident.

So there is no need to get scared if your otherwise normal and happy, newborn baby, suddenly gets all worked up. Use your common sense and consult a sensible doctor first.

We Jyotishi-s are primarily Observers, the more dispassionate we are, the better we get. If you see something happening or a certain situation unfolding, you have to be able to pick up the keywords of the situation. Train your mind to see patterns in everything around you. Prakruti follows the laws of nature, ie Jyotish. Everything in this created world, emotions, logic, people, interactions, every single thing can be reduced to Jyotish. (But you cannot analyse the Soul with Jyotish, as the Soul is not a part of this created universes.)


The toughest Vimshottari Antardasha

Vimshottari dasha system is the most common one which all students of Jyotish learn. In this, the format is a main-period/Mahadasha, sub-period/antar-dasha and further sub-sub periods, a total of 5 levels. The tone of this main-period is further modulated by the subsequent sub-sub periods. This covers the 120yrs of a human life. The Maha-Dashas are Ketu Mahadasha is 7years, Venus mahadasha is the longest at 20 Years, Sun Mahadasha is 6 Years, Moon Mahadasha is 10 Years, Mars Mahadasha is 7 Years, Rahu Mahadasha is 18 Years, Jupiter Mahadasha is 16 Years, Saturn Mahadasha is 19 Years and Mercury Mahadasha is 17 Years.

The important thing in analysing the Vimshottari is analysing the power and the nature of the Mahadasha MD ruler and the Antardasha AD ruler and the interaction between them. (If you are experienced enough you can attempt adding the rulers of the sub-sub periods etc to this analysis too.)

So open your vedic software, input your birth data and check what planet’s MD and which planet’s AD you are in at the present moment. We have to now analyse the relationship between these two planets to get a sense of how this sub-period will be like.

This is our example chart, Aleister Crowley the famous occultist and creator of the Thoth tarot deck, birth details, 12th Oct 1875, 11:43 pm Leamington UK. Suppose Crowley was in Jupiter MD and Rahu AD ie ‘Jupiter-Rahu’ period. Now analyse the birth chart, Cancer ascendant so Jupiter is a functional malefic (he owns the 6th and 9th houses and his mooltrikon sign Sagittarius lies in the 6th house, maha-dusham-sthan). Rahu is a functional malefic for all ascendants.

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

Analysing further. Jupiter is the owner of the 6th house, ie his mool trikon sign lies in the 6th house so he will bring in all the keywords of the 6th house into focus during this period. Ie debts, disease, enemies, arguments, imbalances of all sorts, all one-one relationships will break down, business relationships will also show the strain, spiritual practice will be affected. There will be stress, tension as Jupiter’s expansive abilities will expand the 6th house’s ‘serve or suffer’ motif. He owns the 9th house too, but this is just his own sign not his mooltrikon sign. So there will be some positives with some negatives. He will make Crowley dogmatic, rigid in his opinions, he will not be able to appreciate the others point of view, his teachers, professors, even people whom he considers his spiritual teachers can misguide him. For Cancer ascendant Jupiter cannot give beneficial results outrightly as he owns the 6th house. Some good results from the 9th house can be expected but these will be tainted by Jupiter’s ownership of the 6th house. Jupiter himself occupying the 4th house, Libra, with Mars and Venus. Thus his comfort levels are just average. So the Jupiter MD will not give overall very pleasing results. There will be some high points as the 9th house keywords give some benefits but the 6th house ownership over-shadows it all.

In this we have the Rahu AD, ie the Jupiter-Rahu period. Rahu is occupying the 9th house and with the Moon in Pisces. Any graha in the 9th house is capable of giving good results. Rahu is influenced by Moon and Jupiter. Of these Jupiter is the functional malefic. And Moon as ascendant lord is a benefic. But here we must consider that the Moon-Jupiter in the Shakata yog, 6/8 axis. So Moon and Jupiter are not comfortable with each other, which affects Rahu’s ability to give good results too. So Rahu gains more power to do mischief. And the keywords he will damage are related to the 9th house, Moon and Jupiter. So we cannot expect much good from Rahu during the periods he controls.

Then Jupiter and Rahu are mutually in the 6/8 axis.This is the most traumatic axis for two planets to be in as their energies are sucked up in the vortex of karmic suffering/ catastrophic changes. Both are highly uncomfortable with each other and cannot cooperate to give auspicious results on the physical planes.

So overall this Jupiter-Rahu period would have been difficult for Crowley. (This was a basic analysis, you can add more pointers from the Ashtakvarga charts, the shad-bala values, the navamsha, their nakshtra etc depending on your level of study/experience)

Remedies for combust planets

Now come back to your horoscope,

Check which planets are placed in the 6/8 axis. The MD and AD of these two planets will be the most traumatic ones in your life. Eg if Jupiter and Saturn are placed in the 6/8 axis in your birth chart then Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Jupiter periods will cause trouble. Or if Venus and Saturn are placed in the 6/8 axis in your birth chart both the Venus-Saturn and Saturn-Venus periods will be traumatic.

Find out which are the functional malefics in your chart. And if they are adequately supported by benefics or made even worse by aspects from other malefics? Periods ruled by the functional malefics are invariably stressful. Eg in our example horoscope, Cancer ascendant, so Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu related periods have potential for causing trouble. Eg Now if a Cancer ascendant person is in a MD or AD of these planets then he will definitely face some issues in life during this period. Eg Jupiter-Saturn, Saturn-Jupiter, Jupiter-Mercury, Mercury-Saturn, Saturn-Mercury, Rahu-Jupiter etc all combinations of these planets sub-periods will give stress. The exact source of this stress will be the energies of the houses they own, the houses they are placed in and the houses which they aspect.

Next if the MD and AD ruling functional malefic planets themselves are placed in the dushamsthan. Ordinarily the logic is that malefics in dushamsthan in the birth chart are a good thing. Use a thorn to remove a thorn concept (vipreet raj yog). But a problem arises when the same planet controls two houses, one dushamsthan and one auspicious. In our eg, it is Cancer ascendant, Jupiter controls the 6th dusham and 9th Kona, the Dharmasthan. Or Saturn controls 7th, a kendra house and 8th, a dusham. Here if the malefic planet is placed in a dusham sthan or not supported by benefics then the other auspicious house owned by him also suffers. Eg If in our example, if Saturn were placed in the 12th house, he would reduce the intensity of the 8th house issues but also reduce the auspiciousness of the marriage, partnerships, intimacy, finances, spiritual practice etc. Or if Jupiter is powerless it will reduce the karmic burdens of the 6th house but also reduce the auspiciousness of the 9th house, so the blessings from the ancestors, guidance from teachers, real Learning, progeny, auspicious benefits from past lives, sense of the divine, in fact every aspect of the current life will be affected by ill-luck. This effect on the other auspicious house can be alleviated if this house is occupied or strongly aspected by a benefic. But if this other auspicious house is even more adversely affected by malefic influences then it will be worse.

Finally check the current transit of the MD and AD planets in the skies. If these are transiting through crucial houses of the chart they will have severe impact on you. eg in our example, Crowley is going through Jupiter-Rahu, right now Jupiter is in Capricorn and debilitated (his movement is very weird this year). Rahu is wrecking havoc in Gemini. One eclipse was in Dec 2019 another is due in Jun2020. So Rahu is in his element, causing mischief. So Crowley if he were alive now, he would really have had a bad time just from these two planets activities. And at the last, superimpose the current transits on the birth chart to get an overview on what houses are under stress and which ones can give good results. For Crowley, Saturn and Mars are in Capricorn currently, so a big boost of energy which can be used for growth but he will take his toll on the physical body. ie Saturn return. Sun in Aries is favourable for profession related activities (though he is in the 6/8 axis from the birth Sun) etc and so on.

I hope you use this post to find out the challenging periods in your life and be more prepared to face them. In such potentially adverse periods it is better to remain alert about your thoughts, words and actions. Especially if the karmic heavyweights like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are involved or planets who control the longer Vimshottari dashas are involved, as actions taken here can have long lasting impacts.


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