Mercurial Mercury benefic neutral malefic

There is always some confusion about Mercury, he is said to be neutral in nature. But the word ‘mercurial’ comes from him so analysing him can sometimes get typical. In chart analysis we need to know if he is capable of auspicious results or not, this is the basic first step. As it is, the two signs he owns, Gemini and Virgo are the 3rd and 6th natural houses of the zodiac. The 3rd house can go both ways and the 6th house is the Maha-dusham-sthan, both are capable of causing severe turmoil in your life. So here are some basic guidelines which can help you in determining how Mercury is going to work in charts. He is not ‘neutral’. (This is from Parshari Jyotish.)

Natural tendencies

  • Natural malefics are Sun Mars and Saturn. Also the astral planets Rahu and Ketu.
  • Natural benefics are Moon, Venus and Jupiter. (The Moon can give his full auspicious benefit only if strong)
  • Naturally neutral – Mercury

Functional behaviour

Mercury will be inclined to behave in a favourable or inauspicious manner as per the ascendant. This is his functional role and will vary with the ascendant sign.

  • Malefic – Mercury is a functional malefic for an ascendant when he rules over any of the three Dusham-sthan, 6th 8th or 12th houses (post here). This will be directly applicable to the ascendant signs of Aries, Cancer and Scorpio. For Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius he owns a dusham-sthan and a kona, but even then his ownership of the dusham can potentially overshadow his ownership of the kona. So for these too I will put him as a malefic. Even if he is influenced by benefics, he will still have to give the fruits of the dusham-sthan concerned. But in this case, his potential to cause mischief may be reduced or the personality may be able to find some positive opportunities in the turbulent results of the dusham-sthan concerned.
  • Functional benefic – We can consider Mercury to be a functional benefic for an ascendant if he owns either a Kendra (1st 4th 7th 10th) or a Kona (5th 9th) house and simultaneously does not own a Dusham-sthan. This condition will be applicable to the ascendant signs of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. (Mercury cannot be a yogkarak graha for any ascendant post here).
  • Neutral  – He owns the 2nd and 11th houses for Leo ascendant. So you can consider him to be a neutral only for this ascendant.


In charts you will find Mercury conjunct other planets most commonly with the Sun or Venus. As per our texts its given that Mercury takes on the malefic or benefic nature of the planet conjunct him. But as this is Parashari Jyotish, this condition has to be seen as per their functional natures. And if he is with both, a functional malefic and a functional benefic for the chart, how do you deduce his nature? So let’s break this down.

Graha yuddha

As you know two or more non-luminous planets, Tara graha, together in a sign is a Graha yuddha, planetary war.

  • If the winner of the planetary war is a functional malefic then Mercury will act like a malefic for the chart. This effect will be enhanced if Mercury is less than than 15deg from that other planet. 
    • eg For Cancer ascendant, Mercury is a functional malefic to begin with, so whatever happens to him, he is going to discharge the unpleasant functions of the 12th house lord. Suppose if he is in Leo 12deg and Jupiter, who is also a functional malefic, is at 16 deg Leo, this will increase his tendency to cause harm.
    • eg For Taurus ascendant, Mercury is beneficial as the ruler of the 2nd and 5th houses. Suppose he is at 12deg Leo and Jupiter, the ruler of the 8th house is at 15deg Leo. Then Mercury will not be able to give his positive results and will behave more as a malefic for the chart.
  • If the winner is a functional benefic then Mercury will act as a benefic but only if he is not a ruler of a dusham-sthan. If he is, then his malefic nature will be reduced to some extent. Again he should be ideally be less than 15deg apart for this influence to be seen.
    • For Cancer ascendant, suppose he is at 12deg Leo and Mars, a functional benefic is at 18deg Leo then this Mars will control Mercury’s 12th house activities or at least give them some positive orientation.
    • eg For Taurus ascendant, suppose Mercury is at 2deg Leo and Venus the ascendant lord is at 5deg Leo. In this case Venus will influence Mercury and enhance his benefic nature.
  • If he is with both a functional malefic and a functional benefic.
    • For Taurus ascendant, suppose he is at 2deg Leo, Saturn yogkarak is at 5deg Leo and Jupiter a functional malefic at 25deg Leo. Now Jupiter may have won the planetary war but he is more than 15deg from Mercury. Saturn is very close to Mercury, so in this case Mercury will accept Saturn’s influence and behave as a benefic.
    • For Taurus ascendant, suppose he is at 12deg Leo, Saturn yogkarak is at 15deg Leo and Jupiter a functional malefic at 19deg Leo. Now Jupiter has won planetary war and will influence both Saturn and Mercury. Mercury will be underJupiter’s influence and behave as a malefic.
  • If the winner of the war is Mercury himself or is he is more than 15deg apart from any other planet then, his basic functional malefic/ benefic nature will prevail as above.

Combust Mercury – Asta

Mercury being the closest to the Sun gets combust more often than the other planets. So in this case you will have to deduce his functional nature from the functional role of the Sun for that ascendant sign.

Moon and Mercury

Another typical case would be Moon conjunct Mercury. This is called Samaagam (post here). Mercury is always close to the Sun, 28deg is the max that they can be apart. And when Moon is within 90deg from Sun, he loses strength, ie his paksha bala is low and he can give inauspicious results for the chart. So Moon conjunct Mercury will mean that Moon will have low paksha bala, ie not very favourable for the person. Thus it is quite possible that Mercury will also behave in an unfavourable manner.

Rahu /Ketu and Mercury

Mercury conjunct Rahu or Ketu will cause some problems in the thought processes, behaviour etc. So unless Rahu/Ketu are yogkarak (post here) for the chart, you can consider Mercury going unfavourable in their presence.


Finally if you are still not sure about Mercury’s role in the chart you can ask the client about a few past incidents connected to Mercury. See if he has behaved in a auspicious or inauspicious manner in the past. Thus you can analyse his role in the present and future for the chart.

(Writing short posts as answers for questions asked can be of interest to everyone.)

Samaagam समागम

A short post today in response to a question. What is samaagam?

There are basically five types of interactions of the planets depending on the distance between them. 

Samaagam – When a Tara graha starts coming very close, 5deg or less, to the Moon or exactly on the same degree as the Moon this is called a Samaagam. Samyak agama, an optimal or perfect coming towards. This is a good thing to have in your chart and generally gives good results but these results have to be properly understood in order to actively use them in life. Samaagam समागम means an encounter, association, union, approach, junction, gathering, company, etc in Devbhasha Samskrutam. Sun or Rahu/Ketu do not get into Samaagam.

Combust – As you know when any non-luminous planet, Tara graha, gets too close to the Sun it gets combust, Asta अस्त. This means that the Sun slowly starts evaporating this graha and starts absorbing its qualities into himself. The planet gets totally combust when both are on the same degree, it ceases to exist and the Sun becomes a composite of the Sun+planet (post here). Moon or the Rahu/Ketu do not get asta.

Nitya yog – And we have the Nitya Yog नित्य योग to exclusively define the relationship between the Sun and Moon, the two luminaries of Jyotish. These yog are calculated using the distance separating the Sun and Moon in the sky. This is an important part of the daily Panchangam readings.

Conjunction – When any two of the Tara graha, non-luminous planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, start coming closer to each other it starts a graha yuddha or planetary war (post here). And their coming together is called a conjunction Yuti युति.

Eclipsed – When either of the seven graha are with Rahu or Ketu, the astral planets, this condition is called ‘grast’ ग्रस्त. Rahu or Ketu have seized, captured, taken, surrounded, absorbed, possessed, eclipsed, eaten, swallowed or are tormenting these graha.

Chakra, Graha and the Rashi

There is not much available on the samaagam interpretations, this is from what I have seen in my life.

In your practice, you will see the Moon with some other planet very often. But then you naturally think on how this other planet is affecting the Moon. eg if you see Saturn and Moon together, you will interpret this as mental fear etc, ie the effect of Saturn on the birth Moon. You will rarely analyse how being this close to the Moon is affecting Saturn and what he signifies in your life. This is what Samaagam analyses.

  • eg in one example the chart had Moon samaagam Saturn. The mother was all that this combination generally signifies, overworked, chronically ill, no time for looking after child etc. And the person also was prone to fears etc which Saturn causes. But after the birth of this child, the mother suddenly got very high promotions in her job, she was overworked etc no doubt but she got very high recognition from her organisation etc. And when this person crossed 36yrs of age, ie when both Moon and Saturn got maturity, he too was able to gain a very significant promotion in his job, his emotional issues resolved and his health recovered, sort of a new life on several fronts. 

Then Moon is your mind, emotions, astral self etc. But more pertinent to Samaagam is that the Moon is really good at transferring energy. His main job is to take the energy from the source of all energy ie the Sun and reflect just that energy to you which you can actually use. He acts as a filter and removes all the harsher aspects of the Sun and allows only that part of the solar energy which nourishes, nurtures, sustains and comforts you. He gives you what you need. 

So when a Tara graha, a non-luminous planet gets really close to the Moon, he gets very close to the main source of the filtered energy, the energy he needs. And the Moon very easily transfers this to him. This tara graha gets a sustained supply of the energy he needs to perform his functions in your life. Here we are examining the effect of the Moon on the other planet. This is the subtle meaning of the Samaagam. (For the other way around, ie the effect of the planet on the Moon refer this post)

Being with the Moon energises the Tara graha concerned. If you remember the planetary friendships table (post here), Moon does not consider any of the other graha-s to be his enemies. They may consider him as a neutral, enemy or friend, but this feeling is from their side. Thus the Moon supports all the graha-s who are in Samaagam with him. If this Moon is powerful, ie exalted, with high Ashtakvarga scores, high Shadbala scores, gains more power from the Navamsha etc he can supply more positive power to the other graha.

I have observed that the Samaagam gives better results when the Moon and the other planet are on the same degree and both are of similar strength. Good results are also seen if Moon is the winner of the planetary war, ie advanced more into the sign than the other tara graha but close to him, about 5deg seems to be the limit.

In fact if you get a Samaagam in your prashna kundali it generally indicates a positive answer. Eg if your question was related to money and Venus is samaagam Moon this indicates that the answer is favourable.

If you have this in your birth chart then the things indicated by the planet approaching Moon will also remain positive in your life. For Samaagam with benefics like Jupiter, Mercury and Venus, this can also give rise to Gaja-keshari yog if its additional conditions are fulfilled. But even if the samaagam is with the natural malefics like Mars and Saturn, the keywords of these planets will be made gentler or softer to some extent. Moon is a peace loving, comfort loving and gentle graha. He might get agitated by the presence of these malefics so close to him but if it is your need he can modulate the energies of his filters to reduce their malefic effect in your life. ie for such a person if this Moon is strong then the negative effects of Mars / Saturn will be reduced in life. This will happen more visibly after the Moon matures (post here).

So if you get a chart with the Moon very close to another tara graha, do analyse how the other planet is benefiting by this proximity. There are not many books on Samaagam, thus is a good subject for research (post here)



Retrograde Jupiter 2021 in Aquarius and Capricorn

Jupiter is right now in his Atichar movement (post here) and is running full tilt into Aquarius on 6th Apr 2021. In the current Vedic year Shri Sharvari naam samvatsara (post here), Jupiter has crossed Sagittarius, then Capricorn and now he is due to enter Aquarius. This extreme speed, 3 signs in a vedic year, has caused the extreme upheaval which we witnessed in Shri Sharvari .

During the next few months Jupiter will be,

  • Transiting to Aquarius – 6th Apr 2021  
  • Going retrograde – 20th Jun 2021
  • Entering Capricorn – 14th Sept 2021
  • Going forward – 18th Oct 2021
  • Entering Aquarius again – 21st Nov 2021

Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn and conjoint its owner Saturn in transit. When he shifts to Aquarius it will be with an overall sense of relief. There will be improvement from what is going on at present, on all fronts, global to local, there will be increase in positivity. Then Jupiter will turn retrograde on 20th Jun, partly undoing all that he will have done Aquarius till then. He will move backwards again entering Capricorn, again debilitated. There will be some confusion during this period. Things will move positively forwards when Jupiter finally enters Aquarius on 21st Nov. 

This Jupiter’s transit is going to be influenced by Saturn who owns Capricorn and Aquarius both. At present Saturn is powerfully placed in his own Capricorn (post here) and will be in Shravan nakshatra (post here) during this period. He too will be going retrograde from 23rd May to 11th Oct.

Back to Jupiter’s movement, if we consider the Nakshatra-s involved

  • Jupiter is currently in Dhanishtha
  • Entering Shatataraka – 22nd May 2021
  • Entering Dhanishtha in retrograde motion – 20th Jul 2021
  • Entering Shatataraka again – 2nd Jan 2022

Jupiter will enter and then go retrograde in Shatataraka, causing a roll back of all that he was upto during his forward moving phase. Then he will go backwards into Dhanishtha, enter Capricorn. Things will be revised and redone until he resumes his forward motion again. Jupiter will be staying in Dhanishtha for an unusually long time, ie 5 and half months. (Real permanent gains will be seen only when Jupiter enters Poorvabhadrapada which is linked to him and more so when he enters his own sign Pisces, all in 2022.)

Dhanishtha is ruled by the deity Vasu and linked to Mars. There is a rhythm to life and Dhanishtha embodies this beat. Each one of us has to create our own drum-beat, by using our personal energy and the energy of time together. Jupiter in Dhanishtha is generally unable to perform well so during this period there will be some confusion. Mass media will go on an hyper-drive and create issues. The entertainment industry will create newer opportunities and the older ways of entertainment will slowly die out. Wealth generation will be affected and the divide between the very rich and poor will increase. Arm-chair activists and social media activists will use digital outlets to create tension in the society. Mass movements involving sections of the public will create disruptions. There will be a sense of aggression and pro-active feeling about these, a desire to change the present situations at any cost. 

On a personal level, it is advisable to budget and use your resources sensibly during this period. Assess the resources you have before taking up any new venture. You might feel that your opportunities are as wide as the horizons but keep yourself rooted in practicality. People in the media, artists, people who need to be creative, IT professionals, all sorts of managers, financial wizards, scientists etc can make use of this energy productively. There will either be a resource crunch or an expansion of opportunities depending on your personal birth chart.

Shatataraka also called Shatabhishak is ruled by the deity Varun and linked to Rahu. The base energy of this lunar mansion is protection and healing which you can access depending on your birth chart positions. Jupiter is unable to perform well in this lunar mansion too. On a general level, there will be an increased focus on consuming all that one can, but this will not give genuine satisfaction. There is a possibility of sudden or unusual events in life which may not be very auspicious. Unethical people will try to create a polarisation of the different groups which make up the society which will cause harm to the general population. The Jupiter in Shatataraka energies can be used for research into medicines, poisons, sociology, mass movements, electronics, technology, etc which need a strong moral compass to be put into positive use. 

On a personal level try to heal yourself in some way, especially when Jupiter is direct in Shatataraka. Get in touch with nature or learn energy healing modalities like Reiki. If you are suffering from some long term health issue, you just might get the solution now. Learning new subjects would be good for refreshing yourself mentally. Try to learn learn useful things, you will uncover secrets, or come up with some new ideas. Doctors, media persons, IT professionals, scientists, security agencies, spiritual aspirants etc, anyone who deal with secrets or hidden things can make use of this energy to some extent. Also those professionals who manage things from the background. Invisible things which make a deep impact on us will be more active during this period.


As per our Jyotish texts (post here), Jupiter’s transits counted from the birth Moon are said to be generally favourable in the 2nd 5th 7th 9th and 11th houses (subject to the Vedha conditions). And he is said to give unfavourable results in the houses counted 1st 3rd 4th 6th 8th 10th and 12th houses from the birth Moon. We analyse transits from the birth Moon for the effect on the mind/ emotions/ perspective/ astral self etc. This aspect is given more importance in Vedic Jyotish. But if your ascendant or your birth Jupiter are powerful, then you can analyse from these two additional perspectives too. (If you count from your ascendant sign, you will get the effect on your physical environment and physical body. When you count the transiting planet from its birth position you will get the subtle effects on the things which this planet represents.)

So as far as only Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius is concerned – Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer, Taurus and Pisces will face issues. The others, Capricorn, Libra, Leo, Gemini and Aries will have a more favourable time. But, and this is very significant, at present Saturn in Capricorn is favourable for only Pisces, Scorpio and Leo. So Jupiter’s results during this period will be modified by this major factor. At the present time, Saturn is more powerful than Jupiter, he is in his own sign. Also the Kings of Karma, Rahu Ketu are in Taurus and Scorpio throughout this time adding their influence to this mix (post here)

So to summarise,

Aries birth Moons have an average to low time, with several ups and downs. Saturn, Rahu/Ketu are not very favourable. Family, finance and rest will be an issue. But Jupiter going forward in Aquarius will offer opportunities from 6th Apr to 20th Jun, do make use of these. Jupiter when retrograde in Capricorn can take away some benefits so be alert. However things will improve once Jupiter finally enters Aquarius again ie after 21st Nov. 

Taurus birth Moons will have an average to good time. Rahu/Ketu are not favourable. Separation from spouse/family or finance crunch may be an issue. Saturn will give positive results if you perform some activities related to the 9th house (post here). You need to be more careful on the professional front specifically when Jupiter transits retrograde in the Aquarius sign, ie Jun to Sep. Do not trust anyone more than you need to. 

Gemini birth Moons have an average to low period. The period where Jupiter moves forward in Aquarius will be better than his stay in Capricorn. Jupiter in Aquarius aspects Gemini so you are generally protected. However Saturn is in the 8th house throughout and Rahu/ Ketu are also not very favourable, so best be careful. Do try to make use of the opportunities that Jupiter in Aquarius will be providing from time to time.

Cancer birth Moons have an average to low time. Jupiter in Aquarius phase will not be pleasant. This coupled with Saturn in the 7th house and Ketu in the 5th house can make a mess of relationships, finances and health. Break-ups and humiliations, as things do not happen as your desire. Do not trust anyone unnecessarily, if you have made new friends in 2020, they might betray you now, do not take unwonted risks, avoid arguments and stresses. There will be some ups and more downs as Jupiter goes retrograde/ forward and changes signs.

Leo birth Moons are on a better ground as Saturn is favourable and will protect throughout. Rahu Ketu can cause minor issues at home/office. Try to create long-term partnerships with senior people who can help you in the future. Be careful when Jupiter retrogrades through Capricorn as hidden enemies/diseases can pop up unexpectedly. Overall this can be quite a good time if used appropriately. Jupiter in Aquarius aspecting Leo is a major positive energy, will allow overall recovery and progress of your health, relationships and finances.

Virgo birth Moons will face an average to low time, best be alert. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are unfavourable throughout. The forward Jupiter in Capricorn phase must be used to consolidate whatever gains you may have made. Jupiter will be in Aquarius, 6th house, so take care of your physical and emotional health, there will be increased trouble especially when he retrogrades in Aquarius. This time will trigger your hidden enemies/ debts/ diseases, there will be bitterness in life. Be careful about trusting others and avoid speculations. 

Libra birth Moons have an average to good time. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are not very favourable but Jupiter will grant some protection. There will be increase in positivity when Jupiter is in Aquarius as he will then positively aspect Aquarius, Libra and Gemini (1-5-9 axis). There will be a boost of positive energy, relationships, finance, health, blessings will be available, so use this time well. Be careful when Jupiter turns retrograde in Aquarius. And especially alert when he comes back in Capricorn as he can tigger negative results.

Scorpio birth Moons will see an average to good time. Rahu Ketu are not favourable, but Saturn is capable of positive results so he will help you, control things before they go too out of hand. Be careful during the Jupiter retrograding in Capricorn phase as health, relationships, office work and finance related stresses can erupt. Jupiter in Aquarius will restore you so use this time period for consolidating your gains. He will allow you to recover your health, family comforts and finances in this time. Overall an average to good time.


Sagittarius birth Moons have an average time to low time overall. Last phase of the Sade-sati but Rahu is favourable so he will destroy your enemies /diseases /debts. But do not ignore any health issues, you might suffer especially due to negative energy or evil eye. Jupiter in Aquarius can create problems especially in finances and profession. There will be some stresses with your siblings and extended family. So try to use the Jupiter forward in Capricorn energy the best you can. 

Capricorn birth Moons have an average time. Middle phase of Sade-sati can get tiring. Rahu Ketu are not favourable. Relationships, emotional/ mental and physical health can cause stresses. Disappointments and bitterness can prevail, so avoid risks or new ventures. Be especially careful during the retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn phase. Jupiter in Aquarius will give some relief in terms of family support and financial gains, there will be an increase in overall positivity. 

Aquarius birth Moons will have an average to low time. The starting phase of the Sade-sati and Rahu Ketu too not very favourable. This will be a tough time for you as transit Jupiter is favourable neither in Capricorn nor Aquarius. Be very careful, avoid unnecessary risks of all sorts, ie invest in safe options, not a time to start new jobs/ventures etc. And take care of your mind and body both.

Pisces birth Moon will be having the best time overall. Health, family, finance, opportunities all will be more positive. This is a fortunate time for you, as Saturn in Capricorn has the ability to convert all your issues into opportunities. Rahu Ketu are favourable. Jupiter in Capricorn will be better able to give pleasing results than than Jupiter in Aquarius. Still 2021-2022 are your wish-fulfilling years, possibly the sort of years that come in once a life time, so use this time well. Be careful when both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde together as there may be some temporary setbacks during this period.

When it comes to analysing for individual charts, a lot depends on the power of Jupiter in the birth chart, which houses he controls, is he a functional benefic/ malefic, which planets he is aspected by or conjoint with. All these factors will modify the transit results for the individual charts.

If you are born with Jupiter retrograde in your birth chart then you are introspective. You have a unique approach to education, religion, spirituality, culture etc. Kind hearted, benevolent by nature, you like to teach your own concepts of philosophy. If he is powerful then you are an evolved soul. You do not accept ‘modern philosophy’, stick to the proven systems. Hard-working, you use all possible, but ethical means to achieve your goals. You have a different perception, you can see hidden things, anticipate issues in the future, pick up subtle cues, and predict things accurately. You can be cheated by ‘gurus’, so choose your spiritual guides carefully. During this retrograde Jupiter period, you can gain significant spiritual goals. Two major graha, Saturn and Jupiter are going to be retrograde together. But this time is not very suitable for material goal, so proceed with due caution here.

Also analyse Jupiter transiting over which house (post here). More important is if Jupiter in transit crosses over any planet from your birth chart (post here). Here pay attention to what this planet signifies in your birth chart. eg If your Ascendant is Libra and your ascendant lord Venus is in your 5th house, Aquarius. Now when Jupiter transits over Aquarius, he will influence this Venus which will give favourable results but as he is transiting over your ascendant lord Venus, this will be a very auspicious transit for you, irrespective of his transit counted from the birth Moon and all that. So when analysing an individual chart, you will have to keep your eyes open for all sorts of patterns which the planets make.

Also Jupiter aspects the 5th 7th and 9th houses from his position and enhances their positive and auspicious results (not their unfavourable results). So when Jupiter is in Aquarius, whatever Gemini, Leo and Libra mean to you in your chart, you can expect some benefit from these areas of life. Sometimes he gives better results in the houses he aspects than the house he occupies in transit.

  • eg if you have Aries birth Moon, Jupiter is to give overall average to low results. But as he aspects Gemini, Leo and Libra which are counted 3rd 5th and 7th from Aries you can gain some positivity from your siblings, children, spouse etc aspects of life covered by these houses. 


The Mahadasha and Antardasha you are undergoing at the present time will play an important role. Individual predictions are made by a combination of the Dasha sequence and the transits. So if you are under the dasha period of a benefic planet then expect better results. Else be careful. (use the index page for the posts on Dasha analysis)

Additionally depending on your level of study you can open your Asktakvarga table (post here). If your Jupiter has more than 4 points in Aquarius, then this transit will definitely help you in some way. And in addition if the total for Aquarius sign is more than 28 then there will be all around progress for all the things that Aquarius stands for in your chart. If this is so, use this period the best way you can.

The Janma Navtara table (post here) can be used for quick analysis. The general effect of Jupiter in transit in Dhanishtha and Shatataraka lunar mansions. For this you will need your birth Moon nakshatra, this will be your starting point for drawing your personal Janma Nav tara table. 

The Ashtapadmadala chakra, also called the Kota chakra (post here), is a good way of visualising the transit energies. This can be a bit confusing for beginners, but if you can draw your own Kota chakra then the basic concepts are easy to understand (post here). Locate Jupiter in the nakshtra-s which he is going to be transiting (Dhanishtha and Shatataraka) and see how it will affect you.

A general rule, always consider the overall power of the birth chart first. A strong horoscope has the power to tide over any unfavourable transit. And if your ascendant lord is powerful, the ascendant sign is influenced by benefics and and the birth Moon is powerful then you are in a position of strength. Whatever happens in life, you will be quite capable of dealing with it and be able to convert the possible negatives into opportunities. 

I wrote quite a few posts on remedies, Daan and Mantra. Rishi Parashar has prescribed only these two ways to reduce the negative effects of the graha on you. (do use the index page or the search bar to locate these posts). But as a general note, it would help if you do some Daan or recite some Jupiter mantra on the days when he transits into a new sign. Or recite a Jupiter mantra every Thursday. Or wear his yellow color (post here) on the days you need his specific blessings. Or the fragrances (post here) linked to him or even eat the food (post here) that he controls. Or do some simple spiritual practice as a daily routine so that you increase your overall spiritual strength which will help you in all ways.

Transits of Jupiter over the birth planets

This is a short post on Jupiter’s transits over your birth planets. For this you must first be aware of the results they are capable of giving and their power to do so. (‘Power’ means at the very least their scores in the Shad-bala or the Ashtakvarga chart.)

 When Jupiter transits over a birth planet, he brings his expansion to their keywords. So analyse them to get more information on what all you are going to feel hopeful about. Or, in which areas of life, your luck is going to more active. Jupiter will give you a quantum of divine blessings, so which areas of life you should invest them for the maximum gain? It will also be helpful to know if your peers and patrons are going to help you or not. Some areas of your life will see an increase in resources, so anticipating this can help you plan your strategy on using them more effectively.

Jupiter over the birth Sun – this is a good time generally as you are full of vigour and energy. There is an expansion of creativity, genius, personal power. You feel rejuvenated. So this a good time to take up new projects or meet new people or take up new undertakings. You will have the necessary aggression to take on your enemies and you will win every time. There will be in increase in income and fame. Your children/students will be obedient and you will be able to teach them important things. Travelling is possible. In this time period, do make it a point to visit your family gods, spiritual teacher or in his absence, your father and take their blessings, you will benefit more.  

Jupiter over the birth Moon – if this birth Moon is strong then this can a good time where you will be generally satisfied, the mind will be at peace, there will be emotional fulfilment. But if this Moon is not strong then Jupiter has the capacity to make you miserable during this transit. During this time period, it would be a good idea to meet your mother or maternal aunts etc or go to Devi temples, get their blessings to increase the overall positivity. Be careful of your eye sight, as this combination can trigger problems here. If this transit combination is the 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th house from the ascendant, then you may face more difficulties. ie Moon in these 4 houses at birth often causes negative issues which can get aggravated by Jupiter’s expansionist tendencies in transit. 

Jupiter over birth Venus – this is a good time for all sorts of relationships, partnerships, finance, business, spiritual activity, so use this time well. You will be able to handle situations in a more balanced manner. All sorts of litigations, arguments, quarrels in life will be eased out in your favour. You will meet someone significant during this period, who will change your life in a fundamental manner. This is an overall good period. But you must manage your diet during this time. Avoid eating rich, fatty, sugary things and exercise regularly to maintain your health. But if this Venus is not able to give desirable results in your birth chart then this time can cause financial losses, arguments with loved ones and ill-health. 

Jupiter over the birth Mercury – this is an advantageous position as it invariably increases money flow. If both are strong then there will be profits in the ventures which you take up in during this period. Or your money will be returned to you or unexpected investments will give you gain. The negatives in life will reduce and you will be able to spend good times with your friends/family. New contacts will prove to be exceptionally useful. You might get tips on stocks etc through random people. Self-confidence will be on a high and you might make significant investments or big purchases during this time. Legal cases will be decided in your favour etc. This is a good time. If Mercury is incapable of giving positive results then be careful about your financial matters, beware of frauds/cheats. Exercise due caution in interacting with others, especially people of your same age group/ teammates. 


Jupiter over the birth Mars – this gives a boost to the personal courage and boldness. There will be positive things in your life and fortune is on your side. There will be enemies from time to time but you will have the power to oppose them and defend yourself adequately. You will get more opportunities to work hard and you will gain money and fame from these. This is a good time to start new projects and meet new people but after due assessment of the facts and figures. But be careful of accidents and avoid risky activities. Rashness is never a good thing especially if Mars is incapable of positive results in the birth chart. 

Jupiter over the birth Jupiter – this is a landmark event in life, you are going to start a new 12yr cycle. Sudden events will happen during this time propelling you even higher. There will be a significant changes in the foundations of your life but in a positive way. Help will be forthcoming, random acts of kindness, all triggered by your inherent luck. Education, especially higher studies will be very good. There will be success in competitive exams. Do whatever you think you need to do. This is one of the best periods in your life so use this time to the fullest. If the birth Jupiter is unfavourably situated in the birth chart, some positive results may be reduced but overall things will not go so bad. 

Jupiter over birth Saturn – generally this is going to be a tiring time. There will be general financial losses, physical ill-health and mental stress. You will face humiliation in your social circles and at your office. Your opinions will be ignored, there will be over-work. You will not be appreciated for all that you do right but may be blamed for the things which go wrong. Try to meet up with and get blessings from your grandparents or aged persons during this period for some relief. However if your birth Saturn is in the 3rd, 6th or 11th houses then this Jupiter transiting over him can give significant gains and overall positive results. New options and opportunities for progress, destruction of enemies and gain is possible. 

Jupiter transiting over birth Rahu – this can be a good transit if you remain on course as per your moral compass. There will be possibilities for gains, social recognition, fame and respect. Speculation can give significant gains. However as with other typical Rahu related results, they can go away as soon as Jupiter transits out. So make special efforts to ensure the permanency of the positive results you experience during this time. 

Jupiter transiting over birth Ketu – this changes the personality, makes you focus more inwards. On the outer levels this often gives mixed results. There may be mood swings, erratic behaviour, unpredictable events. Or your intellect is so sharpened that you can make the most of the tiniest things. But overall this time is conducive for spiritual practices and contemplation. There is a fine line between being alone with yourself and being isolated from others. Try to remain aware of your inner subtle energies during this time to make the most of them. 


Jupiter changes his sign often, every 6 months or so. ie he either goes retrograde (post here) going back and forth in the signs. Or once a year in his atichara movement he rushes full tilt into the next sign (post here). Transits coupled with Dasha are the secret to timing events (post here) and thus must be analysed. The transits of Jupiter over the different houses of the chart naturally give different results (post here).

Then Jupiter aspects the 5th 7th and 9th houses from his position. So when Jupiter transits Aquarius now from 6th April 2021, whatever Gemini, Leo and Libra mean in your chart, expect some benefit in these areas of life. Also if there are any planets in these 3 rashi-s they too will benefit from the auspicious aspect of Jupiter. Just remember that his aspects enhance his positive and pleasing results and also those of the planets he aspects, not the unpleasant ones. eg. if you are a birth Moon Aquarius, the Moon may not receive his full positivity. But a Sun placed in Leo will be able to more effectively use the power of this Jupiter in transit.

Rahu Ketu results in the 3/9 axis

Rahu Ketu are the direction your life experiences flow. Rahu is the desire for new experiences and Ketu is the learnings related to your past experiences. The 3/9 axis and the natural 3/9 signs of the zodiac, Gemini-Sagittarius are sensitive points in the chart. Your choices and your luck.

Rahu is the energy which pulls at you. His energies are visible by the actions they make you perform. If you ever see Rahu in your meditative states, he is a fierce-looking head, his eyes whirl in every direction, wild and terrible energies surround him. Rahu is the never ending desire for experience. He is the agent of Maya and cannot be classified as reality nor as illusion. Ketu on the the other hand is seen as a headless body, greenish in color. A weird sense of ‘oldness’ about him, an ‘ancientness’. He has seen it all and now cannot be tempted by anything anymore, he is the Moksh-karak. You intensely desire the experiences of the Rahu-things, you have been putting these off for several lives and now they cannot be avoided any longer, you have to experience them now. There is a terrible awareness linked to the Rahu-things. And the Ketu things? You have experienced them to the full and have the deepest learnings related to them. You are not interested in these now, you are consciously unaware of the energies of Ketu in your life. 

If your Rahu or Ketu is linked in some way to your ascendant sign, or ascendant lord, or the birth Moon or yogkarak or any major planet in your chart, you will be channelising their energies more consciously. Rahu Ketu act through the signs/ houses/ planets/ nakshatra they are associated with.

The 3rd house is siblings, extended family, the neighbourhood, short journeys. Courage, strength, boldness, intelligence, ability to create options, the luxury of choice, the ability to act, human efforts. Communication in all its ways, the hands, speech, technology etc. Teamwork, skills, ie knowledge of the material world, aptitude, the ability to get along with others. It is an upchay house, so you are required to address the concerns raised here in time or they will multiply with time. If you do address them in time, your gains will improve with time.  How will you choose to utilise the power, abilities and the knowledge you possess. Will you boldly take your fate in your hands or follow what has been meted out to you? The 3rd house is this basic choice. 

The 9th house briefly represents the auspicious benefits, punya-karma from your past lives, the blessings of the ancestors, the presence of the Guru, your life philosophy, your virtue, the foundations you base your life one, timely luck, support from elders, peers and patrons in society. Also pilgrimages, outward religious actions, deep learnings etc. The Dharma, foundations of your life are a direct product of these subtle influences. Here you will decide if you will train your subconscious mind so that you can consciously use your luck in your life. 

If your 3rd house is more powerful you will take more efforts to do right actions and gain what you desire. If your 9th house is more powerful then it means you will get what you want with the minimum of efforts and by good luck. If they are both equally powerful then you can achieve significant fame and fortune. You will be very lucky in life and get several chances to enjoy the fruits of your luck. If both are suffering under malefic influences, you will have bad luck and you will not take adequate efforts to change this. This would mean enduring the negative karmic fruits. (In this last case see if there is some help from the 5th house ) 


Rahu in the 3rd house

There are often problems with siblings, possibly you are the youngest child of the family. Here, Rahu grants material comforts, ie house, cars etc will be available. You will want expensive luxury items in life and will earn wealth. But there is a possibility of being cheated by others, so be careful. The marriage and children part is generally good. You will be attached to your family but in a typical manner, ie as long as they are with you, you will be wrapped up in them, but once you are out of the house, you will not bother much about them. You do not ‘miss’ anyone. Social life is good and you will be well known, a good status in your community. Desire for intimacy is very high, so after getting married this aspect of life must be controlled consciously. If you get into affairs it will eventually cause loss of reputation. 

You are also capable of spiritual activity. You know what ideals are necessary in life but may be too lazy to actually put them to practice. Physically and mentally strong, capable of working hard, you persevere. There may be hurdles but you generally achieve all material goals. Sometimes you may use underhanded means to gain your objective, manipulation comes naturally to you. There is an inherent force in your personality and you overcome all opposition. Leadership qualities exist and your workers etc look up to you. You know what you want and how to get it.

Try to keep your goals reasonable, try to enjoy what you have, rather than randomly running behind what you do not have. You will meet several people with shady backgrounds, selfish people, cheats, criminals etc. Make use of these friendships, in a positive way. If you get into criminal or illegal things then you will be feared than respected. You have the ability to plan meticulously as you can see where things will go wrong. You can see the negatives in others, potential traitors, betrayers. So try to use this ability in positive ways, as you know the difference between moral right/ wrong. 

If this Rahu is incapable of auspicious results then things can get difficult. The nature can become bitter, secretive, vindictive, unpredictable, unethical, criminal etc. The family may not support and bad company may attract.

Ketu in the 9th house

Rahu is in the 3rd will naturally have Ketu is in the 9th. You want to do so many things but at the last minute you might suddenly be made aware of the spiritual/ ethical/ philosophical implications of these actions. This may cause you to either be religious or Dharmic or on the other hand encourage you to disregard morals and freely engage in questionable actions. You have a unique ability to identify and solve problems in a completely dispassionate manner. Try to use this ability in the life for material and spiritual progress. 

There is a fundamental honesty and wish to reach the higher energy planes. The thought processes can be different, non-materialistic and philosophic. Religious fanaticism is possible, or a dogmatic adherence to a school of thought. Or it is equally likely you have your own radical ideas, which differ from established ideas. Eccentric, individualistic, with an inflexible nature, you will not compromise on your ideals. If there are benefics here, by the end of your life you will have gained significantly in terms of spiritual progress. Though living in society etc, there will always be an underlying existential sorrow, seriousness and a desire to know the meaning of life. You are able to keep a clean separation between the physical and psychological as Ketu in the 9th is often indicates a spiritually elevated soul.

There will be enough wealth etc for a comfortable life and if there are positive influences then significant power and status in society will be possible. In this cases you will be more a king-maker than the actual king. Marriage and amicable family life is possible but there will be separations from time to time, eg you might have to live away from your home or travel for your job etc. Material comforts and companionship is often denied. You like travelling and may not have a permanent home. This can also mean that you are spiritually oriented and interested in searching for the Reality within. There is a possibility of psychic powers or communication from the departed ancestors. Occult abilities are very much possible and you can use these powers to gain material things too. However when dealing with such things always follow your conscience, do not hurt others in your drive to get ahead. Till the mid-40s you might face frustrations as Ketu does not allow your ‘luck’ to influence your life so easily. But after he matures, everything suddenly falls in place. 

Others will quarrel or perhaps disagree often with you. But this is because you are more intelligent and they cannot understand what you are trying to explain. So if you comprehend that not everyone operates from your level of genius, you will live a more relaxed life. A powerful Ketu here grants, universal understanding, broad-mindedness, non-interference, character and honesty. 

If afflicted then obviously all these aspects of life will be affected negatively and life will be harder overall as you will be separated from the luck factor in your life.

Rahu in the 9th house

Here Rahu can grant a very high capacity for spirituality and materialism both together. You will be able to grasp the hidden meanings in the religious Dharmic rituals and work with their energies. Outwardly you will seem like a regular traditional guy but there will be significant occult abilities. You desire material pleasures and will work to achieve them. The overall life is generally happy and comfortable.

You have a capacity to heal using energy, so will attract people in such trouble. Also interact with spirits etc. People with similar occult abilities, will come in contact with you. You will learn more on harnessing your unique abilities, teachers and guides will arrive in your life from time to time. A range of people from criminals to spiritual masters will come in your contact, but you will not let them deeply affect your personality and thought processes. Outwardly you will be with everyone, but on the inner levels you will remain apart. 

You have your own ideas which you do not give up. You can think deeply, contemplate and come up with radical ideas, solutions and philosophies. You are sure about yourself, internal courage is high. The mind is very sharp and you can comprehend the issues in a way which people with lower intelligence cannot appreciate. Thus they will argue with you to no end, often irritating you. But you have the ability to convert adversarial situations for your positive benefit. There is a capacity to work hard and you earn name fame and wealth with time. The period before your mid-40s may be a bit frustrating but once Rahu attains maturity things will go along smoothly. 

If this Rahu is afflicted then there is tendency to cheat others, deviant and anti-social behaviour. There will be a tendency for fatalistic, morbid thoughts and an unexplainable sadness as you are unable to access your divine blessings in the real sense.

Ketu in the 3rd house 

This Ketu can create a personality which prefers solitude, your enjoy being with your own thoughts. Other people may not be very comfortable around you either. You have several ideas in your mind but working systematically and transforming them to reality can be difficult. You have an original way of thinking and can solve typical problems in a unique manner. Try to harness this ability in some way which can give material successes. 

Ketu here can give the strength needed to to defeat your enemies. But guard against petty quarrels which can cause break up in the family/ friends. As it is there will be limited interaction or increased quarrels with your family members /siblings. If with benefics, he can grant wealth, but you may be not be interested in this. You might get cheated so pay attention to your finances. You might feel inspired to give away all your wealth in charity or in the extreme contrary case to deceive or cheat others. Either way, pay attention to your wealth generation and its maintenance lest you regret later.

You might suffer from fear of unknown stuff, anxiety attacks and general emotional instability from time to time as this Ketu generally affects peace of mind. Behaviour is not consistent, erratic because of the typical Ketu thought processes of apathy, disinterest and dissociation. You have to find some anchor for your mental/ emotional stability else there is a possibility of becoming a victim for psychological issues. Try to find a genuine well wisher who can be relied on to give proper advice and guidance should you need it. 

If this Ketu is incapable giving auspicious results then he can create mental unbalance which will spill over into your actions. Inability to adjust and fit in the situations you are in. Bad company or into affairs with unsuitable people is possible. There is an internal loneliness which can lead to depression and other psychological problems.

The 3/9 axis is your desires, plus the activities aided by your luck which might help you secure what you want. Rahu Ketu in this axis means that 3/9 energies are yoked together even more strongly. Rahu Ketu generally give good results in the 9th house unless severely damaged by malefic influences. In the 3rd house too they can perform well especially so if influenced by benefic planets. Luck and efforts in focus.

(I have written posts on Rahu-Ketu in the 1-7, 2-8, 4-10, 5-11 and 6-12 axes. This post on the 3-9 axis was the last one in this series. Do use the index page or the search bar to locate these posts if you wish to read.)

Auspiciousness of the Ascendant lord and the Yogkarak

A longish answer for an oft repeated question.

The ascendant lord (post here) can never be a overt malefic for the chart. He cannot give inauspicious results by himself. An ascendant lord being overtly malefic would mean a complete damage to both the physical body and the mental make-up. Also this would mean that the person would always exist in incompatible environments. And would further indicate a complete inability to manage the situations he is placed in. All of us feel physically ill or out of place sometimes but this is a temporary thing triggered by the current dasha-s and transits (post here). We do not feel like this all the time from birth to the death.

So, again, the ascendant lord cannot be a full fledged malefic for the birth chart. He will, by his own nature, always be auspicious or at the worst, neutral.

Now some ascendant signs have a built in issue. Here the ascendant lord may not give very kind or gentle results, but even then he will not be a direct malefic. He would behave in the range of neutral to good. And if aspected by benefics or placed in a powerful house or an auspicious sign he will give auspicious results. These are the ascendant signs where this sort of confusion is likely.  

  • For ascendant sign Aries, Mars rules the 1st and 8th house, but still can give quite good results on his own. Aggressive and also capable of taking advantage of all transformative situations in life.
  • Similarly for Libra ascendant, Venus owns the 1st and 8th house and quite capable of giving pleasing results. In some cases an inclination for the occult. 
  • For Aquarius ascendant Saturn rules the 1st and 12th house. In addition to giving positive results he can also grant a spiritual bent of mind. 
  • Scorpio ascendants have Mars owning the 1st and 6th houses, he is definitely going to give positive results. Aggression plus a capacity to use karmic bindings to gain in several ways.
  • Only for Taurus ascendant with Venus owning the 1st and 6th houses, as per the Bruhat Parashar Hora shastra, Venus is said to give cruel results. The 6th is the house of imbalance and Venus is the embodiment of perfect balance. But in the Taurus ascendants I have seen, Venus has not given overtly malefic results, I have seen neutral to good results or even auspicious ones if well aspected by benefics etc. So here too, Venus is not an overt malefic. 

In these cases, more often than not, I have observed that the traumatic nature of the specific dushamsthan, ie the 6th, 8th or 12th houses is toned down a bit because it is owned by the ascendant lord. Or the personality is able to benefit in some way from the traumatic events related to this house. Or at least navigate through these issues in a more comfortable manner. The ascendant lord can never by his essential nature, he is the owner of the 1st house, cause direct harm.


The ascendant lord is the most important planet in the horoscope. He determines how your personality and the environment around you interact with each other. How you use the stuff surrounding you and how your surrounding things influence you. Can you effectively use the things you have? These things are your own body, your mind-set, your perceptions, your nature, the people around you, your assets, your stresses, your enemies, your problems, everything. How well you use these things is your ascendant lord. It is very important that this planet be placed in conducive signs, aspected by benefics and in favourable houses. The ascendant lord should be powerful for the overall life to be easy.

Obviously if the ascendant lord is aspected by malefics or even functional malefics, he will be restrained from giving his positive results and can then give unpleasant results because of this influence on him. This can happen for all the ascendant signs. And just one position does not make a full reading, so there should be at least 3 or more patterns for the results to manifest in a severely damaging shape.

  • If he is conjunct malefics, then you will have to consider the graha yuddha/ planetary war, the ashtakvarga points of both, shadbala etc to determine who will influence the other more. Closer they are, the more effect they will have on each other. But the malefic planet will make the person more cruel, aggressive etc depending on its nature. Best use of such a conjunction would be to actively choose professions where these energies can find a safe outlet.
    • eg someone with ascendant lord conjunct 6th house lord, Jupiter. He is well-known as a good doctor, but is frequently ill, has enemies who come disguised as friends, anyone he thinks of as a teacher/ elder causes him harm.  
  • The ascendant lord placed in the dushamsthan can be a point of concern only if he is weak. If he is strong, he can make the most of these 6th 8th and 12th house environments, use them in some way for personal progress.
    • Eg a chart with the ascendant lord in the 6th house. Physical weakness and severe conflicts in life eg brothers cheated him, professional rivalries etc triggered by dasha changes. He is a good astrologer takes proper care in time to reduce their impact on him. 
  • Ascendant lord debilitated can get worrying. The body or the mind can be weak or the environment not conducive for the personality. This with time has its effect on the mind and emotions and can cause bitterness and meanness. Trigger dasha periods have to be identified and managed properly. However if the planet moves to a better navamsha then there are internal reserves of strength which can be used in times of these emergencies. Or is situated in a powerful house and influenced by benefics. 
    • eg a chart with the Moon as ascendant lord debilitated in the 5th house. This person is not married, not a very likeable personality. Is a professor, a PhD guide, with several students whom he guides. He is considered quite good in his subject. Here the ascendant lord even though debilitated is in the 5th house, so the intensity of imbalance is lesser.
  • Combust ascendant lord. If he is Mercury, this is a rather common situation, and there are benefic influences then the effects are less severe. But for all other ascendants, extra analysis will be needed. Results will vary as per degree of combustion and the friend/enemy relationship that the two have. The result is generally a typical solar nature, this can be a good or bad thing depending on the use you put this energy too. The nature is more self-oriented, confidence level can be so high that it can result in foolishness or can conversely create low self-esteem. The body is prone to heat and illness related to this can occur frequently. Trigger points will obviously be the combustions of this planet in transit and specific dashas. (do check the index page for posts on combust planets).
    • eg a chat with the ascendant lord Mars combust in the 4th house. A rather accident prone person, highly intelligent and very patriotic, eventually joined the army. 
  • Retrograde ascendant lord. This also can create hidden weakness in the body which can be triggered by the routine retrogression of the planet concerned and the dasha periods. 
    • eg retrograde ascendant lord Jupiter in the 11th house, closely conjunct with Mars. This person has very high levels of confidence, lives an overall a good life. He trusts others excessively, gets betrayed, has no real friends. Has a weak liver, overweight.
  • If he has very low points in the ashtakvarga for the sign he occupies in the birth chart. Or if he shifts to a worse house/sign in the navamsha, this always indicates a hidden weakness in the personality. 

Analysing the ascendant lord is a very necessary step in your analysis. If the ascendant lord, birth Moon and the Sun are powerful, they are going to add to the overall positivity and power of the chart. But if the Sun and Moon are strong but the ascendant lord is weak then the horoscope will not be able to make full use of their energies. So give due importance to the ascendant lord when you study horoscopes.


Now Yogkarak planets (post here). Any planet which owns a Kendra and a Kona house simultaneously is a yogkarak. The yogkarak-s are just these three planets and for just these six ascendant signs. 

  • Saturn – Taurus and Libra ascendants
  • Mars – Cancer and Leo ascendants
  • Venus – Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants

The other remaining 6 ascendant signs do not have Yogkarak planets. The Yogkarak is always a functional benefic for the specific ascendant sign. It cannot harm by its inherent nature. This planet is very important because he is responsible for 2 critical houses of the chart. One will either be the 5th or the 9th ie he will be either Mantresh or Dharmesh of the Dharma trikon. The other will be a Kendra house, ie one of the four actual building blocks of your life. The Yogkarak needs to be powerful in his own right to be able to give auspicious and pleasing results. Placed in good houses, signs, aspected by benefics, having good ashtakvarga scores, good strength eg high shad-bala, shifting to a powerful navamsha, etc, he will be capable of giving excellent results, ie Raj yog level stuff is possible from this one single planet. 

  • Eg a Libra ascendant chart with the Saturn Yogkarak in the 12th house. This person has a good life, very well educated, a high paying job, good family life etc and after Saturn matured during the 36th yrs of life (post here), this person gained even better things in life, got promoted, regained health and met his significant someone. 

But it is quite possible that a Yogkarak gives displeasing results, or more correctly, is incapable of giving pleasing results. This can happen when he is not powerful to begin with. Especially if debilitated, combust or afflicted by even more malefics, then do analyse him in depth. If he is prevented from giving his results, then the 2 houses he controls also suffer. And remember that he is in charge of 2 very important houses, that is why he is called Yogkarak in the first place. Again, a Yogkarak can never be a active malefic in a chart, he is always a functional benefic. But he can be obstructed from giving favourable results and then a lot of things can go wrong in your life. He will not turn into a malefic, but just will be unable to give happy results. Debilitation or combustion of the Yogkarak must be studied in depth, so writing a bit for you to think on.

Combust Yogkarak is a very typical position as this will mean that the Mars, Saturn or Venus are burnt to ashes by the Sun, ie closely conjoint the Sun.

  • Mars and Sun together will be a highly aggressive, selfish, over-confident etc nature. Both malefics with typical natures, this combination in a chart will cause a overdose of cruel energies in the houses owned by Mars and Sun, plus the house where they are placed and the houses which they aspect. Mars has additional 4th and 8th aspects too. That would be about 50% of the chart under their influence.
  • Sun and Saturn, though father and son, are not on good terms with each other. So Saturn combust will mean extreme discomfort for both. Fiery and airy energies, both malefic, indifferent, unemotional and cruel. Selfishness, outer bravado, a show of confidence, an internal low self esteem. All the houses they influence will be affected by this imbalance. And remember that Saturn has additional 3rd and 10th aspects.
  • Finally Sun and Venus are also enemies. If Venus is combust then there is a breakdown of harmony and balance in the life. Equitable partnerships are destroyed, self ego predominates, financial issues, family related stuff can cause pain. Again all the houses they own or are located in or aspect will be affected by their energies.

(Wrote several posts on combust planets, do use the index page to locate them, if you wish to read more)


Debilitated Yogkarak –  This affects the two important houses and the results you can expect from them. Debilitation means that the planet is in an environment completely unsuited to his nature. He is made to work in a surrounding which is fully un-enabling.  Something like a king being asked to sweep the streets. Or a manual labourer being made to work as a king. He cannot do this job. So, despite being a well-meaning planet, a debilitated Yogkarak damages the houses he owns, the sign/house he occupies, the planets he conjuncts/aspects and of course the overall personality too. He does not know how to do his job, so takes wrong decisions, performs inappropriate actions, trusts the wrong persons, etc makes a overall mess of everything.

  • Eg a chart with Yogkarak Mars debilitated in the ascendant itself. This person had chronic and acute illnesses, interrupted education etc. The 5th and 10th houses keywords also show the ill-effects of the debilitated house lord. Interestingly as the Mars maturity period started, he broke up with his genuine well wishers and got into bad company.

I have given these brief results to start your thought process. Do use the keywords of the houses concerned to add more meanings.

  • Taurus ascendant –  the lord of the 9th and 10th houses debilitated in the 12th house. Extreme restlessness, physical problems, lack of rest, denial of spirituality, rootlessness, no help from peers/society, issues in profession/ home, luckless life, cruel nature etc. Debilitated Saturn post.
  • Libra ascendant – the lord of the 4th and 5th houses debilitated in the 7th house – bad partners and unhappy partnerships, issues with children/mother, interrupted education, materialistic nature, social behaviour against accepted norms, indifferent home environment, cruel and unemotional nature.
  • Cancer ascendant – the lord of the 5th and 10th houses debilitated in 1st house – gives outwardly generally ok results. On the inner level there is no peace, a burning intensity, no comfort in anything, formal education incomplete, children affected, unhappiness in profession, cannot get along with father, cruel and indifferent nature. Debilitated Mars post.
  • Leo ascendant – the lord of the 4th and 9th houses debilitated in the 12th house – there is a inclination for the occult, but physical health problems, issues with siblings, family, seniors, frustrations in marriage, office, unemotional etc.
  • Capricorn ascendant – the lord of the 5th and 7th houses debilitated in 9th house – any planet in the 9th house performs well. Venus here can give a religious orientation with time. But a materialistic nature, and an intense desire to gain social status and money exists, calculative. Debilitated Venus post.
  • Aquarius ascendant  – the lord of the 4th and 9th houses debilitated in the 8th house – partnerships fail, hidden diseases, unhappy home environment, cannot get along with the mother, divorces, multiple affairs, there is no harmony in life, calculative nature.


Finally, to wrap up this post, Rahu Ketu too in special cases can function as Yogkarak (post here). This is possible for all the ascendant signs. Their results are exclusively on the astral plane. They affect the mind, emotions, life purpose, motivations. But they can give material results through the planets they are conjunct with and the sign/house they are placed in.

  • Eg I know a chart with Ketu in the 5th house functioning as a Yogkarak. This person has a very comfortable life, material assets, education, job, marriage, children and intensely spiritual bent of mind. Intuition is very high. Has not formally learnt much on divination yet gives reasonably accurate predictions. 

So the point being, do read a lot from different books. But if you really want to understand astrology well enough to make good predictions, you have to practice. Do start with your own study and come to your own conclusions, this is the ideal way to learn (post here).

Seven categories of the Nakshatra

This is also a basic post, a longish answer to a question on the types of Nakshatra and how to use them in analysing charts. The Nakshatra are the the basic structure of Jyotish (post here). Interpreting their characteristics gives a more pin-point analysis of the personality. 

The basic types of Nakshatra are Kshipra, Ugra, Mrudu/Tikshna or Mishra, Dhruva, Mrudu, Tikshna and Chara. You will see the natures of the nakshatra more commonly used in calculating Muhurt (post here), ie auspicious time for performing certain actions, this is a part of electional astrology. As per the Muhurt Chintamani, the energies of the Dhruva nakshatra are stronger on Sundays, Chara on Mondays, Ugra on Tuesdays, Mishra on Wednesdays, Kshipra on Thursdays, Mrudu on Fridays and Teekshna on Saturdays. But you can also use their natures to determine how the planets placed in them in your birth chart will work, this is what I will try to explain in this post, briefly. 

The nakshatra environment influences the ability of the graha-s to give results. Generally when we discuss nakshatra-s we think of only the Birth Moon’s lunar mansion. Which is a good point to start with. The Moon is nurture, nutrition and nature. But for an in-depth study you have to analyse each of the Nakshatra-s in where your 9 graha and also the ascendant/rising degree are located. In our example chart, the Ascendant degree is located in Pushya, Ketu in Hasta, Sun in Chitra, Venus in Chitra, Jupiter in Swati, Mercury in Vishakha, Mars in Uttarashadha, Saturn in Dhanishtha, Moon in Purvabhadrapada and Rahu in Uttarabhadrapada. So these nakshatra-s will modulate the activities of the planets/rising degree as per their typical natures.

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

So how do the 7 nakshatra categories work?

The behaviour of the planet will change as per the nakshatra he is placed in. Eg If Saturn is placed in a Kshipra Nakshatra he will not be comfortable, he is by nature slow, but the energy of the nakshatra environment is making him hurry along. He will not be able to give his optimal results here. The rising degree/ Lagna nakshtra will have a very significant say on your body structure and overall environment. Also analyse the Nakshatra the ascendant lord occupies, this will give pointers on, what you want to do, how you like doing it and how you use the environment in which you are placed. 

So very briefly on the 7 types of natures of the lunar mansions. 

Kshipra nakshatra – Kshipra means ‘very quick’ – three lunar mansions in this category, Ashvini, Pushya and Hasta. These are sometimes called Laghu, which means ‘limited’ nakshatra. They can grant bursts of speed, energy and vitality. There is a sense of rapid movement, adaptability and flexibility around them. Any graha placed in these Nakshatra will give sudden and swift results, but these generally do not endure over a longer period of time, ie are limited in this sense. These Nakshatra are good for all types work which require a spurt of energy but cannot power activities which need sustained efforts over long period of time. There is limited depth to these nakshatras, ie they are suited for logical stuff but things requiring deep thinking or philosophy may not suit their nature. Any planet placed in these Nakshatra-s will give results somewhat on these lines. Eg, if your birth Moon, the fastest graha, is in any of these nakshatra-s, your mind works very fast. You are quick to grasp ideas, understand concepts and are quite creative. The body is also generally fit and active. Emotional and physical health remains good. You are able to seize the opportunity and make the most of it. But you will have to ensure that the quickness of your mind does not end up in fickle-mindedness. 

Ugra or Fierce Nakshatra are Bharani, Magha, Purvaphalguni, Purvashadha and Purvabhadrapada. Their nature is aggressive, assertive and bold. Highly competitive by nature they will seize success by their actions. They are physically powerful, have a strong intellect and are generally not swayed by emotions. They have distinct opinions and are not afraid to express themselves. Capable of ruthless actions which can easily hurt others. If these nakshatra-s do not control their aggression, their life can become problematic. Their problems are often hidden in the initial stages and suddenly erupt later at advanced stages where repairing them can be difficult. If you have any graha placed in the Ugra nakshatra-s, then you will show an inherent aggressive behaviour towards those things in life represented by this planet. Events related to this planet will occur with uncharacteristic force. Even the milder planets like Moon, Venus or Jupiter placed here gain a higher level of intensity and assertiveness. And the aggressive graha-s placed here will amplify their aggression. If the Moon or ascendant degree or its lord is placed in these, then your personal nature and surroundings can be very intense. Do introspect a bit and try to use your inherent Ugra nature in a more controlled manner as an overdose of fierce energies is never a good idea.

Mishra, Mixed nature or Mrudu/Teekshna – there are just the two lunar mansions Krutika and Vishakha. Their nature is a mix of the sober and the aggressive. Their early life is more difficult, there may be illnesses or neglect in the childhood but things generally ease out later in life. These nakshatra can get very competitive in certain areas of life and in some areas they get over-powered easily. An undercurrent of secrecy and passion almost always underlies all their actions. They feel very intensely and can lash out unexpectedly. They generally have no close friends nor sworn enemies and can get along equally with all. If you have any birth planets placed these nakshatra, then you will show this mixed type of behaviour towards the things these planets rule over in your life. You have very intense energies which have to be expressed in a balanced manner to be useful. A fire is necessary for life but if used inappropriately can burn everything down. The more aggressive planets are more at home in these lunar mansions but using them in a productive manner can be a challenge. And the milder planets though a bit uncomfortable perform reasonably well. 

Dhruva or fixed nakshtra are Rohini, Uttaraphalguni,  Uttarashadha and Uttarabhadrapada. These are the best balanced Nakshatra energies. Their body and mind is strong and life is generally easy and stable. They are capable of using what they have in a systematic and productive manner. Physically fit and emotionally stable, their moral character and understanding is also good. These energies are capable of creating a sustained path to success which will be enduring. They evolve themselves and create assets which help others too. Gentle natured, fair, mild-mannered but very firm about what they have decided. They are clear about their purpose in life and are determined to achieve it. If you have any planet in these lunar mansions, try to use its energies more consciously in your life. You will be able to maintain a balanced approach in respect to those things related to this graha. Whatever aspects of life they indicate, you will progress well and be satisfied there. All graha-s perform quite well in the environment presented by these naksahtra-s. If you have the more important planets eg Moon, Ascendant sign/lord and even the Yogkarak graha here, you can especially benefit from the Dhruva energies. 

Mrudu or Tender/sweet lunar mansions include Mruga, Chitra, Anuradha and Revati. These are delicate in nature and there is a softness, a tenderness about them. They expect softness from others always. Their focus is more on relationships, communication, art etc, the more refined and creative aspects of existence. The body is reasonably heathy but remains sensitive and there may be an inherent susceptibility to illness.  There is a very real possibility of emotional vulnerability. If you have too many planets in these Nakshatra-s you must be careful as always expecting sweetness in life is not a good thing. You have to evaluate your expectations in the aspects of life linked to these planets. As when these expectations break, which they eventually will, it will create emotional issues. These issues will spill over into the body frame causing illnesses. And also affect your relationships with the others around you. In the charts I have seen, people having their birth Moon in these lunar mansions generally go through some sort of neglect during their childhood. This may be emotional or physical, but probably breaks their expectations very early in life. And this later life generally manifests as a sharp tongue and an ability to hurt other with their words.

Teekshna or Sharply pointed Nakshatra are Aradra, Ashleysha, Mula and Jeyshtha. These are known for their aggressive and destructive natures. They are highly assertive, confident and uncaring of what effect their behaviour has on others. These energies are not favourable for creative or constructive actions. They are not helpful or supportive in nature. They can separate from family/ friends, create enemies and thus several difficulties in life. The physical body may be susceptible to illness or emotional issues are also possible as the stress levels will increase with time. If you have the milder planets here, then it creates a deep internal discomfort in the areas of life linked to them. Aggressive planets here cause an over-load of aggression. So if you have any planet in these Teekshna lunar mansions, analyse it carefully and try to use their destructive powers sensibly. Try not to harm yourself and others around you in the process. Every sort of energy can be channelized safely if you know how it works. Even destruction is a desirable thing if done in a controlled and targeted manner. 

Chara Nakshatra or the lunar mansions of the ‘moveable’ nature. These are Punarvasu, Svati, Shravan, Dhanishtha and Shatataraka. They are capable of giving generally fast and positive results. Again their results are not very permanent or enduring, there is sense of superficiality about them. Good for providing bursts of energy at the right moment. The body and the mind is active and desirous of change. They like getting into many things, know a lot, but converting this into action can take time, but once they begin, they move to finish the task. They are somewhat similar to the Kshipra nakshatra-s, but not as swift as them. If you have any planets in these Nakshatra-s, it would be best if you have all the information you need before moving in the aspects of life controlled by them. Be clear in your own mind what you want and how do you want to go about it. 

In Jyotish, you have to eventually learn about the lunar mansions and their use in analysing charts. These 7 categories is a small start in this direction. The Nakshatra is the subtle energy which rules your astral self, the Sookshma-sharir (post here) and thus is linked to your inherent potential which you can consciously actualise in your life.

Raj Yog in the horoscope

There are so many combinations on the Raj yog that it often becomes confusing for students. To begin with remember this simple concept, “Any combination of the Kendra and the Kona energies is a potential Raj yog”. 

The Kendra houses are the 1st 4th 7th and 10th. These are the pillars on which the entire horoscope is raised. There is one house from each of the trikons, Dharma 1st, Arth 10th, Kaam 7th and Moksh 4th trikon-s. The potential of your horoscope is summarised in these 4 Kendra houses. If you understand the Bhavat Bhavam concept, the importance of these 4 houses will be clear. The 7th house is the only house directly linked to the 1st. And the 4th and 10th are directly connected via the bhavat bhavam to the 7th house. The personality expresses itself mainly through these 4 houses in a solid manner.

The Kona houses are the three, 1st 5th and 9th. The 1st house is a Kona as well as a Kendra house and interlinks the energies of these two types of houses. It is the pivot around which the entire horoscope turns. The three Kona houses together are actually the Dharma trikon. This represents the power of the personality and how you use it to ever-evolve yourself. This interlinked 1/5/9 axis of genius, creativity, foundations, luck, blessings and auspicious merits is the real creator of your dynamic personality. In this axis, one aspect of your personality creates the second which again creates the third which cyclically feeds back to the first, in an ever evolving spiralling manner.

  • 1st house –  the overall personality, the overall environment, role in society, will power, health, longevity etc, basically a snapshot of you
  • 4th house – the security, comforts, emotional health, nurture, mother, childhood experiences, basic education, house, lands, vehicles etc.
  • 5th – divine intelligence, creativity, expression of creativity, children, self-ego, recognition as an individual, spirituality
  • 7th house – husband/wife, partnerships, legal relations, business, fertility, passion, foreign travels, business rivals too
  • 9th – all the support you will receive from all sources, your beliefs, patrons, peers, paternal figures, religion, ancestors, your past life merits etc
  • 10th house – social presence, power, prestige, profession, salaries, actions done to resolve karma, power, authority in public etc.

The concept of Yog-karak is also derived from this. If a planet simultaneously owns a Kendra and a Kona house then he is capable of giving a lot of positive results in life. He then called a Yogkarak. This one planet placed well can confer ‘Raj yog’ on his own.


So open your birth chart. If there any connections between the following, you have a ‘Raj-yog’ in your chart. It is as simple as that. (There are other combinations which are also called Raj Yog, but the common factor is that the energy of the Kona or Kendra has to be involved.)

  • 1st lord with 4th lord
  • 1st lord with 7th lord
  • 1st lord with 10th lord
  • 1st lord with 5th lord
  • 1st lord with 9th lord
  • 4th lord with 5th lord
  • 4th lord with 9th lord
  • 5th lord with 7th lord
  • 5th lord with 10th lord
  • 7th lord with 9th lord
  • 9th lord with 10th lord

These connections can be, 

  1. Exchange of houses, also called parivartan (post here)
  2. Kendra/Kona lord occupying a Kona/Kendra position (one exception is the Kendradhipati combination post here)
  3. Sometimes, even if they are conjunct or even aspecting each other in a positive house then too you can consider them to be in a sort of a Raj-Yog. More the combinations more strong is the yog and more likely to give significant results.

These planets creating the Raj-Yog should be strong and capable of auspicious results. So you will have to check out their Shad-bala, Ishta-bala, Vimshopka,  Ashtakvarga, position in the Navamsha etc depending on your level of study. (There are other combinations too which are called Raj yog, but to begin with, start with this concept.)


And it is a very common question is that despite having Raj-yogs in a chart why do they fail to realise their promise. Here are some points which you can use in your study.  

  1. Power of the ascendant sign. This sign produces your physical body, the physical environment around you. If the sign is afflicted by malefics or in any way blocked from giving results, or are not capable of auspicious results then the personality and the environment is not strong enough to produce the results of the raj-yog.
  2. Power of the ascendant lord. This graha coordinates between the personality and the environment. The dynamic aspect. He has to be strong to be able to make full use of the potential of the chart. (post here)
  3. Power of the birth Moon. The birth Moon is a major force in your chart, almost equal to the ascendant lord. Analyse him properly before you do anything else. He controls your astral body, emotions, perceptions etc and subtly influences everything around you. Eg you might become the CEO of your company but if your Moon is weak, you will suffer stress and not be able to enjoy this position.
  4. The Dasha-s which never come or which come at the inappropriate time of life. You have to learn Dasha-s very systemically to be able to time events. Vimshottari dasha system has to be learnt in depth. Study at least one more Dasha system in addition to Vimshottari. Always use two Dasha-s systems to cross check your predictions. The potential of the house is triggered only in the appropriate Dasha, which should come at an appropriate time/age. Eg. If the triggering dasha comes at the age of 4yrs age and it is to do with the 5th house. What is the child going to do about his 5th house potential at this age? He might get parental love, be a confident child etc. His parents will benefit to some extent from the child’s chart’s positive energy and thus the child will indirectly benefit. But that is about it. Now if this triggering Dasha were to come at the age of 25yrs then the actual person would have really been able to use his own energies.
  5. Then it is possible that the results may be delivered only in specific mahadashas/ antardashas/ pratyantar dashas. eg. if it were to occur during Rahu Mahadasha then he will take away the successes after his dasha period gets over. So a spectacular rise followed by a rapid descent is seen.
  6. The fine-tuning can be done using transits. These are the regular movements of the grahas in the zodiac. These can be used to exactly pin-point the exact timing of the event within the broader framework of the Dasha.
  7. Next is the divisional charts. You cannot predict only with the birth chart. Eg a beautifully placed Sun in the D1 becomes debilitated in the D9. The potential is hollow, it will not give happiness, instead give inauspicious results, a beautiful apple with a rotten core. You have to analyse the D9 always. And in case the question is specific then the specific DC should also be referred to, eg for profession then the related D 10 too should be seen.

Why does some event occur? Why does some promised event not occur? If it did occur, why did it occur the way it did? Why at this typical intensity? These are questions which make one a good predictive astrologer. Try to learn astrology systematically (post here), analyse your sample charts. Try to match the events in life, like getting a job, marriage, deaths, divorces, birth of children etc with the charts. This is the only way you will learn. Just reading books is not enough. Learning to predict events successfully in the correct perspective comes only by practical practice.

(There was a question on this and I felt it was better to write the answer as a small post.)

Rhrunanubandah, the debts you owe

Sanatan Dharm is not a religion, there is no book to follow here. You follow your own Conscience. You try to still your mind so that you can hear yourself clearly. You are your own judge. You yourself mete out to you the merit/ demerit for your own actions. You are your own blessing and you are your own prison. You are responsible for your own actions and enjoy/endure their consequences. This is the law of Karma operated by your own Antar-atma, inner Self, conscience. Enforcing the law of karma is the function of the 6th house, the Maha-dusham-sthana. The debts you owe. The Rhrunanubandah. 

  • ऋण Rhrun is a Sanskrit word which means loans, the minuses in your life, debts, transgressions, out-going stuff, guilt, duty, anything which is due, flowing, stronghold, obligation, etc. 
  • अनुबन्ध Anubandh means a continuance, consequence, result, attachment, obstacle, inseparable connection, intention, descendant, encumbrance, tie, design, linkage, part, course, motive, binding, contract, sequence, connecting link etc. 

Combining these you can get a sense of the word Rhunanubandh. This obligatory tie links to you to the others around you. Life is not in isolation, we are interconnected to all the beings around us. Your father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, child, relatives boss, drivers, servants, neighbours, all the people you interact with are there because of these debts owed, these inseparable connections of duties and obligations. If you give Rs 10/- to a beggar, it is not due to the kindness of your heart, it is because you owed him that money. You keep a pet animal because you are obliged to him. You care for your garden because you owe this care to the plants who live there. There is no charity in the real sense, it is just re-balancing of the debts owed. Life exists because Rhunanubandah exists. When you clear off your Rhunanubandah, you attain Moksh, ie realise yourself as the non-dual Advaita. 

If you have more auspicious combinations in your chart then you are here to enjoy the benefits of your past karma. In case there are more inauspicious combinations you are here to endure, experience more pain and repay your past outstanding karma. Generally most of us have a mix of good/bad combinations so go through cyclic pain/pleasure which we endure/enjoy.

The 6th house, its owner and the planets residing here indicate the quantum of this Rhun, also whom you have to pay it to. How and when you will be repaying it. If you do not pay it willingly when the time comes, you will be made to do so. Thus the ‘serve or suffer’ motif of this house. The 6th house also indicates the service which you get from others who owe you and the sufferings you inflict on others too. 

The house opposite to the 6th house is the house of Vyay, व्यय, the 12th house. Vyay means expense, charge, dissipation, sacrifice of, disappearance, loss, decay etc. If you make your due payments in the 6th house then the karmic load on you as seen from the 12th house will decrease. If you refuse to honour these due obligations, then your person and your environment will suffer losses. 

The sign occupying the 6th house is the basic environment in which you will be called on to pay your debts. eg Capricorn in the 6th will make you serve the society or serve through your profession, if Pisces then you serve in your astral and dream states, if Virgo then you serve in hospitals, counselling centres, etc. In this post I have discussed the effectiveness of the signs. The most benefic and sensitive signs are Virgo and Pisces. So if you have Aries or Libra as the ascendent then do take a few minutes to analyse the 6th house. If this is afflicted, it can subtly act to distort the positive predictions that you make. 

The owner of the 6th house is the main agent of the Rhunanubandh. His position in your chart determines the nature of your pending Rhun. Whom do you owe? How will you be made to repay? What will be its impact on you? eg 6th lord in the 11th house, people whom you owe will come as your friends, collect their due and vanish from your life. eg 6th lord with the Moon, your mother will behave like your enemy and create adversarial situations for you. eg 6th lord in 3rd house, your debtors will come disguised as your cousins, they will extract their dues and put you in trouble. One tip, never take advice or help or start any business etc with the people represented by the 6th lord and his position in your chart. Even if a natural benefic like Venus or Jupiter owns the 6th house, his work will be to make you pay off your debts, he is the major functional malefic in your life. I get this quite often that Cancer and Libra ascendants must have a easier life because Jupiter owns the 6th house here. People think of Jupiter as a benefic always, which he is not (post here). In fact these two ascendants potentially have a more wearying life as the agent of hope, luck, expansion and benevolence is in charge of the house of debts. For Cancer he is the Rogesh and the Dharmesh both, in-charge of the serve/ suffer motif and the spark of auspicious luck.

  • If you have no planets in the 6th house, the debts due are proportionately lesser, a easier life awaits you.
  • And if there are several planets here then you have several debtors waiting for you. You will be required to work more and if the rest of the horoscope is supportive there will be also be sufficient energy to do so. If the ascendant lord and birth Moon are powerful then this work can create several  avenues and opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth.
  • A powerful benefic in the 6th house can ensure that you gain from your enemies. But if he is weak then he can give you stress from the generally positive things in life which he stands for. 
  • A malefic in the 6th will create active conflict with your enemies. You will be more aggressive, more proactive, more willing to engage with issues. If the rest of the horoscope is good then he will also supply the energy demolish your foes. You will have go through the Rhunanubandh, ie the binding debts, disease, enemies etc. But you will go out of your way to resolve the potentially stressful energies before they get a chance to really act against you. Later, in life, taking precautions and acting preemptively will become a habit. Malefics work well in the 6th house. 


I have written several posts on the 6th house, but in the context of the Rhunanubandh let’s see the three top heavy duty planet placements. (planets in the 6th house post here)

The Birth Moon in the 6th house or conjunct the 6th lord. Debts related to emotions. The simplest way to put this is whoever you need love from, invariably gives you emotional pain and later exits from your life in a traumatic manner.  Emotional suffering, mental stress, astral issues, dreams, hauntings, illnesses with no real reason or solution, body weakness, lack of nutrition, lack of nurture, loneliness etc. The Moon and the 6th house/lord energies means your the mother was over-worked or felt that you, her child, to be an extra burden on her. The birth Moon is nurture, nutrition, needs, nature. As a child, your needs were never acknowledged nor fulfilled. You might have been ill, alone, haunted, ignored, unloved. Later, acknowledging that you actually have emotional needs is difficult and the source of your problems. But you will always have the moral courage to endure these disturbing times and the intelligence to rise above these issues. The solution to this Moon is to help others who are suffering pain due to emotional trauma. There are several ways where you can do this and also earn your livelihood eg law, astrology, medicine, psychiatry, nursing etc.

The ascendant lord himself in the 6th house or conjunct the 6th lord. The personality and the environment of is for this lifetime completely in the shadow of the 6th house. It can get very intense. You will be required to serve the Rhun-s you owe, all the time. Your personality, your surrounding environment and the interaction with these two will be governed by the subtle influence of the 6th house energies. A lot depends on the power of the ascendant lord, if he is strong then you can excel. Again choosing your profession well is the secret for managing this position. 

Then the 5th lord, if in the 6th house or conjunct the 6th lord. The 5th lord is responsible for finishing off the debts owed. The 5th house is the house of your Poorva-janma-punya. The auspicious merits of your past lives which are available to you. If you wish, you can consciously use them through out your life. You make your luck using the energies of your 5th house. The owner of the 5th house is very important and in powerful horoscopes you will find that he is always placed well. He grants you creativity, genius and confidence which comes from an awareness of the internal link to the Divine. If he is linked to the 6th house/lord, then his potential is used for karmic service/ suffering requirements. Instead of propelling you onwards, now this graha can bring up even more karmic debts from your past lives. The realisation of the internal Divine is muted, confidence is reduced and the genius finds no creative outlet. It can get very stifling. (If you have any Virgo ascendants in your study sample do observe this part of their lives.) But ultimately it is the 5th lord, so however muted he may be, he still has the power of creative genius. So if you work intelligently, you can create several opportunities for yourself and rise. (Dharma trikon post here)


Rhunanubandh coming up for resolution is not a bad thing. If the personality, (the ascendent sign, ascendant lord and the birth Moon), is powerful enough you can convert this Rhunanubandh into opportunities. If so then you can actually benefit in some way. If not then life becomes a drudgery and there is suffering. The 6th house is also disillusionment, disappointments, misunderstandings, disturbances, difficulties etc. It helps you resolve past karma but also teaches you a lesson so that you do not repeat the same mistake again. So try to understand what this house is really upto in your chart. Anything that makes you come out of your comfort zone will initially create difficulties but eventually help you evolve. Sometimes the 6th can do this for you.

The 6th is a upchaya house. The positive meaning is if you complete your pendency then things will get better with age. But, if you ignore your enemies/ ripu, don’t address your diseases/ roga and leave your debts/ runa unpaid then the power of upchaya will multiply these things in your life. This is the secret of managing the three upchaya houses. Never ignore them and the things that they stand for. If you fail to address the issues raised by them from time to time, they will keep on multiplying them with the passage of time.



Your birth chart and your birth

Your horoscope defines your own personality and how your whole life is going to unfold. The instant of your physical birth to the moment of the physical death and everything that happens in between. So today a study type of a post which will help you appreciate the accuracy of your horoscope.

The horoscope indicates the energy of the instant of your birth, ie the moment when your umbilical cord was cut and you became an individual, separate from your mother. The energies of this moment are also subtly connected to the moment of your real birth ie the instant of your conception. In Jyotish, the instant of the release of the sperms is considered as the time of conception, the energy of this moment is the entire life energy of the baby. You can choose this time of conception for your future children if you wish.

If you read our Itihas analytically, you will realise that children were very often created with desired qualities programmed into them. The Rishis ‘designed’ children for specific purposes. Examples are, Rishi Vishvamitra, Rishi Jamadagni, Draupadi, Drishtyadyumna, Dronacharya, the Kauravs and Dusshala (100 boys 1 girl), the Pandavs (6 boys including Karna), Dhritarashtra, Pandu, Shri Ram and his 3 brothers, Maruti etc. There are several events from ancient history where Kings and Rishis would perform a Putra-kameshti yajnya where the desired child (boy/girl) was created by the power of the mantra. eg Draupadi and Drishtyadyumna emerged full-grown from the yajnya-kund, no mother or father. Dronacharya had no mother, he was created from his father. The Pandav-s directly created from mantras. These are neither fantasy nor mythological stories, they are history, Itihas. (Modern science is trying to replicate these types of births now.)


Now, Garbha-daan pujas are performed with the marriage to ensure that the couple is blessed with a healthy baby. This is an essential Sanskar in Sanatan Dharma. This ensures that the parents-to-be have the best possible energy, there is auspiciousness around them and the child also will have auspicious qualities in life.

The energy around the time of conception is similar to the energy around at the time of birth. If you know when your child was conceived and the events around you at that time, you can tally this with the child’s birth chart. Whatever was actually happening around the parents at the time of conception will repeat in some way around the time of birth too. If the parents were happy, unhappy or there was trauma, arguments or inauspiciousness etc around them. What the parents, grandparents and other relatives were doing/ thinking/ feeling. It is repeated. And all this can be seen in the baby’s horoscope, it is a part of the baby, it is the energy with which he will live out a lifetime. It might sound unbelievable, but it is true. 

The birth horoscope is the configuration of the planets as you were born. This also reflects what was physically happening around you as you were actually being born. eg, for a child born on a festival day or a puja day where lots of relatives etc have met, the 11th house will show a lot of auspicious planets. And this baby must have been conceived on a similar auspicious day where friends/family had met with his parents.

Your every relative can be seen from your birth chart. eg Moon-mother, Sun-father, Mars-brothers/ sisters, Mercury-maternal uncles, cousins, Jupiter – elders in the family or Guru, Venus-women in the family, Saturn-father especially for night births, aged persons, servants, etc. Rahu is paternal grandparents, Ketu – maternal grandparents. (This is the generic list, these will vary as per the individual chart.) If you analyse the planets in your chart, you can clearly analyse what these relatives were doing when you were being conceived/ born.

All these following examples are from the charts I have seen in real life. These people, or their parents, knew the actual day of conception and what was happening on that day around them, this is a rare data. Everyone knows their and their children’s birth dates and generally what was happening at that time.

eg. One woman was living alone because her husband was posted on the border. Conception was when he was on a brief leave and delivery too when she was alone. The child has the Moon alone/ kemadruma and un-aspected. Even the lord of the birth Moon sign is in the 6th house. Indicative of the loneliness the mother had faced, the burden she must have felt and this emotion is now part of the child’s lifetime energy.

eg. Too many planets in the 6th house of a child indicate that the parents did not receive blessings from others and/or close family members disapproved of their marriage. ie There were people in the house who were ill-wishing the parents the day conception/ birth took place. Check which planets are in the 6th house to get a more detailed idea on which relatives were involved. Eg Mercury will indicate the extended family/ uncles/ aunts of the child. Rahu/ Ketu will indicate the grandparents. Sun/ Saturn in the 6th can indicate that the father was in unbearable stress. Moon here will indicate that the mother was in turmoil etc. And the baby will not really get along with these relatives in his life time.

eg. A 4th house with an afflicted Mercury in it, the maternal relatives had a serious argument inside the house the day the baby was conceived and also later when he was being born. This child did not have a happy relationship with them. These relatives were around this child when he was younger but left him with unhappy memories. Later in life, these relations snapped.

eg. Ketu represents maternal grandparents, so if he is in the ascendant sign or with the ascendant lord, they were actively interested in the mother’s pregnancy/ delivery. They were physically in the same house with her. And the baby will be closer to them in his life. They will have a key role in shaping his personality, perhaps will give him a spiritual foundation if Ketu is auspicious for the chart.

Rahu represents paternal grandparents. I have observed this difference between maternal and paternal grandparents, paternal ones are more materialistic than the maternal ones, the maternal ones are more spiritual. It is strange, but evident if you observe. The same grandparents, the same persons, behave differently with their grandchildren by their daughters and with their grandchildren by their sons.

eg. There are a lot of inter-faith, inter-religion etc marriages these days. If you can collect a study sample of such children, you will find Jupiter in these charts will be afflicted/ uncomfortable in some way. Especially if one parent was from the Sanatan Dharma/ Hindu and the other parent was from an Abrahmic religion where the fundamental philosophies are radically different. The subtle conflict between the spiritual/religious values of the parents/ families will be reflected here in the Jupiter’s position.

eg. There are so many Caesarean deliveries these days, study several such charts. Babies delivered in such a way will have their Moon in dushamsthans, Moon aspected by or conjunct malefics, etc typical positions which indicate stress to the mother. Mars and Rahu will be in prominent positions indicating cuts, blood and pain, especially will be connected to the 5th, 8th houses. Or in the house 8th from the birth Moon. This will be seen either in the main chart or even in the D9 navmasha chart. (If seen in both the D1 and the D9 it means a deep set karma from several lives.) Such combinations indicate that the mother was suffering and the rest of the family was also in stress physically/ emotionally during the birth. If the mother can remember the day/ events when she conceived, she will have 100% had some emotional stress, injury, cuts, etc on this day.


If you analyse the sixteen Sanskar-s, compulsory for all who follow Sanatan Dharm, three of these are connected with conception/ pregnancy. Garbhadharan is pre-conception puja performed on the day chosen for conception (these days its done at the time of marriage itself). Then Pumsavan and Seemantonayan are performed during pregnancy. Till the baby is 1yr old, there are six more Sanskar-s to be performed on him. These Sanskar-s enhance auspiciousness of the baby and reduce the malefic influences on him. I have seen a very significant difference in charts of people whose parents had performed the correct sequence of Sanskar-s. These horoscopes were better balanced and there were lesser inauspicious effects seen in them. (Or perhaps it is the other way around, ie the charts were better balanced so the parents performed the necessary Sanskar-s on the new baby. Maybe you can do your own research and come to your own conclusions.)

The energy of the horoscope is the energy of the moment of birth in so many ways. So when there is a marriage in your family make it a point to genuinely bless the couple. And later when their baby is being born, pray for an easy delivery and a happy baby. You may be an uncle, aunt, grandparent etc to this baby. The actions you undertake during this time will affect the baby’s horoscope in a very visible manner and also indicate the quality of relationship you will share with this child throughout his life.

And if you intend to have a baby yourself, do so with positive mind-set and try to follow the Sanskar-s. If you cannot do the full-fledged pujas at least pray to your favourite deity, universe, source of faith etc before doing anything. If you invest some time and energy in this, you will have a life-time blessing in the form of a happy and auspicious child.


(I saw a news item, a young woman was giving birth as the Beirut explosion was occurring. This child’s choice of birth energy!)