Analysing the Vimshottari Saturn Mahadasha

Dasha analysis is used to time events in life. The planets control your life in a sequence called the Dasha. There are several Dasha systems, of these the Vimshottari is generally applicable, accurate and is the first Dasha system you learn. 

The Maha-Dasha sequence is,

Thus the human lifespan is total of 120 yrs. Depending on the exact position of your birth Moon, ie the Nakshatra and the degrees, you will begin your life sequence. Ensure that you have your accurate birth time else there is no point in calculating Dasha. Not everyone will experience all the 9 graha Mahadasha during their lives. 

Considering Saturn’s current transit in his own Capricorn which will be followed by his transit in Aquarius, if you are going through the Saturn Mahadasha (or even his antar-dasha in other planet’s mahadasha-s) at this point of time, you will experience high intensity results. Depending on if Saturn is favourable or not for you, these results will be auspicious and helpful to you, or not.

Saturn Mahadasha

  • If your birth moon Nakshatra is Pushya, Anuradha or Uttarabhadrapada then at the time of your birth you had the Saturn Mahadasha going on. The balance of the planet’s dasha period remaining at birth is calculated using the location (degree minute second) of the Moon in the nakshatra.
  • For the other birth Nakshatra, Saturn Mahadasha can occur at any point of time in life in the sequence.
  • Saturn will also influence you during his sub-periods, ie Antardasha, in other planet’s Mahadasha ie main periods.

So open your Vedic software, the Dasha section. If there are options here, choose the Vimshottari Dasha system. See which planet’s Mahadasha is going on for you. If this is the Saturn Mahadasha then this post is for you.

If you were born in Saturn Mahadasha. You were always a mature and responsible little person even as a child. Possibly your parents were working hard and you did not get much time with them in your childhood. Maybe your grandparents or someone elderly took care of you. You are serious at your core, punctual about time and meticulous about work. You live within your means, do not waste anything. Time is precious to you. You have schedules and tasks to perform. You are stable, sincere and dependable. You are friendly with everyone, but you do not have close life-time friendships. You generally get along with people older or more mature than you. Life unfolds rather predictably, slowly but surely, you gain wealth, social prestige and recognition, especially so after your late thirties.

If you go through your Saturn Mahadasha later in life. It is very long period, 19yrs and a lot can happen in this time. Here you will be more focussed on your work, social presence, the process of ‘settling down’. If you are older than 36yrs, then this time can be quite productive as you harness the power of Saturn in the real sense and grow. 

Generally, Saturn in his Mahadasha, will make you work systematically to work off your karma. Whichever houses Saturn is linked to, he will give you tasks to perform. Whatever aspect of your life is linked to him will be your ‘work-place’ for these 19yrs. He expects dedication, sincerity and honesty. So expect social obligations, duties to the parents and elders, earning prestige and social position, gaining assets and wealth, working within the restrictions of social law, he will keep you busy for these 19 yrs. This will be a character building time, he is polishing your personality. There will be crises from time to time, he will test you. He will force you to become efficient, budget, fully utilise what you have and appreciate the use of your assets. Your hidden talents will be pushed out in the open. What you desire is irrelevant to him as he has your own karmic agenda to enforce. There might be an underlying sense of loneliness or weariness during this time but there will be focus. He generally does not grant emotional satisfaction as he systemically removes all illusions, misplaced hopes, unwarranted expectations and brings you face to face with the practical reality. But there will be a sense of a job well done. He will reduce your tolerance for hypothetical or impractical or dreamy stuff. You will be granted practical knowledge about real material things, tangible stuff. If you work, then he will ensure that you get your exact rightful gains. His energies are slow, subdued and spread over a longer period of time. Events roll out slowly but steadily here. He can delay things but does not deny you what you deserve. If you accept his influence, these 19yrs will be a very productive time. If not then it can get hopeless.

Saturn Mahadasha is 19yrs long, so each of the nine sub-periods are also long and can extend upto 3yrs. Analyse the lords of the sub-periods/ Antardasha to get a clearer idea of how things will unfold.

Most people are scared of Saturn but he is the embodiment of the material we see around us. All social structures, hierarchies, markets, trade, commerce, rules, regulations, etc require Saturn’s blessings to prosper.  If the Saturn Mahadasha comes in mid-life then this period can grant successes all of life’s major activities like education, job, family etc. Saturn’s energies for material growth are best utilised at this age. The only condition is that you should be willing to work hard in a regular and disciplined manner.

Saturn is Yogkarak for Taurus and Libra ascendants so will give favourable results for these people. He is the owner of Capricorn and Aquarius so he always supports people with these two ascendant signs as the ascendant lord. For the other ascendant signs you have to check the individual charts in depth, for his role in the chart.

  • If Saturn is well-placed and capable of auspicious results, then these 19yrs can be an extraordinary period, full of work, achievements, social mobility, professional successes, growth and fame. You will make more friends, contacts, people who think and act like you. For people who are in politics, governance or need social visibility he will help. If he is in his own sign or sign of exaltation or aspected by benefics or even in a Kendra or a Kona house supported by auspicious planets, then too he will support you during his Mahadasha.
  • If Saturn is unfavourable for you then expect issues connected to health, property, wealth, profession, litigations etc. Medical conditions related to skin, nerves, bones, ‘dryness’ in the body parts and ageing related diseases can pop during this time. There will be detachment, frustrations, restlessness, denial and loneliness on the mental front. Legal issues with the government. Delays and challenges in the parts of life he influences. He will also give the strength to endure the distress he will cause, but life will be more difficult than average during this period. Some things will be spoilt forever. But even though there may be troubles, they will not stretch continuously for 19 yrs. The underlying theme may be Saturn’s but the lords of the sub-periods also have their say. If the lord of the Antar-dasha is favourable then the troubles will reduce in his antardasha. 

 If you feel that this is all beyond you at the beginner level, I have written two posts on a quick analysis for the sub-periods based on which houses these the planets own (here and here). 


Now to tailor the Mahadasha predictions for your personal life. This requires some basic understanding of Jyotish. Each horoscope is unique and will have its own unique analysis. This post is to help you learn.

Step 1 is to analyse the power of Saturn in your chart.

You should know what Saturn controls in your life and the power he has to deliver his results. You should know what he is going to give you, only then predicting the timing will be of any use. So analyse your Saturn as follows,

  • Saturn in your basic birth chart
  • Which house and in which sign is he placed in? Which parts of your life is he controlling?
    • Eg Saturn in 3rd house will be your siblings, income from trade, your hands, the internal confidence to take necessary actions, skills, practicality, etc.
  • Which houses does he own? Where are Capricorn and Aquarius signs placed in the chart?
    • Eg Capricorn placed in the 11th house will mean that Saturn is in charge of your friend circle, like minded groups, all gains in life, money from speculation, older siblings, etc.
    • Eg Aquarius in the 5th house, means that Saturn is connected to your education, children, students, creativity, confidence, genius, etc.
  • Marak – If Saturn connected to the 2nd, 7th or 8th houses then you must check the longevity aspects. If the longevity is at an end, then he can indicate the timing or cause of physical death in his Dasha periods.
  • Is Saturn exalted/ debilitated? How comfortable is he in the sign he is occupying? Naturally an exalted planet will give more pleasing results than a debilitated one. 
  • Is he retrograde?
  • Or combust?
  • Which planets is he conjoint/ aspected by?
    • Which other aspects of the personality is he influencing or being influenced by? If he is influenced by benefics then more favourable and pleasing results.
    • eg Saturn aspecting or conjoint Rahu can give a rather intense personality.
  • What kind of power does he have.
    • His shadbala, avastha etc also can be seen for more insights into his nature in your chart. You can go as deep as your level of study.
  • Has he matured?
    • Is his maturity being held back by conjunction with later maturing planets? Planets give more sensible results after maturity. His Dasha period after maturity will give more useful results.

This detailed analysis will tell you which aspects of your life will be more in the foreground as your Saturn mahadasha rolls on. Be clear on his karakatva, ie all that he stands for in your chart, before predicting anything.

Do these next only if you are an advanced student, else you might end up confusing yourself

  • Saturn in the Navamsha D 9 chart.
    • Do this same analysis using the divisional chart 9. The Navamsha chart will give a perspective on the sub-conscious expectations and the sum total of Saturn’s potential. 
  • Saturn in the birth Moon chart.
    • You can repeat this same analysis in your birth Moon chart to see how Saturn Mahadasha is going to affect you on the emotional aspects of your life. The birth Moon chart is the same as your D1 birth chart, just that the sign containing the birth Moon is counted as the 1st house.


Step 2 is to analyse the power of the Sub-period lords

Smaller sub-periods within the main period/ Mahadasha are called successively Antar-dasha, Pratyantar-dasha, Sookshma-dasha and Pran-dasha. The logic on how to analyse these even smaller units remains the same for each planetary owner of the sub/sub periods. The lord of the sub-period will give his results within the broad framework of the overarching Saturn’s power.

  • Find out the power of the sub-period planetary lord and the aspects of life that he controls just like you did for the Saturn above.
    • Eg if the Saturn Mahadasha and Moon antardasha. you will have to find out both Saturn’s and Moon’s power to give results.
    • Analyse the relationship between the Saturn and the sub-period owner planet. Are they friends/ neutrals/ enemies?
    • If they are in the uncomfortable 6/8 axis from each other then that sub-lord’s sub-period will not be so comfortable.
    • If they are in the 5/9 axis or 3/11 axis the sub-period will give significant gains.
      • Eg if Saturn Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha. Both are neutral to each other.
      • If Saturn is in 5th house and Jupiter in 9th house. Both are in the pivotal Kona houses, and in the powerful 5/9 axis from each other. This could be one of the best periods of your life.
      • If Saturn in 3th house and Jupiter in 8th house. This time will not give good results, as there will be turbulence in life related to the 3rd and 8th house keywords.

Do this next only if you are an advanced student, else you might end up confusing yourself

  • Step 3 is the routine transits of the planets.
    • These can the modify results indicated by the Dasha to some extent. So draw your birth chart (D-1) on a paper and superimpose the current planetary positions on it. Use a different coloured pen so that you can make sense of the composite chart you are drawing. Analyse how the transits are affecting the planets. We use the dasha+transits to fine tune events.
    • Ashtakvarga, Janma-nav-tara, Moorti nirnay, Ashtapadmadala chakra etc are some of the ways you can analyse transits depending on your level of skill.


Now with this background, let’s briefly analyse the Saturn Mahadasha and its Antardasha/ sub-periods. This is just a starting point for you to base your own analysis on. 

1. Saturn antardasha follows the Rahu antardasha in the Jupiter Mahadasha.

  • This period sets the tone for the next 19yrs of your life. This is the first sub-period in sequence so if this time goes reasonably well for you then the rest of his Mahadasha too can be expected to go well. If this period is not going well, ie if problems erupt with no solutions or issues in profession and relationships etc then you must take corrective actions, ie Daan or Mantra, which will help alleviate the problems caused by Saturn.
  • If Saturn in your birth chart is capable of favourable results then you will be kept busy and you will get the due credits. There will be progress on the social, professional and material front. Increased work, lesser time for leisure, more responsibilities, perhaps a promotion, more interactions with the society etc. Marriage and children are also possible which create a sense of maturity.

2. Mercury antardasha

  • Saturn considers Mercury as a friend. Mercury is neutral to him.
  • So if they are well placed in your chart then this period will go well. Logic and mental faculties add power to the work you are doing. This will result in gains especially from profession and business, money flow will increase. You will be more competitive, less emotional and more logical in your approach. You will be able to network effectively, find out tips and secrets and put your skills to use. Use this time well.
  • You may be required to do something for your siblings and extended family which might give you stress from time to time.

3. Ketu antardasha

  • Saturn and Ketu together are an explosive mix. This is a relatively short period but can get intense. Physical and emotional health may be hit. You will feel more aggressive in the aspects of life linked to Saturn and Ketu. So keep your temper in control, keep conflicts to a minimum and focus on your goals. Unnecessary travelling, weakness, loss of money etc are possible. Ketu causes disillusionments and separations. So if your chart is strong you might get into spirituality and if the chart is weak then you will feel depressed.
  • If their mutual combination is favourable then there will be flashes of inspiration and insights so use these well. Your intelligence will support you, thus you can profit from calculated risks. Also pilgrimages or some spiritual experience is likely.
  • Unpleasant experiences on the psychic levels, astral dimensions and dream states are possible which might drain you. So take due precautions.

4. Venus antardasha

  • Venus and Saturn are good friends. But both are strict taskmasters. If they are well placed then they will give material stuff, relationships and wealth. Marriage, children and other one-one relationships will seem more significant and you will be more involved in them. This might be a good time to earn money and invest or accumulate wealth.
  • But they can also cause a deep set dissociation as you might face intense karmic rebalancing with the one you love the most. The negative effects are reduced if Venus and Saturn are favourable for you, ie turmoil you face finally make sense and you will eventually gain significantly. I have written a post on this antardasha here.

5. Sun antardasha

  • Sun and Saturn are father and son and mutual enemies. But if they are well placed and in a comfortable axis with each other then there will be an unexpected elevation in status, money, authority etc. Especially if you are connected to the public in some way they will bring recognition and expansion of your personality. Then this would be a good time for people in HR, politics, governance etc where there is more interaction with the people and the system.
  • Otherwise this time is generally uncomfortable. The father, teacher, elders, children can create problems. Your boss and others in authority will not allow you to express yourself fully. Issues in profession are common. Take care of your health, heart, heat and cold related issues can cause complications. 

6. Moon antardasha

  • Moon and Saturn together is a recipe for ‘fear’. Even if Moon and Saturn are favourable for your chart, this antardasha can trigger emotional issues, tiredness, fear, disease etc. Stress from your maternal relatives, children or mother, eg their health may be a concern. Or problems with investments, property, finances, home, etc. Profession and status can be affected so best be alert during this sub-period.

7. Mars antardasha

  • If Mars is powerful and capable of giving good results with Saturn, then in this sub-period you will be able to use your aggression productively. There will be opportunities to show your confidence and initiative in work. But again this is a fiery mix, so do control your temper. You can use this time to get back at your enemies and cut off potential problems before they get too big. You might travel and gain in places away from your homeland or in areas outside your comfort zone.
  • But if they are together incapable of favourable results then there will be arguments in the family, with siblings, issues over land and resources, needless travel, loss of wealth, injuries, surgeries and accidents are possible.

8. Rahu antardasha

  • Saturn and Rahu together can increase destructive tendencies. If you can channelise this energy outwards in some productive way then you can gain. There will be some opportunities but be careful to choose only the ethical and practical ones. Avoid cheating others. 
  • There might be some interference from the psychic, astral and dream states during this sub-period.

9. Jupiter antardasha

  • This is the chidra dasha, the last sub-period of the Vimshottari Saturn Mahadasha.
  • If your ascendant is Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces then you will have an easier time. Or if Jupiter and Saturn both are capable of giving auspicious results together, then the turmoil will exist on manageable levels and it will be for your own good.
  • This last sub-period is generally an intensely karmic time. Expansion and contraction together. Issues in profession or society can cause stress. Education, work and finances can be affected. The immediate family may be disturbed. Unforeseen events can occur depending on which aspects of your life are controlled by Jupiter and Saturn.
  • The reason is that Jupiter will take stock of all the work you have done, or failed in and grant you a wise and optimistic perspective. You will finally make sense of this work Saturn made you do, 19 long years. If something has failed to nourish your soul or failed to make you wiser it will be firmly discarded. What you have gained will be solidly consolidated. Thus the element of the unexpected during this sub-period.
  • You have worked through a significant portion of your karmic baggage and Jupiter in his kindness will help you finally appreciate yourself.

Everyone who wants to learn astrology should analyse their own horoscope first. Get into the habit of pulling out your own chart for a detailed analysis every 6 months, take a couple of hours over this exercise. Look at the Dasha periods and transits that will happen over the next 6 months, try to predict 1-2 things which might happen. These can be very simple things to begin with, eg some disturbance over the 4th house = some issue related to mother. Some positivity over the 10th house = progress in profession. Evaluate for yourself how accurate you are getting.

Solar Eclipse 10 June 2021

A solar eclipse is coming up on 10th Jun 2021. Its going to be an annular solar eclipse so it will be quite a powerful event. 

The timings are

  • Partial eclipse begins – 8:12 UTC
  • Full eclipse begins 9:49 UTC
  • Maximum eclipse 10:41 UTC
  • Full eclipse ends 11:33 UTC
  • Partial eclipse ends 13:11 UTC

If you count the partial and total eclipse phases it lasts for about 5 hours. If you count only the total phase, it will last for about 1 hr 54 mins. Thus the effect of this eclipse on global affairs will be for about 2-5years.

Planetary configuration

  • Sun, Moon and Mercury (he is fully combust+retrograde) all in Mruga nakshatra on this Amavasya, no-Moon day. All three are practically within a degree of each other, very intensely bound together. Rahu in Rohini nakshatra. These four are in the Taurus sign.
  • Ketu is in Anuradha, Scorpio sign. 
  • Venus in Gemini.
  • Mars debilitated in Cancer
  • Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius.


(This a good site for actual astronomical details.)

India – This eclipse is not visible in any part of India, so people living here do not have to do any pujas for this nor will there be any effect of the eclipse energies on India. But as it is a solar eclipse, ie the conjunction of Rahu Ketu with Sun Moon, it will have some effect on everyone for some time. On personal levels it is best to be careful as long as Sun transits through Taurus and Gemini signs.

On the global scale, the following areas will see a partial eclipse. Northern areas of the Pacific Ocean and all the way till the north pole ie North Sea, Baltic Sea, Arctic Ocean etc. Practically all of Europe, Russia, Kazakhastan, Iceland, Greenland, Mongolia, China, Canada, Alaska, East USA etc. Totality will be visible in some parts of Russia, Canada, Iceland and Greenland (the dark orange colored areas in the map). We have to consider the lunar eclipse on 26th May 2021 (post here) while interpreting this solar eclipse as some of the areas affected are same. The effects start about a week before the eclipse event but as we just had a lunar eclipse, the effects are in continuation. The Pacific Ocean’s northern part is affected again, so weather patterns emerging from this area of the ocean will remain severely disrupted. China, Russia, Canada, USA, Mongolia etc which saw the lunar eclipse will again experience this solar eclipse energy, adding to the disturbance.

Eclipses in the horoscope, birth and transit analysis

The main eclipse is occurring in Mruga nakshatra and Rahu in Rohini will give his effect too.

Mruga is also called Mrugashira, it is linked to Mars and ruled by the deity Soma. Its main theme is ‘searching for secrets’. The eclipse is going to act mainly though the filters of this nakshatra. So there will be an increase in misunderstandings, suspicious behaviour, insensitivity and mistrust. If you are planning any life-time decision during this time, recheck everything before you finally decide. Do not leave things incomplete even if you do not feel like finishing them. Pay attention to your health and needs and also of those people dependant on you. If you are suffering anything related to the ‘liquids of the body’, ie blood etc, then do not ignore any symptoms. The digestive system may be affected, fevers are possible for a variety of reasons. You might feel lonely, drained and tired. Emotional upsets are possible. Avoid short-term flings as they will cause sorrow later. Creativity will be affected. People in creative fields might cause trouble for the society as their genius gets misdirected. Some unpalatable secrets will be out in the open. Farmers, animal husbandry and people who do physical work will be affected more. Soldiers and police will have to work more. Overall people will work hard but results will not be as desired.

Rohini has Rahu in it during the eclipse, so we have to add these energies too. The theme here is ‘to create’. This lunar mansion is ruled by the deity, Prajapati/ Brahma-dev and linked to the Moon. This Rahu has caused havoc regarding the COVID 19 ever since he has entered Rohini. Now with this eclipse, he can aggravate the after-effects of the infection. Also people will chase money and fame trying to achieve their goals by any means possible. Often these goals will be materialistic and not very ethical in nature, eg. look at the way pharma companies are behaving. People will desperately want attention. Be careful about trusting people as opportunistic and manipulative behaviour is on an increase. Productivity of proper, natural and positive things will reduce. Chemicals, synthetic and artificial products will be more in demand. The environment might suffer as imbalances will increase.

In this mix, we have Mercury who is fully combust and retrograde (post here). This will cause selfishness, illogical behaviour, arguments etc. There may more psychological issues, mental exhaustion, addictions etc during this time-frame as people will want more ‘experiences’. Creative aspect of things will be used in an irrational manner. Fake news being peddled with the intention to discredit others. Everyone will have very fixed opinions and will be vocal about them. Traitors will try to whip up passions by instigating mass movements and violence. Border disputes with neighbouring nations can flare up. Economy, personal finances will be affected. Misunderstandings with partners, close family and friends. Achieving goals during this time will be difficult. Avoid all major decisions till he gets into his forward motion again.

If you live in a area where this eclipse is visible then apply this above on the personal levels. The intensity of the effects will depend on the power of your birth chart and any mantra you do to direct the eclipse energy washing over you. (I have written a few posts on eclipses, do use the index page or search bar). On the national levels, where the eclipse is visible, there may be an increase in border disputes and posturing. However instead of direct confrontations, the insidious type of war-fare will be used. Political instability, over-reach and confusion may occur.

For the lands and seas being affected, Scorpio, the 8th sign of the natural zodiac is a watery sign so ‘water’ will cause some disturbance. ie, the weather patterns emerging from these areas will cause unseasonal rains, water related tragedies, flooding etc. And Taurus, the second sign is an earthy sign so disasters related to the earth, eg earthquakes are also possible.

Eclipses and their energy

The following people will be more affected by the energy of this eclipse. 

  • If undergoing the Mahadasha of Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or undergoing their Antardasha in the Mahadasha of other planets.
  • You have your Rahu or Ketu conjunct other planets in your birth horoscope.
  • If your birth Moon sign or the ascendant sign is Taurus or Scorpio
  • People with birth Moon or ascendant signs, Cancer, Leo, Gemini and Virgo should also take precautions.

As its a solar eclipse, it will have effects on everyone to some extent. So here is briefly for each birth Moon sign. Pay special attention to where Taurus and Scorpio fall in your chart, as these would be the potential sources of illusions, unexpected happenings and disappointments. Or on the other hand, if you have channelised the eclipse energy, can also be sources of unexpected opportunities and gain.

Aries – if your birth Moon is in Aries then take care of your health and diet. Mars is currently debilitated in Cancer. Expect stress and arguments from your family members, especially your mother and children. Try to control your temper and avoid rash actions. There will be some unforeseen losses and expenditures caused by family issues. Investments may not show desired returns.

Taurus – if your birth Moon is in Taurus then the eclipse energies will interfere significantly unless you do some mantra to channelise the energies. Focus on your health and emotional stability, pay attention to your diet and take adequate rest. Stress from the siblings, partner, business associates, team-members is possible. 

Gemini – if your birth Moon is in Gemini then then Mercury being combust, retrograde and very much a part of the eclipse may have a negative effect on you. Pay attention to your health, loss in vitality is possible. The people around may try to deceive you. Do some mantra during the duration of the eclipse, as Venus in Gemini during the eclipse will help you channelise the energy in a useful manner.

Cancer – if your birth Moon is in Cancer, you are required to be patient and persevere. Expected gains may be delayed, financial issues may crop up. You might feel a loss of confidence, mental blocks etc. Family and partnerships might create stress. Your friends, children will cause stress. If you are a student, you might have trouble in upcoming exams etc. 

Leo – if your birth Moon is in Leo, then health can be a issue as the Sun himself is going to be eclipsed. Sudden changes in health are possible. There will be issues with your boss, father or teacher. Keep your temper under control, there will be excessive heat in the body. Focus on what you want and work in that direction. Saturn in transit is favourable for you so will not let things go out of hand. But he is retrograde so taking due care is advisable.

Virgo – if your birth Moon is in Virgo, then Mercury being combust, retrograde and very much a part of the eclipse will have a negative effect on you. It is advisable to do mantra jaap during the eclipse to utilise the energies. Stress, frustrations, loneliness, feeling a lack of support in life, isolated, etc is possible. Not a good time to take financial decisions. 


Libra – if your birth Moon is in Libra, then keep a look out on your diet. Avoid speaking harsh words, relations broken now will not be repaired. Family and finances might cause stress. You might feel that no one is supporting you., especially in the profession. Avoid risks, there is a possibility of accidents or emergency surgeries. Venus in Gemini can support and reduce the negative effects significantly if you do some mantra jaap during the eclipse.

Scorpio – if your birth Moon is in Scorpio, then the transiting Saturn though retrograde will help you to some extent. But Mars is debilitated. So you have to look out for your health. Be careful about your partnerships, spouse, business etc and about trusting others. If you intend to start some new venture, sign contracts or legal documents etc then this is not the correct time. You may have to work harder in your job and be overworked.

Sagittarius– if your birth Moon is in Sagittarius, then  over-work is a possibility. Avoid taking risks and rash actions. Your partner, spouse, and family will fail to support you. Take care of your diet and pay attention to your needs. Budgeting may be necessary. 

Capricorn- if your birth Moon is in Capricorn, you will feel dispirited and lonely. There will be a loss of confidence as you are unable to use your intelligence. You might feel blocked, unbalanced and may lose opportunities. Children can give stress during this time.

Aquarius – if your birth Moon is in Aquarius, you have a favourable Venus at this point of time so if you can channelise the eclipse energy you can gain on several fronts. If you do not then, there will be heath problems, issues with spouse, financial constraints and over-work. In fact this one of the few signs who can significantly reduce the impact by the power of their Yogkarak Venus now in Gemini so do some mantra during the eclipse time. 

Pisces – if your birth Moon is in Pisces, you are on a much better footing than the other signs. Saturn in transit is favourable for you so will mitigate extreme issues. However he is retrograde so may not give instant relief, so best take reasonable precautions. If you utilise the eclipse energy, you will gain from your profession, lands and maintain your social image. there will be opportunities. However expect sporadic disagreements with your seniors, parents, teammates and siblings. 


As always there are only two ways for mitigating adverse effects caused by the eclipse energy. One is mantra jaap during the eclipse and Daan after the eclipse opens.

(Do use the index page or the search bar for more posts on these topics)

Four ways of estimating Time

A small post.

Jyotish is a way of calculating ‘change’. most commonly this change is estimated with respect to Time, or Kaal. We try to determine how things will change with Time. ie we try to determine the role of Kaal in determining the direction of our existence. How we change with ‘Time’.

Kaal काल in Sanskrit (Devbhasha Samskrutam) has a several meanings ie fate, destiny, body of time, black, attribute-less, tenses of grammar, era, iron, perfume, time of death, time of annihilation, end, part, section, prosody, measure of time, fixed point, pupil of the eye, names of some trees etc.

Simply put, the ‘change’ in our lives is broadly understood as Kaal. It is not a fixed thing and is always relative to something else. Time is the change that we sense in one thing when we compare it to another thing, ie it is basically a measure of ‘change’. We study how things change, how to quantify this change and the quality of this change. 


We understand a ‘year’ to be 365 days and a leap year every 4th year. But in Jyotish, as per the Surya Siddhant there are 4 broad categories of years or varsh. We humans have 4 ways of measuring one ‘day’. Thus there are 4 types of ‘months’ and 4 types of ‘years’ that we use. 

  1. Saura – One Saura day is the time that the Sun take to change his position from one degree to the next. ie the time take to traverse one degree of the zodiac. 30 saura days make up one saura month, ie the time taken by the Sun to cover 30deg of a rashi.
    Saura calculations are used for things related to the Sun in astronomical terms, Solstices, equinoxes, sankrati-s, times of eclipses etc.
  2. Savana – One Savana day is the time interval from one sunrise to the next sunrise. ie the time taken for the Sun to be successively visible at the eastern horizon. This duration can vary depending on the latitude of the place in question, the season etc. This is the commonly used system at the current times in routine civil life.
  3. Nakshatra – In this system, one day is the time taken by the Moon to traverse one Nakshatra. Here one ‘nakshatra month’ is the time he takes to traverse all 27 Nakshatra. 12 such months make a Nakshatra year.
  4. Chandra – In this system, a day is called a Tithi and this is calculated based on the difference of degrees between the Sun and the Moon in the skies.
    1 Tithi is the time interval which is equivalent to a distance of 12 deg between the Sun and the Moon as seen from the Earth. 1 tithi is shorter than one saura day by 1/60.
    A Chandra Maas (lunar month) begins from the Shukla Pratipada (first day of bright fortnight) and ends on the Amavasya (ie no moon day or the last day of the dark fortnight). Thus the tithi-s repeat every 29.5 days.

We use the 4 types of years, Saura, Savana, Nakshatra and Chandra even now. Regular people stick to the savana ie civil calender, but Brahmins and people who perform typical pujas will use the other systems too. These 4 systems are continually corrected so that they match up every 5 Saura years. This is called the 5-year Yug cycle. And we call it the Luni-solar year.

Jyotish is highly complex and we must be proud of our heritage. But as most of it is lost we have to make attempts to research and relearn by studying what we can. Starting to learn Sanskrit, ie our real mother tongue would be a good beginning. So that we can at least read what our original books are actually saying. Understanding those would be the next step.

The Moon, your needs and timing Karma

A short essay, in part a reply to a question.

Your needs drive you. You need nurture, nutrition, comforts, affection, roots and a sense of belonging, resources, goals, people around you and so many more things in life. These things are necessary for your life, you cannot live without them. You need them. Some of us have simpler needs, some may have more complicated ones, some may have spiritual ones, while some may have solely material needs. But all of us at some level need. These ‘needs’ are the domain of the birth Moon (post here). Analysing the Moon will indicate what your needs are going to be and also if you will be able to satisfy them or not. He is your needs, your capacity to receive and he decides how you change in life. He is your experience, perceptions, feelings, emotions, instinct, nature and nurture. A strong Moon in the birth chart elevates the quality of the entire life.

If you can satisfy your needs then you enter the stranger domain of your deeply felt desires. These desires are the domain of Rahu, the cryptic Northern Node of the Moon. These desires are not the desires that one feels on a temporary level. Eg you wish to have Lebanese cuisine today. But you are unable to go to a Lebanese restaurant. You feel a bit let down but it does not cause you much turmoil. This is not a deep desire created by Rahu. All of us have Rahu active to some extent in our charts, so have desires operating at some level of consciousness. But if the chart is on a higher evolutionary level (post here) only then will these desires be converted to needs. For this the active power of the Moon is essential.

In Jyotish, the Moon is paramount. He is the Mind or Manas (post on the tattva-s of creation). The Manas decides on what to do, how to do it and for what. He is connected to ‘thought’, and to the movement of pran. Thus he embodies ‘change’ in all possible ways.


The Sun is your individual soul, the jivatma. He is the Sahasrara chakra, the individual ray of divine radiance which animates the individual you. He is responsible for the vitality of your entire being. He provides energy in the generic sense. What you do with this energy is not his concern. He is the royal. Overall benevolent but otherwise disinterested and apart from his subjects. Moon is the one who filters this solar energy ie reflects this energy optimally so that you can use it to fulfil your needs. The Sun has a rather indirect role in your life and the karmic activities you are supposed to perform in this lifetime. 

Mercury is the intellect, logic, ability to create options and choose the right option etc, but all this is in the context of the need expressed by the Mind. The Mercury finds the best possible way to satisfy the need of the Manas. Mercury can help the mind in deciding the best course of action. He is the intelligence which will process the thoughts once they have been generated by the Moon. But Mercury cannot create thoughts. Thus he too has only an indirect influence over your karma related activities.

Venus is the agent of equitable relationships, one-one partnerships, equal love, money, resources, esoteric learning, true wisdom etc. You strive for these things only if you need to. These are the things that one needs only after the basic survival based needs are satisfied. Venus is the true beauty in all things. He makes his keywords available only when you need them, ie only when your Mind expresses the need. You will act in the direction indicated by Venus only if the Moon shapes such thoughts within you. So Venus too is not the trigger for karmic actions or events in your life. 

Then Mars is your physical courage, drive, passion, risk-taking ability etc. He is necessary for implementing the thoughts which the Moon generates. Actually, you are primarily animated by your thoughts. Mars will help you power your actions so that you get what you have thought of, what you need. But Mars is not the one who creates these thoughts in the Mind. He only provides the necessary physical structure, the power, the courage, etc to implement the decision taken by the mind. Thus Mars too does not have a direct role in your karmic things.

Jupiter too does not have any role in generating thoughts. He is the benevolence of the divine and the timely luck triggered from your own past auspicious deeds. He can arrange for the resources, build them up and provide the exact knowledge required to use these resources. But all this is again for satisfying the needs expressed by the Mind. Jupiter is thus more of a facilitator. He does not generate the impulses in the Mind and is not the primary reason why karmic events happen or why karma is created. 

Saturn will ensure that you follow the schedule of the Prarabdha karma you have chosen for yourself at the time of your birth. How you will be paying off your karmic liabilities, when, with whom etc. But he does not choose the Prarabdha himself. This choice is made by your Manas, your Mind, your Moon. Saturn is something like a combined accountant plus enforcer, he keeps a tab of the choices your Mind has made and also enforces these choices in this life. Though we say that Saturn is the karmic force in the chart, in reality the choice of Prarabdha karma to be endured/ enjoyed in this life is made by the Moon alone.

Rahu is the compelling desire of the individual soul. The interlink between the individual soul, the Mind and the desires which has made you take birth on this Earth. Ketu is the Moksh karak, the energy which can take you out of this Game of Creation and allow you true enlightenment. Rahu and Ketu are the abstract flow of karmic energy in your life. They are not directly responsible for any manifested results as they always work through other graha. Only when your jivatma, individual soul reaches a certain level of maturity do they start acting in the deepest sense. For this to happen, the Moon has to play the pivotal role (post here). Rahu Ketu are the astral forces, shadows, illusions, projections and not the primary determinants of the timing and fructification of karma. 


When you begin learning Jyotish, the first thing you will learn will be the Panchangam, and it’s mostly about the Moon. If you have to calculate Muhurt for starting any new activity or want to choose a time for the birth of a child then you have to understand these Panch-ang, the five limbs.

  • Tithi – the ‘lunar day’ counted from the full moon or no moon day.
  • Karan – one half of a tithi so again connected to the Moon.
  • Nakshatra – the lunar mansion occupied by the Moon at sunrise on that day.
  • Yog – the relative position of the Moon from the Sun.
  • Vaar is the day of the week and is dependant on the 7 graha including the Moon.

You simply cannot ignore the pre-eminent position of the Moon in your chart analysis. He is the only one who actively manages your existence in totality. He is solely responsible for the astral body (post here). He is linked to the power of the Ajnya chakra and its power Hakini (post here). He decides how to create the mind and the body too. He is the one who is responsible for ‘thought’, ie he controls your very existence. The focus of everything, the third eye. He is the connecting link between your past, present, future and parallel existences. The connecting link between the material and the spiritual. He is also the connection between the individual soul, jivatma and the Highest Reality Paramatma.

There are several ways of analysing your birth Moon.

  • The Moon-sign at birth is a major factor. You are more your Moon sign and this will get more amplified with age. After the age of 48yrs, when all the planets mature, you can use just the birth Moon chart for predictions.
  • The Navamsha of the birth Moon tells you if the promise that the Moon shows in the birth chart is genuine or hollow. Does he have the potential to perform as he promises? (post here)
  • Samaagama is when the Moon is influencing any other planet (post here)
  • Influence of the other planets on the Moon (post here)
  • Chandra Avastha, these are a regular part of analysis which comes with practice. (post here)
  • And the very tiny Chandra Kriya, which is a 1/60th portion of the Nakshatra, a very tiny 0°13’20” arc degrees and the Chandra Vela which is a 1/36 division of the Nakshatra arc degree. The kriya and the vela occupied by your birth Moon can grant subtle insights into your personality. Not many studies are available on these two, just a basic one liner from the texts, which you have to study and interpret with practice. (I am not very sure about their interpretation as of now)

Thus Moon is the one who times events in your life. The main Dasa systems Vimshottari Ashtottari, Kaalchakra etc are based on the birth Moon’s position. These dasha-s are completely dependant on his exact location in the Nakshatra. This gives you the starting point of the Dasha. You need to get this right to properly time events in the chart. And this is also the reason that we see the transits also from the birth Moon. Transit results for the planets are seen most strongly from the position of the birth Moon in your chart. You can get some additional pointers from the ascendant sign or that specific planet’s original birth position, but the final say lies with the birth Moon. If this is not favourable then the overall theme of this transit will remain unfavourable. (And you cannot see general transit results from the birth Sun!)


It is only your Moon who triggers karma and its fruits. Your own Mind, your thoughts, the Manas does this, none else. Your needs are the reason you get tangled up in the web of Karma.

  • Sanchit karma – The total karmic load which you are carrying with you.
  • Prarabdha karma – The small part of Sanchit karma which you choose to resolve in this life. This is chosen by the Moon, the Mind, Manas.
  • Agami karma – The new karma which you will be creating in your current life. This is also a function of the Moon. He generates thoughts which result in actions and also karma. Depending on your personal inclinations, (these too will be generated by the Moon), you can endure some of this Agami karma in this current life itself and add the remaining to the Sanchit karma. Or add this entire quantum to the Sanchit karma. 

The Moon is responsible for activating the karmic influences from your past Sanchit load in this current life. He is also the one who is going to create more Agami in your current life as he is your Mind. It is only the Moon, the Manas, who is the reason for and also the timing for all the events which will occur during your existence.

Moon is the only one who can create thoughts. As as you think, so you are.

Lunar eclipse 26 May 2021

For the total Lunar eclipse on 26th May 2021, ie today, 

  • Penumbral eclipse starts – 8:47 UTC
  • Partial eclipse starts – 9:44  UTC
  • Full eclipse begins – 11:11 UTC
  • Maximum eclipse – 11:25 UTC
  • Partial eclipse ends – 12:52 UTC
  • Penumbral eclipse ends – 13:49 UTC

Planetary configuration is

  • Moon and Ketu are in Anuradha nakshatra, Scorpio sign. The nodes are in the forward motion/ stationary.
  • Sun and Rahu are in close proximity in Taurus Rohini nakshatra. 
  • Venus is in Taurus in Mruga nakshatra.
  • Mars and Mercury in Gemini.
  • Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius.
  • The main eclipse event is in Anuradha nakshatra, Scorpio sign.

(This a good site for actual astronomical details.)

Only those areas where the umbral eclipse is visible, ie the total or partial eclipse, are going to be affected. Those areas where the penumbral eclipse is visible will not experience anything significant. The energies of the event will not be influencing those areas of the world where it is not visible. I have written a few posts on analysing eclipses in your birth chart and in transits (do use the index page or the search bar). 


For India

The North East states, some parts of West Bengal and Odisha states will briefly experience the partial eclipse. From local sunset till 7:19pm local time. So if you are living in these parts of India you have to be alert for this brief time frame. Especially pregnant women should take care. Best option is that for this time duration, they just sit in front of their puja ghar, household gods, altar etc and read something spiritual. Do not do any work or any other activity, just sit comfortably and read the texts or mentally recite some mantra or stotra, hymns etc. 

The effects of the lunar eclipse on these areas will fade in 1-2 weeks. During this time we can expect heavy rains, cyclones (eg Yaas), local flooding in rivers etc. Farmers may suffer because of this unseasonal intense rain. Mars is the Meghadhipati and Arghyadhipati, ie in charge of water for this current year. People should be careful about water, ie not go swimming in unknown areas, be careful about waterborne diseases etc for this time. There may be border tensions for 1-2 weeks after the eclipse. For India, this is not a major issue as only the partial eclipse is going to be very briefly visible. 

On a personal level, if you live in areas where the eclipse is visible, expect some changes if – 

  • You are undergoing Saturn mahadasha
  • Or undergoing Saturn Antardasha in some other planet’s Mahadasha
  • You have your birth Moon nakshatra as Pushya, Anuradha or Uttarabhadrapada, these three are connected to Saturn.
  • If you have Scorpio or Taurus as your birth Moon sign or ascendant sign.
  • You have your Rahu or more specifically Ketu conjunct other planets in your birth horoscope.

Eclipses are a burst of energy. So if you can channelise it you can gain else you will be swept away in its flow. So its always recommended that you do some sort of mantra, jaap, puja etc spiritual activity during the eclipse. Rahu and Ketu are astral forces and the Sun and the Moon are your highest chakras, Sahsarara and Ajnya. Some spiritual practice during the eclipse can grant both spiritual and material benefits. The time frame is very limited from sun-set to 7:19pm and only in few states of India.


On the global scale

Areas in China, south east Asia, eastern parts of Russia, Australia, Antarctica, Canada, USA, South America and everything between are going to experience the partial or total eclipse. Wherever the capital cities of the nations are affected the effects on that nation will be more intense. The entire Pacific Ocean will witness totality, some parts of the Atlantic and Indian oceans will also experience a total or at least a partial eclipse. The weather patters which originate in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans will be disrupted for 3-4 months. Nations are affected by the eclipse may see severe cyclones, cloud bursts, heavy and erratic rainfall. There will be some confusion in these nations for 3-4 months. Over-confidence will be a folly yet some will commit it. 

Scorpio is a mysterious, secretive sign ruled by Mars. Vindictive, revengeful and relentless. It is in charge of catastrophic changes resulting in complete change of identity. It is considered to be watery, sensitive, occult, explorative, hard-working, controlling etc. The word ‘Anuradha’ can mean several things, ie an inferior gift, subordinate wealth, nearing success, related to gifts,  methodically striving for, subsequent favour, connected to the accomplishment of one’s wishes etc. This nakshatra is ruled by the deity Mitra and connected to Saturn. (Ketu is in Anuradha till Sept 2021. Saturn has the world very firmly in his grip in more ways than one.) 

The eclipse may affect the ability to focus clearly on your goals. You might work hard but not get the desired gains. There may be a tendency to go to any extent to gain your objectives which can become dangerous. Misuse of secrets, knowledge and power is possible. You might meet new people who seem friendly but do not trust them till you are certain. Avoid arguments with your teammates, friends and family for some time. You might break up with some of your allies. Aggression and a disregard for friendships can be the motif of this eclipse as Anuradha’s nakshatra devata ‘Mitra’ literally means ‘friend’. People who do physical work for a living will be affected more. Nations who will experience the eclipse will also show these same results at the overall national level. So in addition to the posturing, escalation of border tensions, displays of military strength etc expect secret warfare, bio-warfare, spying ie the insidious types of warfare to increase. A desire to control others by any means possible will be dominant.

This lunar eclipse of 26th May 2021 will last for about 3hrs for the umbral phase and 4hrs if you count the penumbral phases too. We consider 1hr to be equivalent to 1 month. So its effects on the global levels will last for 3-4 months at the maximum. 


Ascendant signs and problems in life

I have written about the functional malefics for each ascendant (post here). These planets are responsible for triggering problems, the inauspicious, unfavourable and displeasing events in your life. This is the list,

  1. Aries– Mercury (6th house), Rahu, Ketu
  2. Taurus- Mars (12th house), Jupiter (8th house), Rahu, Ketu
  3. Gemini– Rahu and Ketu
  4. Cancer– Jupiter (6th house), Saturn (8th house), Rahu, Ketu (possibly Mercury 3rd house)
  5. Leo– Moon (12th house), Rahu, Ketu
  6. Virgo– Sun (12th house), Mars (8th house), Saturn (6th house), Rahu, Ketu
  7. Libra– Mercury (12th house), Rahu, Ketu (possibly Jupiter at 3rd house)
  8. Scorpio– Venus (12th house), Rahu, Ketu
  9. Sagittarius– Moon (8th house), Rahu, Ketu
  10. Capricorn- Sun (6th house), Jupiter (12th house), Rahu, Ketu
  11. Aquarius– Moon (6th house), Mercury (8th house), Rahu, Ketu
  12. Pisces– Sun (6th house), Saturn (12th house), Venus (8th house), Rahu, Ketu

We face troubles from the three dusham-sthan, the 6th the 8th and the 12th houses (wrote several posts on them use the index page or the search bar to locate them). 

The 3rd house is a bit typical and can go both ways if there are benefic/ malefic influences on it. So I have added Mercury for Cancer ascendant and Jupiter for Libra ascendant, this you have to judge as per the individual chart.

So one level of understanding this list is this –

  • For Aries, of the 3 duhsham-sthan, the 6th will have more potential to create the most trouble in life. The other two dusham-sthan will be relatively less problematic in life. Also Mercury can create more deep seated trouble, than Jupiter. Mars is the ascendant lord so is not going to be overtly malefic.
  • For Taurus ascendant, the 8th and 12th houses will create more significant problems than the 6th house. Here, obviously the lords of these two houses, Jupiter and Mars, are more malefic. Venus cannot be a malefic even if he owns the 6th house as he is the ascendant lord.
  • And so on, till,
  • For the Pisces ascendant, all the three dushamsthan are the mool-trikon signs of Sun, Saturn and Venus so these people will face significant troubles from all these three sources of turmoil. And these three planets are going to give more malefic results.

Now we add another layer to our understanding – 

Our texts say that the planets transiting the following signs counted from the birth Moon sign will broadly give auspicious/ inauspicious results (subject to conditions. Moorti nirnay is a part of these conditions. Not discussing these conditions here, it would get too long). This will be modified as per the individuals chart, the nakshatra involved, the Ashtakvarga, the vedh etc. But by and large this following list is a good general baseline.

  1. Sun gives favourable results when transiting only in the 3rd 4th 5th 11th from the birth Moon sign
  2. Moon gives troublesome results especially when transiting the 8th and 12th sign from the birth Moon.
  3. Mercury gives favourable results transiting in the 6th 8th 10th and 11th houses from the birth Moon.
  4. Venus gives difficulty when he transits the 6th 7th 10th houses from the birth Moon sign
  5. Mars gives favourable results when transiting only in the 6th 8th and 11th from the birth Moon.
  6. Jupiter transiting 1st 3rd 4th 6th 8th 10th and 12th from the birth Moon sign is not going to give very favourable or supportive results, rest all are going to give pleasing results.
  7. Saturn transits in the 3rd 6th and 11th sign from the birth Moon sign are auspicious, rest all will give stress.
  8. Rahu gives pleasing results transiting in the 3rd 6th and 11th house from the birth Moon
  9. Ketu gives pleasing results transiting in the 3rd 6th and 11th house from the birth Moon

Yet another layer for analysing their transits is this –

I wrote on the speeds of the planets (post here). The fastest moving graha is the Moon with 2.25 days in one sign. Then come Mercury, Venus and Mars who spend variable periods from 1- 6 months in a sign. The Sun takes exactly 1 month per sign. Jupiter takes 1yr to transit a sign. The Nodes Rahu and Ketu at 1.5yrs per sign. And the slowest is Saturn at 2.5yrs per sign.


Now let’s combine all this and critically examine the basic list of the malefic planets for the ascendant signs. 

Rahu and Ketu are going to be malefic for all ascendants unless they become functional yogkarak (post here). Thus everyone should be careful during typical Rahu/ Ketu transits and this is is applicable for all ascendants. Rahu Ketu in typical transits from birth Moon will create issues once in a while as they take about 1.5yrs to transit a sign. Troubles triggered by them will occur at the intervals of a few years will go on for quite some time, ie 1.5yrs at least and generally have a deep impact on you. This is a common observation for all.

Finally the 12 ascendant signs and briefly on the duration and intensity of the troubles that they will cause in life.

Gemini – this ascendant in my opinion has the easiest life as it does not have any physical graha as a malefic planet. Life is the most comfortable for it compared to the other ascendant signs as there is less turbulence. Only Rahu Ketu, the astral graha, will cause problems when they go through their typical positions from the birth Moon sign and when they interact with the birth Rahu Ketu. If by chance your Rahu Ketu are yogkarak in your chart, then you have the most uncomplicated life possible.

Leo and Sagittarius – Their only major malefic is the Moon. He is a very fast moving graha, about 2.25 days per sign in transit. So for these two ascendants, troubles in life will be more frequent as per his transits from the birth Moon but low in intensity and quite short-lived. Moon in transit if in conjunction with Rahu Ketu will also be a trigger point. Moon owns the 12th house for Leo and the 8th house for Sagittarius ascendant so the source of the troubles will most often come from the keywords of these houses. These two ascendant signs, if they can manage these minor and intermittent issues from time to time, will have a relatively hassle-free life. Tiny chronic pinpricks of trouble should be easier to handle, especially if they are going to be relatively transient.

Aries and Libra – Mercury is the only malefic for these two and he is a fast moving planet. His transits from the birth Moon will be more frequent but comparatively short lived as he stays in a sign for about 25days. Also look out for his conjunctions in transit over Rahu Ketu, these too will last for relatively short time periods. So for Aries and Libra ascendants, the troubles in life will be relatively short-lived, more frequent and less intense. Mercury owns the 6th house for Aries and the 12th house for Libra so the trigger points for trouble will more likely be found in these houses. In the individual charts, check if this Mercury is affecting the nature of Sun and Venus as they are generally found near each other.

Scorpio – Here Venus is the only functional malefic and he too moves at a relatively good speed of about 28days per sign. So you can apply a similar logic about the troubles that he may trigger in your life. Troubles in life come and go without getting rooted too deeply, so will be easier to manage even if they are more frequent. Count from the birth Moon sign and conjunctions with Rahu Ketu to pinpoint the timing. Venus is the owner of the 12th house so issues related to the 12th can be more troublesome than the rest. In the individual chart, also check if this Venus is affecting the nature of Sun and Mercury as they are generally found together.


Aquarius – Here there are two faster planets, Mercury and Moon who are functional malefics. So troubles in life have to be analysed from transit positions for both and obviously from Rahu Ketu. Though the troubles will be shorter lived etc as is typical for Moon and Mercury triggered issues, but now there are 2 planets who are in charge of creating trouble. So an increase in issues which will affect your life as compared to the above six ascendant signs. In the individual chart, check if this Mercury is affecting the nature of Sun and Venus as they are generally found together. The 6th and 8th houses will be more troublesome than the 12th house.

Taurus – Mars and Jupiter. Mars moves quite fast, takes about a month to transit a sign. But once every two years he does his retrograde/ forward thing extending to 6months, so you must be careful during this typical transit time. Mars gives unfavourable results in several houses counted from the birth Moon so do factor in this too. Jupiter is a slow graha, he takes 1yr to transit a sign so the trouble he triggers will be less frequent, once in a few years but will last for a year at least. Add Rahu Ketu to this and there could be some periods in life where all 4 of these come in some typical transit where they will give continuing troubles lasting for longer time. Mars owns the 12th house so expect some trouble coming from this source. But here Jupiter is the owner of the 8th and 11th houses so when he triggers troubles from the 8th house you cannot expect support from the agents of the 11th house too. So take due care. Emphasising this part as the time period indicated by Jupiter related trouble is quite long, now a year at least

Capricorn – Jupiter and Sun are the malefics here. Sun is faster, moving at one sign per month but Jupiter is a slow graha, takes 1yr to transit a sign. Any trouble triggered by the Sun’s transit portion, 8th house keywords, will be quick-moving, less intense etc but the trouble triggered by Jupiter will be more hard hitting. This will come once in a few years as per his transits through the signs but when it comes it will last for one year at least. And adding Rahu Ketu with their 1.5yr transit period, Capricorn shows an increased potential for troubles in life as compared to the above ascendants. As Sun is a malefic, there is a possibility that the planets he combusts in the individual chart, most likely Mercury or Venus or any of the other graha, will also behave like a malefic. So do check this part. Jupiter in addition to the 12th house owns the 3rd too. So in times when these people suffer issues of the 12th triggered by Jupiter in transit, often they end up making wrong choices in life as their 3rd house and its keywords fail to support them and exacerbate the issues created by the 12th. This typical situation can continue for a year at least so take due precautions.


Pisces – Sun, Saturn and Venus are the malefic graha-s. The same logic applies for Sun and Venus regarding relatively transient problems that they will trigger every few months and which will last for about a month. But here Saturn takes 2.5yrs per sign. So the troubles he will trigger will be quite infrequent but more long drawn, deep and serious in their impacts. Add to this the Rahu Ketu factor of 1.5yrs. There are a total of 5 malefic planets now interacting in transit with each other and with the birth Moon together, all the three dusham-sthans contributing. There can be episodes in life where troubles seem to go on for years, draining the personality. As Sun is a malefic, there is a possibility that the planets he combusts in the individual chart will also behave like malefics so note this point. Saturn rules the 11th and 12th houses, so when he triggers the issues of the 12th, friends, generic well-wishers, gains, etc keywords of the 11th also fail to support adding to the 12th house related problem. Saturn generally gives inauspicious results in nine of the twelve houses in transit counted from the birth Moon so he has a higher potential to mess up things in life.

Virgo – Three planets, Sun, Mars and Saturn in addition to Rahu Ketu a total of five again, all three dusham-sthan contributing. Of these, the Sun will create the relatively transient problems every few months and lasting for about a month. Mars also moves quite fast but once every two years he goes retrograde/ forward thing for about 6months, so you must be careful during this time. Saturn now takes 2.5yrs to transit a sign, so the trouble that he triggers will be more damaging, more deeply felt and potentially more turbulent. Slow to come, slow to resolve. Add the 1.5yrs of Rahu Ketu transits, and you can see why you can sometimes seem to be facing some issue or the other all the time. The 5 malefics in transit, conjunct each other and from the birth Moon can create a mixed up confused situation where several issues seem to pop from several sides at once. As Sun is a malefic, there is a possibility that the planets he combusts in the individual chart will also behave like malefics. Saturn and Mars both generally give inauspicious results in nine of the twelve houses in transit counted from the birth Moon so he has a lot of potential to mess up things in life. Saturn owns the 5th house in addition to the 6th. So when he triggers the long term trouble connected to the 6th house he reduces the auspicious benefits of the 5th house. So you will see yourself facing issues like low self-confidence, inferiority complex, block on creativity, low on luck etc. Or your personal selfishness, unnecessarily inflated ego etc adding to the trouble in your life during this period. Emphasising this point as his time frame is quite long at 2.5yrs per sign.

Cancer – Here the major malefics are Jupiter and Saturn who are the two slowest graha of the lot. Jupiter takes 1yr to transit per sign and Saturn takes 2.5yrs per sign. The physical troubles that they trigger are related to the 6th and 8th houses. The issues they will trigger for this ascendant sign will be the more long drawn, deep, serious problems which will leave scars on the soul. Add to this Rahu Ketu in a sign for 1.5yrs. There are the 4 slowest moving graha-s who in their mutual conjunctions in transit and with the birth Moon can create extended periods of years where troubles seem to go on and on without respite. Saturn generally gives inauspicious results in nine of the twelve houses in transit counted from the birth Moon so he can seriously mess up things in life. Here Jupiter in addition owns the 9th house and Saturn the 7th house. So when they trigger troubles related to the 6th – Jupiter and/ or 8th – Saturn, they will affect the positivity and auspiciousness of the 7th and/ or 9th houses too. Thus when you will see yourself facing a crisis of faith, loneliness, financial crunch, arguments with your soul-mate, lack of genuine spirituality as well as a crisis in self-love which will increase the severity of the trouble you are actually in.

Hope this helps you understand more about the troubles that you get into from time to time.

As usual there are the only two remedies of Daan and Mantra which you can resort to to reduce their severity in life. (wrote posts on these, do use the index page or the search bar).

Or if you are aware of the typical combinations in your chart, you can work out for yourself these sensitive periods, take due precautions in advance and keep yourself mentally prepared for what is to come.

Forms of the planets, gold silver copper iron

This was a question and thus this quick post on the Moorti nirnaya or forms of the planets. The planets have four possible forms, gold-svarna, silver-rajat, copper-tamra and iron-loha forms or Moorti-s. This is one of the ways of checking if the transit of a planet in a particular Rashi is going to be generally favourable or not. 

You will need to know the exact time that the planet enters a Rashi. This time should be as per the place you are living in. So let’s do this with an example.

  • Sun entered Aries sign on 14th April at 02:50 am for India. (Took this from the drikpanchang)
  • Now we have to locate the Moon in transit at this time. The Moon at this time was at 19deg Aries
  • Next you have to find your birth Moon sign in your birth chart. This is also called the ‘janma rashi’, birth sign. 
  • Now you have to count this transiting Moon sign, Aries from our example, from your birth Moon sign.
  • The forms are,
    • If count 1, 6, 11 – Golden form
    • If count 2, 5, 9 – Silver form
    • If count 3, 7, 10 – Copper form
    • If count 4, 8, 12 – Iron form 
  • So in our example, the Sun entered into Aries on 14th Apr 2021, 
  • If your birth Moon is Aries, Scorpio or Gemini then the form of the Sun was gold-suvarna. 
    • Whatever the Sun signified for you in your chart, you must have got beneficial results. Even if he is not originally favourable, he would have still found some way to grant at least some pleasing results. Increase in confidence, radiance, improvement in health, some typical opportunities, etc must have happened.
  • If your birth Moon is in Pisces, Sagittarius or Leo then the Sun’s form was in the silver-rajat for for you. 
    • He would have given mixed or average results but still tending towards the positive. No overtly negative things must have happened in the aspects of life controlled by the Sun in your birth chart.
  • If your birth Moon is in Aquarius, Libra or Cancer then the Sun was in the copper-tamra form for you during his transit in Aries. 
    • He would have given mixed results but now tending more towards the negative. Things would have been average to bad.
  • If your birth Moon is in Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus then the Sun was in his iron-loha form. 
    • In this case, the Sun would have been incapable of giving favourable results and caused stress, reduction in vitality, illness, irritation, loss of confidence, depression, being ignored by others, your opinions not be valued etc type of results in the aspects of life controlled by the Sun in your chart.

You can now check back and see what happened to you during this Sun’s transit which was from 14th Apr 2021 to 14th May 2021. Especially if you are a Leo ascendant or Leo is your birth Moon sign, you must have been more aware of these sort of trends in your life this past month.


We can extract more information from this Moorti nirnay system. And remember that all transits are seen primarily from the birth Moon sign. 

For the Sun we know from the texts that he gives favourable results when transiting in the 3rd 4th 5th 11th counted from the birth Moon sign. This is the rule. So when Sun was transiting through Aries from 14th Apr to 14th May, he was being favourable for Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Gemini. And generally unfavourable for the rest of the signs. This for the results he was to give as per the birth chart. So briefly,

Aries janma Rashi, Sun was Svarna Moorti, gold form, so 100% positive results from the Moorti nirnaya. Here he was transiting over the birth Moon sign which is considered to be an unfavourable transit. But because of the gold form, the usual unfavourable results would have been significantly reduced and things would have moved on average or slightly positive levels.

Birth Moon sign Taurus people had the Sun transiting in Aries in the iron form, very unfavourable. Plus his transit in itself was unfavourable. Thus Taurus moon signs must have gone through very critical situations in the past month. Loss of vitality, low confidence, ill-health, stress etc and in addition this critical situation would have also been connected to the Sun’s position in your birth chart and the houses and keyword he represents. Eg if Sun in the 4th house then stress from the mother etc. Eg if Sun in the ascendant sign then severe physical illness etc.

Gemini birth Moon people had him in the gold form and his transit as per the count was also favourable. So the Gemini birth Moon’s must have a very good time in this past month in matters connected to the Sun’s innate nature and also his role in the individual birth chart. Overall good heath, confidence, vitality, sucesses, gains etc and eg if Sun in 10th house, some good opportunity on the professional front etc.

Cancer birth Moon people had him in the copper form, so tending towards the negative. And as per the count too he was negative. So again these people would have had a bad to worse time during this Sun in Aries.

Leo birth Moon people had him in the silver form. And as per the count too, he was unfavourable. So overall results would have been average to bad. 

Virgo birth Moons had him in the iron form and as per the count too he was unfavourable in transit. These people too must have had a very critical time in this past month. Overall tiredness, loss of vitality etc linked to the aspects of life that the Sun controls in the individual birth chart.


Birth Moon Libra people had him in the copper form. And the count wise results too were not favourable. So must have experienced overall bad results. Ill-health etc and the stresses from the Sun’s position in the individual birth chart.

Birth Moon Scorpio people had him in the gold form and the count wise transit was unfavourable. So reduction in positivity, and must have experienced average to somewhat positive results during the Sun in Aries transit last month.

Birth Moon Sagittarius had the silver form of the Sun this past month. But his transit as per the count was not favourable so there must have been a reduction in positivity. And results connected to the Sun would have been average to bad. 

Birth Moon Capricorn had the iron form but the count was favourable. Thus the negative results connected to your Sun would have been reduced and bad to slightly negative results would have been seen in life.

Birth Moon Aquarius had the copper form and the count was favourable. So things related to the Sun would have been average to positive this past month.

Birth Moon Pisces had the silver form and the count was not favourable. So a reduction in positivity and the things controlled by the Sun in your life would have given you only average or even bad results this past month.

I have purposely chosen the Sun in Aries as an example so that you can try and tally what happened to you in the recent past from 14th Apr to 14th May. So in this last solar month from 14th Apr to 14th May, Gemini birth Moon signs had the best time considering the results attributable to the Sun. And Taurus and Virgo birth Moon sign people must have had the worst time in the things connected to the Sun.


So one tip is to always be aware of the  Moorti of at least these following planets to know how he will overall be for you as he transits into a new sign. If you can keep track of all 8 of them its even better, but this is the bare minimum.

  • Your ascendant lord, he shapes your entire personality and the environment around you.
  • The ruler of your birth Moon sign. This planet is responsible for shaping your mind and emotions, so keep track of him.
  • And the slower moving planets, ie Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. They occupy a Rashi for a longer time so have more impact on you.

The concept of Moorti or the gold, silver, copper and iron forms of the planets will help you get a snapshot of the overall results the planet will give during a particular transit. This is called Moorti Nirnaya, the “deciding of the form”. The Moorti nirnaya is one of the ways to evaluate transits of planets. It is useful and easy to calculate. Use it in your studies in astrology and analyse how it works in real life.

Saturn retrograde Capricorn sign Shravan nakshatra 2021

Saturn goes retrograde on 23rd May 2021 and then forwards on 11th Oct 2021. He will be stationary or stambhit for about 5 days before changing his apparent direction. He will remain in Shravan nakshatra and Capricorn sign this entire time.

The current year Shri Plava naam samvatsara is overall a rough period for the world. The major reason for this is Saturn in Shravan nakshatra, a highly karmic position which invariably causes pain, suffering and turmoil in the world. Everyone is affected in some way or the other during this transit which continues for about 13 months and repeats every 30yrs. If you study past events when Saturn transits in Capricorn sign as a whole, things generally and personally are always turbulent. This transit over the sign takes about 2.5yrs on an average, so has the potential to mess up a lot of things. Now Saturn is poised to go retrograde in Shravan nakshatra, his effects will intensify and also take more time to get over with.


Let’s briefly note the movements of other planets during these 4-5 months. Whenever these transit though Cancer, they will mutually aspect with Saturn in Capricorn. Mars, Venus, Sun and Mercury will briefly mutually aspect Saturn modifying his results. You will have to factor these short term transits for any precise predictions you may need to make. (Unfortunately in the current scenario, most questions are about health of family and friends. Refer to the Shatpanchashikha for these Prashna analysis.)

  • Mars in Cancer – 2nd June – 20th July
  • Venus in Cancer – 22nd June – 17th July
  • Sun in Cancer – 16th July – 17th Aug
  • Mercury in Cancer – 25th July – 9th Aug
  • Moon will be aspected by Saturn whenever he transits through Cancer, Libra and Pisces. 

Jupiter will go retrograde from 20th Jun to 18th Oct, I have written about the possible results for this in an earlier post. Mercury will be retrograde 30th May- 23rd June and 27th Sept – 18th Oct, predictions for this are also covered in this earlier post.

Rahu Ketu transit in Taurus and Scorpio will continue here for this entire year (this post.) But they will go stationary and turn forwards around the eclipses. There will be two major eclipses which will affect the environment and the people living where these events can be seen. A total Lunar eclipse on 26th May and a total Solar eclipse on 10th June.

Generally for Saturn, if his direct transit is favourable for your birth Moon sign then during his retrograde motion things will slow down but they will not go unfavourable. The only 3 birth Moon signs currently experiencing positive effects from Saturn are Leo, Scorpio and Pisces. These people will feel a reduction in positivity but will be able to better manage things than the other birth Moon signs.

If Saturn direct is unfavourable for your birth Moon sign then sometimes in his retrograde he may ease off, give you 4-5 months to relax and get your life back in shape. But sometimes he can aggravate the issues he has created, so best be alert.


First the effects of Saturn retrograde in Shravan nakshatra and Capricorn sign on the general levels.

The COVID 19 pandemic and more importantly its after-effects will continue. So keep doing all you can to improve your personal immunity and take adequate precautions. I have written earlier also that this trouble will start easing when Jupiter enters Poorvabhadrapada nakshatra and hopefully after he enters his own Pisces in 2022 we all will be able to start healing our lives. For India, we will face the brunt until Rahu remains in Rohini ie till Sept-end. Rohini and Shravan nakshatra both are linked to the Moon. So, not only India, but all those nations who are going through Dasha periods connected to Moon or Saturn now, or have Moon or Saturn in critical transits in their mundane charts will have a worse time than the rest. We all must be alert until Rahu continues in Rohini. (I hope Rahu in Krutika 4th pada starts giving some relief at least, it is a pushkar navamsha. If we can use this window of opportunity, we can better continue the recovery when Jupiter enters Poorvabhadrapada in Jan 2022.) For public health, generally, during this Saturn’s retrograde, the time when Mars Saturn mutually aspect will cause more damage to people already suffering from blood related diseases. Younger people can be more susceptible. Risky treatment methods may be adopted. When Venus will mutually aspect Saturn, expect frustrations, loneliness, drug and alcohol dependancy to take its toll on the public health. During this time on personal levels, avoid short term flings and affairs, they will not last and create new trauma for you. After that, Sun mutually aspecting retrograde Saturn will reduce overall vitality for everyone. People with a history of heart problems should be careful during this period. Finally Mercury mutually aspecting this Saturn can cause issues in medicine availability. Medical frauds, improper administration of medicines, fake medicines, incorrect diagnosis etc can take its toll.

Overall this is not a time to be careless about health.

On the political front, most major nations are facing external or internal treachery. War-like situations in several parts of the world. Civil unrest and traitors attempting cause nation-wide disruptions. Arm-chair and social media activists have become a source of significant negativity. Media too is playing a negative role in everyone’s life increasing stress. This stress is affecting the physical and emotional health on the individual level. (Shri Plava is unfortunately unfolding just as predicted). On an personal levels, do not let this external negativity enter your life, try to preserve your personal equilibrium. Trust the national governments to do their job the best they can in this very critical time of Saturn in Shravan, while you keep your focus on your personal health, relationships and finances.

On the professional front, there are limited opportunities overall. The global economy will remain weak and employment avenues will reduce. All major nations are suffering on the financial front. So remain where you are and try to make the most of what you have. Avoid unnecessary confrontations in your work place and with your bosses. Work burden will increase for everyone, so tempers will be high. This is obviously not a good time for new investments. In fact your past investments may not give expected returns either. Budgeting may be necessary. Do not play the stock market etc unless you have a very good idea of what you are doing.

Generally on the personal front, there is hardship for everyone. Mental fatigue, demotivation and a lack of passion in life is to be expected. Even if you are not ill yourself, there will be someone in your family/ friends who will be, so you too will worry. Or you will be bombarded by negativity from the news channels. Your past mistakes will come to haunt you, as you might regret them now. The areas of your life linked to Capricorn will be more active, ie you will have to perform more karmic duties related to this house in your birth chart. You will be overworked and tired in these parts of your life.

  • Eg. Capricorn in your 4th house can mean stress to your mother and thus to you too. Lack of proper rest, your house may want repairs, vehicle may break down or you may have to do more actual house work.
  • Eg. Capricorn  in your 12th house can indicate a lack of rest leading to other issues. Unexpected ill-health, mental restlessness, emotional loneliness etc are possible.

If your birth chart has Saturn retrograde then I have written some rules for analysing retrograde planets in this post. Now, there may be an increase in conflicts, as you might assert yourself inappropriately or uncharacteristically. You will be burdened with more responsibilities during this period. Try to keep things on agreeable levels and work hard.


Briefly for each sign the results which Saturn will give during his retrograde period. This is as per your birth Moon sign. (However if your ascendant sign is more powerful then you can see this from the ascendant sign too.)

Aries – You will feel more confident. Health can improve, however try to get adequate rest. Focus on your profession, there will be stress but you may also get some opportunities, use them well. Try to consolidate your gains in the professional field in this retrograde period. Avoid all unnecessary arguments in relationships. Be especially careful when Mars and Saturn mutually aspect as this period will temporarily cause overwork and ill-health.

Taurus – Home environment will be overall supportive but sudden issues can erupt in your relationships. Keep an eye on your and your family members health. Professionally a good period with sudden positive changes. But jealousy and office politics can cause stress. Be alert, avoid taking unnecessary risks. Be especially careful when Venus and Saturn mutually aspect, as hidden enemies may confront you.

Gemini – You can expect a break from the troubles caused by Saturn in his direct phase. However personal life can remain stressful. There may be an improvement in the profession and finances. Use this time wisely to consolidate your life. But avoid long term risks on all fronts. Be especially careful when Mercury and Saturn mutually aspect as together they can create tiny problems which can have long term implications.

Cancer – Hidden enemies, jealousy, betrayals, conspiracies against you are possible. There will be stresses in all your relationships, family and friends. Professional life and finances can suffer. Keeping a low profile is an good option at this time. Moon transits one sign in 2.25days, so you should keep an eye out when Moon transits in Cancer, Libra and Pisces as here he gets aspected by Saturn. Thankfully these are short transits but happen more frequently so issues will not be deep-rooted but more chronic in nature.

Leo – Things will be slow but still positive growth is possible. Health will be good. Family will be supportive. Profession, business etc will be good. Investments and finances will give returns. You will be able to handle all situations with patience and confidence. However be careful when Sun and Saturn mutually aspect as then health issues can crop up.

Virgo – There will be some trouble in your personal and professional life. Health can be an issue. Avoid quarrelling with your family members as relationships will cause stress. You might need to budget. Avoid all unnecessary risk. Be flexible so that you can better adapt to your circumstances. Mercury and Saturn will be mutually aspecting briefly, they can trigger small issues which can later impact your future gains, so be alert.


Libra – This is a average time for you. You can take reasonable decisions related to your family and your future. Professional, personal life will be ok. Finances are average but avoid speculations. Be careful when Venus and Saturn mutually aspect as you may suffer during this period. Saturn is a yogkarak for you so even though in the 4th house he will not harm much but combined with Rahu present in your 8th house now, you have to take care of your health. 

Scorpio – There may be some minor issues but you will be able to overcome them easily. You will be overburdened with personal and professional commitments so prioritise. Take care when Mars and Saturn will mutually aspect, long-hidden issues may suddenly crop. Personal health should always be on priority.

 Sagittarius – You will be active. There will be some troubles especially with your family so avoid arguments. You will be overburdened at work but you should be able to handle it. Money can be tight so budgeting is advisable. Avoid speculation and keep your expectations realistic. Jupiter will be going retrograde so be alert regarding personal health.

Capricorn – This is a small window which you can use for consolidating your life. However you will be required to work hard. This time will be better than what the troubles that the direct Saturn has brought to your life. However avoid taking long term risks and avoid all disputes as Saturn in Capricorn is not favourable for you overall. 

Aquarius – This is not a good time. Hidden enemies, jealousy, conspiracies, etc can pop up. Expect issues in your personal and professional life. Keep an eye on your finances and legal issues. You will feel tired. Avoid arguments as relationships spoilt now might break completely.

Pisces – This period will give slower growth than the time when he was direct. Work burden can go up. Personal life may have some ups and downs but it will be manageable. Keep your expectations low and continue working hard. You have the necessary knowledge, skills and wisdom to get through this. Jupiter will be going retrograde too, so in this period you should take care of your personal health.


As per Maharishi Parashar, there are two remedies for astrological problems, Daan and Mantra (index page). Do these if you feel like it. Try to keep yourself balanced by taking up some practice which involves slow and deep breathing. Pranayam and similar meditative practices will help you in coping. If you are relatively fit you can try doing Yogasan-s at home. However never exert yourself overmuch, do only that much which you safely can. Saturn retrograde in Shravan nakshatra is not good time. Everyone should be careful and stay safe.

Abhijit Nakshatra and his use in Jyotish

There was a question on this so answering it to the best of my ability and personal experience.

Nakshatra are the perception filters of the Moon, the Mind, the Manas. The mind as it exists in the created Universe needs these filters to keep itself unaware of Reality, so that it can play the game of creation. The nakshatra have a constant set of attributes. As the graha occupy the nakshatra, it filters the graha energies, modulates them in a typical manner. The nakshatra occupied by the birth Moon is very important in your analysis, it is the Janma nakshatra. But you must also analyse the nakshtra-s occupied by the other planets. 

अभिजित Abhijit is a Sanskrit word which means ‘the conquest’ or ‘the victorious one’. It is a very cryptic Nakshatra and this is obvious from nakshatra devata assigned to him, Brahma ब्रह्म, as in the Parabrahma. This is not the Brahma-dev, who is the potential energy of the Raja-gun and one of the Tri-dev. This Brahma-dev rules over Rohini nakshatra (post here) and is also called as Prajapati. Abhijit is the only male nakshatra, all the other 27 lunar mansions are female in nature. In Jyotish, ‘male’ energies are stable, potential, catalytic in nature. ‘Female’ energies are kinetic, active and can respond to the catalytic energy acting on them. 

Abhijit’s western name is Vega, he is located in the constellation named Lyra. Abhijit is a part of the zodiac located in the Capricorn sign from 6deg 40min to 10deg 53min 20sec Capricorn. This arc of 4deg 13min 20sec lies within the arc of the zodiac allocated to Uttarashadha and Shravan nakshatra-s. ie the arc zone allocated to Abhijit overlaps the arcs of these two regular nakshatra-s. So Abhijit is an invisible nakshatra, in the sense that he is hidden behind these two regular nakshatra-s. 

On the Navamsha level,

  • the 6deg 40min to 10deg of Capricorn fall in Pisces navamsha
  • and 10deg of Capricorn to 10deg 53min 20sec Capricorn fall in Aries navamsha

In predictions, Bruhat Parashar Hora Shastra does not have any interpretations for the Abhijit nakshatra as such. So if you have your birth Moon in this stretch of the zodiac your birth Nakshatra will be either Uttarashadha or Shravan not Abhijit. (He is mentioned in BPHS only for two Dasha systems ie the Ashtottari and the Shastihayani) 

This hidden portion of the zodiac, Abhijit is mentioned in other texts, eg Atharvaved, Garud Puran, etc. The chakra-s from Atharvaved like the Kota chakra (post here), Sarvatobhadra chakra etc make use of Abhijit. He is also mentioned in the Ramayan and the Mahabharat by his other name, ब्रह्मराशि. 

In Muhurt Jyotish, ie electional astrology, a time period of 24 minutes before and after the exact midday is called the Abhijit Muhurt. This is the 8th Muhurt of the daytime where the Sun is at the exact zenith, hence has the maximum intensity. This Muhurt is generally good for performing all sorts of auspicious activities. If you wish to start a new enterprise or buy a new car or enter your new house or start learning a new subject etc, start this activity at the Abhijit muhurta, it will be successful. The 8th Muhurta of the night-time is also highly important. This is 24mins before and after the exact midnight, the Sun at the exact nadir. It is the Nishita muhurta and people who know things will do pujas during this time on auspicious days. (Shri Ram was born in the Abhijit muhurt and Shri Krishna was born in the Nishita muhurt as per the Itihas, Ramayan and Mahabharat.)

We do not know at the present time why the ancient Rishi-s thought this portion of the zodiac to be so important that they gave it a specific name, nakshstra devata etc. We do not have the full body of Jyotish texts available with us now. So many books are are lost and so many are mistranslated from the original Sanskrit. There is incomplete information on several topics. So we need to re-discover, re-learn these lost things and research is necessary. If you intend to learn astrology, observe your family and friends. Keep them all as your sample horoscopes, as life time study. Tally what is happening with them in life and in their charts (post here).

On a personal note, I am quite interested in Abhijit. In my horoscope, my Dharmesh, Labhesh and Vyayesh are exactly on the same degree at the exact center of the Abhijit arc. One chart in my family has the birth Sun and Mercury within the span of Abhijit, his is a birth at the exact midnight. One of my friends has her Sun and Mercury ascendant lord in Abhijit in her 5th house. And there are several examples around me whom I observe for more clues on the enigmatic Abhijit.

I often use the Kota or Ashtapadmadala chakra for transit predictions (post here). Obviously Abhijit is present in this chakra, so there have to be some results attributable to his position. So in practice, if I get a planet or the Lagna (ascendant degree) in the degrees assigned to Abhijit at birth or transit, I merge the attributes of the planet with the predictions linked to Uttarashadha + Shravan and add a mysterious divine blessing from its nakshatra devata Brahma ब्रह्म. These are a few broad results with respect to the Kota chakra and Abhijit.

The basic Kota chakra interpretations have to be followed and then these observations applied. 

  • Planets in the Abhijit arc at birth.

This grants physical and mental strength for the keywords related to this planet in Abhijit as it has a direct connection to the highest consciousness. There is abundance of energy and the ability to use this strength for dominance over others. There is initiative, ambition, courage, boldness and the necessary risk taking ability. But to be able to use this planet’s energy, you first have to go through some typical issue which deeply tests you. A critical struggle, an existential conflict is expected in the matters connected to this planet in Abhijit. This stress might continue till the maturity period of that planet (post here). After this age, the struggles generally do not stop but you will have a greater understanding of your own abilities thus be better able to navigate through. You can convert these issues into opportunities which give you benefit. You are expected to stick to your correct path, your Dharma at all times. If you do so, things will eventually turn out in your favour. There will always be a very high level of protection available so you can take calculated risks in these aspects of life connected to this planet.

This planet in Abhijit, some of his keywords, will always be hidden, even from you. They will keep operating in the background until you will become aware of them. But this happens only during/ after a period of significant stress. The planet and the houses he controls will also be connected to the energy of Abhijit. So you might feel that life in these houses is not moving much, ie their gains will not be visible much to you. If you have several planets in the Abhijit, you are rather enigmatic. A cypher, even to yourself. These secret and hidden talents can come out and consciously utilized only if the appropriate Dasha/ transit comes up. 

Life will be on the move, there will be little rest. eg short and frequent travels, meeting with others, networking, expanding your circle and increasing your social presence are some of the things which will take up your energy. You will be required to take some critical decisions in life in the domain of this planet, which might have serious implications.

Finally there will be a conflict between the outer material and the inner esoteric/ spiritual, this will be an integral struggle. This is  the esoteric war on the inner levels, where you are required to defeat the baser qualities of the planet in Abhijit. You will be required to resolve this within you during this life. If you do this, you will gain a profound esoteric or spiritual or intellectual appreciation of what this planet in Abhijit is doing to you. The dasha period of the planet will give you significant progress in some way, but if it comes before the age of that planet’s maturity it can give more hurts and conflicts. But what hurts on the material, gives gains on the spiritual. 

Since his motif is war and conquest, there will be some unpleasant things too. Interim losses, defections or traitors in your life. In these distressing times remember that the ultimate victory will be yours as Abhijit guarantees this.

  • Planets in the Abhijit arc in transit.

This will grant similar results as above but limited to the time while this planet is actually transiting the Abhijit arc. For this you will have to know more about the planet who is transiting Abhijit, his role in your life at that point etc. It requires some advanced study.

For the faster moving graha like Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars this transit may not register much in life, they will be here for a few hours or a few days at max. But when the slower graha ie Jupiter Saturn or Rahu Ketu transit this arc, their effects can be quite discernible. Jupiter transits over this arc once in 12yrs, Rahu and Ketu once in 18yrs, Saturn once in 30yrs.

In fact, see if you can remember what happened to you in January 2021. Try to analyse if you can make out the subtle energies of Abhijit acting in your life especially through Saturn and Jupiter. The first week of January had both Jupiter and Saturn together in Abhijit, this happens once in 30yrs so was a rare burst of energy. In the second week of Jan, there was Mercury briefly with Saturn here. And the third week saw Sun and Saturn together in Abhijit for a few days. 

Abhijit has a motif of critical righteous conflicts which escalate till they trigger a decisive exhibition of power which culminates in a final win. He signifies Victory, the exhilaration of the Conquest. This is perhaps the hardest thing linked to this part of the zodiac. Being Victorious and to Conquer in a War, will happen only if there is a War at first to begin with.

Results planets give in the 12th house

The 12th house is an important house and if you are interested in self-growth of the spiritual sort this house needs to be analysed. I wrote a few posts on the 12th house, do go through them (index page). All things considered, the 12th house is a dushamsthan. Even though it is considered the house of Moksha and all that esoteric stuff, it is still not amicable to Life and Living. Any planet in the 12th house should be examined for possible negative effects on the personality. The 12th house is your hidden weakness. If your competitor knows your horoscope he can use the cues from this house to manipulate you. (never share your actual birth details unnecessarily with any one.)

Sun in the 12th house, is a natural malefic in a dusham-sthan so technically can grant power to perform unpleasant tasks but he will drain you in his typical manner. He can indicate power over enemies but the internal fire is weak. The body and the mind also may be weak in certain respects. It is possible that in your childhood you were not allowed to express your creativity or something happened which hurt your self-confidence. With this Sun, you cannot expect much support from your father, elders in your family and your teachers. You feel vulnerable around people who dominantly express solar energies. You should avoid taking advice from such people as they might misguide you.  Outwardly a low self-confidence and lack of self esteem is possible, you are hesitant about expressing your genius and creativity. On the inside there may be a damaging sense of self-ego as you unconsciously suppress the negative traits of the Sun, push them into your subconscious mind. There is a unconscious sense of arrogance, meanness, selfishness, high-handedness etc within you which can make you unpleasant company sometimes.

If this Sun is going to act like a malefic then there will be loss of money, unhappiness in marriage, withdrawal from the society, antisocial behaviour etc. In this case do check the longevity of the chart. But if this Sun is auspicious then he will support spiritual practice and encourage you to acts of positive karma. You can become some level of a Guru with such a Sun.

Moon in the 12th house and you will never acknowledge your own emotions or those of others around you. You never express your real emotions in public, possibly you are consciously unaware of your real feelings. Emotional stability can be affected in the long run. Moon is needs, nature, nurture, nutrition etc. Suppressed needs can turn inwards and fester. This can result in actual illness connected to the Moon. This Moon almost always indicates an absent mother. You never were given love as a child or were sickly or frequently ill, either way unwanted or felt as a burden and you subconsciously sensed this. This is perhaps one of the saddest placements, you want to be nurtured and taken care of on the subconscious levels but you cannot express this aloud. You feel vulnerable regarding your emotions, astral self, sleep, dreams, intuition, mediative practices etc. Be careful about your Moon-things, as these can misguide you. There will be secret enemies in life but generally you will be able overcome them. Today you never ask for comfort or love or the things you need and also reject those people in your life who ask you to fulfil their needs. You must be especially careful to offer the necessary love to your children and loved ones now, this will help end your hurt too.

If this Moon is malefic then the body and mind both can be weak, the above negative results will be exaggerated. In this case do check the longevity of the chart too. But a benefic Moon in the 12th will initially give a lot of glamorous but essentially hollow experiences which later can lead to disillusionment. The personality later tries to search for the true meaning of existence and turns towards the inner self.

Mercury in the 12th house often indicates friends and siblings turning into secret enemies. Your team-mates can cause you harm behind your back. Then there is an unconscious dislike of seniors, elders, peers, teachers etc. The thinking process is inverted, turned inwards, the mind works in never ending loops, fantasising. This can create psychological problems. Possibly your mother, when she was pregnant, was never allowed to express herself adequately and you have picked up these vibes from her. In your life too, you may not get a chance to develop your communication skills, the practical ability of interacting with others. Saying what you really want to say can be difficult. You may have a habit of talking to yourself when alone or having imaginary conversations with the people you really want to talk to. But the things you want to say never come to you when you really need them. You may speak in a disjointed non-coherent manner or speak around the topic but never get to the point. Stammering is possible or at least a loss of focus. You are hyper critical of what you think, say and do. Nervous tensions, mental loops of thoughts, restless mind, self-critical, obsessed with details, OCD and often indulge in negative thinking.

Mercury is the messenger so will translate the resources already with you in the language of the 12th house. Much will depend on the position and power of the birth Moon.

Venus in the 12th house can indicate problems in material desires, there may be deviant or too many of them. Several intimate relationships which fail because there was no emotional need linked to them. There may be deviant intimate relationships too. You have unreasonably high expectations from the physical act. Expressing emotions is difficult. You do not believe in equitable fair relationships with others. Also faith in spiritual practices is low. There is a high level of secrecy in your life, you do not open up, you cannot share. You can be vain, self-indulgent and absorbed in your own pleasure. You are not honest with yourself. If this Venus is disturbed then materialistic tendencies can lead to depravity. You try to show that you are at perfect equilibrium with yourself but this is not true on the subconscious levels.

This Venus can make you go to extremes, go overboard with material desires or become a celibate. You will either create more karma by entangling with others or move faster towards Moksh by denying all sensual desires. Venus is exalted in the natural 12th sign of the zodiac, Pisces. So a well-placed Venus can grant that deepest relationship with the own internal self leading to self-realisation.  

Mars in the 12th house is again a malefic in a dushamsthan so is supposed to work well here. But his effects on the psychological level are not good. A sense of being a prisoner, helplessness, isolation etc. This can indicate suppressed rage, sadism, cruelty, depression, selfishness etc. There may be tendency to self-harm where you hurt your mind or body in fits of self-cruelty. Physically and mentally you are strong but you never get the chance to express your strength in life. Possibly no brothers where you could have competed with in your childhood. No healthy routes to let out your aggression, courage or risk-taking ability. Physical intimacy will be very less, eg your spouse may work in the army so you do not get this outlet either, repression all around. (Affairs are possible if the 7th lord is afflicted.) You are outwardly perfectly behaved but there is unexpected rage roiling inside. This can lead to physical and emotional issues. You keep your own self in strict check, your energy and competitive spirit is subconsciously directed against your own self. In the conscious world you display your Martian energy in subtly twisted ways. You keep your anger internalised so as to avoid hurting others but this will cause problems for you later. 

If he is going to act negatively then these above tendencies are exaggerated. If this Mars is auspicious then the spiritualising influences from your past lives are brought to the surface. You can even act as a guide for others on their spiritual journey. But whatever it may be, you are required to face some very deep seated issues, outbursts of energy, misdirected passion and pain in life. And there will be at least one episode where you will be ill. Either a long illness or an undiagnosed illness will give you physical or psychological hardship.


Jupiter in the 12th house can have the unfortunate effect of making you self-righteous, rigid, a religious extremist at the subconscious levels. You might outwardly show that you are an atheist or an agonist, or not concerned with religion or philosophy, but you have very deep rooted opinions on these topics which you generally do not speak about. You project a sense of superiority to hide an underlying sense of inferiority. You might show that you are outwardly very spiritual but in your heart you want material pleasures. This also makes you rather uncomfortable around people who are overtly religious or like discussing philosophy. It irritates you, so do your spiritual teacher, your seniors, peers and patrons, you do not get along with them. You cannot reconcile to people who have different opinions and world-views which differ from your own. In such cases you can get into heated arguments or even violence. You might not have access to good books or schools to develop your own thinking processes. Often there is some problem in the family, possibly your parents had a severe differences with the elders when your mother was expecting. Or your family lacked resources or you were denied these resources. 

Jupiter is the natural owner of the 12th sign, Pisces. So if he is capable of giving good results here, he can grant the ability to develop a personal philosophy, a spiritual bent of mind and you might move inwards for stability and spiritual growth. He will be a protective influence in your life as long as you regularly do some personal spiritual activity.

Saturn in the 12th house 

Saturn here will give a permanent feeling of restriction and confinement. Perhaps your mother or father was overworked, unhappy, under strain, tired out, during the pregnancy or your baby life. And this subconscious impression that you picked up from them affects you even now. Or as a child you were never appreciated for your efforts or successes in school. You were a good child but never got praised or appreciated or recognised and never will be. You know only hard work and a sense of anonymity and seclusion. Today if someone appreciates you, you do not know how to respond, it makes you uncomfortable. You cannot believe that you did something praiseworthy. A sense of inferiority and worthlessness resides in your deepest heart. There are obstacles to your rest, you cannot sleep well and the dreams can be disturbed. You can work like crazy. You work hard in your conscious life, this reflects in your subconscious and helps you balance your internal loneliness. You are in perfect control of yourself, but excessive control leads to rare spectacular breakdowns. You are not outwardly ambitious, your only desire is to restrain your self. Saturn in the 12th house is a permanent state of loneliness, fear, guilt or grief. You cannot come to terms with your internal sense of failure, defeat, sorrow and tiredness. You also cannot let go of the past, a repressed personality. You are not consciously cruel nor a hard-taskmaster nor a strict boss. But you are perceived to be by others who then fear you. 

If Saturn is unfavourable then in addition to the above there is a pronounced and unhealthy desire for material stuff, social recognition and wealth. But if he is a benefic for the chart then you will be urged on the spiritual path, you will be deeply convinced that your methods are the best and they will work for you because you believe in them.

I wrote on Rahu and Ketu in the 6th 12th axis, the detailed post here. In brief the early life is often troubled. There are problems with the material life and this can give a spiritual orientation later You might move away from your hometown for some reason and then your real progress will begin.

The 12th house energy does not allow you to become aware of what it or the planets in it are upto. It is also those facets of your personality of which you remain unaware.  The 12th house patterns are those of the sub-conscious mind, in the periphery, never in direct focus. So all this may not be very evident to you unless you critically analyse yourself, your behaviour and your overall personality. This above was a generic list of the results you can expect, but naturally this will vary depending on the sign in the 12th  and other factors. So when a planet gets placed in the 12th house, check the following

  • The planet himself and his keywords
  • The sign in the 12th house
  • The signs ruled by the planet and which houses of the chart are these placed in
  • The houses of your chart being aspected by this 12th house placed planet
  • Finally check if there are any planets aspecting the 12th house. 

All this energy gets linked into the 12th house in some way or the other. This exercise gives you a complete picture of the 12th house planet in your birth chart. Eg Aries ascendant, Saturn in the 12th house will mean that,

  • Saturn’s energies are modulated by the environment of the 12th house, Pisces sign. 
  • Energies of the 10th house Capricorn sign and 11th house Aquarius sign link to the 12th house. Saturn will try to fulfil the objectives of the houses he owns by drawing energy from the house he is placed in and vice versa.
  • Saturn will aspect the 2nd house Taurus sign, 6th house Virgo and the 9th house Sagittarius.
  • You can also open the navamsha chart and check the power of Saturn to give results (post here)
  • Ashtakvarga, note the power of Saturn in Pisces and the total score of Pisces sign (posts here and here).  

The 12th house is the house of losses, the unknown. Too many unknowns factors can cause unexpected issues. Your charts represents a finite quantum of energy you can access in this life time. How you use these units of energy is indicated by the planets placed in your horoscope. Too many planets placed in the 12th house indicates that a significant portion of your life energy is being consumed in the house of the mysterious, the psychic, the astral, the swapna-avastha, the dream states and inner worlds. Thus lesser energy available for sustaining the physical personality and the manifested environment around you. You might be weaker in actual life.

The 12th house energies are used in solitude and in the subconscious states. These are, after, all the subtle resources on which your overt personality is based. So do try to delve into your 12th house, recognise its energies and try to consciously use them in your life.