Retrograde and combust Mercury 2020

Mercury will be going retrograde from 14th Oct to 3rd Nov 2020 in Libra, he will transit Swati and Chitra nakshatra during this period. And in the present time it is a bit complicated. Mercury goes retrograde for about 3 weeks, thrice a year. Mars goes retrograde once in about 2yrs. Now Mars is already retrograde and has entered Pisces retrograde on 4th Oct, he will go forward on 14th Nov 2020. So these two are in the 6/8 axis, going backwards together. And Mercury is combust from 16th Oct to 2nd Nov. Plus the Sun is debilitated in Libra.

Mars is the energy of passion, desire to live, take risks, transform, compete and win. Mercury is the thinking process within your mind and the choice of action in your hands. The energy of a retrograde planet cannot be expressed outwards as it has turned inwards into the subconscious self, so often gets bottled up. Both these Mars and Mercury energies going retrograde together are going to create typical psychological issues. Suffocated emotions, internalised stress, frustration, internal rage, inability to express, loneliness, depression, taking unacceptable risks, illogical thought patterns, senseless risky actions. Some of us will face significant failures in life as the passion to Live and the analytical Mind do not cooperate. A tendency for exceptionally risky behaviour or self-harm or suicides can be triggered.

Communication of all sorts is linked to Mercury, so misunderstandings are possible. Tact and understanding are both lost. And inner bitterness and outer arguments afterwards are going to be fuelled by the retrograde Mars which would be intense. The choices available to you may not be appropriate and create more problems. You might take rash decisions and then hasty actions. Think before you speak, always. Spoken and written words both will be confused. This can manifest as mis-reading the question in your exam paper to making serious mistakes in filing your income tax returns. Those appearing for competitive exams must be careful. Your mental processes, logic, analytical skills, understanding will be affected.

Sense of trade can mislead, ie the risks that you take in your business may cause more losses than profits, so businessmen should take due precautions. There is often unexpected expenditure in such retrogrades. In office, you might get into arguments with your co-workers, team-mates as mis-communication coupled with short tempers will disrupt things. Finance related figures should be double checked. Read and understand important communications carefully. Papers or messages might get lost/ misplaced. Your electronic items like mobile, laptop, hard disks etc can get damaged.

At home, mutual trust between siblings, friends, extended family will be low. You might face unpleasant issues caused by them as relationships will show strain. Bitter, illogical arguments are possible so avoid talking about controversial issues or politics. Do not overdo things or react without thinking first, try to be patient. The power to think and the power to act both are affected for everyone. Then traveling will be tiring. Now is not the time to take a vacation or go on a tour. But fit you need to travel, know that there will be delays. Also keep a small first aid kit of medicines with you.  On the health front specifically digestion can get affected. Those suffering from migraines can see an increase. Skin and nervous complaints can get aggravated. If you feel unwell, take proper medical treatment do not postpone going to the doctor.

Confusions in taking decisions. If possible, always try to finish all major work one week before Mercury goes retrograde. eg shifting house, signing new contracts, new job or appointing new staff, important meetings etc. During a Mercury retrograde, try to stick to the projects which you had started before. There will be issues popping up in these projects, but rather than ditching them try to resolve these issues or wait it out. And this applies to relationships too. If you are in a long-term relationship and feel upset during this retrograde, do not break it off till he resumes his forward movement. Remain patient and try to adjust. In case you meet a potential new partner, romantic or business, during Mercury retrograde, better wait till he goes forward again before committing yourself. Starting any new projects during this period is not good. He will make you re-do them after he goes direct again. At least this time he is retrograde in only one sign Libra. If in case, a planet crosses into another sign while retrograde then all his negative results are intensified. (There are 8 types of planetary movements which I have listed out in this post here.)

If you have your birth Mercury or Mars or Moon in an inauspicious position or your current Dasha/ transits are not favourable, you must take efforts to keep your mood light and happy. Listen to uplifting and relaxing music, Sanskrit shlokas, stotras of your favourite deity, nature sounds etc. Wear clothes of light and bright colors. Keep yourself active but do not overdo it. Do not let your mind get stuck in a rut, if you feel that thoughts are looping in your mind then do something that will break the pattern, avoid over-thinking. Go out for a walk, sit in the fresh air. Try to keep a regular schedule, eat, sleep, work on time. Read light-hearted books or see happy romantic movies if you feel like it. The best way of utilising the energy of the retrograde is to complete any long pending tasks. eg Sorting out old clothes is a good way of utilising Mercury’s organisational skills.

I had written in a recent post that the COVID 19 health issue has stopped its active phase with Rahu/Ketu moving into Taurus/Scorpio. But Mars going retrograde in Aries-Pisces will cause deaths due to misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, carelessness, wrong medicines (intentional or accidental) coupled with human greed and corruption (post here). Intentional misinformation cannot be ruled out in this period. This should get resolved when Mars clearly enters Aries and moves onwards, from Jan 2021. Whenever a planet in retrograde motion enters the earlier sign it causes even more disruptions. So Mars’s current retrograde is rather significant. In this, Mercury too going retrograde will overall worsen the situation. Mercury, if afflicted in any way, always causes problems in medical diagnosis. Mercury being combust by a debilitated Sun means that the people in authority will behave in a high-handed and egoistic manner and might often be wrong. eg If you have your yearly medical check-up coming up, avoid it when Mercury is retrograde or combust. And if you have to get a medical procedure done in this period, opt for a second opinion if possible. In emergencies there is no option, but at least you or your family should recite a small prayer to Mercury before the medical procedure starts.

Now briefly about the Nakshatra, Chitra and Swati. Both are represented by bright single stars in the skies, currently seen on the western horizon after sun-set.

Swati is connected to Rahu and ruled by Vayu. Swati with the retrograde/ combust Mercury will give results somewhat like this. Loss of equilibrium in all ways. The smooth sailing of life will get temporarily turbulent. Medical problems related to the Vaat tendency can be aggravated. Increase in unrealistic materialistic desires and lots of thoughts/ thinking. Mind might desire addictive substances. Increase in aggression which will be primarily directed inwards. Lack of flexibility and compromise in all interactions as selfishness and ruthlessness predominate. Expected achievements will not occur. Losses in financial activities due to unreasonable risks. High degree of restlessness indicated. Avoid blindly following popular trends and mass movements.

Chitra is linked to Mars and its ruler is Tvashta. Chitra with the retrograde/combust Mercury will give these type of results. The systems, laws and the underlying structure within everything will be subject to misinterpretations. More illusions than reality will influence you causing internal frustration. Technical skills will be affected, you might feel like taking short-cuts. Creativity will be stifled. You might feel physically drawn to someone during this period, but this in itself will not be a good foundation for a new long-term relationship. Medicines may cause side-effects. Not a good time for home decoration or buying art/craft. Tact and diplomacy will not be there as imbalance and disharmony exists. If you know some confidential/secret stuff, now is not the time to tell it to anyone. Avoid manipulating others and self-centric behaviour.

Currently Jupiter and Saturn both in transit are in their own houses, so are capable of powerful results. Saturn is beneficial for birth Moon Pisces, Scorpio, Leo till he remains in Capricorn so will help them in several ways. Jupiter in Sagittarius is hemmed by malefics, Saturn and Ketu so is a bit hampered, but still will be of some help. Saturn is aspecting Mercury during this period (23rd Sep to 27th Nov), so lack of confidence while speaking, scattered thoughts, stammering etc will be seen. The act of ‘communication’ will require more effort. You might not want to talk to anyone. Or shut yourself down in personal isolation. Not go out of the house or shut out your loved ones. Saturn is aspecting the retrograde Mars too in this period, adding more negativity to any actions you might take. The power of Passion to Live is retrograde to begin with and also constricted by the nature of Saturn. Getting out of negativity can get difficult. So if you start feeling that it would be good to cut yourself from everything, do reconsider.

Overall this Mercury retrograde/ combust period will be reasonably good for the birth Moon signs Pisces, Leo and Scorpio. The birth Moon signs Aries, Libra, Taurus, Virgo and Gemini need to take care. There might be physical exhaustion and mental stress type of things. The rest of the Birth Moon signs will have an average time. The three Nakshatra, Asleysha, Jeyshtha and Revati are also linked to Mercury’s energies so if your birth Moon is in these you must take adequate care.

Systems, houses, signs, the math

In a horoscope there are 12 houses and there are 12 signs. But there are different ways of fitting the houses over the signs, different math and different systems of astrology. The main system in Vedic Jyotish is the Parashari system by Rishi Parashar. The entire text of the Bruhat Parashar Hora Shastra is available, it is detailed, mathematical and gives answers. It is the fundamental system of Jyotish. Others have modified Parashari as per their own concepts creating systems like Jaimini and KP.

For beginners it is best to learn Parashari first. 

Now to draw the horoscope. Ideally the Shripati system is used to calculate the houses. It is an unequal house system. Currently no one uses it much as there is no reliable software for this and calculating by hand for every chart is tedious. Here the ascendant degree will be at the exact center of the 1st house. And simultaneously the descendant degree at the exact center of the 7th house. The zenith will be the exact center of the 10th house and the nadir at the exact center of the 4th house. Houses as per Shripati can be exactly 30deg or lesser or more than 30deg in extent. All the house/ bhava in a horoscope will be exactly 30deg in width only if the birth was on a day when the day and night duration was exactly 12hrs at that time/ place. In all other cases, the houses will always be greater or lesser than 30deg in width and you will have varying widths for various houses in a single chart, unequal houses. So doing its calculations requires a good understanding of math. (If you are good at math then read ‘Sripati paddhati’ by V.S.Shastri. )

But to make all this simpler for students, 

  • If the birth location is within the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, use the Equal houses system with Bhav-chalit. Here each of the 12 houses will be 30deg in width. It is simple to understand and will give sufficiently accurate results.
  • If the birth place is beyond the tropics then professional Vedic astrologers will apply the Shripati system in toto. But for students, use the same Equal house system with Bhav-chalit as an approximation. This will still give reasonably accurate answers. 

So we will always use Equal house system with Bhav-chalit in Parashari.

  • Here each house will be 30 deg in width. Equal houses.
  • The ascendant degree will be at the exact center of the 1st house. Here is where we will use Bhav-chalit.

How to do the Bhav-chalit shifting.

1. If your birth rising degree is exactly 15 deg then you do not have to do any shifting. Use the horoscope provided by the software. The rising degree is already at the center of the 1st house. The house and the sign will exactly overlap. ie if your rising degree is 15deg Scorpio, then the 1st house will be exactly the same as the sign Scorpio. The second house will be exactly the same as the Sagittarius sign and so on.

2. If your rising degree is between 0 to 14 deg then you have to do a correction for shifting the planets. Suppose the rising is at 5deg Scorpio. So add and subtract 15deg to this to get your 1st house. The rising degree has to be at the center of the 1st house.

  • The 1st house will be from 20deg Libra to 20deg Scorpio. The rising degree Scorpio 5deg is the exact mid-point of the 1st house. The sign and the house do not overlap as the house is partly in Libra and partly in Scorpio signs. In this if eg Saturn is in 25deg Libra then this Saturn will be in the sign Libra but shift to the 1st house. So Saturn’s results have to be interpreted as per Libra sign in the 1st house
  • The second house will be from 20deg Scorpio to 20deg Sagittarius. If Mercury is in 29deg Scorpio then he will be considered to have shifted into the 2nd house of the horoscope. His result will be as per Mercury in Scorpio sign in 2nd house
  • Ie any planet beyond 20deg in a sign will shift into the next following house.

3. If the rising degree is between 16-30 deg you have to apply the shift here too. Suppose the rising degree is at 25deg Gemini. Add and subtract 15deg to get the degree extent of the 1st house.

  • So here the 1st house will extend from 10deg Gemini to 10deg Cancer. The rising 25deg Gemini will be the exact center of the 1st house. If you have eg Jupiter at 4deg Cancer then he will be considered to be in the 1st house. Jupiter’s results will be as per Cancer sign in 1st house.
  • The 2nd house will be from 10deg Cancer to 10deg Leo. And eg if you have Venus in 6deg Gemini then this Venus shift to the 12th house for this chart, but his sign remains Gemini. Venus’s results will be as per Gemini sign in 12th house.
  • Ie any planet who is placed till 10deg of any sign will shift backwards into the earlier house.

In Equal house with bhav-chalit,

  • the extent of each house is 30deg.
  • The ascendant degree is at the centre of the 1st house.
  • The planets can shift their houses but will never change their signs.

This was how to shift the planets with the Bhav-chalit concept.

You have to remember one more thing. In the case (2) and (3) above, where the rising degree is not at the very center of the sign, each house in the horoscope contains two signs. So interpreting the chart requires some practice. Especially if the rising degree is at the very edge of the sign. 

If the birth rising sign is at the very edge, eg it is at 1deg Libra. Then the 1st house will be from 16deg Virgo to 16deg Libra. ie it will be composed of the 16-30deg Virgo section and 0-16deg Libra section. The 1st house is practically 45% Virgo and 55% Libra. Similarly for the rest of the houses, each house will carry influences of both the signs which compose it. Here in this example this persons facial features will be a mix of Virgo and Libra. The way he talks, his family life will be a mix of Libra and Scorpio, this is the 2nd house and so on. So be careful while interpreting such charts.

In fact with such charts your software will not give accurate readings if it does not take the bhav-chalit into account. You may also be required to do some calculations by hand. eg when planets shift houses you have to calculate the Ashtakvarga by hand in case your software does not consider the shifted positions of the planets.

With the advent of software, astrology students have stopped learning the math. I would advise you to at least draw your own horoscope, the 10 divisional charts and the Ashtakvarga table by hand. This exercise will be very helpful in understanding the basic concepts. Jyotish is math+intuition fuelled by your spiritual practice.

There are two variations to the original Parashari system which are popularly used by astrologers.

1.Jaimini system is an important system but it is a bit cryptic. There are texts missing or partially understood. You can learn it if you wish to. The house/ bhavas are calculated the same as original Parashari. Ie you will use Equal house system with Bhav-chalit.

2. Krishnamurthi paddhati/ KP system is a system developed in the past century. He uses the Placidus system for setting up the horoscope. Here the concept is that the first house starts with the rising degree. Ie if your ascendant degree is 20deg Aries then your first house will begin with 20deg Aries and will extend till 20deg Taurus. If you are following KP system, you have to compulsorily use Placidus as KP does not use the bhava/ house concept but uses a novel star lord and sub-lord etc concept. KP is an accurate system but is different from the original Parashari.

You cannot use Placidus with Parashari or Jaimini, if you do, the readings will be inaccurate.

For students and the casual enthusiasts this debate on which maths or system to use can be confusing. I had got a question on this so this post is the simplest practical answer. (I have not discussed 3D geometry or astronomy as it would create more confusion).

So to begin with, learn Parashari with the Equal house system and Bhav-chalit. Later when you get more confident of the math/ concepts you can learn Jaimini or KP or try out your own theories on your study samples.

Remedies for combust planets

Money, wealth and prosperity

The Devi of wealth is Devi Laxmi the wife of Shri Vishnu. They are the kinetic and potential energies of the Satva gun. All wealth in this universe is granted by Her and is linked to Her. And what is wealth? Physical wealth, emotional wealth and spiritual wealth together is wealth.

The horoscope generated with the ascendant degree as the 1st house will give you an indication of physical wealth. Similarly emotional wealth should be seen from the chart generated by considering the birth Moon as the 1st house. And for spiritual wealth, consider the birth Sun sign as the 1st house. I have written a few posts on wealth earlier. I would consider someone wealthy if he lives a reasonably good life, ie has enough money to live well without excessively exerting himself, and is emotionally and spiritually elevated.

psychologicallyastrology. com

Wealth is a very tricky thing. Devi Laxmi is also called Chanchala चञ्चला and Chapala चपला. These words indicate the inconsistent and tricky nature of wealth. Nimble, moveable, flickering, unsteady, lightning, wind, quick, changeable etc. You might see some houses where the physical wealth remains for a generation and then suddenly disappears. One person earns wealth but his family cannot use it. The children do not inherit the wealth, it gets stolen. Or just one person in the family enjoys the wealth but his wife/ children remain in poverty. The person creates wealth but his children indulge in bad behaviour and the lineage dies out. Someone works hard throughout his lifetime yet remains poor. Someone gets lucky in a lottery ticket and gets rich overnight. It all seems to be quite random.

Essentially you get wealth not by your physical work but by the power of Devi Laxmi who creates Nidhi. Nidhi means accumulation of wealth. And remember wealth is all three, physical, emotional and spiritual. Nidhi can be Satvik, Rajasik or Tamasik and their blends, depending on the source from where you get it. Nidhi includes money, lands, emotional feelings, mantra, pujas etc anything that you ‘accumulate’. One should strive for a purely Satvik Nidhi which remains in the family for several generations and also gives emotional happiness with spiritual progress. Only purely Satvik Nidhi is auspicious, the other types of Nidhi ultimately give pain.

Satvik Nidhi means that there is stable income which increases as per requirement. All family members, wife/ husband, children, siblings, grandparents, etc enjoy this wealth. Everyone is happy, healthy, satisfied, the children study well, there is peace in the family. A portion of this Nidhi is also given to temples or used in public service, eg building water tanks etc. The family members grow spiritually. This Nidhi comes only as a result of Sadhana and it comes automatically. I have mentioned in an earlier post that Shri Sukta is the source of all prosperity. If any of you are doing its puja, by now you must have noticed its results.

Every Nidhi has a yaksha/ yakshini associated with it. Depending on the type of Nidhi in your household, you will also have its associated Yaksha residing with you. All the gold in this world belongs to Yaksh-raaj Kuber, he ‘loans’ it to you and me. And if someone has a significant amount of gold, you can always sense the energy of its accompanying Yaksha in his house. Also conversely if you can sense the Yaksha you can also determine the quality of the Nidhi in the house, ie if it is purely Satvik, Rajasik, Tamasik or mixed.

psychologicallyastrology. com

What Nidhi is residing in your house? Analyse the events occurring in your family. The kind of children being born in your family. The ‘atmosphere’ in your family. The health status of your family members, the interactions. Can you do your pujas easily or not? Also the things you spend money on. If you spend money on the reasonable needs of living your life and on pujas, temples, pilgrimages etc then your wealth is Satvik. But if you spend your money on unnecessary items, addictions, meat, alcohol, gambling, bar dancers, drugs etc, then obviously it is a mixture of the Rajasik and Tamasik Nidhi-s.

The source of your money is important. Sometimes you get money from inauspicious sources. Some of you might find this a bit difficult to believe that if the organization you are working in engages in illegal or immoral activities or if your top boss is an Adharmic person then the salary you get is not Satvik. It will cause problems with no solutions in sight. You will see such examples around you. eg If someone earns enough money yet his life is a mess then his money will 100% be from an Adharmic source. The solution here would be to reject this source and find a Dharmik/ Satvik one. Most of us do not even think much on these lines nor can we reject money. If the source of wealth is Adharmic, there will never be real peace of mind or happiness and the person will not be able to perform Satvik activities like pujas, go for pilgrimages etc. Rajasik and Tamsik Nidhi is in full swing in these modern times.

Try this small experiment if you wish. During this coming Ashwin Nav-ratri, do this small vrat. Intend that you will recite the Shri-Sukta twice a day, after the morning bath and at sunset. And not consume tamasik food items. See if can do this simple thing for just 10 days. Note what thoughts come in your mind after 2-3 days of this. Do you feel happy about your vrat? Do you look forward to every daily recitation with happiness? Or do you feel this to be an impossible thing to continue for 10days? What effect does this simple vrat have on your mind? This will give an indication to the type of Nidhi residing in your house.

Some people claim to do pujas which give instant wealth. And there are pujas where if you please the Yaksha-s they will grant you wealth. But this physical wealth will eventually run out and also give emotional/ spiritual torment. Some pujas bring in wealth of the Rajasic kind. A definite way of identifying Nidhi is that Rajasik Nidhi will increase the ego of the person who holds it. People suddenly puff up with self-importance, wear flashy stuff, buy expensive items as a result of the Rajas dominating over them. And there are ways which will bring in Tamasik Nidhi, here the person’s intellect, ie his ability to differentiate between Dharma/ Adharma is affected. You will find such people indulging in base desires, behaving in morally abhorrent ways and there will be a sense of ‘dullness’ around them. Rajasik and Tamasik wealth eventually create a vicious cycle from which escape is rather difficult.

I felt like writing on Nidhi because of this comment I received. “I am glad I discovered your site while browsing in Google for an astrology article. Your site is a source of abundant treasure. I am thrilled to see it all available for free. I feel blessed to be one of the beneficiary of the truth you have brought to light; mikka nandri nandri (Thanks).”

This was the first time someone commented that it was for ‘free’. It surprised me. Nothing is free in life. I write this blog, spend my time and energy on it. I have a very busy schedule, (I have a family, a full-time high paying job and I need time for my personal pujas) yet I write. I write what I have experienced or know to be correct from my perspective. I pay WordPress so that my readers don’t have to see irritating adverts. I have never charged for readings. Jyotish is a Vidya, it is priceless. Putting a charge on a Vidya causes karmic repercussions.

(My Dad is an engineer, a professional, he worked in high positions. From his teens till his late 40-s, he saw several charts daily, never charged anything. He helped people till our Guru ordered him to stop seeing Jyotish. My Mom was a well-known lawyer, worked in a huge corporation as its Legal Adviser. Yet she gave advice to poor people every day of her life and never charged anything from them.)

Now you, dear reader, who have chanced on my blog, reading the 7 lakh+ words I have written, do you think you are here by chance? You are here because it was your karma to read it as it was mine to write it. It is my experience over several life-times. And you are spending your time and energy reading it, absorbing it. Why? This blog is a purely Satvik Nidhi, essentially my Sat-Guru’s blessings. It is not for free. If you are here, you are here for a reason. What could this reason be? ask yourself.

Ishtha and Kastha phala in horoscope analysis

If you open your software at the detailed Shadbala calculation, you will see in the last line, Ishtha phala and Kashtha phala calculation values. The highest value is 60, lowest being 0.

  • Ishta means favourable or auspicious.
  • Kashta is trouble or hardship.

This is the final summary of the Shad-bala calculation and gives in one single value if a planet is going to be auspicious or inauspicious in his Dasha periods or in his significant transits over your chart. Rahu and Ketu being Chhya-graha, astral forces, are not considered while calculating the Shad-bala or the Ishta/ Kasta values.

This the sample chart I use, Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. I prefer using dead people’s charts for analysis.if you use a living person’s chart as an example chart, the act of dissecting the horoscope interferes with his life. 

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

shad bala chart

The last two lines are the values we are interested in. Ishta values of over 40 give good and auspicious results. Between 20-40 are average results. Ishtha values below 20 indicate struggles.

  • The Moon, Mars and Mercury, have Ishta values over 40 points, thus they will give very good and auspicious results in the matters connected to them and in the time periods dominated by them.
  • Similarly the Kashta value for Sun, Jupiter and Venus are above 40 points so things connected to these planets will not give auspicious results and in fact give hardships.
  • Saturn has values between 20-40 so will give average results.

Crowley’s life is well documented so you can easily see that these results match what is known about his life.

The Darshan Sashtra in Sanatan Dharma

A bit of math. The Ishta value is calculated using the Uccha Bala and the Chestha Bala, ie the exaltation strength and the motional strength of the planet are multiplied and the square root if this value is the Ishta Bala.

So logically greater the Chestha Bala, greater will be the ability of the planet to give auspicious results. Chestha Bala is highest for a planet when he is stationary or retrograde or conjunct the full Moon. A planet is retrograde when he is farthest away from the Sun. Also the Moon is full when he is placed 180deg away from the Sun. So in short, a planet gains maximum power when he is farthest away from the Sun and has slowed down compared to his average speed. This is the reason why retrograde and stationary planets in the chart should be analysed carefully as they have gained more influence over you.

Also nearer the planet to his exact degree of exaltation, greater is his auspicious power.

You can see this math reflected easily in our example.

  • Moon is farthest from the Sun and approaching Taurus
  • Mars is far off from the Sun and exalted
  • Mercury is far off from the Sun too (24deg away) and close to his degree of exaltation in Virgo
  • Jupiter is near the Sun and far from his point of exaltation in Cancer
  • Venus is near the Sun and very near his point of debilitation in Virgo
  • Sun is nearing his point of debilitation in Libra
  • Saturn is mid-way towards his point of exaltation and far from the Sun.

So overall, if a planet is stationary on his point of exaltation and farthest from the Sun simultaneously, he will have the greatest Ishta phala value. A high Ishta value planet will give his results easily and without much effort from your side. You will enjoy what he offers to you during the dasha time periods he controls and his keywords will be auspicious for you in life. 

If a planet is deeply combust, in Atichara speed and near his point of debilitation simultaneously, he will have the lowest Ishta phala value and the highest Kashta value. His results will be linked to hardships. This does not mean that he will deny the result. The actual event will depend on the specific combinations in the chart. But a low Ishta/ high Kastha value means that there will be several problems in the process. Eg suppose your 5th house lord has a high Kashta value, this does not mean that you will be denied education or denied children etc. It means that you will face several struggles in these aspects of life and you will not get genuine satisfaction with these things.

Functional benefics and Yogkarak planets if with higher Ishta values ease out several aspects of your life. But if these have high Kashta values then obviously your life will have a lot of turmoil as auspicious things will not happen easily, and even if they occur, the benefit you derive from them will be lowered.

Functional malefics with high Ishta values can actually help you in a roundabout manner. You might face stressful events as per their indications in your chart, but you will ultimately gain in some way or the other from them. But functional malefics with high Kastha values become dangerous, can cause serious problems and should be carefully analysed.

Often there is question that why despite Raj-Yog, Dhan-Yog etc types of auspicious planetary combinations in the horoscope, the person’s life remains mediocre? The answer to this is also linked to the Ishta / Kashta values. A Raj-yog with a planet having a high Ishta value will give more auspicious, enjoyable, better results and more easily, effortlessly. If the Raj-Yog forming planet has a high Kashta value, then he will be unable to give the results, or will give lowered results after a period of struggle.

Jyotish requires a good ability to do maths coupled with intuition, blessings from your favourite deity and practice. In this post I have started with the Shad-bala and in the next few posts will write on the strengths of the planets and using the numbers in a practical manner. (There is a book by BV Raman, Graha and Bhava bala in case you wish to delve into the math part.)


Rahu Ketu in numerology

Someone asked me a question on using numerology and Rahu Ketu’s role in it. Thus this generic post.

In my opinion, numerology is a good way to rapidly assess the individual in sitting in front of you. If you know just his birthday, eg just 25th Sept, even this much is enough to gain a reasonable insight into his personality. And learning about the 9 numbers, their characteristics and planetary associations is a bit easier than learning full-fledged Jyotish. So if you are a beginner, do read up on numerology and see if you can use it in your everyday life. The 9 numbers are obviously from 1 to 9. Technically 0 is not a number in the real sense (who knows what 0 really is?). The double digit numbers from 10 onwards are naturally reduced to single digits.

I have studied numerology also in my journey with Jyotish. I analyse things, test them on the people I know and then conclude. So here are the planetary associations which I have determined to be correct and I use these.

  • 1 = Sun
  • 2 = Moon
  • 3 = Jupiter
  • 4 = Rahu
  • 5 = Mercury
  • 6 = Venus
  • 7 = Ketu
  • 8 = Saturn
  • 9 = Mars

In most numerology books, you will find the numbers 4 and 7 are linked with Uranus and Neptune. However I have observed that 4 and 7 are perfectly in tune with the attributes of 4 = Rahu and 7 = Ketu. Students of astrology already know what forces are indicated by Rahu/ Ketu (I have written a lot about them in my several posts). There are no attributes for Uranus and Neptune in any authoritative reference book, they are not graha as per Jyotish (post here). The western books which are said to be authoritative have been written very recently, in the past 50yrs or so. These cannot be relied upon. Any Art or Science which observes humanity as a whole has to be replicable and valid across several generations, only then can its inferences and results be accepted.


Suppose your birthday is 23 Jan 2014. Now you can derive 2 numbers from this date. The first one would be 2 +3 =5, let’s call this 5 the birth number. The second number you can derive is 2+3+1+2+0+1+4 = 13. Then you add this together 1+3 = 4. Let’s call this 4 the total number (you can call them whatever you like as long as you remember how you derived them and what they indicate. They are called psychic, destiny, soul, etc whatever)

The birth number will indicate what you personally think, feel, want, expect, choose, desire, etc. It is your personal number, it tells a lot about you as an individual, your aspirations, fears, the things which hold you down and the stuff which propels you onwards. Your self-image. This number will be more active in the early phase of life when you are immature, young and not much concerned about the responsibility of life.

The total number is more about your public image. Your grown-up attitude towards life, the compromises you make, the maturity you develop with your life events. How life polishes your personality and makes you grow as you get older. This total number indicates your pre-determined, in-built subconscious patterns which are karmic in nature and intended to bring some learnings to you. This number becomes more dominant after you get a job or become financially independent or get married or have a child, ie when you suddenly realise that you are a grown-up with adult responsibilities. After this life-altering event you resonate more with your total number.

There is always a distinct shift from your birth number to your total number. In our example birthdate, 23 Jan 2014 the shift is from 5 to 4. In the initial phase of life, this person will be more dominated by Mercury’s characteristics as connected to the number 5. Later, as he matures, the attributes of Rahu as the number 4 will emerge more strongly. You can analyse for yourself, use your birth date to calculate your birth and total number. If you are in your 30s or older, you will be able to notice the change in your life-pattern as you ‘grew-up’. There will be two distinct phases which can be correlated with these two numbers.

In some cases you will get the birth number and the total number to be the same. Eg for birthdate 6th Dec 1995 both are 6. In this case, the person will always strongly resonate with the number 6. But after his maturity event, there will be a subtle difference in the expression of the 6, as the same number gives a slightly different result when working as the birth number and as the total number. eg for the number 6, it works better as a birth number than as a total number.

Another point of interest. A person born on 1st 10th 19th 28th will have the same birth number 1. But each of these persons will express the energy of the 1 in a different manner. ie the person born on 28th will have a subtle influence of 2 and 8 also on his birth number 1, a tip for these 28th borns is to manage their finances and budget sensibly for the future.


There is a misconception that some numbers are good and some are bad. But the reality is that all numbers have attributes which can be converted to pleasing/ unpleasant experiences. Try to understand your own number’s attributes so that you can use them proactively for your benefit.

Eg the number 8 linked to Saturn is often considered to be rather tedious. As it is linked to delays, loneliness, age, karmic requirements, imbalances in the Vaat element, misunderstandings, humourless nature, struggles in life extreme events etc. But people born with this number are capable of hard work, are serious about life, can handle almost any situation, are persistent, are strong, patient and persevere. These qualities can be harnessed intelligently. If you have a good understanding of the numbers you can use them to turn life as per your wish. Eg again for number 8. You should consciously try to do the following to gain the most of your number’s energy.  Try to make new connections and keep in touch with your acquaintances/ relatives. Get out more and try to be cheerful. Try something new once in a while. Trust your loved ones and people close to you to some extent at least. Arguments are never-ending, so say your point and then remain silent. You will get very little help in life, so do not take on more than you can do yourself. Do not take up too many jobs just for the money angle. Eat food which will help relieve your aggravated Vaat dosh. Spiritual practice is a must, believe in a higher energy, it will help you.

If you observe your friends numbers, you will note that their numbers will be complementary to yours. Eg again for number 8, a long term relationship/ friendship with 3 5 6 numbers will be a good option.

And finally if you open your horoscope and tally your numbers with them you will find that your number will be linked to your ascendant lord or a planet who has very high shad-bala or is very prominent in some way or the other in your chart. Eg my total number belongs to my ascendant lord. My brother’s birth number and total number are the same, linked to the planet sitting powerfully in his 5th house. My husband’s total number is the planet who owns his birth Moon sign. I have seen so many such examples. You will find some connect between the numbers and the powerful planets in your horoscope.


I haven’t written anything on numerology till now because I do not use numerology in predictions. I use the numbers only for quick analysis if needed. The test of any divinatory art is its ability to give precise predictions about the past, present and the future. I have not seen a real live example yet where a numerologist predicted the past/ ongoing/ future event correctly, consistently and replicably. Eg If in transit Ketu transits over the 4th house, the results are definitely going to be separation from the mother, denial of home comforts, health issues, unnecessary travelling etc. This sort of prediction is not possible with numerology as it is taught today.

Personally if I have to find out how my current time/ day is going to be, I open the Panchangam, check out the Tithi, Vaar, Karan, Yog, and link it to my Tarabalam and the Choghadiya. Perhaps glance over the instant Kundali. This is automatic as I have been doing this for years now.

But for beginners, numerology is useful for instant analysis as you need just the date to work with. eg if you are stuck in traffic, irritated and suddenly realise that the date today is 8th or 17th or 26th you immediately calm down as the attributes of this number are delays and frustrations. Or if your boss is never willing to listen to you, and you realise that yes, his birth day is 11th Oct, so many 1’s in his date, he is going to be egoistical. Or if you go to the bank on 4th June and the accountant there takes an inordinate time over the details, then yes its the energy of the 4 at work.

So Numerology can give a quick snap-shot of the situation and should be studied.


A rare astrological event in Sept 2020

A very short post today.

A rare astrological event is coming up for two days, from tomorrow ie 10:45am on 13th Sep to 2pm on 15th Sep. The 6 graha, ie the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all be in the signs which they own themselves. Rahu and Ketu are respectively in Gemini and Sagittarius. So except Venus, all graha are in their Swa-kshetra, own houses and capable of giving good results.

But Mars though in Aries is retrograde, the ability to take advantage of the energy created is not really there. His energy is turned inwards rather than outwards. So most of us will be rather lethargic when in fact decisive action is required. But some of us will be able to take advantage of what is coming up. Especially if your Birth Mars is retrograde or exalted or placed well you can benefit more. 

If you have noticed these past few days, Mars was moving extremely slowly, practically stationary, then stationary and he started his retrograde movement on 9th Sept. So from 9th to 13th morning, the three outer planets were moving weirdly together.

  • Mars moving very very slowly retrograde.
  • Jupiter stationary, on the verge of going forward (he goes forward on 13th Sep morning.)
  • Saturn slowing down in his retrograde motion (he goes forward on 29th Sept)

The energy generated was so dense, no other word to describe it. Time, its very movement, had changed its speed.

I wonder if you note this, our sense of time is dependent on the movements of the planets. Sometimes time seems to stand still, go very fast or else crawl along or rarely seem to rewind too. This personal sense of time is dependent on the transits of the planets. People who are highly influenced by Saturn (either in birth chart or in transit) will have this maximum ‘sense’ of Time.

Scorpio and its Strange Karma

So Jupiter becomes forward tomorrow morning. And we have this unique opportunity coming up for 2.25days immediately after that. So make use of the time coming up.

Technically it is Pitru-paksh going on, the souls of the departed ancestors are back on this dimension, Martya-lok for 16days. During the Pitru-paksh period, no pujas are performed. ie you cannot get a Brahmin/ Pujari to come over for doing Nav-graha puja or Shanti-homa or anything of this sort. Pitru-paksh, is from the Purnima/full moon to the No-moon./Amavasya of the of Bhadrapad month. Only tarpan-vidhi are possible and are performed for the departed ancestors. This is their time. The energy generated is suitable only for the departed ancestors not for the deities or living people. (For me personally this is a very tedious time as all my dead ancestors, from my Mom to the others are back demanding my time as I sleep at night. Can’t wait for this window to shut on the No-Moon/Sarva-pitri Amavasya.)

So you can do any of these following as a personal practice in your own house, sitting in front of your household deities/puja ghar. eg Recite the Gayatri mantra 108 times, do your Dhyan using your personal Dhyan mantra (Soham or Hamsa or OM), recite the mantra, shloka, stotra of the planets, deities you like etc. If you cannot do anything at all, then mentally recite the Soham or Hamsa or Om with your breath whenever you can. Use the energy of the coming time to strengthen your own self in any way you can. If you strengthen yourself on the spiritual front you gain the energy to drive your material outer world too. The source of all energy within is reflected in the without.

Then on 23rd Sep, Ketu finally enters Scorpio leaving Jupiter alone in Sagittarius. Jupiter will be here till 20th Nov after which he goes into Capricorn and gets debilitated again. And Saturn will be turn forward from 29th Sept. This is the real window of opportunity about 1.5 mths where Jupiter and Saturn both are capable of giving powerful results. One thing to remember is that Mars will be retrograde till 14th Nov, so most of us will feel the lethargy and not act with confidence to grasp what will be offered. The energy release will be so high that whatever you have lost in this rather traumatic Ketu in Sagittarius transit, will be converted to auspicious benefits. So try to remain aware and act this period. You can trigger positive changes for yourself which will give significant gains after Dec 2020.

Plan your day using the Choghadiya

(I have written posts on all these astrological events I have mentioned above, do use the index page to locate them if you wish to read)

Rahu Ketu transit in Taurus Scorpio 2020-22

Rahu and Ketu transit through the signs at every 1yr 6mth intervals. They are permanently retrograde so will shift from Gemini – Sagittarius and enter Taurus – Scorpio respectively on 23rd Sep 2020. They will remain here till 12th Apr 2022. (These dates are from the Drik panchang app.)

While these two were in Gemini-Sagittarius, they wrecked havoc in the world, culminating with the COVID 19 crisis (post here). Now they are onward or rather backward with Taurus-Rahu and Scorpio-Ketu. Their perpetual retrograde motion means that they teach life lessons very thoroughly, revise, redo, reanalyse, repeat them again and again.  I have written on transits of Rahu/Ketu earlier (post here).

First try to remember what had happened in your life during their previous transit during Feb 2002- Sep 2003. Expect something on the same lines to happen again though their mode of operation will be slightly different.

If you remember the global events 18yrs ago. There was economic collapse coupled with joblessness, financial turmoil, industrial stagnation, bankruptcy of several big companies. Volcanic eruptions, wildfires, oil spills, earthquakes and tornadoes. The European Union expanded. Then expansion of NATO, invasion of Iraq etc. ENRON officers were indicted, euthanasia was approved etc. Terrorist attacks, hostage situations, communal riots. Human Genome project was successful. Columbia space shuttle disaster. China’s successful manned space flight. A happening time back with a mixed bag of events which had a lasting impact on the world mind. Economy, resources, technology, catastrophes, secrets etc were the keywords typical of Mars, Venus, Rahu and Ketu interactions.

Rahu Ketu transit in Taurus Scorpio 2020-22

Rahu’s transit in Taurus, will cover the lunar mansions, Mruga, Rohini and Krutika. The 2nd sign of the natural zodiac, Taurus is ruled by Venus. 

  • Rahu and Ketu are quite powerful in these two signs, practically exalted (post here). Whatever will happen to you during this period from Sept 2020 to Mar 2022 will be intense and will leave a lasting impression.
  • During this transit, Rahu in Taurus will be aspected by the debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn for some months, but this aspect does not help much as a powerful Saturn himself is occupying his own sign Capricorn. So expect Rahu to get busy in Taurus without effective supervision.
  • Taurus is an earthy sign, it is a trader, indicates the accumulated resources, stored wealth, good times with close family /friends, etc. Rahu in this sign ordinarily can bring in stability and an increase in things indicated by Taurus. For several of us, depending on the individual charts, this will bring stability, prosperity, marriage and increase.
  • But Rahu is the trickster so in the sign of stored resources, he needs to be controlled carefully. His illusions and overreach have to be understood. If you get carried away and act rashly under his influence, you can lose your money. You might be tempted to over-spend, invest in risky ventures, buy unnecessary luxury items, etc. So budgeting is necessary. Spend carefully and invest in safe projects. Do not cheat others and remain alert so that you don’t get cheated yourself. Avoid giving loans and taking loans unless the contract terms are clear.
  • You might feel more creative and versatile. If your job involves, banking, art, food, speaking, etc you will get opportunities to showcase yourself. 
  • Do not lie or use bad language as Rahu in the house of speech can make you go overboard with swear words etc. Better use this time to learn a new foreign language instead. Or learn to sing? The secret with remedies is to understand the energies and using them for your benefit.
  • Addictions like alcohol, drugs, even eating overly sweet stuff are quite possible. So keep control over the food you eat. Eat a sensible balanced diet and avoid intoxicants as you might fall ill later. Obesity, diabetes etc generally are a side-effect of this position.
  • Diseases to the organs indicated by Taurus are possible, ie the neck, shoulders, ears, throat, voice etc will be susceptible.
  • Families can get ‘unusual’. Relationships across religions, nations and ethnicities will find more acceptance initially. Later toward the end of the transit, these situations might end in negativity. So if you plan to get married in these few months, be very clear and not carried away by wishful thinking. You might face criticism by your family members.
  • Children who will be born during next 18 months might be short-tempered, unnecessarily emotional and might not be able to forge lasting relationships in their family/ friend circles.
  • On the global level, this Rahu will affect the economy in several ways. Financial crimes will increase as people take risks with their stored savings. Expect cyber-attacks on financial institutions, eg viruses which affect their systems. Both private and public wealth resources will seem to increase first but will later diminish. Governments will have to spend to save their economy which will conversely hit their treasuries. Unproductive spending will increase. Speculation will increase till the bubble bursts. The trick is to be aware and not take rash steps or believe in things ‘too good to be true’.

One good thing is that as Rahu/Ketu shift backwards, Jupiter will be occupying his own Sagittarius in forward motion. Saturn too will become forward in his own Capricorn. This will give a burst of energy in everyone’s life till about the end of Nov. So use this time, as Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu all are very powerful. You might get unexpected opportunities to really jump upwards spectacularly. This will be a crucial time for many of us.

Snakes and the Nakshatra yoni animals

Now Scorpio ruled by Mars is Ketu’s favoured environment, but it can get dangerous. The agent of separation in the house of catastrophic changes. Here the Nakshatra involved are Jeyshtha, Anuradha and Vishakha.

  • Ketu is very comfortable in Scorpio because its keywords, the occult, separation, death, inner worlds, secrets, nadi-pran networks, the psychological, mystery, research, exploration, loneliness, depth, complexity, trauma and revenge are suitable to his fiery dissociative nature.
  • Ketu in Scorpio is exceptional for people who are into these typical aspects of life. So if you are a surgeon, researcher, a student of pure science, theoretical scientist, working in a lab with viruses, into the occult, a spiritual aspirant, tantrik, explorer, someone who resolves conflicts, psychologist, spy, soldier etc then you will be offered opportunities to advance. Ketu’s rare incisive intelligence will help you find hidden meanings, ancient secrets and help you work in trauma-filled environments.
  • This placement will generally give everyone determination to succeed in their goals. Ketu is tenacious in a disinterested, egoless way. So he gives a different type of confidence coupled with fearlessness. You work on your instinct and know that you are right.
  • 8th house represents the family of the spouse. Ketu in Scorpio can cause separation from the in-laws.
  • For most of us, past life karma will be triggered and there will be several sudden changes in the inner world. These changes will be converted to the material depending on the personal horoscope and the transiting planets who will be aspecting/ conjunct this Ketu in Scorpio. (Saturn and Jupiter are not aspecting Ketu this time, but Mars Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon will from time to time.)
  • For children being born with Ketu in Scorpio, these typical keywords will be reflected in their natures. They will have a mysterious complex nature, often loners and into secret stuff. They will be able to hide their real natures and can be deceptive. If you have children during this period, give them some spiritual foundation else life can get difficult for them.


For analysing Rahu/ Ketu,  the effects of the other planets conjunct or aspecting in transit must be evaluated as they gain power by association and trigger effects linked to those planets other too. Events linked to them are characterised by suddenness and unpredictability. Eg you might meet someone randomly who causes deep change in your life. Or some unexpected incident changes you forever. Keep an eye on the other planets who will periodically aspect them in transit. Rahu and Ketu do not directly give material stuff but trigger events from the astral, the sub-conscious, the psychological and the unseen parts of yourself. 

Rahu will be aspected from Capricorn by a debilitated Jupiter who is conjunct a powerful Saturn. So moral wrongs are possible which will have some sort of a karmic link. Things which go against the conscience will happen in personal life as well at global levels. 

Look out when Mars will aspect Ketu-Scorpio in transit. It will cause increased crime rates, threats, sudden deaths, violence, simmering situations which can explode spectacularly, suicides, civil riots, war-like situations, communal violence, suicide bombing, volcanoes, earthquakes etc. Mars in Aries, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio will influence Ketu for the worse. (Retrograde Mars in Aries, post here). Also look out for when Mars will influence Rahu. This would cause similar violence. Mars will be influencing Rahu and Ketu both during Jan-Apr 2021 (Mars in Taurus) and Dec 2021-Jan 2022 (Mars in Scorpio), so these will be the most sensitive times. This will be reflected in personal lives as increased aggression, arguments, physical violence, road rage etc. Children born during these times can become radicals, terrorists and inclined towards violence.

While evaluating results on the global levels, remember that we had two energy-heavy total solar eclipses 26th Dec 2019 and 21st Jun 2020. So the nations which witnessed these eclipses will face a crunch in resources, recession, their global level image will go down, they will lose any conflicts that they get into, internal rebellion and unrest is also possible. Food and water supplies will be impacted. The negative readings of this Taurus-Scorpio transit will be felt more intensely by them. 

Among the signs, Virgo and Pisces will benefit from the Rahu-Ketu in Taurus-Scorpio. Especially so if you have these as your birth Moon sign. This will be seen as support from your dead ancestors or living elders, your peers in society, the past lives auspicious benefits will help, your Sat-guru or internal life philosophy will be with you in mysterious ways. This internal back-up will be translated into material results as per your individual charts planets influence on Rahu/Ketu. Capricorn, Cancer, Leo and Aquarius should have a reasonably good time. Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, Aries have a mix of good and bad results, overall average. Obviously Taurus and Scorpio birth Moon signs will be the most affected signs. 

Now about the Corona COVID 19 crisis. I had predicted in my post on ‘Rahu-Ketu in Gemini-Sagittarius’ that there were be “Increase diseases related chest, heart and lungs. Also incurable and strange diseases will increase. Faulty diagnosis will increase and inappropriate medication given.” This is now the past. In the future upcoming transit, Ketu in Scorpio specifically, will help the necessary research for vaccines, medicines, etc needed to successfully combat the virus. Things will improve on global health front. However one should be careful while the upcoming Mars retrograde is on. The economic impacts of the lockdowns will continue till Rahu remains in Taurus. (Only when Saturn shifts to Aquarius, will the financial situation stabilise.)


You have to analyse your own horoscope, so you can use the Ashtapadmadala chart, the Janma-navtara chart, the Ashtakvarga chart etc as per your level of study. In addition, try to think of the following and how it will affect you on the individual levels.

  • In your birth chart, locate where Rahu is placed, the house/ sign/ planets linked to him. The keywords connected to these are the desires you wish to experience in this life. Then Ketu’s location will similarly indicate your deepest disinterest and simultaneously your instinct and deepest learnings. First try to know what they mean in your chart.
  • If your birth chart has a complete or a partial kaal sarpa combination, then the effects of Rahu/ Ketu are intensified. 
  • If Rahu/Ketu are conjunct several planets in your chart then naturally their effects are going to be more evident.
  • Check out which Mahadasha/Main period and antardasha/sub-period you are undergoing as per the Vimshottari system. This will give the general background of your life at the moment. If you are undergoing periods of Ketu or Rahu then be careful.
  • Which houses in your chart will Rahu/ Ketu occupying during their transit now? i.e Where are Taurus and Scorpio in your birth chart? This will tell you which karma you are going to be pulled towards/ Rahu, and which aspects of life you are going to be separated from/ Ketu. (Refer this post.)
  • If your age is the multiples of 18 yrs, this is Rahu/ Ketu return as they will occupy the same position as your birth chart. Extremely karmic events will unfold while they are doing their ‘return’.
  • The other planets will also transit over Rahu/Ketu for shorter periods modifying their results accordingly.

I have written several posts on Rahu/Ketu, their nature and real nature also on remedies, Mantra, Homa, donating stuff, etc (do use the index page to locate these posts). The easiest remedy is a 1/3/108 repeat of the beej mantras of Rahu/ Ketu on Tuesdays/Saturdays to help balance out their energies. And the best one is to understand how their energies work and use them intelligently to benefit.


Transit results of Mars

Mars is the most important force in your life, he is Life and Death both. In his positive mood he is the energy of passion, heat, action, adventure, impulse, competition, pioneering spirit, warrior-spirit, sexual passion, etc. If Mars is afflicted or expressing his negative side then this will warp into rage, jealousy, fights, arguments, physical violence, war, abuse, etc. He is a cruel force, kroor-graha, a natural malefic. In your birth chart and also in transit, he brings about changes linked with force and action.

To analyse the changes caused by planets in transit, we have two options,

  1. We can count the position of the transiting Mars from the ascendant sign to get the effects on the actual physical environment and the body. Eg if your ascendant is Libra, then the current Mars in Aries will be counted 7th for you.
  2. But more important is the position of the transiting Mars from the birth Moon. The Moon is your astral self, your perceptions, your mind. Ultimately the mind is more important than the body. The Moon is also indicative of cyclic changes. So for changes caused by transiting planets, always check the position of this current planet from your birth Moon. Eg if your birth Moon is Pisces,  the current Mars in Aries is transiting your 2nd house.

Mars is malefic by nature so will give pleasing results only when he transits your 3rd 6th or 11th houses, ie the upchaya houses. In all the other houses in transit, he gives unpleasant confrontations and creates situations. Here is a brief on how Mars behaves in transit in your life. Remember that his results are caused by an excessive burst of energy, so if you can proactively engage with this energy and divert it intelligently you can actually benefit in some way. If not then he will bring fire into your life. Any action caused by Mars’s energy will affects your health, emotions and quality of life because he is the natural owner of the 1st and 8th signs of the zodiac. ie he is subtly in-charge of your physical body’s structure, physical environment, Nadi and Pran Chakra network and controls all catastrophic changes including death.

transits of mars

And most important, do not feel discouraged reading the negative stuff. Mars is action, he will bring changes, the God of War, so all this fire is expected from him. But if your birth chart is powerful enough then each of these adversarial situations can be turned around and used as a stepping stone to higher and better things. So do check out the power of your ascendant sign, the ascendant lord, birth Moon before you analyse anything else.

Mars in transit in the 1st house causes damage in all ways. There is excessive ‘heat’ in you and your environment which will manifest itself in several ways. There might be physical danger, eg diseases, rashes, ulcers, boils, eye-strain, accidents, wounds, imprisonment, poison, fire etc. negative emotions like anger, enmity, jealousy etc can happen with others, esp spouse and business partners. Overwork in office/home. Psychological and emotional damage is possible as a result of these physical events with a concurrent loss in finances and infamy. And I have observed that hauntings, troubles from spirits is very much possible during this Mars transit. Adequate precautions should be taken in all ways during this transit.

Mars in transit in the 2nd house will primarily affect your relationship with your close family. Your comforts, luxuries and resources will shrink. You might get robbed or some close family member will betray your trust. Do not make new friends or trust others excessively. Try to get adequate rest and eat a balanced diet during this period. Keep your personal accounts in shape and budget. You might get accused for things you did not do and this will give you mental stress. Your speech too will be harsh and you might pick up arguments and quarrels with others. Diseases of the face, throat and eyes are possible during this period and you might feel dull.

When Mars passes through the 3rd house, he is beneficial as he gives courage, options and the boldness to choose correctly. You can take calculated risks during this period and you will gain. Overall this transit will keep you happy in body and mind both as you enjoy life. You can start learning new skills and whatever you learn during this period will give yo gains. Eg, stock market tips will give you windfalls. Your extended family, brothers, sisters etc will be a source of happiness to you in some way or the other. (Right now Mars in transiting Aries and retrograde in Pisces and again Aries. People with their birth Moon in Aquarius or Capricorn can benefit, just that the benefits will be visible after Dec 2020)

When Mars transits through the 4th house he again causes trouble. There is overheating in your residence, vehicles, nutrition, comforts etc. So during his stay here, he will give health issues again, arguments in the house, theft, disagreeable guests in the house, issues with the mother, mother may fall ill, there is no peace in your residence, issues with landed property,  accidents to the vehicles, you might eat unhealthy food and fall ill. Unnecessary travelling and getting tired. Mind is restless, nightmares when you rest. Eg if you do agriculture, plant crops which need heat/millets not water/sugarcane. Or do Homa/Yadnya in your house etc. (Mars is debilitated in Cancer, the natural 4th house of the zodiac so Mars transiting the 4th house carries some of this flavour too.)


Mars transiting through the 5th house affects the children and your joy from them. They might fall ill or get into trouble. If you are expecting a child, do take care as this can sometimes cause miscarriage. If you are a teacher by profession, your students will be more troublesome. This transit typically causes rapid energy loss, ie you feel drained suddenly. So have a balanced diet, eat on time, else you might fall ill. Avoid speculation during this period. Luck is not in your side. The mind is restless and cannot focus. Do not get into illegal or immoral acts under the influence of others. Do not get into get-rich-quick schemes. Keep a tight control over your desires. Also do not trust new people you meet during this period as they might be inimical to you.

Mars through the 6th house can be a remarkably good time. Enemies, debts, illnesses etc will self-destruct. This is a good time to consolidate yourself, so work hard to finish off pending works, get out of loans and finish any pending service requirements. Even if things pop up, you will have sufficient energy to burn out things inimical to you. Long pending issues, legal cases, arguments, quarrels etc will resolve. Income will increase, health will improve and there will be stability. You can get things done as others will obey you. Overall auspicious things will happen to you and your family.

Mars passing through the 7th house is a time to be very careful. This is also a marak-sthan so if the life-span has ended, this transit can cause physical death. But even otherwise it causes quarrels with the wife, children and home life is affected, their health may cause you concern. Your own health also will not be good. Falling out with business partners causes loss of money. So expect general mental stress, worry coupled with increased unnecessary work. This can be a very testing time as the 7th is the Bhavat Bhavam of the 1st house and any imbalance here drastically drains your own personal energy. Avoid quick fixes of alcohol and drugs as these can turn into an addiction.

Mars in the 8th hits the physical health. Food poisoning, small surgeries, pain, bleeding etc almost always occurs. Small fires eg in the kitchen or accidents or minor cuts are going to happen. Again your energy will be low and you will be susceptible to your enemies and esp your in-laws will cause you stress. Overall many difficulties and losses as you face obstruction in life. You might get accused for things you did not do, expenses in court cases, might have to pay fines or go to jail. In this transit, its best to remain careful and not get involved in unnecessary complications and arguments with others.

transit of mars

Mars passing through the 9th house is also a trying time as the auspicious benefits from your previous lives fail to support you. Your life philosophy will be challenged, eg if you believe in something very deeply you might be called to defend it or you lose faith in it. Eg suppose you have been doing Devi puja and your teacher/Guru now tells you to start Shri Vishnu pujas. No doubt it will help you in some way but this causes deep stress. People whom you depend on, your seniors, your teachers, your life-support systems will cause you stress in some way or the other. In this the relatives of the husband/wife will interfere, also husband/wife will be cross with you. Again unwanted travel and disturbance in daily routine and health is indicated.

Mars passing through the l0th house produces a mix of effects. He will cause conflicts as usual but if you can use his burst of power you can achieve some positivity at least. This is because Mars is exalted in Capricorn the natural 10th sign of the zodiac so he can contribute in some way to help your 10th house keywords. The problems come from the usual keywords of the 10th house, profession, social status, birth father, boss, government etc. So you might find yourself either swamped in work, the your boss gets angry,  you lose your job, salary suffers, father’s health may be affected, your society may demand work from you, the government may put some rules which affect you adversely, enemies in life may overpower you. All this physical action will naturally have its effect on your personal life, family, home, health and happiness. But if you look on this period as a challenge your hard work will get recognised at the end.

Mars transiting the 11th house gives pleasing results. Use this time well, make the most of it. You will get opportunities to showcase your abilities and exercise your authority. Others will respect you. The older siblings and children may also succeed in life. This is a good period and can be used to secure lasting gains from several sources. You can invest or speculate or start new projects in this period as you have the luck to win over in difficult circumstances. Health improves and there is happiness. You might go on pleasure tours and enjoy your travel. Marriage or birth of child or any such auspicious event is possible.

Mars transiting through the 12th house causes stress as the energy of ‘loss’ is activated by Mars’s fire. You might be humiliated, the boss will scold you, family members will dominate over you etc. There are issues with wife/husband and intimacy will be lost. You might lose money, so do not speculate, also unnecessary expenditures. Unnecessary long travels and disturbed life style. Health will be affected, esp eye-strain. Rest is lost, dreams are unpleasant, there may be hauntings and astral body suffers. You might get an injury on your foot. (Whichever body part is signified by the house/sign will get some injury during Mars’s transit.).

transit of mars

This is a generic post but you will find that the results in life will follow this same pattern in some way or the other. However you have to apply it to your individual horoscope.

So first check the power of your birth Mars, is he retrograde, combust, exalted, debilitated, Manglik? which houses does he control in your chart, where is he located, which other planet is influencing him and what is his strength to give what results. Thus you can get a more complete idea of what he is going to do. The current times will see Mars going retrograde in Aries-Pisces so is an interesting time to observe his effects. The following methods are used for transit analysis. So advanced students of astrology should try to analyse their Ashtakvarga chart or Ashtapadmadala chakra or Janma navtara chart to get a more complete understanding of Mars in action. (I have written on all these topics do use the search bar or the index page to locate them.)

For remedies there are several you can try, the easiest being lighting a sesame oil lamp on Tuesdays reciting the Mars beej mantra, ‘Om kraang kreeng krowng sah mangalaya namah’ OM. However as always, the best remedy you can do is to be aware of the energies of the planets and how they work. Thus try to adapt your behaviour so as to best integrate them into your life.

transit of mars

Mars retrograde 2020


Mars is called Kuja, as he is the son of the Earth/Pruthvi. Once Bhagwan Shiv was dancing the Tandav of destruction and a drop of his sweat fell on the Earth which was transformed into a warrior, Mars. His other name is Mangal, the auspicious. 

In the current year 2020, he is going to be retrograde for 66 days. Mars goes retrograde every 2yrs 2mths. In this, his slowed down,  stationary, retrograde, stationary, forward slow and regular forward again motion takes about 5-6months to complete. (There are 8 types of planetary movements which I have listed out in this post here.)

  • Mars has slowed down from 25th Jul in Pisces.
  • Entered Aries on 16 Aug.
  • Retrograde in Aries on 9th Sept
  • Enter Pisces on 4th Oct.
  • Forward in Pisces on 14th Nov
  • Enter Aries on 24th Dec.
  • Start moving at his regular speed from 2nd Jan 2021 in Aries.

In this about 5-6 month period he is going to be moving very slowly, first retrograde and then forward grinding into Pisces 21-30 deg and Aries 0-3deg. A retrograde planet releases tremendous amounts of energy into the sign/ nakshatra/ degree that he occupies. A planet becomes stronger when he goes retrograde. The energies are turned inwards ie not expressed outwards as they generally are. Mars is the energy of life and death. He is vitality, the will to live, confidence, boldness, aggression and competition. When Mars is retrograde, these qualities are not expressed in a healthy manner outwards but tend to move inwards and cause psychological and physical issues if imbalanced.


Here are the predictions in a nutshell.

Mars, indicates the ‘passion’ in your life. He is all about how you express yourself. Eg he will tell you how you respond to anger in others, how angry you get and how you at when you get angry. Be careful when Saturn aspects this retrograde Mars, you might express your emotions in an inappropriate manner causing problems for yourself later. There might be events where you face physical/ verbal strife, treachery, back-biting, etc. The ability to discriminate and take decisions will be affected, so expect confusions, few wrong decisions or losses. And health will be affected in some way or the other.

The general effect of this Mars retrograde will be more seen on people who have their birth Moon or ascendant sign in Aries, Scorpio (owns these), Cancer, Leo (yogkarak for these). Also Pisces will be affected when Mars actually moves into it. Those with their birth moon in Mruga, Chitra and Dhanishtha nakshatras should also take due care. If you are going through a major or sub-period of Mars as per the Vimshottari dasha you will feel the effects of this retrograde more intensely.

On a general note, expect the economic collapse to continue. Goods connected to fire and energy, like petroleum, LPG etc can increase in price. Industrial accidents, fires, explosions are possible. Communal violence or riot like situations will be seen. Several nations will see border related tensions. The global health issue will not see much relief as inappropriate medicines etc will be administered. Weather will be uncertain as monsoons will extend and the winter too will be colder than usual. This will affect agriculture and large tracts of lands will see hunger/ famine. Especially those nations which saw the June 21st solar eclipse should be careful as Nature will not be kind to them. 


If you have a Retrograde Mars at birth, you are generally unable to express your aggression, rage, dominating nature, competitive nature, sexual desires, passion, deepest emotions/ wishes etc in a healthy way, always. Instead you brood, are shy, introverted, these emotions twist and turn inwards suffocating you. You have little or no initiative in the aspects of your life controlled by Mars. So try to take active measures to work with the energy of this planet for your benefit. (Fine tune these results depending on the keywords of the sign and house occupied by Mars)

So in the current Mars retrograde, expect an internalisation of this sort to happen for everyone. The vitality that Mars represents moves inwards, making this more a time for internal work. But not everyone can introspect so there will be confusion. Retrograde Mars will unravel some things going on in your life and make you revise, redo, review his lessons in these few zodiac degrees in the coming times very thoroughly. These degrees are also the Gandant, the weak link in the zodiac, a junction between the watery-fiery signs. This particular degrees zone is also the end-beginning of the entire zodiac so this Mars retrograde is more intense and will affect everyone on some level or the other.

During this period, Saturn is retrograde (post here) in Capricorn so will aspect Mars when in Pisces (Saturn’s 3rd aspect), this is not a good aspect and it will aggravate Mars. Also Jupiter is retrograde (post here) and then forward in Sagittarius, so he will aspect Mars when he is in Aries (Jupiter’s 5th aspect). This will tone down Mars’s harshness for this brief time at least. So remember to factor in these effects on Mars when you analyse. The three outer planets are all retrograde together for some time.

In fact this year 2020, (or even the Vedic Shri Sharvari naam samvatsara) has seen all the 5 planets going retrograde and the humungous eclipses saw the true nodes, Rahu and Ketu going forward. A weird year. (Generally in a year, Mercury will be in retrogression three times. Each time this will be for 19 to 24 days. Venus goes retrograde every 1.5yrs for a few days. Mars goes retrograde every 2yrs 2mths. Jupiter retrogrades every year for around 120 days. Saturn retrogrades every year for around 140 days. When you see any planet placed 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th from the Sun in your chart, they will be in the retrograde mode. The true nodes go in the forward motion around eclipses.)



Mars is about expressing yourself, more on the physical levels. Your hidden potential is brought out by the heat of Mars. And when something new sprouts, there is always some resistance. But Mars loves challenges and helps break your limits and reach into new stuff, so though there may be some trouble it is ultimately for your own growth. So try to work with Mars’s transits in this spirit.

In general, Mars in transit gives unpleasant results when he transits over your birth Moon sign and the signs 2nd 4th 5th 7th 8th 9th 10th and 12th counted from the birth Moon sign. The results vary from arguments with others, losses, confusions, accidents to health related issues depending on the keywords of that sign/ house. He is a natural malefic, a kroor-graha, ie a cruel force in life. If you are under an adverse transit of Mars, be prepared for issues cropping up and use his energy to intelligently overcome them. Mars is strife, so like it or not you will be required to be defend these parts of your life. 

He gives favourable results when he transits the 3rd 6th and 11th signs from the birth Moon sign. A malefic, he is best in the three upchaya houses as then he destroys enemies, gives the necessary courage to face upto the problems of life and the necessary vitality which to seize opportunities for gains. If Mars is in a favourable transit for your birth Moon sign then make use of this unprecedented opportunity of the upcoming retrograde.

To analyse how this retrograde Mars transit will be for you, find out if Mars is a benefic or malefic for your ascendant sign (post here). A benefic Mars generally will add physical strength, confidence, vitality etc to the aspects of life he controls in your chart. A benefic Mars going retrograde can give you some long term benefit in this period, but results will be visible after Dec 2020. In fact if any of you are into spiritual practice, then this period will benefit as Mars controls the nadi and the movement of pran within them. A malefic Mars will give violent behaviour, sudden changes, etc in the houses he is placed in, and also create lack of confidence in the things that he signifies in your chart. In this case you should be careful during his upcoming retrograde. Also avoid adventure sports, risky activities including swimming in unfamiliar water bodies.

Then locate where the Pisces and Aries signs lie in your birth chart. Eg if Pisces is your 6th house, you might find your heath affected by ‘internal heat’, boils, hair-loss, digestion related issues etc can pop up, office work might get on an over-load as demands for service increase etc. But you will be able to cope. Eg if Aries is your 10th house your father may fall ill, there may be trouble in your office etc.

Mars is going retrograde in first in Ashvini and then in Revati nakshatra.

Ashvini is the start of the zodiac. So its keywords are spontaneity, beginnings, power, courage, vitality, alertness, leadership, sensitivity, help, truth, health and healing. It has a straightforward nature, light-hearted, adventurous and active. It is ruled by the twin physicians of the demi-gods, the Ashvini-kumar and is linked to the energies of Ketu. When retrograde Mars occupies Ashvini, he will distort the expression of all these qualities. eg he can make it rash and impulsive, it does not learn from past mistakes, stubbornness can increase, lashing out in anger is possible. So if you have to start any new project during this period take all precautions and recheck everything before you do so. Health may be an issue and wrong medication possible. Losses in business are possible and interpersonal relations will show strain. Ashvini is linked to transport, movement, medicine, trade etc so these areas may suffer generally. 

Revati is the last nakshatra of the zodiac and ruled by Pushan. It is also linked to Mercury. The keywords of this lunar mansion are completion, satisfaction, nourishing, light, assimilation, awareness, collective, messages, travel, wealth, luck, pleasure, optimism, beliefs, imagination, etc. So a retrograde Mars in such a sensitive Naksahtra can cause issues like lack of support, interference in business, loss of wealth, jealousy, misunderstandings, betrayals, exhaustion, hurts, getting caught in others problems, getting caught in illusions, inability to comprehend the bigger picture, passions triggered by rigid beliefs, etc. All these things will lead to physical action as it is Mars involved. Mars always indicates action and his emotional/ psychological effects are also in some way connected to ‘action’. Eg there might be communal riots as misplaced beliefs and intolerance leads to impulsive and rash ‘action’.

Manglik, a guide to analysing Mars in depth

And for your personal reading you can open your Janma Navtara chakra (this post) and locate Ashvini and Revati in it. Whatever these Nakshatra stand for in your chart, you will see extra energy in these aspects of life.

eg If your birth Moon Nakshatra is Uttarabhadrapada then this is your Janma nav tara chart,


Nakshatra count










































Ati mitra





A general interpretation would be like this. Revati is a Sampat tara for you so while Mars transits Revati (Pisces sign) his results will be favourable overall for you. There might be some opportunities which if you can pick up will give gains after Dec 2020. Retrograde planets teach patience as gains are delayed. Ashvini is a Vipat Tara so Mars when transiting Ashvini can create challenging situations in your life. You may feel stressed out, tired, etc  as vitality is affected. Again you are required to be patient, keep your mind cool and try to cope with what will come. The exact situations which will cause stresses must be seen from what Mars stands for in your individual horoscope.

For remedies, check the index page or use the search bar, I have written about remedies in several posts. The easiest remedy would be lighting a sesame oil lamp on Tuesdays and reciting the Mangal Beej mantra ‘Om kraang kreeng karung sah Mangalaya namah’. Doing regular puja of your favourite deity or family deity will also help.

There are several ways of analysing transits. You can try using the Ashtapadmadala chakra (post here) or the Ashtakvarga chart (post here) if you wish. These two methods give quite accurate readings so advanced students can try this for practice. These retrograde periods are a good learning experience, observe yourself and those around you to see how the planet performs.



The gazes of the planets

When you read classical books on astrology you will get cryptic references on the body, gaze, hair etc of the planets which will make no sense to you. But then you have to understand that the books in Sanskrit are written in the form of ‘sutra’ ie one word in this Sanskrit shlok here has multiple layers of meanings. You are required to think upon what the word means and how it can be applied to your current question. 

So in this post, let’s see how the ‘gazes of the planets’ work out. (This post is not evaluating your intelligence level, there are different patterns which are used to determine that).

Where your eyes are, what you see, influences how you think, perceive and later act. Where you gaze at, contributes to your personality and also to how others perceive you to be. Eg in a meeting if you look steadily at the main speaker, then you will come across as a confident and bold person. If, rather than looking at the main speaker, you look sideways, here and there, this will make it seem you have something to hide.. shifty-eyed! Or if you are not willing to look up and keep your gaze lowered, this will label you as being scared or refusing to speak up for your opinions, not confident. 

First Sun and Mars. As per the classics, these two grahas have upward gazes. Their eyes are open and they look straight upwards, no fluffiness or shiftiness or hazed out looks here. This means that if you have a dominant Sun or Mars influencing your ascendant sign, ascendant lord or birth Moon you will be more ambitious. You are direct, less tact and more to the point. You are capable of visualising potentially great things and are quite hopeful about the future. You are more extrovert and willing to act on what you think. And you will act more on the visual cues in your environment and your actions will be quite visible too. As you see steadily, clearly, you also evaluate what you see against your precise standards. If your personality is dominated by upward looking planets then you will grasp charts, images, things that you read etc, ie you learn more easily through visual cues. Your output is also better if you deliver something that can be ‘seen’. How something ‘looks’ has the most impact on you.

If your Sun is influencing your personality then you are more concerned about your honor, entitlements, your duties and responsibilities. If your nature is primarily Martian, then whatever you ‘see’ will be first evaluated for its competitive, strength and ability related aspects. If you have Sun or Mars strongly placed in some house then you will look ‘upwards’ on the keywords of these houses. Eg a strong Mars in the 11th house, will make you be more active when interacting with large groups of like-minded individuals. You will be more forward thinking and can plan things related to such groups more effectively.  And their influence will be visible in your physical eyes too. You will have clear open eyes, eyelids will open completely and the gaze will be direct and confident. You are a leader who has a clear vision and the capacity to make it happen. 

Then Mercury and Venus are the two grahas who look sideways. This means that these two are aware of the main thing in focus but they are more interested in what is happening around the main focus point. The peripheral things are more interesting to them. If your personality is dominated by these sideways looking planets, then you are a more adaptable, versatile and imaginative person. You are the quintessential multitasker. You can look around the main point for more opportunities and more information. You are more open to options and like to explore possibilities. One interesting thing is that these two planets will grant you better learning through the ears, ie you will better understand the things which you hear. The subtle nuances of speech, the things said between words, you understand these completely. Thus you will always have access to secret information, as you tend to look around the main thing being presented to you. You are also more capable of speaking in code or secret communications. You are more attuned to ‘sound’. I think some heavy Mercury or Venus people can actually ‘hear’ their thoughts!

If you are Mercury-dominated then you are interested in the logic, practicality of the peripheral things which can be then used to improve the efficiency of the main focus point. Such people are very valuable in office teams as they are the ones who help the leader in achieving the goal his envisaged goal in the best possible manner even if it means bending a few rules when no one is looking. If your Venus is guiding you, then you try to look for the best possible options which are not only practical but also legal, fair, elegant and graceful. You will not be a rule breaker here. A Venus dominated person will know the best possible choices in all topics possible.

Your physical eyes will also show this same characteristic of quickness, brightness, eagerness and you will look around searching for diversity and interesting stuff, as one thing does not hold your attention for long.

Then we have Saturn and Rahu, the two planets with downward gazes. Lowered eyes are primarily associated with secrecy, tiredness, sleep, rest, mental fatigue, laziness etc. If the eyes are directed downwards, away from the main focus point and away from the peripheral then there is a chance that the mind may enter the deepest psyche where the undefined formless yet powerful fantasies lie. This is more evident when it is a Rahu-dominated personality. On the psychological levels, a personality heavily influenced by Saturn can show low self-esteem, loss of confidence, fear, nervousness, depression, insecurity etc which can get crippling if you do not make conscious effort to keep yourself buoyant. If it is Rahu then these internal feelings of inadequacy can result in a false bravado which can get you into trouble in life.

But there is a positive side to all this too. If you are looking downwards,  you are actually looking at your own hands.  So your main input is from the sense of ‘touch’. You can think in unexpected ways and arrive at extraordinary conclusions. But for this you have to train your mind to at least remember what the focus point is. If you can do this much, you can not only gain different perspectives which touch the root/core of the issue but you can also decisively and consistently act to deliver practical and grass-root type of solutions. However attractively a thing might be packaged you have the ability to get to its basic foundations, to see its core. 

You are not imaginative, in the sense you cannot think of 5 different things in your mind and solve them. You cannot ‘visualise’. You are focussed entirely on what is actually in your hands at a point of time. Multitasking is not your forte. You are a slow and methodical thinker and are effective in your own way. If your horoscope indicates a good intelligence level this power to think ‘in touch’ is necessary in solving complicated problems which require dedicated step-wise analysis. Again you need to physically touch stuff in order to learn well, or study very practical and real examples as your imagination is limited. Also your output would be best if it were in real physical things, eg construction, making models eg if you write you would prefer a pencil/paper rather than a computer screen! 

Again your physical eyes may be heavily lidded, you may open your eye-lids only halfway. You will frequently look down at your hands and use hand gestures a lot while communicating. (This description of the physical eyes must be seen the context of individual cultural and physical build etc).

Then we have the Moon and Jupiter who look all around equally. If your personality is dominated by either of these, then you have the ability to see the whole picture. You are capable of learning as well as delivering in all the possible modes which were discussed above. You are the least judgmental of the lot as you can accept everything without pride of prejudice. A broad mindset, you are also capable of having insights which the others cannot. You are capable of adjusting your behaviour to the situation or the person interacting with you. You do not lie and neither will you tolerate others lying to you. If the rest of the horoscope is supportive then you have an ability to perceive the ‘truth of the situation’. If this planet is the Moon,  then you are highly perceptive, as the intuition is also available. If this planet is Jupiter then there is kindness and benevolence coupled with understanding. The physical eyes will be bright, gentle and beautiful in these people.

Ketu is sightless as obviously he has no head, he is the headless body of Svarbhanu. So if you have a personality overly dominated by Ketu, you are basically an introvert. You are influenced entirely by ‘gut-feel’, the innate intuition which is sensed by the entire body. With no head to direct what you sense, you take in the influences from your surroundings in a strange ego-less non-judgemental manner. You are never influenced by your environment, as there is no personal ego. In the absence of the sense of self, there is nothing which the environment can influence in the first place! You are within a situation but not influenced by it, so your gut-feel will grant flashes of incisive intelligence. If the rest of the horoscope is supportive you are someone who ‘thinks’ so out of the box that it is genius. The physical eyes will look hazed out, unfocussed and the eyelids may not open fully. There will be a strange opacity in the gaze.

So now, observe your best friend. If he looks up while he is thinking most likely he has a Sun or Mars dominated personality. If he looks to the sides as he thinks then its Mercury/Venus. If he looks down as he mulls over stuff, then his is a Saturn or Rahu dominant nature. If he looks in random different directions when thinking, then it is the relatively balanced Moon or Jupiter. If your friend refuses to think and generally follows what you tell him but shows rare flashes of temper/intelligence, he is most likely a Ketu dominated personality. So you see, reading the books in Sanskrit is so important. Just one shlok on the gazes of the planets has given us such in-depth information on the psychology of the person. How he understands, how can he be expected to act and on what types of cues! 

Now observe yourself and try to see how your dominating planet influences your thought processes. If you need to do some course-correction start training your eyes to ‘look’. eg if you are Rahu influenced person, train your eyes to look upwards so that you can change the way you think and act. It will be difficult at first, but it is in reality the simplest thing. Look where you wish to Act.