Malefic results of Rahu Ketu

Rahu Ketu are the forces in your chart which indicate sudden changes, karmic events, U-turns, spectacular rise and falls. They are linked very deeply to your astral self and if they are going to be inauspicious, their results are hard to miss.

Rahu Ketu can be inauspicious in your birth chart, then you will face these sort of events for a life time. Their effects will be exaggerated in their Mahadasha-s, ie Rahu mahadasha and Ketu mahadasha and in typical transits. If they are auspicious in the birth chart, even then they can still go temporarily inauspicious in transit, so you can expect about 1.5yrs of such results in case you are going through such transits. And the weirdest part is that you won’t realise that you are under their malefic influences. They are the masters of illusion, they ensure that you do not understand what is happening. And the loved ones who care about you enough to point this out, you will not listen to them and also drive them away by your behaviour. It can get very difficult. These results are sudden, ie you will see someone going nuts in a short span of time ie within 1week to 1month max. If you see someone behaving like this around you, check his charts, Rahu Ketu have become inauspicious for him…

A generally happy routine life is suddenly disturbed. Rahu can spoil happiness in a flash. Mean-mindedness, selfishness, arrogance, inability to think of others, being rude, cheating others, etc are some of the typical trigger points. You, under Rahu’s influence, will now argue with family members, loved ones and friends. The behaviour can get irrational. You will refuse to think of the implications of this behaviour on your own self and the people who love you, self-centered. Megalomania and dictatorial behaviour, you behave like a mini-tyrant in the house. Break-ups are quite possible now. There will be conflicts on a regular basis around you.

You will stop listening to those old friends/ family who have genuine good-will for you. In fact, old trust-worthy friends will now leave you, disappear from your life. Lifetime friends can turn indifferent, pushed by your hurtful behaviour. New people will suddenly come into your circle and get very close to you very fast. You might get into bad company, people with questionable morals/ ethics etc who will eventually ruin you. Especially Rahu will bring in contact with you, people who are separated from their significant partners. This would include widows/ widowers, divorced or separated people, people who are failures in business, people who do not do spiritual practice etc. As these people who have no significant partnerships in their life stick to you, they drain your energy and separate you from your genuine partnerships.

In profession, you might lose your job or get a pay-cut or get demoted or be encouraged to do something illegal, risky or humiliating. There will always be less than you expect in the job. Ambitions become illogical, irrational and you might fail. Sudden legal issues, litigations etc can pop up. Loss of satisfaction internally, bravado externally.

Rahu wants new experiences and will take unacceptable risks to get these. Rahu is the master of illusions and he does not value genuine feelings, real love and deep emotions. He does not think about anyone else but him, selfish to the extreme. He is flashy, over-the-top, insincere and a gambler at heart. So there are possibilities of unexpected financial losses, losses is share markets, losses in gambling and in speculation. You might get into negative credit or fail to budget. There might be loss of physical property in severe cases. Especially ancestral property might be sold during malefic Rahu times.

The atmosphere of the house you live in will also show negative effects. eg there might be more repair work needed in the house, you might spend more on furnishings etc. Even your car might break down more often. There might be thefts in the house. Pest infestations might increase during this time. Anything that drains the happiness from the home environment can happen with characteristic suddenness.

Wasting money, buying flashy goods etc is a typical indicator of Raju’s influence. Especially you will buy electronic goods of high priced brands for no good reason. Buying too many branded luxury goods will disturb your budgeting. You will want to go to parties, high priced restaurants, movies etc. You suddenly start eating spicy, exotic, non-veg, Tamasic foods, instead of the regular home-cooked food you used to enjoy. The latest mass consumption trends, the latest fashion etc will attract you. Suddenly you are on the Internet all the time. There is an insatiable desire to ‘consume’ stuff, the more exclusive the better.

On the astral level there may be hauntings in your house. Or entities may latch on to you and drain you of your positive energy. The aura will show greyish streaks and blackness. The mind becomes shallow, incapable of introspection or self-analysis and it desires stimulation at any cost, literally.

Health can start going bad. If you have a chronic condition, it will erupt suddenly at the start of this inauspicious transit. If such Rahu Ketu are connected to Scorpio or the 8th house in some way, they can even cause accidents, amputations or serious illness which might require surgery. Especially for pregnant women, if they strongly affect you during this sensitive time, there will be chances of miscarriages, abortions and problems in delivery. 

Then the impact on the spiritual side. You will search for happiness in illusions rather than delving within yourself. You will stop doing regular pujas. This is a very significant indicator. If you used to do pujas for 2 hrs daily and suddenly become irregular or stop doing them, then it is Rahu at work. Often there is a change in belief systems, ie you can suddenly becomes an atheist or convert into another religion or get into occult, black magic, tantra etc for selfish reasons. Needless to say, this will have repercussions later.


If Ketu is more powerful than Rahu in giving malefic results, then some of the additional typical things attributed to his nature are these. You will take up smoking or taking hallucinogenic drugs, ie in some way want to escape into the dream life. You suddenly start talking about esoteric stuff, dress weirdly, look unkempt, ie hair is not cut properly, beard is unshaven, uncut nails, unwashed, mismatched clothes, shabby look etc, displeasing overall. The other material results will follow on similar lines as above, the only difference being that Ketu’s driving energy will be of apathy, disinterest, dissociation, lethargy etc. eg suppose you sell your ancestral properties because of financial problems. If it is Rahu driving this, the reason will be that you wasted your savings on speculation etc and now need money. If it is Ketu driving this event, then the reason will be you neglected to take some precautions in time so now had to sell these properties. Different processes giving the same end results. 

If you are more observant, then you will notice that these malefic effects are more exaggerated when the Sun is in his apparent southwards movement,  ie during Dakshinayan. In fact all malefics gain more power during the Dakshinayan.  (Read more on Kaala Bala for this logic.) Again Rahu Ketu have more power during the night than the day. So if someone is under their malefic influences, he will go out of the house in the night, maybe spend the night out with the bad company that they signify and create more negativity for himself.

If you realise that Rahu Ketu are the root cause of the problems you facing, then corrective actions can be in the form of Daana, Homa, mantra, pujas etc. Most importantly, if you can realise what is happening, do some introspection and change your behaviour consciously, it would be the perfect solution (which would be really difficult, as such Rahu Ketu will not allow self-analysis so easily.)

There was a question on this and I thought that it would be easier if I wrote a separate post . (I have written a lot of posts on Rahu Ketu do use the index page to locate them if you wish to read)


2021 starts with Kaal Sarpa and combustions

There are a lot of things coming up in the next few months. I thought of writing separate posts but the events are occurring simultaneously and are interlinked. So this is a single post on the general astrological trends till Mid-April 2021. The major events are,

  1. Sun entering Capricorn
  2. Stellium in Capricorn
  3. Combustion of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury in Capricorn.
  4. Combustion of Venus from 15 Feb to 17 Apr in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries.
  5. Against the background of the Kaal Sarpa energy cycle till mid-April.


We are already in the cyclic Kaal sarpa loop. All planets are currently transiting within the Rahu Ketu axis. There will be the Kaal sarpa combination for every alternate 15 days till April when Mars finally moves into Gemini. ie Between 10th – 25th Jan, 6th -21st  Feb, 5th -20th  Mar and 1st -13th Apr all the planets will be on one side of the Rahu Ketu axis creating the complete Kaal sarpa energy. (one tip, if you have a planned delivery of your baby, avoid these days where the Kaal sarpa is fully active). On the other alternating 15days during this period only Moon will be out of the Rahu Ketu hemming, temporarily creating a partial Kaal Sarpa. The Kaal sarpa will force everyone to complete a very big chunk of karma in a sudden way. The Kings of Karma provide a huge burst of energy during this period and you get ultra focussed on completing this one major pending karmic work with their blessings. What this karma will be depends on your birth chart and ongoing Dasha. Analyse what Rahu means to you in your birth chart and what he is up to in this current transit. This will give you the clues on what you are being made to work on now. Kaal Sarpa or even partial Kaal Sarpa can be a good thing, if you can consciously use the energy. If you cant then they will swamp you.

The Sun will be entering Capricorn rashi, ie Makar Sankranti on 14th Jan 2021. He will be joining Mercury, Saturn (post here) and Jupiter (post here) who are already there in Capricorn. On this day you should spend the early morning time after sunrise in some spiritual activity, in silence, in mediation, doing some mantra jaap, Dhyan, pujas, Agnihotra, going to Temples etc. Try to sit outside and let the sun rays fall on you during this time. This day is for specifically worshiping the Sun as he enters the 10th sign of the zodiac owned by his son, Saturn. Doing this will help you harness the power of your self-ego, your divine spark. You can actively complete karmic work and reduce the karmic bindings you have laid on your own soul. Sun transiting in Capricorn is generally considered to be useful.

This year, we are going to see a cluster of planets in Capricorn. At one point of time in Feb 2021, there will be 6 planets together in Capricorn, ie Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn. This will aggravate the imbalance in the skies. ‘Stellium’ is a hyped up word, actually having too many planets together in one sign is not a good thing (post here). It causes planetary war, graha yuddha (post here) and messes with the ability of the planets to give auspicious results. The planets are friends and enemies with each other so interfere. One planet may consider another to be his friend but the other may not necessarily reciprocate. The planet who has moved the maximum into the sign tends to dominate the others. At this point of time Mercury is the winner. But Saturn the owner himself, is in Capricorn, so he will always have the over-riding say over the other planets who will enter Capricorn. The over-riding energy will be Saturn, and as long as Saturn remains combust the Sun will dominate all. 

More planets in one house, disturbs the balance of the chart. So many planets focussed on one area of life and the other areas of life are relatively silent. So many planets are going to be in Capricorn. So whatever Capricorn stands for in your birth chart, be prepared to see lots of action here. eg For Libra ascendants, this is the 4th house, so you might see effects like this, old parents come over to stay, you do more housework, more cooking, rest is less, comfort is denied, house will be messy, car will break down, you are always tired at home. However Capricorn being the natural 10th house, all of us will see a lot of activity on the professional and social front, most of it confusing.

Capricorn is going to see some interesting energies. Saturn himself is there with Jupiter who is debilitated (post here). Mercury currently the winner of the planetary war is moving fast. Sun is coming in and he will be combusting the whole lot eventually. As he ‘evaporates’ the planets, he will absorb their energies and paint his self-ego all over the keywords linked to them. The ‘Sun-energy’ in the sky, during these days, will not be the pure Sun as he usually is. He is going to be a blend of so many energies, which will directly hit you at the individual self-ego level.


Jupiter combust from 19 Jan – 16 Feb. He is debilitated to begin with in Capricorn. (post here) His ability to give his regular auspicious results is constrained. And then the combustion will reduce it even more. In these times, malefic energies become more prominent. Generally Jupiter combust reduces public health levels, lowers gold and grain prices, reduces helpfulness, people are less inclined to do auspicious deeds, etc. Getting and giving proper advice will be difficult. As he is debilitated and together with Saturn everyones minds are constrained and self-ego is very active. People have become selfish and hard-hearted. Starting anything new during this time is going to be difficult. Positive energy overall is reduced. A combust Jupiter with Saturn is very bad for general auspiciousness. Saturn will unrestrainedly give his results and repaying bad karma from the past is now due for everyone.

Saturn is also combust from 12 Jan and till 14 Feb. Sun is Saturn’s father and they do not get along with each other. Your past karma or the more negative sort are in focus, things are harsher now. Plus self-ego interferes with your destined duties. Arguments with the father/ boss, more work at office and at home, aged family members needing more attention, etc will make you tired and frustrated, you will feel alone and helpless. Personal loneliness and emotional turmoil. 

Mercury going combust with Jupiter will affect businesses, stocks, finance and the economy. For students especially exams will be difficult. Overall juvenile selfishness will prevail over everything. Mercury has just come out of combustion on 8th Jan and will be again combust from 3-16 Feb. And again from 30 Mar – 28 Apr. Illogical arguments, misunderstandings, loss of tact and diplomacy, rash decisions, etc are all possible during this period. Expect differences with your teammates, officemates and siblings fueled by selfishness.

Venus combust is spanning 4 signs this time, he is continually combust for over 60days, this is a severe disruption. All things signified by Venus will be absent from life. You will feel disconnected from all personal relationships, finance, spiritual practice will feel a vacuum. Self-centred self-ego dominates all Venusian things. When Venus is combust, he cannot guide us. We cannot offer value and validation, nor do we get this from others during this period, loneliness predominates. Judging the true value of anything, people, actions, emotions, relationships, thoughts, desires etc is difficult. All creative endeavours suffer. Cheating, forgeries, immoral behaviour increases, inability to take decisions. You might get tangled in irrelevant issues. Avoid giving advise to others, else you will be blamed when things go wrong later.

While either Jupiter or Venus is combust, followers of Sanatan Dharma/Hindus will not perform any auspicious ceremonies. Jupiter and Venus are the two Guru-s, even if one of them is unable to guide us, then the auspicious activity etc will not give its full results. And we are going to have both combust back to back, so time from 19th Jan to 17th Apr is not very auspicious overall. The effect of combustion of so many planets together on you individually will primarily depend on the strength of the Sun in your personal birth horoscope. If the Sun is strong then you will feel very self-confident which can easily become a highly self-entered selfishness. If the Sun and is weak in your birth chart and his relationship with the planets he has combusted is uncomfortable then you will suffer from an inferiority complex and other people can take advantage of you.

(For remedies for combust planets read this post and this post)

A general reading for this time till mid-April at least would be on these following lines. The governments will be more strict, will enforce more rules. There will be unpleasantness as the public refuses to acknowledge government authority. Political turmoil, failure of administration and war like situations can develop in several nations. The budget sessions in March will see controversial measures for improving the economic conditions world-over. Public unrest and dissatisfaction will increase. Corruption and cheating will be on a high. Financial institutions and banks can go bust during this period. Religious fanatics will cause terrorist attacks and also try to disrupt the governments by planned protests world over. The COVID 19 vaccines will show some side-effects, but this situation should hopefully resolve after Mars breaks the kaal sarpa loop in mid-April. Overall and also because of this COVID 19 scare, people will turn more towards holistic wellness regimes including ayurved. So after this negative period, hopefully we will be a more healthier world.

This time till mid-Apr is actually not very good for everyone. But still is better for birth Moon signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces. The rest of the birth Moon signs will have a below average time till mid-April and should take care of themselves. There might be challenges, disruption in professional and personal life, health issues, litigations, humiliations etc depending on the individual charts. After the Kaal Sarpa breaks in mid-Apr things will improve to some extent.

There are too many variables and energies are changing very fast in these first 3 months or so of 2021. Kaal sarpa, combustion, graha yuddha, etc mainly in the environment of Capricorn. So events will happen with suddenness and have deep impacts on all of us. The testing times are not yet over. Jupiter is in Capricorn and Aquarius in this year, not of much use. Saturn is in Capricorn, and he will ensure that we all face our karma in 2021.


Daana as an astrological remedy

Of all the remedies which are in vogue today, there are only two prescribed by Maharishi Parashar. Mantra and Daana दान. (I have written several posts on mantra., if you wish to read, do use the index page)

Daana in the physical sense is giving away of certain objects to temples, deities, Brahmins, or in running water/sea. What to give in Daana? I have written this post on the things connected to the planets which are generally offered as Daana. 

When to give Daana? The day which is linked to the planet/ graha is generally prescribed eg Sunday for the Sun and so on. In addition to this, you can do Daana on these following auspicious days.


The first day of Ayana. These are the two solstices, ie the start of the Dakshinayna or the Uttarayan, ie the apparent northwards or southwards movement of the Sun. Here there is a confusion. Popularly Uttarayan is associated with Makar Sankranti, which is incorrect. The Uttarayan starts on the day when the length of the day time starts increasing and the length of the night time starts decreasing in the north hemisphere. This happens one day after the winter solstice, ie on 22nd Dec in the current times. Similarly the Dakshinayan starts when the length of the night time starts increasing and the length of the day time starts decreasing in the north hemisphere. So this, in the current times occurs one day after the summer solstice, ie on 22nd June.

On equinox days, these days are called विषुवत् vishuvat. They are currently at 21st March and 21st September.

During an eclipse of the Sun or the Moon.

The day when the Sun enters the Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces signs are particularly auspicious. In fact all the twelve Surya Sankranti-s are auspicious for offering Daana. ie The day when the Sun enters a sign/ rashi is called the Sankranti. The best one for Daana is the Makar Sankranti when the Sun enters the Capricorn sign.

Daana can be performed on days when Jupiter transits into another sign.

Akshay tritiya is another auspicious day when Daana can be done.

Then the Tithi-s on which you can perform Daana in a month are these,

  • A Daana made on Amavasya is auspicious. Especially if it is a Somvati Amavasya, ie a no Moon day which falls on a Monday. This amavasya is also very good for snan/bathing in sacred rivers.
  • Daana on Purnimas, ie full Moon days especially the Purnima of the Kartik month is auspicious.
  • On Dvadashi, the 12th day from the no moon day or the full moon day.
  • A Chaturthi on a Tuesday, called the Angarki Chaturthi is a good day for doing Daana. Chaturthi is the 4th day from the no moon day or the full moon day.
  • Also a Saptami falling on a Sunday is highly auspicious. Saptami is the 7th day from the no moon day or the full moon day.
  • Even an Ashtami on a Wednesday is considered good for doing Daana. Ashtami is the 8th day from the no moon day or the full moon day.
  • You can give a Daana on a day where a Tithi has been suppressed/ Lopit tithi. The tithi-s or lunar days are calculated on the basis of the angular distance between the Sun and the Moon. And the regular solar days are calculated from sun-rise to sun-rise. The tithi for the day is the tithi which was in force when the sun was rising. And the lunar day/ tithi is slightly shorter than the solar day. So sometimes on one solar day, 3 lunar tithi-s can occur, this is also called Dina-kshaya, “loss of a day” and is auspicious for Daana.

Then Daana is not supposed to be given or taken during the Sandhya times, ie morning dawn, evening dusk and midday. It is given during the day time, ie between the sunrise and sunset. If you give Daana to a Brahmin, then make sure that he looks and feels like the genuine thing. His energy should be high. Also he should not be eating, sleeping etc when you go to give it to him.

Giving Daana in our powerful ancient temples is a very good option, older the temple better it is. Finding old temples is not an issue in India, most of our temples are at least 1000+ yrs old themselves or re-constructed on sites which are known for thousands of years. You can also put these items in flowing water, sacred rivers like Ganga, Godavari, Tungabhadra etc or the sea are best options. But if its not possible then any flowing river is also good enough.

Finally Daana is not ‘charity’. दान is a Sanskrit word so cannot be translated only experienced. It broadly means giving up, a gift, teaching, sharing, restoring, purification, paying back, imparting, cutting off, communicating etc. When you give away Daana you are restoring your own karmic imbalance. You are sharing your negative karma with someone who is capable of absorbing it. You are cutting yourself off from the negative karma by the act of Daana. You are paying back the energy, you are purifying yourself. So not get high on ego when you give Daan. There is no charity in the real sense ever, you are just re-balancing debts you owe. Be grateful that you are allowed to pay it back as Daana rather than having to endure/ suffer it through. As Daana given with the proper intention always works as a remedy to your astrological issues.


Karma and Saturn in the twelve houses

In several books you will read that Saturn is good in the 3rd 6th and 11th houses. But you are a student of Jyotish so have to tally what you read with your study charts and your personal experience. Saturn is a separative force. He grants solitude, fear, dissociation, sorrow, insecurity, pain, loss and facelessness. Whenever he is placed he will bring the things to the forefront. This is the karmic script you have chosen for yourself to rebalance your outstanding karma. Saturn is always karmic duty, fear, restrictions, constrictions, budgeting yourself, making full use of what you have, etc. This post is regarding the position of your birth Saturn and how it affects you on the inner levels.

First of all you have to check out the following about your Saturn. The houses he controls, ie where is Capricorn and Aquarius in the chart. He a Yogkarak for Taurus and Libra ascendants. The house he is in and the houses/ other planets he aspects in the birth chart. Check out which planet is aspecting him. If he is combust, retrograde, exalted etc. His position in the Navamsha will give you his innermost potential and hidden results which will be more evident after you start your relationship with your loved one/ most significant partner. Analyse his power to give results using Shad-bala, Ashtakvarga etc as per your level of understanding. 


Saturn’s karmic work in the 1st house is rather typical. He has the lowest Dig-Bala in the ascendant sign. So you might be scared of expressing yourself, inhibited, learning new things is difficult, unfriendly, a lack of confidence, lack of common sense etc. This could result from a misuse of power in your past lives. So in this you are being taught this lesson of frustration and delay. You have to learn this balance in this life. Once you understand this, you will be able to systematically work for your goals in life and succeed. Avoid living in isolation as this will increase the negativity. Family problems almost always exist with this position but try to learn to resolve them. Learn to be humble, helpful but at the same time try to assert your opinion, express your will. Learn to recognise the good people around you, surround yourself by these well-wishers as you will be attracted more to bad company. Inauspicious Saturn in this critical house can give a lot of trouble as the entire personality and environment suffers under his constrictive influence. As in all Saturn related readings, the situation becomes more understandable after his maturity age of 36yrs (post here).Always remember, a lot depends on the sign. Eg one of my brothers has an exalted Yogkarak Saturn in the 1st house. He is extremely competent, well-adjusted, intelligent, hard working, spiritually inclined, materially well-off etc and most importantly willing to be happy in everything, he is pure. 

Saturn in the 2nd house will make you conscious about money. You might have faced restricted circumstances in your initial life. Naturally you will be be frugal, to save resources, to budget, save etc. And this can eventually make you greedy, acquisitive, selfish, miserly by nature, you will hoard everything. You feel that you lack wealth so chase after money and possessions. After mid-life, money etc should be comfortable. But generally life is dry, family distant, friends non-existent. Whatever may have been your past life experiences of poverty or deprivations, this time try to learn the lesson of Value. If you want to be happy you will have to learn to share. It is not about money, you have to learn to share happiness, say kind words to your family/ friends, offer respect, also sing aloud in the bathroom and go for walks in nature and try to elevate your soul. You have to learn to recognise what makes life beautiful. If you do this you will improve your sense of security and self-esteem. You will value yourself, self-validation is the most important asset. Money is necessary but these other things which make Life valuable are important.

Saturn in the 3rd house – the third house is the house of boldness, choices, brothers/sisters, extended family, neighbourhood, skills, trade, short distance travel, teammates etc. If you have Saturn in the 3rd from the ascendant or the Moon you will see these sort of results. When young, you might have not been able to express yourself adequately. Shyness, stammering, stage fright, etc are common. Learning new skills is difficult. You have to work gaining confidence in life, to learn to mingle with others, to boldly speak out on what you want, to stand equal with your siblings. Choose your friends very carefully here, you might attract more bad company than good. Always choose the ethical and moral option in life. There might be problems in hearing or speech. You prefer to not travel. This Saturn is an indication that you, in some life, have misused the powers of the 3rd house and now you will be made to work on it, understand it and then again be able to use it. The tip here is to work hard to systematically overcome at least one of the items indicated by the 3rd house. But Saturn always rewards hard work so once you do this you gain a lot of skills, fame, respect etc.


Saturn in the 4th house means that you are now required to perform more duties related to your home because you neglected or abandoned your family in a past life. So now you are restricted from emotional comfort, security, rest etc that a ‘home’ means, alienated. With time as you understand yourself better, you will come to terms with this and may develop sympathy, compassion and appreciate the value of a ‘home’. Initially in life, there will be some trouble at home, parents (esp mother) will be unavailable, cold, absent, divorced or dead. There is no emotional anchor in life and the mindset is complex. Can the Seas of the Mind be structured? You need emotional support but it is denied or you might be scared to open yourself to your loved ones. Getting genuine ‘protective shelter’ is difficult, this ‘protection’ is in the form of nurture, nutrition, spirituality, advice, etc. So later various types of problems will emerge. Most common is an intense sense of loneliness. You will have to take on the responsibility of your ancestral properties, lands etc which will be an unwelcome burden on your heart. You will have to take up some regular spiritual activity to overcome this typical placement. Also strictly follow morals and ethics in life so that Saturn remains satisfied with your behaviour.

Saturn in the 5th house makes one an introvert. Restrictions on self-love, personal genius, creativity, conscious link to the divine, expression of individuality, enthusiasm etc are all there, especially when younger. This is a karmic duty on you to rebalance some misuse of the powers of the 5th house by you in the past. You cannot actively use the auspicious benefits of your past lives so feel helpless internally. Now you are expected to learn these slowly, in a cautious and disciplined manner. Typically life is unhappy, education can be interrupted, job may be unsatisfactory and you may have to budget. You might fare better in technical work or work involving the hands. In this you have to learn to love yourself, realise that you are a precious individual and are important in your own way. Do not let your romantic partners dominate you. There will be problems in having children, so try to have a child as soon as possible after getting married and take care of it with love and discipline. Through this, gradually the real energy of the 5th house will be made accessible to you. 

Saturn in the 6th house, the maha-dusham-sthan. This means that primarily you have a fear of falling ill, getting into debt, creating enemies etc. You are scared of the turmoil represented by the 6th house keywords so take active precautions to avoid them. You generally take good care of your body, exercise, diet, take medicines in time etc so that you remain fit. You are aware of your financial status and will budget things thus avoid getting into debt. Generally you will be hard working and Saturn does not allow ego to interfere with work, so the chances of creating enemies is lowered. Generally labor intensive jobs are indicated with this position, which might be boring, repetitive or unsatisfying to your mind. Depending on the power of Saturn you might get good perks etc in your job, but the job in itself will be frustrating, restrictive and you will not be happy with it. If Saturn is auspicious then you will also have servants working for you, but you will be sympathetic towards them and treat them humanely. Here the tip is to recognise all work to be ultimately good, even if it is boring. Overall an auspicious Saturn here can give social recognition and success. But if he is inauspicious, then he will cause serious problems including loss of money, ill-health, immoral behaviour and eventual infamy.

Saturn in the 7th house is essentially a fear of having no significant partnership. You expect negative value in partnerships so are unhappy in business or marriage or spiritual practice. This mind-set makes you attract bad company. Again this is an indication of betrayal and hurt from partners in your past lives or maybe you betrayed them. You fear being alone yet cannot bring yourself to open up. So in relationships you are cold, unable to express your love or accept the love being offered. The relationship eventually becomes boring, dull, disappointing and a burden. You and your partner both fail to accommodate each other, might behave unethically, cruelly, selfishly, might get into financial trouble and finally behave in a mean minded way with each other. You want security in relationships but too much of a stability can get suffocating. You want no change in partnerships but it does not work like that. The partner evolves and so do you, relationships change with time, accept this. Also the 7th house is not just material stuff, it is the spiritual too. So if you can do some simple spiritual practice things will change for the better. Never take advantage of your partners, it will rebound on you badly.

Saturn in the 8th house (post here) is in my opinion the most difficult. He gives unpleasant results here in almost all signs, except Libra to some extent. Catastrophic events leading to self-transformation now restricted by Saturn. Irresistible force meeting an immovable object type of a scene. The auspicious benefits from your past lives are restricted. This difficult position will affect your spiritual practice also, as essentially, spiritual practice is merging with your innermost self, the deepest transformation possible. Choose your practice with due diligence (8th house is twelfth from the 9th) as you might get misguided. You will be made helpless, impotent, tossed about by your prarabdha karma. Even if you are offered genuine help, you will fail to recognise it, reject it and get into more trouble. Next, you fear intimacy. You fear the love you feel for your loved one. You feel vulnerable when your loved one tells you that he/she loves you. There will be very few genuine people like this in your life. This may be a result of an abusive family, broken family, feeling unloved, absence of love, broken heart, coldness, emotional trauma, sexual crime, abuse of the occult, etc in early childhood or past lives. Either you went through these issues or perpetrated them on others. Misuse or abuse of the power you had on others. The lesson is you have to learn to share your innermost feelings with your loved one. Intimacy is not just physical intimacy, it is also emotional. If you have someone in your life whom you love and who loves you in return, try to share yourself with him/her. Accept the help offered. Else Saturn will teach you this lesson thoroughly by making you emotionally cold, abusive, create intimacy issues, issues with inheritances etc to resolve your karma. You might face abandonment, isolation, frustration, sorrow. You owe a debt to your loved one, resolve it else you will be repeating this same painful lesson again and again. Also you have to learn more about your own psychology, your deepest feelings, motivations etc with this position. 

Saturn in the 9th house of luck and divine blessings will make you a non-believer, an atheist. You are repelled by higher learning, philosophy, belief, faith, outer trappings of organised religion etc at least when you are younger. It is possible that you were betrayed by your religious teacher, family or religious group in a past life. Or were made to suffer for your personal views on religion, faith etc. Some of these negative experiences will occur in this life too. There may be sorrow and suffering despite having all material things. But now Saturn will give you the opportunity to rectify things. These unhappy events make you think more about higher powers in life. Now you have to work on this belief aspect and come to a conclusion about your own truth and foundational philosophy. You are capable of studying systematically and might take up subjects like theology, law, where deep introspection, cross-referencing etc is necessary to arrive at a suitable conclusion. Only tip is to be true to yourself, shun hypocrisy and try to be as genuine as possible. Later in life you might become a teacher of these same subjects. You can try to learn more about different cultures, ideas, etc so that the qualities of tolerance, assimilation, acceptance are positively generated in you. All planets work well in the 9th house so this Saturn can grant you inner peace etc with time.


Saturn in the 10th house creates insecurity related to the profession, social status, salary etc. You fear failure but are ambitious, you feel that you are on a mission. The father is generally unloving or unavailable especially in the childhood thus there may be some psychological issues regarding expression of the self-ego.  You are not sure about expressing yourself, thus will encounter delays, frustrations etc in the career. You are expected to work hard and sincerely in these aspects of life. Do not use immoral or unethical means to get ahead in the profession else humiliation and public disgrace can happen for sure. However if you work with integrity you will be recognised. Saturn wants you to learn about power. Material successes will come slowly, some help may be received but there will also be setbacks. If you can think of some social cause you can participate in, this energy will be balanced. Meeting and interacting with people is helpful in this position. Try to be detached so that you can think clearly in profession. You will gain power in your profession/ society steadily and are expected to exercise it carefully. Be cautious, humble, yet stand up for yourself, eventually you will get the recognition you desire. 

Saturn in the 11th house will make you insecure about social circles. You hesitate before going to social events. It is possible that, in your past lives, you were thrown out from your society, outcaste types and thus now you are not sure about your community. You cannot make friends easily. If you have older siblings you cannot establish good relations with them. You feel emotionally insecure in society, thus prefer a more secluded life style. You have to work on your confidence and you do it. Around middle age you actively work on your social skills and confidently engage with others. You are generally hard-working and practically oriented. If this Saturn is in a good sign or auspicious you can even be a leader in your community and gain a lot. Maybe you and your friends can take up some common cause for the society you live in. One thing is that you will be made to work or take on added responsibilities because of your friend circle. You should be aware of this and not let the agents of the 11th house take advantage of you. Saturn’s way of working is through the social and material aspects of life. He will either deny them or make you work so hard because of them that they lose their charm. If the horoscope shows and evolved soul and the Saturn is auspicious then he can work as a highly spiritualising force in your life.

The 3rd 6th and 11th are all upchaya houses. So resolve the negative issues presented by them in time, before they magnify. If you resolve these in time, only then will their positives increase with time. Saturn in these houses will help you do this in a systematic manner. As always things will dramatically change after you cross 36yrs of age (Saturn’s maturity age)

Saturn in the 12th house gives an inherent fear of being imprisoned, confined, disabled, insane, helpless dependant etc. This is because you have experienced these things in your past lives and now will do anything to avoid the same pain. The early childhood can be typical (post here). Generally there is a sense of unease eg if you see an insane person roaming in the streets you strangely feel responsible. Or if someone in your family is in the hospital you feel restless. Or if someone is emotionally upset you feel guilty for no reason. You will often go out of your way to heal/ help them. The solution is to feel compassion, feel kindness but always remember that every soul makes his own choice and you are not responsible for his miserable situation. There is the higher law of Karma operating for all. Personal spiritual practice will work for you. You can learn energy healing modalities if you feel like it or take up come profession related to medicine or counselling. Help them but never feel guilty for things which happen to others. You are intuitively confident about your own ideas, thought processes and you have the perseverance to follow them up. The 12th house with an auspicious Saturn is very good for spiritual growth. However if he is inauspicious then it can get very troublesome as he restricts the positive influence of the 12th house. In this case, there will be a tendency towards ill-health, disease, separations, isolations, hospitalizations, immoral acts etc. Once you get into this loop of negativity getting out of it will be difficult.


Saturn wherever he is placed, will make you want the more material things connected to that house. You will have to work hard to get them. But he will ensure that you remain dissatisfied by these things. If the rest of the horoscope supports, ie powerful ascendant sign/lord and birth Moon, then you can learn his lesson more easily. Always try to bring kindness, gentleness, spirituality and acceptance into these things represented by Saturn, however difficult it may seem.

With Shani, there are two ways the energy can work. One you are brought face to face with some karma which requires work and you are made to work for it. Or you are completely restricted from this aspect of life, ie the positive energy of the entire house remains unavailable and things connected to it become a burden on your soul. Often what happens is that Saturn will give you the first option for a limited time depending on the Dasha/transit. And if you choose to ignore his demand for work then he will execute the second option. The window for rebalancing is closed and you will face the same combination in your next life.

This post was on the way Saturn affects the psychological emotional context in different houses. Whichever house in your chart is influenced by him, be prepared to work hard in these aspects of life. You will face restriction, trouble and humiliation here, but persevere and work. Eventually Saturn will be satisfied and ultimately give you the Gain related to this house.

How divination works and the 9th house

A short post today.

The 9th house is the house of luck, divine blessings, your auspicious merits from your past lives, guidance of the Guru, ancestors, the help you get from your seniors etc (post here). Jyotish is a Vedang and we use it to know more about our own selves. When you go to an astrologer to know about your charts, you are doing it because of the power of your 9th house inspires you to do so. You want to change your luck. To seek answers and to receive them needs an auspicious 9th house. In most Indian languages, we address Jyotishis as Guru-ji, ie we request guidance from the Parmeshwar in the form of a reading. 

A genuine Jyotishi has a Vidya and knows that if he puts price on it, the negative karma of the client will attach to him. He can only accept Dakshina willingly offered by the client. Earlier, if you wanted to consult a Jyotishi, you would go to him on an auspicious day. Offer him some flowers, fruit, money, betel leaves if you could, a Namaskar with gratitude and ask your question. He would not check how much money you had given or ask for more. He would answer to the best of his capacity (his 1-5-9 houses) and as per the punya/ auspicious merits (9th house) of the client. The only reason where he would refuse to answer, was if the omens, Shakun, were unfavourable. Omens are linked to the workings of the 9th house of the querent.

Shakun are important in the practice of Jyotish. A Jyotishi is also called a Daivednya, ie someone who can fathom the destiny, fate, predestined events, tangles of karma, Will of the Universe etc. (This is mainly connected to the 9th house of the client.) When you understand that you are exploring the workings of intelligent consciousness, you realise that the environment around you also offers answers. In fact the querent himself carries the answers with him. There are several books on Shakun-s which you can refer to. Shakun-s are also discussed in books on Prashna.

Shakun can be anything, the items which the client has offered to the astrologer, the gestures that the client makes as he is asking the question, the first word that the client speaks, the sound of birds/ animals in the area etc. This includes observing your own self, the Swar in your own breath can give you so many answers if you are aware. Intuition should always be acknowledged, this is also a part of the Shakun, ie if you or the client feels uneasy, confused, there is a sense of weight, stifling energy,  disturbing images flash in your mind or you feel positive, happy etc. Or some object falls down or if there is an accident on the street or you hear people arguing somewhere or you hear soothing music from the room next to yours.

All these things indicate the energy of the moment and hint at the answer to the questions. So when a client approaches an astrologer with a question, his behaviour, your own behaviour and the environment together subtly supply the answers even without referring to the charts. While reading for a client with a strong 9th house, there will be powerful and obvious Shakun during the reading. And a Jyotishi with a powerful 5th house will be more capable in understanding them. In the Mahabharat, the King of Gandhar was an expert at reading omens so was given the title ‘Shakuni’.

Jyotish is not for everyone. Divination tools work only for those charts who have an auspicious Dharma trikon, ie the 1st 5th 9th houses have to be powerful, especially the 9th house. The 9th house and its lord indicate the strength of your blessings. The help that you get. Getting a proper reading is a help from the Universe on a grand scale. In your study sample (post here), observe people who have a damaged 9th house/lord and then observe people who have a strong 9th house/lord. There will be a very marked difference in these two types of people. Unexpected support, lucky choices, a random event which helps, a nudge from the Universe at the right time, the 9th house plays a subtle and pivotal role in life.

The ‘luck’ that your 9th house represents, manifests as guidance from the astrologer. That critical spark of luck is provided by the Jyotishi, who is reading your chart at this time. If your 9th house is damaged at birth, then advice given by astrologers will rarely work for you. You might not believe in divination methods, thus not approach astrologers in the first place. The 9th house is so important that even if your 9th lord in transit gets debilitated or unfavourably placed etc, you will not be able to make full use of the astrologer’s guidance. However even for those who have a damaged 9th house/lord at birth, if he gains some power in transit, then for this time duration you will temporarily be more lucky in life.

This concept also works for the astrologer himself. A good astrologer will have a powerful Dharma trikon in his birth chart. Especially the 5th house has to be very auspicious. The 5th house/lord is connected to Mantra-siddhi (post here). ‘Mantra’ is a Sanskrit word which also means discussions, advice and guidance. To be able to give good advice, the 5th house has to support you. The 1st house is the overall personality. You have to look convincing enough for people to approach and seek help from you. And finally your 9th house is your own ability to be the respected senior, peer, teacher, guide. But even if you have this auspiciousness in your birth chart, the ability to divine varies with the Mahadasha and the transits. Observe your own self and note how the Dasha/ transits affect your ability to read. Eg when my Dharmesh, ie 9th lord gets combust or retrograde, debilitated or afflicted by malefics in transit, I do not feel inclined to do readings. I obviously can if I need to, but it feels like a chore. When he comes out of these effects, I feel the change within me, things start flowing again. I wrote my maximum posts when my Mantresh, ie 5th lord was favourably placed in relation to my 5th house. Creativity was on an all time high and I was driven to write. And when my Lagnesh, ie 1st lord is debilitated in transit, I simply do not think about charts, my past lives karma comes up demanding my attention. The best, ie divinely inspired readings, are when the Dharma trikon gets power in transit. When this happens, I don’t even need to see the charts, the required information just flashes before me. 

Thus if the astrologer you are consulting is going through a bad period, he will not be able to answer your questions appropriately. And you might need to take a second opinion from someone else. Generally during such adverse periods, a genuine astrologer will not take clients and focus on setting his own energy right. 

And if a competent astrologer’s readings fail to work for you, don’t blame Jyotish or the astrologer. Instead do some remedies for the 9th house and things will fall into place automatically.

Rahu Ketu in the 4/10 axis

The 5 Tara graha, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are connected to the lower 5 chakras. Moon is at the Ajnya chakra and the Sun is the Sahasrara. Rahu and Ketu are the completely astral graha which put your internal geometry out of balance, they ‘churn’ your sense of self. These are the chhaya-graha. Chhaya छाया means that these two forces ‘blend’ or ‘shade’ your inherent energy, awareness and intelligence. They are responsible for the ‘play of consciousness’. Rahu and Ketu are forces who create reflections and shadows. Elusive illusions. (I have written several posts on Rahu Ketu, do use the index page if you wish to read.)

Rahu is the desire to experience all that you can. Ketu is disconnection and limitlessness. The engine which subtly drives the energy of your chart is Rahu. And Ketu is the guard cabin, the deepest learnings you have with you from your past lives experiences. They do not directly affect the material planes but act through the signs/ houses/ planets/ nakshatra they are associated with. So analyse these before you start deciphering Rahu Ketu.

If you have the following combinations in your chart then it is a Rahu or Ketu ‘heavy’ horoscope. More the patterns more dense is the energy and that particular node becomes more important in your life. Check if they are conjunct important graha-s ie the ascendant lord, the Moon or the Sun. Or conjunct highly powerful planets in the chart, ie those with high Shad-bala or owners of the 5th 9th lords or Yogkarak planets. Or conjunct planets linked to the nakshatra of the lagna/ rising degree or the naksahtra of the Moon. Or conjunct or heavily influenced by Marak planets or by natural or functional malefics etc.

The 1st 4th 7th 10th are the Kendra houses, the foundations of the environment around you. The 1st 5th 9th are the Kona houses, the foundation of your personality and the potential for its evolution. The 1st is both a Kendra and a Kona house and the connecting link between these two.

I have written about Rahu Ketu in the 5/11 axis, in the 11/5 axis, the 2/8 axis and 6/12 axis earlier, and there were several requests for their effects in the birth 4/10 and 1/7 axis. Writing a generic post on these two axes is difficult. Rahu Ketu here have to be analysed carefully as they impact the very foundations of your life in their unpredictable and shadowy manner. So this is an indicative post, you must analyse them in depth first before coming to a conclusion on their influence in your life.

This post is about Rahu/Ketu in the 4/10 house axis.

The 4/10 axis is all about structure. The structure that you bring with you and the structure of your destiny. The 4th is the structure you are born into, the structure of your physical body, the psychological imprints you have with you, the spiritual orientation, the earliest lessons which you get as a small baby/ child. This is the nature, nurture, tradition, culture, house, residence, farms, lands, homelands, security, comforts and needs that you have. The 4th is the structure within you, the structure with which you began your current life with. The 10th is the structure without. Your destiny, the zenith of your this life’s achievements, the things you strive for. The structure of your surroundings, society, organisations etc that you are a part of. You are expected to conform to this structure and also help develop it further. Rules and regulations, the lawful work you are expected to perform. The structure you create and also impose on others subordinate to you is the 10th house.

The 4/10 axis is how your in-built structure gets actualised and expressed as the external structure of your destiny. In the Bhavat Bhavam concept these two houses derive and feed energy from the 7th house which in turn derives and feeds energy to the 1st house. And also to the 1st 5th 9th Dharma trikon too via the common link of the 1st house. The 4/10 houses are thus closer to your own personality/ self. The 4th house is the psychological and spiritual base of your life. It was at the nadir at the instant of your birth, the connection you have with your deepest self, an umbilical cord. If this link is auspicious then you are going to be more secure in your this life. The 4th is your sense of over-all well-being. Are you ‘comfortable in your own skin’? These 4th house forces, auspicious or traumatic, push/pull you towards your core. Then the 10th house is commonly interpreted as the profession but there is more to this house. This house was at the zenith when you were born, the mid-heaven. This house, sign and the planets occupying it were at the center of the skies when you were being born and their mission is take you to the highest visible position possible. The 10th house is the reason you are born, the purpose of your life. Thus 4/10 is the journey from your core to your destiny. It is a very sensitive axis and Rahu Ketu here can also give unpredictable and extreme results.


Rahu in the 4th and Ketu in the 10th house

Rahu in the 4th has some similarities with the Rahu-Moon conjunction, ie Shakti yog (post here). There is a strong attachment to the mother, mother figures, home traditions and culture. You desire to enjoy the comforts of stability, landed property, residence and vehicles. You want peace of mind, emotional security and desire ‘nourishment’. There is a need for love. You desire contentment. 

But the karmic forces represented by Rahu are highly predominant in your immediate environment and cannot be avoided. So this need for affection may never be really satisfied. Your mother, siblings, household etc will behave in typical Rahu style, eg your parents may be outsiders in some way but still strongly settled where they live, ambitious, acquisitive, will buy land, houses etc. One advice is to not get involved in any property dealings with your immediate family members you might get cheated out of your own assets. And never cheat others in matters related to property. Your mother and her family can be of use to you in your life but whenever you take their help be aware that there may be hidden costs. So use them carefully. You like travelling but do so rarely, you are more comfortable at home and in familiar surroundings. You might like expensive/flashy cars.

Professions you might choose are, property dealing, farming, animal husbandry, working with children, junior school-teachers, builders, architects, interior decoration etc. There is a sense of aesthetics and an appreciation for life as a whole. If you can give this a outlet in your profession you will be satisfied. You are spiritual by nature, but will run behind the material. Try to find a spiritual anchor in life, this will keep you happy. You are capable of working hard, are persistent and have a deep insight into human nature. Guard against taking decisions based on the emotional context alone. Wealth will be adequate in life and you might be well-known for some typical things later in life.

If this Rahu cannot give auspicious results then expect severe trouble from the family, depression, a tendency to self-harm. Avoid getting into occult, black magic etc with the intention to harm others. Choose your friends and company wisely. Health might need care so do not ignore any symptoms, after middle age go for routine health check ups. Heart related issues are possible. Avoid sexual affairs and remain faithful to your spouse. (eg Saturn Rahu Shapit dosh)

Now on the other side is Ketu in the 10th house. This indicates that the father is generally not available. He may be busy, distant, dead, working overtime, parents may live separately etc. You might feel a disconnect with your father and father figures in your life. In your profession, generally job satisfaction is less. Accept this and do not chase much after material achievements. Avoid being over-ambitious. You are knowledgeable, intelligent, have original ideas and can be an asset in any organization. But Ketu will not allow your talents to be used so easily. You might not get along well with your boss, disagree with him, this might affect your promotion chances. Setbacks in the career are possible. You feel the hollowness in material pursuits and try to search for philosophy in the office, which is not practical. Try to express your ideas in an organised and understandable manner to make the most of them. You have flashes of creativity or might be psychic. Avoid over-thinking else you might not be able to produce anything solid.

In society, your behaviour can get a bit awkward. Socially you will be respected by some and utterly ignored by others. Confusion or psychological disturbance is possible as you cannot enjoy anything. You are aware of the superficiality of every situation you are placed in. You prefer remaining alone, detached. You do not have close friends or people who understand you so might feel lonely. Try to develop your sense of personal ethics as this will give your mind peace. 


Ketu in the 4th and Rahu in the 10th house

Ketu in the 4th house can give neglect and indifference in your early life. Affection from the mother, heathy nutrition, a secure home may be denied. This may result in life-time or deep rooted psychological issues. A lot depends on the power of Ketu. If he is strong, ie in a good Nakshatra, sign, aspected by benefics and capable of giving auspicious results then you can turn these early experiences into sources of strength. You will be granted an incisive insight into the mysteries of the 4th house. On the outward levels it can grant material possessions and you also have the rare ability to use your subconscious in an active manner. Psychic powers are possible, but again in a weak horoscope this can manifest as mental instability. (Mental instability, psychological issues, insanity etc are all caused by an imbalance in the mutual coordination of the conscious and sub-conscious minds). If the birth Moon, ascendant sign/ lord are powerful then you can use Ketu’s gifts. The 4th house is the navel, the point of creation, your deepest hidden source can be accessible with a Ketu here. Ketu grants intelligence but emotionlessness. Prepare yourself as Ketu knows no boundaries and has no sense of fear or any other emotion. He is pure instinct. You might get dragged into more than you can handle on the psychic planes.

On the practical side, there might be ghosts/ hauntings in your residences. Your mother will not be supportive generally and especially in property related disputes. She may have psychic abilities. The father too is rather distant. Social relationships especially with the maternal family might be affected. Never buy joint assets with your family members, you might get cheated out of them. Emotional storms are common around you, but you will not be emotionally involved. Misunderstandings are possible. Most of these issues will be more psychological than material. You might feel inadequate in life and might burst out emotionally, intensely but temporarily. You might be more connected to your grandparents or live with them (Ketu is the oldest graha).

You might function as a regular person on the outside but inside you are disconnected from everything. Often a lack of love in relationships. Social interactions are a strain as you are very sensitive to everything. You are not consciously aware of what you need and this can drive you nuts. But do not take drastic means to fulfil this unknown need else you will get into trouble. There will be unpredictable events in life, random high-lows. But you have a philosophical mindset which will ultimately make sense of all these things.

Rahu in the 10th house is driven to perform. You are on a karmic mission, so take adequate precautions and assess risks before jumping into any project. Avoid taking emotional decisions and do not self-sacrifice too much. You have the ability to endure, persist and follow your life’s desire. You will achieve your dreams but again these will not satisfy nor comfort. You can mobilise people and get things done your way. If the chart is supportive you can be a champion for the poor/ deprived masses and gain a lot of fame and popularity. Politics is a natural profession here. You feel that you are destined for some special purpose. A Rahu supported by auspicious planets especially Jupiter, can take you very high in life. You might get help from your father’s family and also from your bosses, but again there might be hidden costs so be careful. Life after middle age can be highly successful with this Rahu. There is a tendency to sacrifice the 4th house keywords of comfort, personal need, shelter, psychological support, protection etc for what Rahu promises you. However do not neglect these aspects of life else you will not get inner satisfaction and peace. Outer successes will then seem hollow.

However if Rahu in the 10th is incapable of giving auspicious results then he can seriously mess things up. So if he is with or aspected with cruel planets then analyse this chart carefully. Fanaticism, anti-social behaviour can be triggered. A lack judgement, bad company, tendency for mental imbalance, loans, owing money, servitude, underhanded or criminal dealings are possible. At the very least he can affect your professional life and bring disrepute.


Interpreting Rahu Ketu the 4/10 axis is slightly tricky as it has very deep impacts on the mental, emotional as well as the physical bodies. And writing a generic post is even more difficult. So analyse everything systematically in your chart before coming to a conclusion. Then Rahu and Ketu will emphasise their typical results during their Maha Dasha periods and their typical transits. The Rahu-Ketu Antar-Dasha and the Ketu-Rahu Antar-dasha will be specially happening. There will be generally upheaval, unexpected changes, sudden reversals in fortune, unexpected help/ hindrance, luck or bad luck, etc coming your way during the Node-heavy times. The birth horoscope shows the overall life but when these things are to happen are a function of the Dashas. If the appropriate trigger Dasha does not come or comes at an inappropriate time/ situation the result does not occur fully.

Most important is the power of the ascendant sign, the ascendant lord and the birth Moon. If these three are powerful then the personality is strong enough to convert the typical nature of these nodes into opportunities. Historically horoscopes of the realised Guru RamKrishna Parmahansa, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Subhashchandra Bose, John F.Kennedy etc can be studied if you feel like it. And follow the lives of people you know from your study samples (learn astrology systematically).

In summary, the power of Rahu Ketu in the 4/10 has the potential to create extraordinary individuals. How this will happen depends on the rest of the horoscope.








Shadbala Sthan Bala

I am writing on the Shad-bala, this is the third post in this series. Each graha has these six types of strength and they are spashta-bala, ie distinct strengths with different meanings.

  1. Sthana Bala
  2. Dig Bala
  3. Kaala Bala
  4. Chesta Bala
  5. Naisargik Bala
  6. Drig Bala
  • I have written on the Drig Bala in this post. Drig Bala tells you how easily you are going to be able to perform activities related to a planet and the aspects of life that he controls or are you going to face blockages?
  • I have written on the Ishta and Kashta phala in this post. These values tell you if the aspects controlled by a graha are going to be auspicious or inauspicious for you in the long run.

Sthan Bala –

This is strength due to the position, ie the Sthan that the graha occupies in the zodiac. If he is is placed strongly then his results will be more strong. Here we are discussing the power of the result. How strongly an event will occur in your life will depend on the sthan-bala of the connected planet. Graha is not a ‘planet’ as generally translated it is a force (post here).

  • Eg Sthan bala can tell you if you going to be able to study till Degree college or do your PhD. It is not going to tell you if this education is going to help you eg ensure that you get a good job, that is related to the Ishta phala. And to know how easily you are going to do this PhD is to be seen from the Drig Bala of the planet.

How strongly you express yourself or take a stand in the aspects of life controlled by a planet is related to the Sthan bala. How strongly you ‘sit’ in a place is the Sthan Bala. 

  • Eg. Someone is strict in office but is unable to take a stand in front of his spouse. Here the graha responsible for his profession will be very strong in the sthan-bala. And the planet responsible for the spouse will have low sthan-bala.

There are 5 further sub-components of Sthana Bala, each of which are linked to the position the planet occupies in the birth chart or the divisional charts. Briefly,

  • Uccha Bala – how far is this planet from its point of exaltation. The closer he is to this point the more power he derives.
  • Saptavargaja Bala – this is the strength that the graha gets from its position in the sapta-varga divisional charts.
  • Ojhajugmariamsa Bala – this strength is created by the placement of the graha in the odd/even signs in the birth chart and the navamsha/ D9 chart.
  • Kendradi Bala – the position of the planets in the Kendra 1 4 7 10, Panaphara 2 5 8 11 or Apoklima 3 6 9 12 houses in the birth chart. Planets are strongest in the Kendras and least in the Apoklima houses.
  • Drekkana Bala – the strengths of the planets depending on the position in the D3 divisional chart.

So now in our example chart, the row at (1) is the Sthan Bala. Crowley had his Mercury strongest followed by Venus then Jupiter. These three have very high values over 200 points. Then are Mars, Saturn also quite strong at around 200 points. Then is the Moon and Sun has the least points. The simple logic is that he must have been comfortable expressing the energies of the planets in this order. He must have been most strongly assertive about the things in his life controlled by Mercury. eg He created the Thoth deck, Thoth being another name for Mercury. His search for esoteric practices/wisdom took him all over the world. And he also experienced several internal things, as evident from all the books he wrote (post on Crowley here).

shad bala chart

Now open your own Shad-bala table and take a look at the figures. (You will need a free software like Jagannath Hora or a paid one like Parashar light or any other software which gives these values)

  • Check out the planet with the strongest Sthan Bala. This planet has a significant impact on you always. If this planet happens to be your ascendant lord (post here) or the lord of your Moon sign then it will be more helpful in life. You are most comfortable expressing this energy. And likewise situations around you which resonate with this energy are going to be more comfortable to you. 
  • On a general note, planets with over 200 points are considered to have very good Sthan bala, these are your strengths. From 150-200 are also quite good. Any below that, you have to consciously work with them.
  • Then the graha with the lowest sthan-bala, will indicate those areas in life where you feel a loss of confidence and fumble things up. You might want to critically analyse your behaviour and consciously try to improve yourself if required.

Let’s now analyse how planets with higher sthan bala are going to influence you.

If your Sun is the highest in Sthana Bala you are obviously going to more strongly use the keywords of the Sun. You will naturally express yourself most strongly in the houses and signs he controls. You will be confident, authoritative, creative, inspired, radiant, a leader, etc here. Intelligent, aggressive and have that go-getter vibe. Once you want to do something you do not stop or think twice. Then the typical over-dose of solar energy is possible. So do try to listen to your well-wishers and avoid running rough shod over your loved ones. Analyse him and the houses he influences, these can give you a major boost in life if you use them appropriately.

  • Suppose this Sun is in Aries, exalted, and in your 4th house. So you are going display his energy heavily in the matters connected to the 4th house. A career in organisations involved in protection of the homeland is a good way of making use of this energy. Sun as the ruler of the 8th house in the 4th house will make you capable of taking ruthless decisions in the interests of the home etc.

If the Moon has the highest Sthana Bala then you are going to be more comfortable expressing the lunar traits. Generally relaxed, receptive, happy, comfortable, secure, soft, gentle, loving and willing to be loved in the aspects of life indicated by him. You might come across as being somewhat changeable by nature but your core is conservative. Guard against ‘needing’ things in life which will be indicated by the houses/signs he influences. Moon’s most susceptible trait is his requirement for ‘needy love’ which makes him somewhat vulnerable. 

  • Suppose this Moon is exalted in your 6th house. So here he is the ruler of the 8th in a dushamsthan. This gives vipreet raj yog and is good to begin with. To use this energy you can try the medical field, divination, occult, oil rigs, sailors etc. Somewhere where danger and liquids mix. Here you need that high which such situations provide and you can perform best in these sort of situations.
  • It is best if a person chooses a profession which suits his dominant energy. This ensures that he expresses this huge energy outside the house. This will naturally help the career and also secure domestic happiness.

If Mercury scores the highest Sthana Bala then you are going to be very intelligent, logical, confident, good communication, friendly with everyone, good with the hands, networking skills, practical mindset, easy-going basis. Especially so in the aspects of life linked to Mercury. The sthan-bala is your inherent position of strength. You can think, create options and also choose the best option in life. Use the energies of these houses well, you will gain. Often people with such a Mercury are very successful overall especially if he is placed in a good house and capable of auspicious results. Only advice here would be to try to stick to one course of action after you have chosen it. 

Now Venus with the highest Sthana Bala means that you desire his keywords of validation and equitable love in the houses/ signs linked to him in your chart. You have a taste for refined beauty, elegance and good times. You are very presentable. You prefer fair and equitable relationships, try follow your heart’s desire and often have an inclination towards the esoteric. You can motivate yourself, you love yourself and are perpetually at satisfaction with yourself. Overall people with this Venus are quite charming and intelligent. Venus generally gives good results unless severely afflicted in a chart. eg This Venus if in a house connected to the profession can give very talented fashion designers, interior decorators etc. 

Mars with the highest Sthana Bala gives you a dose of martian qualities in the houses he controls. You have energy for everything connected to these aspects of life. And you also might have to face crises and unforeseen events here, but you tackle all this effectively. Overall he will add a veneer of no-nonsense behaviour, intelligence, logic etc to your personality. You might take calculated risks and show personal courage in these aspects of life. But Mars can also make you harsh, arrogant, you might get uncaring, rough with others so choose some avenue where you can express the energy of these houses suitably. Avoid hurting your loved ones in the process. So analyse him and use his power in the most effective way possible.

If Jupiter has the highest Sthana Bala in your chart, then you are the benevolent elder at heart. Optimistic and intelligent you are gentle with others. You like learning and teaching. You project your gentleness, learning, wisdom, kindness, benevolence, helpfulness etc. You are generally satisfied in life and this is evident in your dealings with others. You have faith in the higher Self and believe. You avoid hurting others. But do guard against trusting others too much, as not everyone is good in return. A too trusting nature often receives unexpected hurts from others. The houses he influences are naturally going to be in limelight as you feel more at ease here. eg if he is in your 3rd house you are indulgent towards your siblings, if in the 7th house then you are benevolent with your spouse etc.  (I am a classic example of this.)

Saturn with the highest points in Sthana Bala makes you prefer alone-ness. You are very meticulous, pragmatic, systematic, hard-working and stoic. You like spending time with yourself or in places of natural beauty. You might not be very comfortable in positions of authority or where quick decisions are needed. Saturn may be a malefic by nature but he is a very powerful graha, the force of your past karma which you have to rebalance. So the houses which he is linked to, will demand work from you and you will also systematically do it without any issues. You can leverage this ability to gain high levels of success in life. But in this do not ignore the other aspects of your life else you might end up truly alone. This position also requires self-analysis in order to make use of its energies in the best possible way.


Some ways you can use the Sthan-bala information.

If just one planet is very highly powerful than the others then the personality often becomes lop-sided. In this case you must actively try to use his energies sensibly. The houses/signs linked to him are always going to be uppermost in your mind always. This planet with the highest sthan-bala has to be analysed in depth. If he is a malefic/ benefic for your chart. Which houses does he control/influence? Try to consciously work out how to best use this energy in life. And do not ignore the other aspects of life indicated by the other planets.

If a gentle natured benefic has the highest Sthan-bala your nature has a core of gentleness which unscrupulous people around you can exploit. So look at the malefic with the next highest sthan-bala and try to consciously increase his qualities in you. Similarly if you have a malefic with the highest sthan-bala, try to focus on the benefic with the next highest value. This will ensure that your personality is neither too harsh nor too gentle and you navigate through life more easily.

If in a chart, all the malefics kroor-graha, Sun, Mars, Saturn have higher Sthan bala than the gentler benefics saumya-graha, then you have a very aggressive nature. The energy of the kroor-graha coupled with their power to take a stand can get very intense. You can get so fixated on what you have decided that even the pain and tears of your loved one will not move you or make you change your mind or alter your behaviour. And the other way round if you have all the benefics, Venus, Jupiter, Moon having higher sthan bala than all the malefics then you are essentially a fluffy ball of love who sees the good in everything. You are incapable of being unkind to anyone. You cannot think bad for anyone. This also is not a good trait in life as you will get hurt often. People with either of these extremes must critically analyse themselves. (If you want to learn Jyotish do read this post. These observations on human nature come with observing people and their charts over years. These are my observations from following my own family members and myself over years. You wont get such analysis anywhere. Collect charts and observe these people. Start with 30 charts and then keep adding to this database as you keep learning)

You can try to consciously improve the areas indicated by planets with the lower Sthan-bala. Especially so if the ascendant lord himself has lower sthan-bala then some active remedy should be tried, eg some behavioural changes or mantra etc as per your choice. (I have written several posts on remedies, do look up the index page.)

I still have to write on the Naisargik, Dig, Kala and Chestha bala which I will do in my future posts. (There is a book on Graha and Bhava balas by BV Raman in case you want to get into more details on the math.)


Jupiter transiting Capricorn 2020-21

Jupiter graha will now transit through Capricorn, his sign of debilitation. This transit is very critical and has to be seen in the context of Saturn occupying Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn and is capable of powerful results in it. But his capacity to give results is influenced by his association with the debilitated Jupiter. Both are unable to give their results fully.

As usual Jupiter will show all 8 types of movements at different speeds and also go combust as per this schedule during this transit.

  • Enters Capricorn – 20th Nov 2020
  • Goes combust from 18th Dec 2020 to 9th Jan 2021.
  • Enters Aquarius – 6th Apr 2021
  • Goes retrograde in Aquarius – 20th Jun 2021
  • Enters Capricorn retrograde – 14th Sept 2021
  • Goes forward in Capricorn – 18th Oct 2021
  • Enters Aquarius – 21st Nov 2021

Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn and his impact is overall adverse, he has the potential to make you miserable in several ways. He represents luck, fortune, blessings, protection, expansion, kindness, benevolence, support from your peers/patrons, auspicious benefits from your past lives, the foundations of your life. The auspiciousness in your life in all ways. All these things in life do not work effectively when Jupiter is in Capricorn.

Saturn owns Capricorn, he gives powerful but not always pleasing results when he is here. He is rules, the karmic schedule you have planned for yourself, restrictions, budgeting your resources, maturity, responsibility, work, no-nonsense attitude, pragmatic nature, social mobility/ status, profession, gains of all sorts, social interactions, etc. Saturn himself occupying Capricorn will bring all these things into high focus. Saturn is a very powerful graha, the force of your own pending karma which demands to be balanced.

They are together in Capricorn. Capricorn is broadly your profession, boss, father, salary income, work, social standing, social mobility etc. So analyse their results together in the environment provided by Capricorn.

First let’s check out the general results. Jupiter is entering Capricorn again this year, the first time he was here, he expanded the COVID 19 havoc. So it is possible that his entry here again may trigger sporadic outbreaks (Do go through the post on Mars retrograde.) In this current Shri Sharvari naam samvarsara, Jupiter has transited through Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius, 3 signs in one year. (The predictions for the year follow the Nav nayak scheme.) Such fast movement is highly inauspicious as is evident.

Wars, famines, emergencies, recession, economic collapses, diseases, civil riots, anarchy, etc are all possible and are happening in some or other part of the world even now. Religious activities will not give auspiciousness. Justice will be denied despite corruption being exposed. Issues do not get resolved. Unnatural deaths of political leaders is possible. Gold prices will stop rising but people are too poor to buy it now. The coming winter will be colder. All seasons in 2021 will all be extreme. Natural calamities will occur. Pollution will be higher, environmental activists will be on an over-drive, preaching. Racism will be high. Hinduism/ Sanatan Dharma will be targeted. Regarding COVID 19, the vaccine should be announced after Mars gets back to normal in Jan 2021. Doubts will be cast on the entire COVID 19 narrative and the USA elections after this. China will continue to break internally, though posing strongly outwardly. For India /Bharat it is a time for hard work which will pay off later.

Now in your own horoscope, you have to analyse the functional roles for Jupiter and Saturn, which houses they are placed at birth etc. The Vimshottari Dasha, Mahadasha and its further antardasha you are in, will have its effect. Finally the transits will fine tune the Dasha results. The current transit of Rahu Ketu in Taurus/Scorpio is very significant. Especially Mars retrograde/forward is on an extended stay in Pisces/Aries now. The planets are going combust and retrograde from time to time also have their typical effects.

One thing to remember, take up only those projects which are related to physical, material, practical stuff. Hopeful and wishful thinking will not get you anywhere. Innovation, creativity, spirituality etc are muted as Saturn is more powerful than Jupiter in Capricorn. Those into spirituality, mediation etc can lose interest, businesses related to these topics will suffer. Jupiter in Capricorn and later in Aquarius will give general dissatisfaction. Take the long view and be patient.

In the list of brief results, if you count from your ascendant sign you will get the physical result, the actual event on you and in your environment. If you count from the birth Moon sign you will get the effect on the mind/ emotions. Eg if your ascendant is Leo, Capricorn lies in your 6th house in your birth chart. If your birth Moon is in Aquarius, then Capricorn is in your 12th house in your birth moon chart. And if you count from the sign occupied by your birth Saturn or Jupiter, it can give a glimpse on the subtle lesson they intend to give you.

Remember that Saturn aspects the 3rd and 10th house from where he is. Jupiter aspects the 5th and 9th house from his location.  So you can add more predictions to these basic ones by adding these aspects.

If Capricorn lies in your 1st house. The middle phase of the Sade-sati is on for you. You will have the fortitude to bear under stress and you will need it as there will be several anxious moments. Try to get adequate rest. Students need to pay attention to their education. Relationships will give unhappiness. Avoid over-spending. You might feel alone. Travel is a possibility. You might gain wealth and status if you are living/ working in foreign lands to the west of where you were born.

If Capricorn is your 2nd house. The third and last phase of the Sade-sati is on for you. This period gives mixed results, but I am counting on Jupiter as the winner of the Graha yuddha between him and Saturn so predicting positive results. So you can gain wealth, family relationships will be good, religious actives are possible during this time. Giving loans during this period is not advisable. Avoid feeling jealous of others and if possible do some charity. This will make what you really have with you seem more solid, more real. Avoid arguments and using harsh words. You might feel alone/ unwanted. Stick strongly to your moral compass.

If Capricorn occupies your 3rd house then, mixed results are indicated depending on the power of Jupiter and Saturn in your birth chart. Either education, trade, family life, children, spouse, friends etc will be good and auspicious or ultimately you might get cheated. Be cautious especially of friends/ family members etc who seem to be too good to be true. Avoid big investments. Saturn in the 3rd is overall good, so even if problems crop up you have the necessary power to deal with them effectively. If Saturn is auspicious for you then this period will be quite good.

If Capricorn is in your 4th house. This is also called Kantak Shani. This means that the home environment is affected. Your mother, residence, vehicles, comforts, rest, security can suffer from Jupiter’s lack of effective ‘protection’. Bouts of depression/diseases can be expected. You might have to leave your home town and relocate to foreign lands. But you will gain if you do so, leadership roles etc can be available. There is a possibility of philosophical growth and maturity. Try to spend time with your spouse/ children, your schedule may be too busy, do not ignore them. Budgeting is necessary.

If Capricorn is in the 5th house. This time will make you challenge your own life philosophies and your experimental, irreligious, non-spiritual behaviour can increase your stress. You are at internal war with yourself. Overthinking is not good. Your children, if any, will need attention, if they are old enough they might leave the house, eg go to hostels, ie separation is possible. Marital life will be strained. Interpersonal relationships will be stressful. Money, education will be good, you might win prizes but get no internal satisfaction. If you work with your hands, eg are a craftsman, architect, engineer, builder etc you can expect success. Try to follow some established spiritual practice during this period, as it will ultimately benefit immensely in the long run.

If Capricorn is in the 6th house. Take care of your health, especially the conditions indicated by Saturn in your birth chart might flare up. Stress from spouse/ children is possible, take care of their health. Enemies will not be able to act against you, though there will be several plotting against you in secret. You will be very busy, ie will be given lots of responsibilities, if you fulfil these effectively you will gain repute but health might be affected. Your professional/ spiritual accomplishments are more in the background, as you are more interested in serving the society. Wealth should flow be adequate. This is overall a good time, despite the debilitated Jupiter. Here I am counting on Saturn to prevail over Jupiter so check your personal chart. Be careful about trusting others this might lead to loss of reputation, unnecessary expenditures, stress etc.

If Capricorn is in your 7th house. Kantak Shani, the thorns in your life. Jupiter though debilitated can provide some relief if he is a functional benefic and strong in your birth chart. There will be stress in the marriage. The social circles/ natures/ life-philosophy etc of you and your spouse will be different and this might lead to differences now. There may be separation from spouse in some way or the other. Spouse’s health might give you cause for concern. Affairs are possible and this affects the stability of the marriage. However there are possibilities of professional success if Jupiter is powerful in your birth chart. Financial situation will improve slowly. Your family members/ friends might need your help.

If Capricorn is in your 8th house. Kantak Shani position. Saturn will give pain, Jupiter though debilitated can provide some relief, but still it is not a good time. Marriage can be a source of frustration but if you engage in illicit affairs, it will complicate the situation even more. Feeling lonely and unloved can be stressful so try to go out with your family/ friends groups. The spouse may be ill, also take care of your own health. Try to appreciate the other’s point of view and avoid self-entered behaviour. You will be kept busy with responsibilities and might not get time for yourself. You might get property or wealth through legacies/ wills from others if Jupiter is well placed in your birth chart. Else losses are possible.

If Capricorn is in the 9th house. Either you will remain satisfied with what you have gained. Or disinterested in everything you have gained. Either way you now develop your own understanding of life and try to live your life accordingly. Others will find this attitude difficult to understand. This can lead to alienation so do make an occasional effort to interact with others in your family/ society. Senior members of your family may fall ill/ die. Try to perform some pilgrimage or pujas. If your Jupiter is strong in your birth chart then this period can be somewhat better. You might get a long distance job or some gains from long pending issues. Overall there is some hope of positivity.

If Capricorn is in the 10th house. This is also considered to be a thorny proposition, Kantak Shani. He creates lingering issues which give pain. Be careful in your profession, you might be forced to compromise in your job, or be given bribes. You might be involved in teaching type of roles during this time or people might ask your advice. You might get superficially interested in ancient culture or occult etc type of subjects. You might get some special projects in your work. However try to take others along, follow the established rules, dress well, present yourself properly. Being harsh can create unnecessary problems. Health can be down, eyesight, mind, kapha type of issues are possible.

If Capricorn is in the 11th house you can get several opportunities to gain on the material levels. Wisdom and philosophy will also be yours, however for this time you will be inclined towards the material than the spiritual. Respect, fame and general prosperity will be enhanced, you will be very active in society. This is a good time, use it well, several opportunities are going to open. If studying you have to pay attention to your studies. And if you have children you must pay attention to them. If you are a Pisces Moon, this period is the best time for you. Saturn is favourable and Jupiter too. You can realise your dreams during this time, so go ahead with your projects. The current adverse Mars transit will resolve in Jan 2021 and then things will improve dramatically. This coming year will grant you success, fame, wealth and all the things you wish for.

If Capricorn is in the 12th house. The first phase of the Sade-sati is on for you. You might be required to leave your hometown or settle in foreign lands. There will be stresses, take care of your health, especially of the eyes. There may be losses of money, so think twice before spending large amounts. Loneliness, separation from family, arguments, are possible. Avoid addictions, take care of your health, physical and mental. You might perform some religious rituals/remedies which you think will help you but they might not work during this period. You must be careful.


Overall Pisces has the best time, especially the Pisces Moons will fare the best. Leo will face some trying times but overall it should be ok. Scorpio will have to wait till Mars gets to his regular self again, ie after Jan 2021, then things should be better. Taurus should try to find opportunities as there will be some auspicious possibilities. Cancer and Virgo will have an average to ok time. Aries might have to compromise with their morals. Sagittarius is going through the last phase of the Sade-sati so not very happy. Libra will have see issues on the home front. Capricorn is worried about the future. Aquarius and Gemini are not in a good place.

Solutions will be to do some daily pujas or some personal spiritual practice or mantra jaap of the concerned planets, Homa, charity, etc are all possible. Do check out the index page to locate these posts.

You have to tailor these predictions as per your own birth chart. So open the Ashtakvarga table, check the points that Jupiter has in Capricorn, if they are more than 4, then the positive predictions above will hold, else there will be issues during this Jupiter in Capricorn transit. (If your birth rising degree is not at the centre of the sign then you may have to calculate the Ashtakvarga table by hand). Depending on your level of study you can also check out the Shad Bala, ie the Drig Bala, Ishta/Kashta phala, etc related values of your Jupiter to know if he is auspicious for you overall. Or use the Ashtapadmadala chakra. I have written posts on all these topics so use the index page to locate them. Also go through my earlier posts on transit predictions to see how predictions work in real life.

Drig Bala, Strength of the planets

Shad-bala is a basic concept, every graha has six sources of strength. If you open your software, you will see a consolidated value for each planet. The Shad-bala are Spashta-bala, ie they have to be seen separately as each of the six strengths has a different meaning. The Shad bala is a deeper analysis on the quality of the results of the graha. This is one of the important tools used in Jyotish. (I have written about Ishta/Kashta phala in this post.)

Drig Bala is one of the Shad-bala. It is the strength that a planet gets because of the aspects that it receives from the other planets. Here we consider the fractional aspects on addition to the regular aspects. A simple concept, more spread out your planets are, higher will be their Drig Bala. If you have the graha clumped together in so-called ‘stelliums‘ or you have several conjunctions in your chart then the Drig strength is reduced.

shad bala chart

In our example, Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. Check out the the Drig Bala, it is at point (6). He had Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus with negative Drig values. But these values are very marginally negative. They are not severely negative. Moon, Mars and Saturn are highly positive. Moon was his ascendent lord. Mars is Yogkarak for Cancer ascendent. So major aspects of his life are covered here. If you analyse his highly happening life, he did receive a lot of help from others. Even the Thoth deck he created, was created with the significant help from Lady Frieda Harris.

The concept here is that the planet is either helped or hindered by the influence of the other planets on him. ie Will a graha be able to give his results effectively without interference? Will he be helped by the other planets? Will he be hindered by them? Sometimes in life you are prevented from using the keywords of a planet. Aspects of life controlled by certain graha give you trouble. And sometimes certain aspects of life go forward smoothly, others help you on your this path. All these circumstances can be seen from the Drig Bala. 

Drig Bala can have positive or negative values. In a chart, if both the ascendant lord and the birth Moon have a positive Drig Bala, then you have the ability to endure through possible obstacles created by the other planets negative Drig Bala. It is important that benefic planets have a positive Drig Bala, the higher the better. It makes life easier, less tumultuous. You receive help from others and blockages vanish before they actually manifest.

  • If a planet has negative value then obviously this planet will create obstacles, the higher this value is the more intense the effect. Whenever this planet tries to do something, he will be hindered. If you have several planets with negative Drig Bala, then you will face blockages in the aspects of life linked to these several planets.
  • And on the other hand if several planets have positive Drig Bala, then all the aspects of life represented by these planets are going to be easier. These planets help and support you. 

Now, if in your chart, natural malefics ie the Sun, Mars, Saturn have positive values and higher Drig Bala as compared to the natural benefics ie Moon, Jupiter, Venus then you might feel at ease performing harsh actions rather than kind actions. You might hurt others with your words/ actions and be unaware of it. This naturally will lead to negative karma, so be careful. Evaluate your actions/ words as cruel planets are sometimes concerned with unethical or immoral actions. But, and here is the positive side, they are also connected to dangerous or risky actions which are often necessary, eg waging war to protect the nation from attackers is essential. So if you think, you can actually utilise this cruel energy for the benefit of others in a positive way. But not all of us are going to wage war so a simpler way of looking at this is, if you genuinely try to perform harsh things for the greater good, you will get help in your endeavours. A good option for such people would be to take up a profession where you are sometimes required to be harsh, or work in harsh environments, eg army, police, law, courts, hospitals, etc.


Another way of using your Drig Bala values is, if you ever have to choose between two options, always choose the thing connected with the planet with the higher positive Drig Bala. This will give you assured success. Events and situations connected to planets with a positive Drig Bala go more smoothly and with less stress and obstacles. You get help from unexpected sources. If you choose options associated with a severely negative Drig Bala planet you will face frustrations and failures. These events create more adversity. So concentrate on the positive Drig Bala planets to live a happier life. This is applicable to Dasha-s also, eg your life will be happier in the dasa of a positive Drig Bala graha. In the Dasha-s of highly negative Drig Bala graha-s you will face hinderances from several sources.

Now a quick run-though graha-wise, what you can expect. No one wants to know why positive things happen, but if negative things happen they want get to the root of things! So writing about the negatives. This post is to trigger your own thought process so open your study samples and try to analyse how Drig bala works in real charts.

Negative Drig Bala planets creates obstacles. Positive Drig Bala graha open opportunities in the aspects of life that they control. Naturally this will have to be taken in context of the individual horoscope. The functional roles of the graha should always be taken into account when applying any theory to personal charts.

If the Sun’s Drig value is highly negative then activities connected to your personal ego, personal creativity, etc will give you a headache. Leaderships roles can land you in trouble. This can cause loss of confidence, so career etc may not be satisfying, reaching the top level in management may be difficult. You might create more enemies on your way. Your children can create turmoil in your life etc. But this will vary as per the functional role of the Sun in your chart.

  • A detailed example.
  • If you have a Libra ascendent then Leo would be your 11th house, so in this case expect your friends, older siblings and extended like-minded groups to make you unhappy or create obstacles in life.
  • If this Sun has highly negative Drig Bala then you might not even have older siblings, nil friends, be isolated in society etc.
  • In this, suppose the Sun is in the 4th house. You will be dissatisfied with your mother/home culture. Nurture might be denied, home comforts will fail to give you security/stability. Your mother might behave with you in an adversarial manner. You may gain success in life only after you leave your hometown and settle elsewhere.
  • Drig Bala is linked to the quality of the experience which the graha provides. You might get a good house, good mother etc, depending on the other combinations in the chart but the negative Drig Bala Sun will create obstacles in the experience in some way or the other.

The Moon with negative Drig Bala is a challenge. You are more sensitive to the negative influences around you. Others will be cruel to you and you will suffer from lack of ‘necessary’ things like nutrition, rest, comforts, security and love. Your needs and feelings will generate obstacles in your life. The emotional and mental outlook generally suffers as Moon is the lens of your perception. You tend to see your life to be a lot worse than it actually is. You feel bad about receiving anything  because your ‘receptivity’ is more tuned to the negative. Changes occur in life generally but for you any ‘change is a source of stress. Astral body may give cause for concern.

  • A detailed example.
  • Suppose you have Cancer ascendant, so Moon owns the 1st house and in charge of your personal body, the surrounding environment and how these two interact with each other. Also his regular functions related to mind, emotions, nature and nurture etc.
  • If he has high negative Drig Bala then everything physical in life will create obstacles for you. Personal health and surrounding environment will be adversarial.
  • Moon is also the astral body, so subtle negativity on this plane too. Hauntings and unknown ailments can be triggered. 
  • Suppose in this, the Moon occupies the 3rd 6th 8th or 12th houses then it can get worse. If he is in a Kendra/ Kona/ exalted/ influenced by functional benefics then somewhat better results can be predicted.
  • However mental satisfaction will be less and there may be physical illness/ emotional suffering, in cyclic patterns.

Mars with a negative Drig Bala in your chart indicates that you get stressed out when you are required to take up challenges. The decisions you take often cause you stress. Asserting your will power, finding innovative solutions can get discouraging. This can create obstacles in your career as your ‘passion’ is affected. You might suffer from health issues related to blood pressure or Nadi/ Pran movement may be faulty. There may be actual blocks here. If he is highly negative then do have a yearly medical check-up after middle age.

Mercury with a negative Drig Bala means that your logical mind, the options available before you and the option you choose will cause interference in life. Or whenever you try to exercise your these abilities you will be prevented in some way or the other. You might think about something but when the times comes to actively perform it you are blocked. Communicating becomes difficult. Your speech may be harsh or you use inappropriate words or others are harsh to you. You face opposition when you try to communicate. Skills are affected, if you work in trade, or with your team-mates, your ability to actually do things is blocked.



Jupiter is the foundational philosophy, luck, the help we get in life, deep knowledge, happiness in marriage/children etc. He indicates your Dharma, ie the inclination to perform auspicious deeds, the wish to be involved in pious activities, perform charity, help others, offer respect to teachers /elders /deities, perform rituals to help the ancestors etc. He is all the support and kindness you receive in life. When Jupiter has a negative Drig Bala, then he does not allow these things with ease. Even if you get these things in life he creates blockages. People are unkind to you and even if someone tries to be kind, you do not appreciate his help/ kindness, it hurts you instead.

If Venus has a negative Drig Bala, then you are going to face obstacles in partnerships and in wealth creation. ‘Enjoyment’ is affected. Family life and spouse will stress you out. Be careful while signing contracts and business deals as there may be negativity hidden in them. Broken marriages and lawsuits are seen with this Venus. On the spiritual level, you are disinclined to do your personal spiritual practice which will naturally amplify the stresses. If he is very highly negative then he can completely deny these things. And even if the other planets in the chart grant these things, he will create obstacles.

Saturn is the schedule which you have follow to rebalance your outstanding karma. The stoic capacity to weather storms in life, to endure in adversity. You do not have an option on this, these tasks are what you have chosen for yourself in this life. He naturally indicates the sufferings and adversities in your life. So if you think that a negative Drig Bala Saturn is going to be helpful, you would be wrong. If he is highly negative then you will tend to fight against your destined sufferings/ tasks/ karmic requirements. This makes things worse. Railing against fate never makes things better. In matters connected with Saturn, often the best thing is calm acceptance of the situation. Often being pragmatic is necessary. If you have a negative Drig Bala Saturn, you fight your karma, you question why this is happening to you, you cannot accept the fact that this karmic task is unavoidable and thus you increase your stress. 

In case you have a graha with severely negative Drik bala values then you can take up simple remedies related to that planet which will help you. Some of them can be as simple as wearing clothes of his colors, eating the foods linked to him or wearing perfumes he likes. Or you can do a mantra jaap of that planet on the day of week connected to him. Or give away simple items in his honor so that his energies remain balanced. I have written on all of these do use the index page to locate the posts you wish to read.

Retrograde and combust Mercury 2020

Mercury will be going retrograde from 14th Oct to 3rd Nov 2020 in Libra, he will transit Swati and Chitra nakshatra during this period. And in the present time it is a bit complicated. Mercury goes retrograde for about 3 weeks, thrice a year. Mars goes retrograde once in about 2yrs. Now Mars is already retrograde and has entered Pisces retrograde on 4th Oct, he will go forward on 14th Nov 2020. So these two are in the 6/8 axis, going backwards together. And Mercury is combust from 16th Oct to 2nd Nov. Plus the Sun is debilitated in Libra.

Mars is the energy of passion, desire to live, take risks, transform, compete and win. Mercury is the thinking process within your mind and the choice of action in your hands. The energy of a retrograde planet cannot be expressed outwards as it has turned inwards into the subconscious self, so often gets bottled up. Both these Mars and Mercury energies going retrograde together are going to create typical psychological issues. Suffocated emotions, internalised stress, frustration, internal rage, inability to express, loneliness, depression, taking unacceptable risks, illogical thought patterns, senseless risky actions. Some of us will face significant failures in life as the passion to Live and the analytical Mind do not cooperate. A tendency for exceptionally risky behaviour or self-harm or suicides can be triggered.

Communication of all sorts is linked to Mercury, so misunderstandings are possible. Tact and understanding are both lost. And inner bitterness and outer arguments afterwards are going to be fuelled by the retrograde Mars which would be intense. The choices available to you may not be appropriate and create more problems. You might take rash decisions and then hasty actions. Think before you speak, always. Spoken and written words both will be confused. This can manifest as mis-reading the question in your exam paper to making serious mistakes in filing your income tax returns. Those appearing for competitive exams must be careful. Your mental processes, logic, analytical skills, understanding will be affected.

Sense of trade can mislead, ie the risks that you take in your business may cause more losses than profits, so businessmen should take due precautions. There is often unexpected expenditure in such retrogrades. In office, you might get into arguments with your co-workers, team-mates as mis-communication coupled with short tempers will disrupt things. Finance related figures should be double checked. Read and understand important communications carefully. Papers or messages might get lost/ misplaced. Your electronic items like mobile, laptop, hard disks etc can get damaged.

At home, mutual trust between siblings, friends, extended family will be low. You might face unpleasant issues caused by them as relationships will show strain. Bitter, illogical arguments are possible so avoid talking about controversial issues or politics. Do not overdo things or react without thinking first, try to be patient. The power to think and the power to act both are affected for everyone. Then traveling will be tiring. Now is not the time to take a vacation or go on a tour. But fit you need to travel, know that there will be delays. Also keep a small first aid kit of medicines with you.  On the health front specifically digestion can get affected. Those suffering from migraines can see an increase. Skin and nervous complaints can get aggravated. If you feel unwell, take proper medical treatment do not postpone going to the doctor.

Confusions in taking decisions. If possible, always try to finish all major work one week before Mercury goes retrograde. eg shifting house, signing new contracts, new job or appointing new staff, important meetings etc. During a Mercury retrograde, try to stick to the projects which you had started before. There will be issues popping up in these projects, but rather than ditching them try to resolve these issues or wait it out. And this applies to relationships too. If you are in a long-term relationship and feel upset during this retrograde, do not break it off till he resumes his forward movement. Remain patient and try to adjust. In case you meet a potential new partner, romantic or business, during Mercury retrograde, better wait till he goes forward again before committing yourself. Starting any new projects during this period is not good. He will make you re-do them after he goes direct again. At least this time he is retrograde in only one sign Libra. If in case, a planet crosses into another sign while retrograde then all his negative results are intensified. (There are 8 types of planetary movements which I have listed out in this post here.)

If you have your birth Mercury or Mars or Moon in an inauspicious position or your current Dasha/ transits are not favourable, you must take efforts to keep your mood light and happy. Listen to uplifting and relaxing music, Sanskrit shlokas, stotras of your favourite deity, nature sounds etc. Wear clothes of light and bright colors. Keep yourself active but do not overdo it. Do not let your mind get stuck in a rut, if you feel that thoughts are looping in your mind then do something that will break the pattern, avoid over-thinking. Go out for a walk, sit in the fresh air. Try to keep a regular schedule, eat, sleep, work on time. Read light-hearted books or see happy romantic movies if you feel like it. The best way of utilising the energy of the retrograde is to complete any long pending tasks. eg Sorting out old clothes is a good way of utilising Mercury’s organisational skills.

I had written in a recent post that the COVID 19 health issue has stopped its active phase with Rahu/Ketu moving into Taurus/Scorpio. But Mars going retrograde in Aries-Pisces will cause deaths due to misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, carelessness, wrong medicines (intentional or accidental) coupled with human greed and corruption (post here). Intentional misinformation cannot be ruled out in this period. This should get resolved when Mars clearly enters Aries and moves onwards, from Jan 2021. Whenever a planet in retrograde motion enters the earlier sign it causes even more disruptions. So Mars’s current retrograde is rather significant. In this, Mercury too going retrograde will overall worsen the situation. Mercury, if afflicted in any way, always causes problems in medical diagnosis. Mercury being combust by a debilitated Sun means that the people in authority will behave in a high-handed and egoistic manner and might often be wrong. eg If you have your yearly medical check-up coming up, avoid it when Mercury is retrograde or combust. And if you have to get a medical procedure done in this period, opt for a second opinion if possible. In emergencies there is no option, but at least you or your family should recite a small prayer to Mercury before the medical procedure starts.

Now briefly about the Nakshatra, Chitra and Swati. Both are represented by bright single stars in the skies, currently seen on the western horizon after sun-set.

Swati is connected to Rahu and ruled by Vayu. Swati with the retrograde/ combust Mercury will give results somewhat like this. Loss of equilibrium in all ways. The smooth sailing of life will get temporarily turbulent. Medical problems related to the Vaat tendency can be aggravated. Increase in unrealistic materialistic desires and lots of thoughts/ thinking. Mind might desire addictive substances. Increase in aggression which will be primarily directed inwards. Lack of flexibility and compromise in all interactions as selfishness and ruthlessness predominate. Expected achievements will not occur. Losses in financial activities due to unreasonable risks. High degree of restlessness indicated. Avoid blindly following popular trends and mass movements.

Chitra is linked to Mars and its ruler is Tvashta. Chitra with the retrograde/combust Mercury will give these type of results. The systems, laws and the underlying structure within everything will be subject to misinterpretations. More illusions than reality will influence you causing internal frustration. Technical skills will be affected, you might feel like taking short-cuts. Creativity will be stifled. You might feel physically drawn to someone during this period, but this in itself will not be a good foundation for a new long-term relationship. Medicines may cause side-effects. Not a good time for home decoration or buying art/craft. Tact and diplomacy will not be there as imbalance and disharmony exists. If you know some confidential/secret stuff, now is not the time to tell it to anyone. Avoid manipulating others and self-centric behaviour.

Currently Jupiter and Saturn both in transit are in their own houses, so are capable of powerful results. Saturn is beneficial for birth Moon Pisces, Scorpio, Leo till he remains in Capricorn so will help them in several ways. Jupiter in Sagittarius is hemmed by malefics, Saturn and Ketu so is a bit hampered, but still will be of some help. Saturn is aspecting Mercury during this period (23rd Sep to 27th Nov), so lack of confidence while speaking, scattered thoughts, stammering etc will be seen. The act of ‘communication’ will require more effort. You might not want to talk to anyone. Or shut yourself down in personal isolation. Not go out of the house or shut out your loved ones. Saturn is aspecting the retrograde Mars too in this period, adding more negativity to any actions you might take. The power of Passion to Live is retrograde to begin with and also constricted by the nature of Saturn. Getting out of negativity can get difficult. So if you start feeling that it would be good to cut yourself from everything, do reconsider.

Overall this Mercury retrograde/ combust period will be reasonably good for the birth Moon signs Pisces, Leo and Scorpio. The birth Moon signs Aries, Libra, Taurus, Virgo and Gemini need to take care. There might be physical exhaustion and mental stress type of things. The rest of the Birth Moon signs will have an average time. The three Nakshatra, Asleysha, Jeyshtha and Revati are also linked to Mercury’s energies so if your birth Moon is in these you must take adequate care.