Venus Jupiter exact conjunction in Pisces

At the current moment, today, 2nd Mar 2023, we can see the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on the western horizon. They should be getting together in Pisces like this once every 12yrs (but curiously last year they were exactly conjunct at 3deg Pisces on 30th Apr. So in this Jovian 12 yr cycle we had this conjunction for two years in succession. And the last time they were exactly conjunct in Pisces in Feb 1963). The two brightest planets in the skies are together in a brilliant conjunction, visible for a couple of hours after sunset. Today they are both on the 18 deg of Pisces, practically in the center of the rashi and exactly conjunct. Pisces belongs to Jupiter and Venus is exalted in Pisces. I always view Jupiter Venus conjunction/opposition either in the birth chart or in transit or in the Dashas critically. They have great potential to mess up things when together. This happens on a subtle level and not everyone is aware of it. And stuff on the subtle levels manifests on the physical levels in max 6 months.

If either of them were allowed to work here in Pisces alone it would have been wonderful but both together here at once is not an ideal situation. Jupiter knows that it is his house and wants to relax and get his stuff done. And Venus is annoyed that he is not allowed to work freely in his house of exaltation. He knows that he can be comfortable here and get a lot of stuff done, except that Jupiter is also around. And both being in the paap kartari, cruel scissor of Saturn and Rahu, is not helping things. In fact, in my opinion, Saturn – Venus is an intensely cruel combination and Saturn – Rahu is the classic Shapit dosh.

Devguru Jupiter and Daityaguru Venus are both saumya graha, gentle planets. Both are Gurus, but of opposing factions, their disciples Dev and Asurs are continually waging war on each other. In fact Venus is Guru to Jupiter’s son too. But both are technically enemies, but on the philosophical levels. Now, both being in power at the same time, is creating stress as both Dev – gentleness and Asur – cruelty are equally powerful. A deep pull and push is being felt inside the mind and for some of us on the body and the physical environment too.

Pisces Moon borns and Pisces ascendants will be feeling this energy quite strongly. In fact they must have started feeling strangely restless from about 2 weeks ago. If the birth Moon or the ascendant degree is in the middle of Pisces then the effects would be even more pronounced. For the birth Moons and ascendants of the other signs, whenever Pisces falls in your chart, this conjunction must have started giving you some subtle trouble since mid Feb. Or if you have any birth planet in Pisces then its keywords must have started causing issues. At the very least, ‘philosophical confusion’ about things would have made its presence felt in your mind. This typical thing will resolve once Venus exits Pisces and is more than 15deg away from Jupiter. (But then he will get conjunct Rahu and both will be aspected by Saturn which is another issue altogether).

But (to answer a question I received), just because they are together right now does not make this a generally good time to start new ventures. Both are saumya graha, gentle planets. They are generally auspicious but their real benefic/ malefic nature will depend on the ascendant signs/Lagna of the individual charts. Jupiter is a class 1 malefic for the Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn (and possibly Libra) ascendants and Venus is a class 1 malefic for Scorpio and Pisces ascendants (post here).

However if you have to start your new project in this time frame then you must be pragmatic about things. Recheck everything that can go wrong. Do not be hopeful or feel that luck is on your side, it is not. Most things go wrong when we ‘trust our luck’ and fail to take the most common sense precautions. Ensure that you have the necessary capital, permissions, resource, etc for starting the project and also operating it for a least some time till you make profit. Do not trust anyone unnecessarily or take random advice. Decision making will be difficult, you will feel conflicted about how to go about things. Support from the business partner or the ‘patrons’, eg banks, advisers, seniors will not be reliable. Overreaching or speculating or ‘gambling on luck’ is not a good idea right now. Decide things with all facts in your hands and keep your projections realistic.

In this post I have written more about the strangeness that Jupiter and Venus together are.

Guru chandal yog aspected by Saturn 2023

Jupiter is currently in Pisces (post here) and he will enter Aries on 22nd Apr 2023. With Rahu already sitting here, this will trigger a Guru chandal combination (post here) which will last until Rahu exits Aries (True Rahu – 29th Nov, Mean Rahu on 30th Oct) and moves 15 deg away from Jupiter (29th Dec 2023). Ketu in Libra will be fully aspected by Jupiter during this time. Jupiter has already entered within 30 deg of Rahu so some basic effect of the Guru Chandal has already started. And on 5th Apr, Jupiter and Rahu will be 15deg apart. This will trigger the full effects of the combination. (Eclipses occurring during this time will act as triggers for global events).

The paap kartari of Saturn and Rahu is affecting the auspiciousness of both Venus and Jupiter. And currently Venus conjoint Jupiter in Pisces (Venus exalted in Pisces and Jupiter owns Pisces) is also causing confusion. Venus will be able to give his regular auspicious blessings after 6th Apr when he exits Aries. Also the transits of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus through Pisces and Aries during Feb Mar 2023 (also in Feb Mar 2024) are going to aggravate these problems. Jupiter will be combust, in the entire Apr 2023 intensifying the negative results.

Guru chandal yog 2023 will be fully aspected by a powerful Saturn from Aquarius. Aquarius is his mooltrikon rashi. And he will be using his intense 3rd aspect on the Guru chandal – Jupiter Rahu. Saturn aspecting Rahu is called Shapit yog /dosh, ie a cursed combination (post here). Saturn aspecting Jupiter is also an intensely karmic combination (post here). One is the lord of expansion the other is the lord of contraction. When equal and opposite forces are forced to work together in one time period there is going to be intense confusion. This aspect will continue till Jupiter leaves Aries on 1st May 2024. This year, both Saturn and Jupiter are not changing signs during their annual retrograde motion, Saturn continues in Aquarius throughout and Jupiter continues in Aries throughout without a change.

Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu – Ketu are the slow moving forces and whenever they mutually interact, conjunct, aspect etc they trigger severe karmic events. If you have any of these combinations in your birth chart, ie Jupiter – Saturn, Jupiter – Rahu, Jupiter – Ketu, Saturn – Rahu, Saturn – Ketu, then be prepared for a karmic rollercoaster in the near future. Even otherwise, everyone will see the effects of this transit combination in their lives. New babies born during this time will have this combination in their birth charts as a life time energy.

For individual charts, whichever house Aries falls in will see the full effect of the Guru chandal aspected by Saturn. You will take wrong decisions with respect to the keywords of this house, act in Adharmic ways, be cheated, or cheat others, over reach and fall flat on your face, feel hopeful but then lose it all. However if the birth chart is strong enough then you will be able to create some long term material asset using their energy. But then be careful about creating even more karmic entanglements during this time.

Jupiter is the jiv karak, ie he is responsible for maintaining life on this earth. This means that he is responsible for, peace, food, health, marriage, children, dharma etc. He is now associated closely with the Chandal Rahu. Chandal means someone who has terrifying and intense energies or has to work in places with such strange and dangerous energies. Rahu is definitely a strange and terrifying force and is very powerful in Aries. Aries is a generally good environment for Jupiter but this time with Rahu and aspected by Saturn things are not going to be peaceful, safe or conducive for life and easy living.

So during this time, expect dramatic changes in the finance systems, food production and supply systems, gold price, religious activities, spiritual practices, relationships etc. Use of drugs, intoxicants, hallucinogenic agents, addictions will increase. People will be more than ever hooked to the virtual worlds and this will have a negative impact on general mental health. Unhealthy food, fast food will be consumed in more quantities causing increased health issues. There will be a lack of jobs, lack of opportunities and overall depression as Rahu will negatively affect all the keywords of Jupiter. Something like fate itself turning against the human race.

Everyone’s analytical power, intuition, wisdom, common sense will be fascinated by Rahu and fail. Misunderstandings, mistrust, disputes, lack of coordination, loss of cooperation in expected and mistakes made in the past will haunt everyone. Even if you gain something that sense of satisfaction will be denied. And most of the gains that you get during this period will be temporary, unstable and illusory.

Saturn’s aspect will bring on the negative karmic fruits or curses which will cause more problems. Students and education will also suffer in some way. During this time religious heads might misguide or create negative emotions in their followers. Riots, civil disruptions, terrorist attacks etc can increase. Enemy nations will use covert ways of attacking. Eg using foreign funded NGOs who pretend to be helpful. Several nations will go bankrupt, including some of our neighbours.

This combination is not auspicious for Bharat. We are due for our national election in 2024 and this makes us a target. Hopefully our security systems will be ready for this. And when you vote, look at the past actions, Dharmic/Adharmic, of the candidates and ignore the promises that they make for the  future.

The  Guru chandal yog will give the following results as per the birth Moon sign.


Aries borns will be facing the brunt of the Guru chandal. Everything that you think is your ‘personal thing’ can cause problems for you. ie your personal health, personal environment, your personal relationships, personal finances etc. You might be shown several opportunities in this time frame, but most will be hollow on the inside. Choose intelligently. Changes on several levels are possible, eg job, business, residence, relationships etc. Income may go down or you may be unable to save money, budgeting will be necessary.

Taurus borns will face mental stress. Your elders, relatives and friends might misguide you, so do think for yourself before taking advice from others. Rest will be affected, you might feel lonely during this time and emotional health might suffer. Death/ permanent separation of at least one close relation can occur during this time frame. You might face constraints in your profession and expenses might increase. On the positive side, your enemies will be powerless and you will remain in general good health.

Gemini borns will have new people entering their lives in this time frame but not all of them will be trustworthy. Do not take up bad habits or cheat others under the influence of such friends and beware of get rich quick schemes. Temporary separation from close family members is possible. If you are planning to marry during this time, recheck everything before committing to the new alliance.

Cancer borns will suffer especially in their profession / business. Your boss will not support you and change in job is possible. Social image might be tarnished and your relationship with your father might see ups and downs. You might be required to spend time away from your family. Separation from the mother and distress sale of ancestral property and lands is possible.

Leo borns will face disputes with the elders in the family. Do not do anything which damages your reputation. Death or permanent separation of a close family member is possible. You cannot expect much support from your siblings, team-mates or stock market investments. Your wife will disagree with you so learn to be patient. Be careful when driving. Perform all your dharmic duties, eg pujas, ancestor tarpan, kuldevata pujas etc sincerely as any omission now will have far reaching consequences.

Virgo borns will feel generally hopeless. Issues in profession, business, money flow, projects etc will cause stress. Any major decisions under the influence of Jupiter in the period from Nov 2022 – Jan 2023, might be regreted now. You will question your self, your deeply held philosophies /opinions and your actions. You will feel threatened in strange ways. Health, both physical and emotional might be affected. Family life will be disturbed and there will be a distance in relationships. Selfishness/ cheating by your close family members will come to light and deeply disappoint you.


Libra borns will suffer because of the actions of their spouse and business partners. If you are planning on getting married recheck the prospective alliance thoroughly before going ahead. Business, ongoing projects, money flow will be affected. Legal issues may suddenly pop up as people will try to cheat you. You will feel unsure about your actions and self doubts will make you restless. Some negativity from your past or entities may haunt you now. Health should be a priority for you, make sure you consult a qualified medical professional as misdiagnosis is possible.

Scorpio borns will feel bold and capable during this time. And there will also be several opportunities for growth in finances, profession etc. Do not cheat anyone or act against Dharma under the influence of the Guru chandal, remember Saturn is watching. You will feel restless and want to do so much, be careful do not over reach. Rest will be affected, you might get intuitive dreams. There will be a subtle drain on your personality which you will not be aware of now. Later this will cause problems. So be reasonable about things. Your investments and efforts can go waste.

Sagittarius borns will meet many fascinating people and feel attracted to them. Do not fall for the wrong type else you will regret it later. Love matches now should be checked thoroughly to avoid disappointments later. You will feel good about everything, self confidence will be high. There will be several outlets for you to express your creative genius. Avoid risky speculations as saving money might be difficult in this time and control wasteful expenditure.

Capricorn borns will suddenly swamped with work. Especially household issues, land issues, property matters, repairs in the residence etc will occupy your mind. Your mother might demand your attention. However you will not be able to spend much quality time with your family. You might neglect your professional work or you might miss a promotion or a change in job is possible. Make sure that you get enough rest during this time.

Aquarius borns will face issues with the siblings. Resolving these will be difficult as these relatives will try to dominate or otherwise suppress you. Finances, division of ancestral property etc will be an issue. Your office teammates might try to get you in trouble or take credit for your work. Investments should be done only after careful checking and there is a possibility of losses in the stock market.

Pisces borns will again get new opportunities for work and to show their professional skills. But the office environment will be oppressive. Your finances will improve, you will be able to save money. Your family will give you importance and relatives who had broken relations with you may come in contact again. But always think on what motives they may have and do not open yourself emotionally to everyone. Do not give away your money or help your family members at a cost to yourself during this time.


If you are of a spiritual bent of mind then you can find some strength in your internal Self. In any case, daily pujas are a must which every follower of Sanatan Dharma must perform. Give yourself these 5mins daily, make it a habit, learn to invoke the higher divinity with you. This will help you cope with the vagaries of life in a more balanced way.

Remedies for the Guru chandal as aspected by Saturn are as always Mantra and Daana depending on the individual charts and behavioural changes if you are aware of what is happening to you. (index page)

Gotra the genetic link

Gotra गोत्र is important in families who follow Sanatan Dharma. It is the family lineage, it is the genetic ancestry, the DNA coupled with the consciousness. Every human being has a Gotra, but those who do not follow the Sanatan Dharma have forgotten that it exists.

Go (गो) has several meanings in Sanskrit – cow, 1, 9, billion, stars, sky, Vajra, ray of light, diamond, heavens, earth, arrow, words, Devi Sarasvati, mother, direction, water, eye, hair, sense organs, sun, moon, singer, house, evolution, sacrifice, hill, tree, wave, bird, the abdomen, horn, etc. And त्र here means protection, propagation, help, deliver etc. So the concept of Gotra गोत्र carries a sense of protection of the Go in some way and is also the seed of the Go.

Our DNA makes us unique individuals but this same DNA is also the common human energy which ties us all together. When Sanatan Dharma uses words like Tvashtra, Sarpa, Nag etc they are also indicative of this DNA coupled with Consciousness that each one of us carries within us and which we all carry together as a collective humanity. In Sanatan Dharma we are very particular about our individuality and the health of our DNA + Consciousness. The only way to maintain and repair this is by the use of mantra. We start our day with a mantra eg Kar Darshan Mantra, go to bed with a mantra, eg Ratri Sukta, and recite several more during the course of the day. (‘Modern science’ has now ‘discovered’ that sound modifies the structure of the DNA. They have not yet reached the realm of Consciousness.)

The human male is more vulnerable than the female (‘modern science’ also recognises this fact, the Y chromosome is more vulnerable) and our ancestor Rishis had addressed this by giving more Mantra pujas for the male to perform. Men and women are different on several levels. The human race can exist only as long as the human Y chromosome remains in good health, and the men have no option but to bear this additional responsibility.

  • The Anteyshthi sanskar and tarpan related activities and their mantra are the exclusive domain of the men. It helps them maintain and repair their male specific DNA material. Today perhaps only 5% men are making use of this sure shot way of DNA repair.
  • With the deteriorating Yug, the Yajnopavit Sanskar has become exclusive to the men. Maybe only 0.1% of men alive today are maintaining themselves with the power of the Gayatri mantra.

Gotra are genetic clans. Today even ‘modern science’ recognises that within the general human species, there are regional differences in the genetic makeup. This genetic diversity keeps us humans healthy, provides immunity etc to the next generations. However the gotra are even more subtle than the physical DNA clans of humans. We, followers of Sanatan Dharma, know that everything is conscious. Even these DNA molecules within our bodies are conscious. These Gotra are not just our physical DNA but also incorporate this Chaitanya, ie Awareness component too. Gotra combines the physical and the conscious inheritance that we get from our ancestors right from the beginning of this Era.

According to Vishnu Puran, the seven Gotra progenitor Rishi, ie the Brahma Rishis or Sapta Rishi of the current Manvantar, ‘era’ are the Maha Rishis – Vashishtha, Kashyap, Atri, Jamadagni, Gautam, Vishwamitra and Bharadwaj. Maha Rishi Kashyap is also considered to be the original creator of the entire human race. These are the seven original Gotra for this era. Today you will see several more Gotra which were created by several more progenitor Maha Rishis – Shandilya, Agasti, Kaushik, Parashar, etc. These are all Maha Rishi, ie realised souls who lived on Earth for specific purposes. They knew the essence of the Ved, ie Atma jnyan and the complete use of mantra, tantra, yantra. These Maha Rishis used the energy of the Universe to further create diverse groups of humans, ie additional Gotra, who subtly differ from each other. If there is more variation in the human population, it will be more vibrant, healthy etc.

Gotra is by birth, it cannot change. It is the DNA that flows in your body and is necessary to ensure the fitness of the progeny. Gotra is an essential information, everyone must know their gotra. It is essential  for two major activities,

  1. For performing any puja, Sanskar etc of Sanatan Dharma, you formally take the Sankalp, the intention of the Puja. At this time you have to identify yourself by your Gotra call on your ancestral Maha Rishi and request his help in performing this auspicious activity.
  2. And when you want to get married, you cannot marry someone who is from the same gotra as your father or your mother. This helps in maintaining the health of the population on several levels.

Some women think that after getting married their gotra changes and their Gotra is now the same as their husbands. But Gotra is by birth. If someone has the same Gotra as you, then he/ she can only be your sibling not a spouse. Husband and wife by definition have to belong to different Gotra. And ideally you should not be getting married to a person from the same Gotra as your father / mother. For practicality’s sake however married women continue refer to themselves by their husband’s gotra.

The progenitor Rishis are the foremost Pitru/ ancestors for the Gotra they have generated. And they are also given tarpan as their blessings are required to continue the lineage. If you know their names you can draw energy from that source and these are Maharishis capable of giving you so very much.

A short story/ allegory of the Matsya Avtar. Not going into the esoteric.

King Vaivasvat Manu was giving Argya to the Suryadev and in his cupped palms he found a tiny fish. The fish requested help as it was afraid that the bigger fish might eat it. So Vaivasvat Manu took it to his palace and kept it in a jar. The next day the fish grew as big as the jar, so and was transferred to a bigger tank. Again fish grew and asked to be released into the river. It wanted go to the ocean and grow as large as the ocean itself. It told Vaivasvat Manu that it is the Matsya Avtar of Bhagvan Vishnu and that the Pralay is due. Shri Matsya then asked him build a ship and get his wife Devi Shraddha and the Sapta Rishi/ Brahma Rishis – Vashishtha, Kashyap, Atri, Jamadagni, Gautam, Vishwamitra and Bharadwaj ready for this event.

Soon torrential rains started, Pralay was on its way. Shri Matsya came back, unimaginably large in size. He kept the ship with its precious cargo afloat during the Pralay as the entire creation was washed off. The ship took refuge on the Himalay, the mountain tips were just above the waters. And after it was over, Shri Matsya landed the ship, blessed Vaivasvat Manu, Shraddha, the Sapta Rishis and vanished. The new Manvantar had started. Vaivasvat Manu was the first man and Shraddha was the first woman of this new era. The Sapta Rishi of this new Manvantar performed Yajnya to create all the living beings required to populate the Bhu lok, ie the dimension of the Earth. The Maha Rishis had complete knowledge and understanding of the Ved and knew how to use the Mantra to create all the creatures.

Vaivasvat Manu and his wife Shraddha performed a Yajnya and became the common ancestors of all the humans on Earth today. The Sapta Rishi used their mantra to vary the humans beings created and the first Gotra lineages were created. Later, other Maha Rishi who had the necessary mandate and the knowledge of the use of the requisite mantra were the progenitors of additional Gotra lineages.

In case you do not know your Gotra, and want to follow Sanatan Dharma then you need to get ‘adopted’ into one. Here you have three options,

  1. First is to adopt the Kashyap gotra as Rishi Kashyap is the ultimate progenitor Maharishi of all humanity.
  2. A second option is to adopt the Gotra of your birth Moon lunar mansion, as every Nakshatra has an associated Maha Rishi.
    • Rishi Marichi – Ashvini Pushya Svati Abhijit
    • Rishi Vashishta – Bharani Ashleysha Vishakha Shravan
    • Rishi Angiras – Krutika Magha Anuradha Dhanishtha
    • Rishi Atri – Rohini Poorvaphalguni Jyeshtha Shatataraka
    • Rishi Pulastya – Mruga Uttaraphalguni Moola Poorvabhadrapada
    • Rishi Pulaha – Aradra Hasta Poorvashadha Uttarabhadrapada
    • Rishi Kratu – Punarvasu Chitra Uttarashadha Revati
  3. Third option is to adopt the Gotra of your family Brahmin Purohit.

Gotra is being grateful to your progenitor Maharishi and the ancestors whose inheritance you carry within you. When you say this name while doing your pujas you are also offering energy to all your ancestors and everyone living who carries this same Gotra. You will alawys get your individual merit from the pujas but in this way the entire humanity benefits. Sanatan Dharma is based on gratitude. And you owe the max to the first ancestor whose DNA consciousness you carry within you. So recognise this energy and use it to enrich your existence on this earth.


How to analyse the Divisional chart 10 Dashaamsha

Divisional / Varga charts analysis is for the advanced students of Jyotish.

I have written a lot on the D 9 navamsha chart analysis (index page).  The next varga chart which you will use a lot in your practice is the D 10. Questions on profession or success in life or the purpose of life are common and a complete answer to such questions will require a study the basic birth chart D 1, the Navamsha chart D 9 and the Dashamasha chart D 10. You can either calculate the D10 by hand or on your software of choice. And you will need the exact time of birth else the divisional charts will mislead.

The DC 10 is the snapshot of the power to act, ie the Kriya shakti of the personality. The responsibilities which will be placed on your shoulders and your capacity to fulfil them. Use the DC 10 to analyse your intentions, determine your purpose in life, to fulfil your duty and perform the actions necessary for your life. Every action has a motive, and this D10 can help you understand the motives underlying your actions. And every action has a visible and as well as an invisible result, which again the D10 can help decipher. The D10 is basically an expansion of the power of the birth chart’s 10th house. 

If you want to use the D10 for predicting events then this is how you should go about it. Eg for the question ‘Will the client get a good job in the near future?’

  • First is the basic birth chart, check if this chart promises a good job in the first place. For a material result to actually manifest a strong D1 is essential.
  • Then the birth D 9 the Navamsha chart to see if the potential exists and the subconscious is supportive of the ‘good job’ in question. This will tell you what kind of power does the personality hold on the inside. And if the personality is able to draw on the power of the D9, then the D10 will be boosted automatically. If the Dharma is strong then the Karma too will be strengthened. Specifically look for the 10th house, lord sign and owner planet of the D1 and check if these have power and auspiciousness in the D9.
  • Then open the D 10 to see how this person will go about performing the actions required for securing such a ‘good job’.
  • Finally would be to check if the trigger Dasha has arrived and if the current transits in the skies support this ‘good job’. (You can use the birth D1 D9 and D 10 for an in-depth analysis of the transit influences if you are an advanced student, else stick to only D1. Do not confuse yourself)

This analysis will give you the complete answer.


This post is a guideline on how to go about the analysis of the D10.

First analyse the D 10 just as you would analyse the D1 for checking professional success.The position of the 1st (personality) 2nd (wealth accumulation) 7th (partnerships and gain)10th  (aim in life and its achievement) and 11th (overall gain) and their lords is especially relevant. Also Saturn (natural 10th and 11th lord) and Venus (natural 2nd and 7th lord).

Next is to use the trikon concept to understand how the energies of the D10 actually work on the subtle levels. This is the real use of this divisional chart. Check the signs and planets placed in the trikons, if they are auspicious or malefic etc.. 

Dharma trikon – it indicates all that stuff that you can ‘produce’ by your actions. 

  • The 1st house indicates how you will be performing the activity, this may be the activities related to your profession or in your social life. How you will be using the power of your personality and the forces available in your environment to accomplish the desired activity. How you look at your profession/ social standing, your perception about the actions that you are required to perform in this life. Basically, if you are an enterprising sort or laid back or willing to lead or content to be lead etc. This house has to have power in order to succeed in a good profession and to achieve good social status.
  • The 5th is the force with which you pursue the activity in question. This will tell you if you able to understand the job at hand. If you are given a project in your office are you able to comprehend what is expected of you? And sometimes there are invisible forces pushing you to perform some job, this too can be seen from the 5th house.
  • And the 9th is the actual results which you gain from the activity, position, promotion, money. Often some results will be on the invisible, imperceptible, eg respect, recognition, goodwill that you earn by your actions. And sometimes this intangible result might be more useful than the tangible results that you accomplish. These actions/results are exclusive to you, they will benefit only you and not the larger collective. 

Arth trikon – Generally the interplay of the 2-6-10 axis is not very obvious. Try to analyse it in depth because is the ‘meaning’ of all these actions that you perform. This trikon also indicates all the things which you can get through trade or exchange. 

  • The 2nd house indicates your aptitude. Do you have the necessary resources to perform your actions? The physical capacity, mental frame, disposition, tendencies etc required to perform this action. And if you will accumulate the gains you receive or will you squander them all.
  • The 6th house is the karmic ties which bind. This house indicates if your actions have the capacity to bind you further. Creating new karma or resolving pending karma can be seen from here. Also on the practical level, it determines if you will be content to work as an employee. 
  • The 10th house is the main house under consideration in the D10. It represents the actions that you have to perform, this house is your purpose in life. You will be using the energies linked to this house in order to perform your actions. The 10th house is critical as it indicates the basic flow of actions that you are inclined to perform in this life. A strong 10th in the D 10 will ensure that your actions will be strong and more visible in in the social arena, you will be known by your actions.

Kaam trikon – This indicates all the places where you can extend your sphere of action, expand or otherwise influence. 

  • The 3rd house represents the intention behind your actions. Is your heart in the right place? Do your actions help resolve previous issues or are you performing actions which will create future problems for your this current life? The 3rd house represents motion, so analyse this house to know if you are performing your actions in the correct way. Actions under the influence of this house also have the potential to benefit the entire collective. The 3rd house is specifically analysed for actions leading to Moksh.
  • The 7th house represents the actions which require help from someone else or some sort of a group action or a collective karma. In normal D1 it represents business partners so here it indicates the support you will need from someone else. It is important to have auspicious planets in this house. Malefic planets here can spoil the promise of the entire chart. 
  • The 11th house represents the final fruit of the karma you perform, karmasiddhi. Will you ultimately get what you have acted for?

Moksh trikon – This part of the chart indicate change and if the actions you perform will result in some sort of transformation. 

  • The 4th house represents the knowledge that you need to have in order to act in the first place. Having auspicious planets in this house ensures that you have the right knowledge for the right actions that you are to perform.
  • The 8th house represents all the actions done in secret. Also the secret potential of the actions that you perform. This potential can be painful or pleasing to the mind depending on the planets involved here. 
  • The 12th house is the end of one’s karmic cycle for this lifetime at least. It is the release from the requirement to perform actions. 

This would be a basic stand alone analysis of the D10. The D10 is the subtle stuff associated with the 10th house, so you should read it only after you have some understanding of Jyotish and human nature.

Then you overlay this D10 on your D1. 

  • Check where the houses 6 8 12 of the D1, the signs, planets and owner planets here. These are responsible for the turmoil in your life. Locate these planets and signs in the D10 houses. These D10 houses can be a source of problems in your path.
  • Also check the houses, 1 5 9 and 4 7 10 in the D1 and the planets, planetary owners and signs. Locate these in the D10 houses. These D10 houses are will be more supportive and help you perform your actions in life. 


Finally pay special attention to the following in the D10.

  • Saturn indicates the sacrifices that you are willing to make in order to perform these actions. His position in the D10 can give a lot of pointers on the overall ‘karma’ factor of your life. Analysing the house/ signs he occupies, the planets/ signs he aspects will add to your understanding of the chart/ personality. 
  • The 10th house lord of the D10, his position and the houses/ planets he influences. Eg if you have Mars as the DC 10th house lord then he will aspect houses as per his 4th 7th 8th aspects from wherever he is placed and their interpretations too as given above will be amplified. 
  • Position of the Capricorn sign in the D10 and the planets which influence it. This is the natural 10th house of the chart and it should be capable of giving good results in the D10. 

(The Dash amshas are ruled by the deities and if you wish to delve deeper you can note the deities which rule over the Dash amsha occupied by the ascendant lord of the D1 and the 10th house lord of the D1 and try to analyse their influences on the actions that you perform in life.)

This is a basic analysis of the birth D10 will give you a snapshot of all that different implications of the ‘actions’ that you are required to perform in this life.

Shri Vidya Tantra and the Vedant

Shri Vidya and Vedant is the same thing. There is no difference between the two.

The biggest proof of this statement is Adi Shankaracharya himself. He wrote extensive commentaries on the Upanishads, the Bhagwat Gita and the Brahma Sutra. In fact, the Bhagwat Gita became popular as a text only after he wrote his Bhashya on it. And the incredible Bhashya on the Brahmasutra is his gift to us, his shishyas. The foremost authority on the Vedant, he established the 4 Maths for systematically teaching Veds. And he wrote several fundamental texts of the Shri Vidya, eg the Soundarya Lahiri. He also established several temples where the Shri Chakra and several other yantras derived from it are worshipped. Right from the Himalay in Shrinagar, Kashmir to the seas of the Dakshin, he established several temples in our Bharat for the worship of the Shri Chakra. (There was a question so writing this mini-post.)

Shri Vidya and Vedant is exactly the same. All ‘Tantra’ derives from the Shri Vidya. There is a sookshma Tantra where you work with the energies of creation using only your Buddhi/ intelligence. (Buddhi is the finer, evolved version of the Manas). This sookshma Tantra requires an understanding of the Advaita as described in the Vedant. 

Advaita 18-66 Bhagvat Gita Part-1

So here is the ‘proof’…

In Shri Vidya, aka tantra, is based on several mantra, of which the 15 akshari Panchadashi mantra is fundamental. (It is a Guru mukhi Vidya. These mantra are given by a Guru as a Diksha to deserving Shishyas.)

In the Vedant, the first Mahavakya is, ‘Tat tvam asi’ roughly meaning ‘That you are’. When you approach an Atmajnyani Mahapurush, this is what he will say to you. In your local language or by any means, he will give you this Atma jnyan at the very first instant of your meeting him. This Jnyan is the start of the journey to the self. This line expands into the other three Mahavakyas, Aham brahmasmi, Prajnyanam brahma and Ayam atma brahma.

Now the analysis, 

The first line of the 15 lettered Mantra represents the Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Ishvara and Sadashiv energies which sequentially represent the five actions ongoing in this creation. The actions of shrushti – manifestation, sthiti – preservation, samhara – unmanifestation, tirodhana – delusion and anugraha – absorption of the creation in ‘I’, the Eternal, Non dual, Atma. 

And this is exactly what the ‘Tvam’ word in the Mahavakya means. These 5 actions are the ‘added on descriptions’ of the ‘I’. These five actions are the secondary or indicative attributes, ‘Tatastha lakshana’ of the Non dual. These five actions define the jivatma or the individual soul or the Maya or the manifestation or the Leela or the game of creation.

  • So the first line /kuta of the 15 Akshari Mantra = the ‘Tvam’ word/pad in the Mahavakya 

The akshars in the second line of the Mantra represent the qualities of – anand /happiness, satya/ the truth of existence, ananta / infinity of consciousness and Jnyan /knowledge of the Atma.

And this is exactly the same in the Vedant. ‘My’ inherent nature, is the ‘Tat’ word in the Mahavakya. This word represents the inbuilt qualities of the Advaita. These exact same ones, Sat Chit Ananda and Brahmajnyan, existence, consciousness, happiness and the knowledge of the Self are the Svaroopa lakshana of the Atma.

  • So the second line of the 15 Akshari Mantra = ‘Tat word/pad of the Mahavakya.

And the final line of the 15 Akshari Mantra has to be analysed in two parts. The first part is the first three akshars which represent the jivtama, creation, game, Maya, individual soul, manifested Shakti etc. And the second part is the last beej akshar which represents the Atma. This last line firmly states that the Jivtama = the Paramatma.  There is only the all pervading Non dual Atma who Is. 

Similarly the last word of the Mahavakya ‘asi’ states this same concept, the ‘sameness’. We may think that we are the individual souls, the jivatmas, separate from each other, separate from the Parabrahma, playing the game of creation, this is conditional reality. But ultimately we are the same Non dual Atma, which is is only one absolute reality.

  • So the third word of the Mahavakya and the third line of the 15 Akshari Mantra are same. 

Jagat Guru Adi Shankaracharya

Shri Vidya is the Vedant and the Vedant is the Shri Vidya. Both require that same level of intelligence/ Buddhi. Without this Buddhi you cannot get anywhere in your spiritual progress.

So find a genuine Guru (very rare), Acharya or Brahmin or Gurukul (several options) who teaches the Vedant. This means the basic Bhagwat Gita, then the 10 foundational Upanishads from Isha to Bruhataranyak with their Bhashya by Adi Shankaracharya, then the Bhashya he has written on the Bhagwat Gita and the final is the Brahmasutra and its Bhashya by Adi Shankaracharya. This is the syllabus for complete understanding of the Vedant, about 15-20yrs of committed study. But at least the path here is defined. And even if you do not meet a proper teacher, at least read the Sanskrit texts, a few shloks/ day. Eg the Bhagwat Gita, one Sanskrit shlok/day. Do practice ‘Soham’. Just this much will start the energy moving within you. Chances of messing up here are relatively low. 

Shri Vidya schools and mantras are very diverse and here too there are very few genuine Gurus. And there is a significantly higher chance of being diverted and cheated by pretenders and unscrupulous practitioners. So I recommend just a regular recitation of the Shri Sukta as the gentlest and the most effective practice. And to consciously practice Soham with every breath you take. If you do this sincerely, a Guru will arrive to guide you onwards.

If you need a focus point, then worship a deity from the Karmakanda, ie the Bhagwans, Shankar, Vishnu, Brahma, Aditya, Chandra, Ganapati, Skanda, etc or the Devis Parvati, Laxmi, Sarasvati, Ganga etc. Or devote yourself to the Atma Jnyani mahapurush, but be sure that the Guru you have chosen for such worship is really an Atmajnyani, else you will be in serious trouble. Be selfless for at least these 5 mins daily. Offer everything you have to your deity with all the love you feel in your heart. This will move things forward.

And this is primarily a blog on Jyotish so this daily routine will also help you learn Jyotish. Patterns in the horoscopes will become evident and easily. Intuition will develop and your predictions will be accurate.

If you are clear on the Vedant then Shri Vidya will arise very naturally and vice versa. Once you know that you are the energy and the holder of the energy and that both are the same, everything changes in the most beautiful way possible. 

Ultimately Vedant and Tantra are reflections of your own Self. Find your Self and you will gain it all.