Calculating Muhurt, auspicious times!

Sometimes you need to know auspicious timings, for buying a new house, or starting a puja or something important. As everyone has access to an astrology software so selecting auspicious timings is quite easy (not discussing the ‘why’, just on how to do it!). I use the ‘Hindu calender – Drik panchang’ app by developer ‘Adarsh Mobile Applications’.muhurt

Step 1 – Panchang

Panchang is the Indian system of maintaining the calender and composed of five parts which have to be evaluated for arriving at the auspicious Muhurt. You open the Panchang section of the app/software, input the day you are considering and read the data on the following.

  1. Thithi (Lunar day) – The day/Tithi of the dark fortnight/Krishnapaksha or bright fortnight/Shuklapaksha.
    • Avoid the 4th, 6th, 8th, 12th, 14th and no moon day as generally inauspicious.
    • The rest are good.
    • Shuklapaksha, the bright half is better for most auspicious activities.
  2. Vaara (Week day) – Generally Thursday and Friday are good for all activities. Avoid Tuesday and Saturday for auspicious activities, you can carry out activities like getting back loans etc on these 2 days. The rest of the days are average.
  3. Nakshatra (Lunar mansion) – The Lunar Mansion in which the Moon occupies at Sunrise – Nakshatra (The Vedic/Indian day starts at Sunrise not midnight.)
    •  The 3 nakshatras Bharani, Krutika and Ashlesha are not good for general auspicious activities.
    • Auspicious nakshatras generally are Ashwini, Rohini, Mruga, Pushya (this is not for marriage), Magha, Uttara, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Moola, Uttarashadha, Dhanishta, Shravan, Uttarabhadrapada and Revati.
    • The remaining are average.
  4. Yog  – The Sun and Moon together form auspicious and inauspicious periods throughout the day, these are calculated as yog. There are 27 yog.
    • Vishkhamba, Vyaghata, Parigha, Vyatipatha, Vydhruti, Ganda, Atiganda and Shool are inauspicious.
    • Except these you can choose the other names which are good.
  5. Karan – The activities suitable for the day are also described as karan. There are 2 karans in a lunar day. One for the day and one for the night. There are 11 karanas.
    • Bhadra and Nagavam are inauspicious.
    • You choose other names other than these which are good.

Step 2 – Chandrabala.

To choose the day with the most favourable moon sign. Open the daily moon sign section of the app/software. Count the sign occupied by the transiting moon of that day from your birth moon sign. It should not be 6th, 8th or 12th. Rest all are good. (detailed post here)

Step 3 – Tarabala

To choose the day with the most favourable Nakshatra for you. You should know your birth Moon Nakshatra for this. Look into your birth chart, it will be mentioned.

Now in the Tarabala section of the app/software you choose the day you are thinking of and you will either see these serial numbers or these names against your Birth Moon Nakshatra. Choose the ones which are ‘good’.

1 – Janma – danger (bad)
2 – Sampath – prosperity (good)
3 – Vipath – accidents (bad)
4 – Kshema – wealth (good)
5 – Pratyak – obstacles (bad)
6 – Sadhana – success through work (good)
7 – Naidhan – dangers (bad)
8 – Mitra – friendships (good)
9 – Parama Mitra – excellent (very good)

Step 4 – Panchak Rahita.

To choose a time where the ‘5 sources of stress’ are nullified. Open the Panchak rahita section of the app/software, input the date you are considering and check out the panchak rahita period for the day. You will see some of these 5 options against the day/time, then it is inauspicious.

Mrityu Panchak – risk of death
Agni Panchak – risk from fire
Raja Panchak – risk from the king/government
Chora Panchak – risk from theft
Roga Panchak – risk from diseases

For auspicious periods it will be clearly mentioned ‘shubh muhurt’.

Step 5 – The hours ruled by the planets. The rule here is simple, the first hour of the day after sunrise is ruled by the planet of the Day,

  • e.g. first hour after sunrise on Monday ruled by Moon and so on in the sequence Saturn, Jupiter, MarsSun, Venus, Mercury.
  • e.g. first hour on Tuesday owned by Mars then following the sequence Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter.

The general readings are these,

  1. Moon – Suitable for relationships and emotional things, land and house purchase, purchase of household items, long travels, joining new job.
  2. Saturn – Should be generally avoided. Suitable only for business related to oil, farming and selling lands and houses.
  3. Jupiter – Suitable for starting new ventures and expansion activities of all types, education, business, marriage, gold etc.
  4. Mars – Generally avoided but suitable for specific activities like business in electronics, explosives, weapons.
  5. Sun – Suitable for government related activities, new job, politics, share markets and speculation.
  6. Venus – Suitable for all new ventures and all activities. Marriage, business, purchasing, selling, journeys. etc
  7. Mercury – Suitable for business activities, financial activities, short travels, learning new skills.

Step 6 – Surya Sankranti –

The Sun transits one sign in one month. A time of 6 hours and 24 minutes before and after the Sun transits into the next sign is inauspicious so avoid this period for starting new projects.

Step 7 –  Finally draw the horoscope of the day and time you have fixed and check the following.

  • The ascendant lord of this chart should not be with malefics or in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses.
  • The moon of this chart should not be with malefics or in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses.
  • The house of this chart related to the activity you wish to perform should be strong. eg, for buying a new house the 4th house should be good. For a new job the 10th and 11th houses, for a new business, the 7th and 11th houses etc.

This was a very brief to-do list on calculating Muhurt, the auspicious times in astrology. A perfect Muhurt is very rare, so choose a good Muhurt which has the maximum possible positive attributes and fewer negative attributes. The very basic concept is that such a day should be favourable to the main person in the ritual/action. If you cannot wait for a proper muhurta, buy your car on a day which has the transit Moon sign in favourable aspect with your birth moon (1st, 4th, 11th).

You can do these simple calculations on your own, there is really no need to go and consult a professional! A project started in a good Muhurt will be naturally more auspicious, smooth and hassle free.



Malefic energies in your chart

In a horoscope analysis, the most important planetary force is the Ascendant Lord, followed by the Moon. If your these 2 forces are well placed and are capable of giving good results the basics of your life are secured. Now here is a checklist of the Arishta/malefic influences in your chart. You will need to see this list in the context of your horoscope. Every planet has the capacity to give malefic results depending on several factors.arishtaFirst to begin with, the planets,

  1. The natural malefics are Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. (Jupiter, Venus, well placed Moon and well placed Mercury are benefics)
  2. Moon if weak, debilitated, under the influence of malefics or placed very near the Sun will act as a malefic.
  3. Mercury if weak, debilitated or under influence of the malefic planets will act as a malefic.
  4. Benefics Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mercury can become ineffective if they are retrograde. If retrograde and under the influence of malefics they can even give malefic results.
  5. The essential malefic/benefic nature of these planets will be modified depending on the houses that they own in the chart, so will vary as per the ascendant sign. So take note of this modification in their natures too!

The houses and their owners,

  1. The dushamshthanas, 6th, 8th and 12th are sources of malefic influences. Even a benefic placed here will give malefic results. Worse will be if you have the Moon or Ascendant owner placed here.
  2. The placement of the owners of the dushamsthanas should be analysed. These ‘house owners’ may be benefic/malefic by their essential nature, but for this chart they are karaks/agents of turmoil so you need to pay attention to which house they are placed in.

The agents of death, the Marak and Marakesh,

  1. The 2nd house and the 7th house are called the Marak sthan, these houses are linked to timing of physical death. Presence of malefics in these houses at birth needs to be checked. Especially should remain alert during transits of malefics through these houses.
  2. The house owners of these 2nd and 7th houses are called the Marakesh, they decide the timing of death. Especially be careful during Mahadasha and sub-periods of these planets and their transits. Even simple illness during this period can act as the ‘seed’ for physical death.

Additionally the chart draws strength from these positions, 

  1. The houses 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th are called the foundations of the horoscope/Kendra. If benefics are placed here they provide strength and vitality which can tide over malefic influences.
  2. The 3rd house is the ‘house of house’ for the 8th house. It is the ‘death’ of ‘death’. So even if you have malefic planets placed here they add to your strength. This house represents your confidence and inner boldness so any planet performs well here.
  3. The 11th house is the Bhavat-bhavam for the 6th house, it is the ‘enemy’ of the ‘enemy’. Any planet, benefic/malefic, performs well here. It represents your gains and adds to your strength.

Now the timing. – Now that you know which planets are the malefic energies of your chart, you will need to pay special attention to their dasha periods and transits. If you get a chart with questions you will need to do this part of the analysis.

  1. First check what sort of a problem it is. Which houses are linked to it, there are a few limited categories of problems. You can easily check which house and which planet related issues these are.
    • For medical emergencies
    • For marriage problems
    • For business, profession and finance related problems
    • Land and property
    • Issues with children
    • Education related questions
  2. Now see which Mahadasha and sub-periods are on. If they are of some malefic planets take notes.
  3. Then the current transits and how these planets in transit are interacting with the birth planetary positions related to the question that is being asked.
    • e.g. for medical emergency, you see that the it is the 7th house Lord/Marakesh Mahadasha with Ketu antardasha which can cause illnesses and even physical death. If in this, you see Saturn transiting the Ascendant sign. And in this, if Mars transits the 8th and Moon comes in the 8th for its 2.25days transit. Accident will happen. If Jupiter is transiting the 12th it can lead to death even. But if Jupiter is in the kendra house it can save the life.

Analysing malefic influences is a distasteful but essential part of any horoscope analysis you do. After all no one comes to you for asking ‘why am I doing good’! You will always get clients with problems, so with time this analysis becomes automatic.



Ashtapadmadala chakra

Image 16-02-19 at 7.12 PM

The grahas and their energies can be mapped geometrically too. The basic chakra/energy geometry used is this Ashtapadmadala chakra. The eight petalled lotus. This is also called the Kaalachakra and there is a whole tantra written on it. However for Jyotish purposes this is how you start, with a simple analysis to understand its basic dynamics.. There are lots of ways of using this Chakra to get layers and layers of information.

The basic layout of the chakra means the following,

  1. The outermost square is called ‘Bhaya’ boundary.
  2. The inner square is called Prakaara boundary.
  3. The innermost square is Durgantar boundary.
  4. The fortress of which the 4 nakshatra positions 4,11,18, 25 are the Stambha boundary.
  5. The central bindu is the Durg. This Durg represents the Point where Devi Mahmaya and Kaalpurush merge into the Ultimate. The Reality of yourself.
  6. The direction lines, East-west, North-south are auspicious Kendra.
  7. The diagonal direction lines North-east/South-west and North-west/South-east are the inauspicious Kona.
  8. The energy of the chart moves as per the arrows marked, following the sequence of the nakshatras. Energies moving inwards are constructive, give gains and are positive. Energies moving outwards are destructive, negative and create losses.
  9. The guardians of the directions are also important, Sun-East, Moon-North, Venus-West and Jupiter-South. Then the diagonals are Rahu-NE, Saturn-NW, Mars-SE and Mercury-SW.

For using this chakra you will need to have a basic understanding of the following

  1. Lunar mansions/Nakshatra (read here). Here for drawing this chart you will use 28 nakshatra including Abhijit.
  2. The Nakshatra occupied by each of the graha/planetary forces in your birth chart. And if which of the planets are retrograde. (When you open your horoscope in any software or panchang, the software will mention it, look for it.)

Now to draw your Ashtapadmadala Chakra for your birth time.

  1. Find out the Nakshatra occupied by Moon in your birth chart, this is to be written at point number (1) and then continue writing the rest of the Nakshatras as per their sequence in the Chakra diagram above. We have chosen the Moon Nakshatra as the “Guard” of the Chakra and the Moon sign will be called the “Ruler” of the Chakra.
  2. Now write the positions of all the other planets and the Ascendant degree too next to the nakshatra which they occupy as per your chart, in the Chakra.

(You can choose the Ascendant sign nakshatra as the start point, if your analysis is more on the physical self and the physical manifested reality. I prefer using the Moon nakshatra for a beginners exercise because Moon in my opinion is a bit more relevant than the ascendant degree, as it controls the filters of your perceptions! You are always more aware of your emotional perceptions than your actual physical reality.)

Suppose your birth time chakra now looks like this,

Image 16-02-19 at 8.19 PM.jpg

Now the interpretation.

  1. Now the Bhaya outermost boundary has Moon, Mars and Mercury. These planets are the face you show to the world. You are perceived by your acquaintances and distant others to be a combined expression of these 3 planetary natures.
  2. The Prakaara boundary has Venus, Sun and Saturn. Your close friends will see you more as a combination of these 3 planetary energies.
  3. The Durgantara boundary has Rahu, Jupiter and Ketu. So the people closest to you know you as a combination of Rahu and Jupiter. (Ketu in this specific birth chakra analysis is considered neutral.)
  4. And finally the Stambha boundary has the ascendant degree itself. You are a highly private person and do not let anyone see the real you so easily!
  5. Planets on the Kendra – Moon, Venus, Ascendant degree. These energies and activities of these planets are positive in outlook, will reinforce the self. Just 3 energies are supportive. But they are the Moon itself and the Ascendant degree, which is good.
  6. Planets on the Kona – Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Sun, Ketu, Rahu. These energies and activities associated with these planets will cause reduction in vitality and stress to the inner core of your self.
  7. Now the energies of the entire chakra move as per the directional arrows so if some planet is retrograde its energy will move in a direction opposite to the general direction. A normally outward moving energy will move towards the inner self and a normally inward moving energy will move outwards towards the environment.
  8. Now the directions, Moon will always be in the East-Indra, it shows the influence of objects, materials, desires on the Moon which are being analysed in detail in this form of the Chakra. The natural planetary ruler of East is the Sun so this chart will show how we perform when our Lunar tendencies are given center-stage. Now in our example, Mars is in SE- Agni Kona. Martian energies added to the fiery corner will cause you to be quite hot-tempered and aggressive. Mercury in the SW-Niritti Kona will encourage you to use your Mercury’s energies in destructive ways causing losses.
  9. You can add another layer to your interpretation by considering the influence of the Nakshatra itself and its Nakshatra Ruler on its resident planet.

For your first brush with this very useful Chakra, I think this much is enough. This Ashtapadmadala Chakra fascinates me, so will write more about in future.



In the days before your Birth day..

If you have observed yourself for a few days before your birthday every year, am sure you must have noticed that you get cranky, or fall ill or something displeasing happens which puts you under emotional and/or physical stress. Have you ever thought why?transitThere are 2 sorts of birthdays, one is the solar and the lunar! Cultures who follow the solar calendar celebrate the solar birthdate as a birthday, i.e. western cultures which follow the 365 days a year calendar. In India however we follow the panchang, where phases of the Moon are coupled with solar movements, and the birthdates are traditionally known by their Lunar phase day.

  • The solar calendar birthdate gives the solar return to the exact degree the Sun was in when you were born. Your solar birthday which is popularly celebrated.
  • And the Lunar phase/Chandra Tithi birthday is the day when your Sun is in the same sign as it was in when you were born and the Moon is on the exact degree as it was when you were born. Your more appropriate birthday!

The one month before your birthday, the transit Sun will be transiting the 12th sign from your birth Sun. So during this period there will be naturally issues related to confidence, vitality, education, creativity, divine intelligence, speculation, play and recreation, romance and good times, etc. Depending on the placement and strength of your birth Sun, these effects may be significant or less, but they will be there. And in your birth month obviously your transit Sun will be passing over your birth Sun so this month generally will give good results.

Similarly for the 2.25 days before your Moon birthday, the transit moon will be in the 12th sign from your original birth moon. So these days before your birthday will cause emotional upsets. Loneliness, feeling left out and neglected, hiding your personal feelings, you may even actually fall ill. And on your birthday, naturally the transiting moon will be travelling over your birth moon thus you will feel happy, excited, willing to enjoy with your friends/family, etc. But there is an exception here, if your birth Moon occupies a dushamsthana 6th, 8th or 12th or is otherwise afflicted in the chart your birthday will leave you in tears with emotional disturbance and no mental peace.

There is a chart in my family whose birth moon is in the 6th house, this person’s every (lunar) birthday causes him and his family endless stress. Then the very high expectations of ‘birthday parties’ and ‘celebrations’ cause even more problems. His birth Sun is also placed rather uncomfortably so for the 1 month before his birthday arrives he is ill, physical vitality is sapped and he is very upset on all levels, professional to personal! Birthday is a trauma for him, this happens every year. Now he is in his 50’s so the effects are not so severe but they still manifest hurt and pain for him around this time.

Everything has a reason, if you can analyse you can find out the patterns in your chart which influence your behaviour and moods. If you can understand these and then use them intelligently you can save yourself a lot of trouble.



What is gain?

Astrologically gain is the 11th house, we all know that! But then just one 11th house is not a complete analysis of gain in your chart. 11th house is just the gains associated with the 1st house of the chart, so is naturally the most significant. It is the 11th from the Ascendant Sign. But every house in your chart gives you gains. pexels-photo-226621.jpegIf some house is exceptionally powerful then the gains from this house can be more than the gains of the usual 11th from ascendant too! So how does a house become powerful? Lots of ways,

  1. If it has an exalted planet.
  2. Or a planet in its mooltrikona or own sign.
  3. If there are benefics placed here.
  4. If the sign placed here adds to its power
  5. Special planets like the ascendant lord or the Moon placed here
  6. Yogkarak grahas for that ascendant placed here
  7. Or simply 2-3 planets in a friendly sign placed here etc.

Once you have an idea of the power of the house to give results, you should find out the quantum of gains available from that house. This is a part of complete analysis of a house continued from here and here. See the following from each of the houses to understand more about your gains!

11th from First house/Ascendent – To see gains from the Personal self, status in society, the ‘regular’ 11th house of the chart.

11th from the Second house– To check out the the family assets available to you, the resources of your lineage, the use you can get from your family history, etc.

11th from the Third house – The luck from your neighbourhood, extended family and brothers/siblings, local trading, communication skills, skills you put to practical use. Most importantly the gains you can achieve from your ‘boldness’ and confidence!

11th from the Fourth House – The ways you can benefit from your mother and maternal family, landed property, even from traditions/culture, houses, vehicles etc.

11th from the Fifth house – All the ways you can benefit from your higher education, your ability to remain in center stage, your expressions of creativity and the children.

11th from the Sixth house – You can benefit from the dushamsthanas too! Disease, debts, enemies, arguments, servitude can unexpectedly be of use. So analyse the chart to see how.

11th from the Seventh house – This is predictable now, you know the keywords, partnerships, wife/husband, agreements, legal issues and how you can gain from them.

11th from the Eighth house – Gains from death is rather final for the present incarnation, but while you are still inhabiting this current physical self this can be used to see gains from manipulating secret stuff, from moving into the unknown subconsciousness, manipulating pran/vital energy etc too.

11th from the Ninth house – Benefits that you can accrue from your external religious behaviour, from you peers, patrons and paternal figures!

11th from the Tenth house – Gains from the actual father, the profession, social position and power.

11th from the Eleventh house – The house of the house Bhavat Bhavam analysis which I have covered in an earlier post.

11th from the Twelfth house – These are the gains from the the deep subconscious, the internal spirituality, and the losses of the manifested. Even ‘bad houses’ can have good results sometimes!pexels-photo-1097946-e1550077612803.jpegNow ‘gain’ is also a matter of perception. For example, someone may prefer a short-term gain someone might take a longer view of things. A gain in one aspect of life can be perceived as a loss in another part of life. As an astrologer I might see a combination which I might analyse as gain, but perhaps the client will not see it like that.

And then again there are just so many ways of pulling information from your chart, I love it, thinking in terms of patterns. Here is another way of looking at gains. Gains from planets! Count the 11th house from every planet to get an idea of the gains you can expect from it.

11th house from the Sun will indicate the gains from the father, the self-ego, self-confidence, center-stage, creativity, children, political activities, speculation, from personal intelligence etc.

11th house counted from the birth Moon will give an idea as to the gains from maternal activities, providing security/shelter/care, from the mother, from land/property/houses/vehicles, from traditions/culture, from cyclic/routine activities etc.

11th house from Mercury to be seen for gains from skills in analysis, database management, communication skills, trading, from arguments and service related topics, from being articulate, from siblings and extended family etc.

11th from the Venus will indicate the overall gains from all sorts of partnerships possible from personal to professional, legal issues, contracts, from relations, from treasures and hoarding activities and from activities linked to beauty and balance.

Similarly check out the 11th from Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu to see what kind of benefits you can gain from these planets. Am not writing as you already know the keywords, do a bit of matching and analyse.



Badhak Rashis, signs which trouble!

As per classical Jyotish each ascendent sign has one particular sign which has the potential to cause trouble in the chart. The ruler of this sign is called the ‘Badhesh’. Signs of the Zodiac, are classified into ‘in motion’ ‘fixed’ and ‘dual natured’ ones, so

  • So if a ‘in motion’/Chara sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) is rising in the ascendant, the 11th sign counted from it is its Badhak.
  • If a ‘fixed’/Sthira sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) is rising as the ascendant, the 9th sign counted from it is its Badhak.
  • And if a ‘dual nature’/dviswabhavi sign, (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) ascendant is rising then the 7th sign counted from it is the  Badhak.

astrologyNow let’s check out why these Badhak relationships exist like this.

Aries– Aquarius/Saturn – Their owners are neutral to each other and technically the 11th house and the 11th lord are considered to be beneficial but then why are they badhaks here? Look at the personality of the Aries ascendant, very vigorous, pioneering, dominating, confident and very very individualistic. This sign as the ascendant itself is doubly reinforcing the attributes of Mars. Aquarius on the other hand is all about working with a like minded group. Aries by its inherent nature does not like equal and sustained interactions in groups. He does not have the patience to bargain and interact with foreigners and strangers as equals. He likes to challenge and conquer. Now the 11th house is important and if Mars cannot learn this important core skill related to the house of gains, he will gain less than he expects.

Taurus – Capricorn/Saturn – Their owners are best buddies but still why this Badhak tag? Taurus by his inherent nature is the hoarder, he likes to collect treasures and enjoy with his close family/friends. Capricorn however is calculative in a different way, here the ways of influencing the society are explored. Ways which add to the social prestige and power (not necessarily just money!) are seen from Capricorn, hard work too!. Enjoyment is not very important for Capricorn. Now the 9th house is the foundation in every way. The philosophies and also the people. The peers, patrons, ancestors, teachers and paternal figures. These will behave as Capricorn decides. And the personality of Taurus feels this to be a challenge.

Gemini– Sagittarius/Jupiter – Jupiter dislikes Mercury and though Mercury doesn’t consider Jupiter as an enemy he can get a bit uncomfortable around him. A Gemini ascendant will grant duality, confusing, quick mental movements, fast shifts in perspectives, superficial analytical thinking etc in the personality and the environment. Sagittarius, his preferred partner in the 7th does not like this aspect his personality. Sagittarius is more stable, philosophical, serious, more considered, his thought processes are deeper and mature. Gemini is prone to juvenile and unstable behaviour and unless he works on himself and gains a ‘depth’, he will not be able to interact in a balanced way in all his partnerships, they may be business, personal, spiritual, emotional or mental partnerships.

Cancer– Taurus/Venus – Venus considers Moon as an enemy,  Moon is neutral around Venus. Badhak still? Both are linked to emotions but there is a big difference. Moon is love linked to security, comfort, compassion and basically ‘neediness’. Venus is love linked to the senses and based on individuality. In a Cancer ascendant personality, the house of gains is Taurus. Cancer ascendant can get very changeable as the personality is very fluid. To make the most of the potential of his 11th house this person needs to understand that collecting and hoarding resources is important, maintaining the lineage and family values is also important and to appreciate the sensual components of social relationships and interactions with friends and family. He needs to understand himself as an individual first keeping aside his need for maternal security and comfort (which can get quite difficult.). Emotional stability and maturity linked to his sense of individuality will grant him the gains promised by his 11th house

Leo– Aries/Mars – Sun and Mars are best friends but both have very different natures which affect the foundational philosophies of the native. Aries as the 9th house expects the Leo ascendant to ‘walk the talk’! Aries as 9th house will give foundational elements which will reward pioneering, challenging, risk-taking etc behaviour. Leo basically likes to shine. But if he wants to make the most of the opportunities offered by his peers, ancestors etc he will need to work, explore new horizons, take risks with confidence, etc. Just ‘shining’ will not be enough, more martial behaviour is required of this Sun!astrologyVirgo– Pisces/Jupiter – Jupiter dislikes Mercury. Mercury is neutral and a bit uncomfortable around Jupiter. The same Mercury/Jupiter conflict expressed in a different way. Virgo ascendant over-analyses, wants to put a value on everything, think on several options and then again recalculate. Mind always whirring on different subjects always. His 7th house is Pisces, dreamy, vague, working on sub-conscious cues with little coherent thinking faculty. Now for Virgos to succeed in the aspects of the 7th house, they will need to incorporate a bit of ‘Pisces-ness’ in themselves which is like asking ice to burn! It can get exceptionally difficult.

Libra– Leo/Sun – Venus and Sun are arch enemies. The Libra personality is all about equitable sharing, balance, alliances and legal contracts. But his 11th house is all about self-entitlement, self-ego, personal shining and keeping oneself a bit above the rules. If a Libra ascendant wishes to make the best use of the potential of the 11th house he needs to learn to assert himself over the legal partnerships. If he always sticks to the concepts of fairness and parity he will not be able to adjust to the environment of his 11th house and thus his gains will be not as per his expectations. Behaving like the glorious ‘Sun’ in the house of extended marketplaces is a challenge for the fair ‘Venus’.

Scorpio– Cancer/Moon – Moon is neutral around Mars, but Mars considers Moon as a friend. Scorpio is the sign of debilitation for the Moon, i.e. the environment of Scorpio is perfectly unsuitable for the Moon to be in. But why would the 9th house Cancer be a badhak for Scorpio rising? Scorpio natives are extremely secretive and with hidden dangerous depths in their fiery emotional nature. They are like underwater volcanoes! Now for this native, his foundations of life are based on peers who are like the Moon/Cancer, emotionally supportive, caring, maternal, comforters, providing security shelter, sticking to culture and traditions and loving. This is the exact opposite of the Scorpio nature! But if this Scorpio has to make the most of his 9th house he has to interact sensibly with such patrons. For a Mars to understand and appreciate the Moon. A difficult proposition indeed!

Sagittarius– Gemini/Mercury – Jupiter dislikes Mercury but Mercury is neutral and a bit uncomfortable with Jupiter. This is the same as the Gemini/Sagittarius axis above. Here Sagittarius/Jupiter is required to understand the mental workings of Gemini/Mercury. Bringing the pedantic philosophical humanist Jupiter to the level of the chatty, gossipy, hyper-analytical Mercury is not easy!

Capricorn– Scorpio/Mars – Mars is neutral around Saturn, Saturn however considers Mars as an adversary. Here the Capricorn native is the hardworking Saturn, doing his public approved duty. He is interested in power which he can show off, prestige in society and raw power which sways masses (not just money!). He wants public recognition. But with his 11th house being Scorpio, his like minded groups from which he will profit are very different to his own nature. Scorpio is a mystery, fiery, explorer, drilling into the depths despite discomfort. Now Capricorn wants public recognition but his sources of gains are mysterious and secret! He needs to learn things antithetical to his nature which is always difficult.astrologyAquarius– Libra/Venus – Their owners are best buddies. Now an Aquarius personality is about making profits, interacting with like minded groups, etc on the ‘one to many’ scale. The 9th house of this rising sign is Libra its biggest challenge. Let’s see how this works. The foundation of this persons life is based on balance, parity, equitable sharing, and most important one-on-one interaction. For an Aquarius person developing deep meaningful alliances one-one with his peers, patrons etc is extremely strange, as it goes against his basic one-to-many concept. But peers and paternal figures are extremely helpful in various ways to make ease and sense in life thus they need to be cultivated.

Pisces– Virgo/Mercury – Jupiter dislikes Mercury but Mercury tries to be neutral but remains uncomfortable around Jupiter. The same thing as Virgo/Pisces above. Here the Pisces ascendant will be required to add a bit of Virgo-ness in his dealings with the agents of the 7th house, which is quite stressful for the dreamy dual minded fish!

The terms Badhak or Badhakesh are often used to scare. However they just indicate aspects in your life where you will be required to work hard but the returns will not be what you expect. We always expect, expectations are the root of every action. And every action is linked to your own personality and your personal environment. All your actions are thus ultimately a function of your 1st house. But it is not necessary that you will get what you expect exactly. And you know it in your sub-conscious levels. This internal expectation of not getting what you expect (some weird internal logic) is reflected by the badhesh and the badhak house.

Disappointments are an important karmic lesson. It is important to understand that the badhak energies are bringing up unresolved emotions from your past life baggage. If you can intelligently leverage these experiences you can learn the karmic lesson being taught to you and finish it once for all. Badhak is always a ‘good’ house, the 7th, 9th or 11th. This concept means that to get full use of the energy of the badhak house you need to work on yourself first. Only then will you be able to fruitfully utilise the ‘partnerships’, the ‘foundations’, or the ‘gains’ of the ‘badhak’ house.



House of the House!

“Bhavat Bhavam”, literally meaning ‘house of the house’ is another useful but lesser used concept in astrology. If you have been read my earlier post on how to analyse a house completely, this concept will be easy to understand. Basically for deeply examining every aspect of the house you are interested in, you redraw the horoscope with this house as the ‘first house’ (you need to first understand the point number 7 of my earlier post). Bhavat bhavam is one component of this analysis.dolls-1.jpgSo what is the use of this ‘house of the house’?

An example, the 5th house is the house of higher education, children, divine intelligence, creativity, centerstage etc. In its detailed analysis, the fifth house counted from the 5th house i.e. the 9th house represents the ‘creativity’ of ‘creativity’. So to get a complete picture of the results possible from the 5th we need to see the power of the 9th house too. All aspects of the personality are interlinked, and some more than others. The position of the 9th house will add power to fulfilling the potential of the 5th. If there are planets placed in the 9th, it becomes even more important to examine this ‘house of the house’ for the 5th house results. If for example you have a well-placed Rahu in the 5th house, and an exalted Venus in the 9th. You will want to know more about deep esoteric subjects, your creativity will involve taking risks in ‘tantrik’ subjects and finally as bhavat bhavam contains an exalted Venus, he will grant success to the over-reaching behaviours of Rahu in the matters of the 5th house.

Now applying the Bhavat bhava principle, let’s find the ‘house of the house’ for every house of the chart.

For the 1st house –  first house counted from 1st house is the 1st house
For the 2nd house – second house counted from 2nd house is the 3rd house
For the 3rd house – third house counted from 3rd house is the 5th house
For the 4th house – fourth house counted from 4th house is the 7th house
For the 5th house-  fifth house counted from 5th house is the 9th house
For the 6th house –  sixth house counted from 6th house is the 11th house
For the 7th house –  seventh house counted from 7th house is the 1st house
For the 8th house – eighth house counted from 8th house is the 3rd house
For the 9th house –  ninth house counted from 9th house is the 5th house
For the 10th house – tenth house counted from 10th house is the 7th house
For the 11th house – eleventh house counted from 11th house is the 9th house
For the 12th house – twelfth house counted from 12th house is the 11th house

The houses 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 are bhavat bhavam for other houses. Here the aspects of your personality link deeply with each other across houses.dolls 21st house obviously indicates your own personality but is also the bhavat bhavam for the 7th house so also indicates the partner in a deeper way. Thus the importance of your parterships, spouses and the ideas you are wedded to! These are very completely linked to your own personality. If you get a complementary ally in every aspect of your life you can achieve even greater heights. It is a misconception that this 7th house represents just the husband /wife. It represents your mirror, the idea, person, the alliance, the partnership, the contract, the deity, the sadhana which balances your personality. So look into the deeper spiritual, emotional and psychological cues rather than the limited physical values when you are analysing charts.

3rd house shows the siblings, neighbourhood, trades, communication, boldness in life, confidence etc, as a matter of routine. But it is the bhavat bhavam for the 2nd house and the 8th house too. It adds to your resources, treasures and your share in the family assets. It naturally shows your extended family and cousins too. Finally it shows your courage and confidence in matters related to the transformations indicated by the 8th. The secret ways that you benefit from the processes operating even at the moment of physical death (will write a full post on this 8th from 8th later). Having a good placement in the 3rd house elevates the quality of the chart.

5th house is the house of creativity, divine inspiration and intelligence. But it is also the bhavat bhavam for 3rd and 9th house. The 3rd house is the house of trade, confidence, boldness and intelligence of communication (parakrama). So the 5th shows the deep confidence which one develops when one practices boldness as a matter of routine. 3rd is the house of practical knowledge which you use in daily life. When you do your practice regularly you develop an intelligent confidence in your self. This practice can be anything from being a car-mechanic to a spiritual aspirant. 9th house now is your ancestors, peers, patrons and paternal figures. These elders are the foundation of your life in one way or the other and the 5th house either will add more power to their influence on you or allow you to be a foundation to others, e.g. children are a function of the 5th.


7th house indicates partnerships, balance etc. This is the bhavat bhavam for the 4th house which indicates security, comfort, emotions etc. It is also linked to the 10th house. Strong planets here allow you to experience the aspects of your life indicated by the 4th and 10th. In Indian traditions the husband/wife is chosen from the same traditional cultural ethos which is depicted by the 4th. A better synergy between these 2 houses will naturally contribute to a better emotional stability and environment in the home. Now the 10th is basically the position in the society that you enjoy by your own efforts. If your business, partnerships and your personal life is doing well, it will directly contribute to your position in the society.

9th house is the bhavat bhavam for the 5th and 11th houses. The auspiciousness of the 9th is the ‘creativity of the creativity’ of the 5th house. Similarly the 9th house adds to the luck and the sources of gain represented by the 11th. The 9th is all your seniors, the ones who have been there before you, paternal figures, peers, teachers, ancestors and those things which help you build your foundation in life. If these are strong in your chart, naturally they will strengthen your 11th house too.

11th house is all the sources of gain, luck, like minded groups we cultivate etc and is the bhavat bhavam for the 6th and 12th houses. Sixth from 6th means that it represents the dissolution of debts, enemies, diseases, servitude and losses. Thus this adds to your gains. And counted from 12th also means it is the ‘dissolution of dissolution’. Strong planets placed in the 11th counter the negative effects of the 6th and 12th houses of turmoil, 2 of the 3 dushamsthana. Hence we consider the 11th house very important in analysing horoscopes. A good benefic like Jupiter placed here elevates the quality of the horoscope granting protection from several in life.

This was a brief post on using the fine nuances of astrological enquiry in extracting the maximum information for your chart. We all knew that having a strong 3rd house and a strong 11th house is important, it provides a buffer against life’s problems, but now you know the exact reason why! They are buffers against the 3 dushamasthana.

Jyotish is endless and deciphering your own self using its light is very rewarding.