Social nature and the signs

In the current times an out going nature is considered desirable. The ability to go out with friends, party, mingle with office team mates, to make contacts, network and make important contacts etc is considered to be a part of the ‘out-going’ personality. Wallflowers are frowned upon, considered insecure and introverts. But the nature of a person is inextricably linked to the horoscope he chose at birth. Some signs are more outgoing, some are wallflowers, some shy but willing to interact, some are simply not interested, some are content, some strive, some like home-making and some do networking. Try to recognise your nature and then use it intelligently in society.

Open your birth chart and find out the ascendant sign and the birth Moon sign. These two signs have a very visible impact on your overall personality/ environment and your emotions/ behaviour. This follows a very cursory description based on the behaviour in society.

Generally Aries, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius are the outgoing hyper ones. Always willing to go out and interact with others, have lots of energy for doing a lot of stuff. They are not given to introspection. They act more intensely. They are rather unaware of the situation’s impact on themselves. They are acting in the flow of the external impulses without much thought on how this impinges on their own self.

Aries is such a rush that he rarely notices his own self; his own positives, his negatives are unknown to him. He is always doing things as he is interested in everything and everyone, big or small. Carefree by nature, he doesn’t worry much. He can be genuinely helpful to others without expecting returns. He is non-serious about his personal life which can get him into relationships with unsuitable partners or messy situations in life. However he does have the energy to get himself out of them with time.

Gemini is intelligent and observant. He mingles well, is genuinely interested in other people, a good conversationalist. Has the ability to multitask. He is usually a good host. He can analyse other people, their behaviour, nature and then also manipulate them if required. He is helpful by nature but will always be aware of his own self interest. He moves in society easily and has a lot of information which he will make use of for his own advantage.

Leo is aware of his own power and wants to increase it. He will mix in society, smartly cultivating those connections which will help in the future. But he will also genuinely work for helping others and the society at large. He is intelligent and aware of the currents that influence society. His own personal life is generally well settled and his focus is on the outer world. He wants power and desires to exercise power, either as a king or as a king-maker.

Sagittarius is the most helpful of all the signs. He is genuinely interested and attracted to others. Urged on by his unique sense of what is right, but often his sense of right may not be the practical course of action. He has rigid opinions on philosophy/ spirituality and likes being invited for giving lectures etc. Very active, always on the move, will easily interact with people from all strata of society.

Social nature and the signs

Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius are more sober, more introspective. They micro analyse themselves and are very conscious of how a given situation affects them. They think more intensely. They are at the center of their own thought processes. The mind tries to relate every event and every experience with its own self. It is a self-absorbed way of thinking.

Virgo is burdened by his personal responsibilities in life. The vision has narrowed down to the self. There is an underlying grief, self-centred thought processes and often selfishness. He does try to adapt himself to the situation/others but this also perceived as a burden. He tends to feel sorry for himself and thinks others to be better off. Idealistic by nature, he will help others but want some benefit for himself too. This complex mindset comes across sometimes as shyness. He has rigid opinions and can get defensive and argumentative if challenged.

Scorpio is highly self-involved. He will come out in the open only if he senses benefit for himself. He can be helpful but this will soon turn to exploitation as he will take more than he gives. Does not do well in company as is extremely self-oriented. Absence of fine feelings and empathy is not a healthy trait. Can descend to vindictiveness and mean-mindedness. Highest level of introversion seen here. Should take stock of his emotions from time to time and avoid getting into strong emotional confrontations.

Capricorn is self-focussed, very aware of his social status. He interacts with everyone but on the superficial duty level. He can talk a lot on big matters, society, religion, money etc but never about personal stuff. He is in touch with everyone who matters. Never overly friendly or pally, he know how much is enough depending on the use and social status of the other. He is focussed on the material and is rarely spiritual. He is helpful but always expects something in exchange. Highly rigid in his opinions and views, he can hurt others by his speech. He is unable to adapt/ change to situations as he is rigid about his own self too.

Aquarius is given to comparing his social situation with others. He is self centred and considered himself important. Under the influence of the sign, he works a lot for the society and desires to be recognised for his social service. He feels insults and slights very deeply, quite self-conscious. He is obsessed with ethics, morals, law and will always follow them. He likes being called as a guest speaker or motivational speaker. A person influenced by Aquarius desires social mobility and will actively engage with those who are placed higher than himself.

Social nature and the signs

Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Pisces are the ‘content’ signs. They are satisfied in their regular small circles of family and friends. They do not need large social circles and often get uncomfortable in large parties and gatherings. It is not that they cannot aggressively network it is just that they do not feel the need to do so. They favour one-one interactions or small, limited and intimate groups. They feel more intensely. They are neither taken up with others or their own selves but are more balanced between the two. They try to balance between home life and professional life, extremes do not appeal to them. They are the moderates of the zodiac.

Taurus likes to socialise with family and friends, eat and drink, song and dance. He will know the best restaurants in town and will wear the best quality clothes. Mildly interested in others, he will talk and interact well. When confronted with an overtly aggressive person he will smoothly slide away as he likes pleasant company above all. He will maintain just those important contacts who are of actual use to him.

Cancer is home-oriented. He will show an interest in the issues of the wider society, but he is more concerned in how these will affect his personal family. He will talk a lot about ideals and social issues but he is more of a arm-chair intellectual. He likes being the guest of honor in functions where he can expand his personality. He generally never forget slights and insults. The overall personality is pleasing yet reserved.

The Libra has to balance everything. He is ambitious yet within reason, as his family will always come first. He desires social stature and security for himself and his family. His children are very important to him and he will see to it that they do well in life. Grounded mindset and is very practical. He can break rules if he sees an advantage in it. He will interact with only those who can be of use to him.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac so carries certain burdens and advantages. Socially he is well placed, has a good husband/ wife and often several children. Children and their successes are important to him. His spouse might find it a bit difficult to understand him as ‘dreaminess’ is very much a part of his nature. He is in his own world and does not bother with others much. He desires security and will not do anything which will compromise his social status. If he thinks that someone has become a burden he can cut ties without a second thought. Otherwise he is ok in every situation.

If you have any planets in your ascendant sign or more planets conjunct your birth Moon then these will add their flavour to your nature. But the underlying attributes will be somewhat like these above.


Social nature and the signs

The 7th house, self, home, partners and profession

The 7th house is your mirror, the missing pieces that you search for. Also legal contracts, business partners, gains from one-one relationships, maternal grandmother, paternal grandfather, children of the siblings, your own second child. Everyone whom you transact /exchange with, on a one-one basis, for mutual gain is the 7th house, your doctor, your banker, your grocer etc. It also describes your relationship with your husband/wife including the quality of intimacy. The 7th house completes your personality.

The ascendant house was rising when you were being born and the 7th house was setting at that very instant. As the 1st house was rising to the light, the 7th house was setting into the night. The ascendant sign is the summary of the personality and the environment that one finds oneself in. The pre-programmed automatic stuff. This sign and its lord also define our response to our environment. How we go about life, our behaviour to emergent situations and what people notice first about us. The 7th is called the Asta-rashi, the sign which was setting in your horoscope. ‘Rashi’ is not just plain simple ‘sign’. Rashi is more correctly understood as a ‘collection of attributes’. These attributes were going below the horizon as you were being born. Planets placed in your 7th house were setting. The 7th house then is more like the hidden springboard that propels you onwards. And that is why perhaps you are always searching for the things that are signified by the 7th house. You want these springboards to jump higher on.

If the 1st house is timing of birth then the 7th house represents the timing of death. The 7th house is a very important house as it defines everything that is opposite to your personality and your environment. It can also be considered to be complimenting your person/ environment  if taken in the spirit of filling-in-the-blanks! Remember this while interpreting anything to do with the 7th house.

The 7th house, self, home, partnership and profession

There is a principle called ‘house of the house’ or Bhavat Bhavam. This means that to analyse a house, eg the 3th house, you also need to look at the house placed the same number of houses away from it, i.e the 5th house.

So if you have to analyse the 7th house completely you also need to analyse the house placed 7th from it ie the 1st house. The 7th house is thus very deeply linked to your own personality. To use the potential of the 7th house the personality/ environment described by the 1st house has to be strong enough. And the 7th house becomes the Bhavat bhavam for the 4th house as it is located fourth from it. It is also the Bhavat bhavam for the 10th house as it is placed tenth from it. So to make full use of the 4th or the 10th house energies the 7th house has to be strong in itself. And the power of the 7th house is amplified by a strong 1st house! Astrology is about analysing patterns within patterns, a fractal. So you see the 7th is deeply interlinked to the other three kendra houses (The four kendra houses, 1st, 4th, 7th 10th are the pillars of your life). A strong 7th house is then helpful in so many ways!

The home is defined by the 4th house. But after you get married your husband/ wife is your home. So the 7th house has a role in determining the congeniality of the home. Even if you are not married yet, your share a one-one relationship with your parents/brother/sister etc. This is also the domain of the 7th house.

Then the 1st house’s personality/ immediate environment is naturally linked to the 7th house. It is in the 7-7 axis. You are defined and surrounded by one-on-one legal relationships. eg If I call up my son’s school, I have to identify myself as ‘—‘s’ Mom, if I go with my husband I am identified as ‘—‘s wife’ and so on. (Libra is the natural 7th house of the zodiac ruled by Venus. If you were born with Libra moon or Libra ascendant you are driven by the need to balance. It is not a choice, but a life purpose.)

The 10th house is of the profession, social status and the karmic duty you are required to perform. It is not just the salary you earn, but is also the work that you would like to perform. The abilities and talents which can be expressed, the potential capacity. Eg if your 10th house indicates that you have an aptitude for serving in the armed forces. But if you will pass the exam and how successful you will be in this profession will also depend on the strength of the 7th house. Sometimes you get horoscopes where the 10th house is superbly placed yet the person has a mediocre job and a low profile life. This occurs when the 7th house is not capable of supporting the 10th thus its potential remains unrealised. The 7th house provides opportunities for the 10th house energies to express themselves. The talents of the 10th house remain latent unless activated by the power of the 7th house. The 7th house is the basis of all one-one relationships which gradually accumulate and take the form of the 10th house. If you think deeply all your social position, professional roles etc is built on the foundation of one-one relationships.

(In case of spiritual aspirants/ Sanyasi, the deity/ higher self is the partner. Such a person’s home and karmic duties are also linked to his concept.)

The 7th house, self, home, partnership and profession

Marriage is the most important event on a person’s life. The wife/ husband plays a very significant role in one’s life successes or failures. Such a marriage helps in completing the Dharmic and Karmic duties both. (The only people exempted from the requirement to get married are those who take up Sanyas. But they are ‘married’ in a way, ie in a ‘relationship’ with their higher self/ deity.)

If the chart has good potential, ie the 7th house is auspicious, the 7th lord is capable of giving favourable results and Venus is placed well, then a marriage event which gives favourable results will occur in life. Such a placement will give pleasure from the husband/wife, good terms with the spouse’s family, healthy children etc. The 1st 4th 10th houses will also be strengthened and there will be overall prosperity. A marriage can occur only if there is a suitable Dasha period on along with transits which are favourable. If you miss these favourable time periods the actual marriage event may not materialise.

Such favourable Dasha/transit can happen a few times in life, but the planets will be powerful enough to cause the actual material event only rarely. Mostly these Dasha/transits are not powerful to trigger full-fledged marriages, but can result in temporary flings, emotional attachments or even marriage like events in dreams! (A more intelligent use of these time periods would be to use the energies for the other 7th house controlled things, like business or spiritual practice rather than wasting them on temporary linkages with other people.)

Multiple spouses too are possible. There are cultures which allow multiple husbands or multiple wives at the same time. Generally the trend is one living husband/ wife at a time, where multiple spouses are possible only after a legal divorce or physical death. On the energy levels, there is nothing called a ‘legal divorce’. Once you ‘marry’ someone the impressions remain till physical death of either of the two.

So when you analyse the 1st 4th or 10th houses, a detailed look into the power of the 7th house will bring more clarity. And since the husband/ wife is the most clear manifestation of the 7th house, be very careful when choosing your spouse as this person’s horoscope is going to influence your own 1st 4th 7th and 10th houses very intimately and play an important role in your self, your home, your profession and the environment around you.


The 7th house, self, home, partnership and profession

The 9th house, destiny, luck and blessings

The 9th house is called the Dharma-sthan, the house of right foundations and right actions. It is the Bhagya-sthan, the house of fortune, divine blessings and luck. Obviously the two are interconnected, if you perform the right actions you are going to get lucky and blessed in life. The owner of this house is called the Dharm-esh or Bhagy-esh and is a very important benefic for the chart. On the whole I find this this house rather difficult to analyse as most of its effects are linked to the spiritual not the material life. And generally clients have very material and practical questions.

One thing is true that this house is highly auspicious. If it and its owner are powerful you will lead a good life whatever the rest of the chart may signify. The 9th house represents ‘auspicious benefits’, which will include blessings from the divine, the Guru/ actual spiritual teacher, peers and patrons, elderly people who guide or help, right actions, ancestors, wisdom, charity, higher emotions, help, prosperity, travel and pilgrimages, etc. These ‘auspicious benefits’ are your own punya-karma/ meritorious actions from your own past lives which are giving their benefits now. You have accrued some positive karma in your past lives, the 9th house reflects this. These ‘auspicious benefits’ are invisible energies which help you when you most need it. The 9th house is a combination of the invisible and the visible, thus is rather typical to interpret.

The 9th house, destiny, luck and blessings

This is also the reason why Sagittarius the natural 9th sign of the zodiac ruled by Jupiter is considered to be a high-voltage sign. Your past lives positive karma is active and may provide you with sudden dramatic luck. The 9th house is just that small part of your past positive karma which is active in this current life. The 9th house indicates how the karma of your past meritorious actions gets allocated and active in in pushing you onwards in your spiritual journey. You may receive material benefits from this house but it is more like ’on the way’. You might be born in a rich household, get sensible parents, a good education, a good wife/ husband, children, enough money and a life of peace and prosperity. All this would be a reflection of your past merits. This has been made available to you so that you can focus on your spiritual life and create more positive karma. It is like you brought your groceries yesterday but cooked and ate them today. Now you need to buy more groceries for tomorrow.

Thus the ‘travel and pilgrimage’ motif of the 9th house. You are ‘travelling’ through life and your Ultimate destination is the ‘pilgrimage’ you are really aiming for. So from the 9th house’s point of view, travel is your life Experience and pilgrimage is your own Reality.

As you travel through life under the guidance of the 9th house’s energies you change. This change will be on the inner level often does percolate to the material level too. As you learn new wisdom, gain new foundations, perform the right actions under the guidance of a senior or your own conscience, you evolve, refine, mature. Depending on how powerful your active past life positive karmas are you will be given opportunities to ‘travel’ and experience Life.

And when do you really travel? If I want to go to Goa, why is it? My Mom’s ancestral village is there, she told me about it, I read about it in the magazines, it is attractive, I desire to go and I have the means to go there. Similarly why would someone want to travel to the Ultimate pilgrimage? Because your spiritual Guru told you that it is your real home, you read it in the Ved /Gita /Devi Mahatmya /Vidnyan Bhairav tantra etc, you saw attractive visions when you did your spiritual practice and you have the necessary positive merit from your past lives to make the journey and reach.

The 9th house, destiny, luck and blessings


Then there is always a confusion regarding biological father. Is he the 9th or the 10th house? Astrology is about the influences that the father has on the child. If the biological father taught the child how to live in society, the ethics, value of discipline, capacity to work, money sense etc he is pure 10th house. Most fathers today are pure 10th house. But in addition to all this, if the biological father taught the child spiritual practices then you have to see the 9th house for its influences in addition to the 10th. (This happens only in certain families where puja is a very important part of life, ie practicing Brahmin, priest, astrologer, tantrik etc families, the daily pujas are taught first by the father then the Guru). The spiritual father is the 9th house because it is through him that the child is re-born into the spiritual life, ‘Dwij’. Adopted parents are also to be seen from the 9th house.

A child who is auspicious in every way is born only in a deserving family. Such a child chooses an equally auspicious family where not only his material needs but also his spiritual needs will be catered to. Also parents who have ‘auspicious benefits’ active in this life will have such fortunate children. So for marriage and progeny related questions the 9th house needs to be referred to. In fact for any question where fortune and favour are necessary the 9th house should be checked. Pitrusukha is the happiness from the fathers/ ancestors and also the happiness from your own past lives.

The 9th house is the past auspiciousness and also the destiny of this present life. These two are interconnected. This destiny can be of any type, social, science, spiritual, hard or easy life. But whatever is is it will take you towards your own spiritual goal. If there are benefics here naturally it is going to be quite auspicious and favourable. You will grasp your destined fortune and also enjoy it. But even if there are malefics placed here and they are powerful, you will gain that destined fame, but the price that you will pay for it in your personal life will be heavy. If your 9th house is vacant look for the aspects on it. Look for the power of the 9th house lord in giving results. A powerful 9th lord can elevate the overall horoscope as he is in charge of the uplifting forces flowing in to the personality from the other unknown dimensions.


The 9th house, destiny, luck and blessings

Saturn and the troubles of the early childhood

Sometimes you see very small children suffering despite having a reasonably good family, personal horoscope and on-going Dasha. So you look at the transits and find the quite unexpected reason, Saturn! Saturn is the agent of restrictions, dullness, dourness, discipline, karma rebalance and if is active in very small children can give rise to a life time of deep seated issues.

Eg I know a small child who from birth till the age of 2+yrs went through a lot of stress, which included the death of his own mother, lack of overt love, confusions about food/ clothing/ medical care, illness, arguments among his elders, overall vitiated home atmosphere etc, this despite belonging to a very rich family where everyone was genuinely concerned about him. The horoscope had a rather inauspiciously placed Saturn in the 4th house. And this Saturn at birth was at the very initial degrees of the 4th house, ie had just entered the 4th house.

Saturn and the troubles of the early childhood

Our early childhood including the pregnancy period is responsible for shaping our body and minds. Our deepest life patterns are laid out during this crucial period and are often fixed for life. Changing them can be extremely difficult. We do not have any control over the events of these crucial initial years. The first seven years of life (and the pregnancy period) are dominated by the mother. In the next seven years of life, ie upto 14yrs, the father (spiritual teacher and birth father both) plays a larger role and the influence of the mother slowly shifts to the background. Only after the age of 14yrs when two chakra development cycles are complete, do we start exerting some real control over ourselves and our surroundings.

In astrology we recognise the force of inter-related karma. If you know your parent’s birth times, analyse them and their horoscopes in depth, you might get valuable cues about yourself. The role of the mother is very important. She has ‘created’ you for 9 months, then nourished and nurtured you when you were a small baby. The role of the father (and the spiritual teacher) is no less important. If your Mom created the body, your Dad has created the self-ego, self-discipline, social status and the self-esteem that go with it. The spiritual teacher, Guru, has created the philosophy, the foundation for you to base your life upon. Interconnected karma is real.

(Eg. I am not scared of anything, but there were a few years when was a layer of fear over everything I did, including my spiritual practices. This time was dominated by my Moon and my Mom’s in-built influences on me. My Mom was even more intuitive/ psychic etc than me, but she was scared of the stuff that she could see/ do. Our Guru would constantly tell her to not be afraid. She conquered her all consuming fear at the moment of her physical death and used that energy of transition perfectly, which is what ultimately matters. The point is that this fear of the ‘other stuff ’ was a part of my karma too and for a brief period I had to endure to rebalance my karma. Our parent’s karma are linked to ours very deeply. If we analyse our parents, we understand our own selves better.)

Saturn and the troubles of the early childhood

Back to the baby and his Saturn.

This is a list of the unfavourable transits of a planet from his own birth position. Try to remember these positions,

  • Saturn gives unfavourable results when he transits in the same house as his own birth position. That’s why the ‘Saturn return’ at the age of around 27.5yrs is quite dreaded! Saturn stays for a very long, 2.5yrs in one sign and takes 30yrs to complete one cycle of the zodiac.
  • Similarly Ketu is unfavourable in transit when in the 2nd house from his birth position. He stays for a longish 1.5yrs in one sign. He travels in the retrograde motion so the ‘2nd from’ position will come around 16.5yrs and then repeat every 18yrs.
  • Rahu will give unfavourable results when he transits the 9th house from his birth position. He is the same as Ketu, stays for 1.5yrs in one sign. The ‘9th from’ position will come for the first time at about 4.5yrs of age and then repeat every 18yrs.
  • Jupiter’s transit is unfavourable in the 3rd house counted from his birth position. He stays for 1yr in one sign. This ‘3rd from’ position will happen around the 2-3 yrs and will repeat every 12yrs.
  • Mars is unfavourable in the 7th house transit from his birth position. He stays for about 2-3 months in one sign. Except when he goes retrograde once in two years and then stays for 6mths in that sign.
  • Venus is similarly unfavourable when transiting the 6th house from his own birth position. He stays for about 2-3 months in one sign.
  • Mercury’s transit in the 4th house from his birth position is unfavourable. He stays for 1-2 months in one sign.
  • Sun when transiting the 5th house from his birth position. He stays for 1 month in one sign, and covers 12signs in one year. If you are in the habit of observing yourself, you might have noticed that the 5th month from your birth month is quite hectic and tires you out.
  • And finally Moon gives unfavourable results when transiting the 8th house from his own birth position. He stays for 2.25days in one sign.

If you follow planetary transits, take note of these positions of the planets in transit. Whatever they signify will be unfavourable for you during this typical transit period.

Saturn. If a baby is born with the birth Saturn placed at the very start of the house, then he will have a difficult time till Saturn exits that house. Whatever Saturn stands for in his chart will be restricted, denied, held back. And its deep impact will last for a life time. Saturn’s movement is quite slow, so this period can be upto 2.5yrs of life, which for a baby can be quite tedious. Time passes extremely slowly for a baby, as proved by differential maths. You might have noticed this, when you were a child, the days seemed to stretch on, the summer vacation was like a never ending break. But now you are older and time literally flies, tempus fugit.

  • eg. the rising sign is 15deg Aries, Saturn is placed at 2deg Cancer, this means that Saturn has just entered the 4th house and will remain here for about 2.5yrs more. So he will be placed ‘1st from’ his birth position for the next 2.5yrs. He will have full scope to give his unfavourable effects during this period.
  • eg. the rising sign is 15deg Aries, Saturn is placed at 29 deg Cancer, this means that Saturn will be exiting the 4th house very shortly and soon will be placed ‘2nd from his birth position’. His unfavourable effects will be limited.

My own birth Saturn is in a similar position and till the age of 2.5yrs I was a ‘difficult baby’, always crying, unable to sleep. Saturn for me, represents my karmic bindings to the other dimensions. And I do have memories of that ‘baby-hood’, I was seeing too many thing, stuff not from this dimension and it was scary, but a baby can only cry to express itself! Seeing clients can sometimes help you in resolving your own deep confusions.

The birth position is fixed at that instant of birth. After this whatever happens in the sky becomes a part of the ‘transit’ combinations. The other planets also go unfavourable periodically as per the list above, but Saturn gives the most evident effects. He is the slowest so literally grinds into and takes his time, slowly but steadily. His nature is to constrict, to reduce, to discipline, he does not show overt love etc which for a small baby/ child can have a life time impact. Saturn is fear personified. So for a new baby, Saturn remaining on in the same house as the birth Saturn is technically a ‘transit’. And Saturn is unfavourable when he transits same house as his birth house position. It is just because we never get a 1yr old baby client complaining about his nutrition/ nurture etc, that we never realise this effect. This period can be quite difficult for the baby/ small child.

If you have a small baby in the house, do keep track of the unfavourable planets transits as above, especially the ones which will occur when he is very young and cannot speak/ communicate. And if you yourself have had such intense transits when you were a baby/ small child, try to analyse them so that you can resolve your own deep seated linked issues.


Saturn and the troubles of the early childhood

Sookshma sharir, cracked auras and health

The body that we live in has five layers. The inner most body is the causal body and has one layer, Anand-mai-kosh. The subtle body is the next 3 layers, the Praan-mai-kosh, Mano-mai-kosh and the Vidnyan-mai-kosh. This subtle body is in part ‘seen’ as the aura, some of us can see this. The solid material body is outermost Anna-mai-kosh, everyone with normal vision can see this.

The Sookshma sharir is the most ‘accurate us’ and is linked to the aura and reflects the health of the entire self. It is controlled by your Moon. The birth Moon and the influences on it define how it was made in the first place. The transit Moon and the effects of the transiting planets on the birth Moon show how it is modulated with time. In Indian/ Vedic astrology, the Moon is given very high importance because of his control over the Sookshma sharir. For normal householder type of people like us, of these three bodies, the subtle body is the most important.

So what has this to do with cracked auras or leaky auras?

Sookshma sharir, cracked auras and health

An example.

In this current age we are all obsessed with body weight. Everyone you see around you is interested in losing some weight! But weight loss/ gain is more connected to your subtle body rather than your solid material body. You can bring your body to its healthiest possible self and your body weight to the best possible number if you focus on your Sookshma sharir. But of course your dietician or your gym instructor will differ on this!

And remember your Sookshma sharir is linked to your Moon. He also controls your emotions, instinct, intuition, body liquids, nutrition, nurture etc. If your birth Moon or the transit influences on him are adverse, he will give bad results for all of these. You might find yourself in mental stress, argue with your mom, not get along with women, the home environment becomes stressful. emotional turmoil is possible etc. if this continues for a longer period then his influences on the sookshma sharir will trickle down into the material shell and you might see issues like water and electrolyte imbalances, weight fluctuations, improper eating/drinking habits, addictions, the nutrients of the food you eat not being absorbed etc. Eventually this will result in ill health.

One client, a woman was quite over-weight and there was no reason for her to be so. She ate sensibly, exercised etc yet was fat. But there were several reasons why her sookshma sharir was doing this ‘holding on to weight’ thing. She was the only woman in a family of men (post here). The birth Moon was very badly placed in the 6th house, aspected by Mars and Saturn. Moon/ Jupiter in the 6/8 axis added to the stress (Shakata yog post here). The Moon was debilitated in Navamsha, shifting to Scorpio. Neither the ascendant lord nor her Sun were strong enough to support the personality’s health. Ketu was placed in Aquarius which controls the lower feet and ankles. And Pisces in the 6th house was the feet. This was her birth chart so she was over-weight since she was small. This got worse after she got married and had children. (Her husband’s chart was not supportive for his wife’s health. Her children’s charts did not support the mother’s health).

All this finally was seen as actual cracks in the aura around her ankles and feet. The energy was ‘leaking’ out of her body through these cracks and her sole chakras. So though she was eating good food and resting etc, her subtle body did not have enough energy to sustain itself, it was desperate for ‘nutrition’. This stress to the subtle body, over time percolated into her physical body. This was translated into weight gain, or more correctly holding on to the weight. Her subtle body on the other hand was thin, tired and drained and urgently needed ‘food’/energy.

If you want to be a successful astrologer, Tarot card reader, Reiki healer or anything to do with energy or predictions, learn how to see auras it is a great help. And it is quite easy to do so (post here). Try to exercise your subconscious mind so that you become more aware of these non-material things (post here). Then you can literally ‘see’ the organs which are damaged, the damage to their individual auras, also negative energy curses, evil eye effects, black magic and spirits attacking the client, energy cords which drain their energy etc. This ability goes a long way in correct diagnosis of problems.

Sookshma sharir, cracked auras and health

So the solution for this client was to actively seal her aura everyday. There are several ways of sealing the aura, but the most important thing is the intention has to be strong. Reiki was a good way of doing it so she was told to visualise wearing knee high shimmery gold-silvery socks. She would visualise her legs from her knees to the tip of her toes to be covered by Dai-ko-mu and Cho-ku-re symbols. In addition she would intend that all the negative energy would be allowed to exit the body safely. No positive energy would be allowed to ‘leak’ out. All positive energy would be absorbed in her body and be used for her own rest and rejuvenation. She continued her life style as usual with an extra care to try to feel happy, rest and eat the thing she likes eating. And the whole thing worked, in about 2-3 weeks her face lost that ‘bloated’ look and she lost a couple of kgs. She continued doing this and within 3-4 months she was at the best possible weight for her body. This was not as low as the recommended weight for her height, but a few kgs more than that. She looked physically healthy and her subtle body had regained its ‘shine’. The aura was looking relaxed and energetic. She herself was feeling overall healthier and happier on the inside.

This leaky chakras and cracked aura was not a disease, but a part of who she was. It was an in-built thing depending on her own horoscope. So when the time came for her to recover her health, she met someone who could tell her what the real problem was and how to address it. As her Sookshma sharir started getting its proper energy nutrition, her physical body stopped ‘holding on’ to unnecessary weight and released it in the safest way possible over a period of few months.

Cracked or leaky auras are very common. This woman had a leaky aura from birth but intense negative emotions, stress, depression etc also cause leaks and cracks in the aura. Psychic attacks by negative entities, spirits and black magic also rupture auras. Being in a place where there are intense emotions of the negative types can also rip at the aura causing temporary cracks. So seal your aura daily either by Reiki if you have been initiated into Reiki. If not, here is a very easy way to do it, just keep your intention strong. Visualise two knots in the aura at your feet. Intend that only negative energy can exit, not positive energy.

Take care of your Sookshma sharir, ie do things which uplift your mind and make you happy. Stay away from depressive stuff, chaotic noises, low energy food/water. Do your regular spiritual practice and practices which increase pran flow in your body. Take care of your aura, do your shielding, cleansing and grounding. We are much more than the material self we see in the mirror.


Sookshma sharir, cracked auras and health

(The images in this post are the Kirlean photos of a leaf, an onion and an orange. Kirlean photography is used to record the auras of living things.)

Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is the slowest planet, Mandatara and transits each sign in about 2.5yrs. He is the ruler of Capricorn/ Makar and Aquarius/ Kumbh signs and will be entering Capricorn again in Jan 2020 after about 27.5yrs. He will stay there till Jan 2023 (he will go forward into Aquarius, then come back retrograde into Capricorn and then finally go forward into Aquarius in Jan 2023).

In Sagittarius he is contraction placed in the environment of expansion. He is hard-work in the site of luck, disciplined work in the place of inspired leaps of faith. Saturn is not much into finance and investments. Frankly he is rather uncomfortable there and so when he leaves Sagittarius to enter his very own Capricorn it is with a sigh of relief.

Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn allows calculated moves, not risks, but if you are sure about something, if you have worked through it, analysed it then he will make you act. This will be a highly karma-linked period for all of us as wherever Capricorn is placed in our birth charts we will see destined events being put in motion.

Capricorn is the natural mid-heaven, the zenith, the highest point of the zodiac, the 10th sign, the Karma-sthan, we are all expected to perform out karmic work here. It is represented by the ‘Makar’, a massive sea animal living in the depths of the oceans. It is the last sign of the Arth trikon. It is an earthy sign, it builds slowly. It is also a trader/ Vaishya sign which means it is very calculative and very alert about things. It represents the solidification and motion at our deepest inner being and also the mighty power that rises up from our very depths.

Saturn in Capricorn shows us our vulnerable points and we are expected to work to strengthen them. Pragmatic, disciplined routine work. And Saturn expects us to learn our lessons well. Students are expected to study well in school. Office-going professionals are expected to work sincerely and be trustworthy. At home we all are expected to help out with our chores. And in the society, he expects us to help others and be kind to those others who are suffering from their own karmic burden. If you have done all this, it will be recognised and respected. If you have worked diligently in the past you will be rewarded now. If you have respected others, so will you be respected. And if you have cheated, taken short-cuts, broken the rules even this will be recognised and you will be taken to task. In Capricorn, Saturn wants to create something solid and permanent. Future success, stability, long-term planning is all favoured. Do not waste these energies, Saturn, in any case, dislikes waste!

It is a feminine sign, it gives us many opportunities to cause change or act. It is rather the silent worker, so anything indicated by Capricorn will enter your life quite unobtrusively, you may not be aware of it for quite some time. Its is slow but steady eg if you have any illnesses represented by this sign these will not be really noticeable till it is quite advanced. If your actual profession is indicated by Capricorn in your chart, you will add up small pluses without even realising it till one day you get a sudden significant pay increase. Capricorn when aspected/ occupied by planets becomes even more capable of giving results. It slowly rounds off your rough edges, a process which can be painful but the end-result is wonderful.

Capricorn is the first double digit sign, 10. The binary duality. I have seen clients with Capricorn ascendant, then some with Capricorn moon signs, several Capricorn-heavy charts and have seen that this sign go both ways. Such persons can be extraordinarily attached to the material world or completely detached from it. Mostly they are obsessed with money and more money. But despite gaining their money and other assets they are quite empty inside, but they are still after the material stuff. It is a very rare Capricorn who actively enters the inner realm and thus gains everything. ‘Disillusionment with the material’ is the fuel for the slow determined inner fire which ultimately leads to Moksh. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, Jupiter is debilitated here while its owner, Saturn is the slow grinding of Time which says a lot about the esoteric nature of this sign.

After Capricorn comes Aquarius where the individual soul realises that is is but one of a group of similar-minded individuals. The zodiac also represents evolution. The sense of individual self ego starts dispersing and then comes Pisces in all its glory. Pisces takes the shreds of the self-ego and scatters it to all the dimensions as it realises its universal nature. Thus Capricorn is, in a way, a link between the definite  1 and the infinite 0.

Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn’s transit over Capricorn is quite long so to analyse it we will need to consider his behaviour in each of the three lunar mansions/Nakshatra of Capricorn. his behaviour in them is influenced by their Nakshatra devata and their planetary rulers. Capricorn consists of three lunar mansions/ Nakshatra.

  • the last 3 of the 4 quarters of Uttara-ashadha (situation after becoming victorious). Ruled by Vishvedeva and the Sun.
  • entire Shravan Nakshatra (hearing, understanding the Ved). Ruled by the Nakshatra deity Vishnu and linked to the Moon.
  • and the first 2 of the 4 quarters of Dhanishtha (very rich, prosperous). Ruled by the eight Vasu-s and Mars.

If you observe, the Nakshatra deities are quite typical energies and the three planets ruling these Nakshatra are also the Sun, Moon and Mars. (These three planets are quite esoteric as Sun is Pingala nadi-right eye, Moon is Ida nadi-left eye and Mars is the nadi structure of the entire body including the Sushumna and also the pran/vital energies flowing through it, Mars represents Agni the energy of the third eye.)

Then the other planet’s transits in this long 3yr period will also affect Saturn’s behaviour.

  • Whenever Sun is with or in the 7th house from Saturn do pay attention to your birth father/professional issues.
  • Whenever Moon is with or opposite the Saturn, there is mental stress, health issues and difficulties. Not a day to take risks or speculate.
  • Mercury when conjunct or in the 7th house from Saturn can increase your family related responsibilities or you might be required to live away from your family.
  • Venus when with or opposite Saturn has the potential to grant a luxurious life, girlfriend/boyfriend or good spiritual progress depending on your personal placements. Stay away from frivolous affairs during this period.
  • Mars when aspecting Saturn will make people fearless and can encourage risks and injury.
  • Jupiter will be with Saturn for quite some time during this period so whatever Saturn signifies in your chart will be given to you during this time.
  • Rahu and Ketu are not going to be with or opposite this Saturn in Capricorn during this entire period.

Saturn is linked to old people, the birth father, the office boss, people suffering under heavy karmic burdens, labourer class, servants and the faceless unwanted. Helping these, being responsible or even being kind to them help make your own karmic burdens easier to bear. And its nothing to do with money, giving your seat in the bus to an old lady is a help. This is the only real ‘remedy‘ for Saturn.


Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn

Sasa yog, Saturn in 2020-2025, spiritual aspects

Sasa yog is one of the Panchapurush yog also called the Pancha-Mahapurush yog.

  • It occurs when Saturn is in Libra (his sign of exaltation), Capricorn or Aquarius (own signs) and also lies in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house of the birth chart.
  • It will get cancelled if Saturn is conjunct Ketu or if Jupiter is conjunct Saturn in the chart.

Obviously this is a rather rare planetary combination, but for the next 5yrs Saturn is going to transit Capricorn and Aquarius. He enters Capricorn in Jan 2020 and exits Aquarius in Mar 2025. So for about 30% of the babies born during this period, Saturn can give his Sasa yog results (subject to the conditions). The power of the Sasa yog will depend on the power of the Saturn (refer the Navamsha and the Ashtakvarga tables). Some of these babies will be quite extraordinary on the spiritual front and some of them will be evidently different on the material fronts too.

Saturn in his own sign or his sign of exaltation is capable of giving extraordinary results. The 1st house represents the rising degree, 10th house is the degree at the zenith, 7th house is the degree of the zodiac which is setting and 4th house is the degree at the nadir at the time of your birth. These 4 positions release tremendous amounts of energies. Each of of these houses is a part the Dharma trikon, Moksh trikon, Kama trikon and Artha trikon respectively. Saturn in his own sign or sign of exhalation in these houses at birth, will create extraordinary individuals with special responsibilities. This is the real meaning of the Sasa yog.

Normally these 4 positions correspond to sunrise, mid-day, sunset and mid-night. The sunrise, midday and sunset are called the tri/ three-sandhya periods where everyone is required to do Gayatri mantra jaap. The midnight is a sandhya of the highest intensity, only genuine spiritual aspirants will use the energies of the midnight.

Saturn is the son of Sun and his wife Chhaya. The Sun has two wives, Sanjana/Usha the energy of dawn and Chhaya the energy of the dusk. His son by Sanjana is Yama, he controls the Pirtulok and supervises the karmic work which we are required to perform when we live as spirits in the Pitrulok. His son by Chhaya is Shani/Saturn, he supervises our karmic work when we are born on the Martyalok ie Earth.

Saturn is deepest understanding of karma, the disciplined work needed to rebalance the karmic bindings. The solidification of the divine spark/ Sun/ individual soul. Saturn is linked to the Pruthvi mahabhoot. He linked to the conscious energies of the Mooladhar chakra, he is survival. He is responsible for the endurance of the Sthool sharir, the physical body, the anna-mai-kosh. He regulates the society and the environment that one lives and works in. He is the Father who teaches you how to live and flourish in the world (especially if you were born after sunset and before sunrise). The auspiciousness of material stuff in life needs a strong Saturn in the horoscope. Transits of Saturn are necessary to time important events like prizes, jobs, marriage and conception of children. He is fair, patient, disciplined and helps you unravel the bindings of your own karma. His role in the horoscope is very important. Most people are scared of Saturn and rightly so. He is responsible for so much that if he goes inauspicious, crucial things in our lives will go wrong.

Saturn’s real nature is actually quite esoteric. If you think deeply, what is the innermost deepest goal of life and the act of living? It is to experience, transcend and finally to observe. This is the real job that Shani performs. He ensures that you systematically experience, transcend and then finally become the Sakshi. He represents the laying of the bindings of ignorance and also release by realisation of inner knowledge. His names are Shani, Manda, Mrutyunjai, Mahakaal, Mahagraha, Kaalpurush, Kroorgraha, Brahmamaya, Toya, Bhishma, Krishna, Kala-jnya, Krusha-tanu, Sananda, Kala-krut, Yogeshwar, Kala-atmanah, Siddheshwar, Vaam-drashta, Vakra, Ati-kroor, Rashinaath, Rashigaya, Rashibhokta, Rashibhramankarana, Sameer, Yamagraj, Tvashtha, Sangharaka Rahu-sakha etc. These are all Sanskrit words so are definitions not just plain names. These define Saturn’s nature in detail.

Sasa yog, Saturn in 2020-2025, spiritual aspects

As per the texts, Sasa yog is supposed to make one a king, a minister, a military general, wanderer of the hills and the woods, cruel natured, bountiful, can defraud others, spirited, devoted to the mother, brave etc. But these are literal translations of the Sanskrit shlokas. Devbhasha Samskrutam is a palimpsest, there are deeper meanings always. As we cannot read it or understand the original words now, we have to use logic and practical experience in understanding these astrological combinations. Sasa yog opens a direct channel to the flow of divine inspiration into the person. And this energy is put to work, it is utilised very intensely in the spiritual plane. This person’s ego is astrologically and psychologically different. There is a high degree of individuality, self-assurance, quiet confidence, inner potential and untapped power, this does reflect on the material planes too. But the real effect of the Sasa yog are always on the inner psychic levels.

The Sasa yog is possible only with the following ascendant signs and in these positions,

  • Aries – Libra is the 7th house
  • Taurus – Aquarius is the 10th house. (Saturn is Yogkarak for Taurus ascendant so very auspicious.)
  • Cancer – Libra as 4th house, Capricorn as 7th house
  • Leo – Aquarius is 7th house
  • Libra – Libra is the 1st house, Capricorn is 4th house (Saturn is Yogkarak for Libra ascendant so very auspicious. One of my brothers has this.)
  • Scorpio – Aquarius is 4th house
  • Capricorn – Capricorn is 1st house (a young man, practically family, has this)
  • Aquarius – Aquarius is 1st house

For analysing the Sasa yog in depth we have to look into the Nakshatra/ lunar mansions involved. Their characteristics and ruling deities will influence the Saturn in very deep ways. If you analyse this the planets connected to these Naksahtras are Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and Sun/Moon. Their Nakshatra devata are also quite typical. Also their symbols are quite symbolic.

Libra consists of – last 2 of the 4 quarters of Chitra, entire Swati and the first 3 of the 4 quarters of Vishakha.

  • Chitra – This is ruled by Tvashtra and carries the influences of Mars. Tvashtra is basically the DNA, your internal architect. DNA is a highly cryptic molecule and its structure etc can be manipulated by the use of Mantras. Evolution is always internal as your mantra jaap actually changes your DNA. Mars is again the pran/vital energy directed by Saturn.
  • Swati – This is ruled by Maruta and influenced by Rahu. Marut are the conscious energies of pran/vital energies. Rahu is desire for experience. Under the influence of Saturn, Rahu’s wild leaps are contained and his mindless desires are regulated. The energy of desire is a powerful tool and Saturn uses it well. The pran are channelised and the Rahu-desire is turned towards Realisation.
  • Vishakha – Its nakshatra devata is Agni and associated with Jupiter. Agni is the power of motion. Jupiter is the energy which provides Agni its fuel. Humility and an appreciation of the lower classes (Saturn’s folks) reduces self-centred behaviour and selfishness. Jupiter’s traits of universal inclusion, benevolence, kindness and real knowledge is ignited by the influence of Agni which finally results in Illumination.

Capricorn consists of – 3 of the 4 quarters of Uttara-ashadha, entire Shravan and 2/4 Dhanishtha.

  • Uttarashadha – Ruled by Vishvedeva and the Sun. This grants inner humility. A sense of the immenseness of the energies pervading the universes and later the immensity of the Soul. The individual soul is granted a glimpse of the Ultimate and if the rest of the horoscope permits is allowed Moksh. The hidden qualities of the ego are allowed expression.
  • Shravan – Ruled by the Nakshatra deity Vishnu and linked to the Moon. Intensely sensitive, intuitive, receptive, willing to learn/the perfect disciple, harmony with the inner self seen at the third eye/ Ajnya chakra, able to hear the inner Anahata-nada/Om, a capacity to control the lower chakras in sadhana, inwardly able to restrain his organs of sense/action.
  • Dhanishtha – Ruled by the eight Vasu-s and Mars. The eight Vasu-s are part of your own body (post here).  Removal of imperfections thus individual soul realises the Ultimate. The expansion of the limited consciousness. Dhanishtha is represented by the Mrudunga, a drum which continually emits the sound of Om.

Aquarius consists of – remaining 2/4 Dhanishtha, entire Shatataraka and 3/4 Poorva-bhadrapada.

  • Shatataraka – Ruled by Varun and Rahu. Varun is the ruler of the cosmic waters (Jivan or life) and Rahu is again the energy of desire. The flow of experience is restricted by Saturn as the desire to dive in deep exists. Emotionally controlled. Valuing truth and selfless-service. Interested in metaphysics desires to solve the puzzle of life, fearless. Saturn gives structure to these energies and finally he gets to the bottom of things and eventually understands creation in its entirety.
  • Poorvabhadrapada – Ruled by Aja-ek-pada and linked to Jupiter. This deity can be roughly understood as the ’unborn singular time/space’. Jupiter and Saturn together bring in the detachment of Sanyas, devotion, hope and luck. Impartial, logical, clever, visionary, imaginative and a fighter with spiritual depths.

Sasa yog, Saturn in 2020-2025, spiritual aspects

The outward characteristics of Sasa yog can be a bit disconcerting as the person might come across as dominating, self-assertive, unbending, rigid, etc. Much will depend on the ascendant sign, the ascendant lord, the birth Moon. Then the sign /house in which such a Saturn is placed/ aspecting is important. This is a very general reading,

  • If the Sasa yog Saturn is in the 1st house, then there is a restriction on the creation of new karma and the illusion of duality is exposed (he restricts the 3rd house). There is disinterest in marriage and often these might prefer remaining single (aspect on the 7th house). The personality is rigid, self-confident, powerful and purposeful. Can adopt unconventional means to achieve his ends. Later the life purpose is directed away from the material to the spiritual as contentment in life is denied (aspect on 10th house).
  • Saturn in the 4th house with Sasa yog, reduces the impact of enemies and other difficulties represented by the 6th house. It often gives a rather ruthless nature as he would like to do things his own way. In the profession and the social arena he will be considered to be dominating (aspect on 10th house). Saturn’s real nature is to slowly consume the energies of the individual self and to illuminate the Ultimate (aspect on 1st house). This change is not really pleasant but the personality accepts it as it knows internally that this is for the good.
  • If Saturn is in the 7th house, with Sasa yog he creates disinterest in the marriage and often gives restrictions in business. He aspects the 9th house so grants dissatisfaction with outward religion, such a person may travel extensively searching for inner peace. His aspect on the 1st house will disconnect from his personality and fruits of the same and with time this leads to destruction of the individual ego.
  • Saturn in the 10th house. Here the individual’s life purpose is directed towards divine fulfilment. The Sasa yog actively creates disenchantment with marriage, reduces interest in intimacy with another person. Loss of the material linked to the gain of the spiritual is destined here. Emotional upheavals are restricted and the person might even appear to be hard-hearted. There may be a restlessness and there would be journeys in search for the spiritual. Later he may realise the futility of material stuff and find internal peace.

The primary function of the Sasa yog is to create a personality which is driven to spiritual growth using the highest essence of Saturn’s energies in its evolution. For this the material life is often outwardly hard and tends to rip off the illusions. This process can be painful but the personality welcomes the pain as it knows that the inner reality is something very different.


Sasa yog, Saturn in 2020-2025, spiritual aspects