Venus Saturn and relationships in 2023

As per the Ved there are two major reasons why we are unable to perceive our own Reality. One is the desire which leads to confusion – Moha and the second is fear which leads to restrictions – Bhaya. 

In astrological terms these are the graha, Venus and Saturn. So when you study your sample horoscopes, if you see any connection between Saturn and Venus take a few more minutes to study it. Also if you see an ongoing Saturn/Venus dasha combination, analyse it further. Finally significant Saturn Venus transits and aspects also have the ability to really mess up lives.

A quick post today because of a personal experience yesterday. I went through a very confusing evening before realising why my mind was inexplicably in such turmoil. Venus had entered Aquarius in the afternoon and with Saturn already present there, everything was caught in a strange twist of attraction and repulsion.

Venus and Saturn are conjunct every year for about 28 days. This year Venus will remain in Aquarius till 15th Feb 2023. During this time whatever Venus signifies in your chart will see restrictions, separations, pain and suffering. Eg if he is your Ascendant lord then you may fall ill, feel depressed and unable to think on what you want to do. If he is your 5th lord then your boyfriend/girlfriend might dump you. If he is your 7th lord then your loved one might ignore you or be temporarily separated from you. If he is your 11th lord then your expected gains might be delayed, your friends will cause you pain etc. 

Venus is the natural lord of the 2nd and 7th houses, ie your resources, money flow, spouse, legal agreements, business partnership, meditative practices, marak etc. He is also incharge of all the desirable things in life, the beauty and the joy that comes when you live your life to the fullest. So, with Saturn influencing Venus, all these beautiful aspects of your life will suffer from a strange melancholy. You might feel fearful about losing these things for no real reason, or suddenly stop trusting these loved ones in your life or suffer from a fear of being abandoned by your closest love/ relationship. Separation emotional/ physical from your loved one/ spouse is likely. You might permanently or temporarily lose that one person who loves you the most or the one you love the most. So be careful in the matters of the heart. Avoid arguments with your loved one during this time. Recognise the efforts that your loved one makes for you and try to reciprocate even if you do not feel like it. Satisfaction and genuine emotional support in your love relationships will be missing. Also you may not be able to tell your loved one how much you love him. Avoid brief flings which can spoil things with your true love. There will be an undercurrent of guilt, suffering and internal loneliness. 

Loss of money is possible during this time. So if you are thinking of investments, check everything twice before committing yourself. You will want to hold on to material resources, money and desire physical security during this time. And it is possible that you will neglect your spiritual practice. Your family will cause you pain or loss. Be careful if acting under pressure from your family members.

If you meet new people during this time it will be more for social interactions, through the family connections etc. It would be best to keep these people at this basic social level, do not bring them closer into your life, into your heart. As finding new love interests or genuine friends or people on the same mental frequency as you, during this time, is unlikely. These new people will most likely be your enemies from your past lives here to teach you a deep karmic lesson, hitting you on your relationships, desires, spiritual practice and your desire to be intimate, to love and be loved equally in return.

This year, Saturn had just entered Aquarius so today, in just one day, Venus crossed him, ie won the graha yuddha, planetary war. Technically, now Venus has more power to deliver his results. But Saturn owns Aquarius, is in his own mooltrikon and capable of strong results. He will not yield to Venus so easily and subtly continue to affect his significations. Similarly Venus will also subtly vitiate Saturn’s significations.

We can also use the Nakshatra transits to fine tune their balance of power / results in Aquarius. Saturn is in Dhanishtha till 15th Mar. Venus will be in Dhanishtha till 28th Jan, then in Shatataraka till 7th Feb and in Poorvabhadrapada after that. Their connected planets, Dhanishtha – Mars is in Taurus, Shatataraka – Rahu is in Aries and Poorvabhadrapada – Jupiter is in Pisces. Currently Rahu and Jupiter are under Saturn’s influence. So when Venus enters Shatataraka and Poorvabhadrapada again he will be subtly more under Saturn’s influence. Saturn is the king of this year, controlling everything from his own signs.

Back to Venus. After exiting Aquarius and his close conjunction with Saturn, Venus will enter Pisces and remain here till 12th Mar. He will be exalted and willing to give good results but during this time, he will be conjunct Jupiter, who rules Pisces, and both the Devguru and Daityaguru will now be in an intense Paap kartari of Saturn and Rahu. This too will be a turbulent period where the significations of Venus and Jupiter both will suffer. Jupiter and Venus is also a typical combination which leads to internal stress (post here) and the Saturn – Rahu paapkartari, ‘cruel scissor’ combination, will cause more mental stress during this period. A lack of guidance, misguidance and mental chaos is likely for most of us. You might see situations trying to give you gain, might feel that the fruit of your hard work is finally in your hands but Saturn – Rahu will not let you enjoy this. 

And after all this drama, Venus will enter Aries and remain here till 6th Apr. This time he will be with his disciple Rahu and aspecting his other disciple Ketu. Conflicting desires, illusions, fear and uncertainty as the typical Venus – Rahu conjunction will be aspected by Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn’s extra 3rd 10th aspects are generally more intense. Keep your ambitions on a sensible level, do not cheat, lie, conceal things, hurt others for your own gain. Do not engage in flings and immoral activities. Saturn will not allow this and you will be required to suffer for this later. If you have a spiritual mindset, you will be able to use the energy of Venus – Ketu to tide over else Venus-Rahu will trap your mind in extravagant illusions of desire ultimately causing your fall.


Another point is that Saturn will get combust from 5th Feb to 14th Mar. Generally we do not give much significance to Saturn’s combustion but this time we must factor in this too. Father and son, Sun and Saturn are not on good terms. And Sun will be combusting Saturn in his own mooltrikon, in his own rashi. The contrary natures of Sun and Saturn and being forced to endure each others presence will be too much for both of them. All significations of Sun and Saturn in the charts will suffer. Saturn in his mooltrikon is capable of giving good results but Sun will constrain him from doing so. And an uncomfortable, burnt out Saturn influencing the other planets is going to cause even more discomfort for all of us. 

(I have used the dates from Drikpanchang)

Predictions 2023 Saturn transiting Shatataraka nakshatra

Saturn’s transits at the sign level give an overview of a time frame of 2.5yrs. And Nakshatra level transit are used to analyse things for about 1yr. Navamsha arc or lunar mansion quarter or nakshatra pad level transit analysis narrows down his effects to 2-3month intervals. 

In the past one year from 18th Feb 2022 till 15th Mar 2023, Saturn in Dhanishtha Nakshatra (post here) caused intense events played out on the rhythm of the war drums /bheri. The dance of destruction which began in this period will continue for the next 10yrs or so (posts here and here). 

Now, Saturn will enter Shatataraka aka Shatabhisha nakshatra on 15th Mar 2023 and will remain here till 6th Apr 2024. He will briefly return to Dhanishtha, during 15th Oct – 24th Nov, as a part of his annual retrograde/ forward movement.

For analysing this Saturn in Shatataraka, do consider the broader picture. Saturn is aspecting Rahu with his intense 3rd aspect. And Rahu and Saturn are holding Jupiter in a cruel scissor, Paapkartari yog, in his own watery Pisces. From Apr 2023, Jupiter (in a Guruchandal yog) will be aspected by Saturn. (If you have similar combinations in your birth chart, ie Saturn aspecting Rahu or Jupiter or Guruchandal then you must be especially alert.)

Shatataraka nakshatra lies completely within the Aquarius sign owned by Saturn. This lunar mansion is linked to Rahu and ruled by the devata/ deity Varun. A hundred faint stars make up this lunar mansion, Shata = ‘100’ Taraka = ‘small stars’ and Shata = ‘100’ bhishaka = ‘healers’. It is represented by a circle or an ox cart. This lunar mansion has a Vipra varna (post here). It is a Chara, ie a fast moving nakshatra (post here). It has the Ashva yoni (post here). It is of the Rakshas gan, ie it is prone to violence, confusion, harshness and unfeeling actions. It is an active nakshatra, faces upwards, ie under its influence events move fast with a tendency to ‘expand’. Shatabhisha indicates closely guarded secrets, intense occult, calculated deception, suspicions, coldness, deep healing, rigorous movements, rapid evolution, tight boundaries, strict enclosures, an infinite ability to hold, to protect, contained liquids, potential energy, powerful medicines, complete dissolution etc. 

During this transit, there will be an increase in deception and secrets of all types. Pragmatic decisions will be taken by the elected governments to safeguard the futures of the nations. These will not be pleasant decisions. And sudden, violent and harsh events will also occur. (The time when Saturn retrogrades and re-enters Dhanishtha will also be a trigger point for an escalation in the wars/riots etc.) The media will be active as a major disruptive element. Disinformation will be rampant as people in covert power will try to hold on to their positions by any means available. Do not get swayed by ‘popular opinion’ during this time. Wars will escalate, both the covert and overt ones, more fronts will open, physical, economic, legal etc, as boundaries will be challenged. Things will move very fast on the inside, and we will not be aware. There will be a harshness to things, unexpected twists and turns. Each one of us will face confusion, life/death situations etc and every one of us will be required to take one harsh decision at least to resolve these typical situations. Do take some time to think things over before deciding to act.


A tendency to lie and conceal real motives. Even friends and family members will hide their true intentions. You too will not share your innermost plans with anyone. Lack of trust, increase in suspiciousness and confusion will affect all activities. Disputes in the family and falling out with friends can cause stress. People will hold on to their narrow opinions, preconceptions etc, not wanting to accept other’s opinions so easily. Everyone will put barriers around themselves thus feel lonely, sad on the inside. Trusting anyone or anything at face value during this time is not advisable. Do not interfere with other’s issues or try to solve other’s disputes as this will boomerang on you. Learn to withdraw from things which do not concern you, a strategic retreat sometimes can be a good plan. 

An increase in laziness, absentmindedness, mental diseases, psychiatric problems, diseases of the nerves/brain, incorrect thought processes etc. Fears and unknown terrors will rise from the depths of the mind. Some of us will overcome these tests of the sookshma sharir/ subtle body and gain secret/ occult treasures. And some will succumb to the dangers hidden in the sea of their own subconscious. Keep an eye on your mental and physical health during this nakshatra transit. In the language of Ayurved, Vaat dosh issues are possible. Increase in addictions, self-destructive activities like promiscuity, drugs, hallucinogens, mind altering substances etc is possible. Lifestyle and diet can suffer. Be careful of who or what you accept into your life. People will be deluded, will act without thinking of the possible repercussions and later suffer alone. Finer emotions, eg love, will be put in the background and coldness, calculative behaviour, will dominate. Be careful if initiating new love relations during this time as there is a high possibility of grief later. Promises of contribution and support should also be viewed with due suspicion. A tendency to use brute force, harsh words etc and you might express your ambitions or your secret intentions at an inopportune moment. Or you will not think of the effect of your words/actions on others. Lashing out at unsuitable moments will cause you harm. Think before your speak and try to remain calm even under trying circumstances.

There will be a drop in human fertility, less number of children will be born. Generally children will suffer more in several ways. So pay attention to your children and their emotional, physical etc welfare during this period.

Saturn and Rahu influencing Shatataraka means that there will be several opportunities to break the rules for personal gain. If you cheat, take undue advantage of others etc ie take Rahu’s short cuts there will be immediate gains but in the long term Saturn will ensure a reckoning. Try to remain balanced, avoid extremes. If you have genuine well-wishers in your life then discuss with them before taking life changing decisions. Saturn in 0-20 deg Aquarius is transiting in his mooltrikon zone, powerful and at the core of things. He is neutral here, simply dishing out your fair desserts. Past karmic fruits will suddenly appear before you either to enjoy or to endure. Also remain aware of your decisions now, they will have future far reaching consequences. Karma is on a high. So use your free will. And think before committing yourself to any course of action.

Do try to increase your internal resources and mental strength. (If you are a student of the Vedanta, read the Upanishads, Bhagwat Gita. Try to solve the puzzle of existence.) Use this time to read books, learn new subjects, expand your mind, change your perspectives etc. Learn subjects like Math or Sanskrit, the Vedanga, Jyotish, Gandharvavidya etc. Train your mind to be logical and analytical, use your intelligence in new ways. You will enjoy these intellectual pursuits if you are sincere about them. Take up some spiritual practice, daily pujas etc, a daily routine will help. Otherwise you will feel depressed, pessimistic and lonely. (Especially so if you are in a Sade sati or Kantak Shani transit.) Traveling, especially to water bodies and water sports will be an enjoyable activity. Learning new skills, like driving, mechanical stuff, learning deep healing modalities like Reiki etc will be a good use of this energy. 

On the subtle level a re-set is underway, a deep healing for us and the world. Karmic healing is not a gentle process, a surgery always has pain, cuts, blood and an extended recovery. Saturn will perform a dispassionate surgery with the 100s of surgeons of Shatabhisha. The current economic system based on illusions will collapse, this will lead to pain on several levels for those who were enjoying its benefits at the expense of others. A new system will be gradually brought in place which will be fairer on those nations who actually have the resources. The legal system will also be overhauled, will be made fairer and transparent. Boundaries will be redrawn. The current society as a whole will also be replaced by a more Dharmic one, more aligned to the inherent nature of the human/universal soul. This will not be a peaceful change as the various groups who were enjoying the benefits earlier will protest.

There will be a separation from the safety nets of the family and friends. ‘Security’ will be challenged in so many ways. This Saturn in Shatabhisha is more suitable for activities which ‘end’ rather than the activities which ‘begin’.

As with every transit there is a mix of positives and negatives. 99% of us will move according the winds of time (prarabdha) as indicated by the transit. And 1% of us will have the courage (purushartha) to consciously make use of the energy. 

This transit will be good for people and professions related to electronics, energy, research and other intellectual pursuits, space, chemistry, army, media, literature, medicine, healing and lifestyle improvement professions, drugs (even illegal drugs), poisons, vehicles, travelling, education, philosophy, water, oil, etc. ie people who work alone and in secret, those who undertake personal risks, live in dangerous environments etc and are experts in subjects which require quickness, intelligence, hard work, analytical skills and personal courage. 

During this time try to bring these keywords into your life, ie secrets, focus, strategy, healing etc so that you can make maximum use of the time. eg, think of a personal objective for the next 1yr. Be realistic and true to yourself. What do you really want, what is your heart’s desire? Think. What is this desire based on your life philosophy and requires planning, strategy, thinking, logic and perseverance? Dedicate yourself to this goal. You have the necessary power within and will be able to achieve your desire using the power of Saturn in Shatataraka. The nakshatra devata Varun is the ruler of the subconscious mind. He is depicted riding a crocodile, ie he has the power to tame the dangerous tendencies lurking in the oceans of the subconscious mind and to harness these wild energies in a productive manner. So in your pursuit of your ambitions you have a chance to destroy the hidden inhibitions which have always caused trouble in your life. Resolve these subconscious issues and completely harness the power of your mind. 


To personalise the generic reading above,

Open your birth chart, and check which houses are controlled by Saturn. Whatever Saturn indicates in your life, there will be a material separation of this item or a material loss to your overall personality caused by this item during this Shatataraka transit. Depending on the individual charts, this separation/loss will be temporary or permanent. Whenever we predict a separation from a person, it is better to check the longevities, if the calculated lifespan is at an end then be alert.

  • eg if he rules your 2nd house then you will drain your resources or be separated from your family. Or your family will drain your resources.
  • eg if he rules your 5th house then separation from your children, a lack of creativity, a separation from your love partner etc.Or in some cases, the love of your life will cause you harm etc. He can make that you grow up from the illusion of a love affair and accept that he/she never really cared for your feelings at all.
  • eg if he is connected to your 7th house then he will separate you from your spouse, personal spiritual practice, deity or that one very special ‘mirror’. Or your spouse will separate from your spiritual practice etc. 

If you have any birth planets in Shatataraka nakshatra in your birth chart then this will be a testing time for you in the aspects of life represented by this planet. Saturn’s transit will force you to mature here, to accept reality and to give up all that was holding you back from your real path. You will face a slowing down, delay, frustration, restriction and loss here. You will have to face the reality that this planet represents. This will involve some practice/skill in interpretation so think for a bit before coming to a conclusion. Or during this period if something unexpected occurs in your life then see if you can link it to Shatataraka.

  • Eg if your birth 4th lord is in Shatataraka then you might be forced to grow out of ‘needy love’, take responsibility for your home, or sell your properties, loss of the mother/maternal figure etc. 
  • Eg if your Ascendant lord lies in Shatataraka then there will be a permanent loss to your personality which will hit you deeply, changing you forever. Nature of the loss will depend on the planet in question. eg Mercury – sibling, Venus – loved one, Jupiter – husband/children etc.
  • Eg 10th lord in Shatataraka might indicate issues to/by the father, or challenges in the professional life.

You can also use the Janma navtara nakshatra chakra (refer to this post here) to get an overview of the results expected from Saturn’s transit in Shatataraka. If your birth Moon nakshatra is,

  • Ashwini Magha Mula – Sadhaka
  • Bharani Poorvaphalguni Poorvashadha – Pratyari
  • Krutika Uttaraphalguni Uttarashadha – Kshema
  • Rohini Hasta Shravan – Vipat
  • Mruga Chitra Dhanishtha – Sampat
  • Aradra Swati Shatataraka – Janma
  • Punarvasu Vishakha Poorvabhadrapada – Ati Mitra
  • Pushya Anuradha Uttarabhadrapada – Mitra
  • Ashleysha Jeyshtha Revati – Naidhana 

If you are an advanced student then do use the Kota chakra (post here and here) for a more in-depth analysis of your Saturn in Shatabhisha. 

I wrote a detailed post here on predicting the results of transits of planets over the nakshatra pad/ lunar mansion quarters. Advanced students can try to predict the nakshatra quarter wise results using this.

As usual the remedies are Mantra and Daana. These will be more effective if you do some daily pujas/ spiritual practice. (Ref index page for more posts)

(I have used the dates from Drikpanchang)

Makar Sankranti and Saturn entering Aquarius 2023 predictions

The Vedic samvatsara Shubhakruti started on 2nd Apr 2022 and will continue till 21st Mar 2023. There were very typical transits in this year so I had divided the yearly predictions into three posts (phase 1 and phase 2.) This last phase starts on 17th Jan 2023 when Saturn enters his own Aquarius. During this time the major energy is Saturn in Aquarius. He will go briefly combust from 5th Feb – 14th Mar. Jupiter will be in Pisces till 22nd Apr. And Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra till 29th Nov. 

The transit of Sun into Capricorn is called Makar Sankranti. The Sun appears in different forms in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the twelve Aditya. The Sun in Capricorn sign is called Bhaga Aditya, the luck, fortune, prosperity etc. Makar rashi represents rules, structure, social and professional life, the father etc, it is located at the zenith of the natural zodiac. The regal individualistic Surya will be entering in the house of his son Shani on 14th Jan 2023 at 20:57. And within a day, Saturn will be re-entering Aquarius bringing about even more significant changes.

First, in brief the results of the Makar Sankranti.

Sun’s transit into Capricorn will be celebrated on 15th Jan 2023. The general auspicious time/muhurt, Punyakaal, for  the Makar Sankranti pujas is from 07:10am to 6:02 pm. And the highly auspicious time, ie Mahapunyakaal is only from 7:10 – 8:59am. Everyone is required to do some pujas during this time frame. Ideally, get up before sunrise, get fresh, apply sesame oil to the body and have a bath. Get ready for pujas. Start with the Agnihotra, give Arghya to the newly risen Sun, do your daily pujas, Dhyan, Sandhyavandanam or recite the Gayatri, Adityahrudaya stotra, or any other mantra which you practice. This will channelise the energy of the Mahapunyakaal into your life. Then go to a nearby temple, offer sweets made of white sesame and jaggery to the deity and pray for the wellbeing of yourself, your family and also for everyone in the universe.

Next, let’s briefly see the predictions for Makar Sankranti 2023. If you open any standard Panchangam, you will get a detailed description of the Makar Sankranti Purush. For the current year, his name is Rakshashi, he is young, wearing yellow clothes, riding a tiger, wielding a mace as a weapon, holding jasmine flowers, eating sweet rice from a silver bowl, facing south, etc. These terms are used to interpret the results of this Makar Sankranti. The name Rakshasi, means that this transit will create confusion, indecisiveness, hatred, selfishness, etc general tamasic sort of mindset in everyone. Everyone will feel anxious and afraid of something on the other which will make them act in adharmic, illegal, immoral and unethical ways. People will try to get their desires satisfied at any cost, which will have an extended negative karmic effect. Violence, turbulence, destruction etc will increase. He is riding a tiger, wielding a mace, indicating an increase in force, violence and cruelty. The elected governments all over the world will become strict and the authorities will enforce its power to control public unrest and civil issues which will erupt sporadically. The youth will suffer more, there will be an increase in stress, sickness, deaths etc in this age class. Prices and availability of metals, sugar, rice and other food crops will fluctuate. Weather will be hotter and this year summer will be hot, rains will be lesser and there is a real possibility of drought and its impact on agriculture.

Now let’s briefly analyse the results of Saturn re-entering Aquarius.

Saturn becomes very comfortable and powerful when he occupies his own Mooltrikon sign, Aquarius. And he is in the Dhanishta nakshatra, the lunar mansion represented by war drums. He had already entered Aquarius last year but had returned to Capricorn retrograde for about 5months. Now he is back with a bang. Jupiter though in his own Pisces, is now severely hemmed in between two cruel planets/ kroor graha. This is a paap kartari, ‘malefic scissor’ yog. Saturn and Rahu will not allow Jupiter to express his auspiciousness fully. Next Jupiter will move into Aries in Apr 2023. He will be conjunct Rahu and create a Guru chandal yog till Nov 2023. Thus, for practically the entire 2023, Jupiter will be unable to give his expected good results, there will be inauspiciousness. This is a very critical point when you analyse Jupiter this year. Jupiter is the Jivkarak, ie he helps us sustain life on this earth with auspiciousness. If he is unable to exert his full power then it will have repercussions on health, wealth, food, peace etc all the things needed for a fulfilling life. The ‘Shubh’ auspiciousness will be missing. For those who were enjoying Jupiter’s auspiciousness in this past 2nd phase, especially after Nov 2022, be ready for a change in fortunes. I always look at Jupiter very critically. Even if he is benefic for the chart, he is always should be given a second critical look. The misfortunes that he triggers are the ones which seem manageable initially but are devastating later. (The best example for this Jupiter’s tendency is the diabetes disease). Rahu is comfortable in Aries and he finds the energies of this marital sign a good channel to express his typical ‘I want it all’ nature. A major worrying point is that Saturn in Aquarius is aspecting Aries with his third aspect. His aspect on Rahu is called Shapit dosh which gives cruel results. And post Apr 2023 he will be aspecting a conjoint Jupiter-Rahu! creating several typical situations. (The extra aspects for Mars, Jupiter, Saturn are more severe than their regular 7-7 mutual aspects.)

The following readings are primarily as per your Moon sign. Karmaphal, ie the fruits of your past actions are dependant on the Moon for their fructification. But if your ascendant sign is stronger, then you can see the results counted from this sign too. These results are valid from Saturn’s entry into Aquarius till Jupiter’s exit from Pisces, ie from mid-Jan 2023 to Apr 2023.

Aries – Saturn in Aquarius is very favourable for you, and if you have a strong Saturn in your birth chart then you life will significantly change for the better. Jupiter is average so do some regular spiritual practice to channelise his energies. Rahu is in Aries, aspected by Saturn so you will feel a curious mix of aggression and suppression. Ketu will separate you from your partners and cause unexpected loss of money. Do not engage in extramarital affairs or do not marry randomly during this time. Health will improve, but try to adopt holistic lifestyle changes in addition to medicines. Tension in profession will go down. Better job prospects, increase in salary etc is possible. Family life will improve and you will feel more settled. This is a good time so you can try new projects, new investments and take some calculated risks. You might be afflicted by undiagnosable issues and often a victim of ‘black magic’, evil eye and negative intentions. Parents may require your attention. But overall it will be a good time.

Taurus – Saturn is poised to increase your work pressures and your social activities. Your father will require your attention. Jupiter is favourable will help you consolidate your gains. But still as he is in the paap kartari do not trust others unless you are sure. Ketu is favourable and will scatter your enemies and diseases. During this time, you will be given a lot of work but you will be able to deliver. You will be able to effectively counter gossip and office politics. Money flow, positivity will increase, better job options, etc are all possible. Buying new assets and long time investments can be considered. But on the flip side, you will have little time to rest, you will be travelling a lot, separation from family/children is possible. So pay attention to you diet, health and rest. Overall time is on your side so use it intelligently. And remember that daily pujas are necessary, else 10th Shani has the capacity to cause negativity in the profession, fear and mental stress. Rahu is not favourable, you will be a victim of malicious gossip, evil eye and unexpected losses. Do mantra and daana to get over this. Overall it will be an average to good time.

(However if your ascendant is Taurus and birth Saturn is well placed, then this time can grant you significant success in your professional life.)

Gemini – Your Ashtam Shani phase is done with and Saturn in Aquarius is poised to add some auspiciousness to your life. Jupiter is average but still be careful about whom you trust, do not be unnecessarily hopeful about things. Be logical and try to think systematically. If the birth chart/Dasha is favourable, Rahu can be intelligently utilised in the profession to give gains and Ketu’s lack of confidence can also be controlled by behavioural changes. Do pujas of your Kuldevata, listen to your Guru and give tarpan to ancestors, this will ensure Saturn’s continuous support. Do not lose faith or turn atheist, this will add to your problems. In this time frame, you will show steady signs of recovery, health will improve. problems with the reproductive organs will come to light and be addressed. You will reconcile with what has happened to you in the past 2.5yrs, problems will slightly reduce. Your profession will be more in the limelight, work will increase, you will be more visible in your office, more assignments will be given, you will be recognised for your abilities. Finances will also slowly improve, your past investments will give you returns. You will receive help from unexpected sources. Budgeting is necessary but new investments can be done if you are sure about things. Demise of a close elderly family member is possible in this time frame. Your outlook towards life will change and you will be more perceptive and intellectually more in control over your mind. Overall this will be an average to good time.

Cancer – The Capricorn Kantak Shani phase is complete but now in Aquarius your Ashtama Shani starts. Jupiter is favourable in the 9th house but he is hemmed in by Rahu and Saturn, thus incapable of giving auspicious results. Rahu is going to create pressures in your profession and Ketu will cause disturbance in your home life, rest, diet etc. Health should now be your primary focus. There is a possibility of blood diseases, serious surgery, problems in the reproductive/private organs, major accidents etc. Be especially careful if the judged longevity is nearing its end. Try to get enough rest, nutrition and mental peace. There will be fear of unknown things, loss of property, bad luck, etc. There will be failures and disappointments in the projects that you take up. Your spouse and in-laws will be a source of strain, do not get involved. You will face legal issues and be unable to defend yourself. Avoid involvement in other’s problems, avoid giving advice and do not follow to other’s advice unless you are sure. Do not do anything that is against your personal self-interest just because you are influenced by others. Do not trust others. Family and friends will misguide. Be very careful of any new people who enter your life at this point of time. If you are of a spiritual bent of mind then spiritual progress is guaranteed. But for the materialistic mind it is going to be a very trying time. Be prepared.

Leo – Saturn was favourable for you in Capricorn but now in Aquarius he enters your 7th house and this is called a thorny Kantak Shani. Your partnerships will be primarily affected. Spouse, marriage, business partner, profits will start stressing you out. Health can suffer so take due care if you or your spouse are nearing the end of the calculated longevity. Legal issues are possible. Not a good time for new projects. Unnecessary travel and tiredness will make you irritable. Undesirable transfers or change in job is possible. Also you will not get time for your personal spiritual practice which will aggravate the issues. Unexpected loss of money is possible. Avoid unethical actions at all costs as immoral people will try to sway you during this period. Ketu is favourable so if you have a strong birth Ketu he will grant you the necessary strength to handle issues. Skin diseases should be addressed immediately. Jupiter is not favourable and you will suffer diseases of the private parts and humiliation/ pain in secret. However if Rahu is favourable for your chart then pujas, pilgrimages and occult practices can help you tide over. This will be an average to bad time.

Virgo – Saturn is very favourable. Jupiter is favourable but unable to give his full auspicious results because of the paap kartari yog. Rahu and Ketu are not favourable. If you have a powerful Saturn in your birth chart or are in a strong Dasha now then this will be a very good time, use it well. There will be growth on all levels, health will be good, partnerships will give you gain. This is a good time to start new projects, plan a baby, invest etc. There will be professional success, increase in salary, business will expand, profits will be high etc till Apr 2023 after which Jupiter will turn negative. So right now be very analytical of the gifts that Jupiter brings. Saturn is very favourable and he will help you in this matter. You can go full on ahead in matters indicated by Saturn in your chart. One point is that you will feel like taking advantage of others by hiding your true intentions, do not do this as this will result in bad karmaphal later. Jupiter is not auspicious so the opportunities he brings will be tinged with unpleasantness which will increase with time. Avoid being influenced by the teacher, parents and spouse. And if Rahu Ketu are more powerful in your chart then be very careful regarding your family members, in-laws as there is a possibility of being cheated here. Eg in case you are considering marriage proposals during this time then your family members or prospective in laws will hide some crucial facts from you. You will suffer some permanent damage or separation from your family during this period. Diseases of the mouth are possible. But overall this will be an average time.

Libra – Saturn in Aquarius will give some improvement. But Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are not favourable for you. Personal health, relationships, marriage, profession, investments all will give you stress. Pay attention to your spouse and children and their health during this time. Avoid extramarital affairs. Do not trust people around you as there is a possibility of backbiting and jealousy causing you damage. Do take up some regular vrat during this time, eg fasting once a week or something like that. This will satisfy Saturn and you will also get some significant spiritual progress. Ketu will either cause damage on the physical level, eg skin diseases or grant you significant spiritual progress. Either way Ketu’s is a life changing transit.  Overall it will be an average to bad time.

However if your ascendant sign is Libra and birth Saturn is well placed, then this time can grant you mantra siddhi and the fruit of your past sadhana /efforts on the spiritual as well as material levels.

Scorpio – Kantak Saturn transiting over your fourth house is a ‘thorny’ situation. Jupiter in Pisces and Rahu in Aries are favourable for you so try to consolidate while they are helpful. You will be required to work hard and sincerely during this period. You will be overburdened by your professional commitments and stressed out. Fear and anxiety will dominate your mind. Do not cheat others even if you feel inclined to, because such activities will rebound on you. Rahu will encourage you to dabble in black magic, backbiting etc. Health will start going downhill as diet and rest will be affected. Kantak Shani will also start disrupting your family life. Expect problems in your family, as residence, mother, ancestral properties etc start causing issues. Avoid short term flings and extramarital affairs. Money flow will be good but Ketu in Libra is not supportive for accumulating gains, whatever you get will be immediately scattered. This is not a good time for risky investments. Spiritual gains are possible for those with a spiritual bent of mind. Overall it will be an average to bad time for the materialistic mind.

Sagittarius – finally the Sade sati is at an end and Saturn now in the 3rd is willing to help you in your endeavours. Jupiter is supportive and Rahu will help you gain confidence. But Rahu will cause overconfidence so keep your common sense about you. If you have a strong birth chart/ongoing Dasha then this time will give you very significant gains in health, profession, family life, finances, etc. Finally you can take up new projects, calculated risks and be enthusiastic about life. You will travel, attend happy events, festivals, etc. Success and happiness is possible. But even if situations are favourable they may or may not be auspicious in the long run so do think on the consequences before committing yourself. Do use your common sense in all things. Jupiter in the paap kartari yog indicates that there will be hidden unpleasantness which can pop up in unexpected ways. Overall this will be a good time.

Capricorn – The third phase of the Sade sati now begins for you. Saturn’s negative intensity should reduce to some extent. But Rahu and Jupiter both are not favourable. So the overall stress on health, relationships, profession etc will continue and may increase. This is not the right time for investments, risky speculation, gambling or starting new projects. Loss of money, position and peace is possible. You must take up some pujas or daily Dhyan so that you can find some peace within you, else your mind will get stressed out. Do not get involved in other’s business as this will invite trouble for you. Avoid risks and speculation. Try to stick to the ethical and moral path. Overall an average to bad time.

Aquarius – Saturn is transiting over your birth Moon and the middle phase of the Sade sati has begun. However the time till Jupiter is in Pisces ie till Apr is somewhat favourable. Rahu is favourable so there will be a mix of results. There will be positive effects on your health, money flow, family, profession etc. You can also consider investments during this time. However speculate in the stock market only if you are clear about things. Use this time to work hard and get your affairs in shape, do not leave any loose ends. (Rahu will remain supportive till Nov.)  But overall the middle phase of the Sade sati is tiring and stressful. So take care of your health, ensure adequate rest and proper diet. Do not get involved in other’s affairs, keep a low profile. Do not misguide others or force your opinions on them. Family and friends will also be a source of stress. Perform your duties the best you can. Take up some daily spiritual practice so that your mind can recover. If you can find an inner core of strength then things will be more bearable. Depending on others inevitably brings in disappointments in the long run.  Overall an average time.

Pisces – You had a supportive Saturn in Capricorn but now he is in Aquarius, thus your Sade sati has begun. In his next transits through Aquarius, Pisces and Aries, you will be forced to mature in several ways. Navigating this time will be easier if you have a strong birth chart and a favourable Dasha ongoing. The time frame till Apr 2023 ie till Jupiter in Pisces will be disappointing. Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are all in unfavourable positions. Personal health, partnership, family matters, money flow, budgeting, investments, profession, office politics, etc everything will be a source of stress. Avoid investments, speculations, disputes, legal issues, conflicts etc as you will be on the receiving end even if the fault is not yours. The mind will be under stress and the body will also feel weak. The environment will not be supportive. You have had a very good time in the past Saturn in Capricorn transit and hopefully have accumulated enough resources to tide through the 7.5yrs of the Sade sati. Overall this will be an average to bad time. 

In rare cases, especially with Taurus or Libra ascendants if you have a very strong birth chart then the Sade sati can also push you into public life where you will be required to work hard for social and general welfare. But if you have a weak birth chart or are in a unfavourable Dasha then be extremely careful, this is the start of 7.5yrs of growing up. Be prepared.

As usual there are only two ways to reduce the impact of the planetary transits. Targeted Mantra and Daana. (ref to the index page for more posts on this) If you are already doing your daily pujas and regular spiritual practice then the transits become even more easier to handle as you can more easily adapt your mind or take up behavioural changes which help reducing the impact. However completely eliminating the effects is impossible. These results are all the results of your own past karma so will have to be endured /enjoyed. The remedial effects can only reduce the intensity of the impact, eg if you were to fracture your ankle then with the remedies you might get away with a minor sprain. The maximum reduction in intensity is when you suffer the negativity in your dream states and this is possible with regular pujas, ie ‘Nitya and naimittik pujas’ and the targeted mantra and daana, ie the ‘Kamya pujas’.

(The time/date I have used is from Drikpanchang and is calculated for Ujjain).

Lunar eclipse 8 Nov 2022 astrological predictions 

We recently witnessed a solar eclipse on 25th Nov (post here). It was for about 4 hrs, so its global effects will fade over the next 4yrs. A total lunar eclipse is now coming up on 8th Nov 2022.

eclispe 1

The entire eclipse, ie from the start of the partial phase to the end of the partial phase is about 3hrs 20mins. So the direct effect of this eclipse on the overall Earth will fade in about 3-4 weeks. (For lunar eclipse, number of hours = approx number of weeks). More than half of the Earth’s geographic area will experience the partial/ total phases. Only those regions who experience the total and partial eclipse will be affected. The penumbral part of the lunar eclipse does not have much of an astrological significance. This lunar eclipse will be visible in the land/sea areas on Earth as per this map (from

The entire Pacific ocean and the North sea areas above the Pacific will experience totality. Some parts of the Atlantic, Indian and Southern oceans will also experience the total and partial eclipse phases. Huge water bodies spanning both the hemispheres will be absorbing the energies of the eclipsed Moon. Among the nations, notably Japan, New Zealand, China, Australia, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada and USA will experience totality. The central and eastern part of Russia, eastern parts of Kazakasthan and other central Asian nations too will witness totality. Partial eclipse will be visible in both North and South Americas, Australia, the entire landmass of Asia, a small part of Antarctica etc. For Bharat / India, the eastern part will witness totality and the rest will see a partial lunar eclipse phase briefly from after sunset till 06:19pm. (New Delhi will witness a partial eclipse). 

In the recent Solar eclipse of 25th Oct 2022, the Sun was very deeply debilitated, Mercury was not combust and had power from being in his own Virgo, Venus was completely combust, Moon had zero paksha bala, Saturn was retrograde and Mars was moving forward. Now these planets have dramatically changed energies and will give somewhat different results in this lunar eclipse.

The configuration of the planets in the skies during the eclipse is as follows,

  • Aries – Bharani nakshatra with Rahu (post here) and Moon.
  • Gemini – retrograde Mars in Mruga nakshatra (post here). The eclipse is occurring in his Aries.
  • Libra – Svati nakshatra with Ketu. Vishakha nakshatra with the debilitated Sun (Libra is his sign of debilitation), completely combust Mercury (within 1deg) and combust Venus (5 deg away).
  • Capricorn – Dhanishta nakshatra with Saturn (post here). 
  • Pisces – Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra with retrograde Jupiter (post here) He is not directly involved in the eclipse.

The nakshatra involved in the eclipse are – Rahu and Moon in Bharani, Ketu in Svati and the Sun in Vishakha. And the signs are Aries and Libra.

  • The Bharani, Poorvaphalguni and Poorvaashadha nakshatra borns should be especially careful for 3-4 weeks after the eclipse, ie those with their birth Moon, birth Sun or ascendant signs in these nakshatras should avoid unnecessary risks. If you have any birth planets in these nakshatras in your personal horoscope, then whatever areas these are supposed to signify in your life will experience a burst of karmic energy.
  • Also if your ascendant sign or birth Moon sign falls in Aries/ Libra, it is advisable to be careful. In fact any birth planet in 15-25 deg in these two in your personal horoscope will trigger karma.

The eclipse will involve 6 graha. Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are the usual four. Mercury and Venus are the two additional ones. Whatever these six planets signify in your chart, you will see a sudden release of karma in these areas of your life. 

  • Venus is strongly aspecting Moon. Even if he is combust but 5deg away now and he is still a Guru thus has some potential to support the Moon. (I am counting on this one position to grant auspiciousness for some of us at least.) 
  • Mercury is completely combust so for all practical purposes he does not exist. Sun has absorbed him completely and become a composite Sun+Mercury energy system. So when interpreting results for the Sun, do add the keywords of Mercury to him.
  • Saturn is aspecting Libra and the 4 planets in it. He is quite powerful in Capricorn/ Dhanishta nakshatra. This is an uncomfortable aspect and he will trigger delays, restrictions, karmic retributions and suffering in the matters connected to this sign and these planets in your chart. Also the natural significations of these graha/sign will show obstructions. Eg Libra is the natural intellectual processes, balance, equitable trade, fair deals, relationships based on legal procedures, your relationship with your self etc, all this will suffer. 
  • And retrograde Mars (post here) is aspecting this Saturn in Capricorn with his 8th aspect. Mars has gained power by virtue of his retrograde. This is not a good aspect (post here). Mars will force his impatience, aggression and temper on Saturn/ Capricorn. So whatever Saturn/ Capricorn indicates in your life, be ready for premature actions and unwonted aggression here. You will be goaded into action without due preparation. Also the natural things linked to Capricorn and Saturn, eg Capricorn is the natural governments, social structure, professional status etc will be subjected to Mars’s typical nature of aggression etc. He is retrograde so indirect, stealthy, under the surface actions will dominate the mindset/ behaviour.

Briefly for the signs of the zodiac.

  • Aries borns will remain under stress and need to be careful in all aspects of life.
  • Taurus borns will be able to manage but personal health will be affected, unexpected losses are possible, unknown fears will trouble the mind.
  • Gemini can make some gains if they control their ego and behaviour.
  • Cancer borns may feel the pressure at their jobs but overall this time is average for them.
  • Leo borns will be unable to meet expectations, overwork is expected, but some opportunities can pop up. Act only if you are convinced about these projects.
  • Virgo borns should avoid trusting others unnecessarily. Family pressures and personal health issues can disrupt your mind/body. 
  • Libra borns are under severe karmic pressure, pay attention to your self first. Stress is expected from all aspects of life. 
  • Scorpio may have physical losses, unknown fears and diseases which cannot be easily diagnosed.
  • Sagittarius should not allow their self ego/ personal opinions to spoil their relationships.
  • For Capricorn, home repairs, property disputes and mother’s health can be a stress point.
  • Aquarius will have some unexpected opportunities which can be utilized with due care.
  • Pisces have scope for monetary gains but overall tiredness will make you irritable.

To determine the specific results expected for you, open your individual horoscope.

  • Evaluate the power of your birth Moon, ascendant sign/ lord. If these are strong then there is a good possibility of favourable results. (Especially Aries, Cancer, Leo and Libra signs should make an extra effort to utilise the eclipse energies.) 
  • If your birth Venus is strong then he will help you better channelise the eclipse.
  • If you have a strong birth Sun (and/or Mercury), then this possibility becomes even stronger.
  • Finally if your birth Rahu or Ketu are yogkarak for your personal chart (post here) then some positive results are definite in the next 3-4 weeks.
  • Note where Aries falls in your personal birth Moon chart. For the next 1month or so, whatever this house signifies, you will experience unexpected events which will leave deep impressions in your life. Eg if your birth Moon is in Pisces then Aries is the second sign counted from him and this eclipse will influence resources, money, investments, family members, your family properties etc. 
  • But if your birth chart is not strong enough, or if your birth Moon is weak, or if you are undergoing an adverse dasha/ transit then you should take adequate precautions for the next 3-4 weeks at least as the eclipse energies will cast a destabilising effect on you. 

Avoid taking risks, especially near water. Avoiding adventure sports like rafting, swimming in natural water bodies, water sports etc. Travel and tourism in natural areas like forests, seashores etc is not advisable for at least 1 month. Games of chance eg gambling, and processes which are based on unpredictability eg stock market will be even more unpredictable than usual. Mental turbulence will be quite high for sometime so be careful if you have to take major decisions now.

For the global level predictions, 

  • This lunar eclipse is going to be visible over very huge expanses of water. A dramatic change in the weather patterns which originate in these oceans will have global long term indirect impacts. The coasts and in the water/air routes will remain vulnerable. 
  • Mars is retrograde, so we can expect an overall ‘cooling down’. However this will also lead to simmering tensions, sheath attacks, sabotage, accidents, blasts, terrorist attacks, unexpected disasters, underwater explosions, volcanic activity etc. Human actions will provoke, instigate, invade etc typical Mars’s keywords amplified by Rahu and powered by the Moon. And natural processes will be unpredictable, dangerous and generate imbalance, scattered by Ketu.
  • All the nations who will experience the eclipse and especially those whose national capital will absorb the total eclipse will face economic issues, civil unrest and political instability.
  • If you have the precise birth details of national leaders then note their birth Moon sign/ ascendant sign. If their time is favourable then they may be able to support their nations also. 
  • I have mentioned this eclipse in the list of major eclipses which will cause significant change (post here). The deeper ongoing conflict between the East and the West will continue for several years (post here). A overt war is already on in West Asia. Russia and its allies are fighting the West through Ukraine by proxy. This eclipse is not visible in Moscow nor in Kiev but the graha combination is an indication of escalation. If you look at the charts, ie it is only Russia and Ukraine for now, Russia has the advantage as its foundation birth chart is better. 
  • This eclipse will trigger a significant destabilisation in the Central/ Eastern Asian region. Totality will cover the points China/Taiwan, N/S Korea etc. The central Asian nations will also be pressurised about choosing a side. The failed and the already in-trouble nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan will become even more unstable, all of which will threaten the overall region. 
  •  There is a real danger to/from the trigger happy leaders of the ‘collective west’. Canada, USA (both – current lunar eclipse’s effects) and Europe (past solar eclipse’s effect) will continue their downward trajectory. 
  • The eclipse is affecting more than half the world directly and the rest of the world indirectly. There is a possibility of change in leadership after the eclipse for several nations. Maximum destabilisation is expected during the 1month post-eclipse.

For Bharat, some losses are inevitable. Economic gains will fluctuate in the short term. Our prominent leaders, army officers and people critical in maintaining our nation’s security must take due care. Our leaders are trying their best, however these oncoming challenges are going to be severe. Everyone must do whatever they can to support our nation. 

If this eclipse is visible where you live, it is advisable to some spiritual activity during the eclipse. There are only two ways of addressing karmic imbalances, Daana and Mantra. As always use your common sense. Do only that much as advisable and as per your level to absorb.

Solar eclipse Oct 2022 astrological predictions

Eclipses act as trigger points for events which have personal and global implications. A partial solar eclipse is coming up on 25th Oct 2022 on Diwali Amavasya.  It will be visible in almost all of Europe, north Africa, Middle East and west Asia. It is visible all over Bharat/ India. The areas in the dark yellow colored zone will be more affected by the eclipse compared to the areas in the light yellow colored zone of this map. The light blue sea areas and the white colored land area will not be directly affected by the eclipse energies. The eclipse is visible for about 4hrs, so its effect will gradually fade over 4yrs. 

eclipse 1

eclipse 2A partial solar eclipse is coming up on 25th Oct 2022 on Diwali Amavasya. Eclipses act as trigger points for events which have personal and global implications.

(This map and data is from

First let’s note the configuration of the planets in the skies,

  • Libra – Svati nakshatra with Sun Moon Venus and Ketu who is doing the eclipse. Sun is completely debilitated in Svati, so is anyways not going to give auspicious results. The Amavasya Moon has almost zero strength, he is just a degree away from the Sun. Venus the sign lord being here would have helped ease the energies of the eclipse but he is completely burnt out, combust within a degree of the Sun. And all three are within 15deg of Ketu. In short, all four graha are supremely uncomfortable in Svati.
  • Virgo – Chitra nakshatra with Mercury. He is within 15deg from the Sun/ Moon energies in the neighbouring Svati so is associated with the eclipse energy.
  • Aries – Bharani nakshatra with Rahu participating in the eclipse. Rahu indicates the direction of desire and also the possible source of fascination, danger, deceit, illusion, smoke and mirrors.
  • Capricorn – Dhanishta nakshatra with a powerful Saturn who is aspecting the eclipse in Libra with his 10th aspect. 
  • Pisces – Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra with a retrograde Jupiter, he is not directly involved.
  • Gemini – Mruga nakshatra with a slowly moving Mars, he too is not directly involved. But Mars is aspecting Saturn from 16th Oct till 13th Nov. This is a very typical combination which is extremely suffocating for Saturn at the moment. This will act as a dangerous trigger in the overt and covert war that is raging in the world at present.

The eclipse is occurring in the Svati – Bharani nakshatra axis in the Libra – Aries signs. Whatever these signs/ nakshatra indicate in your life, they will trigger some significant change. Here are some possible generic astrological predictions. 

Svati nakshatra is ruled by the devata Marut is linked to Rahu and will host 4 planets during the eclipse. A huge burst of energy will be channeled through the Svati filter. The eclipse energies will cause severe turbulence as most of us will lose track of our purpose and our path. Imbalance will be evident everywhere. ‘Breaking up’ of various types is expected. This can be breakups in relationships in personal lives or breaking up of nations at the global levels. Whatever level this energy operates, it will be a cruel, ruthless and a destructive process. There will be a coldness, a lack of heat, all over, this can be expressed as oncoming physical cold weather or coldness in human relationships or a dip in the economy. Thought processes will be scattered, no point of focus, hazed out intellect. We all will try to put off taking decisive action. Diplomacy, socialisation and other hallmarks of a civilised society will vanish, crass and crude behaviour will predominate. Selfishness, greed, deceit and betrayals are possible. People will forget their strengths, their potential and not be able to actively use their resources. Their minds will be closed to new ideas and be unable to accept the other’s view points. Everyone will talk too much but there will be no cohesion in their words. Restlessness will be very high and there will be difficulty in concentrating on the important stuff. Long term planning will be marked by its absence. It will be easy to whip passions and create mass movements which will cause damage in the long term.

Bharani nakshatra is ruled by the devata Yam and linked to Venus. Only one graha, Rahu will be present here during the eclipse. So there will be a subtle desire to end things. But this ‘end’ will not be random event but a karmic end as per the law of balance. A phase of destruction coupled with a promise of reconstruction in the future. Extreme events accompanied by chaos and confusion are expected. Detailed planning is under process either in secret or on the subconscious levels now before the actual events become evident after the eclipse. But these actions will be taken without regard to the long term consequences. Recklessness and an explosive desire to break the society, established norms, culture, rules etc and act against common sense is going to be on a high.

I have already written detailed posts on the predictions for this year and the current situation with Jupiter retrograde, Saturn in Dhanishta, Venus combust, the upcoming Mars retrograde and now this eclipse. Rahu and Ketu both are subconscious urges, it is not easy to pinpoint their activities.

Some general predictions. As is common with every eclipse, weather disruptions will be evident. Heavy winds, more so as Svati is involved, cyclones, flooding etc will occur in hill and coastal areas. Electrical grid failures and power shortages are possible. Accidents and fires in the shipping/ aerospace industry or gas related industries or caused by water and liquids are possible. Agriculture will suffer.  Economy will see wild fluctuations. People with susceptible horoscopes should avoid going swimming etc as drowning type of deaths are possible. Diseases linked to Vaat and Kapha, ie the respiratory system are possible so if you are suffering from such a chronic condition be careful for a month or so after the eclipse. For the nations who will face the eclipse energies, the time will be especially turbulent. All the nations whose national capital will experience the eclipse will face political instability. Most nations in Europe and Central Asia will face political instability, and the extent of turbulence will depend on their ‘birth horoscopes’.  Eg for Russia the national capital and half the area is under the darker yellow belt but its ‘birth horoscope’ is quite strong. For Ukraine its birth chart is not as powerful, so it will suffer more. The Ukraine Russia war is obviously going to intensify. Ukraine will suffer more. Any strategy conceived during this period will not be of any help in ending the war. The sea areas at the north are in the darker yellow color so I anticipate something here that will reduce their use to use. Eg formation of more ice in these waters which stops the shipping routes. Or perhaps mines placed in the sea routes.

The planets involved are the usual four Sun, Moon, Rahu, Ketu and the additional Venus and Mercury, a total of six planetary energies. This eclipse is especially turbulent for the birth Moon signs/Janma rashi, Aries Gemini Cancer Virgo Libra Scorpio and Pisces. 

  • Aries are going to face issues from practically every aspect of life, but personal health, finances and relationships will be more stressful. Do some mantra/dana to help yourself in this time.
  • Taurus can get some opportunities to gain, use them well. Your enemies, diseases and debts will be under control but pay attention to your physical health as long as Venus is combust.
  • Gemini should keep their ego under control. Else this will impact your finances and love relationships. Children can suffer or cause you suffering, so pay attention to their issues.
  • Cancer will face unanticipated expenditure and financial losses. Your family members, mother, home or property can be a source of stress. 
  • Leos can use their personal courage and boldness to seize opportunities which come their way. Be ready for some unpleasant encounters in the near future. Teammates will cause stress in office.
  • Virgo will face opposition in everything it takes up. Unwonted criticism and gossip can cause you harm. Family members will be irritating and you might have unanticipated expenses.
  • Libra is going to face tough times in all aspects of life. 4 planets here, including Venus, who are all uncomfortable together and aspected by Saturn. Do some pujas and invoke the protection of your owner Venus and his friend Saturn to help you. 
  • Scorpio will face problems but you will not be able to pinpoint the sources nor arrive at a solid solution. Rest will be disturbed and your mind will not be able to concentrate. There will be losses which will drain your vitality.
  • Sagittarius can get unexpected gains from earlier investments. This eclipse can give you some positive results if you remain alert and act in time.
  • Capricorn will be able to positively use these energies. There will be some opportunities in the professional field but evaluate them carefully before committing yourself. But the father’s health may cause concern.
  • Aquarius may get some positive support from their elders/seniors in their endeavours. Doing pujas of the Kuldevata will be helpful in making full use of the eclipse energy.
  • Pisces will see sudden changes in their lives which will cause stress. If you have any underlying health condition then be alert in this time. Avoid unnecessary risks. Occult and unknown forces are at work in your life.

If you wish to see the result counted from your ascendant signs/ Lagna rashi then the effects will be more on the physical levels with lesser emotional involvement.

Eclipses give spiritual gains and can also be channelised to give material stuff. They act as trigger points as the subjective forces of Rahu and Ketu obscure the internal divinity ie the Sun or the nourishing divinity ie the Moon and release unbalanced karma on significant levels. After an eclipse some of us will experience unexpected losses and some will get unexpected gains depending on the individual charts. Positive effects are more likely if your birth horoscope is powerful enough to absorb this energy burst. If you live in a region where the eclipse is visible it is advisable to perform some sort of mantra or daan during the duration of the eclipse so that negative effects are reduced and positivity is generated in life.