How to judge a planet in your chart

I am putting this up as consolidated post so that you can get a glimpse of the various techniques that are used in analysing charts. I get several questions on this, so this practical post. You can use techniques like these to gain more information on how the planets in your chart work.

I will use the birth details of Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. He is dead and has a reasonably well-known life, happening on several levels, so is a good study subject. In this, let’s examine the power of Jupiter.

First the basic birth chart

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

Jupiter is the lord of the 6th and 9th houses. 

This fact sets the tone for the entire reading. Here the 6th house is his Mool trikon sign. So though he is a natural benefic, he cannot be considered to be totally auspicious for the Cancer ascendant. As ruler of the 6th, he controls debts, enemies, diseases, servitude, etc which are generally responsible for turbulence in life.

As the ruler of the 9th he is in control of the luck, blessings, support of peers and patrons, religion, philosophical foundations etc. It is a conducive environment for Jupiter as he is the owner of the natural 9th sign. Every planet connected to the 9th house gives favourable results. But here we must factor in the dual ownership of the 6th house before coming to conclusions about Jupiter.

The 6th house is vacant nor aspected by any other planet. The 9th has Rahu and Moon in it and is aspected by Saturn from the 7th house and Sun from the 3rd house. So there are several influences modifying Jupiter’s environment ie, Pisces sign here. So the results that the 9th can give will be improved by the presence of Moon here, he is the ascendant lord himself in a very favourable house. Though Rahu will add his typical overreaching behaviour, still the 9th house can give good results with these two planets. 

You can go into more depth by analysing the nakshatra which make up these two houses. The nakshatras in the 6th house are not hosting any planets. But the 9th house has Moon in Poorvabhadrapada and Rahu in Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra. You can add more insights using their attributes in respect to these planets.

Jupiter is placed in the 4th house. 

So he will be modifying the environment of the 4th house presented by Libra sign by adding his keywords of philosophy, luck, mediation, hope, benevolence etc to it. He will also add some energy of the 6th and 9th houses to the 4th house results.

Venus is the owner of Libra and considers Jupiter as a neutral. But Jupiter considers Venus as an enemy as per the natural tendency for relationships. But as per the concept of temporary relationships a planet is enemies with other planets placed in the same house. So Venus in this chart, considers Jupiter as an ‘enemy’ and Jupiter considers Venus as a ‘great enemy’. Jupiter is placed in the sign of his great enemy and with this great enemy, thus is not comfortable. Thus the attributes of the 4th house,  Libra sign and Jupiter will also seem uncomfortable to the overall personality and be a cause of friction in life.

Jupiter is conjunct Mercury and Venus. In this, Mercury has won the planetary war, graha yuddha and dominates over the other two. So Mercury has a comparatively larger say over the results expressed by Libra/ 4th house. 

As Jupiter is conjunct Venus and Mercury, he will naturally influence both these planets and the houses they are in charge of in the chart to some extent.

Jupiter is aspecting 8th 10th and 12th houses. 

Jupiter, the 6th lord, aspecting these important houses, ensured that Crowley was miserable, did not receive social recognition of the positive sort, was infamous, without money, without social standing etc in life. Also it is possible that the so-called occult experiments he performed caused him more trauma than is publicly known. And I think that his death too was by unnatural reasons, caused by enemies of some sort. As the 9th lord, Jupiter aspecting these houses, did give him insights into the working of the occult and the mysterious. Plus helped him make his Thoth deck, write books, develop new philosophies and a cult. So there was something positive. All in all a mixed bag of results from his aspects over these critical houses. 

Jupiter is in Swati Nakshatra.

The attributes of this lunar mansion will influence the results linked to Jupiter. Jupiter will work through the energy filter that Swati is and affect Crowley especially at the subconscious and astral levels. Generally Jupiter functions reasonably well in Swati and grant a sense of balance, adjustment, potential for spiritual, esoteric, religious activities, development of philosophy etc.

Now if we see the birth Moon, he is in Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra. Using the Janma navtara chakra, we see that Swati lies in the ‘Mitra’ group. So the things that Jupiter represented must have seemed friendly to Crowley’s mind. He would have got some significant gains from friends or from unknown people and especially when he were out of his homeland, ie while travelling etc.

If we draw the Ashtapadmadala chakra, we see that Swati is at point no. 17 in the chakra. A very basic interpretation would be that Jupiter is lying on the Durgantar boundary with his energy moving inwards. So in some way or the other, the energies, activities, people and achievements represented by Jupiter, helped enhance Crowley’s personality, nourished his individual soul. And these keywords of Jupiter were expressed by Crowley in a rather private manner, only his close associates knew what he was really upto here.

Jupiter is neither retrograde nor combust nor exalted nor debilitated etc. If any of these conditions would have existed we would have added their modifying results. 

Jupiter matures at the age of 16yrs but here his maturity is being held back by Mercury till the age of 32yrs. Planetary results are more comprehensible and useful after maturity so Crowley would have been better able to use the power of Jupiter after this age. Also the 4th house matures at the age of 40-45yrs, so the activities represented by this house would have become more clear after this age.

Now lets get into the numbers

crowley shadbala

Sthan Bala – Jupiter has a value of 223.53 which is quite high. He will give solid results, whatever they may be. Wrote a post on Sthan bala here.

Dig Bala – Jupiter has a neutral sort of value of 30.30, so he may not have always been able to convince Crowley to follow his directions, ie Crowley may have found it difficult to move in the direction indicated by Jupiter in life, may have had self-doubts or low expectations of success from these endeavours.

Kaala Bala is at 124.06. This is an average sort of a value, so the quantum of change that Jupiter would have brought in would have been an average sort. Neither too high nor too low. Kala is time. Time measures change. So Kala Bala is a measure of change caused by the graha. 

Cheshta Bala at 11.43 is low compared to the others. So the effects brought in by Jupiter would be slower, expected results would be delayed, or weaker than expected. 

Drig Bala is -4.43. This is a measure of how the planets aspect each other including the partial aspects which we do not consider in our regular readings. So here Jupiter is more aspected by malefics and naturally this will hit his capacity to do whatever good can. He is also the 9th lord so is responsible for good too in this chart. Another way of putting it is that the malefic results of Jupiter overall are going to be enhanced and the benefic results diminished. 

Overall Shad Bala is at 419.46 which is quite low as compared to the other planets. As Jupiter is a functional malefic for this chart, 6th house lord, this is good in a way. But as the lord of the 9th house, having low power is a cause for concern. 

Finally his Kashta phala is 40.96 which means that, Jupiter, despite everything, will in the final summary give Crowley pain and suffering. 

crowley vimshopaka

Next let’s see the Vimshopak Bala for Jupiter 

As Crowley was a regular person, we will use the Dasha varga. Here Jupiter has a score of 15 points. So Jupiter should give good results in his life. The advice for Crowley would have been to do come spiritual practice and channel the energy of Jupiter as the 9th house lord. (I had read somewhere that he lived in Bharat for a few years and had a guru here.)

Now the Avastha of Jupiter

crowley avastha

Jupiter in Sushupti – When a planet is in deep sleep state, the everything related to this planet seems to go by in a haze. One is not really aware of these things. But the plus point here is that the activities seem to be directed by some internal divine force for some greater good, which is not evident at the time of the action. 

Jupiter in Yuva avastha – this is said to bring ‘prosperity’ to the house he owns, ie the 6th and 9th houses. So from his life, its quite clear that he had quite a happening life in terms of the keywords of these two houses. Crowley performed several activities linked to these houses. But if you analyse the quality of these activities, its evident that most of them resulted in suffering for him and some of them did not reach their logical conclusion while he was alive. 

Jupiter in Kshudit Mudit avastha – Kshudhit means that Jupiter is in the sign of an enemy or conjunct an enemy or aspected by an enemy. Here he is all three. So its a very highly Kshudhit. The reading is that this makes a person miserable and also adversely affects the profession, social standing etc, especially as Jupiter aspects the 10th house. 

Mudit literally means happy and in astrology it means that Jupiter is with or aspected by a benefic, I don’t think that this really applies to this Jupiter, but the software has given this. I think they are indicating Mercury or Venus to have some effect as natural benefics on Jupiter. 

Jupiter in Khala avastha – Khala means wicked. being in the sign of an enemy is the Khala avastha. This avastha amplifies the effect of the above Kshudhit avastha. 

Jupiter in Netrapani avashta – Netrapani means putting the hands over the eyes. ‘lustful and diseased’ is the classical interpretation and its obviously true in this case. 

Next here is the Navamsha chart

Navamsha Aleister Crowley

If you are an advanced student, you should at least analyse the navamsha chart. Jupiter moves to the Aquarius sign navamsha. Aquarius is the 8th sign in the original birth chart, a Dusham sthan. Any planet in the navamsha of a dusham sthan is drawn into its vortex of turbulent energies. Any result that Jupiter gives will subtly have this turbulence of the 8th house at its core. Aquarius is the mool-trikon of Saturn, so gains more power because of this basic fact. Thus Jupiter is not comfortable here. If he were just the 6th lord this position would have been manageable. But as the 9th lord his ability to give pleasing results is further compromised. 

(You can do a detailed analysis of the Navamsha using this post as a guideline)

The Ashtak varga

If you have read my earlier posts you can do a basic analysis using the Samudaya ashtakvarga like this. 

crowley ashtakvarga

Jupiter has 5 points in Libra sign. Whatever Crowley wants to do with his Jupiter related things, he will get cooperation from the other forces operating in his life. So let’s open the Prastara ashtakvarga of Jupiter to know exactly what kind of forces. Look for the score, either 1 or 0, that the planet contributes to Jupiter’s score in Libra sign, ie the first column.

crowley prastara ashtakvarga jupiter

  • So the forces represented by Mars, Sun, Mercury, and the ascendant degree/ Lagna will support Jupiter in his positive endeavours in Crowley’s life. 
  • And the forces represented by Saturn, Moon and Venus will be neutral or hinder the favourable activities connected to Jupiter in this chart. 

Jupiter in the birth Moon chart

Jupiter is in the house counted 8th from the Moon in the birth Moon chart. He is in charge of the emotional component of all traumatic changes in identity that Crowley will undergo in his life. Also it is a clear case of the Shakata yog with its typical interpretation and its effects are evident in his life.

In this post, we have seen very briefly how each technique contributes to an understanding of the planet in its own way. Now if we had to pull all of this together we would need a question from Crowley. Suppose he had asked, ‘what are the positives that I can expect from my Jupiter?’, then we would present a summary of these results oriented towards this specific question. We would then use the running Mahadasha and Antardasha at that time to give specific observations for using Jupiter’s energy. eg Jupiter would be more active in his life during the dasha periods related to the 6th 9th 4th houses. We would then use the transits to fine-tune these recommendations.

This is a very basic and cursory examination of a planet in a chart. Obviously there are so many things that could have been written, but then it would have been a needlessly long post. There are even more techniques, eg to find out important years, the time when certain events will occur etc. Jyotish has an absolute plethora of techniques. And these are important as they either reinforce your predictions or show that there are mitigating factors which will reduce the intensity of the predicted event. 

Use this sort of analysis as a starting point for your own chart and your study subject’s charts. And do use Jyotish as a tool for answering questions rather than a random study. Eg how will this person’s married life be like?, or how will my professional life be like? etc. This will give you a focus point for your study and will be more helpful in learning the subject.

Navamsha and the important years in life

Navamsha is the D9 chart and it gives a lot of information if studied systematically. This post is on how to determine the significant and eventful years in your life using the D9 chart. The times in your life where some important event will occur. However, this event may be favourable or unfavourable depending on the planet triggering it.

This is a practical exercise, so open your birth chart and navamsha chart. As always, you will need the precise birth details in order to be able to use the divisional charts. Navamsha analysis is a vast subject, so do practice and tally your results with what actually happened in your or your subject’s life.


Let’s begin with this table. It gives, in sequence, all the nine amsha of each of the twelve signs. eg the nine amsha of Aries sign are in sequence, Aries to Sagittarius. eg the nine amsha of the Pisces sign are in sequence from Cancer to Pisces. The vargottam amsha are encircled in the chart for easy reference.

Try to locate the nav amsha of your chart’s ascendant degree and all the 9 planets in this table, it will make things easier later.


Now our example. This is the birth chart and navamsha chart for Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. He is dead and has a documented and rather happening life, (the wiki on him is quite an entertaining read), so is a good case study. 

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

Navamsha Aleister Crowley

1st Method

Count the number of nav amsha from the nav amsha of the planet to the nav amsha of the ascendant degree.

  • Eg In our example chart, his Moon is in Pisces in the birth chart and in Cancer nav amsha. His ascendant degree is in Cancer in birth chart and in the Scorpio nav amsha. So you can simply count the nav amsha in sequence from Pisces sign Cancer navamsha to the Cancer sign Scorpio nav amsha. The count is 41. Thus Crowley must have had some beneficial results in the 41st year of his life, especially related to the Moon and his function in the chart. Moon is his ascendant lord so this positive effect must have helped him on the physical as well as emotional levels as must have created an environment suitable for him in some way. As per his wiki, he worked as a double agent for Britain during this period, so its possible that he enjoyed every bit of it and had some critical successes. The ascendant lord is ultimately the personality in every way and Crowley chose to use this energy to become a spy for his motherland. Moon also represents the homeland and its security. 
  • Eg. Saturn in in the Capricorn sign and Virgo nava amsha. And the ascendant degree is in Cancer sign and in the Scorpio nav amsha. Saturn is a class one malefic for Cancer ascendant. Even if he is well placed in his own sign he cannot be counted on to give favourable results. Whatever results he gives will be linked in some way to the catastrophic transformational effects of the 8th house Aquarius which is also his mool trikon sign. So at the age of 60 yrs, Saturn must have given Crowley some misfortune which would have affected his standing in the society or financial status or caused some problems in his partnerships etc. In the wiki it says that he was declared bankrupt in Feb 1935. Money is also a function of the 7th house.

Similarly you can calculate the eventful years for the other planets. Depending on the nature of the planet and the aspects of life that he controls you can anticipate the nature of the significant events and their impact on the personality. 

2nd Method 

Count the number of nav amsha from the nav amsha of the ascendant degree to the nav amsha of the planet.

  • Eg. Moon is in Pisces in the birth chart and in Cancer nav amsha. The ascendant degree is in Cancer in the birth chart and in Scorpio nav amsha. So the count is 69. Thus the 69th year of life must have given Crowley some beneficial results especially from the Moon. The ascendant lord being the triggering planet, this event must be related to personal growth, fame, etc. And at this age, as per the wiki, he published his Book of Thoth and the magnificent Thoth Tarot deck. (On a personal note, am very grateful that he created it)
  • Eg. if you count for Saturn in the Capricorn sign and Virgo nav amsha, the count is 59yrs. So at this age, some misfortune related to Saturn must have affected Crowley. Now in the 1st method, we saw that Saturn was going to create a misfortune at the age of 60yrs. And now by the 2nd method the 59yrs age was also going to be impactful in a malefic way. So this period had court cases which went against him leading on to the bankruptcy. Court cases are a subject of the 7th house. So the eventful years triggered by the malefic being so close together caused a severely negative and inauspicious result.

3rd Method

Simply counting the nav amsha occupied by the planet starting from the first nav amsha in Ashwini nakshatra.

  • eg. Moon is in Pisces in birth chart and in Cancer nav amsha. This is the 100th nav amsha in sequence. So if Crowley had lived to a 100yrs, this year would have been favourable for him, especially for the results possible from the Moon.
  • Eg. Counting for Saturn, this comes to 90yrs. So at the age of 90yrs, some sort of displeasing result could have occurred in case he would have lived till this age.
  • Eg. Ketu is in Virgo sign and Taurus nav amsha. So the count comes to 50yrs. As per his wiki, he wrote a book on some visions he experienced. And his lover miscarried his child. Virgo is the 3rd sign so writing a book is logical, plus the vision explains Ketu’s influence. And the miscarriage is a classic effect of Ketu. 
  • Similarly the time indicated by his Sun is 54yrs. He wrote more books including a part of his autobiography. Sun is the reason that he attempted to write an autobiography this time. 

4th Method

You have to count from the nav amsha the planet is placed in to the lord of the nav amsha in which the planet is placed in.

  • Eg. Moon is in Pisces in Cancer nav amsha. The owner of Cancer is Moon himself. So the count is 109. Obviously he did not live for so long, but if he would have, this year would have given him some good results from the Moon.
  • Eg. Jupiter is in Libra sign and Aquarius nav amsha. Saturn the owner of Aquarius is in Capricorn sign Virgo nav amsha. So the count is 44. So Crowley must have gone through some eventful happening connected to Jupiter at the age of 44yrs. As per his wiki, he received financial assistance from patrons for publishing his books. He was engaged in translating philosophical works from other cultures during this time. Classic results attributable to the position of his Jupiter, owner of the 9th, with Venus and Mercury in the 4th house in Libra. As the ruler of the 6th he ensured that this shaped Crowley’s mind and actions in such a way that he was ultimately rejected by others of British origin and also the Christian faith. And more immediately, made him destitute, lonely, ill and got him addicted to heroin.

5th Method

This is a relatively simple count. Count from the nav amsha occupied by the planet concerned to the nav amsha occupied by the Moon.

Eg. Moon is in Pisces in Cancer nav amsha. Jupiter is in Libra sign and Aquarius nav amsha. So counting will give you 42yrs. This would be the time where Jupiter must have given some significant event in Crowley’ s life. As per his wiki, he had a relaxing time promoting his new religion. Jupiter as the lord of the 9th and 6th house giving his classic result, seemingly pleasant but ultimately malefic.


So now you can calculate the eventful years in your life using all these methods.

Note the years you arrive at separately for every planet. Some of the planets will be functional malefics and some will be functional benefics. And some will be natural malefics and natural benefics. You will have to reconcile them in a subjective manner to understand the nature of the event and its effect on you.

Eg for Cancer ascendant, Mars is the biggest benefic, yogkarak, but technically he is a natural malefic. So though he will act in his typical aggressive, invasive, courageous, cruel, dominating etc manner and also create events of severe and disruptive energies, still these Martian energy will propel the native, Crowley in our example, to sure-shot successes, gains and fame. Then again for Cancer ascendant, I consider Jupiter more of a malefic as he is incharge of the 6th and 9th houses, additionally the 6th Sagittarius is his mooltrikon. So the natural tendencies of Jupiter, kindness, benevolence, traditional learning, philosophy, support from patrons, etc will more likely than not land the native, here Crowley, in trouble, which is quite evident from the life that this typical man lead.

Next, you will see that a particular year might repeat as per the various counts. eg you might have two benefics giving a positive event eg at the age of 42yrs. So this year becomes more significant in your life and has the capacity to propel you upwards even more rapidly. But if you see two malefics giving their effect at the same age, then you must be doubly careful during this time as there will be added misfortune. eg, was the example related to Saturn granting Crowley bankruptcy in the years 59-60, it was just one Saturn affecting two successive years so the trouble was just his doing. But if there are two different planets then expect trouble from different directions in life.

Also, if you have your eventful years coinciding with the ages of the maturity of the houses or the maturity of the planets then should be more aware of what is happening around you during this time. Try to proactively use the opportunities presented to you by this double surge of energy.

Finally, there will always be several events going on around you but the events indicated by these planets in these times will have the maximum impact on you. You will feel the ripples of these events more deeply within your being and they will change the course of your life. These five methods will give you the most important years in life which will have the most significant events, but to find out what exactly these events will be, do use your own logic, common sense, analyse the texts and practice.

(These methods are directly from C S Patel’s books, I have added just a few minor observations. His books are invaluable for serious student of Jyotish as he gives important insights which are not available elsewhere.)

Judging the underlying energy of a Mahadasha

There were several questions going ‘How will my —— Mahadasha be like’. And there is no answer possible for such a generic question. Do not do this with your regular astrologer. Better would be to ask specific questions, eg will I get married or will I get a new job, etc. If you ask generic questions to an astrologer, he will mainly focus on health, relationships and money/ profession, wrap up your session and present you with his bill for the consultation.

However you can get a sense of the underlying theme of the Mahadasha with some basic analysis. This is a short post which will help you determine the effects are expected in the Mahadasha you are interested in. 

As you know, the birth chart is the potential, everything that will happen from birth to physical death can be seen from here. (Also some indications regarding the immediate past life and the immediate future life can be gleaned from the basic birth chart.) But to know when these events will happen, to fine tune the predictions, you have to combine the dasha and the transits. 

The Vimshottari dasha system has the human life span of 120 yrs and a specific Mahadasha sequence. The starting point of the Dasha sequence is determined by the position of your birth Moon, so the precise birth time is essential..

  • Ketu Mahadasha – 7 yrs
  • Venus Mahadasha – 20 yrs
  • Sun Mahadasha – 6 yrs
  • Moon Mahadasha – 10 yrs
  • Mars Mahadasha – 7 yrs
  • Rahu Mahadasha – 18 yrs
  • Jupiter Mahadasha – 16 yrs
  • Saturn Mahadasha – 19 yrs
  • Mercury Mahadasha – 17 yrs

Here is our sample chart, Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. He is dead and his life is quite well documented so is an ideal subject. Suppose we are analysing the Mahadasha of Mars in his life. 

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

1. Mars is a benefic, in fact the most auspicious benefic, a yogkarak for the chart. So his Mahadasha will also be quite beneficial. He has a typical nature, ie his natural tendency is Kroor, cruel but for the Cancer ascendant he is a yogkarak, the ruler of a kendra 10th house and a kona 5th house, capable of exceptional results. He will use all his power to help Crowley in several ways during his Mahadasha.

2. Mars is the ruler of the 5th and 10th house, so the keywords of these important Kona and Kendra houses will be in focus. All people indicated by these houses, students, children, lovers, bosses, social superiors etc will help Crowley. The 5th and 10th houses will be benefited too, ie all these people in Crowley’s life will gain because of his activities. Also the actions indicated by these two houses will be amplified. Crowley will find himself more in lead roles, he will be able to display his genius more confidently, be lucky, find himself being more recognised, he will produce more ‘offsprings’ from his creativity and connect to the divine etc.

3. Mars is placed in the 7th house Capricorn, ie is exalted, this will add more power to his results. He is happy and comfortable in Capricorn. His host Saturn is there with him, far enough to not directly affect him, but in the same sign, so the environment of the Capricorn sign is benefited by the presence of its own ruler. In any case, Mars will also add his positive power to the things represented by Saturn.

4. Mars will give the results of the 7th house and the Capricorn sign. Matters related to partnership, money from equitable partnerships, new partners on several levels will be more prominent in life. A Kendra house, the 7th is one of the most important houses of the chart as it the only Bhavat Bhavam for the 1st house. So this period will use up resources to create something tangible and useful for Crowley. Mars will actualise the potential of his personality and his environment both. Plus these results will be connected subtly to the background of profession, work, social mobility, social status and fame helping deeply Crowley on all these levels.

4. Mars’ innate nature and natural significations have to be considered to judge the quality of the results. Every planet is in control of certain parts of your life. Mars is the natural incharge of the 3rd house, courage, boldness, also the siblings, brothers, etc. so expect these themes to be more predominant in his Mahadasha. Mars is the challenger, pioneer, the risk-taker etc, in charge of explorations, danger, catastrophic changes to the identity etc, so Crowley’s these abilities will be enhanced and used consciously to create something auspicious for him.

5. You will have to see if Mars is involved in any Yog-s, so refer to the standard books. There is an obvious Ruchak yog seen here, it is a panch purush yog connected to Mars. Exalted Yogkarak Mars in the 7th house. Even if he is conjunct the class one malefic for Cancer ascendant Saturn, he is placed very far away from him. So we can say that the Ruchak yog exists and is capable of giving positive results. So all the positive benefits that this yog confers will be especially active during the Mars Mahadasha. 

6. His strength. For evaluating the strength of a planet this there are several options, from the Vimshopaka, Avastha, Shad bala, Ashtakvarga, Janma navtara chakra, Ashtapadmadala chakra, etc. You can choose the ones you are more confident about interpreting. 

  • Samudayak Ashtakvarga table. Here Mars has 4 points in Capricorn sign, so the other planets will neither help nor hinder him in giving his results. He will be able to perform reasonably well in his Mahadasha

crowley ashtakvarga

  • Shad bala table.

This table gives a lot of information but briefly, Mars has an exceptionally high Ishta phala. His results will be very highly auspicious, long lasting, intense and pleasing for Crowley. His Sthan bala is also quite high, so once Crowley is determined about some action or decision related to the Mars things, he will follow it through powerfully and achieve it. His Dig-bala is reasonably ok, so Crowley will feel reasonably comfortable going in the direction indicated by his Mars. His Drig bala is very highly positive so this means that the agents of the other planets will actively help Crowley. The Cheshtha bala is high which indicates that results indicated by Mars will be achieved faster and with minimum fuss. Overall this indicates that the Mahadasha of Mars will be a fruitful period and grant Crowley a lot of achievements with relatively lesser problems.

crowley shadbala

7. Analysis of the ruler of the sign Mars is placed in is necessary. Here it is Saturn the ruler of Capricorn. He is placed in the same sign, his own sign and is generally in a good place so will more help than hinder Mars in giving good results in his Mahadasha. You can further analyse his strength using the tables etc.

8. Analysis of the Nakshatra that Mars in placed in. Here Mars is in Uttarashadha nakshatra giving Crowley the ability to massively affect others around him with his Martian qualities. He will be able to sacrifice his self-ego for the greater good. There will be a touch of idealism, philosophy, pragmatism and hard work in all that this Mars does in Crowley’s life. 

9. Mars is aspecting the 10th 1st and 2nd house. So he will give positive results related to the keywords of these houses too during his Mahadasha. This will give desirable effects in social life, social recognition, profession, personality development, creation of conducive environment around Crowley, good times with close friends and family, increase in tangible resources, money etc. 

10. Position of Mars from the birth Moon will give you a hint on the emotional impacts of this Mahadasha. For Crowley, Mars is placed 11th from the birth Moon, a very favourable position. Whatever results he gives will be pleasing and acceptable on the emotional and mental levels. There will be gain on the astral levels. Especially so if this Mars has matured. 

11. The Navamsha and Mars’ power in it is an insight into the potential and subconscious expectations related to him. Mars is vargottam, so gains a lot of power. The Lagna/ ascendant degree falls in Scorpio navamsha, ie Mars controls the overall potential of the subconscious. Also another major planet Mercury falls in Aries navamsha, ie Mars has a subtle say in matters connected to Mercury. No doubt Mars is a very important planet in Crowley’s life, so his Mahadasha will be touching so many aspects of his life in a positive manner.

Navamsha Aleister Crowley

12. Finally the timing of the Mahadasha – you need to see the age of the person and the socio-cultural context of the results. Eg if this powerful Mahadasha comes at the age of 2yrs what is the baby going to do about it? The parents will get some benefits as the child’s horoscope’s energy is then transferred to them to some extent. But the child himself is not going to use the energy generated. Powerful Mahadasha’s should ideally come at the age of about 15 yrs to 55 yrs to be of real use. 

And the mandatory rider. The effects of any dasha/ transit will be dependant on the power of the ascendant lord / sign and the birth Moon. If these are strong then the personality can make use of the events to trigger favourable things even in seemingly unfavourable times.

There are so may ways you can use the different techniques of Jyotish in analysing a planet in your life. This will help you gain more insights into how his Mahadasha is going to work out. What aspects of your life are going to be positively supported, where you can expect help from, which parts of life are going to give you gain. There is never a yes/ no answer to anything and no clear answer can be given to generic questions. But do perform this sort of analysis for your planets as it is always interesting to see how patterns are created in the chart and how different aspects of life are in fact deeply interconnected.

Ascetics Sanyasi and Tapasvi yog

Renunciating the society and delving into your self searching for the Ultimate is what Sanyas or asceticism or Tapah, means. The Sanyasi and Tapasvi yog create asceticism in you and draw you to the Consciousness within.

Tapasvi तपस्वि is an ascetic practising austerities.

Sanyas is a compound word in Devbhasha Samskrutam. Sanyas means to precisely fix into individual consciousness what really Is. The objective of Sanyas is always attainment of the Nirgun Brahma, the Advaita, no less.

  • Samyak सम्यक् – properly, precisely, beautifully, aptly, accurately, correctly, together, in the same direction.
  • Nyas न्यास – to trust, deposit, text, writing down something, placing, painting, appropriation, assignment, impressing, finally fixing, delivering, bringing forward, pledge, etc.


Bruhat Parashari Hora Shastra,

Chapter 79 gives the combination for Sanyas/ asceticism.

  • Four or more planets in a house is the Sanyasi or Parivraja yog

BPHS follows this basic condition with combinations which indicate the choice of the specific type of Sanyas, the order that you will join, the favourite deity/ mantra that you will choose, will you continue as an ascetic or return back to the society etc. Also gives the conditions which have to be satisfied for all this to happen. Sanyas can be said to be successful only if you are able to stick to the path till you gain Moksh. But remember that our books are all in the sutra form. So there are other conditions also which have to be satisfied for the Parivrajya yog to give its full effect.

Jamini Sutra

This gives a combination called the Tapasvi yog (sutra 36), ie for someone who can perform severe austerities with the objective of attaining Moksh. If the Karakamsa with Ketu has the aspect of Sani, he will become a Tapasvi or recluse or be a dependent and servant under somebody”

  • The Karakamsha with Ketu and aspected by Saturn is the Tapasvi yog.

Let’s understand this basic condition with an example.

  • Eg suppose that in your chart, the planet with the highest degree in any sign is Mars at 28deg Leo. So he is your Atmakarak planet.
  • Now check your navamsha chart. Suppose this Mars shifts to the Libra sign in the navamsha. Then Libra is your karakamsha. (Karakamsha is the navamsha sign occupied by the Atmakarak planet.)
  • Come back to your basic birth chart and locate the Libra sign in it. See if Ketu is placed in Libra.
  • Next check if Saturn occupies Taurus, Leo or Aquarius ie then he would aspect this Ketu in Libra.
  • If these conditions are satisfied it is a Tapasvi yog combination.

(In Jaimini the system of aspects is different from Parashari. Any planet placed in the sign, aspects the planets placed in these other signs as follows.

  1. Aries aspects Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius
  2. Cancer aspects Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus
  3. Libra aspects Aquarius, Taurus and Leo 
  4. Capricorn aspects Taurus, Leo and Scorpio
  5. Taurus aspects Cancer, Libra and Capricorn
  6. Leo aspects Libra, Capricorn and Aries 
  7. Scorpio aspects Capricorn, Aries and Cancer
  8. Aquarius aspects Aries, Cancer and Libra 
  9. Gemini aspects Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
  10. Virgo aspects Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini
  11. Sagittarius aspects Pisces, Gemini and Virgo
  12. Pisces aspects Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius)

Sutras are highly condensed knowledge for advanced students who can pick up the nuances of the theme expressed so succinctly in a few words. So we have to go in deeper to understand this. There are other conditions which have to be satisfied else this same combination will ensure illness, servitude and a life of humiliation.

If you refer to Jaimini sutra 59. “If the 7th from Karakamsha is occupied or aspected by Saturn, the wife will be older or sickly or a tapasvini or engaged in meditations”. This sutra indicates a Sanyasi tendency in the spouse. Here the 7th house from the Karakamsha is spoilt by Saturn’s presence so all the constraints that Saturn brings in exist in the marriage. As its a sutra we have to go in deeper, ie if this Saturn is capable of inauspicious results then the spouse will be ill, sick, unattractive, aged, undesirable, or a marriage of compulsion, no spirituality but a miserable existence ie the spouse will not provide marital happiness. But if this Saturn is auspicious then the spouse despite all these difficulties be able to turn his mind towards the Eternal and strive to gain it, ie be a Tapasvi.

(I did not want to mix Jaimini in this blog devoted to Parashari but this is just one exception).


The conditions

First and foremost, these yog-creating planets have to be powerful and capable of auspicious results. If they are afflicted in any way or unable to give their results, then they will grant a life of frustration. Then you will neither be able to fit in regular society nor will be able to take Sanyas. 

  • For Sanyasi yog, there are 4+ planets concentrated in one single house. This is technically a graha yuddha, planetary war. They are all going to be friends/enemies or of varying powers, controlling several houses from this one single house. Several planets together in a house causes an imbalance in the personality. A mish-mash of planetary forces acting in the same environment of one sign/ house is very intense and creates problems in regular life. These issues will eventually disenchant you with life as a whole and force you to search for the Eternal Truth.
  • For Tapasvi yog, again it is Ketu aspected by Saturn which can generate very intense karma. It can manifest as suffering in the early life. The karakamsha with Ketu is an internal disconnect from existence. Such a karakamsha aspected by Saturn is going to put more restrictions on the personality which will not be conducive to happiness in regular life. It will be frustrating and thus you will be encouraged to realise the Eternal.

The ascendant lord/ sign and the birth Moon has to be powerful and capable of auspicious results. This is a basic condition applicable throughout astrology. This elevates the power of the personality and allows you to tide through tough times without losing your composure.

Analyse the main birth chart and also refer to the D3 Dreshkona D9 Navamsha and D20 Vimshamsha charts for determining the power and capability of the planets in giving results. If the combinations repeat or gain power in these detailed divisional charts too then the tendency is deeply rooted and you will gain what the chart promises.

The timing of the event should naturally be seen from the Dasha/ transit of the enabling planet. So you can look out for dasha or significant transits of Saturn, Ketu, the Atmakarak and the ruler of the karakamsha sign for the timing in Tapasvi yog. For the Sanyasi yog, this timing may be derived from the dasha/transit of the strongest planet in the group of planets or the ruler of the sign in which this group is located.


And if you have this sort of combination in your chart, then do think on why this fascination with becoming a Sanyasi/ ascetic? It is not glamorous nor fashionable in the least. This road is quite hard, turbulent and generally painful. You are at war with your own instinct, your Mind, your existence in this world. You are fighting the charms of Prakruti with every breath. The Kurukshetra war is raging inside you. You have declared that you do not belong in this Creation and the Devi will test your this resolution to the max, only then allow you to travel beyond her. The initiation to Sanyas generally involves a ritual which intends that after taking formal Sanyas you are no longer someone’s son, daughter, you are no one to no body in this world. You are dead to them and they are also dead to you. This is isolation of the highest degree. Sanyas is not for everyone. 

You become a Sanyasi because of one of these two reasons,

  • You are in a hopeless situation in life thus want to ‘escape’. A negative motivation so the effect is temporary, ie as long as the negative situation in your life persists you will want to embrace asceticism. Eg, you are going through a painful divorce, want to escape the situation, thus start exploring spirituality. But once the divorce is final and you feel relaxed, you will want to again meet new people etc and spirituality takes a back-seat. 
  • Or you genuinely wants to know your own Self and resolve to do so with full force, this is a positive motivation. The purpose is clear, Self-realisation, Moksh. You are willing to face whatever may come as you are focussed on the final prize. You know that the creation is an illusion and the only real thing is the Advaita, and you desire to experience this reality. Now you are a real sanyasi. You might actually physically move away from the society and affect a final separation, ie take a formal Sanyas. Or remain in the world but internally separated from all worldly affairs, an internal Sanyas. Both ways are equally valid.

A genuine Sanyasi takes up this path only and only because he wants to realise himself, gain Moksh, attain the Nirgun Brahma, achieve Sadyo Mukti, ie the Advaita. This is the only possible motivation.


But then for becoming a genuine ascetic check which of the following additional indications are there in your chart, 

  • Genius levels of intellect and logic. You need to have Vivek, ie a sense of what is right. Also the ability to find what is right for you and to think for yourself. There are so many fake guru-s and charlatans who are just waiting to drain your energy, so many wrong practices which will destroy your nadi-s, books filled with trash and false information doing the rounds. So you have to be able to choose the correct option, to discern the right path. You are chasing Moksh, the subtlest and highest energy, your own Self. The path is not easy. This is possible if the 5th house/ lord, Mercury and Ketu grant you these abilities.
  • The 5th house is about mantra siddhi. Whatever mantra you are going to practice has to give its results for you to attain Moksh. This will happen if the 5th house/ lord is strong in the birth, Navamsha and D20 charts. The enabling dasha/ transits will be of the planets connected to the 1st 5th 9th houses.
  • An ability to understand philosophy. ie to be able to sit with the Guru and absorb the teachings. Or to pore endlessly over the books and glean the true wisdom hidden in them. This is possible if the 9th house/lord, Venus and Jupiter are supportive. The 9th house/ lord should be powerful and supported by benefics etc in main chart, in Navamsha and in the D 20. This will ensure you will be dedicated to his Guru and whatever the Guru teaches will help you. Any affliction to the 9th house/ lord means that you will be a traitor to the Guru and his teachings will be of no use to you.
  • An ability to question things on the basis of logic and analysis. To put forward arguments which will further your understanding without being argumentative for the sake of it. To courageously walk the path. To incessantly fight against your own desires, your own mind and emotions. Also to drive the pran into the subtlest of nadi-s, ie the Brahma-nadi within the Sushumna. This will be granted if Mars and the 3rd house/lord supports you.
  • An ability to cleanly ‘separate’ from all things without regrets and without looking back. Once you realise that something is not right, you should also be able to remove it firmly by its roots from your life, this is called Vairagya. This is possible only if the 12th house/lord, Saturn and Ketu support you.
  • Then there will be innumerable sources of pain and disappointments. The closer these hurts are to your heart, the more effective they will be for inducing asceticism. This is not a physical pain, it is an emotional and mental torment. This is essential and will be granted if,
    • 2nd house damaged – no comfort, support or recognition from the family, always an outsider looking in. 
    • 4th house damaged – no comfort, no nurture, denial of maternal support, needs are not satisfied
    • 7th house damaged – no comfort in partnerships, no equal love from another person in life, desires are not satisfied. Not interested in money or intimacy with another person, nor in getting married and in raising a family.

Most importantly, the ascendant sign and its lord have to be exceptionally strong, ie the personality has to be firm enough to tolerate this pain, to rise above the disappointments, to assimilate the lessons being taught by these deep sorrows. The Moon has to be strong enough to endure. If this is missing, you will break down, blame others, suffer from psychological issues which will take you to the psychiatrist rather than the inner Self. Or your well-wishers try to point out your issues or try to help, you will instead blame them for being unsympathetic to you. (You will get these sorts of clients in your practice, people with combinations for asceticism but in weak charts. Suffering, as they can neither make the leap to the spiritual nor can be satisfied in the material.)

Check these above conditions from the birth Moon sign too. If they exist here too, then the Sanyasi mind-set is very deep, ie originating from the astral body. And the Moon must have enough power of his own to ensure that the psychological framework is stable and capable of going through several traumatic episodes without breaking down. 

Finally the Sun must have some exceptional quality about him, ie exalted, vargottam, high ashtakvarga score, high strength in shad-bala, placed in Abhijit nakshatra, anything which helps bring out his power. This will indicate that the spark which animates you comes in very strongly from the Eternal. If you can interpret the Sudarshanchakra it will grant you some insights.

So do not get carried away by mentions of Tapasvi yog Sanyasi yog and asceticism. If these combinations do exist in their full form in your chart, you have chosen to take the Test in this life. Be prepared for the exams and act with faith/ Shraddha in your Sat-Guru to gain the Ultimate prize.

Maha mrutyunjai mantra

This is a somewhat technical post. Someone requested me to write on this mantra so I took my time over it and its typical grammar. I will follow the grammatical meaning Shabd-arth and extrapolate it to the essence of the mantra Bhav-arth, all strictly within the framework of the grammar. 

ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे
सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम् ।
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्
मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् ॥


The Rg 7-59 Sukta

The Maha mrutyunjai mantra is from the Rg ved 7th Mandal. It is the 12th shlok in the 59th sukta. So I opened my copy of the Rg Ved and and tried to understand what this sukta says. (If you can afford and feel like, get the 4 Ved Sanhita-s published by Yug nirman yojana vistar trust. These are translated by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Shrimati Bhagvati Devi Sharma, the set costs about Rs 1400/-)

The Rishi of this sukta is Vasishtha-maitravaruni. The deities are the Marut and the Mrutyu vimochani Rudra. Chhand, ie the meter of prosody is the Anushtup. 

The Marut are the energies of the breath, fierce winds, storms and war. And this word also means god, gold and beauty. Marut are the conscious energy of movement, change and vital energy/ pran. Rudra is the deity associated with the Marut as they both rule over the area between ‘the Earth and the Sun’, ie the Mooladhar and the Sahasrara chakras. They are sort of a link between the physical foundation and the heights of the conscious. Rudra is also said to be the father of the Maruts, so can be considered to be the brilliance of the pran energy. He is the reason due to which changes occur in the substance of the pran, which cause further cascading changes in animated beings. The energy which causes change can also be used to consciously direct the change and if needed also be used to stop the change from occurring. Thus Rudra and Marut together are a formidable force.

As I had mentioned in my post on Kaal here, ‘change’ is an illusion. Perception of change depends on the perspective. (eg If you stand at the center of a merry-go-round, your position does not change, even if it spins around you. But if you ride on the play-horses here, you will be swinging around till you get dizzy.) To exit this illusion of ‘apparent change’, we have to consciously use the power of Marut and Rudra. And this is precisely what we are doing in this Sukta which includes the Mahamrutyunjai mantra.

Let’s briefly examine the framework of the Rg 7-59 Sukta,

  • In the first 1-10 shlok-s, ‘we’ are invoking the Marut, fortifying them with power, requesting them to increase our strength, to destroy all our enemies, to be with us in happiness, to support us with their presence.
  • In the 11th shlok, we are inviting the Marut to come to our Yajnya with ‘Yajnyam Marut Aa Vrune’. This is the first mention of ‘Yajnya’ in this sukta.
  • So the background is that we are harnessing the power of the Marut, the vital energy and now exhorting them to provide their these energies to the Yajna, ie the evolution towards the Self. We are increasing the power of our vital energy/ pran and fortifying ourselves for the final evolution. And are preparing ourselves for taking the decisive step towards the highest evolution.
  • Then the 12th shlok of this sukta is the famous Maha mrutyunjai mantra.

The Maha mrutyunjai mantra written as per the anushtubh chhand, ie 4 lines of 8 syllables each.

Trayambakam yajamahe
Sugandhim pushtivardhanam |
Urvarukam eva bandhanat
Mrutyuh mukshiya maa amrutat ||

The form of this shlok in the Sukta does not start with the Om, but when we do sadhana with this mantra we have to begin the mantra with Om, else it creates imbalance.


The grammar of the words used in the Maha mrutyunjai mantra. Writing a bit on this to emphasise the beauty of the Devbhasha Samskrutam.

  • Tryambakam – neuter gender, nominative and accusative singular
  • Yajamahe – root verb Yaj यज् (1UP /AP) present tense, plural, first person
  • Sugandhim – neuter gender, nominative and accusative singular
  • Pushtivardhanam – neuter gender, nominative and accusative singular.
  • Urvarukam – neuter gender, nominative and accusative singular.
  • Iva – indeclinable
  • Bandhanat – neuter gender, ablative singular
  • Mrutyu – masculine gender, nominative singular
  • Mukshiya – root verb मुच् Much (6UP /AP) benedictive, first person singular (a very typical verb form)
  • Maa – indeclinable
  • Amrutat – neuter gender, ablative singular

The nouns are in three forms. So we have three options of subject/ object nouns.
1. neuter gender, nominative and accusative singular.
2. neuter gender, ablative singular
3. masculine gender, nominative singular

The indeclinables are Iva and Maa

Both the verbs in this mantra are from the ubhay-pad category, but their atmane-pad forms are used. Thus it is clearly indicated that the fruit of these actions directly go to whoever has acted in the first place. From these verbs, it is understood that the mantra is recited by ‘us’ or ‘I’. The doer is the first person, initially in the plural in ‘yajamahe’ and then in the singular in ‘mukshiya’.

  • So with the first verb yajamahe, ‘We’ are getting the fruits of this evolution which ‘we’ are performing in the present tense.
  • And in the second verb ‘mukshiya’, it is the benedictive mood. So ‘I’ am giving ‘myself’ this blessing that by the result of this action ‘I’ will be liberated. This is a rare form of the verb found only in Vedic Sanskrit.

Now if you just look at these words and their grammar it is obvious that the way the mantra is traditionally translated does not fit the words. I am assuming that there are two sentence structures because there are two verbs in the mantra, yajamahe and mukshiya. Also in Sanskrit, more than the order of the words in the sentence, the grammar is paramount in conveying its sense.

So let’s understand what is being said.

Om is the moorti of the Advaita. Om is the energy which is accessible in the created universes and yet is ‘nearest’ to the highest Consciousness. A sort of a bridge from the illusion of creation to the Reality of the Non-dual. Om is composed of four parts of which three are accessible in the created universe, ie the states of Jagruti, Swapna and Sushupti, represented by the akshar A, U and M. The vibrations created by the 4th part ie the Bindu help the spiritual aspirant realise his Self. At the lowest level of consciousness you are aware only in the Awake-Jagrut state. As your consciousness expands you become aware of your Dream-Swapna and later Deep-sleep Sushupti states. And as you progress even more, you are able to dissolve these three states related to the creation into the 4th part of Om, the Bindu. Once this happens you are Enlightened, ie you have achieved Moksh, you experience yourself as the Non-dual Advaita. Whenever you do any mantra jaap you must start with Om, this channelises the power of the mantra in a safe and conducive way for you.

The trayambakam are the three states which are seen or perceived. ie the Jagruti, Swapna and Sushupti, thus the trayambakam are often commonly considered to be the ‘three eyes’. These trayambakam are the fluid energies which generate these three different types of experiences. As one experiences does one exist, so we can say that these three, Jagruti, Swapna and Sushupti, are the three perceived states of existence. Only when these three states of existence are ‘sacrificed’ does the fire of internal Self become visible. These three states are to be merged into the Light of the Self or ‘sacrificed’ in the fire of Awareness, which in this mantra ‘we’ will be doing.

In this sentence the doer is not specifically mentioned, ie there is no subject noun but as the verb ‘yajamahe’ is in first person plural, the subject is implied as ‘We’. The mantra describes a dynamic situation where these three states of perception are made to continually evolve, ie their energy levels being increased by ‘our’ conscious efforts. Here the doers are in plural. The three fold states of lower levels of consciousness ie Jagruti, Swapna and Sushupti avastha are continuously evolving by the action of multiple doers. Ie the doers of this act are still perceiving themselves as the multiple and are working with multiple states of existence, duality is perceived to exist.

Sugandhim is used as an adjective of Tryambakam. These three states, Jagruti, Swapna and Sushupti bear only a very small quantity of the Highest Consciousness. These three states are exactly ‘perfumed’ with the tiniest part of the most Excellent awareness. These three contain the highest virtue of the Eternal Beautiful, but just a hint of it, as it should be. These are the emanations of the Advaita and at their essence are also the Advaita. Something like a perfume exuded by a flower, the three states of existence are exuded by the Eternal. Just as the smell of a flower is at once both the flower yet at the same time apparently separate from it.

Pushtivardhanam is used an adjective of Tryambakam. These three states are continually being nourished and their levels of animation are being promoted by their link to the Eternal. They are thriving, developing, increasing their levels of awareness only due to this connect to the Highest. They are continually expanding, enlarging, extending, upgrading themselves. They are completing themselves by their link to the Awareness. All this is happening because ‘we’ are evolving the Tryambakam to begin with.

Finally Urvarukam is used as an adjective of Tryambakam but with the use of the indeclinable ‘Eva’ it has a subtly different meaning. This word causes a lot of confusion as it commonly means a cucumber or a melon. But vegetables have no place in a mantra focussed on the highest Consciousness. Broadly Urvaruk उर्वारुक can be understood as the result when the catalytic energy is acting on the foundation. And in Sanatan Dharma whenever we talk of a catalytic energy we mean the eternal consciousness. In this mantra, Urvaruk is the great fire of consciousness which burns within the depths. The blazing Sun. The bountiful extensive great ocean of consciousness. 

When we, by our efforts, evolve the three states of perception, we realise that these are mere emanations rooted in the Bindu ie the 4th state of Om, ie the Eternal Advaita. They are simply ‘fragrances’ of the Non-Dual flower. Thus we merge ourselves into the Non-dual.

The first part of the mantra deals with how the three states of perception are consciously made to evolve and gain more and more of the essence of the Eternal, to come very very close to the Eternal.

So by ‘our’ efforts we are bringing the Tryambakam almost to the level of the Urvarukam. But then what comes after this stage? This is in the second sentence in this mantra.


Now the second part, ‘Bandhanat Mrutyuh mukshiya maa amrutat.’

Bandhanat, means ‘separated from the bindings’. We all believe that we are bound to our existence through different attributes, the Gun – Satva, Raja, Tama, Avastha – Jagrut, Swapna, Sushupti or even identities like Rajan, Priya, husband, wife, mother, father, child, teacher, student, the karmic ties which bind us. Our belief in these ties is so strong that we are unable to conceive our Eternal nature, this is also the cause of existential sorrow. Thus we take on lives after lives, searching for the true Happiness, trying to find the Self.

Mrutyuh is a noun in the masculine nominative singular form. There are several meanings for Mrutyu. Death or the deity of Death, ie Yam are the usual ones. But Mrutyu also means the secret of existence, ie the Para-Brahma. And also Maya, Vishnu, Kali, Kama-dev, samsara and the hunger ie desire. Interestingly, relevant to our mantra, Mrutyu essentially is ‘the evolution which is rapidly completed’.

In the first part we saw that the 3 states are still evolving continually by the action of multiple doers.
In the second part, the verb ‘mukshiya’ is the benedictive singular first person. The plural doer has now become singular. With the evolution of the three states, the non-duality has started asserting itself. 

So this “Bandhanat Mrutyuh mukshiya maa amrutat” will mean the following,

The ‘evolution which is rapidly completed’ will now most assuredly be separate from all bindings. This secret of existence will be released from all bondages. The concept of desire (which causes more ties) will be unyoked from all concepts of ties. The idea of Maya and Creation will be cast aside. Satva-gun will be discharged (Satva gun is the last one to dissolve in this involution process) etc. ie, the singular doer is now assuring himself that the direction of the evolution will most assuredly take him to himself. This is an intention expressed in the positive sense. ie release from bindings.

At this stage the doer ‘I’ realise that I am non-dual, there is no one but me and I have no attributes, I am almost there, so I use my intention to consciously ‘bless’ myself. Only I can bless myself, as there is no one else but me. I bless my own Self with this benediction. ie, ultimately everyone has to intend his own evolution. To evolve spiritually or to remain stuck in the ties is a decision that everyone makes for himself. If you want to play the Game some more or if you want to realise the Self, this is your own choice your own intention. You are always blessing your own self in this sense.

This ‘rapid evolution’ will most definitely not be separated from immortality. It will not be cast away from the Light. It will not be abandoned by the Eternal. ie, singular doer is now assuring himself using the negative clause too. That he will never be separate from the Advaita. He will always remain conscious of his Eternal Light and aware of his Non-dual nature.

It is interesting that the mantra reinforces the blessing using the positive ‘Bandhanat Mrutyu’ and negative intention “Maa Amrutat’ both. Somehow these two intentions are balanced by the benediction ‘Mukshiya’ that is placed between them. It makes the structure of the mantra very elegant.

It is significant that the deity, conscious and aware intelligence linked to this mantra is the ‘Mrutyu vimochani Rudra’. Rudra means the vibration, change or brilliance. Vimochani means the act of release, liberation, casting away. Mrutyu has several meanings as above. Try to think on what the ‘Mrutyu vimochani Rudra’ really implies.

This mantra is all about how the energies of the Marut-s and the Mrutyu vimochani Rudra are being utilised by the spiritual aspirants to evolve the limited consciousness which thinks it to be separate from the Eternal to reach the highest pinnacle of Self awareness, the Advaita.

There are absolutely nil vegetables in this mantra and we are not worshiping any god nor propitiating any deity with this mantra. There are no deities in Sanatan Dharma, we Hindus adore pure consciousness, we adore our own form, the highest Conscious Intelligence. I create my Universe for the Game I play, for this I first create a mind, this now runs in the ten directions creating further elaborate illusions for my Game. When I am done playing, I dissolve the Game. This requires that I train the mind, stop it from running in the ten different directions and focus it on the one single Bindu that really Is. As I dissolve the mind, I see Myself.

This post is a very rudimentary way of understanding this mantra. If you want to really experience it, do its Jaap, ie 108 times mental repeats at least once a week. Or do its Homa. Or listen to its Ghana-path, its spiralling energies looping in your mind. This Maha mrutyunjai mantra is very useful for all issues in life, if you train your mind with its energy, it will act as an all-round remedy for all your problems.


Saturn and his Sade Sati 

There have been several questions on Sade sati. So I have put this post together to help you analyse this scariest term in all of astrology. The 7.5yrs when Saturn transits through the 12th sign from the birth Moon, then over the birth Moon and finally over the 2nd sign from the birth Moon. Sade sati is basically an analysis of Saturn’s transits specifically his highly significant transit over the birth Moon sign.

Currently Saturn is in Capricorn. So if you are birth Moon Aquarius you are now in the 1st phase of the Sade sati. If you are birth Moon Capricorn, the second phase is going on for you. And if you are birth Moon Sagittarius this is the 3rd phase.

When Saturn enters Aquarius, it will be birth Moon Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn in the Sade-sati energy. Saturn is stronger when he transits in his own signs, so expect stronger transit effects as he moves through Capricorn and Aquarius.

First analyse the power of Saturn in your chart and what you expect him to give you in your life.

To begin with he acts differently for different ascendant signs.

  • If you are a Taurus or Libra ascendant, Saturn is your Yogkarak. And if you are Capricorn or Aquarius ascendant then he is your ascendant lord. He cannot overtly harm you. Even if the Saturn linked things in life seem hopeless, you can use these as stepping stones to higher and better things.
  • If you are a Cancer, Virgo or Pisces ascendant, Saturn is a class one malefic for you. Always be aware of what Saturn is upto in your life and take remedial actions in time to avoid serious problems.
  • For the other ascendant signs, Saturn can be neutral to overtly malefic depending on his position in the chart.

Then depending on your level of study analyse Saturn in depth in your basic birth chart using the following points,

Which house and in which sign is he placed in? So which parts of your life is he controlling? Which houses does he own? Ie where are Capricorn and Aquarius signs placed in the chart? Which planets is he conjoint/ aspected by? So which other aspects of the personality is he influencing or being influenced by? If Saturn connected to the 2nd, 7th or 8th houses then you must check the longevity aspects, ie his Marak function. If the longevity is at an end, then he can indicate the timing or cause of physical death in his Sade sati. Is Saturn exalted/ debilitated? How comfortable is he in the sign he is occupying? Are there any modifying factors eg retrograde or combust? Has he matured? What kind of power does he have? Check his shadbala, avastha, ashtakvarga etc for more insights. You can go as deep as your level of study. Be clear on his karakatva, ie all that he stands for in your chart and then try predicting.

If Saturn is auspicious for you the here are some of his typical effects

  • You have the ability to focus deeply on a topic at a time and can take your projects to their logical conclusions. Disciplined and intelligent, you can sacrifice anything for your goals. You are not concerned about money, but are interested in achievements which can be of use to the society. You will be recognised for something by the society. Leadership qualities exist, you are a leader who comes up from the masses. Servants and subordinates will work for you willingly. You intensely dislike inequality, discrimination, corruption, injustice and will not indulge in these things. You are very conscious about Time and will not be late or tolerate others being late around you.

If Saturn is inauspicious for you then here are some typical effects.

  • The bones will be weak, some fracture or ligament tear, teeth will have problems etc. Your talents will not be fully available to you or you will use them for selfish activities or actions which are harmful for the general society. You will be denied recognition for your work even if you help others. Those whom you help may be selfish or jealous of you. Land deals never work in your favour. You may not be on cordial terms with your parents. You waste your time in unrealistic projects. You are generally attractive but will attract the wrong sort of friends. Life after middle age will be more successful than the first half. 


There are several ways to check the power of transits, remember Sade sati is essentially a transit.

1. Ashtak varga scores – check the score of Saturn in the three signs of the Sade sati. If he has scores of 4 or more then these times will go smoothly. Even if the total of that sign is more than 28 points then the keywords of that sign do not cause much distress and events remain at manageable levels. (Post here)

2. Janma navtara chakra – If you can draw this chart (post here) and track the movement of Saturn through the nakshatra-s during your Sade sati period you can get valuable pointers on how he is going to behave.

3. Ashtapadmadala chakra or the Kota chakra – if you can draw this chakra chart (post here), and track the movement of Saturn through the nakshatra during the Sade sati period it will help you in deciphering his results.

4. Moorti nirnay – There is a way of calculating the form or image of the planet on the day he enters a sign. This will indicate the overall nature of the results of Saturn in that sign. (post here)

Another way to gauge how your Saturn and Moon interact is to observe yourself and the things around you during the 2.25 days per month when the transit Moon passes over the birth Saturn. In fact, analysing the transits of the Moon is the first practical lesson that students of Jyotish must do.

eg if your birth Saturn is in Virgo, then observe how things unfold on the 2.25days when the Moon transits Virgo every month. You can use these observations to extrapolate what will happen during your Sade sati times.

  • Some of the possible things would be getting late for your meeting or missing the bus. In your office the boss is angry with you, you have to skip lunch, you quarrel with your team, no one agrees with what you have presented, office gossip and jealousy is targeted at you and you are overall upset. Or you forget your wallet or meet someone who seems potentially useful but later turns out to be a drain on your resources. Your kids create a fuss and you get into a argument with your spouse or parents. Perhaps you remember something which makes you unhappy. Or a sense of lethargy, minor health upsets etc. Observe yourself and see if these sort of results are more on these 2.25days. If so then its a good indicator that the Sade sati period will require some care.

Astrology is about observing, trying to find underlying patterns, discerning common links, looking for repeating energies. If you can do this, you will be a great astrologer.


Sade sati cycles

Generally everyone with a reasonable life span will go through 2 or 3 periods of Sade-sati in life. Obviously the Sade sati period occurs once every 30yrs and lasts for 7.5yrs. 

The first Sade sati period in life will occur when you are still young, below 30yrs. In this period, the effects of the Sade sati are not very severe. But illnesses related to childhood will occur and the health will be affected. As this happens in the childhood, one must be careful as lifetime impacts on health are possible. Especially be careful of injuries to the bones, ligaments ie fractures etc. In some cases, death of a parent is possible if there are other patterns in the charts. There will be difficulties in education, in getting a job or in getting married depending on the age of the person. But if Saturn is favourable for your chart then his effects may not be prominent and you might not even realise that you were going through a Sade sati period.

Do try to remember how this period was for you in your young age as you can get an idea of how troublesome or helpful Saturn is going to be for you overall in life.

The second Sade sati period will occur in the age of 30 – 60yrs. This is the main period of active life so the intensity of the trouble is higher. There are more avenues for stress to enter your life. Over-work, tiredness, ageing, ill-health etc is a common feature of this period. Arguments with relatives, siblings and friends is possible. Death of both parents is almost sure in this time frame. You will be performing all serious things during this time, ie working, raising a family, performing last rites of the parents and being responsible for so many things on several levels. The intensity of profession associated work will reach a high pitch during this period.

However if Saturn is favourable for you or capable of supportive results then this period though stressful will allow you to work, make contacts, network with important people, gain a positive social image and status. 

The third Sade sati period, for some people will occur in the age of 60 – 90yrs. Generally this period signifies the end of longevity and physical death. During this time frame, there is an increase in ill-health, age-related diseases will hit, mental faculties may be reduced, one has to witness the deaths of relatives and friends, loneliness and overall worry predominates.

But if Saturn is favourable, then this period can grant spiritual growth, an understanding of philosophy, acceptance of the inevitable and a desire for Realization. Death if occurs now, should be seen as a positive change as the person will most likely move on into a higher energy state.

A fourth Sade sati is also possible in life in case someone lives beyond 90yrs. This time inevitably brings physical death and can be a time of general misery and loneliness.

But if Saturn is auspicious for you, then spirituality and a gentle death event will be granted in this last Sade sati.

Analyse the three phases of the Sade sati. 

As you know Saturn is favourable when he transits the sign 11th from the birth Moon. And is favourable when he transits the 3rd sign from the birth Moon. Sandwiched in between these two highly favourable time frames, is the Sade sati.

First phase –  During these first 2.5yrs of the Sade sati, Saturn will be transiting in the 12th house from the birth Moon. So you will see a change, from Saturn’s helpful and positive face to his strict face. Things will gradually tighten around you, as the restriction and constriction linked to Saturn takes hold. Quarrels, lack of rest, confusion, ill-health, fear, rumours, gossip, humiliation, insults etc occur around you and more frequently. Unnecessary travelling, reduction in productive work, salary cuts, etc are also possible. The intensity of these things will slowly escalate and will reach a high pitch in the second phase.

Second phase – during these 2.5yrs, Saturn will be transiting over the birth Moon. This is the worst phase of the Sade sati. Any association of Moon with Saturn is a restriction on nature, nurture and nutrition. Your needs will not satisfied, there will be an emotional restriction and overall constriction. Thought processes are affected and you tend to think the worst of everything, which is often correct. Mental agony, loss of reasoning ability, loneliness depression, misery, lack of rest, denial of comforts and an environment of fear around you. Whomsoever you rely on for support, emotional and mental, will cause you pain. Specifically your mother or maternal figures will cause you distress and be a source of stress. Your relatives, friends, family members will not support and you will have to find the necessary resources within yourself. You will be forced to become self reliant, to get by will little, budget and make use of all that you have as an resource crunch will exist. Physical disease and loss of health is also common. A possibility of starting on addictions, as increase in vaat creates a tendency to form bad habits bad habits. Saturn increases vaat, so ‘dryness’ is manifested in several ways which includes lack of love. The last part of this phase can be unbearable and one must take adequate care on all fronts.

Saturn transiting over the birth Moon means that his keywords and the aspects of life that he controls will always be in the forefront. Temporarily the lenses of your perception are going to be be colored with Saturn. This changes you on a very deep level. Whatever Saturn signifies in your chart, will overpower your entire existence for 2.5yrs.

  • eg Libra ascendant, Pisces birth Moon, Virgo birth Saturn. Here Saturn is Yogkarak, in 12th house from ascendant sign and in 7/7 axis with Moon. He will force you to get deeply into meditation, your dream/astral states will dominate your existence, guidance from spirits will be there, you will earn status and fame if you are in some profession which is cut off from normal society, he will separate you from self-ego, your spouse, material concerns, you might be cheated by others who take advantage of your this typical nature, he will untie you from all that is holding you back etc. Ultimately it will be a beneficial phase.

Here, do analyse the power of your birth Moon. A strong birth Moon will have some of the following characteristics, more the patterns more will be his strength. Exalted, in his Mooltrikon, in his own sign Cancer, or in Cancer or Taurus navamsha, aspected by benefics, placed in kendra or kona in your birth chart, having an ashtakvarga score of 4 or more, a high shadbala score, a high ishta phala score, favourable avastha, etc. If your birth Moon is powerful enough then the stress induced by close proximity to the transiting Saturn will be more bearable.

Third phase – during these 2.5yrs, Saturn will be transiting in the 2nd house from the birth Moon. Generally this period is more hard hitting on the emotional and mental levels. The effects of the second phase above continue in full force. The troubles of the past 5yrs are now unbearable for your mind and body resulting in loss of motivation, lethargy and inactivity. The real hidden nature of the people and events unfolding around you are shown to you in stark detail. This can be one of the most depressing periods in life. But towards the end of this 2.5yrs stretch, gradually things perk up and there are unforeseen opportunities for gains. 

As this period gets over, Saturn moves on to the sign 3rd from your birth Moon which is one of his exceptionally positive transits. 


The birth Moon sign and Saturn

Let’s examine the intensity of the results for each sign. If we rank the intensity of the negativity that Saturn will bring, as per the birth Moon signs,

  • Cancer, Leo and Scorpio birth Moons will face the highest intensity of Saturn’s constriction in their entire 7.5yrs of the Sade sati. So take due care for the full 7.5yrs. 
  • Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces birth Moon signs, the main 2nd phase of Saturn over the birth Moon will be severe. The remaining 5yrs will be easily manageable with remedies and conscious efforts.
  • For the other birth Moon signs, they must take special care for the 2.5yrs when the Saturn transits over their birth Moon as this time will be quite difficult. The remaining 5yrs will be problematic but can be managed with use of remedies and constant conscious efforts.

You can also do a generalised comparative of the three phases of the Sade sati depending on the planetary friendships. eg For birth Moon Aries, the 2nd phase will be the worst and quite traumatic, followed by the 1st phase which will be worse than the 3rd phase.

Birth Moon sign

Saturn in 

Generalisation for the phase compared to the other phases



Average to bad, Saturn and Jupiter are neutral


Very bad, Saturn is debilitated


Average, Saturn is friends with Venus



Very bad, Saturn is debilitated


Average, Saturn is friends with Venus


Average, Saturn is friends with Mercury



Average, Saturn is friends with Venus 


Average, Saturn is friends with Mercury


Very bad, Saturn is enemies with Moon



Average, Saturn is friends with Mercury


Very bad, Saturn is enemies with Moon


Very bad, Saturn is enemies with Sun



Very bad, Saturn is enemies with Moon


Very bad, Saturn is enemies with Sun


Average, Saturn is friends with Mercury



Very bad, Saturn is enemies with Sun


Average, Saturn is friends with Mercury


Average to good. Saturn is friends with Venus and exalted



Average, Saturn is friends with Mercury


Average to good. Saturn is friends with Venus and exalted


Very bad, Saturn in Scorpio can generate dangerous energies



Average to good. Saturn is friends with Venus and exalted


Very bad, Saturn in Scorpio can generate dangerous energies


Average to bad, Saturn and Jupiter are neutral



Very bad, Saturn in Scorpio can generate dangerous energies


Average to bad, Saturn and Jupiter are neutral


Average, Saturn owns this sign



Average to bad, Saturn and Jupiter are neutral


Average, Saturn owns this sign


Average, Saturn owns this sign and is his Mooltrikon



Average, Saturn owns this sign


Average, Saturn owns this sign and it is his Mooltrikon


Average to bad, Saturn and Jupiter are neutral



Average, Saturn owns this sign and it is his Mooltrikon


Average to bad, Saturn and Jupiter are neutral


Very bad, Saturn is debilitated


To fine-tune your Sade sati results.

First is to consider the effect of the Dasha. If in the Sade sati period you are undergoing the period of a strongly favourable benefic, eg your ascendant lord or yogkarak then the Sade sati though troublesome will not be able to cause significant damage in your life. But if you are undergoing the Dasha periods of the marak or dusham sthan owners, 6th 8th 12th house owners, then due care has to be taken.

  • Suppose you are going through a dasha of Saturn himself in this Sade-sati. Then it will be a double dose of Saturn energy acting on you. This period can be the best possible or the worst possible period of your life.
  • If Saturn is favourable for you, ie a ascendant lord, yogkarak, in-charge of auspicious houses etc then you will be elevated in life. There will be conflicts, but each of these issues will bring out some hidden ability from within you. You will realise that you have a lot of potential and this time will force you to utilise your potential. This will finally convert into gains, mainly on the social and professional fronts.
  • But if this Saturn is malefic and inauspicious for you then you have to be quite careful as he can hit on the physical, mental and emotional levels and also affect your spiritual progess.

Next is the transits. These play a very important role in the intensity of the Sade sati phase. Specifically pay attention to the transits of Rahu Ketu and Jupiter during this period as they stay in a sign for longer periods of time 1.5yr and 1yr respectively. 

Jupiter transiting 2nd 5th 7th 9th and 11th from the birth Moon sign is supportive and gives favourable results. Rahu and Ketu give pleasing results only when transiting in the 3rd 6th and 11th house from the birth Moon. Factor this influence on you as they will be able to significantly change the overall impact of Saturn on you. 

  • Eg if you are undergoing a favourable Jupiter or Rahu Ketu transit, then the unpleasant effects of the Sade sati will be reduced for 1yr and 1.5yr stretches a very significant thing indeed.
  • But if you are undergoing an unfavourable transit of these three during the Sade sati phase, then due care must be taken to avoid escalating the negative effects of Saturn.

Sade sati is considered to be a time of general troubles, illnesses, fear and misfortune. And all these problems do happen. It is after all Saturn, the karmic enforcer affecting your Moon in transit. This time temporarily affects the lenses of perception, the astral body and the summary of your entire personality. Even the link that one feels with the Divine is restricted for this time.

But then there are always modifying factors, the most important being the power of the birth chart. If your ascendant sign/ lord and your birth Moon are powerful then you will be able to tide over the issues presented by Saturn with the minimum stress. In such cases, this time grants a sense of maturity. You try to reconcile the situations you are put into. Your perspective will allow you to accept events as they happen around you. You clearly separate from the things, people, relationships, thoughts, emotions etc which are no more of use to you. You become more pragmatic, more patient, more serious in life, ie you grow up. You are shown the real face of the things you considered precious in life and as you realise them to be wanting, you release yourself from their ties. It can be a liberating period if you can sensibly navigate through it. One tip is to never hold on to anything too strongly. If it is destined to be with you, it will. But if it is of no use to you, Saturn will tear you away from it and it would be best to accept and let go. 

Any way you look at it, the middle phase ie the transit of Saturn over the birth Moon is going to be the most traumatic 2.5yrs and this period will repeat once in 30yrs. Best be prepared.

Finally to reduce the impact of the Sade sati, you can take corrective actions, ie perform the remedies, the Daan and Mantra for Shani-dev during your Sade sati periods.

Jupiter and the Gajakesari Yog

A yog in astrology is a specific combination of the planets which will give extraordinary positive and auspicious results. The possible yogs are all mentioned in our standard texts. The planetary combination and also the additional conditions which elevate their power and make it a ‘yog’.

A common understanding is that the Gaja-kesari yog is a powerful yog and also seen in several charts. But in fact, this is one of the rarer yog-s and is infrequently seen in its true form. ‘Gaja’ means elephant, measure, mound of earth, number 8 etc. And ‘Kesari’ means any animal with a mane or hair around the neck, ie a lion or a horse.

Jupiter is an important force in your chart. He is hope, expansion, benevolence, protection, Swadhisthan chakra, the power of your past lives auspicious deeds which help you in this life, luck, unexpected help etc. And Moon is the mind, astral body, other dimensions, the sum of all your possible lives, the Ajnya chakra etc. If the Moon and Jupiter are connected in some positive way in your birth chart, together they synergise and help you in many ways.

  • The Gaja-kesari yog.
  • The Navam-Pancham yog is one more way for the birth Moon and Jupiter to interact positively, where Jupiter aspects Moon with his 5th or 9th aspect. About 16% charts will have this combination.
  • And the 6/8 axis ie the Shakata yog between Moon and Jupiter is the major negative interaction causeing typical issues and problems in life.


Gaja-kesari is seen from the birth Moon and also from the ascendant sign. So there are two options.

  • The first option – Jupiter placed 1st 4th 7th or 10th from the Moon ie Jupiter in the Kendra houses of the Moon chart. About 33% of the charts will have this combination.
  • The second option – This combination is seen from the ascendant sign. ie Jupiter placed in a Kendra house, 1st 4th 7th 10th of the basic birth chart. So a 33% of the charts will have this combination.

If you combine all these percentages, most people should have their Jupiter working wonderfully, giving great results. But this does not happen in real life. So here are the necessary conditions which convert this simple planetary combination to a ‘yog’. A yog will help you gain what you are supposed to with the minimum of effort. Or the gains will be exponentially more than what you anticipate.

Necessary conditions

For the Gaja kesari to give its full effect, primarily Jupiter should be powerful and capable of giving auspicious results. If he is weak or prone to give unpleasant results then obviously its not a ‘yog’.

So these following conditions should exist in the chart.

  • Jupiter should not be combust, ie should not be within 11deg of the Sun. Jupiter is combust for about 25 days per year.
  • Jupiter should not be debilitated. He is debilitated in Capricorn for about 1yr, this happens once in every 12yrs.
  • Jupiter should not be conjoint nor aspected by a strongly malefic graha as this affects his power to give favourable results. This you have to see as per the chart. Just remember that Saturn and Mars have 2 extra aspects each. And Jupiter with Rahu is the Guru-chandal yog with a different result. Jupiter with Sun is anyways combust.
  • Jupiter in an enemy sign, ie Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Libra is rather uncomfortable and cannot give his full positive results, there is always something missing.
  • Jupiter should not be retrograde. He is retrograde after every 8-9 months or so and remains retrograde for about 4-5 months. Retrograde planets are strong but their energy is directed differently and cannot express themselves completely in the real world.

And if you are seeing the yog from the birth Moon, then naturally the Moon too should be capable of giving auspicious results. Then apply these following conditions to the birth Moon.

  • Moon should not be debilitated.
  • He cannot be with the Sun. This reduces his strength to give favourable results.
  • He should not be influenced by other malefics.


Even more conditions

Even after you apply the above conditions, in practice, a real powerful Gaja-kesari yog is seen in a handful of charts. So check if these following points exist in the chart, reducing the power of the Gaja-kesari yog.

  • If Jupiter is the owner of the dushamsthans, 6th 8th 12th houses, ie is a functional malefic for that ascendant. He is in charge of unpleasant and traumatic events in life. I am rather skeptical of Jupiter as a dusham-sthan lord. He gives hope in hopeless situations which often backfires  . ie if you are in a situation where you should not trust, Jupiter can makes you do just this thing. Misplaced kindness, optimism and expansion can be dangerous. He can make you soft and benevolent when in fact you are required to be pragmatic and practical. So you need to understand this and use his power intelligently.
  • If he is placed in the 6th 8th 12th houses from the ascendant sign. Again Jupiter is linked to the turbulent aspects of life. If you can turn his challenges into opportunities then you can get some good results. (Wrote several posts on the dushamsthan, do use the index page).
  • If he is in the badhak house for that ascendant or if he is a badhak lord. The power of the badhak, is an important factor and cannot be ignored. However if you can understand what a badhak is and can change your mindset accordingly then he can give some of his expected good results.
  • Jupiter in the upchay houses must be analysed before coming to a conclusion about his power to give auspicious benefits. The basic premise is that these houses give better results with age, but only if you have first solved issues that they have presented before you when you were younger. So if you understand this concept, this Jupiter can give yog-level results but with age.

If you are seeing the yog from the Jupiter positioned from the Moon, then if these conditions exist they can reduce the power of the yog.

  • If Moon is a functional malefic for that ascendant
  • If he is in the 6th 8th 12th houses (3rd house too if the chart is weak)
  • If he is the badhak lord.

In some cases, it is possible that this Jupiter may grant some favourable results, like a good promotion or inflow of wealth or creation of assets etc. This might occur in some enabling dasha/ transit where for a brief period of time the planets would be able to give benefits. But these things will not bring true satisfaction or create problems or these positive effects will be temporary and not convert into permanent gains. Or possibly give rise to long term regrets and disappointments. This is often seen in charts where the conditions for the creation of a powerful yog are absent. You will see several such clients in your practice. 

  • The most common example of this sort is seen in the professional life. You get a promotion, pay hike etc. You are also give additional work responsibility etc. You are able to cope and perform well while the enabling dasha is on, but once it gets over you suffer in some way. Eg health issues crop up, you have ignored your family, so problems from spouse or children, your boss suddenly finds problems in your work, your juniors do not listen to you, your projects fail, a run of bad luck etc.  

I have written on Jupiter being over-hyped as a benefic planet. Students of Jyotish should always study several horoscopes before coming to a conclusion about things.

Enabling combinations

Finally, assuming that the Jupiter related combination is your chart is actually a Gaja-kesari yog, the points which will increase the power of this yog. Ie Jupiter’s ability to give auspicious results will be enhanced if any of the following conditions are met. More patterns more power.

If you are calculating the yog from the Moon then these same factors will enhance his power too. In addition the closer the Moon and Jupiter are the more powerful will this combination become.

To make full use of the yog, the ascendant sign, the ascendant lord and the birth Moon must be powerful. The personality and the mindset must be sufficiently able to use the power that the Gaja kesari yog will generate. 

Fine tuning the prediction timings

Now that you have analysed the birth chart and know that you have the full form of the Gaja-kesari yog, you must open your Dasha sequence to know which time would be the most favourable to make use of these energies. The Jupiter Mahadasha and the antardasha periods of Jupiter in other planet’s Mahadashas will give exceptional opportunities for growth and progress. Also look out for opportunities in the dasha periods controlled by the Moon and ascendant lord. Also the Dasha periods of the owner of the sign occupied by Jupiter and the Moon can give unexpected options for growth. 

Favourable transits will be Jupiter transiting over the birth Jupiter. Or Jupiter transiting 2nd 5th 7th 9th 11th from the birth Moon sign. Here the window of opportunity will be about an year every few years. Moon transiting over the birth Jupiter or the birth Moon – here the window of opportunity will be 2.5days every month or so. The exact results obviously will have to be seen from the individual charts. This would involve analysing the houses/ signs owned by Jupiter and the house/ sign that he is placed in. 

  • Eg if you are considering a Gaja-kesari formed by Jupiter and Moon conjunct in the 2nd house from the ascendant sign then expect a significant inflow of wealth in the periods controlled by Jupiter or Moon.
  • Eg if you are considering a Gaja-kesari formed by Jupiter in the 7th house from the ascendant, then during typical time periods, you will get married, have children, start new businesses, earn significant wealth, win over in court cases, get into spirituality, etc. These all will be pleasurable experiences.

General results of the Gaja-kesari yog

In case you have a functional Gaja-kesari yog in your chart there will be several favourable results in your life. The mindset will be generous, kind, benevolent and supportive. The body frame will be large, healthy and long lived. Emotions will be stable, overall a positive mind-set, an inherent capacity to be happy and well-adjusted.

You will be the centre of attention, dominating and captivating. Your enemies will not be able to stand before you. Considerate, intelligent, knowledgeable and wise, you will actively use your abilities. You will always be engaged in something or the other, ie use your energy productively. There will be a sense of swiftness, purpose and activity around you. A high paying job or a role with with high prestige and visibility is indicated. Communication skills will be exceptional, you will have the power to use your intellect, language and personal aura to convince others to go along with you always. There will be several opportunities in life, and you will be able to make use of them. Life will be overall comfortable and stable. Marriage and children etc will be good and auspicious. There will be a flow of wealth from several sources. This wealth will be the auspicious sort that you get from legal sources. You will be inclined towards Dharma, have a good reputation and be respected. There will be several situations in life where you will be required to take an ethical, moral stand. This will get you into confrontations with others but the power of this yog will ensure that you win and use these unpleasant conflicts as stepping stones to more power.

Overall, even if you have Jupiter and Moon in some favourable mutual interaction in your chart you will see some significant positivity in life. And if it is a powerful Gaja Kesari yog then you are a very unique individual and should use your strength with full awareness and confidence.

Analysing the Vimshottari Saturn Mahadasha

Dasha analysis is used to time events in life. The planets control your life in a sequence called the Dasha. There are several Dasha systems, of these the Vimshottari is generally applicable, accurate and is the first Dasha system you learn. 

The Maha-Dasha sequence is,

Thus the human lifespan is total of 120 yrs. Depending on the exact position of your birth Moon, ie the Nakshatra and the degrees, you will begin your life sequence. Ensure that you have your accurate birth time else there is no point in calculating Dasha. Not everyone will experience all the 9 graha Mahadasha during their lives. 

Considering Saturn’s current transit in his own Capricorn which will be followed by his transit in Aquarius, if you are going through the Saturn Mahadasha (or even his antar-dasha in other planet’s mahadasha-s) at this point of time, you will experience high intensity results. Depending on if Saturn is favourable or not for you, these results will be auspicious and helpful to you, or not.

Saturn Mahadasha

  • If your birth moon Nakshatra is Pushya, Anuradha or Uttarabhadrapada then at the time of your birth you had the Saturn Mahadasha going on. The balance of the planet’s dasha period remaining at birth is calculated using the location (degree minute second) of the Moon in the nakshatra.
  • For the other birth Nakshatra, Saturn Mahadasha can occur at any point of time in life in the sequence.
  • Saturn will also influence you during his sub-periods, ie Antardasha, in other planet’s Mahadasha ie main periods.

So open your Vedic software, the Dasha section. If there are options here, choose the Vimshottari Dasha system. See which planet’s Mahadasha is going on for you. If this is the Saturn Mahadasha then this post is for you.

If you were born in Saturn Mahadasha. You were always a mature and responsible little person even as a child. Possibly your parents were working hard and you did not get much time with them in your childhood. Maybe your grandparents or someone elderly took care of you. You are serious at your core, punctual about time and meticulous about work. You live within your means, do not waste anything. Time is precious to you. You have schedules and tasks to perform. You are stable, sincere and dependable. You are friendly with everyone, but you do not have close life-time friendships. You generally get along with people older or more mature than you. Life unfolds rather predictably, slowly but surely, you gain wealth, social prestige and recognition, especially so after your late thirties.

If you go through your Saturn Mahadasha later in life. It is very long period, 19yrs and a lot can happen in this time. Here you will be more focussed on your work, social presence, the process of ‘settling down’. If you are older than 36yrs, then this time can be quite productive as you harness the power of Saturn in the real sense and grow. 

Generally, Saturn in his Mahadasha, will make you work systematically to work off your karma. Whichever houses Saturn is linked to, he will give you tasks to perform. Whatever aspect of your life is linked to him will be your ‘work-place’ for these 19yrs. He expects dedication, sincerity and honesty. So expect social obligations, duties to the parents and elders, earning prestige and social position, gaining assets and wealth, working within the restrictions of social law, he will keep you busy for these 19 yrs. This will be a character building time, he is polishing your personality. There will be crises from time to time, he will test you. He will force you to become efficient, budget, fully utilise what you have and appreciate the use of your assets. Your hidden talents will be pushed out in the open. What you desire is irrelevant to him as he has your own karmic agenda to enforce. There might be an underlying sense of loneliness or weariness during this time but there will be focus. He generally does not grant emotional satisfaction as he systemically removes all illusions, misplaced hopes, unwarranted expectations and brings you face to face with the practical reality. But there will be a sense of a job well done. He will reduce your tolerance for hypothetical or impractical or dreamy stuff. You will be granted practical knowledge about real material things, tangible stuff. If you work, then he will ensure that you get your exact rightful gains. His energies are slow, subdued and spread over a longer period of time. Events roll out slowly but steadily here. He can delay things but does not deny you what you deserve. If you accept his influence, these 19yrs will be a very productive time. If not then it can get hopeless.

Saturn Mahadasha is 19yrs long, so each of the nine sub-periods are also long and can extend upto 3yrs. Analyse the lords of the sub-periods/ Antardasha to get a clearer idea of how things will unfold.

Most people are scared of Saturn but he is the embodiment of the material we see around us. All social structures, hierarchies, markets, trade, commerce, rules, regulations, etc require Saturn’s blessings to prosper.  If the Saturn Mahadasha comes in mid-life then this period can grant successes all of life’s major activities like education, job, family etc. Saturn’s energies for material growth are best utilised at this age. The only condition is that you should be willing to work hard in a regular and disciplined manner.

Saturn is Yogkarak for Taurus and Libra ascendants so will give favourable results for these people. He is the owner of Capricorn and Aquarius so he always supports people with these two ascendant signs as the ascendant lord. For the other ascendant signs you have to check the individual charts in depth, for his role in the chart.

  • If Saturn is well-placed and capable of auspicious results, then these 19yrs can be an extraordinary period, full of work, achievements, social mobility, professional successes, growth and fame. You will make more friends, contacts, people who think and act like you. For people who are in politics, governance or need social visibility he will help. If he is in his own sign or sign of exaltation or aspected by benefics or even in a Kendra or a Kona house supported by auspicious planets, then too he will support you during his Mahadasha.
  • If Saturn is unfavourable for you then expect issues connected to health, property, wealth, profession, litigations etc. Medical conditions related to skin, nerves, bones, ‘dryness’ in the body parts and ageing related diseases can pop during this time. There will be detachment, frustrations, restlessness, denial and loneliness on the mental front. Legal issues with the government. Delays and challenges in the parts of life he influences. He will also give the strength to endure the distress he will cause, but life will be more difficult than average during this period. Some things will be spoilt forever. But even though there may be troubles, they will not stretch continuously for 19 yrs. The underlying theme may be Saturn’s but the lords of the sub-periods also have their say. If the lord of the Antar-dasha is favourable then the troubles will reduce in his antardasha. 

 If you feel that this is all beyond you at the beginner level, I have written two posts on a quick analysis for the sub-periods based on which houses these the planets own (here and here). 


Now to tailor the Mahadasha predictions for your personal life. This requires some basic understanding of Jyotish. Each horoscope is unique and will have its own unique analysis. This post is to help you learn.

Step 1 is to analyse the power of Saturn in your chart.

You should know what Saturn controls in your life and the power he has to deliver his results. You should know what he is going to give you, only then predicting the timing will be of any use. So analyse your Saturn as follows,

  • Saturn in your basic birth chart
  • Which house and in which sign is he placed in? Which parts of your life is he controlling?
    • Eg Saturn in 3rd house will be your siblings, income from trade, your hands, the internal confidence to take necessary actions, skills, practicality, etc.
  • Which houses does he own? Where are Capricorn and Aquarius signs placed in the chart?
    • Eg Capricorn placed in the 11th house will mean that Saturn is in charge of your friend circle, like minded groups, all gains in life, money from speculation, older siblings, etc.
    • Eg Aquarius in the 5th house, means that Saturn is connected to your education, children, students, creativity, confidence, genius, etc.
  • Marak – If Saturn connected to the 2nd, 7th or 8th houses then you must check the longevity aspects. If the longevity is at an end, then he can indicate the timing or cause of physical death in his Dasha periods.
  • Is Saturn exalted/ debilitated? How comfortable is he in the sign he is occupying? Naturally an exalted planet will give more pleasing results than a debilitated one. 
  • Is he retrograde?
  • Or combust?
  • Which planets is he conjoint/ aspected by?
    • Which other aspects of the personality is he influencing or being influenced by? If he is influenced by benefics then more favourable and pleasing results.
    • eg Saturn aspecting or conjoint Rahu can give a rather intense personality.
  • What kind of power does he have.
    • His shadbala, avastha etc also can be seen for more insights into his nature in your chart. You can go as deep as your level of study.
  • Has he matured?
    • Is his maturity being held back by conjunction with later maturing planets? Planets give more sensible results after maturity. His Dasha period after maturity will give more useful results.

This detailed analysis will tell you which aspects of your life will be more in the foreground as your Saturn mahadasha rolls on. Be clear on his karakatva, ie all that he stands for in your chart, before predicting anything.

Do these next only if you are an advanced student, else you might end up confusing yourself

  • Saturn in the Navamsha D 9 chart.
    • Do this same analysis using the divisional chart 9. The Navamsha chart will give a perspective on the sub-conscious expectations and the sum total of Saturn’s potential. 
  • Saturn in the birth Moon chart.
    • You can repeat this same analysis in your birth Moon chart to see how Saturn Mahadasha is going to affect you on the emotional aspects of your life. The birth Moon chart is the same as your D1 birth chart, just that the sign containing the birth Moon is counted as the 1st house.


Step 2 is to analyse the power of the Sub-period lords

Smaller sub-periods within the main period/ Mahadasha are called successively Antar-dasha, Pratyantar-dasha, Sookshma-dasha and Pran-dasha. The logic on how to analyse these even smaller units remains the same for each planetary owner of the sub/sub periods. The lord of the sub-period will give his results within the broad framework of the overarching Saturn’s power.

  • Find out the power of the sub-period planetary lord and the aspects of life that he controls just like you did for the Saturn above.
    • Eg if the Saturn Mahadasha and Moon antardasha. you will have to find out both Saturn’s and Moon’s power to give results.
    • Analyse the relationship between the Saturn and the sub-period owner planet. Are they friends/ neutrals/ enemies?
    • If they are in the uncomfortable 6/8 axis from each other then that sub-lord’s sub-period will not be so comfortable.
    • If they are in the 5/9 axis or 3/11 axis the sub-period will give significant gains.
      • Eg if Saturn Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha. Both are neutral to each other.
      • If Saturn is in 5th house and Jupiter in 9th house. Both are in the pivotal Kona houses, and in the powerful 5/9 axis from each other. This could be one of the best periods of your life.
      • If Saturn in 3th house and Jupiter in 8th house. This time will not give good results, as there will be turbulence in life related to the 3rd and 8th house keywords.

Do this next only if you are an advanced student, else you might end up confusing yourself

  • Step 3 is the routine transits of the planets.
    • These can the modify results indicated by the Dasha to some extent. So draw your birth chart (D-1) on a paper and superimpose the current planetary positions on it. Use a different coloured pen so that you can make sense of the composite chart you are drawing. Analyse how the transits are affecting the planets. We use the dasha+transits to fine tune events.
    • Ashtakvarga, Janma-nav-tara, Moorti nirnay, Ashtapadmadala chakra etc are some of the ways you can analyse transits depending on your level of skill.


Now with this background, let’s briefly analyse the Saturn Mahadasha and its Antardasha/ sub-periods. This is just a starting point for you to base your own analysis on. 

1. Saturn antardasha follows the Rahu antardasha in the Jupiter Mahadasha.

  • This period sets the tone for the next 19yrs of your life. This is the first sub-period in sequence so if this time goes reasonably well for you then the rest of his Mahadasha too can be expected to go well. If this period is not going well, ie if problems erupt with no solutions or issues in profession and relationships etc then you must take corrective actions, ie Daan or Mantra, which will help alleviate the problems caused by Saturn.
  • If Saturn in your birth chart is capable of favourable results then you will be kept busy and you will get the due credits. There will be progress on the social, professional and material front. Increased work, lesser time for leisure, more responsibilities, perhaps a promotion, more interactions with the society etc. Marriage and children are also possible which create a sense of maturity.

2. Mercury antardasha

  • Saturn considers Mercury as a friend. Mercury is neutral to him.
  • So if they are well placed in your chart then this period will go well. Logic and mental faculties add power to the work you are doing. This will result in gains especially from profession and business, money flow will increase. You will be more competitive, less emotional and more logical in your approach. You will be able to network effectively, find out tips and secrets and put your skills to use. Use this time well.
  • You may be required to do something for your siblings and extended family which might give you stress from time to time.

3. Ketu antardasha

  • Saturn and Ketu together are an explosive mix. This is a relatively short period but can get intense. Physical and emotional health may be hit. You will feel more aggressive in the aspects of life linked to Saturn and Ketu. So keep your temper in control, keep conflicts to a minimum and focus on your goals. Unnecessary travelling, weakness, loss of money etc are possible. Ketu causes disillusionments and separations. So if your chart is strong you might get into spirituality and if the chart is weak then you will feel depressed.
  • If their mutual combination is favourable then there will be flashes of inspiration and insights so use these well. Your intelligence will support you, thus you can profit from calculated risks. Also pilgrimages or some spiritual experience is likely.
  • Unpleasant experiences on the psychic levels, astral dimensions and dream states are possible which might drain you. So take due precautions.

4. Venus antardasha

  • Venus and Saturn are good friends. But both are strict taskmasters. If they are well placed then they will give material stuff, relationships and wealth. Marriage, children and other one-one relationships will seem more significant and you will be more involved in them. This might be a good time to earn money and invest or accumulate wealth.
  • But they can also cause a deep set dissociation as you might face intense karmic rebalancing with the one you love the most. The negative effects are reduced if Venus and Saturn are favourable for you, ie turmoil you face finally make sense and you will eventually gain significantly. I have written a post on this antardasha here.

5. Sun antardasha

  • Sun and Saturn are father and son and mutual enemies. But if they are well placed and in a comfortable axis with each other then there will be an unexpected elevation in status, money, authority etc. Especially if you are connected to the public in some way they will bring recognition and expansion of your personality. Then this would be a good time for people in HR, politics, governance etc where there is more interaction with the people and the system.
  • Otherwise this time is generally uncomfortable. The father, teacher, elders, children can create problems. Your boss and others in authority will not allow you to express yourself fully. Issues in profession are common. Take care of your health, heart, heat and cold related issues can cause complications. 

6. Moon antardasha

  • Moon and Saturn together is a recipe for ‘fear’. Even if Moon and Saturn are favourable for your chart, this antardasha can trigger emotional issues, tiredness, fear, disease etc. Stress from your maternal relatives, children or mother, eg their health may be a concern. Or problems with investments, property, finances, home, etc. Profession and status can be affected so best be alert during this sub-period.

7. Mars antardasha

  • If Mars is powerful and capable of giving good results with Saturn, then in this sub-period you will be able to use your aggression productively. There will be opportunities to show your confidence and initiative in work. But again this is a fiery mix, so do control your temper. You can use this time to get back at your enemies and cut off potential problems before they get too big. You might travel and gain in places away from your homeland or in areas outside your comfort zone.
  • But if they are together incapable of favourable results then there will be arguments in the family, with siblings, issues over land and resources, needless travel, loss of wealth, injuries, surgeries and accidents are possible.

8. Rahu antardasha

  • Saturn and Rahu together can increase destructive tendencies. If you can channelise this energy outwards in some productive way then you can gain. There will be some opportunities but be careful to choose only the ethical and practical ones. Avoid cheating others. 
  • There might be some interference from the psychic, astral and dream states during this sub-period.

9. Jupiter antardasha

  • This is the chidra dasha, the last sub-period of the Vimshottari Saturn Mahadasha.
  • If your ascendant is Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces then you will have an easier time. Or if Jupiter and Saturn both are capable of giving auspicious results together, then the turmoil will exist on manageable levels and it will be for your own good.
  • This last sub-period is generally an intensely karmic time. Expansion and contraction together. Issues in profession or society can cause stress. Education, work and finances can be affected. The immediate family may be disturbed. Unforeseen events can occur depending on which aspects of your life are controlled by Jupiter and Saturn.
  • The reason is that Jupiter will take stock of all the work you have done, or failed in and grant you a wise and optimistic perspective. You will finally make sense of this work Saturn made you do, 19 long years. If something has failed to nourish your soul or failed to make you wiser it will be firmly discarded. What you have gained will be solidly consolidated. Thus the element of the unexpected during this sub-period.
  • You have worked through a significant portion of your karmic baggage and Jupiter in his kindness will help you finally appreciate yourself.

Everyone who wants to learn astrology should analyse their own horoscope first. Get into the habit of pulling out your own chart for a detailed analysis every 6 months, take a couple of hours over this exercise. Look at the Dasha periods and transits that will happen over the next 6 months, try to predict 1-2 things which might happen. These can be very simple things to begin with, eg some disturbance over the 4th house = some issue related to mother. Some positivity over the 10th house = progress in profession. Evaluate for yourself how accurate you are getting.

Solar Eclipse 10 June 2021

A solar eclipse is coming up on 10th Jun 2021. Its going to be an annular solar eclipse so it will be quite a powerful event. 

The timings are

  • Partial eclipse begins – 8:12 UTC
  • Full eclipse begins 9:49 UTC
  • Maximum eclipse 10:41 UTC
  • Full eclipse ends 11:33 UTC
  • Partial eclipse ends 13:11 UTC

If you count the partial and total eclipse phases it lasts for about 5 hours. If you count only the total phase, it will last for about 1 hr 54 mins. Thus the effect of this eclipse on global affairs will be for about 2-5years.

Planetary configuration

  • Sun, Moon and Mercury (he is fully combust+retrograde) all in Mruga nakshatra on this Amavasya, no-Moon day. All three are practically within a degree of each other, very intensely bound together. Rahu in Rohini nakshatra. These four are in the Taurus sign.
  • Ketu is in Anuradha, Scorpio sign. 
  • Venus in Gemini.
  • Mars debilitated in Cancer
  • Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius.


(This a good site for actual astronomical details.)

India – This eclipse is not visible in any part of India, so people living here do not have to do any pujas for this nor will there be any effect of the eclipse energies on India. But as it is a solar eclipse, ie the conjunction of Rahu Ketu with Sun Moon, it will have some effect on everyone for some time. On personal levels it is best to be careful as long as Sun transits through Taurus and Gemini signs.

On the global scale, the following areas will see a partial eclipse. Northern areas of the Pacific Ocean and all the way till the north pole ie North Sea, Baltic Sea, Arctic Ocean etc. Practically all of Europe, Russia, Kazakhastan, Iceland, Greenland, Mongolia, China, Canada, Alaska, East USA etc. Totality will be visible in some parts of Russia, Canada, Iceland and Greenland (the dark orange colored areas in the map). We have to consider the lunar eclipse on 26th May 2021 (post here) while interpreting this solar eclipse as some of the areas affected are same. The effects start about a week before the eclipse event but as we just had a lunar eclipse, the effects are in continuation. The Pacific Ocean’s northern part is affected again, so weather patterns emerging from this area of the ocean will remain severely disrupted. China, Russia, Canada, USA, Mongolia etc which saw the lunar eclipse will again experience this solar eclipse energy, adding to the disturbance.

Eclipses in the horoscope, birth and transit analysis

The main eclipse is occurring in Mruga nakshatra and Rahu in Rohini will give his effect too.

Mruga is also called Mrugashira, it is linked to Mars and ruled by the deity Soma. Its main theme is ‘searching for secrets’. The eclipse is going to act mainly though the filters of this nakshatra. So there will be an increase in misunderstandings, suspicious behaviour, insensitivity and mistrust. If you are planning any life-time decision during this time, recheck everything before you finally decide. Do not leave things incomplete even if you do not feel like finishing them. Pay attention to your health and needs and also of those people dependant on you. If you are suffering anything related to the ‘liquids of the body’, ie blood etc, then do not ignore any symptoms. The digestive system may be affected, fevers are possible for a variety of reasons. You might feel lonely, drained and tired. Emotional upsets are possible. Avoid short-term flings as they will cause sorrow later. Creativity will be affected. People in creative fields might cause trouble for the society as their genius gets misdirected. Some unpalatable secrets will be out in the open. Farmers, animal husbandry and people who do physical work will be affected more. Soldiers and police will have to work more. Overall people will work hard but results will not be as desired.

Rohini has Rahu in it during the eclipse, so we have to add these energies too. The theme here is ‘to create’. This lunar mansion is ruled by the deity, Prajapati/ Brahma-dev and linked to the Moon. This Rahu has caused havoc regarding the COVID 19 ever since he has entered Rohini. Now with this eclipse, he can aggravate the after-effects of the infection. Also people will chase money and fame trying to achieve their goals by any means possible. Often these goals will be materialistic and not very ethical in nature, eg. look at the way pharma companies are behaving. People will desperately want attention. Be careful about trusting people as opportunistic and manipulative behaviour is on an increase. Productivity of proper, natural and positive things will reduce. Chemicals, synthetic and artificial products will be more in demand. The environment might suffer as imbalances will increase.

In this mix, we have Mercury who is fully combust and retrograde (post here). This will cause selfishness, illogical behaviour, arguments etc. There may more psychological issues, mental exhaustion, addictions etc during this time-frame as people will want more ‘experiences’. Creative aspect of things will be used in an irrational manner. Fake news being peddled with the intention to discredit others. Everyone will have very fixed opinions and will be vocal about them. Traitors will try to whip up passions by instigating mass movements and violence. Border disputes with neighbouring nations can flare up. Economy, personal finances will be affected. Misunderstandings with partners, close family and friends. Achieving goals during this time will be difficult. Avoid all major decisions till he gets into his forward motion again.

If you live in a area where this eclipse is visible then apply this above on the personal levels. The intensity of the effects will depend on the power of your birth chart and any mantra you do to direct the eclipse energy washing over you. (I have written a few posts on eclipses, do use the index page or search bar). On the national levels, where the eclipse is visible, there may be an increase in border disputes and posturing. However instead of direct confrontations, the insidious type of war-fare will be used. Political instability, over-reach and confusion may occur.

For the lands and seas being affected, Scorpio, the 8th sign of the natural zodiac is a watery sign so ‘water’ will cause some disturbance. ie, the weather patterns emerging from these areas will cause unseasonal rains, water related tragedies, flooding etc. And Taurus, the second sign is an earthy sign so disasters related to the earth, eg earthquakes are also possible.

Eclipses and their energy

The following people will be more affected by the energy of this eclipse. 

  • If undergoing the Mahadasha of Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or undergoing their Antardasha in the Mahadasha of other planets.
  • You have your Rahu or Ketu conjunct other planets in your birth horoscope.
  • If your birth Moon sign or the ascendant sign is Taurus or Scorpio
  • People with birth Moon or ascendant signs, Cancer, Leo, Gemini and Virgo should also take precautions.

As its a solar eclipse, it will have effects on everyone to some extent. So here is briefly for each birth Moon sign. Pay special attention to where Taurus and Scorpio fall in your chart, as these would be the potential sources of illusions, unexpected happenings and disappointments. Or on the other hand, if you have channelised the eclipse energy, can also be sources of unexpected opportunities and gain.

Aries – if your birth Moon is in Aries then take care of your health and diet. Mars is currently debilitated in Cancer. Expect stress and arguments from your family members, especially your mother and children. Try to control your temper and avoid rash actions. There will be some unforeseen losses and expenditures caused by family issues. Investments may not show desired returns.

Taurus – if your birth Moon is in Taurus then the eclipse energies will interfere significantly unless you do some mantra to channelise the energies. Focus on your health and emotional stability, pay attention to your diet and take adequate rest. Stress from the siblings, partner, business associates, team-members is possible. 

Gemini – if your birth Moon is in Gemini then then Mercury being combust, retrograde and very much a part of the eclipse may have a negative effect on you. Pay attention to your health, loss in vitality is possible. The people around may try to deceive you. Do some mantra during the duration of the eclipse, as Venus in Gemini during the eclipse will help you channelise the energy in a useful manner.

Cancer – if your birth Moon is in Cancer, you are required to be patient and persevere. Expected gains may be delayed, financial issues may crop up. You might feel a loss of confidence, mental blocks etc. Family and partnerships might create stress. Your friends, children will cause stress. If you are a student, you might have trouble in upcoming exams etc. 

Leo – if your birth Moon is in Leo, then health can be a issue as the Sun himself is going to be eclipsed. Sudden changes in health are possible. There will be issues with your boss, father or teacher. Keep your temper under control, there will be excessive heat in the body. Focus on what you want and work in that direction. Saturn in transit is favourable for you so will not let things go out of hand. But he is retrograde so taking due care is advisable.

Virgo – if your birth Moon is in Virgo, then Mercury being combust, retrograde and very much a part of the eclipse will have a negative effect on you. It is advisable to do mantra jaap during the eclipse to utilise the energies. Stress, frustrations, loneliness, feeling a lack of support in life, isolated, etc is possible. Not a good time to take financial decisions. 


Libra – if your birth Moon is in Libra, then keep a look out on your diet. Avoid speaking harsh words, relations broken now will not be repaired. Family and finances might cause stress. You might feel that no one is supporting you., especially in the profession. Avoid risks, there is a possibility of accidents or emergency surgeries. Venus in Gemini can support and reduce the negative effects significantly if you do some mantra jaap during the eclipse.

Scorpio – if your birth Moon is in Scorpio, then the transiting Saturn though retrograde will help you to some extent. But Mars is debilitated. So you have to look out for your health. Be careful about your partnerships, spouse, business etc and about trusting others. If you intend to start some new venture, sign contracts or legal documents etc then this is not the correct time. You may have to work harder in your job and be overworked.

Sagittarius– if your birth Moon is in Sagittarius, then  over-work is a possibility. Avoid taking risks and rash actions. Your partner, spouse, and family will fail to support you. Take care of your diet and pay attention to your needs. Budgeting may be necessary. 

Capricorn- if your birth Moon is in Capricorn, you will feel dispirited and lonely. There will be a loss of confidence as you are unable to use your intelligence. You might feel blocked, unbalanced and may lose opportunities. Children can give stress during this time.

Aquarius – if your birth Moon is in Aquarius, you have a favourable Venus at this point of time so if you can channelise the eclipse energy you can gain on several fronts. If you do not then, there will be heath problems, issues with spouse, financial constraints and over-work. In fact this one of the few signs who can significantly reduce the impact by the power of their Yogkarak Venus now in Gemini so do some mantra during the eclipse time. 

Pisces – if your birth Moon is in Pisces, you are on a much better footing than the other signs. Saturn in transit is favourable for you so will mitigate extreme issues. However he is retrograde so may not give instant relief, so best take reasonable precautions. If you utilise the eclipse energy, you will gain from your profession, lands and maintain your social image. there will be opportunities. However expect sporadic disagreements with your seniors, parents, teammates and siblings. 


As always there are only two ways for mitigating adverse effects caused by the eclipse energy. One is mantra jaap during the eclipse and Daan after the eclipse opens.

(Do use the index page or the search bar for more posts on these topics)

Four ways of estimating Time

A small post.

Jyotish is a way of calculating ‘change’. most commonly this change is estimated with respect to Time, or Kaal. We try to determine how things will change with Time. ie we try to determine the role of Kaal in determining the direction of our existence. How we change with ‘Time’.

Kaal काल in Sanskrit (Devbhasha Samskrutam) has a several meanings ie fate, destiny, body of time, black, attribute-less, tenses of grammar, era, iron, perfume, time of death, time of annihilation, end, part, section, prosody, measure of time, fixed point, pupil of the eye, names of some trees etc.

Simply put, the ‘change’ in our lives is broadly understood as Kaal. It is not a fixed thing and is always relative to something else. Time is the change that we sense in one thing when we compare it to another thing, ie it is basically a measure of ‘change’. We study how things change, how to quantify this change and the quality of this change. 


We understand a ‘year’ to be 365 days and a leap year every 4th year. But in Jyotish, as per the Surya Siddhant there are 4 broad categories of years or varsh. We humans have 4 ways of measuring one ‘day’. Thus there are 4 types of ‘months’ and 4 types of ‘years’ that we use. 

  1. Saura – One Saura day is the time that the Sun take to change his position from one degree to the next. ie the time take to traverse one degree of the zodiac. 30 saura days make up one saura month, ie the time taken by the Sun to cover 30deg of a rashi.
    Saura calculations are used for things related to the Sun in astronomical terms, Solstices, equinoxes, sankrati-s, times of eclipses etc.
  2. Savana – One Savana day is the time interval from one sunrise to the next sunrise. ie the time taken for the Sun to be successively visible at the eastern horizon. This duration can vary depending on the latitude of the place in question, the season etc. This is the commonly used system at the current times in routine civil life.
  3. Nakshatra – In this system, one day is the time taken by the Moon to traverse one Nakshatra. Here one ‘nakshatra month’ is the time he takes to traverse all 27 Nakshatra. 12 such months make a Nakshatra year.
  4. Chandra – In this system, a day is called a Tithi and this is calculated based on the difference of degrees between the Sun and the Moon in the skies.
    1 Tithi is the time interval which is equivalent to a distance of 12 deg between the Sun and the Moon as seen from the Earth. 1 tithi is shorter than one saura day by 1/60.
    A Chandra Maas (lunar month) begins from the Shukla Pratipada (first day of bright fortnight) and ends on the Amavasya (ie no moon day or the last day of the dark fortnight). Thus the tithi-s repeat every 29.5 days.

We use the 4 types of years, Saura, Savana, Nakshatra and Chandra even now. Regular people stick to the savana ie civil calender, but Brahmins and people who perform typical pujas will use the other systems too. These 4 systems are continually corrected so that they match up every 5 Saura years. This is called the 5-year Yug cycle. And we call it the Luni-solar year.

Jyotish is highly complex and we must be proud of our heritage. But as most of it is lost we have to make attempts to research and relearn by studying what we can. Starting to learn Sanskrit, ie our real mother tongue would be a good beginning. So that we can at least read what our original books are actually saying. Understanding those would be the next step.