Kriya Yoga – Intro Vlog

Kriya yog has been first taught by Shri Krishna to Arjun in the Bhagwat Gita. In recent times, it was popularised by Lahiri Mahashaya, the famous Guru who lived in Varanasi, 120yrs ago. His Guru was an enigmatic Babaji Maharaj whom he met in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. Babaji was the Parmeshwar Himself.
Since then his disciples have continued in this tradition doing Sadhana to achieve Moksh. This is suitable for people for all walks of life, from householders to sanyasis who can practice regularly. Kriya can be practiced by everyone, if you can follow its rules strictly.
Lahiri mahashaya emphasised on the secrecy aspect of the Kriya yog and in modern times, several unscrupulous ‘modern guru-s’ have taken advantage of this secrecy to distort the original Kriya as taught by him.
Kriya is a ‘Yog’, so Rishi Patanjali’s Ashtang Yog is relevant to practitioners of Kriya. Briefly Ashtang-yog consists of the following 8 principles,
Yam, where you control your senses to limit your desires, keep away from material enticements etc. How you interact with the illusory world outside you is ‘Yam’.
Niyam is interacting with the world within. Removal of ‘lower desires’, cultivating contentment, restricting the influence of the body/mind, self-inquiry, devoting everything to the higher Advaita.
In Asana, the body and mind is trained to be still in a posture.
Pranayama is the fourth limb, where breath, then pran, the finally mind is controlled by practice.
Then comes Pratyahara where consciousness is fixed inwards towards Reality rather than outwards towards Created Illusion.
Dharana is when the mind is completely concentrated at one single point.
Dhyan then takes place where the mind continually focusses on the single point without interruption.
Samadhi is when the individual ego is merged into the Parameshwar.
As you perform your practice regularly, as you progress up the spiritual path, you are granted several mystic powers and siddhis. Hidden tests pop up as your concentration is tested to the limits. A true aspirant never gets attracted to these powers or desires instead continues steadfast on his Kriya yog route.
I have vlogged on this topic in Hindi so that people can at least understand what Kriya yog is all about.