Recovering from psychic attacks, healing

Psychic attacks are quite routine, but the truly damaging ones are relatively rarer. Now that you know what they are and how to stop them, you will also need know to repair the damage caused by such attacks. 

Generally you will come across minor damages, very rarely will you come across a really serious case. Small children are always susceptible so you might see small children suffering. They cannot express what is happening and this makes it even more dangerous. They have limited stores of energy and can be drained quite fast. In my previous post I had written about one of my clients. He had astral black arrows sticking in his back. He was suffering physical symptoms for about 2.5yrs, there was no medical reason diagnosed, and the psychic attack was about 5yrs old. The injury was thus quite deep into his astral self and had percolated deeply into his physical self.

If you are doing psychic healing on someone else you have to be very careful about protecting yourself from him first. Attempt this healing only if you are quite confident and have sufficient energy yourself.

Recovering from psychic attacks, healing

Step-wise, this is what you would be doing,

  1. First create your fiery circle shield and energy weapon as I have described in my earlier post. Once you are sure that you yourself are safely shielded continue as the following, in the same pose continue,
  2. Visualise a similar energy shield, circle of flames around your client. This is a protection for him.
  3. Then with your energy sword, visualise cutting off the energy cords, black arrows or anything creepy you see attached to your client’s body. (My client had arrows, hooks, cords and creepy tattoos formed on his astral self’ back.)
  4. Now when you cut off the black energy you will see the cut ends hanging. These are conscious energy designed to attack, drain energy. They can attach to anyone else, even you, or re-form. So seal the cut ends, cauterise them with the energy of your flaming sword.
  5. Strengthen the protective circle around him.
  6. Now once you are sure that the arrows and creepy stuff has gone, you will visualise healing energies from your deity. Golden-silvery dense energies, looking like ointment, dressing gauze and bandages. Use these energies to bind up the astral injuries, they will look like pearly bandages on the astral injury. (In the initial stages it helps to visualise familiar objects, later this is done with just thoughts/intentions.) After you do this it is possible that the energy of the client turns a beautiful clear green. This is a good sign it means that the healing has been successful.
  7. Power his protective circle so that the healing energy remains concentrated within the circle.
  8. Hold this visualisation for as long as you feel necessary.

In my experience it takes max 5 mins for the healing for the first time and a minute or so to refresh everything periodically.

You don’t need to have your client in front of you as you are basically visualising things with intention. But wherever he is ask him to sit down comfortably, relax, keep his own hands in the Namaskar position (It is actually a mudra called Anjali mudra or Atmanjali mudra). He should also think of his source of faith and pray for help and recovery.

Initially for a week, refresh the healing energies and protection circle twice a day. Later as the healing progresses you can do this once a day.

Throughout this exercise you have to keep your personal ego out. This is extremely important. You have to visualise your deity, source of faith, universe, reiki etc supplying the energy. Everything is by the Will of your source of faith. You are a puppet, just a channel and the deity is doing all this. If you bring your self-ego into the picture, this energy work will rebound on you. So do it on others only when you feel confident about this factor. This is very important.

Depending on the intensity of the injury the time for complete healing will differ. (Eg for my client it took 3 yrs for a complete recovery of the physical and the astral bodies.) Obviously you cannot keep on doing this for so long for a client. So best would be to teach him to do self-healing. You can teach him about the passive methods of protection. The active generic means. And the active specific ones eg this energy shield and sword visualization. And then this healing exercise as described above. You can teach him Reiki or magnified healing if you are a teacher for these modalities. You can teach him to make chi-balls, use crystals in healing or in making crystal grids. This can be done by everyone. Also teach him to increase pran/vital energy in various ways. I have written posts on food, water, oils, sunlight, marma points etc, which require behavioural and life-style changes. Finally introduce him to some spiritual practice so that he can strengthen his own energy. Once the client knows how to take care of himself, to use his own power of intentions, you are free from any obligation towards him.

Recovering from psychic attacks, healing

Now for healing your own self. The same step-wise process as above. And if you are not suffering specific psychic attacks, visualise a dense healing golden-silvery cocoon around you.

Then if you are like me, you will have interactions with the astral forces quite regularly. You will need to do a tiny bit more. The basic Passive and Active-generic, Active-specific and the Healing visualisations are necessary. These become routine and take just an instant of focus.

Now here is one more useful visualisation for you to use.

You will use the Shatkon, the six-pointed star for this exercise. The upward pointing triangle is Shiv and the downward pointing triangle ▽ is Shakti. Together they complete and create a whole called the Shatkon. Shiv represents the passive, potential energies, energies directed inwards, involution, pulling you towards the inner worlds. Shakti represents the active outward moving energies which are kinetic, work, evolution, pulling you towards the outer worlds. (This Shatkon is seen as a component of the yantra of the central Anahata chakra.)

Step-wise process.

  1. The process remains the same as the previous post where you have visualised and created a shield of flames and a fiery sword. Now onwards.
  2. Stretch out your right hand straight from the shoulder. Extend the forefinger and the middle finger together. Visualise golden-silvery energy like that of your energy sword now coming from your fingers. Or visualise your sword extending out from your fingers.
  3. Now first you will draw the upward-pointing triangle with your fingers. Your entire arm will move right to up to left to right again. The triangle will be as big as 3/4th of your body. Visualise the energy of the sky powering this triangle as you make it. The topmost point of the triangle is in the sky, connected to the sky drawing in its infinite energy. You have drawn the upward pointing triangle 
  4. Then draw the down-ward pointing triangle Your entire arm will move from the right to down to the left and back to the starting point at the right. Visualise the energy of the earth powering this triangle. The downward tip of the triangle enters the earth and pulls in its infinite energy . This too will be about 3/4th your body’s size.
  5. Together these 2  triangles now make up the Shatkon  . It will be your body’s size now. The Shatkon looks pale-blue like the sky with a golden-silvery shimmer.
  6. Now you will walk through this Shatkon. Take a step forward, walk through and come out from the other side. This is the most effective aura cleansing method ever. It feels like you have been put into a washing machine as the energy of the Shatkon super-cleans you at every level.

Do this Shatkon deep cleansing every week or as often as you want. (I do this Shatkon cleansing everyday. It is quite fun, the aura becomes sparkly cool and the ‘woosh’ with which it gets clean is quite tickly!) 



3 thoughts on “Recovering from psychic attacks, healing

  1. Sharmila M June 27, 2020 / 5:13 pm

    Dear Tejaswini,
    Thank you So much for all your posts.
    I am learning so much and trying to incorporate into my life.

    Could I please ask, if you are able to advise.
    Where I have an elderly parent (currently on another continent), and I want to take away their physical pain so they can function, but I don’t know if it’s a psychic attack, or just a sprain, but it’s very debilitating for them, keeping them bed bound when they would usually be actively independent, would I be able to help heal them at least pain wise?

    I have prayed before to ask to give me the pain instead Hoping that would help, but perhaps that is not the best way (and I don’t know if it has worked).

    It would not be possible to ask them to be receptive in terms of being in anjali mudra, whilst I was trying to heal, so can you suggest anything?

    It just seems that all is well with them, then suddenly something – maybe nazar evil eye – hits out of the blue for no reason.

    Would I visualise your suggestion in the post either way, just in case that was it?

    I have never practiced any type of healing but I believe I am spiritual and try to do the right thing as it were. I have great faith in my Hinduism being brought up with it from birth and I know I am greatly blessed.

    Any advice and guidance you could give me would be deeply appreciated.
    Many many thanks.


    • astrologerbydefault June 28, 2020 / 12:06 am

      Hi there,
      you can do the healings at the time when you know they are resting , afternoon nap or sleep etc.. or when they just relax in the day..

      if they cannot actively participate, then request their higher selves or your Kuldevata to support you and them in the healing ..

      (sometimes you are required to do healing on very ill or semi-conscious people or babies, then this intention is used..)

      if they are suffering from nazar then they would know how to remove it, all Indians use salt lemons etc to remove nazar..

      if they cannot do it then you can try doing this,

      sit in a silent place, do some breathing mantra etc to calm yourself, give urself 5 mins to relax completely ..
      now ‘look’ at them very very intensely,
      you will be able to ‘see’ their auras at least.. if you cannot ‘see’ their aura then try to ‘feel’ them, visualise them intensely..
      now simply visualise a peacock feather bunch dusting their auras, simply dust them, sweep off the blackness, greyness, redness etc, chords, hooks etc if you see anything adhering to their auras.. remove all this stuff..
      then visualise each of their chakras, from the mooladhar to the ajnya in sequence, do a chakra healing on them, energies every chakra to its brightest color and feel it becoming the healthiest possible..
      finally put them in a silvery pearly cocoon of pran and seal it.. ie request your Kuldevata etc to protect them, recite the deity’s name a few times over them..

      it will take you about 5 mins per parent

      now disconnect from them, request your deity to take care of them and disconnect, simply visualise that the bond you have created with your intensity has disconnected

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  2. Sharmila M June 28, 2020 / 2:12 am

    Thank you so much Tejaswini – again.
    I will certainly try whilst keeping my intention pure and focused on them.
    I now really understand our saying : ‘Health is Wealth‘.

    I (we) have only the one parent now who is so motivated to stay well that I want to do anything that I can to facilitate their independence and thereby happiness.

    As I do more spiritual practice, I feel that I can, and should, work on my energy and chakras and help my loved ones with this type of help, as it were.
    All these things have been ‘calling’ to me, so your posts and time are truly appreciated.
    God’s blessings to you and yours
    And my gratitude 🕉


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