The energy of thought

If you have been reading my previous posts, I have always emphasised your Intention, your Will and your Thoughts. Whatever you keep thinking of you will become. Whatever you want to know about you will Experience. If you focus on a book you will learn it, if you concentrate on yourself, you will become Yourself. (But where is the real you!)

The energy of thought

There are several ancient and modern age Gurus, humans being publicised and pushed into the society. These marketeers (sorry, but no other way to describe them), aggressively require their disciples to keep photos/paintings of ‘Gurus’ (dead/alive) and pray to these photos. This is very damaging for real spiritual growth. If you have faith in some human Guru (I do!) keep his photograph as a reminder of his teachings and the philosophy you learnt from him. It is important to be grateful, gratitude is the one real feeling which starts you on your spiritual path. But your spiritual practice is your Dhyan. It is only when you concentrate at your third eye and breathe in a specific pattern with an associated mantra, will your mind and thoughts still. So that you can glimpse the Truth that you really are.

Thoughts have energy. And if you have learnt seeing auras and learnt to see sounds, now try seeing the energy of your thoughts. The object you think of has energy, Look and see if this energy is pleasing to you. If it is desirable continue thinking about it, if not then change your thoughts.

In every mantra/stotra in Sanskrit, the last line is something like this “—-. स्तोत्रं यः पठेच्छिवसंनिधौशिवलोकमवाप्नोति शिवेन सह मोदते” , ‘whoever reads this —- stotra with the intention of being with the Pure One, will ultimately reside in the Pure Truth and find Bliss in the Truth’. This is what is needed, you have to remind yourselves that every action you do, may this action lead you to the Ultimate experience of the Pure Truth Itself.

So what are you thinking of?

The seeds of karma are within your thoughts. Your thoughts mirror your sub-conscious expectations. And your expectations are the energies which require rebalancing. But while rebalancing energies, you often go through traumatic experiences. Would you rather avoid trauma or at least reduce its intensity? This is the basis of astrological remedies. You basically think yourself out of the trauma.

If you think deeply, You are the Ultimate compressed into this human body with karmic baggage in your hands. Experiencing the vast You and keeping aside this baggage would be a relief wouldn’t it?

What do you want to know about?

You cannot let your thoughts lead you. You have to consciously direct them. Wanting to learn more about essential spiritual practices, Dhyan, Kundalini, Devi, Parmeshwar is all an excellent indication that you want to know about Yourself. Want to know yourself! with all the intensity you can muster. Your thoughts invite energies. Control the energies that you are opening yourself to. Control your thoughts. There are several types of energies. Satvik energies pull you towards Your Light. Rajasic energies towards the objects of this manifested Universe. And tamasic energies are dull, out-of-sync, dangerous, odd and damage your energy vibrational states. Try to increase your Satvik energies.

The energy of thought

Such a long introduction, you might say! But I cannot stop stressing on the direction of thoughts. You manifest with your thoughts. Your thoughts are your power of creation, use them very carefully, these are double edged swords!

I have written about spirits in previous posts, Goetic spirits, and haunted houses. After I wrote about the haunted houses, a few negative beings decided to pay my house a visit. I must have felt it deeply just writing the post, so subconsciously opened my own house to them. However they were ‘house-guests’ for a very brief period as all it took was to impress on them very clearly that it was my house and they were not welcome! But till I could clear out the house all of us suffered for a couple of days. These were tamasic energies, dissonant.

I never advise communications with departed loved ones or any form of spirits. Never. For normal people it is not needed and often creates more problems than solutions. Thinking about them opens doorways, just recently my Dad was thinking of my Mom (he suddenly missed her!), and she was in the house. When one spirit enters, the door is left open for the others too. As she was not too interested in staying, she went as soon as Dad apologised to her for thinking about her. But then for the rest of the spirit-trash who had followed her, Dad had to throw them out himself, wasting his energy.

There are conscious energies everywhere. The beings from parallel dimensions are always around us. We call them Yaksha, Rakshasa, Vetal, Pishachya, Gandharva, Kinnar, Siddha, Dakini, Shakini, Naag etc. If you cannot see them or interact with them normally, there is a reason for it. Stay away from them.

Such malignant energies are most easily accessible in places where traumatic events have taken place in the past. I once visited Andamans when I was much younger and not very aware of things. I went to the ‘light and sound show’ which was played in the Central Jail there. If you are aware of Indian history, several of our freedom fighters were sentenced to jail here, tortured and killed by the Britishers. Now this place is of historical importance and open to tourists. And densely populated by negative energy and trapped spirits. I couldn’t sleep for the one week I stayed in Andamans. Dreams, visions, voices and seeing their astral selves was just too much. I feel sorry for them, their experiences have turned them mad. ‘Earthbound’ spirits of the departed are always around cemeteries where they bury bodies. These will be more than willing to interact and need very little encouragement to create problems in other’s lives. The only way out for them is if their descendants offer them tarpan at Brahmakapal in Badrinath, Uttarakhand.

There is a misconception that the spirits are benign, they are not. They are able to disguise themselves as per the target’s wishes. A child sees them as his favourite cartoon character. A man may see them as a young pretty woman. But they are not of this dimension, they are discordant energies, they look bad, they feel slimy, they are out of place in this world of ours. It is not that their vibrational states are ‘low or high’, it is just that they are dissonant. When they touch you or your aura you feel cold, shiver and your hair stand up. It puts your astral body in a state of shock. Some people often use them for manifesting small things, often to cause distress to other people. It is bad karma.

There is a class of beings like Gandharva, Kinnar, Nag, etc. They are not overtly malignant and depending on their mood can be of help. These are found in high places, clean mountains like Himalaya, near rivers of high energy like the Ganga. They ask for something in return, like sweets, milk, gold/silver etc, there is always a bargain and exchange of energy. If you know how to find them they are accessible.

The energy of thought

My experience with these beings has been mostly clearing up after them or sending them off. Sometimes the less problematic beings have offered bargains. But I will not actively call them for working with me. I, and even you, can do more with personal energy than they can ever offer. Even thinking about them and wishing that they come and work for you consumes significant energy. Then their bargains are always not what they seem to be. A  better use of creative energy would be for personal spiritual progress.

Manifesting things is using your own powers of creation. You have unlimited power, you just need to think it into being.


This post was in response to this comment I received in the Contact form, “Lovely blog! I discovered via the astrology group. Can you write something about angels and other high/low vibrational entities and earthbound souls?” I hope this post has been of some help.

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  1. Marlene Lima February 7, 2019 / 2:32 pm

    beautiful post. i noticed that sometimes when i think of my mother that passed away she visits me because i miss her… but i let her go already.. i say to her that she is welcome to visit, but not to stay so find her way in to the light and find peace always..
    Namaste ❤


    • astrologerbydefault February 7, 2019 / 3:28 pm

      Namaste, The departed ones have work there in the spirit world too, its not like they go there to relax. When we think of them we open a doorway, (depending on the intensity). Calling them here disturbs them too. And if the doorway is big enough and you are too sunk in grief, other things may also enter. In India we do a final Tarpan at Brahmakapal or at Gaya, where we send them a huge final chunk of energy through rituals and stuff. After that we think of them once a year. It frees both them and us, to continue on our paths. Thank you


      • Marlene Lima February 7, 2019 / 5:39 pm

        🙏.in the west we dont have these beautiful rituals you do, its more heavy and sorrow,sadly…
        but i felt in my heart that i had to let her go and i shared that to all my family..they did the same and we know she is free.
        i was guided before her passage to songs from India (mostly healing mantras), so i did kind of my own ritual that my Guru showed me to do with respect.i feel so much better now and less sorrow..its hard not to think about her because i feel her sometimes in other forms without calling the wind, in the light of the sun..and we smile to each other celebrating that we are free.
        I am so Grateful for that. 🙏


      • astrologerbydefault February 8, 2019 / 9:21 pm

        Namaste, Rituals of every sort provide a direction to the energy and also help amplify it. Your intentions should be powerful and love should be deep, that is enough. There is nothing more beautiful than knowing that Karma has been balanced and you and your loved ones are happy. Thank you .


      • Marlene Lima February 8, 2019 / 9:38 pm

        🙏 Thank you


  2. Deepak Kumar July 2, 2020 / 2:21 pm

    Hi Mam,

    thanks for the guidance as usual. One is advised to worship Pitri’s to thank them for giving us the body experience Leela. While remembering Pitri’s & thanking them, often we end up imagining their faces or good moments spent with them.

    1) You mentioned above to not communicate with departed. So does this mean one shouldn’t do Pitri remembrance often (like weekly)? Or did I misunderstood it?

    2) Sometimes thoughts come very powerfully especially after one goes through an emotional challenge (interview/fight/argument). In that case, one can see himself that the mind starts to play the recording of non-existent scenario’s about what happened or what may happen; even breadth control doesn’t work in such cases. HOW TO become better at disconnecting from these thoughts or letting them pass swiftly?


    • astrologerbydefault July 2, 2020 / 5:34 pm

      Hi there
      1) in my opinion and experience its best to consciously remember the pitr on their special days, pitraupaksh, sarvapitri amavasya, varsihk shraddhha etc. then give them the tarpan, thank them and request their blessings etc

      other than tht, it is quite natural tht you will remember them from time to time as per your memories with them while they were alive.

      but i do not see any point in consciously remembering them and thinking of the time you spent with them all the time or very often..

      however if you have some family/cultural weekly ritual you do, then its your personal thing.. i have no opinion on this.

      2) you can do a aura cleaning with salt, gangajal, peacock feather etc ,

      and do the Soham with your breath, if your mind wanders bring it back


  3. Deepak Kumar July 2, 2020 / 9:49 pm

    Thank you Mam and grateful for the guidance!


  4. Lee July 10, 2020 / 5:14 pm


    There was so much confusion in my mind whether to ask or not.. but here it is..

    I read this topic on Sunday night .
    From Monday I’m not able to sleep n that’s causing lot of problems in daily life.
    The previous probs have multiplied..

    There was a death of a baby girl (18month) in our family last year died because of multiple organ failure..(3 holes in heart ,no stamina ,lungs were weak ,finally it lead to violent death with nerve in the brain getting blasted n blood coming through nose on operation table )

    The baby belonged to my mom was very much attached to it..she still carries the traumatic event in mind n always keep repeating the track of final days of the baby n the way she died.
    The dialogues always fill our rooms with those thoughts.

    The second baby also got aborted.recently.

    Till I read your article nothing was there.
    But after I read it on Sunday exactly word word matching experience is happening with me only.

    On Sunday night only I felt something surrounding me, my hairs were standing straight, my hands could not move ,there was literally shivers down my spine.
    I had Light fever in the morning was it because of fear ? well this happened after I read your article till then I had no problems.

    This happens exactly during 12.40-12.50am around only not before or after .

    But my experience exactly matched your words.

    I’m wondering whether the mind is playing the game or is it really happening to me..I don’t even believe I’m asking for help regarding this.

    Whether my mom’s words are calling the spirit of baby ?
    Is she still circling ?not having new body?

    We did all the rituals as told by priest.
    What can be done now?


    • astrologerbydefault July 10, 2020 / 11:19 pm

      Hi there
      Deaths of babies is always very traumatic. The family is very inconsolable and this tragedy often shakes their faith.

      If a baby dies in the first 4 yrs of life its a karma more connected to the mother. If in the 4-8yrs of life its the fathers karma. Till this age of 8yrs, the child is not very aware of life/death and his own separate personality.

      If your brother and sister-in-law believe in Devi Laxmi then,

      This incident you have described is typical of spirits being around. Your astral body got a shock. In such cases the body prefers to fall a little ill to purge itself of the negative energy which was in contact with it. so you got the light fever

      If your mother keeps thinking of this baby it will cause problems to her and also to the soul of the baby. It is being called back again and again, it is not good for it. It has to go onto its next birth. So try to counsel your mother in any way you can.

      Meanwhile you can blow a conch in your house around sun-rise or sun-set. Or do any of the house clean-up methods I have mentioned in this

      If things do not improve after these remedies you can do this one thing. Take a fistful of raw white rice grains in your right hand. Stand in front of your deity altar /puja ghar. Intend tht all negative energy around you should be removed by his blessing using the rice. Go outside the house/apartment gate on the road. Turn around so tht you are facing the house. Then wave the rice around your head three times clock wise and throw it over your right shoulder. Come in directly, thank your deity. And dont go out again that night. Do this on a tuesday or saturday evening.
      If your mother can do this she too will find relief.

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  5. Lee July 10, 2020 / 5:37 pm


    There is another thing I wanted to ask.

    When the baby was given to us after death I saw the baby’s face …
    It was very very beautiful as if it was having blissful sleep without any tensions or pain it suffered during its death..

    Her one eye was slightly opened? Why ?
    Is there any explanation to it?

    I still have that picture in my mind .
    I never even knew that even a dead body could be so beautiful…

    3 days before her death she started crying with loud voice , the voice was different not her regular tone…
    I even told my mom she’s leaving us..
    Everyone was hoping for a miracle..
    Nothing of that sort happened.

    Why a baby had to suffer so much ?

    And all these thoughts after reading your article .. these astrology stuff I’m reading for the first time that too because of lock down..
    And I’m reading your blog probably from mid June only…
    Why these sudden changes are happening with me only?

    Why would I ask such questions n why we would someone reply ?


    • astrologerbydefault July 10, 2020 / 11:36 pm

      Hi there
      The pran moved out of the body through the eye which remained open after the exit.
      We tend to think of death as traumatic and the time spent in the pitr-lok as traumatic. But in fact the life we have in the martya-lok here is very tiring, we have to perform karma at every instant. In comparison the time in pitra-lok (if you go to chandra-lok is very relaxing)
      Babies are on the border of the two dimensions. They are in touch with the spirits too. The baby had some very traumatic karma to go through on the physical level but not emotionally. And its parents had a even more traumatic karma on the emotional and physical levels so this event happened. The family also similarly had to rebalance some karmic pendancy.
      If, for 3 days before its exit, the baby was behaving differently, it is coz its spirit guides had come to escort the soul. So naturally there would have been happiness and relief in the baby’s mind.
      Why does one suffer? Its a choice made at birth. We all choose the best possible option which helps us complete the pending karma in the best possible way. We, or rather our higher self knows what exactly we are rebalancing.
      When babies or young children die, its a karma of the parents operating. As the child has no sense of self. Till the 8th year starts the child’s significant personal karma do not start operating. They are not aware of them being ‘individuals’.

      My posts are from my personal experiences. Whatever I have written I have gone through it. So my words have power. They will trigger energy. If you are reading these posts, it is becoz they will help you resolve something deep in you.

      And you are asking these questions to me becoz you feel tht in some way the answers may help you. And I reply coz you asked and I know the answer.

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  6. Lee July 10, 2020 / 5:54 pm


    I’m sorry . I forgot about your limitations n troubled you with my trivial basic questions..
    Thanks for removing it ..

    Please continue sharing your knowledge n experience on jyotish..
    I’ll stop here…

    Again sorry n thank you …


    • astrologerbydefault July 10, 2020 / 11:39 pm

      Hi there
      i work in a regular job and have a home a husband and son and my Dad at home..

      I generally respond in 1 or max 2 days depending on the free time i have..

      i do not delete questions unless it is someone trying to argue or challenge me or twisting the intention of the post t i have written..

      but genuine questions i do try to answer if i know the answer..

      i have no limitations, just tht my karma of seeing horoscopes is generally over.. so i do not feel internally like analysing charts anymore..

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