Myths and things in ‘energy work’

In India, if someone does ‘energy work’, he/she is generally called a tantrik/shaman, and others respect him but are also a bit wary of him. He is a part of the society but still apart. People will go to him only as a last option and most think of ‘energy’ as superstition. But from what I see on social media is that in the west, people are eager to get into all this. It is nice, everyone should be aware of their energy and be able to work with it.

I will divide ‘energy work’ into 2 categories. There is a heaven and earth type of difference between the two.

  1. Working with your own energy for your personal spiritual development – Here you are following Shri Krishna’s advice, ‘Focus on your immediate action’. This dissolves karma.
  2. Using your experience with manipulation of energy to do stuff. Here you do not follow what Shri Krishna said because you are focussing more on the ‘reason why you are doing this action’! This can create new karma.

Myths and things in 'energy work'

Working with your own energy is the most natural thing that you can do. In India, we are taught from our childhood onwards to recite prayers, mantras, to do small pujas, homa, gayatri mantra jaap and stuff. Most houses will have a copy of a spiritual book, mostly Bhagwat Gita or perhaps Devi Mahatmya, but rarely even Vignyan Bhairav Tantra. In some families, children are taught how to do Dhyan. My family also taught me Jyotish.

If you follow your family traditions you are well on your way to being aware of your own energy. But for those who have missed out on having such a family background, the easiest thing is to start the Gayatri mantra jaap. Get a Asan and fix it in your mind that you will do 108 times jaap of Gayatri mantra once/twice/thrice a day, (morning/evening twilight and midday are the three appropriate timings), or anytime as per your convenience. Gayatri is the light which will take you on your internal journey, put your faith in it and allow it to transform you. (Or you can start with Dhyan, but as small children are first taught Gayatri jaap during their thread ceremony/Upanayan, this mantra is the foundation, it helps put you in the habit of sitting on one place and focussing.)

As you progress, you will feel a change in yourself and also in the people around you. As you become more aware of your own self you become ‘lighter’. You also become more aware of other people deeply. You pick up stuff from their auras, from the sub-conscious. You can sense the energies of stuff, houses and places you visit. If you go and pray in our ancient temples, you can sense the Deity looking back at you (often your hair will stand up in waves on your body, or you will sense a refreshing coolness). You will be able to repay your karmic accounts on the level of energy directly. Life becomes more multidimensional and very very beautiful. These are all indications that things are on right track.

As you progress even more you will be made to do specific activities which will manipulate the pran directly within your own body. You might be made to do specific Dhyan, Pranayams or Anushthans etc. You will be told by your own higher self. But you can listen to yourself only when you recite the Gayatri. It is the foundation of every Sadhana.

In this ‘energy work’, there is no danger and nothing to be scared of. You are trusting the ‘Vedmata’, Gayatri Herself. She will take you along the best possible route. Your only job is to recite the Gayatri mantra, again and again and again, it is this easy!

As you focus on the Mantra, your intense concentration wipes off every other thought from your mind, no past no future no parallels. You will ultimately experience the present Moment. Here you are stopping your mind from wasting its energy thinking frantically always and instead letting the Mantra power your soul on your true journey!

Myths and things in 'energy work'

Now to using your experience with energy manipulationSpiritual progress is ultimate but rather ‘non-glamourous’. Most people are more fascinated by the physical visible wow! ways of using energy. This can get a bit problematic if you do not pay attention. There is also a reason to be wary of things which are not a part of the regular physical existence. So here are a few things which you should be aware of when you engage in ‘energy work’. It sounds very exciting! But it is hard work and requires you to be vigilant and take precautions.

First of all this is a subject of the astral not physical. You manifest using your thoughts and your astral potential. So be very clear about what you are doing, a back-lash will register in your astral self and will carry on through your next several lives.

Once you start thinking on these topics, you will attract others from the astral dimensions who will offer to work with you for a bargain. Again be very careful about what you are doing, things are never what they seem to be, they literally have other dimensions.

Always cleanse, ground and shield yourself. As long as you are aware of only the physical world, others from the other dimensions do not bother about you. But once you enter their other dimensions, they also become aware of you. So always shield even when you are sleeping or dreaming or in deep sleep. The only place where you will be truly safe will be your Asan on which you do your regular spiritual practice.

You will need to develop enough confidence in your own energy. The other energies you work with are not from this dimension so look, feel, even taste weird, misshapen and often fearful! If you feel scared and lower your guard, you will be in trouble.

You will have to do some regular spiritual practice, there is no alternative for this. The amount of energy that you need to dabble in ‘energy work’ is enormous. So start something and stick to it. If you do not replenish your energies regularly you will fall ill and will feel drained for no reason.

Next is to be careful of what you eat and drink. You cannot allow tamasic energies into yourself. These are very ‘heavy’ and your energy bodies get uncomfortable under their influence. Non-vegetarian food and intoxicants are the worst because they overload the body. Your body is the geometry (Mahameru) through which you focus and channelise your energy. This has to be in perfect shape for you to use it. If you overload it with tamasic energies it loses its perfect balance.

And ultimately do only the work you are required to by Karma. Do not get carried away with the sense of power you will develop. When you start sensing your energy in whatever way, you ‘feel’ more. You sense the difference between you and other ‘normal people’. If you let it go to your head and start doing stuff to show off or to assert your ego it will result in negative karma. Just remember that everyone is a fragment of the Ultimate and keep your ego grounded.

Myths and things in 'energy work'

Now there are gentler ways of using energy like Reiki. This is a good way of accessing the Universal energy, but the philosophy of Reiki being taught now is not what Mikao Usui initially taught. He was very clear that Reiki has to be taught to everyone and everyone should do self-healing. Doing healing on others was not advised except in extreme cases. There is a reason for this. When you do healing on others even for that brief 5mins and even if you are well shielded, your auras link up very deeply, there is always a chance of exchange at the deepest levels. Not good! And the second reason is that if you get emotional (most of us do feel compassion for the client), you can end up sharing your own personal energy sub-consciously.

And finally if you choose to use your energy actively for any sort of work, you will have to control your thoughts. Your thoughts are your tools. You cannot get randomly angry or swear or think of harm. The reason is that you will then subconsciously power such thoughts with your energy and the negativity will manifest. You will harm others with your thoughts and earn negative karma for yourself.

I know that every one who starts accessing their energies through spiritual practice will at some point ‘dabble’ in the second type of ‘energy work’. It is exciting, no doubt! But always remain aware of what you are doing and be careful. Ultimately it is between you and your conscience. Play with energy if you so wish, but be aware of Karma. And sooner or later you will decisively adopt the category 1 of ‘energy work’, of working with your own energy for your personal spiritual development, just like Shri Krishna said.


(Thank you to the kind soul who suggested this topic, I hope reading it triggers something good for you!)

Genuine clients? Ask Prashna

You get clients sometimes who are not genuine. They do not have questions as such, and nor do they believe in astrology, but are here to test you! To waste your time and possibly to poke fun at you. They think of astrology as superstition and want to prove astrologers wrong. Sometimes they might tape the session with intention to harm you and your reputation.

Genuine clients? Ask Prashna

There are a few ways you can test the ‘genuineness’ of the client. First and foremost is the ‘feeling’ you will get from his aura. Thanks to software and apps you can get the planetary positions of the current moment instantly. This is a type of Prashana kundali where you are asking about your clients intentions. If you are not sure about your clients intentions, a quick look can help you decide how you want deal with them.

So in the Prashna of that moment check if there are negative influences on the ascendant sign, the ascendant lord, moon and mercury.

  1. Ascendant sign represents your ‘question’ and the ‘environment of the question’.
  2. Ascendant Lord tells you if the energy of the ‘question’ matches the energy of the ‘environment of the question’.
  3. Moon here is the overall impact the question situation is going to have on the querent (here it is you. You have asked the question for yourself)
  4. Mercury represents the intelligence, database, the analytical ability and the eventual inference of the question situation.
  5. The natural malefics are 5, Saturn (restrictive, Karma, payback), Sun (selfish super-ego), Rahu (over-ambitions leading to a fall), Ketu (thing to be discarded, detachment), Mars (aggression and domination)
  6. Benefics are Jupiter (expansion, conventional wisdom) and Venus (equitable partnerships, gain, esoteric wisdom).

A few sample combinations are like this.

  1. Malefic planets placed in the ascendant sign/1st house. Or aspecting the first house.
  2. At least 2 of the natural 5 malefics i.e. Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu aspecting/conjoint with the Moon and Mercury. Such a Moon or Mercury or both if placed in the kendra houses it will be more negative (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th).
  3. Ascendant lord with or aspected by at least 2 malefics. Or placed in the dushamsthanas 6th, 8th or 12th.

However if the Ascendant sign, the ascendant lord, the Moon and Mercury are placed well, with benefics, in the auspicious houses you can rest assured that your client is genuine.

So here was a quick way of establishing if your client is really serious about what he is asking or is here to create stress for you.


Prashna kundali, the basics

We use Prashna kundali when we do not have the exact birth time and/or there is only one single important question e.g. medical emergency. Or even if you have the birth details you might want to cross-check using the prashna kundali before coming to a conclusion in delicate matters.

Prashna kundali, the basics

You will draw the horoscope for the exact time the question is put to you and use it to answer the question. One big advantage is that you do not need to analyse the birth chart, the dasha or the transits. Limitation is one specific question per client. The basic analysis of the chart will remain the same as for any chart. Just pay attention to the following extra points.

The Question is all important. It generally is medical emergency for elderly persons whose birth details are not known. Missing persons is also another frequent question, missing things, misplaced important papers. Misfortunes in business and financial troubles. Often court-cases litigations and theft. Prashna by itself is very very voluminous and can give precise answers. This post is just for beginners to understand the basics and get interested in the logic. So here goes,

You have your software and you see the planetary chart of the present time.  The Ascendant sign is very important here. This represents the environment of the ‘question’. So analyse everything about this sign. All the information that this sign will give you is important.

  1. is it in a fixed, in motion or dual natured sign –
    • ‘fixed’ rashi means no change in situation e.g. health will remain stable. or questions related to fixed things, marriages etc which require stability will be good.
    • ‘in motion’ sign means that there will be change. e.g. in health, travel, where the favourable outcome is a ‘change’ from the current situation.
    • in dual natured the first half indicates stability second half indicates change.
  2. it is fiery, airy, watery, earthy – again depending on the type of question these natures will be important.
  3. the body parts represented by it – e.g. head by Aries.
  4. the people naturally represented by it (e.g. cancer is mother)
  5. What planets are placed and/or here, malefic or benefic.

The Ruler of the ascendant sign is equally important. Analyse his position (house/sign both), the aspects he is under and the planets he is conjunct with. All this has to be analysed with the nature of the question in mind.

  1. if he is placed in the dushamsthanas 6th, 8th, 12th or with malefics it is not good.
  2. placed in the kendras, 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th it is generally good and also has different meanings depending on the significations.
  3. placed with benefics is naturally good for the question overall, can expect a favourable outcome.

The Kendras – the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses.

  1. 1st house – is used to predict change in the current situation.
  2. 4th house – is used to predict success (e.g. finance related question)
  3. 7th house – is used to predict returns of every sort (missing person coming back).
  4. 10th house – is used to predict activity, profession and movement away from the homelands.

Common questions and their Kendra significators,

  1. Missing person – 1st = person, 4th = his condition, 7th = return, 10th = period of absence from home
  2. Health – 1st house = doctor, 4th house = medicines, 7th = disease itself, 10th = patient
  3. Court cases – 1st = person, 4th = judgement, 7th = opponent, 10 = judge/authority

Now the specific house to which the question is related. The keywords will help you identify the house and the planet connected with the question. Plus here are a few more to get you started.

  • 1st house – represents the overall question in every way, this house will have to be analysed for every question
  • 2nd house – missing property, financial issues related to family, family issues
  • 3rd house – brothers/sisters/siblings, extended family issues/litigations, trading, money/stocks, mental illnesses, short travelling
  • 4th house – mother related issues, landed property, house, vehicles
  • 5th house – government related problems, speculation, gambling, higher education
  • 6th house- diseases, debts, enemies, slavery, losses
  • 7th house – wife/husband, business partner, courts and contracts, financial issues in business
  • 8th house – accidents, trauma, black magic, death
  • 9th house – long travels, paternal figures
  • 10th house – profession, (personal father sometimes can be better seen from the 10th)
  • 11th house – overall money
  • 12th house – leaving the homeland permanently, death-like situations, coma etc
  • Example, If a medical emergency related to the mother of the client, in addition to the above analysis, the Moon and the 4th house will be important.

You will similarly analyse the aspects on the house, the planets present in the house. And the power of the owner of the sign. This will give you a general idea of the question situation.

Prashna kundali, the basics

Finally people will not remain content with one question, so if you feel inclined you can analyse the next questions like this. (Best not encourage multiple questions as the client is so focussed on his emergency question that the next questions energies may not really register.)

  1. 2nd question from the same chart – redraw it using the Moon sign as the 1st house.
  2. 3rd question from the same chart – redraw it using the Sun sign as the 1st house.

So here was a short primer on using Prashna kundali to add more information to your analysis. Prashna is a complete study subject by itself and might take a lot of time to master. But every big subject starts from first learning the basics. Jyotish is a vast ocean of knowledge which cannot be learnt in one day. Small exercises like this increase awareness and help in exercising intuition so that you get used to patterns and linking combinations. This is the basis of really understanding Jyotish.



Mantra – An astrological remedy

Medical conditions are an imbalance in your energies. If your divisional chart D-9 has the potential for a medical condition, it will manifest if your birth chart (D-1), the planetary times and the transits allow it the scope to manifest. It will be first expressed in your astral body, will be seen in your aura upto 6 months in advance of its physical expression in the body.

Mantra - An astrological remedy

So if you get a medical case, do an analysis as per this post and then also check if it is the time for physical death by using this post.

Then if the client is willing and desires to augment his medical treatment using mantras it will help in faster recovery. Mantras are Sanskrit and directly link with your chakras within your energy body. By adding specific energies to the chakras themselves you are directly addressing the root of the problem. This will give permanent relief from the dissonant energies.

You can use the mantras in these following ways,

  1. listening to them.
  2. reciting them yourself, once, thrice or 108 times, best time is sunrise/sunset/midday.
  3. Using water to channelise their energies. Take water in a copper silver or glass cup. Sit in front of your altar/puja ghar recite the mantra. Then blow thrice on the cup of water, intend that the energy of the mantra enters the water. You can give this water to the patient to drink. You can sprinkle the water in your house/office, clothes, bedding, food, whatever you feel like doing with the energy of the mantra.
  4. Play them in the background as you cook food. Their energy enters the food. This can be given to the patient to eat.
  5. You can charge your gold jewellery with your chosen mantra. I do this regularly, as gold (or silver or copper) has immense capacity to absorb energy.
  6. Or if you want to make vibhuti/ash then you will have to do a homa of the mantra you have chosen. Vibhui works like an energy battery, you can use it for about 15 days. You can put it on your forehead, on the top of your head, use it for cleansing, put it in your bathwater, in the 4 corners of your house/office, under your bed, chair etc. Any place you want to fortify with energy, you can put vibhuti on it.
    • But a very important point here, if you are unable to recite the beej mantras properly, do not do homa.
    • Stick to any of the other methods, all are equally effective.

Option 1 – This works for everyone for everything going wrong on all levels, spiritual, emotional, physical whatever. Vishnu sahastranam. I must have listened/recited this version of the Sahastranam performed by Uma Mohan more than a thousand times. It is a good 22 mins long recitation and it has the capacity to balance every aspect of your life. You can recite it or listen to it (performed by your favourite artist), it works. Just be sure that the singer has recited the mantras properly. (In fact I have a collection of Mantras performed by renown artists, Uma Mohan, Ravindra Sathye, Vijay Prakash, Kedar Pandit, Devaki Pandit etc. and play it in my car everyday when I travel.)

Now you can do Homa too. For doing the Vishnu sahastranama homa you will have to follow the basic steps given in this post. The preparatory phase and the concluding phases remain the same for every homa you perform. For the actual mantra phase your mantras will change as per your requirement. For Vishnu Sahastranam Homa you will have to recite every name of Vishnu from the Sahastranam in this format, ‘Om Vishwaya Swaha” the first name to the last “Om Sarvapraharanayudhaya Swaha”. It can get too tedious for someone new to all this, so best listen to Uma Mohan or your favourite singer reciting it!

Option 2 – The Gayatri mantra. (Post here) It is the source of all knowledge, which includes the knowledge on healing your own body/self/emotions/etc. Ideally everyone should recite it 108 times everyday (ideally 3 sets a day at the sunrise, midday, sunset – Sandhya).

Gayatrai Homa is very easy and very beneficial. The preparatory and concluding phases of the Homa will remain the same as I have written in my earlier post, the actual Mantra phase will have this mantra, “Om bhur bhuvah swah, Om tat savitur varenyam, bhargo devasya dhimahi, dheeyo yonah prachodayat Om swaha”. At swaha you will put a drop of ghee in the fire. This will be done 108 times. Then you will conclude the homa in same way as I have written in my previous post linked above.

Option 3 – The Mahamryutyunjai mantra – “Om tryambakam yajamahe sungandhim pushti vardhanam uruvarukamiva bandhanat mryutur mukshiya maam amrutat Om”. This will also work for all medical problems. It is very powerful. The homa for this mantra uses this version. I have done this homa also innumerable times, it energies are so utterly beautiful.

“Om trayambakam yajamahe, sugandhim pushtivardhanam, Om haung, joong sah, maam mrytyur palaya palaya, rogan mochaya mochaya, ayur vardhaya vardhaya, Sah joong haung Om, ururvarukamiva bandhanat, mryutyur mukshiya maam amrutat, Mryutyunjayaya rudraya, neelkanthaya shambhave, amruteshaya sharvaya, mahdevaya taenamah swaha”

The preparatory and concluding phases of all homa will remain the same, the actual mantra which will be recited 108 times will be this variation. At ‘swaha’, you will drop a drop of ghee into the fire.

(Or if you feel this variant to be quite complicated you can use this simple version too “Om tryambakam yajamahe sungandhim pushti vardhanam uruvarukamiva bandhanat mryutur mukshiya maam amrutat Om Swaha” for the mantra phase)

Option 4 – Using the Mantras from the Devi mahatmya/Durga Saptashati. (detailed post here). The link to the pdf of the book published by Gita Press is linked here. The step wise method quite simple and like this. This always works.

  1. Recite the siddha kunjika stotra once.
  2. Then recite the navavarna mantra, (Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche) once thrice or 108 times.
  3. Then recite your chosen Mantra, once, thrice or 108 times. There is a ready list of 30 useful mantras on page 263 of the pdf version of the Gita press book linked above. Choose what you want to do from the list of mantras.
  4. Then the Navavarna mantra once to make your chosen mantra ‘samputit’.

For doing the homa of this mantra, follow this procedure,

  • again the preparatory phase remain the same.
  • Then, you will recite the mantras as per the points, 1, 2 as given above.
  • Then at point 3. when you recite your chosen mantra you will end it with ‘swaha’ and drop ghee into the fire. This you will repeat 108 times.
  • Then the rest is continuing with point 4.
  • Followed by the concluding phase of the homa.

Option 5 – If you have analysed your horoscope for medical problems/tendencies, you can take preventive care by fortifying the planet concerned. You can use beej mantra for homa for planets. If you do not wish to do the fire homa, then even reciting the beej mantra will be equally beneficial.

  • E.g. you know your Sun is having issues so you might get eyesight issues, so you can recite his beej mantra, ‘Om hrang hring hroung sah suryaya namah’, once thrice or 108 times every Sunday.
  • In pregnancy there is a different time schedule for mantra recitation that is followed, written about it here.

So here are the very basic options for using mantras to keep yourself healthy and as a preventive action. Or to help accelerate recovery. I have kept it very simple so that everyone can use them. Sometimes the most simple things are the most powerful, so its with these mantras. Use them with your complete intention and focus. Intend the change you desire visualise it and use your mantra like a tool to get your work done!


Mantra - An astrological remedy

(There was a question in the contact form, on using mantras for healing and recovery.

You can do anything with mantras, it depends on your intention and force of will. There are other rituals and stuff which are used to literally work miracles but we do not have that level of ingredients and neither that level of spiritually pure pandits now who can perform those rituals. Like we need pure desi cows milk/ghee/curds and cowdung, it has become impossible these days, or pure desi honey which does not exist now. So as we do not have the supporting framework, we need to intensify our intention and the energy of the mind. If you do some regular spiritual practice, you will fall ill lesser and also mantras/charged water made by you for your family members will be more potent.

So I hope this post has been of use to you.)

Medical diagnosis in astrology

Just the very basics, to understand what can be wrong with a chart on the medical front. First of all you need to know a bit about the parts/organs etc of the human body and then the house/planetary link with it. If you can learn this connections by heart, 80% of your work is done (they are given in any standard reference book, Books by B.V Raman are the best for beginners). For example, 1st house – head, 2nd house – face, right eye, 12th house – feet and left eye etc. In addition the houses 1st to 7th represent the right side of the body/face and the houses 8th to 12th the left side of the body/face.

Medical diagnosis in astrology

Step 1 – When a you fall ill the first logical thing is that the ‘body’ has been afflicted with negative energy. So first check out the ascendant sign and its ascendant planetary lord. Have covered this analysis in previous posts but again the main points, (Please read this post on how to analyse empty houses to get the full picture.)

  1. Combust, debilitated, retrograde planets, conjoint or aspecting.
  2. Natural malefics or temporary malefics involved.
  3. Ruler of the houses of turmoil, 6th, 8th, 12th getting involved.
  4. The ascendant lord himself being combust, retrograde, debilitated and in company of the negative influences etc.

Step 2 – The the 6th house, the house of diseases and its bhavat bhavam, the 11th. The 6th will give you a sense of what kind of diseases are to be expected. And the ‘house of the house’ the 11th will give you a sense of the ‘loss of the disease’. i.e. how likely it is that the diseases indicated by the 6th will actually manifest. If there are planets placed here they are to be specifically analysed as they will indicate the type of diseases. And remember that the diseases indicated by the 6th house are diseases which are linked to some action of yours. i.e. being negligent about check-ups, not taking medicines on time, not consulting a proper specialist, bad habits leading to diseases, etc.

Step 3 – Then the 8th house and its Bhavat bhavam the 3rd house. The 8th house indicates the diseases which are linked to karma. You cannot avoid these, maybe reduce the extent of damage if the 3rd house supports. The 3rd house is the ‘death of death’ so before interpreting anything about the 8th house the neutralising capacity of the 3rd house should be examined.

Step 4 – Now the planetary influences, if there are any planets in or aspecting the 6th or the 8th you will need to check up what all they can do wrong. And if there are no planets placed here, the planetary owners of these signs of the 6th and 8th will give clues on the diseases indicated.

  1. Sun – pitta/heat type of diseases, acidity to sudden diseases, pain, heat, eyesight, heart, stomach.
  2. Moon – vata/gas and kapha/phlegm diseases, eyesight, psychological problems, gas-related, arthritis, diseases triggered by cold, connected to all the liquid stuff in the body, salt imbalances, diseases of childhood, long lasting diseases.
  3. Mars – pitta/heat diseases, bone marrow, blood related problems, ovaries, sudden onset diseases, pain, skin boils, cuts and scars, accidents
  4. Mercury – all three types of kapha, pitta, vata diseases. long continuing diseases, incurable and chronic diseases, nerves, skin rashes, psychological issues.
  5. Jupiter – Kapha diseases, expansion/growths/enlargement types of diseases, all glands, fat and sugar related problems.
  6. Venus – Kapha and Vata problems, eyesight, sex organ related problems, Ojas in the body.
  7. Saturn – Vata problems, frame of the body including tendons ligaments etc. breath in every way, asthama, connected to the impurities in the body so organs connected to removal of impurities, lungs, kidneys etc. persistently low grade pain, do not have a sudden onset, start imperceptibly/gradually.
  8. Rahu/Ketu – are astral planetary forces, give results of the planet they are influenced by, they tend to hide diseases, can give non-diagnosable diseases.
    • Rahu is more connected to poisonings/misuse of steroids/medicines/chemicals etc. His diseases often create skin-related problems, causing mottling/discoloration of skin etc.
    • Ketu indicates cyclical patterns in diseases and sudden/violent onsets, like ecliptic fits etc.


Step 5 – If you want to extract more information look into the divisional charts. At least look into the D-9 navamsha for the following information,

  1. The lords of the 6th and 8th in the D-1 (birth chart) – Their positions in the D-9.
  2. And the lords of the 6th and 8th of the D-9.
  3. This analysis will give you the ‘disease potential’ of the chart.

Step 6 – If you want to know how the disease affects the person on the emotional level you will have to see the Moon chart. This is the normal birth chart re-drawn with the moon sign as the 1st house. Do the same analysis of the 6th and 8th houses from here too.

Finally the conclusion – So now you can arrive at a conclusion as to which body part is weak, what kind of disease can be expected by looking at the planets and signs concerned.

Now for the timing. Look at mainly the owners of the 6th and the 8th, and/or planets placed/aspecting the 6th or 8th and check if their planetary periods are on.

  1. Which planets mahadasha going on, is the overall theme of the period negative?
  2. The transits at the present moment of time, are they going negative too?

Medical astrology is a full-fledged topic by itself and as you read more charts and come across different combinations you will learn more! This was a post to get you interested in it. This might seem like a complicated analysis but if you follow it step-wise you can easily pinpoint the possible medical conditions in the chart.


Medical diagnosis in astrology


The inevitability of events

Your horoscope is your energy chart. It represents events which have been designed for balancing your karmic energy. Most of these events are inevitable. Of these some are pleasing to the body and the mind and some of these are displeasing and hard on the body and the mind.

The inevitability of events

When you first start learning astrology obviously you start analysing your own chart, and then then try to find the good things in it. If you see any problems you will try to gloss over them or find something like, ‘Jupiter here will take care of it!”. This will not help in true learning. So scout out in your family for charts, your grandparents are the best subjects, if their birth-times are known. You can use their charts and correlate the major happenings in their life with their chart, they have lived a long life for you to really study and verify events and learn.

Then collect charts of all your family members, friends etc for study. Keep a separate notebook, use a pen and paper. Then whenever you have major transits, or every 3 months or so, go through your this notebook. If you see that some chart is going through a significant change, call up that cousin/friend and try to correlate what is happening in the chart with what has manifested in his life. The patterns will make sense to you slowly but this is the best way of learning astrology.

Most of us learn astrology for starting up a practice and counselling clients. So how do you go about counselling? When you get a client, a chart and a question, you will see that your counselling is just of these 5 major categories,

  1. Questions where the anxiety has no real basis because the horoscope is all clear. There is no real need to worry. However as the client is worried so the counselling will be more on the lines of support and reassurance.
    • Some sort of a ‘placebo’ remedy which will help him put his mind at ease can be suggested if required.
    • It can be something as simple as doing a mantra jaap for 21days!
    • But don’t make it expensive or cumbersome for the client.
  2. Questions where the problem does exist but it is quite minor and much active intervention is not needed, just patience is necessary. With time, change of the planetary periods, transits, etc the situation will resolve by itself. This is also a rather simple counselling session where the client will be convinced to wait patiently for some time.
    • Again placebo remedies as above can be given to calm the client’s mind and help him wait.
  3. Questions where the problem does exist. With a bit of care and and timely precautions it can be averted or its intensity reduced. Here you will be required to prescribe the appropriate precaution and also indicate the time-frame during which this remedy is to be used. The client cannot be expected to do a remedy endlessly without a time frame, as this can result in more stress.
    • Mantra jaap of beej mantras or any other which you find appropriate to the situation.
    • Specific donations of stuffs to temples or charity.
    • Or a one time puja.
  4. Questions about major problems. To come up with a solution that will reduce the extent of loss. e.g. pujas of deities and planetary forces. (eg. death was indicated but just a limb was amputated. In this case though you as an astrologer will feel relief, your client will perhaps not feel the same!)
    • The solution here will be a bit tricky as the client will expect you to magically resolve everything and obviously there is limited scope.
    • When I get such clients I tell them what can be told without causing more unnecessary trauma. But I also know that if they do not like my solution they will go for a second opinion. Or they have already been to some other Reader and now have come to me for a second opinion.
  5. Questions where there is a major problem with no workable solution, generally seen in cases of medical emergencies. The things are not in the hands of the astrologer or the client. In this case, the best course is helping the client with some spiritual remedies and advice so that he can make the most of what time is available.
    • Again these sort of readings are tricky to analyse, but if the birth timings are correct and you have paid attention to the timings (Dasha + transits) there is little chance of going wrong.
    • For confirmation of such situations you should draw a prashna kundali too. It adds more details to the situation.

Even if you are not interested in an astrology related practice, learning astrology is very rewarding. It helps you learn more about human nature, the forces which influence you and more about you yourself. If you know how your current time period is going to be you will be less likely to get disturbed by events around you. If you can control your emotions and keep your mind steady in every situation, it is everything.


The inevitability of events

Analysing Spirituality in the horoscope

Analysing Spirituality in the horoscope

Nothing is secret in your horoscope. So how do you check out the spiritual level of a horoscope. If its spiritual quotient is high the client is more likely to listen and work on himself and get out of the problems he is having. Each and every house contributes to spiritual progress like this…

1st house – This house should have benefics or at least benefic aspects. This will ensure that the will of the personality is strong enough to overcome all distractions and obstacles. In addition the ascendant owner should be placed well, if he is in the company of malefics or in the dushamsthans, he will grant ill-health and problems. The ascendant owner is the most important planet in your current manifested life so analyse him well.

2nd house – The family environment gives the basic spiritual background and a routine for faith/religion, like daily prayers etc. Also we can see from here if a person tends to cheat in his financial dealings or lies when he speaks. Charity is also seen from here. These are tiny things but honest, generous and true behaviour supports spirituality. Benefic influences here help.

3rd house – This is the house of courage and all planets perform well here. Often we start on a spiritual practice but then falter, forget and get bored. A strong 3rd house will grant determination to continue. Activities like Yog, or skills connected to spiritual practices are seen from here. Also short journeys to pilgrimage places.

4th house – This is the house of emotional stability and confort. If the mind is not disturbed by emotions the aspirant can progress faster. The place where the Sadhana will be performed is also important, a silent stable and energy-rich place helps. Rhythmic activities like breathing, pran-movement etc are linked to this house.

5th house – This is divine intelligence, discrimination and wisdom. You may practice but the success is granted here. Realising the fruits of mantra, tantra, yantra, dhayna, jaap etc is all to be seen from here. It also shows the spiritual progress that you have made in your past life and the merit you have with you now.

6th house – There are always distractions in the path of the aspirant. These are his ‘enemies’. Having a malefic in the 6th house is ideal, removing a thorn with a thorn works here.

7th house – This is the house of relationship. What is spiritual progress really? You are searching for that perfect relationship with yourself. In terms of energy the Kundalini has to reach Paramshiva, perfect union. The 7th house is also this balanced partnership and gains from it!

8th house – The house of secrets. A strong 8th house will encourage the aspirant to practice his sadhana in secret, using secret techniques and away from the public eye. The movement of prana and kundalini in the secret routes of the body are the domain of the 8th house. He will also undergo agonies and disappointments here, but it will finally gain the Bliss of Samadhi.

9th house – This is where you access the merit of your past lives and use it (potential seen from the 5th house). Long pilgrimages, learnings, worship, blessings from all the ones ‘senior’ to you. The deep teachings you will receive from your Guru. And after you gain your own experiences, it will represent the teachings that you will pass on to your students.

  • In this modern world, there is a ‘money price tag’ on knowledge. This is wrong. The only qualification for learning esoteric/spiritual knowledge is having a deep desire for it. If you have a deep heart-felt desire to learn, the Universe will send you a Teacher. If you are at the basic levels you will be taught basic foundations, if you have reached higher levels you will be taught deep stuff. But if you desire it, you will be taught it! And after learning, a feeling of gratitude is expected from you. If you remain ungrateful the lesson taught will not be fruitful for you.
  • And then the second part, if you know something and if you meet someone who genuinely desires to learn it, you must teach it.

Analysing Spirituality in the horoscope

10th house – This is the house of action and social recognition. If it is strong with benefics, the summary of the spiritual progress (from 1st house to the 9th house) will be used for social service, upliftment of the society and deeds (even misdeeds if malefic influences predominate). Some Gurus have huge followings and thus they have big names in the society. If malefics influence they might get put in jail too, infamy!

11th house – This is the house of gains. Here malefic/benefic planets thrive and give luck. So in a spiritual sense if the social recognition (10th house) gets converted into ego, donations, wealth or the pomp and show of religious authority then there is a good chance that this will ruin the entire scope of the chart. Then again as sadhana increases, siddhis will be offered to you, other beings will try to meet you etc, all acting as a trap perhaps! The last test.

12th house – The real house of Moksh. It will pull you away from them illusions of manifested reality and show you your huge self. Ketu associated here in some way will help. This house needs to be strong with aspects from benefics, so that the promise of spirituality of the chart culminates in Realisation.

Now this was a very very basic outline of the spiritual potential of all the houses. Details are to be seen from the divisional charts, D-9, and D-20. The more significant planets in spiritual context are of course Ketu, Venus and Jupiter. Then next the house owners of the 5th and 9th house are also significant and their placement and power to give results needs to be examined. All the planets will contribute in one way or the other so try and see patterns in the chart. Just a couple of examples for you to think on..

  • e.g. – Ascendant lord with Ketu esp in 1st, 5th, 9th (Dharma trikon) – will grant detachment from the ‘foundations’ of the manifested life. There will be nil ego and such a person is best suited for spiritual practice. He may be a failure in the physical life though with little sense of self, is out of place in social activities, a door-mat!
  • e.g. Analyse the dynamics of the Moksh trikon to get a sense of the energies of the moment of physical death. If the soul is able to access and exit via the Brahmanadi at the moment of death he has achieved Moksh. If the 8th, 12th and 4th houses are strong they can provide this opportunity. A Rahu or even a Mars in the 8th, or the owner of the 8th well placed, exchange of houses between the 12th and the 4th house owners.

Finally as timing is important too, look out for the periods/sub-periods of the house owners of the 1st, 5th and 9th houses primarily and the their synergy with the periods of Ketu, Jupiter and Venus. These periods will allow faster progress.

Generally you will not get a direct question from your client regarding ‘spirituality’, but this analysis is important as it gives you cues on what kind of a person is sitting in front of you and how you should counsel him.


Analysing Spirituality in the horoscope

Ashtapadmadala chakra for transits

I have written a post on how to use this Chakra here for a basic analysis. There is an entire dasha system using this Kaalachakra system too. But for now let’s check out how to use this Chakra for analysing transits. Am using the same example from my previous post, a birth chart which is visualised as a Chakra.

Image 16-02-19 at 8.19 PM

Now you have analysed this basic birth details in the previous post. And you want to find out the results of transits using this system. I always give a 25% weightage to the results of transits and 75% value to the basic birth chart. The main power/potential is from the birth positions and the transits can only modify/activate these. Transits however are quite important to time events. The slowest moving planets Saturn (2.5yrs in a sign), Rahu/Ketu (1.5yrs in a sign) and Jupiter (1yr in a sign) set the tone which is then modified by the faster moving Mars, Venus, Sun and Mercury. Moon transits 1 sign in 2.25days so is not used much to time events except in medical emergencies.

So now you superimpose the transiting planet details in the same chakra. I have used green color to write the transits. This is an imaginary example. (I don’t like using entire charts of actual people, I think analysing actual people like this adversely affects them, they may be alive or dead but still it affects.)

Image 16-02-19 at 11.24 PM

Now look at the new positions of the planetary forces and do a similar basic analysis as you did for their birth positions earlier (not repeating the same points here again!). Now the additional points for transits,

  1. If the benefics are transiting closer to the center of the chart, their energies are more available for you to use. Pay attention to their direction of movement also. If they are moving inwards their energies are supporting your personal development. If their movement is outwards, you are projecting more of their energies on your surroundings and other people.
  2. Malefics transiting in closer to the center of the chakra cause more drain on your self.
  3. And now try to analyse the interaction of the birth planets and the transiting planets. For example,
    • The birth Mars has a transiting Ketu on it. The basic tendency for aggressive fiery behaviour is now enhanced by this ‘headless’ graha’s influence.
    • Venus has entered the innermost stambha boundary, It is favourably placed in a Kendra axis in the birth chakra too. So while he transits this Stambha period his energies will be very high and easily available for you. You will see a growth in resources, balance, beauty, partnerships, gain and spirituality.
    • Mercury is transiting the birth Mercury, in the direction governed by the Energy of destruction, Nirriti. So you will need to be careful of the communication, trade and financial angle in your life.

This transit chakra is very useful especially in medical emergencies. These clients are already worried and tense. So taking time to check this simple chakra is helpful in coming to a more accurate conclusion.

  1. You get a general idea from the basic birth chart.
  2. Then superimpose the running periods, dashas to get a broad framework for the present time.
  3. The add the transits to the basic birth chart.
  4. Now draw the chakra for the birth time and superimpose the transiting planets on it.
    • In this mark the positions of the regular malefics, owners of the dushamsthanas
    • Mark the position of marak planets
    • The closer all these are to the stambha/innermost core the more serious is the emergency.

This is a very tiny exercise to get you interested in using the ‘Chakra’ diagrams too. In astrology there are several chakras which are used. As these are very visual they are rather easy to understand. You can try and use this chakra for more information in addition to the normal superimposed birth and transit positions chart that you draw.

It is possible that some astrology software calculate this ashtapadmadala chakra, but just pay attention to which planet it is using as the base nakshatra. Here we have used the Moon’s nakshatra as the base (position 1). This variant of the Chakra is suitable for all sorts of analysis. Especially if the client is past 49yrs this Moon nakshatra chakra will give the most accurate readings. However you can draw the chakra using the other planets nakshatras, or the ascendant degree nakshatra as a start point, you can even go anti-clockwise, depending on what you want to find out from your planetary forces!

Can Benefics act as malefics?

Each planet represents an aspect of your life. But ‘Life’ itself is a very complicated thing to define! What should I consider to be my ‘Life’, my physical material life, my emotional psychological life, my internal spiritual life or is it anything else beyond these?

Can Benefics act as malefics?

We take birth to experience Everything, which concludes in the ultimate experience of our own Real Self. Every action that we have chosen in our horoscope finally leads us to this. Every joy, disappointment, every physical manifestation and every spiritual act is a step in this direction. So from a spiritual point of view there is nothing called ‘malefic’ or ‘benefic’. These terms are used only in reference to the physical material life.

“My Saturn is badly placed, so will he give me ‘bad results’ throughout his Mahadasha?”

A very valid question this, but it defeats the very purpose of Jyotish. This is the science of illumination, there is no room for superstition, self-doubt and self-criticisms here. If you fear your planetary positions you have missed the point of Jyotish enquiry.

We call planets ‘malefics‘ and houses as ‘dushamsthana‘. But you should understand that these terms mean that the activities indicated by this house/planet are going to cause you pain. The Karma associated with them is the negative sort. You are going to be made to work hard to restore your karmic balance. All the houses and planets are of use, have a purpose and are ultimately beneficial in the spiritual sense.

Your entire chart is active and influences you throughout your life. But the intensity of influence of the different planets varies at specific periods. The intensity is more during..

  1. The mahadasha of the planet. And specially during the first /swa-antardasha and the last chida-antardasha.
  2. And the transits which have to be analysed in details for every planet. All transits are important. Saturn sets the tone with 2.6yrs in one sign, then Rahu/Ketu with 1.6 yrs in one sign. Then Jupiter with 1 year per sign. Mars, Venus and Mercury stay in each sign for 2-3 months, Sun for 1 month and Moon for 2.25days.

Now everyone is scared of Shani because he makes you work hard, without rest, constricts resources, delays arrival of new things, causes emotional and physical stress, delays benefits, ensures discipline and is very strict. But he is fair. Use up what you have, only then will he allocate more resources. Not a penny more not a penny less. Shani’s gift to you is a fast-track to karma rebalance.

But if you want to be scared of the planets, why stop at just Saturn. All planets have their other faces which make their lessons tests of endurance in my opinion even worse than Saturn’s. Yes and these are ‘benefics’ too!

Do you know what Venus can do, if he really puts on his bad boy face? Destroy your relationships with others which will subtly impact your own relationship with yourself. You may have all the luxuries in the world but if you do not feel good about yourself, do not love yourself, your life is a subtle torture. If my wife whom I love very very deeply with my soul, always throws back the gifts I get for her, in my next life I will end up with something like Venus Ketu. Can you even imagine how it is to be detached from all relationships including the one you have with yourself?

Jupiter breaking bad? Is this even possible? Yes. I have seen one chart where the Jupiter + Moon in the 12th house contributed to her death by internal haemorrhage, destroyed her physical body in the space of 1 week. Jupiter is the agent of expansion, but if he expands the wrong things it is a problem. Jupiter in the 6th, 8th, 12th houses will expand enemies, debts, servitude, diseases, arguments, accidents, surgeries, traumas, catastrophic changes, tantrik activities, even attract early physical death, destroy your physical stuff and thus pull you towards the astral. Jupiter can also confer pomposity, rigid religious views and even fanatically extreme philosophical ideas if he wants.

The pearly opalescent Moon? The agent of emotions, mind, comforts and astral self. If Moon decides to become a hard-taskmaster, he will literally pull the rug from under your feet. Your mother will be your jailer, those who are supposed to be your caregivers will be your enemies. You will get zero sense of comfort, no emotional support and sense of security. You may have been a great tantrik earlier, but in this life even tiny entities will trouble you. You will not have access to your own astral potential. Moon in 6th and your emotions become your enemies, a disease and a debt. A life of internal loneliness!

Can Benefics act as malefics?

Mercury if turns ‘bad’ can distort your thinking machinery and your confidence. You are what you think you are. In your spiritual progress you need to have a razor-sharp intellect because there will be so many tests on your way. In normal life too, Mercury can create psychological problems from anxiety to depression to generic sadness, even insanity and pessimism. Just because his effects on the intellect are not as visible as Shani’s effects on the body does not mean that they are any less damaging. A faulty thinking process can ruin everything from personal relationships to business to profession and will trap you in very difficult situations.

And the Sun? It can turn into a scorching ball of Ego. So shiny that you are unaware of others around you. Selfish and self-referential you then hurt people around you. Since this is the Sun, you will end up neglecting a large chunk of ‘subjects’, maybe a large group of population, or members of a large family, or workers in a factory etc, people who are dependent on you. For your own personal glory you will put these many in pain. Then this becomes a huge backlog of karma which will be re-balanced in your next lives, you will be denied creativity and access to divine inspiration till you make up to all those you owe to. Imagine Sun in the 12th house, cut off from all support of the self-ego, blankness, no support from father neither from the divine intelligence and no real creativity in the physical world.

Mars is a bad boy everyone knows that, aggressive and belligerent. But his other face where he will deny his energies is equally bad, he can then sap your vitality and drain the pran/vital energies moving around in your body. If the drain is slow there will be illness, but if he does this fast enough then rapid death can be one of the results! Or on the other hand he can cause uncontrolled movements of energy in the naadis leading to those typical ‘stroke’ problems. And finally if he decides he can make you choose a low energy route when you leave your physical body and you will be stuck with a low energy body in your next life too.

Rahu is a malefic no doubt about that. Showing you attractive visions, even taking you upto them and then bringing you down with a crash. Rahu is the reason we desire. Now if you have a Rahu+Moon with no other planet to modify this result. Eternal craving for emotional satisfaction, with fulfilment perpetually denied. You will see it coming but at the edge of satisfaction, it will be denied. And Rahu/Ketu mature at the age of 48yrs. So this person will attain emotional maturity at 48yrs when more than half his life has gone by and his habits are set. A very huge challenge!

Ketu is the reason we detach from everything. He is super for a spiritual outlook but terrible for the physical life. Imagine Ketu with the ascendant lord with no other planets to help out. Cut off from the sense of self, no expressions, no real understanding of the own self, no head! for life. For such a person the only possible option is taking sanyas and questing for the spiritual, because he will never be able to relate to his own personality and neither to his environment ever!

Extreme results occur only with combinations of planets, one single placement can never never be used for predictions. Before scaring yourself with incomplete analysis, go over the chart again with a fresh mind. If you then again see any huge problems take corrective actions, using mantras, regular spiritual practice etc. 

Every placement has been chosen by yourself at the moment of your birth. You chose your chart. Your chart does not control you, it is the energy diagram of your karmic balance. You have come here to work off your karmic baggage, some tasks are easy and you complete them in a jiffy, but some require hard work and strain your body and mind. Never fear a house/planet! These are all different facets of your own self. If you say your Saturn is bad, or your Jupiter is not giving benefic results, you are saying your own efforts to resolve karma are not giving results. You are invalidating a part of your own self.

Your current life is not stand-alone one-off thing. It is just one episode in a long-running TV serial show. Accept the teachings that you are being given in your this sojourn on earth. You are the reason why things happen to you.


Can Benefics act as malefics?

{This post is in response to this, “Malefic planets give bad results, but I cannot understand, how can a benefic planet can give bad result?” I received in the Comment form, I hope it has been of some use.}


Calculating Muhurt, auspicious times

Sometimes you need to know auspicious timings, for buying a new house, or starting a puja or something important. As everyone has access to an astrology software so selecting auspicious timings is quite easy (not discussing the ‘why’, just on how to do it!). I use the ‘Hindu calender – Drik panchang’ app by developer ‘Adarsh Mobile Applications’.

Calculating Muhurt, auspicious times

Step 1 – Panchang

Panchang is the Indian system of maintaining the calender and composed of five parts which have to be evaluated for arriving at the auspicious Muhurt. You open the Panchang section of the app/software, input the day you are considering and read the data on the following.

  1. Thithi (Lunar day) – The day/Tithi of the dark fortnight/Krishnapaksha or bright fortnight/Shuklapaksha.
    • Avoid the 4th, 6th, 8th, 12th, 14th and no moon day as generally inauspicious.
    • The rest are good.
    • Shuklapaksha, the bright half is better for most auspicious activities.
  2. Vaara (Week day) – Generally Thursday and Friday are good for all activities. Avoid Tuesday and Saturday for auspicious activities, you can carry out activities like getting back loans etc on these 2 days. The rest of the days are average.
  3. Nakshatra (Lunar mansion) – The Lunar Mansion in which the Moon occupies at Sunrise – Nakshatra (The Vedic/Indian day starts at Sunrise not midnight.)
    •  The 3 nakshatras Bharani, Krutika and Ashlesha are not good for general auspicious activities.
    • Auspicious nakshatras generally are Ashwini, Rohini, Mruga, Pushya (this is not for marriage), Magha, Uttara, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Moola, Uttarashadha, Dhanishta, Shravan, Uttarabhadrapada and Revati.
    • The remaining are average.
  4. Yog  – The Sun and Moon together form auspicious and inauspicious periods throughout the day, these are calculated as yog. There are 27 yog.
    • Vishkhamba, Vyaghata, Parigha, Vyatipatha, Vydhruti, Ganda, Atiganda and Shool are inauspicious.
    • Except these you can choose the other names which are good.
  5. Karan – The activities suitable for the day are also described as karan. There are 2 karans in a lunar day. One for the day and one for the night. There are 11 karanas.
    • Bhadra and Nagavam are inauspicious.
    • You choose other names other than these which are good.

Step 2 – Chandrabala.

To choose the day with the most favourable moon sign. Open the daily moon sign section of the app/software. Count the sign occupied by the transiting moon of that day from your birth moon sign. It should not be 6th, 8th or 12th. Rest all are good. (detailed post here)

Step 3 – Tarabala

To choose the day with the most favourable Nakshatra for you. You should know your birth Moon Nakshatra for this. Look into your birth chart, it will be mentioned.

Now in the Tarabala section of the app/software you choose the day you are thinking of and you will either see these serial numbers or these names against your Birth Moon Nakshatra. Choose the ones which are ‘good’.

1 – Janma – danger (bad)
2 – Sampath – prosperity (good)
3 – Vipath – accidents (bad)
4 – Kshema – wealth (good)
5 – Pratyak – obstacles (bad)
6 – Sadhana – success through work (good)
7 – Naidhan – dangers (bad)
8 – Mitra – friendships (good)
9 – Parama Mitra – excellent (very good)

Step 4 – Panchak Rahita.

To choose a time where the ‘5 sources of stress’ are nullified. Open the Panchak rahita section of the app/software, input the date you are considering and check out the panchak rahita period for the day. You will see some of these 5 options against the day/time, then it is inauspicious.

Mrityu Panchak – risk of death
Agni Panchak – risk from fire
Raja Panchak – risk from the king/government
Chora Panchak – risk from theft
Roga Panchak – risk from diseases

For auspicious periods it will be clearly mentioned ‘shubh muhurt’.

Step 5 – The hours ruled by the planets. The rule here is simple, the first hour of the day after sunrise is ruled by the planet of the Day,

  • e.g. first hour after sunrise on Monday ruled by Moon and so on in the sequence Saturn, Jupiter, MarsSun, Venus, Mercury.
  • e.g. first hour on Tuesday owned by Mars then following the sequence Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter.

The general readings are these,

  1. Moon – Suitable for relationships and emotional things, land and house purchase, purchase of household items, long travels, joining new job.
  2. Saturn – Should be generally avoided. Suitable only for business related to oil, farming and selling lands and houses.
  3. Jupiter – Suitable for starting new ventures and expansion activities of all types, education, business, marriage, gold etc.
  4. Mars – Generally avoided but suitable for specific activities like business in electronics, explosives, weapons.
  5. Sun – Suitable for government related activities, new job, politics, share markets and speculation.
  6. Venus – Suitable for all new ventures and all activities. Marriage, business, purchasing, selling, journeys. etc
  7. Mercury – Suitable for business activities, financial activities, short travels, learning new skills.

Step 6 – Surya Sankranti –

The Sun transits one sign in one month. A time of 6 hours and 24 minutes before and after the Sun transits into the next sign is inauspicious so avoid this period for starting new projects.

Step 7 –  Finally draw the horoscope of the day and time you have fixed and check the following.

  • The ascendant lord of this chart should not be with malefics or in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses.
  • The moon of this chart should not be with malefics or in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses.
  • The house of this chart related to the activity you wish to perform should be strong. eg, for buying a new house the 4th house should be good. For a new job the 10th and 11th houses, for a new business, the 7th and 11th houses etc.

This was a very brief to-do list on calculating Muhurt, the auspicious times in astrology. A perfect Muhurt is very rare, so choose a good Muhurt which has the maximum possible positive attributes and fewer negative attributes. The very basic concept is that such a day should be favourable to the main person in the ritual/action. If you cannot wait for a proper muhurta, buy your car on a day which has the transit Moon sign in favourable aspect with your birth moon (1st, 4th, 11th).

You can do these simple calculations on your own, there is really no need to go and consult a professional! A project started in a good Muhurt will be naturally more auspicious, smooth and hassle free.


The Vedic calender