Education in the horoscope

There are certain ways to analyse education and learning in a horoscope. And there is quite a lot of confusion about this too. You will get lots clients asking about their educational prospects.

There are several types of training, skill development, apprenticeship, teaching, learning and studying activities are all called ‘Education’. These are all very different activities, each with a different purpose so we need to distinguish between them. They cannot all be clumped under a generic “education”.

The earliest brush you have with ‘education’ is in the 4th house. Here your ‘Moon’, your mother and maternal figures, transfer to you all the cultural ethos of your society. The traditions and social mores that you will live your life by are the domain of the 4th house. Your mother is actually your first teacher, schooling you for meaningful social interactions within your parent culture.

Then you have your school-going phase. This lower education is also a function of the 4th house. You are being taught the basics of reading, writing, maths, geography and history. This is more a phase of getting literate than getting educated. The teachers are also more ‘maternal’ and supportive in nature. So lower education is also indicated by the 4th house.

Education in the horoscope

Then there is the practical aspect of ‘education’. Training and learning skills. These are the domain of Mercury of the 3rd house. Here you are taught to use the skills you are given.  This is superficial information, enough to get you active and working. Here we get teamwork, workshops, seminars, presentations, group studies and discussions. Short term trainings. And then some University courses also train you for taking up specific jobs in the professional arena. You get your diploma, licence to practice in the society.  This would also be a function of the 3rd house. Example, you are practically taught how to make money, but not the philosophy of money and its role in the society! Practical hands-on education which you can apply in your daily life and society.

Then we come to higher education. This is the 5th house. Here you are taught how to lead, to express yourself and your creativity. Performing arts, music, dance, theatre related stuff. To write and publish. Learning to lead in a political, military, spiritual etc scenario is the 5th house. Earlier Universities were places for scholarship and deep learning. But in the present times they are more often places which teach you how to express yourself to the maximum possible. To make money and to lead in the society. This is the 5th house.

Now for some clients in the research field, the 8th house is all about research oriented stuff where the students explore the unknown, often secluded in their laboratories, using ‘arcane’ knowledge and searching for new ways to use these newly discovered energies. So if you want to be a scientist this 8th house will be in the spotlight.

Now Wisdom! Wisdom requires contemplation. This ‘education’ is a long time affair, it can even be for a life-time. It is immersive. Often one-one. The student is required to reflect, contemplate and think through what is being taught to him. Add his own experience and thought process so that he can deeply understand. This is the domain of the 9th house. The student learns philosophy and the deep theories about life and living. This is Jupiter’s domain. The 9th is not about practical applications but about understanding, it is pure academics! The Guru teaching his disciples is also the 9th. Here the students inquire into the nature of the self, and the divine.

And a quick note on the ones who will be teaching. For being a good teacher of whichever type of ‘education’ as above that specific house will need to be strong. Example a teacher of philosophy will need a strong 9th house. A teacher teaching garage work and mechanics will need a good 3rd house. But for all teachers a strong 3rd house is essential, this allows the activities of explaining, communicating and interacting which are essential components of the act of teaching.

Also for the student, he needs to have a level of intelligence, memory and understanding. This would be a function of the ascendant lord, the ‘airy’ signs and their power to give results, then of course Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Moon etc depending on which type of education he is looking for!

So if you get a client asking about his education, ask first what kind of ‘education’ is he talking about. Each is a different aspect of the chart!


Education in the horoscope

Dharma Trikon of the horoscope

The 12 houses of the horoscope are divided into the Dharma Trikon, houses 1, 5 and 9. The Arth Trikon houses 2, 6 and 10. The Kama Trikon of houses 3, 7 and 11 and the Moksh Trikon houses 4, 8 and 12.

Every human needs these 4 categories of activities to live a reasonably comfortable and happy life. These are Sanskrit words so have layers of meanings and cannot be translated exactly. However, broadly Dharma is the foundation of your life, from the physical environments to the spiritual principles and the deepest understanding of these. Arth is all the hoards, the income, finances and wealth, all the assets and treasuries that you build up on ever level the physical, emotional spiritual etc, and also your understanding of these. Kama is the all the desires that you have, desires ranging from company of friends, interaction with the society, with the spouse and to being with your own Self. These desires also operate on all levels. And finally Moksh, the closure of every aspect of this life, the ultimate understanding of each aspect and also the foundations that you lay down in the astral which will serve as the seeds of your next life experience.

Dharm trikon/triangle is the three houses, 1, 5 and 9 and the aspects of your life that they indicate. Here you decide your personal dharma/Swadharma. (The universal Dharma is called Rita). You choose what is right for you, the right social context, the right creativity and the right philosophies.

The First House

The 1st natural house of the zodiac is Aries, and its ruler Mars, so Aries and Mars wherever they may be located will have a subtle influence on the matters of the 1st house, in addition the actual sign and its planetary ruler.

The 1st house is the house of your personality, the energy of your physical manifestation, the beauty of your face, your skin, complexion, the proportions of your body. Your physical appearance the muscle strength the vitalness, the competitive energies, basically the force of your personality expressed in every way possible. The energies of the Annamaya-kosha, the layer of your body which is visible to the eyes are the 1st house or the ascendant. The 1st house also has its say on how your body and mind can enjoy what is available to you. Do you permit yourself the capacity to enjoy pleasure or pain! Do you have significant personal integrity? Also are you honorable and dependable? This house lays the foundation of your physical life. This is the house of beginnings and the potential that you derive from your birth. Your birth circumstances, social status and the role you are expected to perform in the society. The experience of your early childhood. All of this is connected to the assets you have accumulated in your immediate past life.

How you feel about your social position? Do you actively work to improve it or damage it further? How do others treat you as a matter of routine? Is your voice heard in your social setting? Social ranking is also related to material accomplishment and contributes to your ego. Thus what society thinks of you, determines your quality of life experiences.

This house is counted 5th from the 9th house, thus is the expression of the guidance and philosophies that you have chosen for yourself and guided in this by your Guru, paternal figures, patrons and peers. It is the 9th from the 5th house so is the summation of the deeper understanding of your own creative forces and your active use of them.

Ultimately you desire social validation and use your physical attributes to compete, this lays the foundation of your social personality. The domain of the 1st house.

Dharma Trikon of the horoscope

The Fifth House

This is the house of your creative expressions. The natural zodiac sign here is Leo, ruled by the Sun. So Leo and Sun wherever they may be located will have a subtle influence on the matters of the 5th house.

You are known by your actions, you maybe famous or notorious, both are expressions of your personal creative actions. You will be made visible through your behaviour e.g. a leader with power or performing arts like dances, theatre, musical compositions. Or you will be made visible by your channelising of abstract divine intelligence, your scholarship, publications drawing, painting and writing. This is the house of being Visible, the natural ruler is the Sun!

The 5th also indicates your higher education. Training in skills, practice and preparation. guidance from parents and teachers, personal focus and also your confidence which comes from a secure childhood environment. And then the capacity to think and to convert what you been taught into new actions. All this provides you a platform for your accomplishments which will be then recognised socially.

Another function of the 5th is to create new ways of using information/intelligence and also drive the society as such to a newer understanding of civilisation. Also to create new children who will live in this newer version of civilisation.

(One point to be noted here. I have seen charts with auspicious placements concerning 5th house but having no children. The more powerful this house is, the more will you be inclined to use its energies for high art, high intellectual expression, superb performances, or great spiritual/political leaderships, rather than producing children from your own physical body. If you observe, genuine and great achievers in any field (artists/leaders/sadhus/etc) have no or limited physical children, if they have any they will engage nannies to take care of them.)

This house is the 5th from the 1st house, thus obviously is the creative expression of the personality. It is also the 9th from the 9th, thus is the foundation of auspiciousness and all sorts of fortune/Bhagya in the horoscope.

This is the house of your speculative creativity and its resultant fame. The Glory of your Ego.

The Ninth House

This is the theoretical basis of your life, here you choose the creed you live by here. The natural zodiac sign here is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. So Sagittarius and Jupiter wherever they may be located will have a subtle influence on the matters of the 9th house.

Your belief system which has developed out of your own creative processes and the religious system that you relate you.The paternal figures whom you choose and really respect as a father-figure (Biological father is the 10th house, you do not have a choice in this). This is the house of the Guru, the one who teaches you wisdom. (Modern education is not about wisdom, it is more the 3rd house). The help and support that the society will give you, your peers and patrons and the elders who help you further your place in society.

The philosophies which are your own (the ideas you were trained in are seen from the 4th house). The ancestral wisdom that derives from the ancestors of your current life and the wisdom you have garnered throughout your own past lives. This is the house of sustained study, deep contemplation and the intention of Dharma. You want to know the deepest possible in the domain of study here which may not have any direct practical application but is the foundation of all your mental processes. Your moral wisdom, your sense of humanity and your associations with similarly philosophical persons and institutions. Your understanding of the divine-human association is the 9th.

Your Bhagya/auspiciousness. The 9th house indicates the best of the best associations that you have created for yourself.

All the 4 types of trikons are based on creative expressions. Example, in the Dharma trikon, the 5th is the creative expression of the 1st, the 9th is the creative expression of the 5th and the 1st is again the creative expression of the 9th. Each house is counted 5th from the other. This is true for all the trikons. All the 4 types of trikons are also based on philosophies and deepest understandings. Example, the Dharma trikon, 9th is counted 9th from the 1st, the 5th is counted 9th from the 9th and the 1st is counted 9th from the 5th. Thus they are the deepest understanding and philosophical depths of each other.

In horoscope analysis this 5-9 axis is very important. For analysing every house do take into account the placement 5th and 9th from it. These represent the conversion of all the manifested/subtle assets of that house into new visible creative expressions. These visible actions are then again analysed with newer ways of thinking and converted to deep philosophies. And these deep philosophies are then manifested in the physical realm. This cycle is the cycle of evolution and growth for every house and thus the entire personality.


Dharma Trikon of the horoscope

Libra and more on interpreting charts

I recently read a comment on Facebook that Libra/Tula is the worst ascendant to have, and this comment was being ‘liked. These sort of immature and unbalanced comments can dishearten genuine aspirants from learning this ancient science of Jyotish. So here is my experience with Libra ascendant. This sign is represented by a balance scale perfectly in balance. Every sort of energy is perfectly balanced by this ascendant.

When you read a horoscope there are two things you must remember. Each house is influenced by two signs.

  1. The sign that is actually occupying it and
  2. The sign of the zodiac which would naturally occupy it.

If the ascendant is Taurus the first house will be influenced by 1.Taurus which is actually rising and 2.Aries the first natural sign of the zodiac. Aries will be the subtle influence overlaid on the expression of Taurus here. Whatever may be the rising sign, Aries will always have a say on the matters of the 1st house wherever it may be located in the chart. The two signs and their traits influence each other and mingle to create the 1st house. Now for every ascendant sign Aries will be placed in different houses too. This placement i.e. house number where Aries is placed will also influence your 1st house characteristics.

Similarly Taurus will always influence the 2nd house in addition the actual sign occupying the 2nd house, and so on till Pisces which will always subtly influence the 12th house.

Libra and more on interpreting charts

So when the ascendant is Libra rising, the 1st house will be influenced by the two signs Libra itself and Aries. Two signs, Libra and the sign exactly opposite it, 180 degrees away Aries both now interact to create the personality. For each and every house the actual sign and the sign exactly opposite it will create the house. Eg, the 2nd house will be a composite of Scorpio and its exact opposite Taurus. Similarly the 3rd is a composite of Sagittarius and Gemini. So on till the 12th house is a composite of Virgo and its opposite Pisces.

It is just like you rent your house to your perfect partner and you take his house on rent yourself. Now both you and this guy are interested in the welfare and maintenance of both these houses. And both these houses are right in front of each other so that both of you check on your actual houses all the time.

I had written a post on how a sign and the sign 180 degrees away from it/opposite to it, are complementary. These two signs are mirror images, both filling each other’s blanks. This is the subtle balance that Libra represents. In every aspect of life denoted by each and every house, the natural sign of that house is placed exactly opposite to that house thus subtly completing the missing bits of actual sign occupying the house. Thus the Balance of Libra. The first house is the 7th sign. The force of personality, conquest, competition etc is tempered with the need to ally, to balance, to partner. Thus you get the balance. The second house is the 8th sign. Here the need to preserve family treasures, home life, party and pleasure, food and drink is tempered with the need to work in secret, putting your assets to use and to transform them, to travel, to meditate and delve deeper into the self. Thus every house is in perfect Balance. There are no extremes.

There is another way that the Balance of Libra works. Each planet is placed in a house which is a composite of the sign occupying it and its mirror image. Eg if there is a Saturn placed in Virgo in the 12th house, it will give a combination result of Saturn in 12th (subtly Pisces too) and Saturn in Virgo (subtly the 6th house too). So its result is a balanced and a well negotiated alliance between so many mirrored forces. No extremes will be allowed here, it will be ultimately very harmonious.

If the ascendant is Aries, the first natural house is the first house. There is no mingling of traits between signs to create the house, thus the expression is ‘pure Aries’. Every house in this chart will express its pure traits, eg the 2nd house will be pure Taurus, 3rd as pure Gemini and so on. So the balance or imbalance of each house is felt even more acutely. The first house Aries will definitely give a force of personality and the 7th Libra will give a sense of relationships. But somewhere this person will come across as overbearing and uncaring, and driving in his own point of view, accepting other’s view points only to perhaps to debate them later.

Now a counter example of unbalance, Virgo ascendant. Here the first house is created by a composite of Virgo itself and subtly Aries. In this chart Aries the first sign will occupy the 8th house. The subtle agent of the entire personality, Aries is in the house of forceful transformations of identity. The entire personality becomes subtly more fluid, prone to sudden traumatic identity changes. It is like the solidity of the first house is subtly submerged in the forceful transformations of the 8th. Also the natural owner of each and every house is placed 8th from this house, giving this same effect of subtle forced traumas in the matters of every house. More, the house is now placed 6th from its natural sign, giving a subtle ‘need to serve’. Another example of typical unbalance is the Scorpio ascendant. Here Aries occupies the 6th house and subtly influences the 1st house from here. The personality is again afflicted by the 6th-8th axis problems of servitude, service, transformations of identity, secrets and catastrophic changes.

But unbalance and balance both are necessary. If everything is balanced and harmonious there would be no incentive to grow and improve. And on the other hand if everything was unbalanced there would be no scope/opportunity to evolve. So there is to be a balance between balance and unbalance itself. Both are necessary.

This is how each house is to be analysed,

  1. the actual sign occupying it, the owner planet and his placement.
  2. the natural sign and its location, occupying planets and aspects also have a subtle influence on it.
  3. the axis between the actual and natural signs also has its say.

So in conclusion Libra is a good, balanced and harmonious ascendant to have! Analysing charts is intelligently comparing aspects and influences, subtle and gross both. Sticking on just one characteristic of a planet or sign will lead to lopsided and inaccurate readings. Give time to each chart and reading and try to analyse it in a wholistic manner without pre-judgement and pre-conceptions. Every chart is different, and every individual unique!


Libra and more on interpreting charts









Do astrological remedies work?

Back to Jyotish! Astrologers get cynics and pessimists quite often. ‘It is my fate to suffer, nothing I can do can change it’. And then more commonly, ‘Astrological remedies are just hogwash, if they worked all the astrologers would be millionaires!’.

Horoscope is basically your energy chart. There are always some balanced and some unbalanced areas in this chart. It is an overall chart and your overall life is actually just an average. Some experiences dip below into negativity and some soar above the mean-line into ecstasy. Life is a series of curves, where we experience positive and negative energies as we go along time. But if you observe carefully, both the positive and negative energies are perfectly cancelled out. There is no excess positivity or excess negativity it is all a perfect balance oscillating around a straight line. E.g. The 6th8th, 12th  houses will be the source of all your unbalances. The 1st and 11th in all situations will support. Then there are the planetary forces, malefics are going to dis-balance the chart and benefics will provide stability and balance wherever possible. Finally energy is energy, you can manipulate it or redirect it with your Intention and Will but you cannot destroy it.

So stripped of the mumbo-jumbo, remedies are ways in which you can take control of your own energies. And they will work to the extent you want them to work. Always remember you are in control of yourself. Do not give your power in someone else’s hands ever (that is being a slave to someone).

A favourite example, one young woman wanted to get married, a good horoscope and family background, but there were no real proposals. She had in the latest fashion been wearing her hair in a short crop. The easiest remedy was advising her to grow out her hair and expressing her feminine self. She got married by the time her hair grew out to below her shoulders! Attract the energies you want to manifest. Don’t get overwhelmed and feel scared to work with energy. Manifestation is not difficult at all, it is the simplest thing possible.

Most astrologers will recommend expensive pujas or gemstones or something which will require money. They are useful of course. But getting the correct stuff you need to perform the pujas is now quite impossible. Gemstones are excellent energy-batteries but first you need to find the stones of the required energy levels, then you need to know how to use them.

(Gemstones can be very sweet if you can use them. And know when to charge them and then remove them. Over the years, I have experimented with the stones I knew would work for me. I first wore a cats-eye when I was 16yrs old. Then a Ruby, drained the ruby completely, one day it just went ‘dead’ so removed it. Wore just the Cats-eye, then wore a new Ruby removed it too. Used this Ruby and Catseye combination for 20yrs. But after I turned 36yrs of age, wore a Blue Sapphire with an emerald. The emerald could not cope so drained and ‘died’ eventually. Paired the blue sapphire with a moonstone. Used up the moon-stone. Finally wore the cats-eye with the blue sapphire. Also wore a navratna pendant. Each gemstone works during the time/Dasha of the planet associated with it. I love doing pujas and mantras for charging the stones. My mini-batteries stones, gemstones and crystals are very useful but they are quite expensive. If you want to work with stones, start with crystals like in this post. I also wear Rudrakshs when performing my puja/dhyan.)

Do astrological remedies work?

But on the whole, I prefer to address the energy issues themselves. If the client can work on himself it is the best option!

  1. Reciting the beej mantras of the unbalanced planets, posted it here.
  2. Doing charity thus reducing the impact of their unbalance
  3. Attracting what you want, thus boosting your energies.

If you believe in Sanskrit and Mantras, the best remedy by far is the beej mantra of the planet which has erratic energies in your horoscope. The planets represent your own energies so when you recite the mantra you are using the energies of sound, intention and willingly changing yourself. It is the best option because you are working for your own self. It is empowering you, you are not depending on a gemstone, a pujari, an astrologer or anyone. Reciting the beej mantras also improves your concentration and silences your mind. Later this will help you in case you start a spiritual practice. And it will energise that part of your horoscope which needs the energy boost, a very targeted approach.

Doing charity or helping others who genuinely need is a perfect option for those who are not so much into Tantra/Mantra/Yantra! This does not mean giving money to beggars. The intention is important. Giving millions of money away or starting a charitable foundation does not really work. Actual involvement on an internal level is necessary. You are giving away, so cannot expect something in return. It is a gift from the heart, a sort of forgiveness. When you see others in the process of re-balancing their karmic load you appreciate your own situation better. I always recommend helping out at old-age homes as a remedy for Saturn, it is the kindest way you can heal your own personal Saturn’s unbalanced energies. Be kind to yourself and help those around you who are in genuine need. It sounds strange but it works. You get kindness in return.

Be compassionate, do not empathise or sympathise these emotions might trap you. You should desire that the other person be free from his painful situation and find happiness for himself. Recognising that the person you are helping is also a spark of the divine and appreciating his efforts in resolving his karma is all that you need to do. e.g if you go and distribute sweets/fruits at an orphanage wait in the background while their caretakers distribute the sweets/fruits. Observe the happiness in the tiny faces, feel their happiness and warmth. Appreciate their innocence, that despite being in such a situation they are enjoying themselves. Put in a thought of gratitude to the Universe that their capacity to find joy remains intact. Intend happiness to all, bless the children mentally and quietly come away. You have done a selfless charity of compassion. You do not have to take on these painful emotions of others. Do not become an empath and create actual cords of energy between yourself and the persons you are helping.

Charity is also re-directing energy with kindness. I have seen this several times. If a family cannot get a good match for their daughter/son and if they can afford it, I recommend that they contribute to the marriage expenses of any poor young woman they know of. Maybe their maid-servant’s daughter. And soon their own problem gets resolved.

Finally the question, if astrologers can predict the future why are they not millionaires themselves! A sensible astrologer knows the deeper realities of life, the after-life and so many things which cannot be put in words. We get to see so many examples/clients where the laws of karma operate. Us astrologers know that in our charts the 6th 10th and 12th houses indicate that we are required by karma to use our energies to serve the society! We repay our karmic debts by talking, counselling and listening. This is our form of charity and service. Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of Karma being balanced beautifully! 

No one escapes the need to Serve, the domain of the 6th house. But there are several ways where you can choose to be happy even in the most difficult of circumstances. Choose to be happy and the rest will fall in place automatically. Remedies work as a channel for your mind to focus on and Heal yourself.


Do astrological remedies work?

The story of Hreeng, Durga Saptashati

Another of my favourites, Devi Mahatmya or Durga Saptashati. This is collection of about 700 mantras each one of them very powerful, very cleverly disguised as a story on how Devi Mahamaya kills negative entities/Asurs. It is just like the terribly beautiful Devi wearing her hair in 2 plaits and going to kindergarten wearing a pretty polka dotted frock. This book is more appropriately translated as “The story of Hreeng”, the beej mantra of the Devi, very terrible and utterly beautiful. In north India, people are scared to even keep a copy of this in their houses which is beyond my understanding. (I keep a copy at my bed-side).

So most would know that this book is read like a story during the Navratris and there are pujas involving mantras from this book which can be very beneficial. But for normal people who do not have so much time here are a few quick ways in which you can make use of these mantras most effectively.

The story of Hreeng, Durga Saptashati


First and foremost before you use any mantra from this collection, read the Siddhakunjika stotra once, and then recite the navavarna mantra, ‘Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche’ 108 times. Use your fingers to count the 108. Now this mantra is so utterly powerful that you can use it to create trouble for your enemies or gain Moksh for  yourself or anything else you desire. So treat it with proper respect, pay attention to the pronunciation. Do this on a Friday evening in the bright half/Shukla paksha of the month if possible when you do it for the first time. Any  mantra to be used from Devi Mahatmya should be sandwiched between ‘Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche’, for it to be of any use.

Now here is the pdf of the Gita Press version of the book with the translations in Hindi, turn to page 263 in this book. This is a list of some of the mantras which you can use in your daily life listed with what they can be used for. This is how you should be using them. Eg, For removal of enemies and troubles it is simply given as, “Sharanagata deenarta paritrana parayane sarvasyarti hare devi narayani namostute”. This is to be recited like this, “Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche” once, then “Sharanagata deenarta paritrana parayane sarvasyarti hare devi narayani namostute” recited 108 times, followed by “Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche” once. This sandwich pattern is called, “samputit”.

I have used small sections of this book to do Homa. I love Tantrokta Ratri Sukta it resonates very deeply with me. I have done Homa using this mantra several times. For doing homam/yadnya you should add “swaha” to the end of every couplet/shlok/mantra and drop a drop of ghee in the sacred fire/Agni. (My son loves eating the vibhutis from my homa. He is like an indicator, if I have done the homa with single minded attention and love for Devi Mahamaya it tastes wonderful if not then it tastes bad!)

Then a rather secret way of using the mantras from the book. But gives an unbelievable boost of energy and a life time of asset. You start with the Siddhakunjika as usual. Then choose your intention mantra. Eg. For removal of enemies as above, it is, ‘Sharanagata deenarta paritrana parayane sarvasyarti hare devi narayani namostute’. So you will alternate this intention mantra and the mantra in sequence from the book. Be ready to speak continuously for over 4 hours, cannot stop, cannot drink water and cannot get up. But you will have no enemies for a life time. If you do not have any specific problem that you want the Devi to address, you should recite, “Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayae Vicche” as your intention mantra alternating it with each mantra from the book.

Our ancient seers have left us with such an awesome legacy! The understanding that everything is energy. If you can manipulate your energy you can be always happy and healthy. One of my cousins is a homeopathic doctor, if he falls ill, rather than taking his medicines, he just visualises himself taking the medicine and is back to his healthy self in the morning.

You have everything within you, all the 108 elements, and your body knows what it needs and also can make it for itself. Your body mind and soul can repair yourself in all possible ways. It just needs energy and intention. Use the mantras from this book and don’t be scared of the Devi. She is your Mother, ask anything of Her, pester Her, demand to be picked up in Her arms. She loves you, Love Her in return!


The story of Hreeng, Durga Saptashati

Vignyan Bhairav Tantra

There are several commentaries on the Vignyan Bhairav Tantra. So here I will write a bit on what I use and my experience, as it should be. Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism) gives complete importance to the Observer, the One who Experiences. I cannot comment on something that someone else has observed and experienced. The same event is seen differently by different people, who is correct and wrong? No one is correct or wrong, they all Are. Eg, someone dies, each one of his family members will have different experiences, some may feel grief, pain, separation, agony, happiness, even relief, all are justified and Are.

‘Modern age Gurus’ focus on fancy words and complicated explanations, which intend to confuse and keep their disciples tied to them. I want everyone to understand and eventually experience their True Self. This road is not easy and maybe one in a million will actually do it, but it is the final destination, everyone is moving towards it knowingly or unknowingly.

Defination of Graha from the Suryasiddhant

My Guru taught me a meditation technique from this Vignyan Bhairav Tantra (VBT) which I have detailed in this post. VBT is a collection of 108 techniques for achieving the complete experience of Oneself. Some techniques repeat thus in some translations and texts it is mentioned to be 112 or some other figure. However here are 108 techniques which are described by Bhagwan Bhairav to his beloved Devi Mahamaya Herself. It is the list of options given by the Ultimate to his own fragment souls/us which will help us evade the enticements of His Creative Force! A mind-bender.

So what happens when you do Dhyan. This is Tantra, the practice. Your body is the Yantra, with the energy vertices making perfect multidimensional geometric patterns, a sort of a hyper Meru within you. And your intention is fulfilled using mind entraining techniques called as Mantra.

First and foremost in Dhyan your mind stills. Your mind is imperfect but strangely perfect. This world that we see around us is however quite imperfect. If you can observe energy structures, this world that we see has ‘gaps’ in it, especially around boundaries of individual objects. Our mind cannot make sense of these ‘gaps’, so works to ‘fill in the gaps’ with something that makes sense to it. Our extraordinary mind thus creates a construct. Every single instant your mind is making a construct thus consuming vital energy/prana. It is working frantically every single instant. It needs to be stopped so that it can rest. It needs to be trained to acknowledge the ‘gaps’ and thus slip out of the construct it is creating for itself. It needs to gain confidence to See what is actually there. The Real self is so terrifyingly beautiful, a tremendous paradox that the mind shirks away from “seeing’ it. There are several examples of people who did some spiritual practice or something without proper guidance and lost their minds. Also the mind needs to stop consuming such humongous quantities of vital energy, wasting it creating constructs rather than using it to See Reality.

  • Example from VBT – Bhagwan tells the aspirant to visualise his body full of the Paramtatva/the Ultimate and also the surrounding environment as the Paramtattva too. The skin is to be visualised as a insubstantial barrier between these two sets of Paramtattva. As the concentration becomes deeper the barrier dissolves and both sets of Paramtattva merge and you See the Ultimate. We all are energy, all vibrating at different levels. If the mind can be encouraged to focus on the highest possible energies it will sooner or later entrain itself to this goal you have set for it.
  • The mind in a normal human being works under the direction of Devi Mahamaya. She is the creative principle of the Paramtattva/Bhairav. We are souls born of the Bhairav and we are Bhairav ourselves. She entertains us with her creative force/the mind. In an enlightened soul who has experienced his true identity as Bhairav, mind does not exist as such, it is still, in the Moment.

Now the breathing activity, this connects the mind to the perceived Universe. There are also glaring ‘gaps’ in this breathing activity. The gap between the inhale/purak and exhale/rechak and also between the exhale and the inhale is called the ‘kumbhak’. There are books and books written on this rechak-purak-kumbhak cycle and the importance of Kumbhak. But the operative part is this, the kumbhak is the ‘gap’. If your consciousness can utilize the energies of this ‘gap’ to slip out of the construct you achieve Moksh.

  • Example from VBT – the pran/vital energies do not move in either direction and there is utter stillness, the true self is experienced. There are several references to this Kumbhak ‘gap’ it happens always for a fraction of a second but we are unaware of this as our mind and physical body both partners in crime, gloss over it.
  • Breathing is a very important activity which has to be in your conscious control because this is the most important source of pran/vital energy from the Universal source/Hiranyagarbha/Samashti pran. If you can control the quality and quantity of pran entering your body you have pierced the secrets of the Universe.

Finally when the breath and mind both reach their optimum states of stillness the Reality is Experienced. A simple example.

  • There is a wall of mud blocking your way. You know you have to see beyond it. It is all muddy you cannot see through it. So you take water and wash off the mud. You see that it is in fact a mirror, it is reflecting your perception of yourself. You are caught in your perceived beauty till you realise that you are still stuck on this side. You want to cross this mirror see what is beyond it.
  • You work on the glass again to remove the silvering. It is now transparent you can see through it. There is the Reality you always wanted to see on the other side. You admire it till you realise that you are still stuck on this side of this glass. Even if it is transparent now, this glass is blocking your actual experience. But now you do not know what to do so you keep knocking against the glass with the faith that someone will answer and remove it.
  • Then suddenly you realise that you have now sufficient strength to remove this peice of glass yourself. You do so and merge with your understanding and experience your Self.

Vignyan Bhairav Tantra

Every object that you perceive has the capacity to to lead you to your goal. So the problem is to define your goal. If you concentrate enough on a stone you will become a stone. If you concentrate on the Universe you will become the Universe. If you concentrate on Your Own Self you will Become..

  • Bhagwan Bhairav in VBT tells of concentrating on an enlightened Guru. This is a very deceptive statement. When I think of my Guru, what do I see? A old bald man or the tremendousness that He Is?
  • You can concentrate on sound too, for this Bhagwan tells of the 12 different sounds associated with the different energies of the Dwashant. This is deceptively simple too. But the real sound you should concentrate on is Om, the summary (anta) of the twelve (dwadasha).

All the 108 techniques start off as different techniques but during deep Dhyan they all merge into one continuous experience. You will start off with So-hum, then feel the stillness of the kumbhak, then feel that your eyes will go blind with the crashing beauty of illumination, feel yourself being consumed by time, feel your personal boundary dissolving, it is beautiful and experience is everything. Dissolution of boundaries leads to the light of self realization.

VBT is an exceptional book because it tells you how to go about it. No philosophy and no debates, just the action required. Each line in it is worth a entire book in itself. One post cannot hope to do justice to VBT so will try write more on this as I get more time and experience.

(Here is a link to a copy of VBT, the translations are very basic and word to word.)


Counting on your fingertips

Your hands are very important, you use them to touch, feel, express, work, write, pray and for everything. You also sense the energy of your food, people your touch, stuff you pick up with your hands. The energy chakras in your palms and fingertips are directly connected to the main energy vertices along your spine at the heart chakra. Be very aware of your hands fingers and palms. Look at your palms, the lines and softness/hardness of your palms, see your fingers, how they taper, your nails and look at them, feel them. Sometime when you are relaxed hold objects in your hands, close your eyes and actively try to sense their energies, You will get a sense of light, dark, slime, clearness, weight or maybe a flash of color from these objects. This is a good way of exercising your energy-sense!

Counting on your fingertips

I had written a post on Dhyan. Here your fingers play a very important role. You need to count 108 repetitions your chosen Mantra during the process of Dhyan. You count these 108 using your fingers and the segments on them. This is how you count on your fingers. Refer to the diagram above.

  • When you do your first mantra count, you will have your left thumb placed on the ‘1’ position and your right thumb placed on the “1-10′ position.
  • When you repeat it the second time, your left thumb will move to ‘2’, right thumb will remain steady on ‘1-10’. Thus you will count to 10.
  • When you have to count 11, your left thumb will touch ‘1’ again and your right thumb will move and touch ’11-20′. So you count the ‘units’ with your left thumb and the ‘tens’ with your right.
  • When you reach 100, your left thumb will be on ’10’ and the right thumb on ’90-100′.
  • Now shift the right thumb to the ‘gnyan mudra’ by touching it to ’70-80′ again. And continue counting 8 more counts of your mantra with your left thumb.
  • You will complete 108 with the left thumb also coming into gnyan mudra at ‘8’ of your left hand. Thus you have counted to 108.

Now your fingertips are very important. Modern science has shown that the fingertips are a huge collection of nerve endings and extra sensitive. But our ancients with infinitely more knowledge and understanding of energy knew that the fingertips and their energy chakras/vertices can be used to balance the vital energy/pran looping throughout the body. The energy diagram of the body is at your fingertips!

There are 5 elements/Tattvas, Prithvi/Earth, Aapa/Water, Tej/Fire, Vayu/Air and Akash/Space. Our body is composed of these in various proportions. If these are balanced then the body is healthy and bright. These can be accessed and regulated most easily through fingers! This is the reason why astrological remedies in terms of gemstones are worn in the specific fingers.

Mudras are used for harnessing the power of the raw Tattvas and are very powerful if used with the right intention and the associated Mantra. These are made by touching your fingertips with each other in specific ways. This in the picture below is the Gnyan Mudra most commonly used during meditation. So here are a few basics.

The thumb/Angushta represents Tej, the conscious energy of fire, the index finger/Tarjani is Vayu the conscious energy of air, the middle finger/Madhyama is Akash the conscious energy of space, the ring finger/Anamika is Prithvi, the conscious energy of earth and the little finger is the Aapah, the conscious energy of water. These are Conscious energies of the 5 elements/Tattva, you can interact with them. (These fingers/segments are also linked to your Antahkaran, the inner self, will write about it in my next post.)

Now the 4 fingers, index, middle, ring and little have 3 segments each. The lowest segment is used to reduce the quantum of its Tattva energy, the middle segment to bring it to an equilibrium with the energies of Tej, and the topmost finger to increase the quantum of its specific tattva energy. To do this you will need to touch your thumb/Tej to the segment you wish to use/regulate. The energy of Tej provides the necessary intention which activates these other 4 conscious Tattva energies.

So when you count 108 using the fingertips, you touch your thumb to all the segments of your fingers (except 2 segments, middle and lower, on the middle finger). And this is not just touching them randomly. You are on your Asan, focussing at your third eye, breathing deeply, in a yogic posture/Yogasan and reciting a mantra with your breath, and consciously touching the fingers together several times. The pattern that your thumb traces counting every 10 units is the spiral in the shape of the ‘golden mean’. This has a very powerful effect on the energies of your body and balances you on the deepest level. During Dhyan there are only 3 mantras possible, So-hum, Ham-sa and pure Om which flow and merge with your breathing. The power of the mantra merges with the conscious energies of the Tattva and increases the quality of the its energy. Ultimately the body becomes ‘lighter’. (No other word can describe it, the body feels like its lighter than light!))

One thing to remember. The lower and middle segments of the Middle/Akash finger are not touched/linked/charged with the thumb/Tej. This middle finger/Madhyama is very important. It is linked to Akash, the source of all the 5 tattvas. You increase its quantum by touching the top segment with your thumb but you should not attempt to balance/reduce it by touching the thumb to the middle/lower segments. It can cause problems.

So learn the counting system and use your fingers to count. If doing full-fledged Dhyan is not possible for you. Then at least do a regular mantra-jaap, choose a mantra of your choice, Gayatri or Mahamrutyunjai or Navavarna, or even a single OM is an extremely powerful Mantra. Mantras are Sanskrit no other language. Do a regular mantra-jaap counting on your fingers. You will see a difference in your own self, (physical, emotional, spiritual) within 21 days.


Counting on your fingertips

Shashtyamsha the D60 divisional chart

Today a totally astrology post. So the Divisional chart 60, D-60, Shashtyamsha, ‘your secret life’! This is the chart you get when you divide the 30 degree long rashi/sign into 60 parts, each part being 1/2 deg or 30 secs in length. There are 2 parts in this analysis.

  1. Each amsha/part is also assigned to a rashi/sign, so you can draw a whole new chart using these new planet-rashi placements. This is the D-60 chart.
  2. Each of these 60 parts of a rashi/sign has a defined character. Each planet is allotted to this amsha/part in which its degree falls, and thus takes on its character. There are actually 60 classes of the Shashtyamsha parts. Here you get to know in which category each of the 9 planet fall in and thus their deepest natures.

Thus in this way, the 360 degrees of the Zodiac thus has 720 parts/amsha. Thats enough maths! But astrology is maths, cant get away from it.

So here is our tiny list of important charts.

  1. D-1 is the first divisional chart which we always refer to as the birth chart. The physical manifested reality. We keep on discussing this chart endlessly.
  2. Then next is the birth moon chart, this gives an indication of the perception and emotional filters of your life. Same as the D-1 just turned around, counting the house that has the moon as the first house you get your birth moon chart.
  3. The Navamsha, D-9, the 9th divisional chart, this is the Real You, as discussed in this earlier post.
  4. The D-60 which is another very important chart, we will now know a bit more about this.

So why do this? Divide and subdivide the zodiac to get more and more divisional charts? Each divisional chart gives a deeper insight into the real you, the secret you, the physical you, the astral you, the spiritual you, the emotional you and so on. You and me are very complex beings, you see!

But a note, your birth time should be exact. Only then should you check out the divisional charts, else they will mislead. An error of 1 min will change your D-60. Sometimes I wonder what should be the ‘exact birth time’? Time when the head comes out, or the entire body, or the first breath, or the first cry? It is the exact time when the umbilical cord is cut. This separates the child from the mother, now he /she is an independent individual. Anyways, there is a way of calculating your exact birth time using palmistry. The vertical lines on the fingers are used in mathematical formulae to arrive at your exact to the second birth time. And there are other mathematical ways to rectify the birth time in case you cannot get a handprint. So before dabbling in divisional charts please be sure of your birth time.


Now back to D-60.  What is it used for? It is the final tally of the Karma that you will face in this life, severe karmic losses and falls and gains and spectacular rises in power. The final conclusion of the chart analysis is D-60. There are two ways of using the Shashtyamsha.

1.The first and more familiar way of analysing the D-60 chart.

Sometimes you observe that the D-1 is superb but still predictions fail. There are exalted planets but still they fail, oh so tragically! There are charts which gain tremendous power and prestige but then after a few years are found begging in the streets. Big politicians and businessmen are revealed to be ultimately corrupt. This is domain of the D-60. The final tally of the results that a planet will give. Exalted and beautifully placed planets in D-1 may be too good to be true so look into their placement in the D-60 to indicate their actual final results. If the well placed planets of D-1 become debilitated and are destroyed in the D-60, the dasha/time period ruled by this planet will indicate a disaster and fall in power.

Retrograde planets are always a source of confusion in the chart. The energies of these planets are directed differently thus the results expected can be delayed or even denied. The D-60 is the final on the results of retrograde planets. If the planet is in a good placement in in the D-60 rashi and house it will give its results, may delay will not deny them. Similarly for combust planets, their final results are to be determined accurately from the D-60.

The planets placed in the first house of the D-60 have the final say on the chart’s destiny. If benefic planets, or the ascendant lord planets of D-1 or D-9 are located here, it would indicate an outstanding personality.

However all planets are important in the D-60 and should be analysed properly. The chart is analysed with the same principles of exaltation, debilitation, aspects, etc as the main birth chart.

2. Now let us take a look at the Shashatyamsha categories.

This is the real reason why D-60 is important. The 60 categories. This is very very detailed and the character of each planet is micro-analysed. As per the ancient seers/Rishis this analysis is even more important that the analysis of the D-1. If you open any of the Vedic software like Parashara light you will see some of these names against the planets in a table. The inner nature of these planets can be seen at a glance.

  • Of these 60 categories, 20 categories are fully malefic and a planet falling in theses categories will be ultimately act like malefic. Even if he is exalted or a functional benefic or anything good in the D-1, he still has the potential to turn the chart into a riches to rags story. (Their 20 names are Rakshasa, Bhrashta, Kulaghna, Garala, Pureesha, Kaala, Ahibhaaga, Gulika, Mrityu, Kalaa, Kantaka, Vishadagdha, Kulanaasha, Vamshakshaya, Utpaata, Kaalaroopa, Danshtraakaraala, Kaalaagni, Dandaayudha, Kroora)
  • 10 categories are semi malefic where planets placed give mixed results but tending more to malefic. (Ghora, Yaksha, Kinnar, Agni, Maayaa, Daavaagni, Ghoraa, Yama, Bhramana, Indurekhaa are the categories here)
  • 20 categories of these are fully benefic, a planet assigned to these parts will be a benefic and have a positive influence on the D-1 manifested reality. A real benefic in every sense. (Amrita, Mridu, Sudhaa, Amritaa, Poornachandra, Indumukha, Praveena, Atisheetala, Sudha, Payodheesha, Deva, Apaampati, Heramba, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, Devaa, Kshiteeshwara, Kamlaakara, Marutvaan are the 20 classes in this type)
  • 10 categories are semi-benefics where planet may give mixed results but more benefic than malefic. (Kubera, Chandra, Komalaa, Ardraa, Kalinaasha, Saumya, Komala, Sheetala, Nirmala, Saumya are the 10 here.)

These categories obviously have more detailed meanings than just malefic/benefic, (you can check out Phaladeepika for more), but for a simple post this much is enough!

Why 60 divisions? The ancient Seers of Jyotish consider this chart to be the defining one. The reason comes from the Surya-siddhanta, the Sanskrit text on which all astronomy is based. It is extremely accurate even by modern standards. eg. it mentions the avg length of the tropical year to be 365.2421756 days and the modern value is accepted at 365.2421904 days! So the definition of an astrological ‘planet’, graha, comes from this book. But 60? The Nakshtra, lunar mansions, take an apparent 60yrs to complete one apparent revolution around the Sun (Bhaa-chakra). These 60 yrs have different names too. So 60 is linked to one cycle of the Zodiac around the Sun.

This was a very brief starter post on the D-60. Our seers/Rishis were supermen in the real sense. They mapped out the universe in tiny tiny bits and assigned names and meanings to each one of these bits. Today we have lost most of this deep knowledge. Your friendly neighbourhood astrologer may know a lot but still there is even more that he does not know. Vedic astrology is like an endless ocean of knowledge, the more you learn the more there remains to be learnt.


Shashtyamsha the D60 divisional chart

Plan your baby’s horoscope

In these days of Caesarean sections at the drop of hat and designer babies the astrologer finds a niche. To predict the perfect time of birth for the perfectly perfect baby!

Astrology has become just like the medical profession, there is a cut-practice and you need to go for a second opinion. Also have a basic understanding of the subject, enough to know if your astrologer is scamming you. Am penning this post because I recently came across a caesarean baby whose parents had gone for a ‘timed delivery’, after consulting a locally well-known astrologer but the child had developed some issues coz the Moon was in the 12thhouse. (How could this astrologer give these parents a time where the Moon was in the 12thhouse is beyond me.)

Plan your baby's horoscope

So if you find yourself in a position where you have to have a caesarean delivery and want the best possible combination for your child, read this through. Most caesarean operations are rather in the nature of emergencies, generally your doctor will give you just a day or two to decide. So assuming you have just a couple of days to decide, you will not have much of a say over the moon sign or the signs the other planets occupy, however you can choose which houses they occupy. In short, you can choose the ascendant sign. This is how you do it. It is very simple and even beginners can do it. You will just need to know how to count the houses.

Get a software or app for Vedic astrology. For android I have found “Hindu calendar” by developer “Alok Mandavgane” and for iphones “Drik panchang” by developer “Adarsh apps” to be quite accurate and user friendly. In the settings, put in your location and the Lahiri ayanamsha (in Indian software/apps it will be Lahiri/Chitrapaksha by default).

Then go over to the day you have the delivery scheduled. The ascendant sign changes approx. every 2 hours. So you have to set the time to every 2 hours in that day and copy out the charts as you see them. You will get 12 horoscope chart options.

Now check out which one horoscope fits in the following.

  1. The moon should be in a good house, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th. You will have these many options. Mark these charts on your paper for easy reference.
  2. Then next, the Jupiter should occupy a good house, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th. Check out from above (1) which horoscopes match this requirement. Mark these and discard the others, you will have maybe 4-5 charts marked with you now.
  3. Now you will choose the location of the Ascendant lord/the owner of the first house. Each of your selected horoscopes from (2) will have a different ascendant sign and ruler. Go through each of the charts and locate the house where its ascendant sign ruler is placed. The ascendant sign ruler should be located in a good house, preferably 1st, 5th, 9th, 11th. This will further fine-tune your options and you may have 2-3 probable charts left.
  4. Now for Mars, he should ideally be in the 3rd, 9th, 10th 11th house. Mark the suitable charts again.
  5. Now if you still have options, choose a chart which has NIL or the minimum number of planets in the houses of turmoil ie the 6th, 8th, 12th.
  6. Planets which perform quite well in the 6thare Mars, Saturn, Rahu/Ketu. Saturn can be good in the 8th. Planets good for the 12thare Rahu/Ketu. These are the best possibilities for the ‘unpleasant’ planets, these are optional if you can fit these it is good else ok.
  7. Now these conditions will have reduced the list of the likely horoscopes to the one which is the best possible under the circumstances.
  8. Now you have your time frame of 2 hours. If it is possible choose a time mid way between these 2 hours, if not that is alright too.

Even if you have the time to go and consult an astrologer, do cross check the time he has given you using this list.

Plan your baby's horoscope

Will explain a bit about this list, the basic minimum.

  1. Moon is the most important planet of them all as it is the mind and your emotions. The lens of perceptions and how you experience life. If these are ok then a lot of your life problems seem manageable.
  2. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, the heavy weight of the horoscope. He has the ability to set right a lot of things and balance out the problems. Gives a solid foundation to your life and acts as your conscience too. If he is an a favourable position you will know what is right in life, less likely to go astray.
  3. Now the ruler of the ascendant sign, the lord of the first house. He represents your purpose in life and how well adjusted you are to your environment. It is highly important to have him in a good placement.
  4. Mars is very important, he can be cruel and malefic too but he represents your expression of will, the competitive edge the ability to fight. Having him in certain houses is a advantage.
  5. 6th, 8thand 12thare collectively called the houses of turmoil, dushamsthana. They represent the diseases, debts, enemies, accidents, surgeries, death, exile, loss of vitality, dreams and insanity. Ideal is having no planets here, but that may not be possible so try to have the minimum possible number of planets here. If possible no benefics in these 3 houses.
  6. Malefics are great in dushamstanas. Remove a thorn with a thorn works here. So if there are malefics here, they might create enemies but they will also give the energy to fight and vanquish them.

So here was a quick post on how to choose a time for a caesarean delivery so that your child gets the best possible option in life. But still, there will be some problems and hardships as life is for re-balancing karma. No chart is perfect. You are doing the best you can to ensure the best possible birth chart D-1 under the circumstance. But remember, the detailed divisional charts like D-9, D-60 etc are not in your hands. That is fate and the destiny your child has chosen for him/her-self.

So ultimately, the best you can do after this exercise is, when the operation begins intend the best, focus your intention and will, request the Universe/favourite deity/Parmeshwar so that your child gets the best possible start in life.


Plan your baby's horoscope