Practice daily and trust yourself

Now throughout my posts my recurring theme is please start some regular spiritual practice. You might say that, I say my bedtime prayers or I do go to temple every week, I am spiritual! But what I mean is spiritual Practice.

Spiritual practice is an activity which connects you with your personal energies. No one is going to find divinity somewhere outside. True God is not in a temple or in the mountains or in the stars. True divinity lies within you. Search for it regularly inside you till you find it.

But what are you supposed to do actually?

Start with something very do-able. Breathe. We have forgotten how to breathe! Do slow diaphragmatic/abdominal breathing, meaning when you breathe in, your stomach should expand and not your chest. And while breathing out, the stomach should go in not the chest. While you breathe in visualize white-gold light going in and while exhaling see the black-brown negative stuff go out. Do this mindfully for 5 mins a day? Or more if you want.

Then after you feel comfortable breathing, start the weekly cleansing with lemons/peacock feathers/sea salt whatever you like. Also do ground yourself as a matter of routine. It all there in my previous posts.

Learn reiki from a responsible reiki teacher or if not possible try to activate your own palm chakras. Then do the 10 minute chakra healing everyday before you fall off to sleep.

These 3 steps are good enough start. You will be able to sense your own energies if you practice regularly. And then whenever you feel comfortable with the idea do dhyan. I have posted an audio on youtube on how to do it here. Listen to it and do it if you feel like it.

A note of caution. Today spirituality has become a booming business. There are so many preachers/missionaries/gurus/whatever on the internet and everywhere claiming to raise your kundalini, to take you to christ, to help you get face to face with your god, to get you a wife, job, child, money, endless list, or scare you with sins/paap/hell/misfortune all for a handsome sum of money or a puja or a sacred ash or whatever. Now you tell me is this even possible? Can some actually do this? No, whatever has to be done is to be done by your own self. There are no shortcuts.

If you want a PhD, you will have to go to class 1 to 10, do a graduation, post graduation, study, complete your courses, write your thesis and then ace the test to get the PhD. There are no short cuts. And since this subject of ours is spirituality, knowing oneself, who is the best teacher ? Your own self! You yourself are the teacher and you yourself are the student. Your soul is as old as the universe, and the number of lives you have taken and the things you have seen! Do not sell yourself short. Your faith/Shraddha is the most valuable energy you have got. No one else deserves your faith. Only you yourself. Keep your faith in your own self. In this busyness of life find your own self, listen to your own self.

Do your practice regularly, for 5 mins everyday. Is possible? These 5 minutes per day are the most valuable that you will spend because you are being with the most important person in the universe, you.

Please Practice.


Practice daily and trust yourself

Devguru, conventional wisdom

Now lets discuss Jupiter/Bruhaspati for a bit, the biggest planet in the solar system and in the horoscope too it is quite the heavy weight. A really important planet and his placement can bring up the quality of the horoscope. A nicely placed Jupiter in the 1st, 5th, 7th, 9th houses covers the other important houses with its 5th, 7th and 9th aspects thus can balance your horoscope beautifully.

Jupiter just expands. If placed in the 2st house, you may belong to a large and well off family. In the 5th he will expand love affairs, formal education, children and expressions of creativity. If in the 6th house he will expand your enemies/debts/diseases. And if let loose, unsupervised in the 7th he will expand your partnerships and may even give you several husbands/wives. “Expansion” is his trait and this is modified by presence and aspects of other planets which interact with him in the horoscope. His second important trait is that he does not actively stop harm, but is quite good at “kissing and making an injury better”, and reduces the recovery time after you have got hurt. If he is quite well placed in your horoscope he might just mildly point out that there is a danger ahead but that is about it. But at bandaging and dressing up your hurts he is the best.

So if you want to be able to hear his mild warnings clearly or you you want to shorten your recovery times after the accident do light a desi cow milk ghee lamp on thursdays with the mantra,ॐ  देवानां च ऋषीणां च गुरुं काञ्जनसंनिभं बुद्धिभूतं त्रीलोकेशं तं नमामि बृहस्पतिं ॐ . If you so feel inspired you can chant the bruhaspati beej mantra ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरूवे नमः 108 times, If you are chanting for yourselves it is pronounced as Om grang gring graung sah gurave namah. If you are chanting it for you loved one it is to be pronounced as Om gram grim graum sah gurave namah. If you are even more inspired you can do a homam using this same beej mantra replacing the namah by a swaha.

The stone which resonates with jupiter’s energy is yellow sapphire. In India, this stone is quite popular as Jupiter is supposed to be quite benign and wearing his stone is considered safe.But again compared to gemstones the mantras are more effective as the mantras represent your personal effort, repeated weekly mindfully and with intention. And I repeat, intention and repeated sincere efforts is everything.

One interesting observation is when you have your Jupiter return. Meaning when Jupiter makes one full round of the zodiac and comes back to the same position as in your birth horoscope. As Jupiter takes 12 years to complete one cycle he returns every 12 years. So if you are 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 etc yrs old this one year of Jupiter return will increase your maturity levels in unexpected ways. This year will actually make you older and wiser. So watch out and mindfully make use of this opportunity. Jupiter is ultimately a wise teacher so teaches responsibility and maturity in a relatively gentler manner.

On the other hand a Jupiter transit over your 1st house/ascendent can expand your body, you might actually get fatter, but also your role in society. And his transit over your birth moon sign can help you grow emotionally wiser and understanding.

Jupiter, Venus and Ketu/South node are the major planets in determining spirituality and the progress on this road to moksha. If they are all together or in beneficial mutual aspects then the native can achieve a lot if he takes up some spiritual practice.

And now, you might feel all this to be rather silly, I mean really what can a large gaseous planet actually do?

So lets do this to understand. We all live in cities and what with the light pollution and the smog we really have forgotten how the night sky looks like. And it is such a loss! So in the night today go out and look out of the window and remember how the smoggy skies look like. Then for your next vacation choose a location where “star gazing” is an activity. Then during your vacation, lie down under the night sky and look at the stars and the planets. If your mind is still enough you might sense the energy that this starry night has. Even if you cant sense the energy, I am sure you will feel refreshed on a very deep level.

This is the energy from the stars that we try to map out on a horoscope and every star and planet is different.


Devguru, conventional wisdom

Daityaguru, esoteric knowledge

For most of us Venus is the planet of pleasure of relationships of love and intimacy. The most brilliant in the skies the, “morning star”, very conspicuous and beautiful. But for Sanatan Dharm/Hinduism he is the Daityaguru Shukracharya, the strictest teacher of the most difficult students.

Then let me tell you a story now. There was a sage Angiras who had a Gurukul/school and taught the best and his students were the most renown. He had a son Bruhaspati. And his most brilliant student was Shukra. The Devatas are entities inclined to Satvic and Rajassic energies. So these Devatas went to Angiras and asked him to refer his best student to be their Devguru. Angiras knew that the best was Shukra but fatherly interest intervened and he instead sent Bruhaspati to be the Devguru. This hurt Shukra deeply and on a rebound, went and offered his services to the Daityas (enemies of the Devatas) and became known as Daityaguru Shukrachayra.

Now Shukra knows that his students are the Daityas, more inclined towards Tamasic and Rajasic energies and not all of them are eligible to know the deepest knowledge. So the best teacher of them all has the worst students. And he being the best teacher obviously teaches his lessons the best.

  • Satvic energies pull you towards your real self/Parabrahma
  • Rajasic energies pull you towards the affairs of the manifested works, the domain of Mahamaya, the creative aspect of Parabrahma
  • Tamasic energies are heavy and don’t move, they are still, depends on what use you make of them. Most normal persons channelize them for attainment of worldly pleasures.

Shukra’s teaching methods are not really straightforward. He allows you everything that seems to give you pleasure but slowly and surely spikes that experience with “something  missing”. You then search and search some more trying to find that relationship which gives you continual pleasure. Then finally you realise that this relationship can only with your own self. The ultimate pleasure is being with your own self as nothing outside you can ever satisfy you completely. Then the real teaching begins.

Odin, the God of the Vikings is modelled after Shukra. Shukra has one eye and had done a highly difficult tapa/penance hanging upside down from a tree, praying to Shiva. Indra, the chief of the Devatas, got scared and sent his daughter Jayanti to disturb Shukra. She lit fires around the meditating Shukra and despite the discomfort he continued his tapa with singleminded concentration. Thus ashamed Jayanti begged his forgiveness and later married him. Shiva too was pleased and granted Shukra the most esoteric Sanjeevini vidya, the ‘intelligence or the essence of the most highest Life’.

Daityaguru, esoteric knowledge

In a horoscope Shukra, Venus is the determinant for relationships at all levels, from business partners to life partners, of beauty, harmony, brilliance and also the ultimate knowledge or moksha. He is also the agent for addictions, from alcohol to gambling, sexuality, to utter moral ruin.

It would seem strange that the agent of moksha, Shukra is also the agent of worldly pleasures and debauchery too. But do understand that these worldly pleasures are the tests. If you are going to be satisfied with a beautiful wife and a lovely home, Shukra will just go with it. Then at some point of time you will get disillusioned with your wife, you will desire the deepest knowledge not just superficial stuff. This time if you go to Shukra again, if you pass his test, and ask for the ultimate knowledge he just may give it to you. Shukra is the strictest teacher of them all, hiding his strictness under an enchanting brilliant beauty. If you can pass his tests he is most generous with his knowledge. But his tests are the most difficult as they don’t even look like tests. Unlike Saturn, who looks like the strict teacher he is, Shukra hides his true nature under a garb of beauty.

In a horoscope if you want to find how spiritually inclined a person is check out the placement of Shukra and the axis that it makes with Bruhaspati and Ketu. If these planets are either with each other or 180 degrees from each other, then the person has a very high potential for spirituality. If this axis involves houses number 5, 9, 11 then it will be even more pronounced.

If you want to sit for Shukra’s exams and ace them, on a Friday light a small ghee lamp with the folllowing mantra ॐ हिमकुन्दमृणालाभं दैत्यानां परमं गुरुम् सर्व शास्त्रप्रवक्तारं भार्ग्गवं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॐ |

You can also do a 108 times recitation of Shukra beej mantra ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः |”Om Draang Dreeng Droung Sah Shukraya Namah” if saying for your own self. Or if doing it for someone else then “Om Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah” If you are interested in doing a small homam you can use this same mantra replacing the namah by swaha. You will need a pyramidal copper kunda, desi cowdung cakes, desi cow milk ghee.

Now for the thing that has been really worrying me. “Diamonds are forever” has managed to brainwash an entire generation of unfortunate young women who have insisted upon a diamond wedding ring and managed to poison their married lives. A diamond is the stone that resonates with Shukra’s energies and should be treated with that same amount of caution as you would a blue sapphire. It can be downright dangerous to continually wear a diamond in your ring finger without giving thought to whether it suits your horoscope and whether that particular stone resonates with your personal energies. Then you need to do an initial puja on it, charge it before wearing it and continually keep on recharging it. Young women, please wear a heavy gold ring for a wedding ring rather than experimenting with a diamond. Because if it does not suit, it will slowly but gradually, almost imperceptibly poison your relationships, drag down your moral compass and later you will have a “something missing” vague feeling about everything.

But then for young women, if you really are attracted to diamonds, only place where you should wear it is, in a nose pin in your right nostril. It then helps in regulating the function of the pingala naadi and resolves problems related to the menstrual cycle, helps your mindset and also increases your self confidence. Try if if you have your right nostril pierced.


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