Like your magic black anyone?

This post is just for information. Please do not practice such stuff either by yourself or visit practitioners who take money for doing these things for you or do it at your own risk.

So here we go. Suppose you owe someone money. How do you get out of this debt? You could work hard, earn the money and repay. This would be nice, you have managed to get a job, learned to save, and repaid. And guy would be willing to help you in the future too. But then you decide to go the “black magic” way, get a goon to break the legs of the guy you owe money too and force him to write off the loan. So you got free of the loan, but that guy will never help you again, curse you instead and the goon whom you hired now has a permanent tab on you. What route you choose to pay off your debt depends majorly on your past life experiences and thus your moral compass.

In using black magic, the “goon” is a force of negative energy.

  1. Charging a lemon with negative intentions, and giving your victim a lemon soda of that lemon to drink. Kneading flour with negative intentions and giving the bread/chapati to the victim
  2. Making such negatively charged food and under the pretext of offering “prasadam” giving it to the victim. This is a very easy means of attack as we Indians are gullible and willing to eat “prasadams” without thinking twice.
  3. And then it can go to as far as the practitioner catching himself a ghost/pretatma and using it to wreak havoc in your victims life. And how do they get hold of a pretatma? Its actually quite easy. Women who died giving birth or pregnant, and buried, not cremated after that are the easiest victims. Such pretatmas are under severe trauma at the moment of death with a large store of wishes/regrets and can be easily trapped with a few mantras and kept imprisoned in mirrors or something and then forced to be a “goon”. This vulnerable pretatma is also a victim of the highest degree. Not allowed to move on in its path for a new birth, but forced to inflict torment on other humans. These can be further transferred to newer masters and by the time they get free (if they ever do) they are most probably insane.
  4. But there are higher level negative entities, pishachyas and such like who actually enjoy being a “goon” and inflicting negativity on the victims. These are willing accomplices of their masters activities and often leech out large amounts of energy from the victims for themselves.

This is the darker side of the energy game. And I am using this word “victim” on purpose as no one deserves such attacks of negative energies on their lives.

But the reason I penned this post was that so many of us are under such subtle malicious attacks of negative energies that we need to be aware. How do you detect if you are such a victim?

  1. For those who can see auras there will be a very thin layer of black color overlying the entire aura, or black/grey patches may be seen.
  2. For those who know how to use pendulums, (or check out my post on pendulums) the pendulum will swing in agitation when brought in the aura field of the victim.
  3. You can use a egg, and roll it against the persons neck, behind the knees and in the crook of the elbow for a few minutes. Crack it open after 30 mins, if negative energies exist the egg will be spoilt
  4. And most commonly there will be a sensation of hair standing on end, feeling of a shadow around, nightmares and the whole stuff.

If you feel that you are being a victim you can use your intentionspeacock featherschi ballssea salt,or lemons. But if you feel that this is not simple ill-wishing but more targeted attack then you will have to go to a professional to get rid of the negativity.

Do realise that as you can benefit by working with energies, you can also be harmed by others using negative energies on you. Take measures to protect yourself always. Start a regular spiritual practice.


Like your magic black anyone?


Use the healing energies of Sound

Sounds have power, cutest example is, a tiny baby gives one tiny gurgle and its mom is instantly alert. That tiny gurgle carried volumes of information which the mom subconsciously understood and responded too.

The basis of creation is our first pranavmantra, Om, vibrations at the frequency of 7.83 Hz is the basis of the Sanatan dharma. To harness the power of this Om, you just need to say it out aloud, and what can be more easier than that! Try this on a holiday first, every hour you are awake, take 1 minute for yourself, close your eyes, fold your palms in the namaskar position, keep your back straight and speak Om. Feel the sound come through your belly and feel your body resonate, drag out the last mmmm sound and enjoy the silence as it ends. Do this thrice and feel your day improve.


Next in importance is the maheshwar sutra, a sequence of 14 sutras, which are said to have emanated from Shivshankar’s damru. It is a highly complex mathematical thing, and if you dont believe me google for the number of PhDs done on this topic. This is such an important sequence that during yadnyopavit/upnayan, this is the akshar sequence taught to the young children. Our Varnamala derives from this. But coming back to the energy point of view saying this sequence once a day does activate the body nadis.

१. अ इ उ ण्।
२. ऋ ऌ क्।
३. ए ओ ङ्।
४. ऐ औ च्।
५. ह य व र ट्।
६. ल ण्।
७. ञ म ङ ण न म्।
८. झ भ ञ्।
९. घ ढ ध ष्।
१०. ज ब ग ड द श्।
११. ख फ छ ठ थ च ट त व्।
१२. क प य्।
१३. श ष स र्।
१४. ह ल्।


Then we come to the mantras in Sanskrit. From the gayatri to the mahamrutunjai to the beej mantras, It is the magic of the sounds recited with a clear heart full of gratitude and mindful intention. You do not need to know the meanings of the mantras for them to work. Sanskrit is linked to our very souls, it works right there. Our souls deeply understand it, our conscious mind does not. So if you read somewhere that this is the meaning of the mantra, its just silly because Sanskrit is like a palimpsest or an onion with several layers of meanings hidden within each other. For utilising the full energy of the mantras they should be repeated for 108 times. This repetition causes resonance of the mantra to its highest possible energy value.

Then we come to the music which everyone can enjoy. Listen to, dance to and watch performances of. We Indians have experimented with sounds since time immemorial and thus we have our music as Raga today. It is even documented which raga is most appropriate for what time.


And Raga can be used to heal illnesses too. The music arranged in specific rhythms has the ability to put things right.

raga diseases

To try this sometime, listen to the instrumental versions of the raga rather than the versions with vocals.

This music has the ability to shut down the conscious mind and trigger the subconscious into healing your own self deeply from within. This is the best possible healing as you yourself are doing it and also enjoying the process.

You have read so much, you are now reading this blog, but now is the time to stop reading and trying out. Look at your watch, check out the time and from the table above check out the Raga for this time. Search on youtube “Raga, the name, instrumental” and close your eyes and just listen. Let the music enter your soul and heal you deeply from within.


Use the healing energies of Sound

Add energy to your gold and jewellery

Aurum, gold has fired the imagination of the human mind since ages. Obviously gold is equated with riches and being wealthy. But so many lives have been consumed in gold rushes, prospecting for gold, wars for stealing others gold, fighting with your siblings for the family gold etc.

Gold is the residence of the Goddess of Prosperity, Shri or Laxmi, Bhagwan Vishnu’s wife. So why should it drive the human mind crazy? Gold attracts, in the sense, gold metal has the ability to absorb intention and reflect it back faithfully. This makes it very very attractive for the human mind at the subconscious level. The misers of this world like to keep a hoard of physical gold where they can touch it and feel it.

But for me, gold has a totally different meaning. Gold is a tool in your energy work.

Everyone do this experiment. Most of us own a bit of gold, either a chain around the neck, a bracelet or a ring. Sit on your asan or in a quiet place and hold the gold in your palms. With utmost sincerity say the Srisukta over the gold. (This link is the correct text, the first 16 shlokas are to be recited). Feel the energies of the mantra entering the gold. Feel the presence of Laxmi Herself in the gold. Wear this piece of charged gold jewellery and see the difference in your life. Do this regularly once a week or so depending on your experience.

In case you are facing a money crunch, charge a small gold (or even silver) jewellery with the Shrisukta and keep it in your money box. Shri Laxmi Herself will come into your life. Just remember this is to be done regularly, at least once a week for continued prosperity.

Another thing that you should be very careful of is wearing gold worn by others, Never wear jewellery given to you by your parents or anyone directly. First wash it with charged water, hold it in your cupped hands and recite the Shrisukta on it once before wearing it. As the gold has been worn by someone else it has already taken on the imprint of that person within itself, his sorrows, diseases, regrets all may affect you when you wear it next. In fact, never wear anything used by someone else, may it be your loved grandmother, before cleansing it.

For cleansing or charging

  • For gold /silver use Srisukta
  • For gemstones use the beej mantra of that planet or Shrisukta as per your wish.
  • For clothes you receive from others, first wash the clothes in a water with a pinch of Sea salt. If you cannot wash them, put a pinch of sea salt in a paper packet, intend that it will remove all impressions of the previous owner. Put this packet in on the clothes for 5 mins and then flush the salt down the sink and the paper in the trash.

(If you cannot recite the Shrisukta, then you can recite ‘Om Mahalaxmayai namah’ or recite ‘Om’ over it a few times with focussed intention)

So if you own gold, charge it and wear it for its benefits. Do not just dump it in a locker and think of it as an “investment”. Gold is a living tool in your hands.

And yes there is a reason why we wear so much of gold, silver and copper or other metals on our bodies. Remember what I keep saying about our bodies being electromagnetic and not biochemical? The right side of the body is a bit more positively charged than the left half. The front half is more positively charged compared to the back half of the body. Wearing metals on specific parts of our bodies helps balance the electric currents flowing through our bodies. For example we, in Sanatan Dharm, pierce the earlobes of a 16day old baby, both boys and girls, and immediately put a thin gold wire through them. This point corresponds with the Pineal gland of the body. Doing this activates and ensures proper functioning of this master gland of the body.

And here is something that can inspire the gold-lovers amongst you, if you are well off and can afford buying 100gms of gold, make a chain for your waist. Remember gold is never to be worn below the manipur chakra of the body. It should sit exactly on your navel. This balances all the chakras/energy vortices of your body and generally thieves wont see it even if you go out alone. Wear gold bangles/bracelets in both your hands as we touch a lot of stuff with our hands. These bracelets act gloves protecting the energies of your hand from what ever energies you may be exposed to. Similarly wear silver chains in your ankles. Their energies will act as energy socks and protect.

So buy gold, as an investment if you wish, but do charge and use some of it for balancing your bodies and bringing even more prosperity into your lives.


The Sun, Surya the Soul

Fatalistic astrology? Not really!

One of my acquaintances, who is on her 50’s and is an astrologer and tarot teacher herself, recently fell severely ill and strangely became quite careless about taking her medication on time and taking care of herself. When asked why, she quite calmly replied that she knows that she will die in the next 5 years and her body is breaking down in preparation and what is the point of medication. Not depressed in any way but in calm acceptance of the reality.

I felt quite bad hearing this. Not for the impending death of course, but for the mindset. Astrology or divination does not mean fatalism. Yes, all have to die and bad things happen which can be seen from the charts but this sort of mindset was for me was unbelievable.

Life for me, till the very last second is an opportunity. An opportunity to do good, to set things right, to repay my debts and then to progress on the spiritual path. Only while you have a body can you act. Of course in the pretatma/spirit phase too, the jivatma/soul is in motion and involved in several things, but this is more of enjoying the fruits of the actions you did when you were alive. You can perform action/karma only when you are alive in a human body. The human life is immensely valuable, in several mantras and shastras too, its quite clearly mentioned that humans have advantages which even the devatas (gods) do not have. And who knows if at the last second something happens that gives me a tremendous spiritual jump? Life is Hope. And the deepest meaning of Hope for the spiritual seeker is this, “I will be free, I will see my true face, will know my true name and experience my own self fully!”.

Similar is a situation where a client comes in and in whose horoscope I can clearly see  a very negligible chance to conceive and have children. But I know the remedy to this, daily one repetition of Srisukta followed by the specific chant for Santaanlaxmi. अहिखग वाहिनि मोहिनि चक्रिणि रागविवर्धिनि ज्ञानमये । गुणगणवारिधि लोकहितैषिणि स्वरसप्त भूषित गाननुते ॥ सकल सुरासुर देवमुनीश्वर मानववन्दित पादयुते । जयजय हे मधुसूदन कामिनि सन्तानलक्ष्मि त्वं पालय माम् । If the client says these mantras with a positive intention she will definitely have one natural biological child. She may not have lots of children, but one child will definitely come. But it is the choice of the client whether to do it sincerely or not.

And of course ignoring medication or remedies prescribed in time may or not change the broad events outlined in the chart. But they will definitely change the intensity of the event and also shorten the recovery time after. But you will be living a more comfortable and well adjusted life till then, being more happy and able to do your actions.

So does knowing astrology making you fatalistic? Calmly accepting the future as inevitable? No, a big No.

There is this Sanskrit shloka, from a text on astrology, Phaladeepika which says, फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः । को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना ॥. It means, “the movement of grahas can only give indications of events to the ones who desire information. Who can speak with exactness on events except the one and only Creator?”

And then there is “free-will”. We humans do have a small but significant scope for free will. If we accept your future is set in stone, then free will does not exist. But we know free will exists. Sri Krishn has himself said to Arjun after telling him the entire Bhagwat Gita, 18 chapter, 63 verse, the last words so as to say, “iti te jñānam ākhyātaḿ guhyād guhya-taraḿ mayā vimṛśyaitad aśeṣeṇa yathecchasi tathā kuru”. It means “So I have explained to you very secret knowledge. Deliberate on this completely, and then do what you wish to do”. Thus Yogeshwar Krishn himself tells his disciple and cousin Arjun to think over what has been told to him and do whatever he wants!

Thus do remember Free will does exist, destinies are not set in stone, your efforts are recognised and Use every minute of your life.

Astrology is not fatalistic.

‘It ain’t over until the fat lady sings!’


Fatalistic astrology? Not really!

Power your Intentions

Sankalpa is intention in Sanskrit. Sankalpa literally means san+kalpa. Kalpa has several meanings including resolution, process, idea, wish etc. And san indicates proper, apt, complete etc. So Sankalpa or Intention at the very basic is the wish to create.

All that we do, every action, we do because we Intend to do it. We go wake up, get dressed, go to office, eat, rest and play all because we intend to. These are the daily intentions which do not require much energy. These intentions have become “routine”.

But now you are required to do something out of your “routine”, for example you want to start going to the gym. This intention requires a lot of mental energy. You have to force your mind to wake up that 1 hour earlier, go down to the gym, work out, get back everyday till this also becomes “routine”.  So you see, though you knew going to the gym was good for your body and you really really wanted to fit in that new classy dress you have bought, but still powering that intention required a lot of sustained mental power. But you did it! You were convinced deeply that you wanted to wear that dress and you knew that gym was the only way. So, you powered you intention, used your mind and brought about the change you desired!

So now you know that the mental power required for the intention is directly related to how much your new activity deviates from your “routine” and how deeply you are convinced about this activity.

If you have always drunk coffee the first thing in the morning, suddenly stopping this habit may well nigh prove impossible. But suppose you had a health complication, an ulcer, and the doctor advised you to stop. So here is your motivation, your health and then your intention (though unwilling) to stop drinking coffee gets powered up and you stop.

Sometimes you see confirmed atheists suddenly getting all spiritual and going and taking sanyas, actually renunciating the world etc. You ask them, “How!?”, and they reply that they had a life-changing experience. Something so severe happened in their lives that that they had deeply change. This was the universe intervening and making them change.

Now apply this same to your samskars, Samskar is a Sanskrit word which means the mental habits that you have picked up not just in this life but also over several previous lives. Our ultimate objective is to come out of these deeply ingrained habits which have affected our souls. This is the moksh that we all are searching for.

When we, tiny bits of the universal consciousness separated, we took lives, were born and died and were born again, we took on habits from these lives and carried them around with us. This excess baggage literally took on a life of its own and we started believing that the baggage is us. Freeing our consciousness from this accumulated baggage is the goal of all spiritual exercise.

Do think deeply within yourself. Are you “Priya”, “Deepak”, “Susan”, “John”? Are you a “officer”, “businessman”, “student”? Who are you really? Underneath all these words what is your real identity?

So Intend today, that you will find the Real You, pull away from the Samskars, dump the excess baggage!

So try to change, adopt a more spiritual lifestyle, do something that relaxes your mind and brings out the divinity inside your own self. Do it while you still can of your own violation rather than waiting for the universe to intervene with its “life changing experience”

Sit still and be with yourself.


Power your Intentions