Learn to make a Chi ball

Chi balls are balls of energy that you can create between your palm chakras.

Our body is not biochemical but is electromagnetic. Thus there are chakras, energy vortices in our bodies. The main ones are seven located in our spinal area from our coccyx to the top of the head, from muladhar to the sahasrara chakra. But there are other minor chakras too, in the center of our palms, in the center of the foot, etc.

How to activate the palm chakras is simple if you have been initiated into Reiki. Just draw all the symbols you have been taught on both your palms, cup your palms and focus. But even if you do not know reiki it is quite possible to activate these chakras. I have mentioned how to do this in my earlier post “working with energy“.

So when you start feeling a whirring of energy in between your folded/cupped hands, slowly draw your hands apart. If the whirring stops bring them closer again. The whirring means that a ball of energy is being created within your palms. This is the chi ball. If you can see auras at this point of time you should be able to gold/silver or blue/green or pink or similar shimmery colours in between your palms now.Now to use this ball of energy. Some of the stuff I have done with the chi balls I made

  1. Made it rain. Inserting a rune “Haglaz” in the chi ball and throwing it up into the skies. It not only rained the next day but it also made tiny hailstones.
  2. Pushing a stuck project. Visualised how the finished project would be like and pushed this image into the chi ball and released it into the skies.
  3. Helped my child who had fallen ill, recover faster. Inserted all the reiki symbols I knew into the chi ball and let it be absorbed in my child’s aura.
  4. Healed a client’s past trauma. Actually this is possible with just the Reiki “Hon she zha shen” symbol but putting the intention and the symbol inside a chi ball worked even better.

So there are lots and lots of things that you can do with chi balls. Making and using chi balls is absolutely a plus in your energy healing kit.


Learn to make a Chi ball

Sea salt as an energy tool

The sea is indeed so bountiful, it provides us with everything, from being a reservoir of water, food, wind, sea currents and anything you might think of. And for those who can see auras, the energy of the sea is very positive and healing in nature.

And that brings us to the most familiar gift from the sea right in our kitchens, sea salt. A simple process of evaporating sea water in salt pans and we get the salt. But no, we humans have managed to mess up this gift from the sea and today the cooking sea salt “refined salt” available with your grocer is devoid of energy and totally worthless for consumption. But we have been conditioned to believe that “refined”, “with added minerals”, “free flowing” and what-not is actually good. So we are stuck with our refined salt filled with anticaking agents, titanium di oxide and other unnecessary and even toxic chemicals.

I remember as a child in the 1980s, my mom would buy a kitchen salt that was slightly greyish white, crystals and would get damp in the monsoons. And it tasted not purely salty but tasty. I could suck on a crystal like it were a boiled sweet loving the taste. Then somehow refined salt made its entry in my kitchen and I forgot how sea salt really tasted like. Then a few years ago I remembered and searched my local grocers for this sea salt of my childhood. Of course I did not find it in shops, as they all sold refined salt. But then I managed to locate this “samudri” salt  (samudra is sea in Sanskrit) in a shop that sold supplies for cattle nutritional supplements. At least the cattle are getting the benefits of pure sea salt.

So now lets see what all sea salt can be used for, first obviously as a table salt and in your kitchen will add the natural salt taste to your food.

Then for cleansing the aura, do this once a week on a Saturday or a Tuesday. Use a natural crystalline sea salt for this, not ‘refined free flowing salt’.

  1. Take a fistful of sea salt in your right hand and move it around your own head in a clockwise manner seven times. Then throw the salt in the sink turn on the water and let it dissolve down the drain.
  2. If you want to soak your feet in a bucket of warm water once a week, put a fistful of seasalt in this water. Ensure that the water reaches upto your calves and do not touch your feet to each other, relax for 15 mins. Visualise all your stress draining into the water. Dispose off the water carefully in the toilet without splashing it everywhere.
  3. If you are really low, you can wrap a fistful of sea salt in a cotton kerchief and keep it under your pillow overnight. In the morning carefully wash off the kerchief under running water. Dont drop the used salt let it dissolve completely and down the drain.

As a SOS. If you are really really low. Like if you are bone tired but have to go to office. Take a fistful of seasalt wrap it carefully in a cotton kerchief, tie a few knots so that it doesn’t spill. Keep it in your pocket throughout the day and then after you are done wash it off carefully. But remember this is a SOS not a daily thing to do.

And once a week or as you feel like, mix a fistful of salt in the water you use for cleaning your house floors and and wipe them out. This will remove all the negative energy residue that gets accumulated in the house. I am reminded of one incident, one of my clients young son had an imaginary friend who looked like “chhota bhim”/a cartoon character, it was a highly high level negative entity who had “befriended” the child. My client had a very big house and the child had a personal loft in their bedroom where he would sometimes read or play alone, his personal space. When we understood what was happening, my brother and I cleaned out the house and counselled the child against talking to strange entities even if they look like his favourite cartoon. Still for the next few days the child would say that the ‘chhota bhim’ is calling him. It was strange as we had “cleaned” the house thoroughly. So we asked the mother (she really loved the child best, maternal energy is quite powerful) to wipe out the child’s personal play space, the loft with salt water. She did it and then, the entire bedroom and the house “shook”, there was an unbearable stench and the mothers arms were in pain. But it was worth it, as the child then stopped hearing the voices, life went back to normal.

So salt is a very useful item, use it often to replenish your energies and clean out your houses and auras but always with a deep intention and a heart filled with gratitude.




Easy keywords for the basic chart

A quick capsule on how the horoscope is set up and what each house signifies. Learning astrology/Jyotish is all about matching patterns. The 360 degrees of the skies are divided into 30 degree units called rashis or signs, Aries to Pisces/Mesha to Meen. The exact degree of these 360 degrees which was rising at the east the instant you were born is the Ascendent. Taking this all important point in the skies, the 12 houses are set up each of 30 degrees. So if you were born when the 15th degree of Taurus was rising in the east, the first house in your horoscope would be from 0 degrees of Taurus to 30 degree Taurus, your second house would be 0 deg Gemini to 30 deg Gemini and so on till your 12th house would be from 0deg Aries to 30 deg Aries. Thus you get the 12 houses/bhava of the chart.

Now each of the houses signifies a particular aspect of your life and your body. For example,

  1. First house/Ascendent – Personal self, status in society, ego, the head
  2. Second house – the family assets, the lineage, family history, the shoulders
  3. Third house – the neighbourhood, extended family, brothers/siblings, your arms and your boldness
  4. Fourth House – the mother, landed property, emotional security, comfort zones, the chest specifically heart
  5. Fifth house – the education, the children, the expressions of creativity, the lungs and diaphragm
  6. Sixth house – disease, debts, enemies, arguments, the digestive system
  7. Seventh house – partnerships, wife/husband, agreements, the back
  8. Eighth house – death, routes into the unknown subconsciousness, organs of reproduction
  9. Ninth house – the external religious behaviour, the deceased ancestors, the thighs
  10. Tenth house – the father, the profession, the knees
  11. Eleventh house – the networking of people, the sources of gain, luck, the calves
  12. Twelfth house – the deep subconscious, the internal spirituality, the losses, the ankles

These keywords are generally the same for and can be used for the 12 rashi/signs also.

Now in vedic astrology, there are nine graha. Graha in Sanskrit means a “force” not planet. There is this site http://spokensanskrit.org which is invaluable for understanding the meanings of Sanskrit words. A single Sanskrit word has numerous meanings so do visit this site to increase your working knowledge of regularly used Sanskrit words.

  1. Surya – Sun – personal ego, source of all energy in the horoscope, father
  2. Chandra – Moon – emotions, mind, mother, emotional security comfort
  3. Mangal – Mars – valor, expression of the personal energy, competitiveness, brothers
  4. Budha – Mercury – analytics, communication, calculations, thinking process
  5. Devguru Bruhaspati – Jupiter – expansion, teacher, conventional knowledge
  6. Daityaguru Shukra – Venus – relationships, spiritual teacher, esoteric knowledge
  7. Shani – Saturn – restriction, contraction, karmic balancing, work
  8. Ketu – South Node – apathy, indifference, non-interest, repulsion
  9. Rahu – North Node – greed, craving, attraction, over-reaching

Of course there are several more meanings to these, but I have listed out just a few important ones which are the easiest to remember to start with. The rashis/signs have their own meanings too which are similar to those of the houses.

Start a journal and keep on adding more keywords as you study and apply your studies in reading horoscopes.

So there are 9 planets/graha, 12houses/bhava and 12 signs/rashi. Now you use your common sense, a bit of intuition and the interactions between the keywords to interpret.

If your Moon is in the 3rd house in Virgo. So add these sets of keywords (emotions, mind, mother, emotional security comfort), added to (the neighbourhood, extended family, brothers/siblings, your arms and your boldness) plus (disease, debts, enemies, arguments, the digestive system). You will get a person who finds emotional comfort in talking, is a good communicator, knows the right words to use, is very confident especially with his maternal relatives, mother and quite patriotic about his homeland. He may be a counsellor as he can talk to to others about their problems/diseases etc, or a nursing/practical work related to health/has to serve.

The horoscope is all about how these 12 signs, 12 houses and the 9 grahas interact. And if this was not enough, the grahas naturally keep on moving in time and space, so to predict one has to calculate the interactions of these birth positions with the current positions of the grahas. It does sound complicated but it is mathematics coupled with your intuition. The mathematics for this is all from the Surya siddhanta written by Mayadanav. And the intuition comes with regular spiritual practice.


Easy keywords for the basic chart


Be kind.. to yourself

The most important lesson that I have learnt experimenting with various ways of divination is to be kind. Unfortunately “Be Kind” has become quite cliched now with lots memes about “kindness” doing the rounds on our whatsapp chats. Its boring and anyways who has the time to be kind to others! (facepalm moment).

But no, I am not talking about being kind to others, that is necessary of course, but what I am insisting on is that you first be kind to your own self.

Being kind to others! Well, I am sure we all have done this, offered our seat in a bus to someone elderly or helped a lost child locate his mom in a store. But being kind to your own self, am sure you are not even aware of how cruel and hard you are being on your own self.

Anyways, how do you even be kind to yourself?

When I look at the charts of my clients, in that one moment, I know them very deeply. more than their wives/husband or even more than they themselves know their own self. I see the snapshot of their whole life, their childhood, their dreams their sorrows and even their deaths. So what do I do? Obviously I cannot tell them, but I am human too. Seeing their lives in the chart moves me deeply, and in my own way I empathise. For a brief instant, I live my client’s life vicariously, through his horoscope. Thus I understand. And then I try to be kind. In that limited time of my interaction, I answer their mundane questions and also gently encourage them to take up some spiritual practice so that they can better prepare themselves for what is to come in the future.

If you can give a few minutes for your own self every day, maybe just 5 minutes a day you are putting up a huge asset for yourself for later.

We work, our physical bodies work and then rest at night. During the night our bodies rejuvenate and then get ready for the next day. But what about our minds? During the daytime we think and think, in our spare time we think and in our sleep too, our mind is working, in our dreams we still experience and our minds keep working.

So the first step in being kind to your own self, is to stop thinking. The exhausted mind needs its rest. Try any of the following to give your mind a rest..

  1. If you have been initiated to Reiki, do a 10 minute healing on your 5 lower chakras everyday before you sleep. You keep your left hand on your third eye and your right hand, first on the muladhar, the swadhisthana, the manipur, the anahata and the vishuddhi chakras for 2 minutes each. While you do this just focus on your breathing, breathe deeply and slowly. Visualise silver-gold light entering in with each inhalation and blackness moving out with every exhalation.
  2. Do Dhyan (my favourite prescription) at least once a week!
  3. Choose your favourite mantra or stotra, only Sanskrit will work remember. Next check out which singer has sung it correctly and in the way you like. Then in your darkened bedroom, lie down, make yourself comfortable and play it softly. Place both your palms over your heart and feel. Feel each word, each sound from the mantra entering your mind and body relaxing it and at the same time energising it. My personal favourite is the Vishnu sahastranama stotra sung by Uma Mohan (on youtube), and its a good 20+ minutes long rendition enough for the entire body and mind to relax.

Give time to yourself. You always give time to others, the family, the job, but neglect your own self. You deserve your own attention. Remember if you ignore your physical body, you will ultimately fall ill and your doctor will take care of you. But if you do not take care of your mind, no one else will.


Be kind.. to yourself



Analysing transits of the Moon

One of my major reasons for writing this blog was to inspire everyone to take control of their own lives and try, really try to make it better on a deep internal level.

And I do not mean this in the materialistic physical sense. Buying a new car would be so awesome and would definitely make you happy but this this happiness will evaporate the instant you see a better car model on the streets.

It is so easy to blame too. I can blame my mom for not giving me tasty food to eat as a child or blame my husband for not taking me for a vacation, or even worse blame my child for creating a nuisance just when I want to sleep.

My clients invariably blame their horoscopes. “This Saturn is in this house and that is causing my problems!”. And most of the astrologers you meet will also ditto this very same line. But why do you forget that the horoscope charts out the moment when You were born! You Chose to be born at that instant of time and space. It is Your Own Choice. We have so many unresolved and unbalanced karmas to go through and naturally this huge quantum cannot be gone through in one life. We take a series of lives where we work off certian portions of this accumulated stuff. So your horoscope just shows you in black and white what you have chosen for yourself in this life. I hope all of you must have seen how your horoscope looks like? If not, I strongly suggest you use any of the free sites on the Internet to check how it looks like. (I am a Vedic/Indian astrologer so whatever I write on will be based on this system.)

The moon in the horoscope is the primary determinant of your emotional state. If you are in a happy place emotionally the disappointments of life seem insignificant but if you are already under an emotional stress even the tinest upsets will shatter your heart. It is all about perspective, your birth moon.

So how do you know what your moon is upto today. Here is a very tiny astrology lesson which can help you set your mindset for the day. And it will take only 1 minute of your time now and then 5 seconds everyday. This is how your mindset changes with the transits of the moon. The moon is the fastest graha moving through the 360 degrees of the zodiac in 28 days flat.

Check out in your birth horoscope, which sign your birth moon occupies and mark out the 6th, 8th, and 12th signs from this. If your birth moon is in Aries then the 6th would be Virgo, counting Aries itself as one, Taurus as two, Gemini as three, onwards. Scorpio would be 8th and Pisces would be the 12th.  Now download any of the phone apps for vedic astrology. For android I have found “Hindu calendar” by developer “Alok Mandavgane” and for iphones “Drik panchang” by developer “Adarsh apps” to be quite accurate and user friendly.

Check out the present position of the Moon in the sky from the Panchang submenu. If the current day’s moon is in your 6th, 8th and 12th signs which you have counted above, be mentally prepared for possible unpleasantness.

Now for the pleasant days, count the 1st and 11th from your birth moon sign/rashi, for this example it would be Aries itself as 1st and Aquarius as the 11th. When the current moon is in any of these signs rest assured that the day will be generally quite pleasant. The remaining days of the month will be average ones generally.

The Moon’s Transit from birth Moon sign Rasi, some very general readings.

  • 1st house i.e. the same sign as your birth Moon sign – Good to Excellent
    • Comforts, good mood, good health, good time in office/home
  • 2nd house – Average to Bad
    • some stress caused by family/friends, unnecessary expenditures
  • 3rd house – Average to Good
    • Gains, happiness, some monetary benefits, some skills learnt/used, good work in office/business
  • 4th house – Average to Bad
    • Unnecessary travelling, disturbance to peace of mind,
  • 5th house – Average to Bad
  • Arguments, heated discussions, heat related small health issues
  • 6th house – Bad to Worse
    • illness, physical fatigue, arguments, needless money spent
  • 7th house – Average to Good
    • Respect, gains, good times spent with partners business/personal.
  • 8th house – Bad to Worse
    • Losses, tension, worries, traffic, injuries, ill health
  • 9th house – Average to Bad
    • Mental uneasiness, needs help from seniors/teachers
  • 10th house – Average to Good
    • Success, gains, good times in office or things related to social status
  • 11th house – Good to Excellent
    • Prosperity, comforts, gains, good health, good mood and conducive surroundings
  • 12th house – Bad to Worse
  • Injuries, expenditure, sadness, loneliness


And the major reason that I want you to do this small baby exercise is that you will…

  1. check out your birth horoscope
  2. find the position of moon in it
  3. try to count the rashis from your moon rashi
  4. get in the habit of checking the current moon sign for the day (it changes every 2.25days)
  5. do a small prediction for yourself
  6. be mindful of your thought process throughout the day
  7. get interested in astrology after a few days, I mean really interested and soon be on your way to learning astrology yourself.

So here is your first step at learning practical astrology. Do try it.


analysing transits of the moon


Water has psychic energy

Water is that universally freely available source of energy. But in todays world a very minuscule percentage of us has actually drunk “water”.

Most of us drink water out of the taps in our houses or bottled water that we buy from stores. This is not real water. This is a processed liquid which is subjected to several physical and chemical tortures before being served to us. This water is very very low on energy, its condition is like that of a man severely beaten up. In addition it has added harmful chemicals like fluorides etc. But unfortunately, this is what we have been conditioned to believe is actually pure water.

water has psychic energy

So what is real water?

Natural water from clean mountain springs or rivers is the real water. It may not be filtered but is full of the natural energy that makes it actually good.

But these sources of high energy natural water are also quite limited today. You cannot go and drink water from any random stream water. Human activities have moved up the into the higher mountains also and this has changed the quality of the water flowing in the mountain streams. For example in the Indian Western ghats extensive mining activities have polluted the mountain waters sources here.

But we Indians are still lucky that we have the biggest source of high energy natural water still available in the higher reaches of the Himalayan river Ganga. The nearer you go towards Gaumukh the purer the water is. There have been numerous studies carried out on the waters of the Ganga where they have found beneficial things like low surface tension, useful colloids, macrophages and stuff. But then those who can see auras should be able to see the most interesting side of these waters. The aura of the Ganga river water is silver-gold, vibrating at the highest possible energy levels. We Indians, after a pilgrimage to the Ganga, bring back a bottle of her living water to keep it in our puja rooms.

If you have some Ganga water in your house do not just do its puja, use it. One drop of this high energy water if added to your regular drinking water will raise the overall energy of the water which will help your bodies and souls.

But most of us do not have such easy access to Ganga or living water in our cities and our busy lives. So here is a very easy way to increase the energy of the water you drink. You can buy bottled water or drink from the tap but first pour out the water in a small copper kumbh/kalash (A copper pot shaped like this below), let it remain in this for just a minute. Always drink from this copper kumbh not steel or glass cups. But be sure that the kumbh is copper on the inside. (One rather oversmart shopkeeper once tried to sell me a kumbh/pot made of steel which was coated with copper just on the outside.)

water has psychic energy

Do remember that more than 70% of your bodies is water. So do try this simple remedy to energize your drinking water and thus increase the energy of your entire body.  Do this for 21 days at a stretch and observe the difference in yourself.