Food has psychic energy

For the longest time we eat food prepared by our mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters at home. Or for the more unluckier ones food prepared by a chef or a cook in a hotel or a mess or a canteen. So we rarely get to eat food prepared by our own hands, and what a lot we miss out because of this!

Food is not just the carbohydrates, fats and proteins and assorted micronutrients. Food is energy, in every sense of the word the food we eat and the water we put into our bodies becomes a part of Us. So be very very careful on what you are putting inside you.

Indian food is predominantly vegetarian, and every vegetable is a medicine. eg turmeric, garlic etc have documented medicinal properties. So when we add turmeric to food we are actually taking a small dose of medicine with every bite.

The person who is making the food and his mindset at the time of cooking it has a very deep impact on how the food is. The mother or the wife when cooking the food for her family generally has love at the back of her mind. She knows that she is cooking for her loved ones and she understands her responsibility so her emotions of love also enter the food. Call it the aura of the food.

But perhaps an overworked cook in a commercial kitchen may be cursing his boss or the fact that he has not got a raise and these negative emotions also enter the food. Some of you may have felt this. You went to an expensive restaurant, ordered a nice dish, it even looked good but it failed to satisfy. The energy of the food was all wrong.

This is the concept behind “prasadam” which is given to devotees in temples. The food placed before the God’s moorthi during puja picks up the energy of the mantras chanted. This food even in minute quantities nourishes our souls.

In Indian kitchens even today there is a small moorthi of Goddess Annapurna so that the person cooking it remembers the Goddess while he/she works. Annapurna literally means the “one who completely satisfies the Universe with food”

But the best food that you will ever eat is the food that you cook with your own hands. It is your own energy and you know that you yourself are going to eat it. So your higher self residing within you ensures that the food prepared is the best possible for your soul. And in this world of frozen food and microwave ready food and tv dinners we are missing this privilege, of eating the food prepared with our own hands.

So do start, try to prepare at least something every day, maybe as simple as a salad or boiled rice or even tea. And to add more energy to it, listen to something that uplifts your soul. Classical music to mantras what ever makes you happy. So that your positive emotions add to the quality of your food.

(In my family dinner means a minimum of 2 vegetable dishes, one dal/curry, rice and chapatis with curd, pickles, salads etc. which I cook. One evening, I was high on Veerbhadra Dhandakam, a stotra which describes how Shiv destroyed the Yadnya of Daksh Prajapati and how Devi Sati destroyed her physical manifestation and returned to Her energy form. The energy was so intense that, every single thing I cooked that evening burnt! Since then I stick to very soothing Annapurna stotra or Vishnu Sahastranama!)

Do eat something that you yourself have prepared everyday and you will be well on your way to self healing.


food has psychic energy

Pendulums as energy tools. Dowsing!

A pendulum is an essential component of your energy healing kit. So what all can you can do with your pendulum. Read on.I use a purple amethyst or a rose quartz crystal pendulum for my work. I prefer using living crystals and not metal. And I have on occasion used a rudraksh seed which I wear on a chain around my neck or in a pinch used a ruby pendant which I use as a jewellery at times.

A effective pendulum  should be

  1. Your own. How to do this? Hold the crystal/rudraksh/gemstone in your palm and with all possible pure intention and gratitude tell it that it is yours and that you want its help. Keep it in your pocket and take it about with you for some time or alternatively keep it under your pillow once in a while as you sleep.
  2. High on life energy (prana) – A perfectly cut crystal with no cracks and no obvious discolouration. Or a really pretty one which appeals to you. You hold it in your hand close your eyes and it feels just right.

What can you use this pendulum for?

  1. Some use it for answering questions. Somehow this really did not work so well for me may be it will work for you, do try it.
  2. I always use pendulums to create protective shields around myself, around my loved ones, my house and even my car. I always combine a mantra which I play on the speaker and keep my mind on my intention of protection. I have observed that the pendulum swings in different ways for different mantras. The most spectacular swinging was when I played the Devi khadgamala stotra (from this  link from 2.40minutes to 8 minutes is the actual stotra.) The pendulum actually described the SriYantra. I do this regularly and every time the power of the mantra and the geometry that the pendulum swings in amazes me.
  3. To locate grey spots in your house. The space that we live in, our house, is also dynamic and over time energy changes may take place creating patches of negative energy inside your house. In presence of positive energy if the pendulum swings clockwise, it will swing anticlockwise in presence of negative energies. Use the pendulum to locate and cleanse such grey spots in your house.
  4. To release negative energy trapped in your body. Pain can be relieved by pendulums very easily and if you use a mantra in the background the healing will be faster. I have found Dhanvantari mantras linked to pendulums to give the best results for healing.

So experiment with your pendulums and mantras and heal yourself.

If you are not well, you are the best judge of what is happening to you because you are going through it, experiencing it.

Your higher self knows what is required to heal you and a pendulum, a mantra and your subconscious is most likely the best possible healing available to you.


Pendulums as energy tools. Dowsing



Waking up a crystal

Sharing something my brother did for me.

A bit of background, for the past 20 odd years, I have been travelling frequently to Delhi and have had to stay there overnight too. And we all know Delhi has a rather blood stained history. For the past 1000 years this piece of land has been under continuous attacks from the Muslims to the British. And lakhs and lakhs of people have been horrifically killed on this piece of land. Thus this Delhi resonates with immense negative energy and there are several ghosts still chained to that land.

I have never been able to sleep in Delhi ever, even when I was younger and did not understand much of energy and stuff. And in case I did manage to sleep, the nightmares that would follow were unbelievable.

So my dear brother who is a Reiki teacher himself, did this cute thing to help me.

He got a perfect clear quartz crystal pyramid for me and initiated it to a Reiki grandmaster level. The crystal pyramid became conscious and even gave himself a name. He was awakened with the intention of helping me exclusively, so I now take him with me when I travel and request him to change the energy structures around my bed so that I can sleep and he does it. When I am too tired to do healing on myself again my crystal pyramid comes to my rescue. In return I keep him in my puja near my Meru and allow him to pick up on the mantras I chant and pujas I do. It is gratitude from me, to my crystal, for helping me.

How was this possible?

Crystals are living beings in the sense that they have life force (prana) though at lower vibration states. A clear quartz is a natural stone with a highly ordered lattice structure and this then cut precisely into a highly ordered pyramidal structure increased its basic energy. And when the Reiki attunement was added to this pyramid it became self aware enough to give itself a name. And because my brother loves me with a clear heart and his intention was to protect me, his intention was strong and pure enough to be transmitted to the newly awakened crystal pyramid thus orienting it.

I have not come across another example of this happening using Reiki on the Internet as yet. And in fact my brother did try doing this with another crystal pyramid for another brother of ours, but that crystal did not wake up as clearly as mine did. It was all in the intention, for my brother protecting me, his sister, was the strongest and purest intention possible, so we think it worked the best.

But using crystals for healing and as power sources is not new. In astrology we have always used gemstones (just more expensive crystals) for healing and as powerbanks for ages and ages. Reiki was just another way of using them.

But a note of caution, because here we are requesting another life form to help us, the intention and sense of gratitude must be very deep and pure else it will not work and we may actually end up harming that life form.

Everything is alive from the specks of dust to the huge stars themselves and they all have the capacity to help us. We need to just develop that single pointed intention and deep sense of gratitude for towards that single Universal energy.


Use your crystals, tips and tricks

Amavasya, use the energies

The no moon day, supposed to be full of dark and dangerous energies is called Amavasya in Sanskrit and most Indian languages. When I was a child my mom would always be hyper alert on this day and would not allow me to go out in the evenings to play with my friends. That day I had to be satisfied with playing indoor board or card games. But growing up and as my understanding developed, I now look upon the Amavasya as an opportunity to clean up. During this day and night and most importantly during the evening twilight and midnight the atmosphere is very heavy with tamasic energies. Tamasic energies are not negative energies.

Energies as per our Sanatan dharm/Hinduism are basically of three types

  1. Satvic – energies related to our true consciousness or energies which help us move towards our true self
  2. Rajasic – energies related to objects of this universe or energies which bind or attract towards an object of this manifested universe (not our true self)
  3. Tamasic – energies which are still, which do not move and represent a mental darkness, energies which are at rest, unmoving.

Energy should always be in motion, only then does something happen. Tamasic energies of the no moon night a a bit special as they are still unmoving. On amavasya days/nights the tamasic energies predominate and the movement of energies is stilled. During such times if an individual works with energy it is easier as the interference from the environment is less. So this time is a gift and should be used for our own personal spiritual development.

So on Amavasyas try to do the following as possible.

  1. Avoid eating heavy or spiced food, the energies of the body should not be wasted on digestion. In fact keeping a light fast would be even better.
  2. Cleanse your physical aura using salt or peacock feathers or lemons. Do the same for your loved ones and your house too.
  3. Sitting on your asan, do a jaap 108 times of the mantra of your choice. Remember mantras are only from the Sanskrit language, no other eg Gayatri mantra, Mahamrutunjai mantra etc.
  4. Remember the Intention for the day is to progress in Spirituality and to live a happy healthy life, thus to let go of whatever is hampering your progress in this gently.

Just do these simple things with gratitude and calmness, it will be of immense help and you yourself will notice the positive difference in yourself. These few minutes, maybe 15 minutes are your own minutes where you are putting something by for your own internal stability and happiness. Do it.

And remember that the energies of the Amavasya can also be used for creating trouble, black magic, for causing pain to others. So when you go out in the evening or night be alert. Most commonly in India there are lemons /rice /etc dropped at places where 3 roads cross.

Any action can be done for good or for evil, the action itself is not good or bad, the intention of the doer turns the fruit of the action to good or bad. And also good/bad is a matter of perspective, any action for the good of one may be bad for the other.

You be the best you can be and see how the Universe responds by being the best possible it can for you.


Amavasya, use the energies



Using the Energies of Saturn

Everyone is scared of Shani, and it is quite natural, because Shani is our past, and everyone is rather scared of ones own past.

In our past lives we have done a lot, and I mean a whole lot of activities tagged with, “I, am doing this” and all the energies associated with those actions have taken the form of Shani. In Sanatan Dharm this is the “karma”. (The word Karma basically means to act.)

Now these energies from your past demand to be balanced and Saturn is the taskmaster who will ensure that you balance out each one of those actions. If in your earlier life you were a hard hearted husband who made his wife sleep on the floor you just might find yourself buying a bed for someone in this life (that person was the wife of the past life who has now come for balancing the energy and the karma).

Saturn is just like that strict teacher from school who never joked in class but taught something so valuable about discipline and using your resources fully that you remember him with gratitude for the rest of your life. Saturn is just that strict, teaching discipline, first using what you have fully before taking on new stuff, organising and learning the bitterest lessons of life with calmness and steadiness. Saturn is in short “growing up”.

No one really likes to take responsibility and Saturn ensures that you do just that, face up to your past and set things right. Our past is full of things which we did right and also those things which we did wrong. Our past happinesses and regrets both have to be faced up to. Just because Shani represents our past regrets does not mean we should be scared of him. He is here to help us not punish us. His lessons are prolonged, slow and we are required to learn patience and persistence. He then rewards us with maturity.

Then the dreaded “Shani Sade sati. The seven and half years of Saturn transits effects over your birth moon sign and the sign before and after it.

As soon as you visit a astrologer who wants to make you his regular patient, he will sooner or later invoke “Shani sade sati” to try to put you under a fear psychosis. If not sadesati then the Shani Mahadasa or Antardasha or Pratyantar dasha, or in fact anything to do with,” Saturn is going very bad for you and you have to now shell out money for pujas etc”.

But in fact your Shani periods are the periods of “house cleaning”. You clean up your life and get rid of the energies which were of no use to you anymore. These unwanted things, things which have outlived their utility can be anything, from relations to jobs, to mindsets, to houses, anything which has outlived it use. And in some cases this can be your body too, death of the individual where he discards the body which is of no more use to him.

Shani also restricts, in the sense he forces you to use whatever has been allocated to you fully, to completely consume it and only then will he allot just that much extra as much as you can realistically use. No more but no less too. Shani forces you to utilize your internal energies to stop your disordered activity patterns and move towards regulation.

If you are going through a Shani period this is the basic that you must do so that your mindset changes and you adapt to the events going on in your life more easily. If you do this with complete intention and a sense of gratitude it will work wonders.

  1. Every saturday do a Jaap of the Shani beej mantra 108 times it is this .. ॐ प्राँ प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चराय नमः .. And do remember as you are saying this for your own personal self it is to be pronounced as “OM prang pring proung sah shanaischaraya namah”. In case you are doing the jaap for someone else it should be pronounced as “OM pram prim proum sah shanaischaraya namah”.
  2. If you so feel inclined and you have the materials, a copper pyramidal hawan kund, desi cow dung cakes and desi cow milk ghee, you can yourself do a small hawan with this same beej mantra replacing namah by swaha.
  3. On saturdays light a copper small lamp with cotton wick and sesame oil in your own house puja ghar saying this small mantra for Saturn. Om Nilanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam. Chaya martanda sambhutam tam namami shaishcharam OM. Sanskrit is ॐ नीलांजनसमाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम्‌ छायामार्तण्ड सम्भूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम्‌ ॐ
  4. And finally depending on how hectic your schedule is try to do Dhyan once in a while, once a week is quite possible I think?

And Gratitude to Shani? Yes, do try to develop a mindset where you are grateful to the Universe for all that is given to you. All the good times and all the bad times. These too will pass. This is all a journey where we pick up experiences and thus live. How boring would it be if we had only one type of experience all the time. The hard times help us appreciate the good times more and the good times provide us with a hope that helps us overcome our bad times. Ultimately good or bad is just the mindset. Change your mind and the universe changes for you.

Use your Shani periods wisely to balance your karmic load and try to develop a mindset which does not sway with the times.


Obsessively Ambitious Kaal Sarpa

Lemons, the best tool for energy work

Lemons, so what all can I write about Lemons? Not about the taste and Vitamin C content obviously.

Lemons are one of the most common items used in energy manipulation. If you have lived in India, especially on Saturday and Tuesday nights or on Amavasya/no moon nights and on places where 3 roads cross you might see a ‘tantric” ritual involving lemons sprinkled with kumkum, rice, turmeric and stuff kept at the crossing point. Best keep away from such lemons.

Lemons for some reason can be loaded with extra energy. And am sure that you will find this statement quite silly.

But then try this, if you are generally feeling low or oppressed or under a load of negativity. On a Saturday or Tuesday night, take one lemon in your hand and request it, put your intention very clearly to it that it takes on whatever is oppressing you and the negativity around you. Hold it in your hand for a minute or so and then keep it under your pillow and sleep. And then the first thing in the morning take it keep it on a paper/plastic, carefully cut it without spilling the liquid everywhere and throw the entire thing outside your house in the trash. And see the difference. Do it once a month or so for regular cleaning up of your aura’s energy.

If you feel your entire house is suffering under the evil eye or general negativity, you can remove the oppression by using 4 lemons, putting one lemon in each corner of the house for the night. Or keep just one single lemon at the main entry door inside your house. Dispose it the same way as above the next morning.

This is the same reason why shops and cars in India have lemons and chillis with a bit of charcoal tied to them and this “charm” is replaced every week.

Evil eye or “nazar” does happen. It is nothing but a burst of negative energy from anyone, even someone you see on the street who for an instant gets jealous or envious of something about you. On an astrological perspective evil eye seems to affect persons whose birth moon is placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th house in the birth horoscope more intensely. Or if Ketu is associated with the ascendant sign or the ascendant lord.

So do clean up your aura and your house of negativity once in a while. Lemons to the rescue!


lemons are an energy tool

Try to sense your chakras

Believe it or not, all of us, at all the time are working with energy. We are a ball of energy ourselves moving in the vast continuum of time and space.

Our past lives and karma are the energy events which occur at intervals of time and these can be predicted through various tools. Some of these are horoscope, tarot, cartomancy, iChing, runes, cowrie shells and anything you can think of. I have learnt several of these methods and they all match. If as per the horoscope the period is good then all the other methods of divination also show positive results.

So in my personal experience the reader is the channel and the rest is just a tool. If the reader has developed an ability to tap into the vastness of the Information available then he can use any of these tools as a medium to access this information. Of course the great sages and sadhus are also such highly developed readers who can just close their eyes and see the information without any need for tools like horoscope or runes.

Our Sanatan Dharm always tells us to stop being the “doer”, in the sense that we should stop labelling our actions with the tagline, “I, did this!”. The moment we do this this action and the packet of energy it represents gets attached to us as a karma. This causes our personal energy to get unbalanced and then the karmic load makes itself felt which demands to be balanced. So if we stop tagging the action/energy with our name we can stop this vicious cycle of unbalanced karma.

If our personal energies are balanced and stable then we can more easily access the Information available to us. And for balancing our personal energies regular spiritual practice is a must. The easiest practice is doing Dhyan, mindfully contemplating the third eye and the breath (prana).

Our bodies are not biochemical but are actually electromagnetic. I would really encourage everyone to get initiated to Reiki from a responsible Reiki teacher. It is one of the easiest means to visualize the energy patterns flowing on our bodies. (But finding a good one would be rather difficult in this age of commercialised energy-techniques). So if you are not so sure about getting Reiki initiation try this easy method to sense the movement of the 7 chakras in your body.

  1. Sit in a quiet place with no external light or sound or in your puja room in your house. In front of your altar or deity. Sit simply crossing your legs or in some yogic posture or on your asan as you feel comfortable.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Briskly rub your hands on each other and then fold your hands in the namaskar position (palms joined together a slight hollow between the two palms, relaxed). Breathe deeply and focus on your third eye between your eyebrows.
  4. Now think of your source of faith, deity, Universe, mantra anything which makes you feel grateful, touches your heart. Request its help. Ask it to give you energy and strength.
  5. Now chant any mantra of your choice, gayatri or Mahammrutunjai or Shrisukta or any beej mantra or even Ganpati atharvasheersha or any of your favourite Sanskrit mantra. If you are not sure about mantras you can recite Om. If you cannot recite any of these you can recite your favourite hymn/song or anything which brings you close to your source of faith.
  6. Continue reciting with intention and focus and soon you will start feeling your palms getting warm, even hot. Remain relaxed, it is the easiest thing.
  7. Do this regularly once a day, for a few days and you will feel a tingling and then a whirring in your palms as the chakras/energy vertices in your palms get active. (should take max 4-5 attempts) It will get easier to activate them now onwards and the flow of energy will also be stronger.
  8. Once you are able to sense your palm chakras, the energy of the universe is accessible to you. Remember your source of faith with gratitude every time you do this. If you start some spiritual practice and do it regularly your body will be able to channel more and more quantum of energy. You can use this energy to heal.
  9. To heal, the easiest way would be to hold glass of water in your palms. As your chakras move, intend healing and visualise the energy getting into the water. Charge the water for a maximum 5 minutes. Drink this!

So go ahead and try this small exercise. Start noticing the movement of energy in your own bodies.


Try to sense your chakras