Astral travel, how to control it

Recently I came across a new client who complained of being tired all the time, getting typical pressure type of headaches feeling dizzy, getting flashes in her eyes and all this despite having a comfortable life style and sleeping properly. And was spiritual with a regular puja schedule etc. The doctors did not find anything wrong with her physical body.

I looked up her horoscope and it was so interesting to see that she had her ketu conjuct with venus which was her ascendant lord. The saturn was in the 12th house aspecting the moon in the 6th.

But my client was travelling astrally almost every night and that explained her physical symptoms. Our body is made up of layers, the physical body is visible to the eyes the other bodies are more eletro-magnetic in nature can just be felt. The way I visualised it was her other bodies were literally flying away from her physical body like kites. It was the first time I had seen someone in such a state. Of course this was partly reflected from her horoscope.

Ascendant venus with ketu – disassociated feeling of “self”, apathy and non interest in the physical sense of the self as in the physical body

Saturn in the 12th house – the main karmic planet in the 12th house of ‘unknowing’, 12th house represents dreams, sleep, unknown depths of the mind etc. And saturn representing her karmic burden and the karmic work that she had to perform in this life. So her main karmic workload was in the realm of dreams and subconscious state.

Saturn aspecting moon in the 6th house – the emotions and expression of emotions was highly restricted and her understanding of the subconscious realm during her awake state was practically nil.

There are 4 types of existance, jagrut (awake), swapna  (dreaming), shushupti (deep sleep) and turiya (transcendence). And in all these states we have to fulfill our karma.

So my client was in her swapna state leaving her body, moving about in her astral form and completing a sizeable amount of her karmic load in her sleep. And her physical body was suffering badly as a result and she was completely unaware of her astral travel. It was understandably traumatic for her as she was using up all of her energies in the dream state and not knowing what it was being used for.

There was a relatively easy way to settle her other bodies properly inside her physical body. The powerful Gayatri mantra in its complete form.

भूः भुवः स्वः  महः जनः तपः सत्यम्
तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि
धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्
आपो ज्योती रसोऽमृतं ब्रह्म भूर्भुवः स्वरोम् |

She chanted this full Gayatri mantra 108 times in one set, thus was able to fix her other bodies back into her physical body and her dizziness, flashing lights nausea symptoms faded. (Sit on your asan, in any yogasan posture. Keep your palms in the bhairav mudra on your lap. The recite this long form of gayatri, 3, 27 or 108 times. Keep your focus on your ajnya chakra between your eyebrows. Each of the vyhrutis, eg. om bhu with the muladhar, om bhuvah with the swadhisthana, om swaha with the manipur, om maha with the anahata, om janah with the vishuddhi, on tapah with the ajnya till the om satyam for the crown chakra help ‘fix’ the chakras and all your energy bodies to these chakras.)

For recovering her energies I advised her to do reiki healing on herself everyday which worked wonderfully. And for reducing and stopping such daily astral travel again reiki worked with drawing cho ku re symbol over her feet and ankles locking her body during sleep. And as she had a regular dhyan puja system in place already she was strong enough to bring about her own cure

It was wonderful working with this client as she realised her own strengths and whatever was done to treat her problems was done by her own self.

I believe our higher self, hidden within us, knows what is going wrong with us and if allowed to can perform miracles.


astral travel



Peacock feathers as an energy tool

Today will be sharing my experience with peacock feathers. Of course Shri Krisna wears a peacock feather in his crown and it is a synonymous with Vishnu Himself. But why? Curious? A peacock feather is one of the most effective ways to clean out the aura. Try it the next time you have a stress headache. Make a brushing off motion with a bunch of peacock feathers around your head and feel your headache disappear.

And this is how you make a high positive energy charged peacock feather bunch. Choose 108 perfect clean peacock feathers. I bought them for Rs 10 per feather in my local market. The “eye” on the feather should be perfect and brilliant. Use a red/yellow cotton thread which you can get in any puja material store. Sit in front of your puja ghar/altar in your house or else face the east or north. Recite the Siddhakunjika stotra once and arrange the feather in a bunch with the “eye” of each feather facing outwards. After you have arranged the feathers properly tie all of them securely using the red/yellow cotton thread.  All the while doing so recite the navavarna mantra ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चे 108 times. And it is ready.

You can use this bunch of charged feathers to clean out the negative energies from your house, your own bodies, to protect your astral self during sleep etc. Just keep it in which every room you want to clean out or once in a while wave it on the doors and windows of your house. You can also keep it on your night stand, in a cute vase, next to your bed so that it looks pretty and also protects you from negative energies as you sleep.

Its an indispensable tool which is very easy to make and is extremely effective too. A must have in every house. And there are no rules on how and where to keep it. Just that a basic amount of respect for it as a tool in your energy kit is all thats needed.

And if you don’t believe all this, keep it in your living room as a decorative item at least. Keep it in a cute setting so that every visitor to your house sees it. I guarantee you will see the results for yourself very soon.


Peacock feathers as an energy tool


Why I dont prescribe gemstones

Go to any astrologer today and the first thing he/she will do is scare you. I mean really, scare you, with some line like ‘good you came to me at this time, you are about to suffer a major misfortune!” or something like this. Most of the astrologers charge by the hour and seem to want to make a one-off client a permanent patient, so that he can be scared again and again and of course charged money again and again.

And then they prescribe complicated pujas to be done at the temples/pandits of their choice or prescribe expensive gemstones to be bought from the jeweller of their choice. Naturally the pandit and jeweller pay a percentage of profit back to your astrologer. An equivalent of the doctors cut-practice. And scare you too with some misfortune too.

Why I dont prescribe gemstones

I have never prescribed such pujas involving pandits or gemstones in my entire life of reading horoscopes.

The reasons are very simple, for pujas,

  1. I have yet to meet a pandit or temple pujari who was very sincere about carrying out pujas and kept themselves away from tamasic stuff so that they could sincerely do their pujas. e.g. where I live in Uttarakhand, India temple priests are known to eat meat!
  2. A pandit who could pronounce the mantras properly and with the proper intent. Again a big question.
  3. The materials as required for the pujas are not pure anymore. Simplest example is cow ghee from the market is never made from pure desi cows milk and for pujas nothing else can do.

And for the gemstones,

  1. Untreated and pure stones of the desired quality are not available. Most of the gemstones in the market are treated, meaning that they have been at least heated to get better commercially desirable properties.
  2. Gemstones are quite expensive, eg a good quality blue sapphire can easily cost RS 5 lakh or more. And wearing a substitute or lower quality one is no good and in fact may cause damage.
  3. Even if you manage to get yourself a gemstone, that particular piece may not suit you. Gemstones too are living beings, in the sense that they have prana (life energy) and its quite possible that the particular stone you just bought does not resonate with your personal energy. This will also cause damage. This is seen most spectacularly with blue sapphire where wearing a stone that does not suit you will cause you damage almost immediately within days.
  4. And the last but most important point which no one knows about. The Gemstone is a living being with prana (life energy). It has to be recharged regularly else it will lose its prana and “die”. When the gemstone is first worn a puja is done over it. If this puja is done properly with intention it nicely charges the stone. But over time depending on the quality of the stone and the horoscope of the individual using it, its energy gets drained. Dead gemstones lose their lustre, may develop cloudiness and some may even crack. Wearing a dead gemstone will cause damage. So how to recharge gemstones? No astrologer will tell you this, that this has to be done regularly by doing a simple 108 jaap of the associated planet’s beej mantra over it.

So in my practice I soon came to the conclusion that I did not want repeat patients because I never took any money or anything for reading horoscopes or consulting, and I have always believed that astrology is an empowering tool. I never wanted people dependent on my words and wanted them to ultimately find their own spiritual core.

Of course a horoscope has plus and minus points and to put its energies in harmony certain corrective actions have to be taken. Over my practice I have found the following work with the added benefit of spiritually pushing the client healing him deeply from within.

  1. I always prescribe Dhyan, on how to do it here is a small video i made –>
  2. Beej mantras of the relatively weak planets which need boosting up in the horoscope always work. eg. OM hraang hreeng hroung sah suryaya namah 108 times jaap sitting on your asan on a sunday morning will work better than any ruby that you may wear. Just the individual has to be sincere and express his wish properly with full intention.
  3. I also ask my clients to perform homams. Doing Agnihotra daily at sunrise and sunset is highly desirable as it improves the energy of the entire surroundings and a simple mahamrutunjai homam is quite easy for any one to perform without a pandit and without unnecessary paraphernalia. What is essential is the Intention (Sankalp) of the individual.
  4. In case of specific problems also there are mantras which work 100%. e.g. for issues regarding marriage chanting Shrisukta once a day and then applying a tilak of kesar (saffron) always works. In fact Shrisukta is such a wonderful remedy for all problems because “Shri” is prosperity Herself. What ever is desired She grants. She grants worldly desires and also ultimately takes the individual along the spiritual path.
  5. For curing diseases, there are specific mantras from the Devi mahatmya (Durga Saptashati). To use it. Chant siddhakunjika stotra once and then the navavarana mantra ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चे |रोगानशेषानपहंसि तुष्टा रुष्टा तु कामान् सकलानभीष्टान् । त्वामाश्रितानां विपन्नराणां त्वामाश्रिता ह्याश्रयतां प्रयान्ति |ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चे | at least 3 times (ideally would be 108 times)
  6. Or for those who are a bit scared of invoking Devi Chandi for curing diseases, Vishnu sahastranama is also a wonderful option. Either reading it or listening to it or keeping the book under the pillow at night can work.
  7. For removal of curses, evil eye, ghosts etc ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चे 108 times is more than sufficient. Of course to activate this mantra chanting Siddhakunjka first is necessary.

So my dear readers, in case you get caught by an astrologer who wants to make you his regular patient, do remember that expensive pandits, pujas and gemstones are not everything. There are always other and more effective methods of changing your energies. If not anything else chant the Gayatri Mantra 27 times in the morning and evening and see yourself evolve. And as the Gayatri is also not correctly chanted here is how it actually should be chanted …

भूर्भुवः स्वः
ॐ तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि
धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् | 


Why I dont prescribe gemstones


Women are Lucky

Then read on .. this post is exclusively for you..

The way I see it, being born a woman has always been an advantage. As per Dharma a woman has to be protected by her father, brother, husband and then son. It is the Dharmic duty of the men to protect their mothers, wives, sisters, daughters. And rightly so because women have a very important responsibility i.e. to shape the society and to shape the future generations. A woman is the embodiment of the home, the Grihalaxmi, and for a very good reason. Women have the ability to give selflessly for those whom they love and this energy of their love reflects in everything that they do around the house. Even the food cooked by them carries the emotion that they had in their hearts when they were cooking it. It is an immense responsibility and they can do it with genuine love.

Womenfolk, if you decide to be grateful for this protection and love of the menfolk in your life and decide to fulfill your responsibilities in turn, you will live a better balanced life.

And in fact women run the world. In a very soft but a very firm manner.

Don’t believe me? A small example, the wife tells her husband, “I want a washing machine”, and the husband then decides which model or what specifications. See here the big decision has already been taken by her, of that to purchase a new washing machine. Now the minor decision regarding model etc is by the husband. Another example, in our traditional Indian society, it is almost always the mother who has the final word on where the daughter will be married or which girl the son will marry and bring as the daughter-in-law in the house. It is a softly wielded power, almost hidden, but it is very much there.

Leave apart these materialistic advantages, in the spiritual life too the woman has the advantage and what an advantage as compared to the man!

From the age of about 12yrs to 50yrs the monthly cycle operates. If you are spiritually inclined or can see auras, you can see the chakras/energy vertices of the body actually moving anticlockwise during these 5 days. Those who have learnt reiki or similar techniques for manipulating energy can also observe this. For the rest of the month for women (and for men all the time), the chakras are always moving in a clockwise direction. So during these 5 days if women can create a strong intention for stability or even do something as simple as regular pranayam they will immensely benefit. The negatively moving chakras in their destructive energy form can actively destroy negative thought processes, the negative behavioural patterns, negative emotional patterns. This negativity if allowed to operate in its natural course will damage the body/mind in due course. But you have the option of destroying it in these 5 days!

women are lucky

But the real push comes after menopause. Its quite well known that women who do regular dhyan or jaap or some spiritual practice regularly, or are even genuinely kind, do good work from the heart, etc menopause occurs naturally earlier, even in the late 30’s. However at whatever age the menopause occurs, after that if the woman is able to concentrate on spiritual matters her movement will be extraordinarily fast. The reason is that after menopause the influence of Moon over her reduces drastically. The moon is the mind. So the influence of the mind and all its associated vagaries stops. The mind gets more stable and can concentrate better. It is a relief because now the Consciousness that is the Real self, can exert itself without much interference. (However there are always going to be several objects to divert her attention, from daughter-in-laws to television!)

On the other hand, men are handicapped by at least one major disadvantage compared to women in spiritual matters. They have a Y chromosome, the indicator for maleness is in fact a very big responsibility. This is also linked to gotra (the ancestral lineage) and also linked to all the mantras linked to the sanskars and rites for anteyshti (cremation of the dead), pindadaans (energy/food offerings to the ancestors) and pitru tarpans (energy mantra/water offered to the ancestors). In case of any karma pending from the ancestors the males are the first hit and badly. The Y chromosome is quite fragile and to boost it, boys have to undergo a upnayan/yadnopavit sanskar at the age of 6yrs, and have to compulsorily do the gayatri puja at the three sandhyas everyday. Being a male is a very delicate and responsible position and to maintain themselves spiritually they have to continuously work more from the age of 6yrs onwards.

So womenfolk, do wake up to the fact that you are relatively better off in terms of spiritual advancement and do start on your spiritual journey.


Eclipses and their energy

Eclipses are just the 2 solar/lunar where Rahu/Ketu eclipse/hide the SunMoon. Just this one simple statement but with such staggering implications.

There are people now in this modern world who go eclipse spotting and love watching the eclipse and taking photos of the “red moon” or the “diamond ring”, but there are still those people who still follow the ancient instructions on not going out and exposing oneself to the direct rays of the eclipse and doing pujas and jaaps.

Rahu – North node is the forces which attract you subconsciously for this life, the tendencies that you were born with. The desires linked to the karma you decided to resolve in this life.

Ketu – South node is what you are apathetic to in this life, in short the desires you have resolved in your past lives. These now, do not interest or even disinterest you in this life. So you are apathetic to these objects.

Eclipses and their energy

Rahu and Ketu together are the combined influence of Earth on the individual. In astrology we have all the other planets, the earth’s satellite, the Moon, our personal star, the Sun, the other stars as the 27 constellations and every possible influence but astrology seemingly misses out the Earth herself. But no, Rahu-Ketu is the influence that the Earth has on the individual. i.e. the real reason we take birth is Rahu/Ketu, the astral planets.

Geometrically Rahu/Ketu are the points where the orbit of the moon cuts the ecliptic and always 180 degrees apart. In simple words the earth is tilted about its axis by 23.4 degrees. So this tilt gives rise to a lot of things from seasons to Rahu-Ketu.

Sun is our personal energy, irrespective of the individual horoscopes and the placement of the Ascendent/ Moon sign/sun sign, the Sun represents the source of our Energy, our physical-ness, our tendency to dominate, to hold the center stage, our personal charisma, our Ego. The placement of the Sun in turn energizes all the other planets and houses (bhavas) of the horoscope. A well placed Sun generally almost always raises the standard of the horoscope.

Moon is the counterpoint to the Sun, the subconscious, the emotions, the receptivity, the depths of the soul. It indicates our spiritual development and also our deepest wishes and darkest fears. A well placed moon in a horoscope can give artistic genius, or turn you into a spiritual Guru and on the other hand a badly placed moon can lead to insanity even.

During an eclipse do remember that both Sun and Moon are interacting with Rahu/ Ketu. During a solar eclipse, on an amavasya, the Sun will be exactly on the same degree as Rahu or Ketu. On a lunar eclipse, on a purnima the Moon will be on the exact same degree as either Rahu or Ketu and the Sun (180 degrees away) will be interacting with the other Node 180 degrees away too.

So the interactions of Rahu-Ketu with the Sun-Moon during an eclipse can trigger deep seated karma which will be brought up to the surface for resolution. Again the eclipse event releases energies which can be positive or negative for a particular individual depending on the individual birth horoscope and the current placement of the planets in the sky in relation to the at birth placements. To make things bearable and to avoid a sudden karmic attack the ancients through astrology prescribed a set of activities to be followed during an eclipse.


  1. Fasting – To not overload the digestive system with food.
  2. Bathing with water from the Ganga or with water energised with mantras.
  3. Wearing natural fabrics like cotton, silk – again for their positive protective energies.
  4. Doing some spiritual practice – this is again to invoke specific energies which will be useful in either mitigating the harmful energies of the eclipse or harnessing the favourable energies of the eclipse. The following can be easily done by all persons –
    • Chanting mantras like Gayatri mantra, Mahamrutunjaya mantra, surya beej mantra, chandra beej mantra, rahu beej mantra, ketu beej mantra. Repeat each mantra 108 times.
    • I have done 108 jaap of sri sukta too, just that it takes about 3 hours and you cant stop or drink water or speak anything else or even get up from your asan while you are doing it. My brother prefers Devi Atharvashirsha which he repeats 27 times.
    • If you like doing havans a simple havan using the above mantras by replacing the “namah” by “swaha” for the beej mantras of surya, chandra, rahu and ketu. A mahamrutunjaya Homa can be performed by using the mahamrutunjaya homa mantra variation.
    • Reading Durga saptashati (Devi Mahatmya) or the Bhagwad Gita.
    • Doing dhyan. Dhyan is actually one of the best activities that you can do during an eclipse.

So be prepared for the next time an eclipse shows up. Do not lose even one minute of these special periods. Do remember these eclipse events are high energy and are a one-off opportunity for us to capitalize on their energies for balancing our karma.


Eclipses and their energy